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Claire breif escape ends as the master recruits tormentors
Naidu and Sarah looked one another quizzically. The master stared grimly at the door, deep in thought. Eventually a thin smile began to take hold as he began to see possibilities.

He then set off for the neighbouring suite with the two women in tow.

Walking through the door he immediately saw his three new recruits standing around furtively looking afraid to make a move lest this apparent calamity was visited on them. The half naked prisoner stared blankly ahead apparently broken by his as yet undefined and fate. The curtain to the balcony was closed, the Master assumed by Richard, to provide him with a little privacy as he relieved himself inside the used and abused body of Claire.

He paused beside Vanessa and said “you will be providing me with service soon…go and get cleaned up…especially around your nose and face…I know where it has been…”

Vanessa laughed “Will do Sir, looking forward to enjoying doing my duty.”

“Be quick…I won’t be long and I am tired so you must be ready when I return…Naidu assist Vanessa.”

He then strode forward with Sarah following, parting but not opening the curtains to step onto the balcony where he found Richard, slack jawed with his shoulders hunched in devastation. He was loosely holding the strand of rope used to tie Claire to the pole.

“What am I going to do?” he asked plaintively.

“She obviously had help” the master said thoughtfully, “I saw how you had tied her, she could not possibly have undone the rope herself…we should have locked the door”

“I am so sorry Sir…” added Richard.

“Not your fault, Richard. Had you not properly secured her to the post it would be you fault, and anyway we have to allow the Hotel staff access to clean up…no…the escapee committed the crime as did those that assisted her… She will be found and when she is, the sentence already hanging over he will be executed…She will then be tried again for escaping and if she cannot prove her innocence, and I don’t see how she can…a further sentence will be handed down. We will also find her accomplices and they too will find themselves fucked restrained and disciplined.

“But what do I do now? ”asked Richard pointing the angry mound poorly concealed in his tight Jeans.

“Oh for heaven’s sake man, use the hands you doubtless used to get started at puberty…the opportunity I gave you to fuck and flog Claire was a privilege not a right. You will still get to execute the sentence and use the prisoner once she is apprehended, but until then, you have to make your own arrangements.”

“No chance of a quick tumble with Sarah?”

Sarah looked a little chagrined. She saw little prospect of another screw with the Master and would have liked Richard as a temporary substitute, but resented the thought that she could be passed around like this. She was both disappointed and relieved by what came next.

The Master was now getting quite angry. “Richard I am beginning to regret allowing you to screw with Sarah. Understand this…it was out of consideration for her…she had provided me we with good service and she was desperate. I was allowing her to use you for relief, not the other way around. Now get out before I revoke your appointment as keeper and executioner of Claire.”

“Yes Sir” he responded despondently.

“On your way out…tell the hotel manager to have the breakfast cook in 4703 at 7:30… and that he and the house maids that cleaned 4702 after we left last night are to report for questioning at 8:00am sharp. You too are to be back here no later than 8:00am. Understood.”

“Yes Sir” he responded as he turned and left the balcony, passing the talent in the living room and out to the lifts.

Turning to leave and return to 4701 the master said “Right Sarah…hop to it… get the girls ready to serve and clean Phil up. His days of clothes are behind him for now…feel free to tease him but don’t let him come, Ok. Once he is stripped and denuded tie him up where Claire was. If he puts up a fight…take him straight out and tie him up first and then clean him up out there.”

“You can then come to 4701 to sleep and ready to serve if needed. I doubt you will be needed… I am going to struggle to find the energy to do Vanessa.”


In the bathroom of suite 4701 the two strangers Naidu and Vanessa chatted amiably to one after another they showered in order to be clean for their Lord.

“So what did he mean when he said he knew where you had been?” asked Naidu.

“Well, at the club, the Lord was trying to finish with Big Red at the same time as the Star Wars strip finished. When the music stopped, he was not done so I took it upon myself to help him along. I went down on my knees and buried my face between his legs… my nose wound up between his gorgeous buttocks…and I licked his balls and from his sack back to his anus until he was finished pumping cum into Red. So, I guess he doesn’t want his own arse to contaminate any kiss he may give me”

“I understand.” said Naidu knowingly.

They continued to chat as they both dried off, Vanessa asking questions about every aspect of the service she was about to provide and Naidu providing full and informative answers. Just as they were about to dress, Naidu in a bath robe and Vanessa in her two tiny garments, the Master appeared at the door.

No need to dress ladies, there is no part of either one of you that can surprise me at this stage and I am just too weary to go through the motions.”

With that he returned to the bedroom, his two willing sex slaves following in his wake.

“Give us a kiss, Vanessa.” he said.

Eagerly the stripper complied and engaged hungrily with his lips and tongue, wrapping her arms around his waist and pressing her naked body against his still clothed one. After a minute or so he broke from the clinch saying “we’ll do this again…soon…but now I need to drain my balls…On your knees slut” he instructed, the domineering tyrant resurfacing.

Somewhat taken aback by the sudden change of tone, Vanessa complied. The master then walked to an arm chair in the corner of the room. Sitting he said “Naidu, remove my shoes and socks”

Naidu immediately sank to the floor and crawled to where the master sat and unlaced his shoes and one by one removed his foot wear. As the naked Indian did as she was instructed he reached for the hem of his shirt and removed it, lifting it over his head in a single movement.

Job done Naidu resumed a kneeling posture and waited for the command to rise. It did not come immediately. The Master then stood, undid his belt and fly, peeling the tight leather pants to the floor. Naidu assisted in removing them from his feet.

Vanessa had watched the whole performance with eager anticipation. Just as the master would find nothing new in their naked bodies, so Vanessa had been up close and extremely personal with the Lord. If there was nothing new discover, there was still plenty of scope for a couple of randy women to delight in the sight of his perfect male body.

Finally, he pealed of his bikini briefs and stepped out of them without assistance. His massive erect cock sprang free and waved from side to side as he took the few steps to where Vanessa kneeled in preparation to serve.

The young stripper now prostrated herself and began kissing his feet.

Once again there was an abrupt change of direction. “it is late and I am tired we will skip the cock sucking for now and go straight the main event…fucking your pussy…on the bed, on your back and spread ‘em…it’ll be just like work for you…eh?” he said cruelly.

Once again taken aback by his harsh tone, especially in light of the initiative she had shown at the club and his apparent warmth towards her, Vanessa nevertheless managed to hide her disappointment.

In her naivety, she had assumed that he believed her to be nothing more than an exotic dancer and drinks waitress, living of a small salary from the strip club topped up with drinks tips. From his remark, it was clear to her that he understood her situation far better than she thought he did. In fact, she was paid nothing by the club to strip and earned a modest living off the tips. It was the activity to which he alluded that had her well on the way to becoming a wealthy young woman. Her sensational body, fit and trim, commanded a very high hourly rate, and her ability to give extraordinary pleasure with both her mouth and pussy meant that despite the high rate there was no shortage of repeat business. Her hourly rate was as high as $5,000 although she offered massive discounts to fit young men who could give her as good as she gave. She had a rare capacity to separate business from pleasure, delivering a superior product in the former while achieving deep satisfaction in the latter.

