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I just want to be straight with you...
What The Fuck
(Prisoner Of Conscience)

by Pete Marchesi

The main reason I write is for children. I saw a young boy asking people on TV to have doctors halt using him to get cured. I have never forgotten this. We must stop operating on young kids. You do not know the pain.

And I am sure that the injection that puts you out, does not… get rid of the ordeal. I am sure that you feel everything. And if you were to talk about it. You could probably still be aware of the operation you have…

Having said that. Do you still want to get surgery? The soldiers and the tough guys say that it is important to want to live. I am against this. I can only say let me die in peace.


we think. And we are
not allowed to think. Getting a job
makes sure of that. My
family wants me to
suicide. I am a
prisoner of conscience. I guess
life will pass me by. I am
from South Africa. They have
certain things there that
people do not like. But no-one has
a conscience there. They go on
with their lives. People
make very
little money. And they
are driven to crime, because
there is not enough. They are
doing what they have always
been doing. And here… too. To
drive dissidents
out. And continue

We do not like what is
happening. We are of the old. We
want… to be of the old. When
there were tribes and
so on. Give us
space to

They have me in an
asylum. They just drove
me to it. I was diagnosed
with Paranoid Schizophrenia. There
is no proof of it. And now
they have everyone
taking pills.

There may… be a
condition. But it is not
illness. Mad people… as long
as they commit no crimes, should
be allowed
exist out in the
open. These people
are our voice. The
dissatisfaction with
over war. And we have
war. All the time. Biko. A
man in South Africa
was beaten to
death. Many
live in the throes
of anguish. Because
we cannot make them

We want no more
war. Let us speak. Let us
speak… (I am thinking of
becoming a
Canadian Citizen.
They have me here… I have
spent a year for
bad behavior
in the
insane asylum. I was
homeless. This is the
main reason. They determined
that I was severely
disabled and unable to
take care of myself.
I could not even
speak. The courts put
me in. It did not
help that my sister went
against me in open court. Telling
them that I was
a bad… family member. She
quoted my writing. And
helped… them.

I do not really want to leave
them. But I have no
choice. It is
for them now to put me in
for another conservatorship. This is
the way.

It is usual that people who
drink and take drugs fall
victim to
this. It is called
They take your rights. They will not
even listen to you. To be
homeless is basically against the
law. I have been
writing against the America regime. It has
not mattered. I am hardly read. I do
not regret it. I grew up in South Africa.
Many conscientious people
try their
We want to know the
truth. It is the
as before. But the
hand is sophisticated. It is still
the rich people in
charge. And they want to
take advantage
of others. I don’t know what… I am

It is those same people that
almost exterminated
the Indians.
We want to forget and say
it is a better world.
It is the same people that
exploded two atom bombs
on towns in
Japan. This is
severe. We see the world
being destroyed by
Who do not give one iota about the
fact that we are polluting ourselves
to death. I want to be
against this. And suggest things
we can do. The only thing is to make
yourself heard. Not necessarily
protest. It does not
work. Not… by striking and not
working. They catch
you away.
I am doing well at
the insane asylum. I will be
out soon. But many who
do not know how
are going to be there
four years. Four… years.
Sometimes a
person gets mad at
their mother. And shouts
at her. They take off on a trip
because they do not want to
They are just against it.
And they become vocal.
This is called inappropriate
behavior. It is because they
want to hold onto the
status quo. Which says
do not rock the boat.
And because in America you can
become rich easily, try to become

Many of us do not
want this. Money is
not… what we want. We
want to be left
alone. We do not
want people telling
us what to
do. How to act.
And what to think. We are against
this. Because they want… us to
believe that the atom bomb was the
hand of God. And that
that are happening can be easily
reversed. We know that pollution
from the nuclear industry lasts
just that little bit too long. We do not want

And nobody
is listening to us. So we are
told to
behave. Not to
rock the boat. Not to
join others… Not, in revolution. But
knowing what we need to
That is all we are asking. The
news. And the

They are on the side of
America. They
doctors as
fortunate. We do not
want our skin
punctured. It is not a
religious belief. It is a natural
concern. We do not
want children with terminal illnesses
to be prodded and operated upon.
We are against this. The
doctors experiment. And we see
illness as the natural way
keep down population. The
doctors are out of
control. We take
vaccinations that make us
sick. That weaken our
bodies. But most of all we have
made up doctrines
to keep the world under strict
control. So we
can use anybody’s resources… and make
lots of money from it.

