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After hopping down the last stair from the attic, I heard the sound of a car door being slammed shut.

“Good timing,” I thought, assuming that Kendra’s mother must have just arrived. However, it wasn’t a single car that I saw sitting in the driveway; it was an entire fleet of catering vans and black cars.

Dozens of workers were bustling around the yard, carrying trays of food, stacks of dishes and even furniture.

I made it to the first floor just in time to see six grown men struggling to bring an eight foot dining table up the porch’s steps.

“If I find even one scratch, none of you are getting paid,” said a woman, standing nearby. “I swear, it’s impossible to find decent laborers these days.”

She didn’t see me, at first, but noticed my presence as soon as she turned around. At first, it looked like she wanted to yell at me, but her attitude changed when she noticed the tux.

“Speaking of inferior work, I see Pacific Elite still can’t get anywhere at the proper time. You must be Alex.”

I nodded.

She came up and quickly adjusted my collar, before reaching out her hand. “I’m Diane, Kendra’s mother.”

I shook it, and realized quite quickly that she had a stronger grip than I did.

“I didn’t plan on you being here so early, but you have free reign to wander the grounds until dinner, which will be served in two hours. Understand?”

I nodded, again, slightly intimidated.

“Good. Now, I need to go check in with my daughter, to make sure that she dresses and acts appropriately. Please, enjoy yourself.”

As soon as she turned around, I bolted out the front door and didn’t look back.

Despite the fact that stressed out caterers and movers were constantly running through it, I somehow felt more at ease in garden, than I did under her gaze.

Up until dinner, I didn’t even consider going back into the house. I wandered the garden, I checked the bite on my shoulder and I even shot the shit with the movers, once they finished up, until a man in a black vest and slacks found me and said, “Dinner is served.”

Filled with regret, I reentered the front door, and found a row of servants lining each side of the doorway, leading into the fully furnished living area and ornate dining room. There wasn’t a single scratch or speck of dust, anywhere.

“Welcome to our humble home,” said Kendra’s mother, her outfit just as perfectly manicured as her house. “I’m so glad that the man who defended my dear daughter could join us for dinner.”

“I’m honored to be here,” I said, before following her into the dining area, where Kendra was waiting.

“You look beautiful,” I told her. She wore a ruby dress with matching lipstick, and her face turned almost the exact same color, as my compliment made her blush.

Servants began bringing in dozens of trays and bowls once we were seated, however, my attention wasn’t really on the food, it was on Kendra, whose smile had slowly faded, and was now almost completely gone. It seemed like the more time she spent in her mother’s presence, the less I saw of the bold woman who knew just what she wanted; the one I had seen earlier today.

“Damian, pass me the salad and carve off a piece of that duck for me,” her mother said. I watched as both she and Kendra had the servants place the food onto their plates, rather than reaching for it, themselves.

“So, Alex, if you don’t mind me asking,” said Diane, “Why were you out so late the night Kendra was attacked?”

I almost choked when she asked me that, because I knew that outright saying, “I was on my way to a threesome,” wouldn’t go over very well.

“I was on my way home from the library. I had a big exam the next day.”

“Oh, right. Kendra mentioned that you were studying engineering. That can be a tough field of study,” she said. “Well, no matter the reason, I’m glad you were there. Thank you for protecting my daughter.”

That was the first genuine sounding thing she had said all day. “It’s no problem. Anyone would have done the same.”

“I think we both know that that’s not true. The world is a dangerous place, and most people in it are either violent or crazy. It’s too bad Kendra had the learn that the hard way. Isn’t that right, sweetie?”

“Yes, mother.”

“Well, I don’t know if that’s entirely true,” I told her.

“It is. It’s just an unfortunate fact of life,” Diane said, as a servant carved another piece of duck for her. “Too many people believe the rules don’t apply to them. Isn’t the fact that a group of men decided to attack my daughter proof of that?”

“Those pricks don’t represent the majority of people.”

“Don’t they? Alex, you seem like a smart man. Do you really believe that the majority of people on this planet aren’t stupid or crazy?”

“Not as crazy as a woman who keeps her house empty and then furnishes it when someone comes over.”

Everything in that room stopped in an instant. Even the air itself seemed to remain still.

“Our everyday lives don’t require luxuries,” she said, after a long pause. “The two of us believe in living a very focused and efficient life,” she told me. “I work very hard. I spend my time wisely. I go to church every Sunday, and I haven’t been late in six years.”

“Yeah, but-”

“I don’t spend enough time here to even need furniture, because I’m always out doing good things. That’s part of what makes me such a good mother. I don’t allow myself luxuries or time off, when I could be doing something important.” Her anger seemed to grow with every word. “I don’t get distracted. I don’t take breaks. I don’t decide to skip church to take my kids to the park or to get ice cream. I make sure Kendra is always there with me for every service, and she behaves perfectly, at all times. I don’t go on picnics, I don’t act spontaneously and I don’t decide on a whim to drive two states away to take my son on a fishing trip. God, how could he…”

Her eyes went wide, as her sentence trailed off.