Climbing onto the bed to do her duty, she relished the opportunity to showcase her skills. Her confidence in her retained memory was complete but she had forgotten that she had undergone physical changes. In her former life she had been, through regular practice, able to take the biggest of cocks and enjoy them. The master was the biggest yet and unaccountably she had forgotten that she was now once again virginally tiny.

Lying back with her legs spread she prepared to receive.

The master wearily climbed onto the bed and knelt between her welcoming legs and then leant forward to positioned himself to invade, ready to order her to look into her eyes as he had with all of his targets to date. Seeing she was already looking lustily into his own eyes, he dispensed with the sermon. He found her opening without looking down or using his hand as a guide. Pausing briefly at the opening, he then plunged forcefully into the over confident stripper.

Vanessa was shocked at the extent to which his massive penis ripped into her restored vagina. Under prepared and over confident she let fly with a blood curdling scream as he buried himself deep into her. He then paused savouring his conquest before commencing his relentless shafting.

“Take it all bitch and get to work…if you don’t stop your whining I will have you gagged”

Regaining her equilibrium Vanessa employed her prodigious talents and went about massaging his massive cock inside her vagina. “I am so sorry, Sir…I saw how big you are but my unworthy cunt was still shocked by the invasion…I can and will do better”

“Better already“ he said softly in her ear as his tiredness took over and he rested on top of her, stopping the shafting and allowing her to work beneath him.

He remained at rest for 5 minutes, long enough to Naidu to wonder if he was still awake. Vanessa was well aware that despite his motionlessness, he was very much awake and enjoying her service immensely. He nibbled her ear as he whispered encouragements.

Rested, he resumed his brutal shafting of the young stripper, bringing her to her first shattering climax.

“Oh god, oh god, thank you sir” she panted arching her back.”

Once she was done, he again rested “Ok, you have had your fun now back to work.”

“Yes Sir” she responded a little tired as she resumed gently massaging the monster buried deep within her.

After 10 minutes the cycle began again with the master once again taking charge and driving Vanessa to yet another shattering climax.

The rest gaps got longer as the night wore on and Vanessa became exhausted. After half an hour he decided he wanted to come and once again took charge riding her briefly before unloading a vast amount of jizz into her womb. Vanessa simultaneously had her third but it was barely noticed by the master and escaped the attention of the audience of one entirely.

Once again relaxing he showed no sign of withdrawing and his still rigid cock from her battered pussy. He then whispered in her ear “Back to work bitch.”

Shattered and now in quite a lot of pain Vanessa resumed her muscular massage of his dick.

After an hour, this was the scene that greeted Sarah as she arrived, having cleaned up her charges and tying Phil to a post on the balcony of 4702, hoping for a bit of action. The Master was lying still on top of the stripper stretched out. His legs were apart exposing his scrotum. Her legs wrapped around his holding them apart while in turn forcing her own legs wider. His head rested over her right shoulder his mouth against her ear.

“How long has he been in her?” Sarah whispered into the ear of Naidu.

“Over and hour.” the Indian girl responded in a very hushed tone “and she is doing most of the work!”

“Poor thing…she must be exhausted” continued Sarah “Is he even awake?”

“Yes he is awake” the Master announced raising himself and taking charge again, this time gently rooting the spent stripper. “I have been in her this long because she is a fucking sensational ride…you girls could do well to be schooled by this bitch…she has replaced you, Naidu as best on back… and Sarah…she hasn’t yet given me a blow job…but I suspect she could replace you as best on knees.”

With that he quickened the pace and again unloaded again into Vanessa.

Rolling off vanquished dancer he said wearily “Time to sleep…Naidu, you will attend to my bath…Sarah, help Vanessa to the bath room and clean her up…You can then join me and Naidu in the other bed…Vanessa…you can sleep wherever you this suite…I won’t be needing you again this evening. If the need arises I will use one of these bitches.”

With that he headed to the bathroom in the other suite, Naidu following obediently.

Naidu went about bathing the Lord with her usual skill, finishing with a kiss on the head of his still rampant cock.

“Open wide Naidu…time to find out if you can do the job properly”

Five minutes later Naidu had dismissed the failed cock sucker of yesterday morning and given the master the peace he needed for a deep sleep for what remained of the night.


Three hours later the master was again awake, not slowly stirring, but up and ready to face the day. He was out of bed and looking for Vanessa before Naidu and Sarah even realised he was awake.

Both girls had counted on a two-way battle to serve his early morning wood, confident that they would wake with him and take charge of the situation without worrying about a third party. But they were left to look, groggily half awake as his magnificent body walked to the other bedroom where Vanessa had managed to find a clean section of the bed where she had been recently broken.

The stripper lay naked beneath a sheet. The Lord removed it without disturbing his most recent conquest. She was lying in her side in a rather relaxed foetal position, head hunched forward, knees bent and partially raised, one tit clearly visible and her right hand between her legs. It was hard to determine whether that hand was acting as a shield for her battered pussy or left in place after a wet dream.

No matter, the Lord slapped her exposed buttock hard with and open hand. The girl instantly stirred but did not fully wake. She stretched her legs out and removed hand from between her legs. The master pushed her from her side, onto her belly and resumed his merciless slapping of her buttocks.

“Get those legs open and wake up, its breaky time and your lord and master is going feed you…you lucky girl.”

Now waking quickly, Vanessa tumbled untidily out of bed and got to her knees, legs spread satisfactorily. Now wide awake, she prepared to execute her well thought through plan for a deeply sensuous cock sucking, but before she got down to kiss his feet, he grabbed a handful of hair and roughly took control.

Her well laid plan in tatters, Vanessa opened wide to take the monster in. This was to be a face fucking, not a cock sucking. Adapting quickly Vanessa acquitted herself well, providing five minutes of exquisite pleasure to the master before coaxing a long and voluminous orgasm from him. After he withdrew his partially slacked member from her Vanessa continued to watch for any drips occasionally licking the underside of his penis and remaining ready if further service was required.

In truth after the marathon of a few hours earlier Vanessa was pleased that her battered pussy was not called to further service. Not only had she accommodated his massive member for close to an hour and a half, she had been called upon to do most of the work. She had been stretched longer that any of the other girls and had worked longer and more diligently than anyone else. Naidu was the only other person to commit actively to the master’s service but her experiences were less than a quarter of the time Vanessa had worked and the aggregate of her three fucks was still only half the time Vanessa had spent on active duty. Apart from Naidu and Vanessa the girls took cock willingly but passively allowing the master to ride them without making much effort to enhance his pleasure.

Vanessa had now gone to the top of the list with Naidu retaining very strong second favouritism. Both girls would be retained indefinitely. Sarah, an early favourite was now likely to be discarded soon. She was way too demanding and her service, while very satisfactory did not evidence the skill and versatility of the Naidu and Vanessa.

