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Sabrina and Marcel are a couple of friends who are currently tailgating in the middle of the woods to watch the stars.
It was a hot summer night when I decided one night to go watch the stars with my best friend Marcel. We've been friends since high school. Marcel was always the person that was there for me when I needed him.

Marcel takes a sip of his beer as he gazes up and then I feel his eyes shift over to me. I look over at him and he has this look on his face as if he wants to ask me a question but is debating whether he should or not. I give him a quick smile signaling it's okay to ask me anything.

"So is it true?"

"Is what true?" I asked curiously.

"That you've never.. you know... do 'it'?" Marcel asked nervously, "Never mind you don't have to answer-"

"That's a lie. Where'd you hear that?" I said cutting him off.

I was laying on my back as I flipped myself around so that I could lay on my stomach. I propped my elbows up and put my chin in my hands as I looked over at Marcel.

"Oh yeah?" Marcel said laying on his side facing me, "So your not a virgin?"

"No, Marcel."

"Prove it, Sabrina."

"How am I supposed to prove it? Am I supposed to make a sign that says 'I'm not a virgin'?" I said as I rolled my eyes at him.

Marcel moved close to me as he pushed lightly my shoulder back so I was laying on my back again as he slowly got on top of me. He started caressing my thigh as he moved his hand up.

"W-What are you doing?"

"Prove to me your not that little virgin anymore."


He moved a strand of hair out of my face as he began to passionately kiss me. I slowly bit his lower lip as he slid his tongue into my mouth. Our tongues swirled together in circles as he reached up my dress and started rubbing my pussy. He slid his fingers in my pussy past my thongs as pushed them in deep and pulled them out. He used his thumb to play with my clit as he continued to finger me. I arched my back and bit my lip as his fingers went deeper and deeper into my pussy. It felt so good I dug my nails into his back. I was getting wetter and wetter as he kept rubbing and fingering me until he stopped.

"Don't stop, please.." I said softly.

He smirked as he started undressing. I slipped my thongs off as I watched him finish undressing. He had a huge thick dick. I didn't even know if it was going to fit. He came over to me and slowly took off my dress until I was just in my bra. He unclasp my bra leaving us both naked. He motioned for me to lay back down which I did.


"Just fuck me already!"

Marcel started to get on top of me again but I grabbed him and flipped us around so that I was on top of him this time. I continued to kiss Marcel as I put my hand on his chest and ran my hand down his body. I could feel how hard his dick got because it was now poking my inner thigh. Marcel kissed and sucked on my neck all the way down to my breasts where he would play with my nipples. I moaned as he did. He moved his mouth down to my breasts where he started sucking on my nipples. I grabbed his dick and started jerking it fast.

His touch felt so exhilarating already and he hasn't even put his dick in my pussy yet. He held my waist as I slowly stopped playing with his dick and put it in dripping wet pussy. I started moving up and down on him and rotated my hips in a circle. We both moaned as we felt the pleasure. I kissed Marcel again and kissed his neck and nibbled on the bottom of his earlobe. I could feel myself starting to reach my climax as his went in and out of my pussy. I slowly got off of him and moved down.

I placed my hand on his dick as I started rubbing it slowly. I finally put his dick in my mouth as I heard him let out a soft moan from the pleasure. I began sucking slowly but then I picked up the pace and went deeper until I was deep throating him. I played with his balls while licking his dick up and down. I sucked on just the head for a while until I went back to pushing his dick deeper in my mouth.

"I'm going to cum, oh my god!"

I continued to suck faster and tightened my mouth grip around his dick to make it feel tight.

"Keep going, keep going!"

I sucked it even faster and harder until I felt his cum shots his the back of my throat. I swallowed it as I went over to lay next to him but he got up and spread my legs open.

"Your turn."

He took his index finger and ran it down my chest, stomach, clit, and stopped at my pussy. He shoved his finger in me going in and out. I moaned as I arched my back again. He took his tongue and flicked my clit with over and over. I moaned again in pleasure.

"Please don't stop!"

He pulled his finger out and licked my pussy juice that was running down my leg. He put his tongue on my pussy licking it up and down. He sucked on my clit as he put two fingers back in my pussy moving them in and out at a faster pace. He put three fingers in me now as he moved them in and out again. I screamed in pleasure running my nails down his back.

"Are going to cum?"

"I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum!" I shouted.

He picked up the pace and played with my clit some more as I felt myself reach my climax. He pulled his fingers out slowly as I watched him pull them out drenched in my cum.

"Wow that was..-"


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