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i guess thats where it all started
My girlfriend and i had been going out for about 4months, she was 16 at the time and i was 20 (and believe it or not a virgin), but with such a unexperienced partner it didnt seem like i was gonna get very far anyway. i did love her and now 3 years down the line i still do. But there is only so much a man can take.

I was off studying at varsity and i only saw her on weekends. And there was this beautiful foreign girl in my English class. i avoided her with all my might, i knew she was my weakness although i saw myself as a very trustworthy boyfriend. I even restraind myself from going out with the fear of walking into her at a club, but as fate would have it, thats just what happend.

I was already a bit tipsy when she bumped into me, built like Kylie Manogue she pressed her tiny, sexy body up against mine by the bar. She insisted on greating me with a kiss everytime she saw me. She told me she broke up with her boyfriend and asked me if i was still with that "little girl". In a moment of weakness, i guess somewhere between getting lost in her tequoise eyes and grabbing her ass pushing her up against my crouch, she got the answer she wanted. We had shooters, we stared with satan's whispers, and somehow it just got all too obvious what i had to do after that- even the shooters seemed to edge me on as i swallowed a Blowjob, Sit on My face, Muffdive and a Multiple Screaming Orgasm. We danced like animals, she put my hand on her thigh slowly (to the rhythm of Toxic from Britney Spears) working it up and down and i could feel her lacey hotpants through her one piece black top. I guess she was also pretty pissed by now, as she jumped up on my hips to the delight of the drooling guys dancing right behind us. I tried to cover up her exposed ass by putting one hand over her twat, while holding her up on me with my right arm, i could feel my fingers slipping past the lacey material and on to her steamy hot pussy. Due to the anticipation that this might just be my first time ever to have sex, i was just a tiny bit overwhelmed. But through some grace, probably the alcohol, and maybe the fact she whispered in my ear "lets go somewhere and fuck" i pushed through the fear and took her hand and made my way to the parking lot.

It felt like a eternity stumbling with my keys. i opened up the door of my toyota and she pushed me inside. She climbed ontop of me, we stared kissing and licking each others necks and ears. She must have been very horney or realized somehow that i was new to all of this and casually pop the question "do you have a condom?", my heart almost stopped, here i was on the brink of my calmination of becomming a man and a little piece of plastic stood in my way. I mubbled quite depressively "ah naagh, sorry" and to my delight she replied "you know what fuck it"

Like rabbits on heat we moved in fast forward getting rid of our clothing at light speed except for a random sock or two. I started in a hormonal dream state to reinact everything i had seen on porn movies. I pushed my throbbing cock on her chest, bending each breast over the shaft. I brought it up to her face she licked my dick and sucked its head till it glinted in the street lamp's light and a trail of spit was kreeping down her neck. i pushed her back eager to finally taste my first cunt. She was bushy and i didnt quite know what was what down there, but she said "o yeh Fuck right there" when it was a good place. I flickered her clitoris with the tip of my tongue, it got so juicy and sticky that i could feel cunt fluid all over my lips, nose and chin. I stared finger fucking her while i licked her clit, she stared going ape shit with moans and shouted "Ray i want you in me now".

So i took my cock in my right hand and aimed for somewhere in the middle of her messy wet cunt, she helped me find the right place, i pushed in slowly, although it was wet around it was really tight, her insides squeesed hard on my penis, that it was almost hurting. i started moving in and out of her pussy getting opener with every thrust and mt every thrust getting harder till i was in a full motion. i could see her nipples erect, i could see her face making frowns, i feel her back arching and hear her moans getting harder , this was too much for me to bear and could feel the cum gripping only by their little fornicating fingernails to my testicals, i pulled out just in time. As i did my cum firehosed over her tummy and pubic hair. she said in a school teacher like tone, "who gave you the right to pull your dick out"; "Just look at this mess you made!"
she took my hand and made me scoop most of it up. "now put all of that on your cock" she demanded. I did it, then she brought her face up to my cock and indicated with her finger i had to smeer it on her lips. She licked as much of it up as she could.

This had me so horney i was ready to go again. She could she see it to.
She said "no,no,no you were naughty and now heres your punishment. "expecting some S&M shit i got quite freaked out but instead sent me to the front seat of the car. She, obviously not leaving without having her orgasm, sat in the middle of the back seat giving me a full view of her spread vagina. "I hope you brought a note pad" and she started fondeling in her bag, she pulled out a black vibrator and switched it on. She pushed it down to the point where her bush met her pussy lips, and worked that thing on her clit. With her other hand she put firstly one finger into her pussy. This had me in full erection again and i treid to climb to the back and assit, but she refused and scornfully chased me back where hence i came. As she finger fuckt herself i could see her cheaks turning rosey red, she swayed her body and her breathing got instence. she took the vibrator and worked it up her cunt, it dissapeared and the deeper it went the crazier i got. She was moving her body up and down the seat now , she was moaning profusly with her gaping mouth. She cried out "aa! aa! Aaa!!!" a slight pause and a massive sigh.

I looked at her with puppy dog eyes, hoping for one more session, instead i got a "you wish" and she stared putting on her clothes.


2006-12-23 20:11:43
sory dude gotta laugh maybe you'll learn your lesson don't cheat on your girl with the mistress and if you do make her the bitch and it's easy


2006-08-25 14:07:28
ha! ha! you cheating thing you! she thought you were a bad fuck! did she give you a chance to redeem yourself? i would! great story! and kudo for putting yourself out there! 10/10
-- katie girl


2006-08-25 13:17:41
good story,needs spell check though.more please

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