“Nice work, pet” the master intoned as he patted Vanessa patronisingly on the head. “It is time for breakfast…I guess you couldn’t eat another thing!” has added a bit sarcastically.

“No Sir, I am full”

While I go next door for breakfast and to question the Hotel staff about our escapee, you can remain here and order clothes for the day. For me shorts and a polo shirt. Underwear the same as last night he said indicating the discarded garment on the floor. Shorts the same colour and your dress and shirt the same colour and Naidu’s dress. For the ladies, same style of underwear as last night, colours to match dresses. Dresses are to be short with a plunging neckline, sexy but not too slutty. You, Naidu and Sarah in bright colours, Suzanne and Kate in virginal white. High heels all around, colours to match dresses…got it.

“May I put on a bathrobe sir”

“No…you have no need of clothing at this time and I may want to use you again before we go out…but you can help with mine, hop to it”

He then raised his wand and telepathically called all adults to a 9 o’clock meeting.


In a cheap motel room, not far away the summons provoked near panic.

Grief stricken Claire cried “what will we do?”

“Hush dear…you will sit tight here while the missus and I attend the meeting. Might be useful to hear what the monster has is store for his next act” responded the old man calmly.

“Better still…we use the diversion to make good our escape.” Opined the old lady, adopting her very best Miss Marple derring do posture.

“Great plan, dear” responding thoughtfully “We will pack our bags and wait til…say 9:05 when everyone is in the meeting, and then pack the car and off”

Claire now had a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach. The old people were very kind and certainly well meaning, but seemed a bit…well…not quite on top of the situation. For all their years they were really quite naive. She really wished Sophia and her clever assistant were here, directing operations.

Snapping out of it, Claire realised that as dingy and uncomfortable as the motel room was it was safe. The night had been passed sleeping on the floor, regularly interrupted by the snores and farts of her benefactors. Nevertheless, safety had to at some stage be traded for a more permanent escape. Claire submerged her dark fears and accepted that her rescuers would do all they could to keep her safe, even if only to keep themselves safe as well.


Fed and dressed the master prepared to lead his harem to the meeting.

His interrogation of the hotel manager and house maid had not yielded much useful information about Claire’s escape. The only thing of any use was the sound of the slamming door with possible put the escape at about 10:00pm. The house maid admitted to drawing the curtain to prevent her junior assistant from seeing Claire in her degraded state. This provoked a burst of anger from the master who insisted that only adults should service his rooms. Beyond this he believed that they knew nothing. Both had been strongly advised to inform all the staff that any attempt to provide support to Claire was an offence and would be punished. Indeed even knowing where she was and not reporting it could result in painful and humiliating discipline.

As they rode down in the lift he instructed his playthings to sit on the steps to the stage, or rather lounge on the steps at the beginning of the meeting. “Vanessa and Naidu on the stage at my feet, Richard and Sarah half way down with my remaining virgins on the bottom step. As I speak you would do well to look on adoringly.”

The scene in the lift lobby was surreal when they arrived. Notwithstanding that this was the commencement of the business day, it was completely deserted, all adult staff having answered the summons to the meeting and any juniors confined to background tasks. The scene in the street was no different, people and cars having all vanished.

Entering the auditorium the crowd parted and reformed as the official party made their way effortlessly to the catwalk. The master ascended and stood at the front surveying the assembled crowd as his play things settled at his feet and down the stairs.

Rising the wand to use as a microphone be began “I have three issues to address today. First the good news…I have decided that I no longer require you all to remain chaste.”

There was an immediate response with vast numbers in the crowd murmured their relief and appreciation, this quickly morphed into cheering and applause.

Raising his hand he intoned “Silence. Understand this… if you wish to volunteer for service and avail yourselves of that tax discount that is given for satisfactory service, you must remain intact. This change will not prevent me from demanding service from the sullied…it just means that you will not be able to claim the discount.”

“Next I have some concerning news…a prisoner under sentence for disrespect has escaped from custody. Her escape is an offence and she will be punished further…in addition to her existing sentence, once she has been captured.”

Raising his wand above his head, he waved it around releasing a hologram of Claire in her hotel uniform. The image remained visible to all as the discussion of her escape went on. Lowering the wand to once again serve as a microphone he continued “her name is Claire Mason and as her offence is now public, her additional sentence will be carried out in public, for the entertainment and instruction of the masses. Further be warned…I do not believe she escaped without assistance. Anyone who has provided assistance to this fugitive will also be disciplined…publicly. Anyone who assists her in the future will also share that fate. Simply knowing of her whereabouts and not reporting it is also an offence.”

Unseen in the crowd, Sophia Johansson and Rhonda Nicholson blanched and swallowed deeply.

“It is not all grim however…there will be a reward for the recapture.”

“What sort of reward” shouted and emboldened young man close to the front.

“Just doing my bidding should be reward enough…but…well the reward could be cash or maybe for a virile young man as yourself…I may…if you wish, require the prisoner to provide some personal services.”

The young man turned to his friend standing alongside and whispered “Cunt hunt!”

“You read my mind” his companion whispered in response.

Young men all over the arena had precisely the same thought.

The hologram now disappeared and the discussion of the crime came to an end.

“The final part of today’s meeting…”

The loud bang of a car backfiring outside the venue interrupted his speech.

“It appears that some people have chosen to ignore the summons…bad decision!” he then pointed his wand out the front door. “I will deal with that shortly”


Foolishly the old couple had decided to drive past arena as they made their escape. The instant they passed the front, the old woman raised her middle finger in obscene salute to the master, the car backfired and rolled to a halt.

Already panicked, Claire immediately jumped from the vehicle, getting out just before the wand locked the stricken vehicle and immobilised its inhabitants. She began to run, turning briefly to see what had happened to the old couple. Seeing them stuck in the car she bravely decided to save herself. There was nothing she could do to help them anyway. Claire and her champions had long since run out of good options.

Although she didn’t realise it, in her haste to get away she had failed to close the door, providing a clue to the involvement of a third party.


“As I was saying…the final part of today’s meeting is to recruit a team of disciplinarians and investigators to assist in maintaining public order. All who were dismissed yesterday due to age and family commitments are now free to go.

About three quarters of the assembled mass left immediately. He then waved his wand at the crowd, much as he had done yesterday to select his first playmates, but this time the sort was completely different.

From left to right the remaining crowd were organised according to their sexual orientation, the most heterosexual on the left and the most homosexual on the right with bisexuals in the middle and the spectrum of preferences arrayed in between.

At the front were the most sadistically inclined. His playmates all got up from their position on the stage and took their places amongst the throng. As he surveyed the crowd he was interested to see where his fucktoys were arranged.

