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Kimiko walked silently into the living room, wearing just a loose, short tank top and panties, and found her husband sitting in his favorite chair. Eric, who had come home from work about an hour earlier, was clad only in his navy blue terrycloth bath robe, the belt untied. His habit was to take a quick shower when he came home, and now he was relaxing with a drink, his eyes closed, listening to music on his headphones.

Without warning, Kimi dropped to her knees between his spread legs. Before he could react, she had opened his robe, grabbed his cock, guiding it into her mouth, engulfing it in warm wetness.

Surprised, Eric opened his eyes, quickly taking off the headphones. “Kimi! Jesus, you scared me! What are you doing?!”

Kimi released him and raised her head, glaring at him and drooling spit. She stroked his cock with her fingers. “What the fuck do you think I’m doing? I’m sucking your cock!” She leaned forward and once again took him in her mouth, gratified that his penis was coming quickly to life.

Eric looked down at her with some alarm. While he was not usually one to turn down a blowjob from his wife, this was a new one on him. She didn’t EVER talk like that! What the hell was she up to? “Kimi, I’m kind of busy right now. How about we do this a little later?” Despite his protest, he felt himself inexorably becoming hard in her mouth.

She looked up again. Her upper lip curled in what was almost a sneer, baring her teeth, like a woman possessed. “I don’t fucking want to do it later. I want to do it right fucking now!” She took him into her saliva-filled mouth again, sucking him furiously. Her lips were pursed tightly around the shaft, her head bobbing up and down. He was rock hard now, glistening wetly.

“Ohhh, jeezus…suck it!” he groaned.

Kimi again lifted her head, letting his cock escape. “Is this what I have to do to get your attention? Huh? Act like some kind of cheap street hooker?” Her tone was angry, hostile, almost vicious. She gathered her saliva in her mouth, and suddenly spit it out violently on the head. As it oozed down the shaft, her fingers slid up and spread the slippery wetness over the head, stroking him. She stared up at him, her eyes flashing. Then she plunged her mouth down over his cock again, sucking him hard, her wet slurping sounds filling the room. The ferocity of her oral assault on his cock was almost scary.

Shocked by her words and her unprovoked attack on his cock, but unable to resist the magic of her lips and tongue, Eric was momentarily at a loss for words. He had never seen his wife this way. She was almost an animal, seeming almost deranged with fuck-lust, not so much sucking his cock, but devouring it. Inexplicably, she also seemed angry about something. What had he done? And if she was angry, why was she sucking on his cock so hungrily? He felt a sudden rush of his own hot anger in response to hers. “What the fuck are you talking about?”

Kimi literally spat him out of her mouth again. “FUCK you!” she snarled. “That’s what you like, isn’t it?! For me to act like a fucking whore! Well, just lie back and let me suck your dick like a twenty dollar streetwalker in some filthy back alley!”

With a sudden flash of insight, Eric understood. This was one of Kimi’s games. A new game. He watched her slurping on his cock hungrily for a few moments, thinking about how to respond. Abruptly, he reached down and grabbed her by the knot of her ponytail, and yanked her violently toward his cock. With his other hand, he stuffed his cock back in her mouth. “Yeah, you SUCK it, BITCH!” He began to force her head up and down on his cock, making her take it deep into her throat for a few strokes. Then he let go of her.

Kimi raised her head again, glaring malevolently at him as she coughed and gasped for air, saliva drooling down her chin. “Bastard!” she hissed. And then she gathered her spit in her mouth, and once again splattered the head of his rigid cock with it. Her saliva was everywhere, mingling with his oozing pre-come, dangling in thick ropes from her hand and her mouth. Her fingers slid easily up and down along the saliva-drenched shaft as she masturbated him with quick strokes of her fist. The wet sounds filled the quiet room.

“Yeah, that's right…” she crooned. “I’m not such a nice girl, now, am I? Not the sweet girl you married, that makes love to you whenever YOU want. Well, I want to suck on your big, fat, fucking COCK, right now!”