How do we fight this? I do not
fight. But at least
let me express my
conscience. I am sure
that if those in power read. They may
try to avert the global warming. They
may want to stop the ozone
layer from disappearing. They may
want… to return to candles. Electricity
is one
the foremost things
that is polluting our… world. As
men and women. We
want to be heard.

It may be inappropriate. Because
rich people have an
agenda. To put away poverty. They
do not realize that poverty is
of the world. So they outlaw
the existence of begging. How
do that!? How can
they do that…

There are people that do not want
to work. It is
their right. Their
hearts are heavy. They do
not want to
participate. And

This is their
But they get into
trouble with their
families. Who have
learned to support each
other financially. We just
ask to be
allowed to go to the
street and live there. No camping
allowed. It is one other thing. You
are not
allowed in many places to live in
your car. It is
considered camping. What are
you trying to do? You are
asking ordinary people to focus on
making money. You are telling
them this is their
purpose in life. We have left something
out. The
atom bomb.

Don’t you think that was a
cruel thing to do? I do. I do not
think that God would
allow this. But people are
saying it is part of the
greatness of America. It is not
true. It is not… true. The
whole nuclear technology thing. It is
savage. We are terrorizing
citizens. Terrorizing them. There are
so many things

We just want a
platform from which to
deal with them. One other
thing is not having
seed. Vegetables and fruit. We
use a special seed to grow
watermelon. So that there is no
seed in the fruit. It has not anything
to do with convenience.
It is the way we torture ourselves. And
horrible advertising presses us to
buy the product. We want natural
seed to exist. We do not want it
played with. We need a platform.
We need to be heard. And we want
to be able to take steps to get rid of
this type of false advertising.
And return seed to it’s natural occurrence.
The rich want nothing of it.
They want to make money.

They keep on saying it is
But they know that if we turn, it
will cause trouble. We… do
not want the trouble.
We want
pollution issues to be dealt
with. We
together on this. But the
Administration only
fines companies that disobey the
law. This is not the right way
to deal with the
The politicians stand up
and say there is this issue and that… issue.
But they don’t deal with
the issues. We need to vote
in the right politicians.
That are willing to go
against the status
quo. And handle the
end of the world the right… way.
By not standing
around and saying an act of God will
take care of it.
Nuclear technology. They say
that it has brought a
bunch of new medical
advances. This is not
We do not want
to be touched. Where
are our
We do not want to
have doctors come in
and tell… us what to do.
And then be taken to court for
negligence. Because we do
not want to cater to them.

They… are in charge. The
Sometimes we want to be left
to die in peace. And one of
the biggest issues is suicide. It is not
against the law. You make
the excuse and then
lock them up. How can
you do that? A person is suffering.
He or she does not want to
live anymore. You lock them up?

What kind of thing is that to
do with someone that you
purportedly love? That you say we
must be humane and go into
other countries and kill people with
For disobeying the desire of
some countries to be without Democracy.
We cannot make the world
Democratic. They do not
want it. They want to retain their
cultures. Which have come
about after
thousands of years. You say
you bring peace.

But all you want is to be in
charge. And order people
around. We do not want

We want freedom. We want real
freedom. One way of doing
this is cessation from the
States. Each State can live
entirely away
from political retribution. And
the agenda. That
way we can seek ways
to dismantle
business. Big business
is polluting. We will not
require an army
either. They are
We can provide for
ourselves in independent States.
There is the old thing that we
could just live
off the

You have to think to
yourself about ownership.
No trespassing. We own a
We provide service and
good food. But
are even against
that. We should be
allowed to get
sustenance from
surroundings. Why make
things private? And
have private ownership. It is just
another way to control. And that
gives you the excuse to
protect… what is yours. We were
born into a world where everything
is there for the taking. Do not
close doors. What do
you think you are

The poor must be allowed to
exist. And
must do away with
religion. Religion is to be
only stories that
we must grow
from. We must
not take it literally. That there
was a son of
God. How
ridiculous. It is from
this venue that you
make up all these things to
get people
in money. Or things
of value. They do not
even tell us what is in