Naidu was near the most extreme back left corner. No real surprise there, the Indian didn’t have a nasty bone in her body and was too dedicated to his service to be divided in her orientation. Vanessa was nearby, like the master about 75% hetero and 25% gay but quite close to the back of the room, making her much more a giver than a taker in sex.

Intriguingly Sarah and Richard were in the front rank, Sarah at 70% hetero and Richard at 95% hetero. Sarah, a plaything on the brink of dismissal, may have found a path back to the inner sanctum. On further reflection, the positioning of neither really surprised him that much. Both were demanding sexually and takers rather than givers of pleasure. Richard was marginally further forward than Sarah indicating a crueller bent, but this only confirmed what was already known by observing his treatment of Claire.

With still more than 60,000 people to choose from some more radical surgery in the selection was required. Waving his wand again the mass reorganised with the fittest in the centre, the fatties on the right and the skinnies on the left. Another wave of the wand extracted the 20,000 fittest from the middle and then announced to the remaining approximately 40,000 people “You are either too fat or too thin to interest me. If you want to serve, you had better get in shape. Now fuck off, you make the place look untidy.”

Another flourish of the wand ordered the best 20,000 back into their sexual orientation order with the sadists back at the front of the room. The master paused…still too many... then he had a thought.

Another wave of his wand separated out all who had tattoos covering more than 3% of their skin. “Don’t like tats… pissoff” he said dismissing a further 5,000. From the group.

To the remaining 15,000 people he laid out his plans. “I will not compel you to serve me at this time. The positions to be filled will be responsible for investigating offences, often using enhanced interrogation techniques…I am sure you know what I mean…so this is not the role for anyone squeamish about inflicting pain and humiliation of others. This team will also carry out sentences, often in public, so if you are uncomfortable with being seen to hurt others, then this is not for you. In the execution of sentences, I will require a bit of a show, so if you have any inhibitions about flash behaviour, don’t volunteer. Finally, in return for the opportunity to extract sexual gratification from offenders, I may require that you serve me intimately, which I know will be a real problem for sadistic target audience…If any of that does not suit, you are free to go without any negative repercussions.”

With that 12,500 people left the arena. Naidu, Vanessa and Suzanne resumed their places at the master’s feet.

Surveying the scene, the master descended from the stage and went to the righthand most side of the group where a woman stood, further forward than anyone else. She was the most sadistic person in the room and clearly very lesbian in her orientation. She was shorter and stockier than his fuck toys but not fat. About 5 foot four, she had generous tits, easily a D cup and wide hips, although a flat tummy. Like all of the others that had attracted his attention, she was clearly very physically fit. She has a very pleasant round face and easy smile that belied he penchant for cruelty. Her attractiveness was enhanced by the fact that she was dressed tight faded blue jeans and a tight t shirt with ‘the best man for the job is a woman’ printed on the front. On her feet, joggers did nothing to improve her shortish legs.

The master descended once more from the stage and approached the woman. He looked in the eyes as he took her chin between his thumb and index finger and tilted her head up.

“You are a nasty bitch aren’t you and a patriotic citizen of the great state of Lesbos?”

She laughed and responded “Yes I suppose you are right.”

“Don’t like men do you?”

“Don’t mind hurting them, but yes I don’t like men.”

“Don’t like cock either?”

“Again, don’t mind hurting cock…actually rather enjoy it…but I don’t want cock inside me, not at all.”

“And yet you have hung around. Why?”

“You intrigue me sir and I am willing to take the risk that a small amount of…well…unpleasantness will unlock the door to a world of gratification.”

“You could be right, but I am not sure whether you will find that I will extract a price from you that exceeds your opportunity for personal gratification.”

“Sure, that is my risk.”

“What’s your name cunt?” he demanded.

Taken aback by the change of tone it took her a minute to recover he composure. “Robyn” she responded, “my friends call be Bobby”

“Well Robyn, I will fuck you before I allow you to take up a position as one of my discipliners…that will involve oral and vaginal intercourse…I will ride you without mercy and you will work tirelessly to give me pleasure. You will be respectful throughout. You may cum during your service but if I detect you are working at your pleasure as a priority…you will fail and possibly be disciplined… is that understood?”

“Yes sir”

“If you fail you will be sent away with nothing more than a belly and cunt full of jizz, if you are lucky. If failure is deemed to have an element of disrespect in it you could also walk away with some souvenir stripes across your arse. Overt disrespect, could see you put on a program of taming until your attitude changes.”

“If I appoint you as disciplinarian, you will be required to continue to provide me with personal service as and when I require it… have I frightened you off yet?”

“No Sir…I may not be as keen to take cock as your other women but I am keen to serve.”

“Very well, when we leave here shortly, you will go with Vanessa…Vanessa where are you?”

“Over here Sir” the stripper responded cheerily.

“Vanessa will prepare you for service.”

“I’ll look forward to it” Robyn responded lasciviously. No person, male or female with an appreciation of the female form would eschew a chance to get up close and personal with Vanessa.

Moving on, three people to the left he found a very fit and attractive man. “Did you hear that conversation?”

“Yes Sir”

“And you still wish to serve…same conditions apply…except you have one fewer holes to be exploited?”


“Excellent… Sarah will prepare you. Sarah, where are you?”

“Over here Sir” she responded somewhat less enthusiastically. Sarah now had to prepare Sophia Johansson and a gay boy for use. Quite apart from wanting to be used herself, Sarah would have been a lot happier working with “real man”.

Next he went to the middle of the front rank, where the most equally bisexual stood, again well forward indicating his inclination to cruelty. He had made his intentions perfectly clear in the two previous conversations so he simply asked “you in?”

“Oh yes Sir. Very keen to serve”

“Great, Richard will prepare you…put your hand up Richard”

Richard raised his hand even more tentatively than Sarah had. The thought having to denude a man turned his stomach. Providing verbal instructions on proper service was almost, but not quite as unpalatable. He could only hope that the man was already hairless. The smooth legs that extended from his shorts provided some hope in that department.

His selections made the master returned to the stage. “I will now audition the three selected, plus Sarah and Richard for the position of chief disciplinarian and investigator. Once I have made that appointment, those interested in joining the team will be invited back to be assessed for suitability by that chief. I suspect we will need a large squad and getting in as a team member will, in time provide a good opportunity for advancement.”

That said he led his expanded party out of the arena to get on with assembling the team, sampling the unbroken females and dealing with Phil. The conversations about sex had turned his mind from administrative matters back to taking pleasure. Stimulated by the conversations his balls were producing semen at an accelerated rate and were beginning to ache. He needed release. The master was painfully well aware that he had a lot of work and play stacked up before him.

Stepping outside he was irritated to be reminded that some of his subjects had failed to answer the call to the meeting as evidenced by the immobilised car and its two ancient occupants.

“Richard get those two out of the car and gag them. The open door indicates that at least one other person was involved. They will be punished for their failure to answer the summons and we are going to have to find out why the back door of the car was open. Clearly they are too old to be disciplined, we will need some surrogates…round up their relatives, I am sure they will have suitable children or grandchildren who will make appropriate substitutes for the physical aspect of their interrogation and disciplining.”

