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Hi. My name is Matt. It all started for me when I entered my sophomore year in high school. I was one of the only ones in my group that didn't have a girlfriend. I had spent the summer alone away from my friends. i found out when I got back that I was also one of the only ones in my group that still remained a vergin. That didn't really bother me though. I just wasn't the jock that I used to be in elementry school but I still hung out with the same group. I was the most picked on from all the group because of my thick southern accent.

The previous year I had been lucky enough to go on a date with a couple of girls but that started with a movie and then ended with a kiss and that was it. Everything changed for me when Becky came to my school. She started late because of her lengthy move from North Carolina with her mom. Two weeks after school started on Monday, lots of guys were talking. By 10am atleast 15 boys had come up to me and asked if I had seen the new girl. The first thing I was thinking was great another hot chick for all of my friends who already had girlfriends to look at and she probablly has a boyfriend she wont let go back in North Carolina.

At lunch, I was sitting with Mark, Matt, and Justin when Scott walked up with Becky. She was very pleasing to me. She had blonde hair down just past her shoulders. Her sexy neck then led down to her chest where her small bit firm breasts lay. Down past her belly was the sexiest hips I have ever seen. They weren't too wide and they fit he body perfectly. On her back side, she had a nice ass. I didn't stick out too far yet it was well rounded enough to give her the perfect bubble butt. I introduced myself...

"Hi. I'm Matt."

"My name is Becky."

"I haven't seen you around here before. Are younew?"

"Yeah. Today is my first day."

Mark started to snicker and to make fun of the way that I was talking.

"Hey don't make fun of him. I like the way he talks," she said.

This surprised me. She seemed nice but I was still thinking that she was going to be an easy girl who would go along with anything that my friends were doing. We talked all day and even got in trouble for talking in class. After school I caught up to her at her locker.

"Hey, would you like to walk to you car with me?"

We strted walking to the parking lot and I must admit, I was looking her over very well and she was turning me on quite a bit.

"Where did you move into?"

"I moved to that big house on Lynn DR."

This was the biggest shock of all to me. That house was right behind my house.

"That is right behind my house. I saw the moving truck yesterday."

"Well I'm going home and I'll see you tomorrow!" she said and drove off in her Chevrolet Malibu.

Then it hit me, she had a poolin her backyard and it was right out of my bedroom window. I got in my truck and rushed home. It was such a beautiful day outside I knew that she would be going for a swim.

I got home and rushed up to my room and just as I looked out the window Becky was walking out of her back door and in a bakini. She laid a towel down on a tanning chair and laid down on it. I started to get a hard on once again. watching her lay there made my mind wonder. She was so hot and I couldn't resist the temptation. I reached down, unzipped my pants and started to stroke myself. Before she could even turn over I was done.

All through the night I was thinking of her. She was so nice and I couldn't help but to think of her. Later that night when I was on my way to bed I noticed that ther was a light on in the room that was directly across from my room. Just as I was laying down to bed, a shadow moved in front of the window and they swung open. It was Becky, standing there wearing a pair of blue jeans and a white tank top shirt. Her hair was wavy all the way down to her sholders. My piece shot right up in the air. This was the hottest girl that I had ever seen and her room was right across from mine and she was so nice. As she moved out of the view of the window, I could see that her bed was right there. I was getting harder and harder just thinking of the things that we could do in that room I was so busy thinking, it took me a few seconds to notice that when she came back she wasn't wearing any pants. Then she went for the shirt. When it was removed her beautiful tits were exposed to me. The red panties turned me on even more. She walked over and laid down on the covers and picked up a TV remote. For fifteen minutes she just laid there rubbing her belly with one hand and shehad the Tv remote in the other hand. She never took her eyes off the TV. After a few minutes, she moved one hand up slowly to her chest. She started to rub her hands all over her chest. I couldn't belive this was happening. she rubbed herself for a couple of minutes and then slowly moved her hand down her belly and onto her panty line. She laid the remote on thew nightstand and laid back. Slowly she moved her hand into her underwear. Her legs then started to move up and down. She pressed her knees togather and moved her other hand to her breasts. She rubbed her self for minutes. That was when i realized I was stroking myself. I had grown to quite a good size in this time I was sitting there. When I was done I lokked up and could see that she had removed her hand from her panties and was apparently catching her breath.

We talked all week at school. I didn't mention what had happened the previous day to anyone. That week we became very close. I got her number and even talked on the phone to her on Thursday night. I could tell that I was falling for her fast. On Friday, I went home and started to get ready for the football game that night. The doorbell rang aound 3:30. I answered it and was surprised to see Becky standing in the door. She was wearing short shorts and a tank top.

"Hey. would you like to come over and swim with me for a while?"

"Sure just let me go get my bathing suit."

I ran upstairs and noticed I had a hard on. I couldn't go over there like that and embarress myself. So I pulled it out and jerked off quickly and ran down to her pool. She was laying there in her bakini and I started to get hard again. I was trying not to think about it so I sat down beside her and we started to talk. After a while my hard on was gone and it was just me and Becky having fun conversation. After a while I knew that I was going to ask her out. She was so nice and kind. After a short laughing moment there was a moment of silence. I was looking at the pool and when I looked back she was starring at me. I leaned over to her.