The Food And Drug
Administration is
supposed to make sure that
dangerous drugs do not
reach the
market. It is
happening. You can take
heart medication, but the side effects
can kill
you. It is all
greed. How to
the best way and
most economical way to create
business. We are not

We go to the old thing of the
planet having all that
we need to live and
exist. And that disease can
take us. Because we
respect it. They say doctors
perform miracles. And we are
supposed to applaud and take
notice of. And in doing so
respect every word the doctor
says. He is destroying the world. Because
he wants the right to make

Who is the enemy? The
scientist. The… scientist. He
can produce whatever
he wants. Including the
atrocities of psychology
and psychiatry. He wants
produce a uniform
race. Of people
who… behave. This is
terrible. We
are different. And
possess qualities that
never be looked down
upon. But they… are held
prisoner. You ascertain someone
to have autism.
You do not allow him or her to
exist in the street. People with
special skills. These
are the people that we
need. To tell our stories.
To keep us humble. But you lock
them up. There
one thing only. The law… And
oftentimes I am against
We should not hurt
other people. We all
have a sense of
belonging. And people with
special skills are no
different. But you
desire to make things
uniform. So that
people cannot proliferate. You are
against it, because it ruins
your idea of what may

We do not want that. We do not
want you running around
saying it could be a better world. Look
at the pollution.
Nobody wants to fix it.
It is partly because we do not have
the means. But that only says all
the more that we have to get rid
of big business.

Let us
exist. There is to
be no war. No fighting. No violence. In
this way. Or under these
circumstances we can find
the way. Or return the way
to us. We are
still exterminating
peoples from the planet. We are
just doing it in a more ‘sophisticated’
way. Even
books are not where it is
at. I know that I try to make money
from it. But it is a good
idea for me. I have
thoughts of how we can do
better. I still believe that
we are
in touch with the Gods. But I am
sure that they… are besides themselves. We
go to see violent movies. About
people in war.

But we never say war is
bad. Never!

Don’t you think that that is the
wrong thing to do? We
have war. Let us just
for peace. Let us start a
peace movement that is going to
stay. Every step of the
way we have to read
about what we have
done. We almost exterminated
the Indians. We are asking people
from poor countries to work
for next to nothing. We are
declaring to spread the idea of
Democracy. This is where
all the people vote in order to all…
participate. There is nothing wrong with
the old way. To have
monarchies. And theologies. Let us
do not want to live an
evil life.

And you find people doing
it openly. They submit to
demons and go shoot
everybody at a
children’s school. It is
your… fault. You are causing
people to do illegal things, because
you are
controlling them.

You want the police to be always right.
I don’t care if you do not agree
with me. It is rubbish. To control
means to antagonize. And by doing so
you are leading aberrants to conclude to do
evil behavior. This
has thrown out terms like hell. And
other dastardly places
we may go to. Excluding fear of the
unknown. You have made it that kind of
world. There is no good world
that exists in the world. Most of the people
are evil. And just trying to
make a buck.
Rich people take all the money
away. And antagonize us
into getting on drugs.
Or becoming alcoholics. You hold this
power in your hands.

And you have no right to. The old stories
that we listened to from
good people. Who had… autism and
so on. They are gone. And they
told of self-control. Which we do not
have anymore. We have
But it is to help continue the
vagaries of a strange life. That
most of us

My family wants me to commit
suicide. The
customers are
against what I am
doing. They are
just interested in their
children. They do not think
that the world
been harmed. They do not
want to do anything… about it. Because
then they will lose focus
on making money.
These are rotten people. I am
talking to those that still want
to retain the world as it once

What the fuck… I am sorry I said
that. It takes away from
what I am trying to do
here. But I want to say what
the fuck do you think you
are? There are other
here. You are
not listening to
them. You want to
make gold a precious
commodity. It is not… a valuable
resource. And I don’t know
why you are
what is precious
and what is not. A fruit
when you are hungry is
going to be a lot more
valuable than a piece of metal. You
are closing
doors. The result
of which is that we
live in a world that is in
great danger
being consumed.

Humanitarian. We do not need
doctors to go… look. We are
satisfied with the diseases
that have been given us. We regard
them highly. And look at
them with great insight. Do not
try to get rid of
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