He smiled as he thought of a beautiful young woman and handsome young man being tortured while the old people were drawn relentlessly to a full confession. “Make sure they remain restrained and unable to communicate until we have time to question them.”

“Yes Sir” Richard replied “we may need more rooms at the hotel.”

“Yes, when we get back, tell that obsequious shit of a manager we need the two floors beneath us. You can accommodate Ma and Pa Kettle on the 46th.

Returning to level 47 the master was pleased to see that all three suites had been cleaned. He understood that it was no mean feat to clean all of the suites between when he dismissed the bulk of the meeting and when he returned. Notwithstanding his appreciation of the work, there was no chance he would compliment the manager who he regarded as a weasel. He was also relieved that Phil had not absconded. He already had enough on his plate.

“Right Suzanne and Kate, time to do your duty…out on the balcony now…Phil will be watching every suck and thrust and hear the sound of your suffering and pleasure…Naidu and Sarah can attend” he then added menacingly “I have job for you girls.”

Continuing as they headed outside he asked “Do you think Phil will disgrace himself?”

He then paused at the door, lowering his voice to a whisper so that Phil could not hear “What say you slutty Sarah?”

“Depends what you mean by ‘disgrace himself’…I mean I think he will get a hard on…”

“Yes of course, I mean the sight of four naked women should accomplish that…if he hasn’t already got one…and I suspect he does. No…do you think he will cream himself while he watches the object of his protective instincts skewered?”

“Oh god, that would be humiliating wouldn’t it…yes I think he might lose it, the whole scene is so erotic… I may have a sly one myself.”

They all laughed, a bit nervously “What say you Naidu?”

“Oh no…I think he will close his eyes and try and pretend it is not happening and that he is not present.”

“Ah…that brings me to your little job ladies…I will give Sarah my wand, which will act as an electric prod. Sarah, you will enjoy the show looking over Phil’s shoulder with the tip of the wand touching his anus. As well as enjoying the show you will keep an eye on Naidu, who will, in turn closely watch Phil. If at any stage he attempts to avert his gaze away from the action or to close his eyes, Naidu will give you a subtle indication and you will twist the wand delivering and nasty shock to his ring. Got it?”

“Yes sir” responded Sarah eagerly.

“After his anus, shock his scrotum next and if a third hit is necessary, go to the head of his penis. After each shock the voltage will increase by 20 volts so I strongly suspect you will not even need the three to give him the message. If however he proves to be a slow leaner, return to his rectum and repeat the sequence.”

Listening to this depraved and cruel conversation the next two virgins were approaching their ordeals in very different frames of mind. Kate, the first date of the prisoner was nervous but keen. She was not happy about performing for a crowd but was eager to find out what it was like to be mastered by this dishy man. She had, rather confidently budgeted herself two orgasms. Setting out on the blind date the night before she had been attracted to Phil, but quickly transferred her interest to the master after he date’s flashy but foolish behaviour. Kate’s outlook had not changed during last night’s preparation or the morning’s events.

The same could not be said for her girlfriend. The young woman who was engaged to be married to the man of her dreams had been shattered by the turn of events. A conservative upbringing which valued chastity had repressed her natural instincts. While she understood the physical demands of marriage her focus was the domestic bliss of home making. She was not opposed to sex but wanted it to be private and civilised, the polar opposite of her impending fate. Suzanne’s approach was to change dramatically in a short period of time.

The terrified girl found the preparation of her body and instruction as to expectations had lit a tiny fire in her erotic core. She arrived at the discussion of Phil’s possible reactions to her debasement no longer terrified. Curious, certainly and nervous but not afraid. Both her curiosity and nervousness were heightened by the depraved discourse.

When the master asked Kate how she thought Phil would handle the show, Suzanne became quite aroused as she confronted the fact that she was actually going to be deflowered in front of her fiancé’s best friend.

When the master asked how she thought it would go she agreed with Kate that Phil would hold it together through the cock sucking phase and lose it during the first fucking. Kate had added that she hoped it would be her that triggered Phil’s orgasm. Suzanne said nothing of the order but inwardly vowed to be first on her back. Suzanne was now way past her more forward, nervous but keen friend. Suzanne a mass of unrequited lust.

Finally moving outside the master formally recounted the sequence of events. The two cons would be stripped and manhandled before a kiss determined the first cocksucker. The best cocksucker would then be mounted on a table and conquered without mercy followed by second place.

Turning to Phil the master intoned gravely “You will pay close attention to the proceedings or suffer pain. While the girls are giving their blowjobs you will focus on their lips and my dick, When we move on to the mountings you will look the girl to be conquered in the eye as she is penetrated, thereafter turning you attention to her cunt where you will witness the shafting. When and if they come you will shift focus once more to their eyes for the duration of the climax, returning your attention once again to the cunt after the slut has taken her pleasure.”

Suzanne could now barely control herself.

Without another word the master stepped in front of Kate, turning her slightly to provide Phil with good view before roughly seizing the two sides of the plunging V at the front of her dress and in one movement ripped it open and off her shoulders; sending it as a tattered rag to the deck. Without giving the girl a moment to adjust the wand was brought up between her breasts cleanly cutting through the fabric of her bra. The cups needed a little assistance to leave the proud D cup breasts exposed for inspection.

Finally standing back he regarded the round orbs with a surprising distaste. “Don’t like fake tits”. There was absolutely no doubt that Kate was surgically enhanced. No matter how young, ‘Ds’ sag, unsupported, in their natural state. Kate’s simply didn’t move. Stepping back to the offended girl he slapped her globes first to the right and then to the left. “Note for the future, girls, don’t like enhancements, whether it be tattoos or fake tits or excessive piercing” changing tone he said “you are here now so you will be done but then discarded.”

Without further delay he reached for the waist string of her micro thong and tore it brutally from her body by dragging it up between her netherlips until the flimsy fabric gave way. Fortunately for Kate the material disintegrated before it had a chance to wound much more than her pride.

He did not proceed with the expected groping but rather pushed the devastated girl aside and reached for Suzanne’s arm. Dragging her into place providing Phil with a first class view as his best friend’s fiancé was stripped naked.

The fire in Suzanne’s erotic core now burned so strongly that she regarded her clothing as an impediment to her achieving her overarching objective; to become an object, a plaything of this noble creature, a sex toy. She had no shame, she needed to be stripped, used and conquered. She would not ask for mercy and hoped none would be shown.

Repeating his actions the master made short work of the dress and went on to removing Suzanne’s bra without delay liberating her smallish breasts. As he stepped back to admire the view, the girl raised her arms above her head stretching he body to its magnificent best, much as Vanessa had at the end of her striptease at Pussy Galore, while swing her hips to the right, accentuating he curves.

