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What befalls a 19 year old student who takes a shortcut through the woods
At 19 Laura was enjoying her second year at university, her love of classical music and her natural talents as a pianist making her music degree course a breeze. Whilst most second-year students opted to ‘board out’ Laura choose to remain in university accommodation preferring the solitude of her own room and her classical music collection to a shared house and endless parties.

Rising early, she pulls her cotton night dress over her head the drops it onto the floor of the small bathroom; before looking in the full length mirror, her only extravagance, she examines her reflection. At 5’10 and slim she had recently been described by an aunt as “Willowy”, Laura likes that description, her 34D titties being a little too large, but Laura compensates by wearing baggy jumpers, after all she did not want boys, or girls, lusting after her. Laura is a committed Christian and is determined to preserve her virginity until the right man comes along.

Looking at her reflection she realises that no one has seen her naked, apart from her mom when she was younger. Her natural blonde hair hangs down to her shoulders just brushing the tops of her breasts and looking down she can see the same colour hair around the V of her pelvis, although the hair is sparse and the outline of her virginal lips are visible. Laura contemplates if thinking about pubic hair is a sin.

She quickly showers; Mass at St Luke’s starts at 10am and she had promised Father Mac she would arrive early to play the organ prior to the service starting. She carefully selects her underwear, white cotton panties and a matching bra, long white cotton dress and white open toed sandals.

Leaving the college, she inserts the earphones connected to her i-phone and walks to church oblivious to the approving stares she is receiving from the many males she passes. Her performance on the organ is flawless, she sits through the service her face a mask of serenity and afterwards she helps in the Sunday school enjoying the company of the children. As she was leaving Father Mac asked a favour. Mrs McArthur a retired teacher was unwell and housebound and would love a visit, could Laura find time to call. Laura readily agrees and quickly makes her way from the church. She has two options to walk along the road which will take 30 minutes or take the shortcut through the woods which would save her 10 minutes. She looks up at the perfect blue sky she decides to take the path through the woods. As Father Mac watched her walk away, trying not to notice how she swayed her ass when she walked, he was not to know he would never see Laura again.

Asif lays concealed in the thick undergrowth of the woods, he is carefully studying the pathway and all who use it, he has lain motionless for over an hour watching and waiting. Through the shrubbery he can just make out the outline of his two younger brothers and in the background their hidden van. He is there at the instruction of his employer; in his business, it is not good to know names and his brothers named the employer ‘The Cameraman’ the name was good and thus adopted. Asif watches a young family pass, mom, dad and two laughing children. As Asif carefully stretches his cramped muscles he reflects on why he is in the woods.

His association with the Cameraman stretches back many years, back to the days when they were both young and eager to earn money. Asif almost laughs when he recalls the first rape video’s they made, shoots where the supposed innocent victim was in fact a street whore who would turn up at the studio still full of cum from her previous customer, the vids were crap, but they gave the Cameraman an opening. From these they moved onto S&M Vids where Asif discovered he had a talent for inflicting severe pain to whores and sissy’s before breaking them with his 10” cock. He can feel his cock stiffening inside his camouflage pants wondering is the next victim will be male or female. The step from S&M to real rape vids was relatively easy, the Cameraman received a commission from a divorced husband who wanted a vid of his ex being gang raped, the stipulations being at least 3 guys get to use the bitch and all of them fuck her ass. The pay was good and finding two more guys gave Asif’s brothers an intro to the business. They followed the bitch to her home, hit her as she disabled the alarm system and raped her in her living room each making sure to finish by cumming in her ass as the Cameraman filmed her face. In fact, his brothers had been inventive, finishing the vid with both of their cocks so deep in the bitches’ ass it was a wonder they had not split her in two. After the rape, they ransacked the house stealing cash, jewellery and the keys to her top of the range car. Asif even went back to rip the rings from her fingers and looking down at the naked semi-conscious female felt a stirring that could only be satisfied by cumming in her mouth.

Today is a speculative exercise, kidnap and sell on line, the Cameraman has customers who will pay to see the real rape of either sex so in the words of the paymaster a “Win/win situation”. The phone in Asif’s pocket vibrates; the Cameraman is the only one with the number, so a suitable victim is approaching, Asif whistles and his two brothers Layth and Munahid get ready to pounce. Asif’s role is to ensure no one intervenes in the abduction.

Laura is lost in the sounds of Chopin’s first piano concerto streaming from her ear phones and is totally unaware of the events occurring around her. When Layth steps out in front of her it takes her a couple of seconds to realise that the man in the camouflage jacket is wearing a ski mask with holes where the eyes and mouth are, before she can react Munahid has pinned her arms from behind and Layth covers her mouth with thick sticky tape cutting off any scream she may utter. The abduction is completed in less than 10 seconds and Laura is spirited away to the waiting van. Asif checks the area around where he was concealed collecting his discarded cigarette ends and placing them in a plastic bag; he goes to where his brothers waited and grunts his approval when he sees they have removed all traces of their presence. The Cameraman appears from the trees where he has filmed the abduction and they make their way to the van.