Feigning a total fury now, Eric grabbed her ponytail, ignoring her sudden cry, and rose from the chair, dragging her by the hair with him as he crossed the room to the couch. He stood before her as she backed against the couch, stroking his cock as she glared up at him. “Okay, bitch, you want to suck cock, I’ll give you a cock to suck! You want my big dick shoved down your throat? Is that what you want? HUH?”

Kimi, mewling now, sudden fear in her eyes, nodded her head. “Yesss!”

“You want to suck it, then SUCK it, you little Japanese cunt!” he roared. He yanked her head back and jammed his cock between her parted lips, driving it deep into her throat.

Kimi gurgled as his cock skewered the back of her throat, tears in her eyes, almost gagging as he began to thrust it in and out of her wet mouth, fucking her face with his thick, 8-inch cock. Her lips closed around him, sucking him hard.

Eric, still holding her ponytail, reached down with his other hand and gripped her chin, holding her mouth open as he thrust in and out of it, fucking her face, using her. He'd seen this in porn films, and it had always seemed so depraved, so degrading to the girl. Kimi's mouth was just a hole for him to fuck now, warm and wet. She looked up at him, her eyes wide, blinking back the tears, her mouth open so wide that her lips didn't even touch the shaft of his cock. “Yeah, you LOVE getting your face fucked, don’t you, you fucking little whore! You love a big dick jammed down your throat, so far down it I can see your fucking neck bulge!”

She nodded, sobbing and whimpering, as he continued to saw his cock in and out of her open mouth, forcing it back into her throat. Thick ropes of saliva hung down from his cock, and snapped off on her chin, or drooled down onto her heaving breasts. Finally, he yanked her head back, freeing his angry cock.

“You want my cock back?” he shouted, stroking it with his fist, two inches from her mouth? “Is that what you want, bitch?”

“Yes!” she groaned helplessly.

“Yes what?”

She spat at his cock again. “I want your cock, you FUCKER!! Give it to me!!”

“Lick and suck on my balls, first!” he said, holding his cock upward as he jerked off.

Kimiko leaned forward and gobbled one of his heavy, sperm-bloated balls into her mouth, sucking on it, bathing it with her spit, worshiping it abjectly with her mouth. Soon she released it and engulfed the other one, teasing it with her tongue.

“Yeah, that’s it, suck it, lick it. Can you feel all that thick cum building up in my balls, slut-Kimi? Can you, whore-Kimi? Yeah, I’m gonna give you a big heavy load of my cum! You want it, don’t you!”

“Mmmm-hmmm!” murmured Kimi, eagerly slurping and licking on his balls, alternately sucking on them.

“You love a big mouthful of gooey, nasty cum, don’t you? It makes you feel real dirty and slutty, doesn’t it?”


"You just love dirty, dripping-wet sex, don't you?!!"


“That’s enough! Now stick out your tongue, like a good slut!”

Kimi stuck her tongue out, her mouth wide open. She looked up at him imploringly.

Eric began slapping the head of his cock wetly on the flat of her tongue. “Is this what you want, whore? You want my fucking cock? You want to be my fuck toy, my cum slut? You want to beg me to fuck all of your holes, and then cum all over you?”

Kimi was absolutely frantic with need as he abused her with his cock, her pussy sopping wet. Her hand was inside her panties, sliding in and out of her vagina frantically, as she sobbed. “Uhhhhyeah!” she hissed, between slaps. “Please! Give it to me!! Give me your cock!”

Eric rubbed his wet cock all over his wife’s upturned face, until it glistened with her spit and his oozing pre-cum, now flowing freely from the tip of his cock. He smeared it all over her face, then shoved his cock back into her mouth and fucked it some more, while he held her head tightly with both of his big hands. At last he slid his cock out again. Kimi coughed and spluttered, saliva drooling down her chin to her heaving breasts.

“You want my cum, Kimi? Huh? You want my hot, thick fuck sauce??”

Kimi mewled and sobbed, gasping for breath. “Yes. Yes. I want it! Give me your cum!”

“Come here!” he snarled, grabbing her by the hair again as he sat back on the couch, dragging her roughly toward his cock. “Suck for it! Suck all the hot cum out of my balls!”