"What do you see?"


"Becky you are the nicest girl that I have ever met. I have really enjoyed getting to know you this week."

That slipped. I didn't mean to tell her that day. I thought it was too quick.

"I like you too. You are such a cute boy."

I leaned over more and kissed her on the lips. She kissed rght back. She was an extremely good kisser. This went on for about 5 minutes and then we started to talk again.

"Do you want to go to the game tonite?" I asked

"I guess. I didn't really think about it."

We went to the game that night as friends or so everyone thought. The night ended with a short kiss in the car before I let her go.

The next week we were officially a couple. Everything was fine for the next month. Then my mom told me that her and my dad were going to Vegas for there 25th anniverery the next weekend. I was so excited to be having the weekend to myselfthe next Tuesday I was talking to Becky on the phone when se told me that her mom was going back to North Carolina that weekend. We talked about staying with each other but thinking about not rushing things. On Saturday morning I dropped Mom and Dad off at the airport and went straight Beckys house. We spent the day flirting with each other, playing pool, swimming and shooting darts.

That night we went to rent a movie. I dropped her off at her home and I went to ggo change. I came back in jogging shorts and a tee shirt. When I got back Becky was laying on the couch, lights out in a pair of night pants and a tank top. By this time I had figired out her favorite shirt was a tank top. She was also wearing her glasses which I had never seen but they actually made her look so sexy. I sat down on the couch and placed her between my legs. She laid her head back on my sholder. By the midpoint in the movie, I was bored with that chick flick. I started looking at her and smelling of her hair. Woops! It smelled sexy and that was not good. She was between my legs and I was getting horny. I didn't want to frighten her or scare her off. We hadn't talked about any of this before. My bulg grew in my shorts. As it grew to its fullest size, I noticed she started to move herself around and started to move her legs. I then leaned over her shoulder and kissed her on the cheek. She turned to me and started kissing me. I slowly kissed her on the neck and then back to her lips.

That was when I felt hewr hand on ine moving it towards her belly. She then started to push it us. I took it form there. I got up to where I could feer her tits. No bra. They felt so nice. They were a small handfull. Her nipples were so hard. I wanted to see if she wanted more. I moved my hand down her belly and to her waist line.

"Is this ok?" I asked.

She just nodded and nudged my hand down ward. I knew what she wanted. I slowly moved my hand into her pants and slowly moved down. The first thing that I could feel was that it was quite warm in there. The next thing I felt was a slight bit of hair. I started to rub my fingers through it.

"Are you sure you are ok with this?"

"Definately. Go for it."

I slid my middle finger down until I could feel the slit of her pussy. Her panties were soaked. It was so hot down there. I started to rub my finger around her slit. Her body started to move. She let out a sigh of air. Then I slowly slid my middle finger inside her dripping wet pussy.

"Ohhhhh........Thats good." she whispered taking in a breath of air.

I moved my finger around the pubic bone slowly.

"Thats it.......Right there........."

"Put in another one."

I answered her request by incerting my ring finger into her towards the pubic bone. I rubbed the two fingers togather on the pubic bone.

"Oh my god........Oh Matt...............Right there."

She moved and I knew she was liking it.

"Oh yeah...........Keep going...........Don't stop............That feels so good........Faster"

I could feel that she was getting wetter and wetter.

"Oh my god Matt........I'm going to cum...........................................Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

Just then I could feel thew walls of her pussy sqeeze tight and then release and then the juices. They ran all down my hand. I eased my hand out and kissed her on the cheek. She then had something in store for me. She turned around and put her knees on the ground and lifted my shirt. She started to kiss my stomach.

"Do you mind if I give you a blow job?"

"No. Not at all."

"I've never done this before so let me know if I am hurting you."

She pulled my pants down and pulled out my member. She looked at it and I later learned that she had never seen one in person before, only on Movies.

She then licked the head like a lolly pop and took the head in and halfway down. She sucked up and down slowly but not slow enough. Playing with her got me way to worked up and ten seconds after she took me in I came out. I could tell that she was surprised by this and then she sat up and swallowed and leaned back over to lick the head.

We laid togather on the couch all night and cuddled all weekend. We had fallen in love so much.

Later that week I told her about me looking at her in the window the night she moved in. She later confessed that she had watched me jerk off twice right after we started dateing. She was alittle embarressed at first but later tol me,

"If you ever want to watch me just let me know I do it almost every night but that was the only time I did itwith the lights on."

We are still very much in love and she allowed me to write this so comment if you like it and I will write about us again.


2018-05-01 03:31:59
Are you guys still together?

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2011-08-15 23:05:09
I hope you two stay happy!


2008-01-07 21:56:54
NIce storiy, but before you write another one, I hope you will learn how to spell and get a proof reader.


2006-11-21 16:18:33
Nice story but you realy have to check ur spelling


2006-11-08 15:16:23
great story , i loved it , i cant wait to read the next chapter . and to the asshole who called you a fag must be one if he didnt enjoy reading the story .

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