Laura is sitting on the van floor, her back to the bulkhead between the drivers’ compartment and the vans body; her arms are raised over her head, her wrists secured to the bulkhead with cable ties. The Cameraman gets into the back of the van with the two youths as Asif takes the driver’s seat. Starting the engine, he carefully drives the van to the main road waiting until there are no vehicles in either direction before starting the journey to the derelict warehouse they have selected to use for filming the rape of the bitch in the back. He drives within the speed limit and as smoothly as possible as he knows the Cameraman will be filming during the journey.

Laura is silently sobbing as she looks at her three tormentors; all are wearing identical masks, their black eyes boring into her soul. This is the Cameraman’s favourite part, filming the build up to the rape, stripping the victim of their dignity, leaving them in no doubt as to what is going to happen, watching their tears and recording their pleas. Whilst his and the youths mother tongue is Arabic he loves to use broken English so that the victim is aware of what he is saying.

“Lift whores’ dress, show me cunt”.

Munahid stands over the girl, his crotch almost in her face, she can see the bulge in his combat pants, smell the musk. He bends at the knees so that his face is level with hers, his eyes staring. She is like the proverbial rabbit in the headlights; she cannot break the eye contact as he pulls her dress up to her waist revealing her cotton panties. Looking down at the flimsy material he imagines what treasure it is hiding. He feels the urge to rip them from her body but knows he must wait for the Cameraman to give him directions.

“Show whore knife, nice and slow then cut off panties”.

Reaching into a sheaf attached to his belt Munahid pulls out a hunting knife with an 8-inch blade. He holds it in front of the girl’s face allowing her to see the full size. Grabbing her hair, he pulls her head back and simulates cutting her throat. As he releases her Laura can hear him laughing as he turns his attention to her underwear the knife easily slicing the material until her panties, now unrecognisable, fall from her body.

The Cameraman and Layth move in for a closer look at her pussy.

“Use tongue, lick cunt”.

Laura tries to fight, but Munahid is much too strong, he soon has her knees pulled up and then forced apart. He shows her his tongue through the mask, to her it seems impossibly long, her shouts and moans just a burble through the tape covering her mouth as Munahid lowers his head and runs his tongue across her exposed opening.

Touching Layth on the arm the Cameraman speaks

“Show whore your cock, show her what she will be serving”

Laura’s eyes open wide in horror as Layth drops his pants to reveal his semi erect cock, her eyes never leaving his impressive organ as he masturbates himself to full erection the glistening cock head showing how aroused he is. The girl shuts her eyes tightly and shaking her head from side to side mumbles a prayer into the tape as the thick tongue worms its way into her intimate parts, she does not resist as her hand is pulled and placed around Layth’s hard cock.

Finally, the Cameraman has enough material and calls a stop. The three men sit on the van floor facing Laura, every time the girl tries to close her legs to deprive them of the view of her pussy Munahid shows her the knife and she instinctively spreads her thighs, she just wishes Layth would stop playing with his cock.

The Cameraman is constantly on his phone, although Laura cannot understand what he is saying she knows the conversations relate to her and that her ordeal is only just starting. Finally, the van arrives at its destination, a dirty rundown warehouse; Laura is dragged from the vehicle and dumped on the filthy concrete floor. Apart from the Cameraman, who films her every move the others ignore her. She watches as they busily place spot lights around the only item in the deserted building, a badly stained mattress. Their voices get louder as the bottle of vodka and pills are passed round; each man taking a long swig as he swallows the Viagra tablets and then they are ready.

She watches in horror as the men strip, each of them, even the Cameraman is erect, their cocks unnaturally large. They have changed the ski masks for hideous leather demon masks and those who have tattoo's cover them with dirty cloths (to ensure they cannot be identified when the vid is released). Standing in a loose circle around her the men stroke their cocks the looks on their faces leaving Laura with no doubt what they intend. The Cameraman grunts something in his language and the girl is dragged to her feet, the tape roughly ripped from her mouth.

Laughing the men start spinning Laura in the circle, each man grabbing at her clothing when she is within reach. Munahid manages to grasp the top of her dress and she screams as the flimsy material rips exposing her small titties encased in her white cotton bra; more hands grasp at her dress which is soon a tattered rag around her feet, two more spins and the bra joins the dress on the floor leaving Laura totally naked.

Asif steps forward and roughly pushes Laura to the floor before grabbing a handful of her long blonde hair and dragging her across the rough floor to the stained mattress. When Laura is dumped on it the smell of urine, cum and blood overwhelm her. The mattress is still damp from where the previous victim, a young mother, had been brutally raped and sodomised.

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