Phil could not believe his eyes. In all the years had known Suzanne, he had only known a demure, chaste, even frigid girl. He had long since decided that she was too much like hard work, happy to leave her to his best friend Jonathon…and here she was, the Ice Maiden, flaunting her flawless body shamelessly, gagging to be fucked.

As the master moved back to complete the job, Suzanne lowered her arms and placed them on her hips parting her legs slightly in the hope that he may want access to her sopping pussy. She smiled and he returned the smile.

This girl intrigued him. As with Sarah and Naidu he had misread Kate and Suzanne. Initially be had expected to discard Suzanne after use but was open to keeping Kate around. As it now stood, Kate would be gone in 30 minutes with a belly and womb full of jizz and badly bruised ego. Suzanne would almost certainly be pressed into further service.

Reaching down, he looped his thumbs into the sides of the waist string of her thong and pulled them outwards in the hope of not damaging the pussy be planned to plunder.

The tiny garment gone, Suzanne wrapped her arms around the master’s neck and engaged him in a kiss to which he responded urgently.

After a minute, they broke. She rested her head on his right shoulder and whispered “take me Lord, use me, break me, make me scream, make me cry, conquer me.”

He whispered back “Yes, but be careful what you wish for, slut. I will do all of that and more. I will make you suffer as I take my pleasure.” Breaking the clinch he clearly instructed “Now on your knees.”

“Slight change of plans… there will be no kiss for Kate. Suzanne has won first place. After she has given me a blow job, I will fuck Kate’s face. I will then skewer Suzanne so that Phil can watch as she is conquered, but she will then retire to prepare to provide more comprehensive service in more agreeable surroundings. I will then fuck Kate’s brains out after which she will be dismissed.”

Phil was slack jawed in amazement at the treatment being meted out to his friends and at the behaviour of the master but more particularly Suzanne. Miss Prim had transformed into a raging sex maniac before his eyes.

Kate sobbed as she considered how debased she would be. How appalling she thought, to be fucked with only downside risk and then to be discarded like a piece of torn and soiled clothing.

In truth the master was only going through the motions with her. A combination of the disappointment at her fake tits and complications of his rapidly filling day had left him regretting the decision to screw such a B grade slut. If he had his time over, he would defer or even cancel Kate’s deflowering and concentrate on using the much more exciting Suzanne.

Quality over quantity would be his new policy. Further while he enjoyed administering the additional humiliation of public fucking, when it came to the likes of Naidu, Vanessa and Suzanne, a more private setting and a longer session would be more to his liking.

But it was too late for that now. He felt he had to do his duty… or rather… make good on his threats.


Having narrowly escaped capture, Claire momentarily had no idea what to do next. Quickly she settled on a plan…hide….and then figure out what to do next.

Darting into a deserted alley she hid behind some rubbish bins and contemplated her very uncertain future.

Before long the street at the end of the alley way began to fill once more with people. Pulling her hood over her head she slid, unnoticed into the throng. The conversation was all about the public meeting and particularly the escapee. She heard a number of men laughing as they discussed the ‘cunt hunt’. Notwithstanding the conversation, Claire felt a little safer, anonymously in the midst of a large crowd. As the crowd moved away from the venue of the meeting it inevitably thinned as people peeled off to return to normal life.

Once more feeling vulnerable Claire slipped unthinkingly into a bar. A Library would have been a better place to get lost but Claire was driven by fear through the first door available. She found a booth in a dark corner and tried to look inconspicuous. Dressed in a cheap track suit and penniless, she looked and felt like a victim. Unfortunately her choice of refuge, a pub, and this pub in particular, was just the place where bottom feeders stalked their prey. With the master having lifted the prohibition on sex, people all over the land were engaged in courtship rituals from the romantic through the perfunctory, to the…well…insistent. It was in this hotel that a couple amoral fools, engaged in a search for easy sex set their caps for victim Claire Mason.
William T Bungan, Billy to his limited and diminishing circle of friends was fat with a round open face. He was the self-assessed brains of the duo. Billy was unemployed and had been for 8 months; waiting for an opportunity that suited his, once again self-assessed, prodigious talents. Billy was not bright and had a limited education, but was blessed with massive unshakable self-belief. Billy was living off his friend and polar opposite Arthur Roden with a little help from unemployment benefits.

Arthur Roden had no self-confidence. This was in part due to his unfortunate appearance. Thin almost to the point of emaciation, he had a narrow face with receding forehead and chin, buck teeth and a large nose. His face was pocked with acne scars, an affliction that continued. His appearance had earned him the nick name Ratty. Arthur’s self-confidence problems masked a reasonably keen mind. Arthur was quite industrious. He worked full time in a call centre where his unfortunate appearance was no handicap and he was good at his job. Four nights a week he also did a three hour shift with a local cleaning company. Most of his income was spent on maintaining Billy. Arthur knew it was an abusive arrangement but he did not know how to get out of it. Arthur liked sex with women but without looks or pickup lines he was content to take sloppy seconds after Billy. He liked the look of Claire so his building resentment abated as Billy went about recruiting the runaway.

Billy moved in on Claire and offered to buy her a drink. Despite her revulsion, Claire accepted the offer as a way of blending in.

“Get us a beer, Arthur….and while you are at it a vodka and orange for our pretty friend” the fat boy said in an oily tone.

“Right away, Billy” the rat boy said eagerly and he turned to head for the bar, his keenness immediately morphing into resentment. Once again he was paying for the drinks and yet again he had submitted to Billy’s dismissive direction. Arthur hated Billy, but more than that, he hated himself for once again going along with his parasitic pal’s directions.

Billy slid up to Claire’s side and put a hand on her knee. Claire thought she was going to be sick, trapped between her fear of capture and the attention of this repulsive creature. “So tell me about yourself, honey” Billy asked as he squeezed the flesh on her lower thigh, sending a nervous shock through her body.

“Um…um…I work at the Regent Hotel” she stammered nervously, immediately regretting her decision to tell the truth. “Shift work you know. Just knocked off….” she added trying to close off further enquiry.

“Oh…the Hotel where the lord and master is staying… and by all accounts having a rather lovely time with…well…some quality ass…if you don’t mind the expression… have you met him?”

“No” she lied without delay…rather too quickly.

With that Arthur returned with the drinks.

“You must be hot in that wind cheater” said Billy as he reached up and flipped the hood off.

Quickly she pulled the hood back on but it was too late both men had instantly recognised her.

“Shut up Arthur” Billy snapped in a low tone, leaving rat boy’s mouth agape “and shut your mouth, you look like a fool”

Continuing in the low tone Billy said “So you were lying when you said you hadn’t met him, weren’t you”

Claire was struck dumb.

“He fucked you didn’t he?”

“Please don’t turn me in” she said quietly in a desperate pleading tone.

“You had better start answering my questions…He fucked you didn’t he? Why are you on the run, are you a dud root or did you do something wrong?”

Claire knew how much trouble she was in an decided that she needed to keep fat boy and rat boy engaged while she figured out what to do next.