“I don’t need to defend myself,” she said, regaining her composure. “Our way of life works, and I don’t need anyone else’s approval.” She stood up from her chair. “Kendra didn’t approve of those either, at first, but now she’ll gladly admit that cutting everything unnecessary out of our lives has made us better people. Isn’t that right, sweetie?”

“Yes, mother.” I felt my fists clench as she repeated the only two words she had said since sitting down.

“I’ll be calling your limo to pick you up early. I truly appreciate you helping my daughter, but don’t think that that gives you the right to meddle in the life we’ve built. Goodbye, Alex.”

She left the room without another word, but her thunderous footsteps could be heard all throughout the house.

Despite how crazy she was, I honestly felt sorry for the woman. She’d lost people very close to her, and that couldn’t have been easy, but forcing her daughter to be as miserable as she was, was unforgivable in my eyes.

So, what do you think I did next? Stormed up to her room and confronted her? Do you think I yelled and screamed, and told her to let Kendra work through this in her own way? I considered doing just that, but, like I said, I honestly felt sorry for her.

But that didn’t stop me from fucking her daughter’s brains out.

“Deeper! Deeper!”

I only got harder when I imagined her mother hearing that; her daughter screaming out at the feeling of my cock penetrating her.

I could feel her getting a little wider with every thrust; just a little more loose each time.

“Do you love being inside me?” she asked, bent over the desk in her mother’s office.

“You know I do.”

We could hear the shower running in the next room over, so we knew that her mother was there. However, that only made Kendra even more determined to act like a nasty slut, and at no point was that more clear than when she stepped over her discarded and cum-soaked dress, pressed her chest against the wall, where only six inches of plaster separated her and her mother, and simply said, “Fuck me.”

I was glad to succumb to her demand, and as my head slowly pushed it’s way past her perfectly pink pussy lips, I could feel her whole body shake with pleasure.

Kendra and I had to keep quiet, but that didn’t mean I was going to be gentle with her.

As I held onto her hips, I could feel her body quiver each and every time I pushed in.

“Fuck, do you think she can hear us?”

“Honestly, I hope she can.”

Just as I told her that, I forced her lips apart one last time, and Kendra’s cunt clenched and her knees buckled out from under her.

“Oh, shit,” I said, grabbing her her before she could fall. “Are you ok?”

“Yeah,” she said, breathless and weary. “I just need a second.”

Her wetness was still leaking out of her, dripping down her thighs, but the girl still had a big smile stretched across her face, and even stood up to kiss me.

However, before we could continue where we left off, we both heard the water in the next room abruptly turn off.

“Oh, fuck.”

We both started grabbing our clothing, and sprinted for the door.

“In here,” said Kendra, opening up a door to an empty room across the hall and diving inside, with me following right after.

Just as she got the door closed, we heard the bathroom door open, and Diane moving down the hall.

“Fuck, that was close,” Kendra said, now even more out of breath. He chest heaved with every breath, and I could see spots of my cum sprinkled on her breasts. I assumed they must have come from her grabbing her three thousand dollar dress, which was still soaked and sticky.

After the danger passed, I ran my hands up her thighs and past her stomach, stopping only to hold onto her breasts, as my lips met hers.

“I’m glad we got to spend a few more hours together,” Kendra said. “I can’t believe your limo still isn’t here.”

I smiled. “From what I hear, they can never get anywhere on time.”

In one quick motion, I picked Kendra up and lifted her legs, putting her knees up to her chest as she was pressed against the wall.

“Oh,” she whispered, leaning her head back and biting her lip, expecting to have her tight pussy penetrated.

However, it wasn’t my cock that came to greet her cunt. I didn’t want to rush things. Instead, all she received was a single finger, gently stroking the very edges of her labia.

She moaned with disappointment, but soon sighed with satisfaction. Though the feeling of having her pussy gently fondled aroused her, she needed that fullness. I knew she was waiting to be forced apart and feel a part of me, deep inside of her.

I could feel her nails digging into my skin, as she whispered in my ear, “What are you waiting for?”

“Nothing,” I admitted, as I brought the head of my cock within inches of her fold. “I just love making you wait.”

“No, you love making me wet.” She pulled me closer, forcing her tongue into my mouth and my cock into her cunt, but that was only a few moments before we heard doors slamming and a knock echoing through the empty house.

“Fuck,” Kendra said.

“The driver can wait,” I told her, not ready to be done yet. We were both tired and sore, from a long day of love-making, but I still intended to end it with a bang.

My cock spread her folds apart and drilled her tight cunt, faster than before.

“Oh, Kendra.”

“Oh, god. You’re ripping me apart.”

My legs were starting to give out, but soon I felt myself growing close to the end, and I knew her climax had come when her claws once again sank into my back, hard enough to leave bruises.

“Do it,” she whispered, just as I lost control and emptied out inside of her.

“Fuck. I think I’ll be sated for the next year,” I said. “I don’t think I have anything left.”

Her smile faded. “Is that I good thing? Did I do something wrong?”