Kimi crawled up between his spread legs, still sobbing, but somehow, still aggressive. “Yeah…give me your hot fuck juice, you fucking bastard!! I want every fucking delicious drop of your cum! I want to suck your big fucking balls dry!!” With a cry, she plunged her mouth down once again on his cock, sucking him voraciously, her head bobbing furiously, working his cock, her eyes fixed steadily on his.

Eric felt his balls begin to draw up tight in their sack as he neared his climax. He wanted to drown his whore of a wife with his cum!

“Ohhh, God, do it, you beautiful fucking cocksucker!!!” he groaned. “Suck me OFF!!!”

Kimi, sensing his impending orgasm, slid her hand up between the cheeks of his ass, seeking the tight muscle of his asshole as she sucked him with ever-increasing furor. Suddenly, she plunged her middle finger, still wet from her pussy, deep into his ass, driving it against his prostate. She thrust it in and out of him, fucking his ass with it, as she felt him hover on the brink of orgasm.

“OHGOD, THAT’S IT, KIMI, SUCK IT HARD!!!!!! OHHHHHFUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK!!!!!” he groaned. He thrust upward with his hips, driving his cock deeper into her mouth, and his cock erupted in volcanic fury, unleashing a hot, pulsing torrent of cum into her mouth, spurt after spurt of it, as her finger massaged his prostate. She moaned as she pursed her lips tightly around the shaft, sucking him hard, wanting every precious drop of his semen as he pumped it into her. His body jerked spasmodically as he came with incredible force, clenching his teeth and growling as she seemed to suck the very life out of him!

“UHHHHHH, JEEEEZUS!!!” His body still jerked, hard, as he emptied the last of the cum from his nearly-spent balls into her waiting mouth. She was almost hurting him now, her mouth still fastened tightly around his spasming cock, her lips pursed tight as they slid back and forth over the sensitive head. “EASY!! EASY!!!! OH GOD, BABY, NOT SO HARD!!”

Kimi eased her hold on his cock as he flooded her mouth, still intent on capturing all that he had to give.

At last he was empty, or almost so. Kimi eased her finger slowly out of his asshole, causing him to moan in delicous agony. Kimi held his cum in her mouth as she slid her lips slowly up the shaft, and over the sensitive crown. Then she let him go, her fingers sliding up the shaft, pressing into the softening flesh and forcing out a last slow ooze of semen from the tip. She extended her tongue and licked it off, letting him see the accumulated semen in her mouth as she gazed up at him. Abruptly, she gathered his viscous cum in her mouth and spat it on his cock, reaching up and obscenely spreading the slippery white fluid with her fingers. She leaned forward and lapped at the gobs of cum on his cock, on her fingers, loving the taste. She rubbed his cock on her face, smearing his semen on it.

“Get it hard again,” whispered Kimi, glaring up at him, a dollop of his cum oozing down over her lower lip and dangling from her chin. Her voice was an obscene hiss, almost a snarl. “I want to be FUCKED.”


2012-04-24 21:23:10
your best story yet ! that is how i would expect you to suck my cock .


2009-07-08 17:12:29
I like your mind, do write more forever


2007-05-05 20:58:54
Damn girl, this was good, hit me up if yer ever in denver and wanna get treated like a hooker


2007-03-29 21:37:13
ohhhh kiiimmmii!!!! i always knew u were a fucking cuuumm slut. u cock whore. u japanese fucking cock sucking SLUT. take my cum bitch. ohhhh yeeaahhhh!!!!!. thats right, suck the cum right out my balls. SUCK IT, SUCK IT!!!. oh shit im gonna cuuuummm right down ure japanese whore throat. thats it baby, open ure fucking mouth. take my cum u fucking cum-slut aaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank u kimi. that was fucking awesome. tell eric i said thanks 4 letting me rent his whore 4 an hour. now ill tell everyone i know, what a wonderful slut u are, and u will have all the rent money u need. oh and by the way, ill be back next week for more of the same, and maybe some fucking. make sure to tell eric i have an appointment. damn ure good


2006-12-20 18:54:36
pretty good.

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