“Yes, he screwed me, I did something wrong… made a foolish mistake…it was nothing to do with my sexual performance…he had decided to dismiss me after satisfactory sex, but then I made a big mistake.”

“You can’t have been that good, looks like he is keeping some of his bitches around for further use but you were going to be turfed out after just one bang….What was your big mistake?”

Once again crest fallen Claire recounted the story of her pathetic attempt to take revenge on Richard and how it backfired.

Billy and Arthur were rapt. Billy insisted on details of all of the sex she had had in the short time. Reluctantly she provided a fairly graphic deion of each of the encounters. Both men squirmed in there seats as they sought comfortable positions with significant boners locked in their pants. When she described her sentence for lying, Arthur was no longer able to control himself and he creamed his jeans.

“That’s disgusting Arthur” said Billy, inexplicably sensing what had just happened.

Arthur was humiliated. This was the last straw, or at least the most recent last straw.

“Please don’t turn me in” she repeated and then swallowing hard “I will do anything you want, if you just don’t turn me in.”

“Get us another drink Arthur” instructed Billy without even looking at his friend… “and make the princess’s a double”

Arthur turned to the bar without responding in his usually over eager style. Being called out in such a humiliating fashion ramped up his resentment of Billy and the realisation that in protecting Claire placed them at great risk made him think finally of splitting with the creep. In addition Claire looked so sweet and so vulnerable and had obviously suffered terribly that he had no appetite to use her. As he ordered the drinks Arthur was on the brink of a momentous decision.

Returning to the table he placed the three drinks in his hands drinks down at one end, intending to distribute them, first to the girl and then to his soon to be former friend. Billy snatched the double vodka and orange away and handed it to the devastated girl as if it was his gift and Arthur was invisible.

Finally half acknowledging Arthur he intoned in his oiliest of oily voices “I have agreed to mind Claire and keep her safe in return for some…well… personal services. We will head home after this drink.” Then after a brief pause he added “Drink up Arthur, you need to call by the chemist and pick up some... essential supplies, while I take the princess home and…well…show her the digs and let her get ready to deliver on her side of the bargain.”

It was lost on no one that Arthur was being sent to buy condoms while Billy enjoyed the preliminaries of an orgy. Claire felt sick but figured that if she screwed these deadbeats, they would likely fall asleep and she could once again escape. After all, her other prospects looked bleaker than this. True Richard was a decent screw but he would use her repeatedly and then there was caning…yes the caning. Billy and Arthur were a poor prospect but this suffering would be over sooner that what awaited her back at the Hotel.

Downing his beer, Arthur turned to leave. “See you at home” he said breezily as he left.

Out of the pub he turned left and headed down the main road, passing two chemist shops, his mission was very different from the errand he had been sent on.


“Drink up honey” Billy instructed in a friendly tone “I need to get you to a safe place.”

Dreading the next stage as she was, Claire figured that if Fatty and Ratty had identified her as quickly as they had, she was at serious risk in this pub. She skulled the double vodka and orange and the hit of alcohol both relaxed her and increased her confidence. She could cope with these two deadbeats and then make good her escape to a better life.

The couple left by a rear door and headed up the side street, taking a left and shortly after a right before arriving 5 minutes later at fairly non de apartment block. Billy pulled his keys from his pocket and unlocked the security door. The entry vestibule was deserted but they heard the sounds of people heading down a corridor.

Billy quickly shoved Claire through the door of the fire stairs. “Best take the stairs. It’s only 2 floors. Best not risk you being identified”

Clair headed up the stairs without comment. Reaching the door to the second floor she stopped and waited until Billy caught up. Unfit and overweight Billy arrived a full two minutes later sweating and puffing. “Gee you’re fit, Princess, that will make the party so much more fun” he said suggestively as he struggled for breath.

Suddenly panicking again Claire asked firmly “What party?’

“Oh come on…you knew the price of our help…were going to have an orgy…you me and Arthur””

Recovering her composure she replied in her best ‘of course’ tone. “Yes, yes, just the three of us?”

“Oh yeah, not happy sharing quality like you at all…but…you know, have to let Arthur play but that’s it, no one else.

Having recovered his breath, Billy opened the door slowly to check.

“Coast’s clear, let’s go” he said as he opened the door and lead her to the door of apartment 210, right across from the lift well. Key to the ready he opened the door and ushered Claire quickly inside.

“Be it ever so humble there is no place like home.”

The apartment was small but neat, if a little cluttered. They had entered directly into the living room. A two seater settee and an oversized recliner armchair faced a large flat screen television and beyond that the sliding doors to a small balcony.
Behind was a basic kitchen that was no more than a bench with sink, stove and overhead cupboards.

Off to the right was a small dining table with 4 chairs, shoved up against the wall to make more space and a short passage way.

Placing his arm around her waist Billy guided her down the passage way stopping at an open door on the left.

“This is Arthurs room”

It was very small but meticulously tidy, single bed covered in a dark blue doona on the righthand wall and a chest of drawers on the opposite side. Straight ahead was the external wall with window about a metre square. Behind the door she would have seen a wardrobe if they had entered the room. Opposite the bedroom was a clean but basic bathroom, toilet, shower, vanity with a mirror above and a small bath tub. It was spotlessly clean and all white.

“Arthur uses this bathroom. You can too, during the party if you need to go to the loo or freshen up.”

Without delay he then guided he to the end of the hall.

“My room” he announced with misplaced pride as he shoved her through the door and then jumped on the unmade bed. The room was the polar opposite of Arthurs tidy cell. Large with a king-sized bed and a disgusting mess. Clothing strewn everywhere and by the smell most of it dirty. Behind her was a walk in wardrobe and beyond that an ensuite bathroom both dirty and appallingly untidy.

“You can sleep here with me after the party” he said as if it was some sort of favour.

Claire could feel the bile rising in the back of her throat. This creature and his space were disgusting beyond words. A total turn off.

“OK Princess, take off your clothes and we can get better acquainted” he said as he patted the bed alongside where he was lounging, on his side, propped up on his right elbow.

“I thought we would wait for RRRR… um Arthur to return.” She stammered nervously.

“Don’t worry there will be no unprotected sex” he said jovially before changing his one to one of demanding malice “strip or get out. I can and will enjoy my appetiser before Arthur returns with the…well…provisions necessary for the main course.”

Reluctantly Claire began removing her dreary clothes. While she could never accept the physical discipline to which she had been sentenced, a brutal skewering by Richard’s cock would be preferable to what she was to endure tonight.


Arthur had to will himself every step of the way. He knew that he had to break the cycle of abuse by Billy, he had known that for some time. He was over paying the all bills and taking seconds in everything. Second bedroom, leftover food and sloppy seconds when they managed to get a dead beat girl, drunk enough to put out… drunk at his expense if you don’t mind. Yes it had to end but Arthur was no informer…and then there was the girl…poor, beautiful, defeated Claire who he was sending back to her ghastly destiny.