“No, it’s a good thing.” I kissed her one last time, just to show how happy I was. “You’re absolutely amazing.”

Kendra blushed and started to say something, but was interrupted by yet another thunderous knock on the front door. “I guess I have to go. I’ll see you again soon, right?”

“Um…” She seemed to think about it for a moment, but eventually smiled and said, “Yeah, I think that’d be good for me.”

I kissed her one last time, with a wide grin on my face. “I’ll call you.”

And, I guess that’s where the story should end. I got in the limo, went home and slept like a baby after that. The rest of that night isn’t very interesting.

The problem is that I’ve been trying to keep this as tight as possible, cutting out all the uninteresting bits and fluff. I mean, who wants to hear about the 86% I got on my Physics final, when there are more interesting stories to tell. Boy meets girl, girl doesn’t like guy and/or has some other attachment that keeps them apart, boy wins girl over, crowbar in a little setup for the girl in the next chapter, if I have time, followed by a dramatic and steamy climax. That’s the formula, but you have no idea how hard it is for me to compartmentalize my life into three act structures.

Sorry if I’m rambling. I think it’s just… I think I’m realizing that this is the part where the story breaks down. There is more to tell, beyond the climax of my relationship with Kendra, and it’s not fun. This isn’t the part I enjoy telling and it doesn’t really have a happy ending.

Anyway, I’ll just get to it. I’m sure you’re bored and mad at me for going on this long.

I got a call from Molly the next morning. I guess weights had been cancelled, but she was already up early, so she wanted to get a different kind of workout.

“Can you come over?”

“It’s too early. Call me back at 10.”

“Fuck you. You know you want to get your cute ass over here,” she told me.

Just then, I got a text from Kendra, and immediately stood up.

“I know what your mattress springs sound like, Alex. I know you’re on your way.”

“I’m seeing someone else. Kendra just texted me.”

“Kendra?” Molly said, disgustedly. “You would rather see her than me?”

And it was in that moment, as I was pulling on my clothes and excitedly preparing myself to go and see Kendra, that I realized something.

“Molly, I don’t like you.”

“Excuse me?”

“I hope you do well in life, but I also hope that I never see you, again. You’re a really horrible person, and you make me feel bad about myself. Bye.”

I hung up the phone before she could begin her tirade, and headed out the door.

We met at the same crappy coffee shop we always did, where mold grew out of the walls and none of the refrigerators worked. The coffee itself was great though, as long as you didn’t get milk in it. It was usually chunky.

“Alex!” said an excited voice from across the room, calling me over to her table.

“Hey. How are you feeling?”

“Sore,” Kendra said, “But ready to go again, whenever you are.”

We both smiled.

“I have to be somewhere in a few hours,” she said, “but I figured you would have your own plans anyway.”

“Not really. I’ll probably just sit at home and get some homework done.”

“Really? I figured you would…” She trailed off, obviously feeling awkward.

“I’m not going to call anyone else over, if that’s what you’re asking,” I told her. “I cleared out my plans for you.”

“You did?” she said, perplexed.

“Yeah. I mean…” I fumbled over my words. “You’re more important to me than anyone else.”

Kendra frowned and looked down at her coffee.

“What’s wrong?”

I took her a minute to muster her courage before she could answer. “I’m seeing a guy, tonight.”

“Well, that’s fine,” I told her. “I’ve been seeing other girls. I guess it’s-”

“But, I really like him, Alex. He goes to my church and we’ve always liked each other, but I was always too afraid to do anything about it. I finally texted him last night, and honestly I think he might be boyfriend material,” she said. I think she could see the hurt look on my face, as she spoke. “You know, someone I could bring home to my mother, and have her actually like him.”

“Fuck your mother!” I screamed in the crowded coffee shop. “What do you mean, I’m not boyfriend material?”

“I’m always happy when I’m with you, and you make me brave enough to do crazy things. I barely left the house before I met you, except for class and cheerleading, and I didn’t even show up for half the games. You’re so confident and well spoken and sexy, and I never thought that in a million years that the guy who could have any other girl he wanted would still want me. I feel good about myself for the first time in years, but I…” she trailed off again, but I knew what was coming. “I just can’t promise myself to a guy like you.”

I pushed out my chair and started marching for the door.

“Alex, please don’t go.”

“Fuck you!” I screamed, not caring who saw or heard us. “Fuck your controlling mother, fuck your stupid new boyfriend, fuck your dead dad, fuck your brother and fuck you, bitch!” I said, filled with boiling anger and burning tears. The first had already come pouring out, but I was fighting to keep the latter inside.

“I don’t want you, anyway, bitch,” I told her, as I slammed the door behind me and marched into the street.


2017-09-19 22:12:42
This chapter was good but I really hope you don't cut Molly out of the story, she's probably my favorite.
Anyway, thanks for writing it.


2017-08-09 01:22:33
I liked this chapter, it shows that not everything always turns out great for everyone.


2017-07-18 06:56:49
Not really one of my favorite chapters. I was very disappointed at the end.

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