I met a guy in the public toilets who was masturbating himself standing at the open urinal, I undid my jeans and lower them down for him to have a glimpse of my frilly panties, he was desperate for some cock fun. He was a married man separated from his wife and four children, he was living in one bedroom apartment. With little money to spend on heating and TV, he had to cope with his sexual frustration so he resorted to jerking off in public toilets, apparently he was sex mad so his wife couldn’t cope with his constant sexual advances, she had already four children and had suffered 4 miscarriages, he wanted sex two or three times a day.
The guy’s name was Mike, he asked me to suck his cock, by now the sight of his erect cock really attracted me, let’s go in ally way outside I said, he promptly agreed. Mike quickly undid his jeans and dropped them and his well wore underpants down I knelt down in front of Mike before I had time to position myself Mike literally rammed his cock in my mouth, ‘suck that you fucking faggot ‘Mike said. After 10 minutes of intense sucking I had to come up for air, I offered him my ass telling him it was well lubricated and really hungry for his cock, this interested him ‘Got a bed we can fuck’ I answered ‘Oh yes’ Mike said a number of men had suck his cock but he’d never fucked a boy’s ass before. Because Mike was so desperate was willing to try anything to satisfy his lust.
He walked with me to my car and we drive to my house, as so as we got in Mike was ready to strip off for some serious fucking, he stripped down to his ragged underpants and sat in lounge on the settee and began playing with his cock. I quickly went to the bedroom and put on my sexiest undies and returned to the lounge, I invited him to the bedroom when I lay on bed he virtually ripped my panties off and drove his cock inside me lets see what a Nancy boy cunt can do for me, by now I was aware he was sex crazed and sex starved, it didn’t make a difference my fuckhole needed a cock. Mike just rammed his cock inside me with a rampant gyration, while he fucked me he called names like faggot, cum slut, fucking whore, ass bandit, sissy fucker, but I enjoyed his dominance it wasn’t long before he shot his load inside me, when he’d finished he pulled his cock out and dropped his surplus on the bed sheets. While he lay on the bed he complimented me on my tight ass it’s been nearly 9 months since he fucked his wife, so his cock missed a hole to shot its cum juice. I said I was still horny, not to disappoint me Mike’s cock rose to the challenge and became hard again, this time he fucked me on my back so I could jerk off myself, Mike second hard lasted longer so my pussy hole was abused till it was satisfied. Mike wouldn’t go home he insisted on staying for an all night cock session he was now fully sexually aroused.
Everywhere I went even to the bathroom Mike was behind me fingering my cunt or fondling my cock, he said he was going to make sure he the full benefit of my asshole because no worries of periods, pregnancy, mood swings, or refusals, it was the fits time he fucked a man’s asshole and he really enjoyed the experience, since getting his wife pregnant 12 years ago he fucked her every moment even when she was having her periods, Mike woke me up at least 5 times to either suck his cock or let him fuck me, he wore me out he treated my cunt just like his private fuckhole. In the morning after Mike had fucked me I got ready for work, Mike begged me to see him that night so I agreed on condition he suck my cock and swallow my cum, he said yes immediately. Mike stopped himself from jerking that day keeping his cum load for our night cock session, we met a 5.00 pm we were in bed my half past, from that time Mike was like glue either his cock was in my cunt or my mouth was sucking his cock or he was sucking mine. He asked me if I wanted to be prostitute.
Continued as mentioned previously Mike suggested I’d take up prostitution, in the last few months he’d meet younger and older men in public toilets who wanted a cumslut whore to have a cock session, if I was young probably these men couldn’t afford what younger rent boys charged, but because I was experienced I’d be versatile in my sexual favours and only charge a affordable cock fee, I think Mike was also thinking of himself he could make money being my pimp. Mike seemed content enough just fucking my pussy hole, I think its because he’d didn’t have to chase woman and persuade them to let him fuck them, having my ready and waiting hole available for him 24 hours satisfied his lust.
What really turned Mike was fucking my asshole in front of other men, he loved an audience and humiliated me in front of them by his dominance, and comments. Due to Mike’s shift patterns he was able to visit woodlands and pub toilets in the daytime enabled him meet older men who wanted some cock fun, sometimes he’d meet guys who didn’t want to suck his cock but wanted a piece of ass instead, he use to call me on the telephone if I was available or make a evening arrangement.
Mike called to the house nearly every night for six weeks to fuck me, though he didn’t have much money he was able to satisfy his sexual lust every night. Mike’s dream was to have a wife who was prone to do his bidding from cock sucking, being fucked by him and others plus he could play with her pussy with various toys, after fucking me he was satisfied, he did go back to his wife she found difficulty in bringing up 4 young children by herself. Regarding Mike sexual needs his wife could never really satisfy but Mike’s visits to the toilets helped him in-between. I didn’t see much of Mike but he use to call occasionally for an opportunity to satisfy his sexual frustration.

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