At that he paused. There had to be another way.

No. there was no other way. After he had sloppy seconds she would be caught, he had no doubt about that, and then she would suffer as intended but he and Billy would now also be in the crosshairs.

There was no other way. This had to be brought to a head before the situation got worse and others were hurt. There was no saving Claire. Best get it over with and everyone could begin to recover.

Arthur then marched resolutely through the automatic glass doors at the front of the Hotel.

In the face of the opulence of the grand foyer Arthur’s resolve once again wavered.

“Can I help you…find the exit…sir “enquired an officious porter, dressed in his faux military uniform as he awaited some menial baggage transfer task. He always enjoyed finding someone of lower social stature than himself and then asserting his exaggerated superiority.

Galvanised by the put down Arthur once again rallied and responded in a strong clear voice “I have important information for the Lord and Master. I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes if he found out that you had stood in the way.”

The porter directed him to the lifts and said “Level 42” before turning on his heal and returning to his post at the front door, with the look of a man that had just stood in dog shit.


The Master had spent 40 minutes inside Suzanne. She had performed well not quite as well as Naidu and Vanessa, but easily well enough to be kept around for further use. He had two major orgasms, one after ten minutes and one at the end. After the first he has simply rested on top of the girl without withdrawing. She had taken advantage of his passivity to lead, working his massive member with skill for 15 minutes before he resumed control and drove her to the end.

In all Suzanne had climaxed 3 times and at the end of the 40 minute session was completely spent. The performance had been witnessed only by Naidu as Sarah had been called to prepare Sophia Johansson for service.

Sated the master withdrew from his latest conquest and climbed off her deleted body.

“Would you like me to bathe you sir” asked Naidu hopefully.

“No, just the bathrobe for now…oh and one for yourself.”

With that he reached down and grabbed a handful of Suzanne’s blond locks and dragged her from the bed. “Two things cunt” he intoned cruelly. “filthy fucked sluts do not lie in my bed. Once despoiled I expect bitches to get out of my sight and clean themselves up quickly in case further service is required.”

He then paused before going on “Second, special for you, because Phil missed your service we’re are going to give him a detailed deion of what you gave, what you got and how you did it.”

Sexually sated and with an aching cunt, Suzanne’s conservative upbringing made a modest comeback. She was horrified at having to face Phil after such a wanton performance and tell him about it.

Her horror and shame was accentuated when Naidu presented 3 bathrobes. As she prepared to help the master into his garment Naidu tossed one to Suzanne.

“No” the master interjected sharply. “Phil will get a better understanding of the performance this whore has turned in if he sees her naked, flushed and with cum dripping from her pussy and running down her legs. Suzanne is definitely still on duty and will remain so until I say otherwise.”

Dressed, the master grabbed the Suzanne by the shoulders and roughly turned her towards the door. “Get a move on…I don’t have all day” he said impatiently as he pushed her towards the door.

Opening it tentatively the naked woman stepped hesitantly and, as a result of her recent brutal rogering, some want uneasily into the living room. Immediately all conversation stopped and the assembled enforcement recruits looked, slack jawed and in silence as she made her way gingerly to the balcony. The Master held Naidu back and delayed his own emergence to ensure that Suzanne received the humiliating and undivided attention of the group as she made her way.

Embarrassed her right hand went instinctively to cover her pussy while her left arm protected her breasts from lustful eyes.

“Hands on head” the master shouted sharply as he walked through the bedroom door.

Reluctantly Suzanne complied, stretching her torso to present her slender body in its finest pose.

Standing by the door, a barely clad Sophia Johansson watched in horror as her own dreadful destiny was paraded before her in a way far worse than she had imagined.

“Sarah, you might like to join us” the master said cheerily “Suzanne is going to give Phil a full report of…well…the give and take…you know”… the ins and outs of her service.”

With that the master, his two assistants and his most recent conquest went onto the balcony and after a short pause the conversation in the living room recommenced, in hushed tones discussing what they had just seen and the implications for the future.

On the balcony Suzanne stood naked before her naked and restrained friend and began to describe her intercourse with the master. The Lord frequently interrupted with enhancements to the commentary but more often to threaten severe consequences if Suzanne did not provide more detail and more graphic terminology. Phil remained rock hard and bursting throughout the report. Contrary to expectations he had not yet orgasmed. Clearly the visual and verbal was not enough to bring him to climax. The master determined that somehow he would force Phil to lose his load with these women watching.

Just as Suzanne was reaching the end of her narration, Richard came onto the balcony and said “Sorry to interrupt, sir…there is a fellow here that insists he has important news for you.”

“What?” asked the master impatiently, unhappy at the interruption.

“Don’t know…he insists on telling you in person.”

“Very well, bring him out.”

A couple of minutes later Arthur Roden was brought to the balcony. Already excited by the sight of the beautiful and famous Sophia Johansson scantily clad he was struck dumb by the sight of the completely naked and obviously recently screwed Suzanne and the highly aroused Phil also bare and tied to a post.

The master and Sarah regarded the unfortunate looking Arthur with obvious distaste.

“So what is it, rat boy” the master demanded cruelly.

“I….I….” stammered Arthur.

“Spit it out man” the Master interrupted impatiently

“I know where the fugitive Claire Mason is” he stated quickly overcoming his stutter.


“At my place…with my flatmate.”

“I see…give Richard your keys and the directions.”

“What…what about me.” Arthur asked beginning to panic once more.

“You will remain here and help with our enquiries. If you are blameless in this matter you are in line for a reward…say one week with the convict as your personal servant, once we have finished disciplining her. On the other hand if you are complicit in her escape, well…”he said drawing his eyes towards the retched Phil “you may suffer consequences.”

“I…I came as soon as I could without tipping her off…you must believe me…please.”

“We will see…now, I am getting impatient. Keys and directions to Phil…immediately”

Terrified, Arthur complied.

“Okay, I think we are done here…I am hungry and have another slut to destroy this afternoon.” the Lord intoned somewhat matter-of-factly. “I think we will put Phil out of his misery. Suzanne stroke the underside of his cock until it starts to spasm.”

Horrified, Suzanne did not immediately respond.

“Don’t make me tell you again…”

With that she stepped forward and gently ran her hand up the underside of Phil’s turgid member. after only two strokes, Phil began to sob in humiliation as he ejaculated. Suzanne jumped back to avoid being hit by the jizz as it surged out of his desperate cock, allowing all present a view of Phil as he climaxed humiliatingly in public.

“Okay, Richard go and get our prisoner and any one else present. On your way lock Ratty up downstairs.”


The click of the opening door bought joy to Billy and despair to Claire as sex became imminent with the arrival of the condoms.

“Bout bloody time Arthur.” Billy shouted mockingly “Where the hell have you been.”

Both Billy and Claire were both shocked when instead of Arthur, Richard appeared at the door.

“Hi honey…I’ve missed you” he said suggestively to Claire.

Back out of the fire into the frying pan!
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