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Please dont be mean or judge harshly these are my real diary entries from this year
It may and he finally responded to my message!!!!! I told him he was amazing and everything he does is amazing! Aaaaahh! Ok fangirling over here. He said thank you and that I was very pretty, fuuuuuuuuck me, he then asked how old I was and where I was from. Like is he legit having small talk with me right now?!?!? Oh my god!!! So long story short he's glad im 18 but didn't believe me at first, I said he was rude and should never question a lady he laughed and said he was in his 30s! Doesn't look like it but what does age matter anyways?! He said he's too old to be talking to me and he's the lucky one. What a gentleman. Were far apart tho i'm in CA and he is in TX. He thinks my name is pretty.

Him and me have been messaging on and off for a month now. I can't believe he even pays attention to me. He started to fallow me even and like/comment on my photos. I try to play it cool but still can't believe it. He says next month he is attending and demonstrating during a shibari expo in San Francisco he said if he has the time we should go out for coffee or something. I was quick to reply with a yes. I keep trying to get him to agree to let me be a new model for him. He said he's very picky and selective and likes his girls to have experience with shibari. Im crushed.

Oh my god! Im seeing him tonight! He is here and I am seeing him! He is driving to me from San Francisco and has a WHOLE night free. I can't believe it, he didn't even think he would have time now a whole night he even got a swanky hotel room at last moment. Ahhhhhhh. He said that we should just meet for coffee tho and talk. I want him.

So he dropped me off early this morning my parents thought I was studying all night at a friends. I am how do I put this enthralled amazed completely head over heels for him. We met up at the coffee shop. He was already there our eyes met the second I came in the door. Fuck. Me. He is perfect. He said he could tell I was nervous and started asking me all sorts of questions about the things I like stuff like that. He wanted to know how I found his page and shibari. The more questions he asked about personal things the wetter I got. I was squeezing my thighs together under the table. He eventually asked if I would like to see some of his photos in person and the equipment, he had it all at his room. I couldn't and still can't believe it.

We got back to his room and he told me to sit on the bed. He then proceeded to show me so many amazing rig set ups and photos, oh how I would give anything to be one of those girls in his photos. I asked if he could show me some of the ties, he didn't think I was ready and didn't want to push me. Please I begged over and over just show me and that I was past ready. He finally gave in, yaaaaaaaas.

He started by binding my feet and ankles together. Tightly. I could feel myself losing control. He looked up at me to see if I was ok, more is the only thing i could utter, more what he asked, more sir i blurt out. He went higher his fingers creeping up my thighs as I lay there restrained and defenseless, slightly caressing my butt cheeks as he bound my legs fully together. Suddenly he was behind me pulling hair back exposing my neck to his mouth grazing his teeth against my skin, his other hand tightened the ropes bringing me closer to him. More he asked me, I couldn't respond frozen in bliss I weakly nod. He released my hair and started to bind my arms behind my back, squeezing my breasts as he fastened them down. He's done, i'm immobile, he pulls me up to him effortlessly and looks me over smirking. Why do people always do that to me? My whole body is tingling and throbbing. I want him, I want him to want me. To take me. To fuck me. But he doesn't.
He sits up and pulls my bound body onto his lap. His hand clamps around my neck, I gasp, his other hand is all over me feeling and grabbing the exposed skin. He tightened his grip around my neck and whispered in my ear, are you mine? Yes sir I meekly answer, I can do whatever I want to do with your body he tells me his grip still getting tighter, I nod.
He lets go of my neck and starts to undo the rope. What the fuck. Why didn't he continue and why didn't he fuck me. He's done untying me now, i'm still on his lap breathing heavily I look up at him confused he held me tightly and told me that good girls don't get everything they want. I tell him he doesn't know what i want.

His body stiffens and he gruffly laughs then he effortlessly grabs me by the neck and is on top of me, scared I lay there perfectly still as he starts to unzip his pants pulling out his dick and tightening his grip around my neck, don't move he demands to me. Hes touching himself, faster and harder the whole time keeping eye contact with me and tightening his grip. I was starting to feel like i was going to pass out, struggling slightly against his hold he smiles down at me enjoying what he sees. He tells me to open my mouth and brings his torso to my face once again tightening his grip, i almost faint when i feel the cum hit my mouth. He came so much my face was completely covered and mouth full.

Be a good girl he tells me and i swallow it, I couldn't help but feel used laying there covered in his jizz rope marks still all over my body. And i can't help but love it at the same time. I want him to use me in every way possible now. He picks me up and carrys me to the bathroom where he bathes me. Picks me up again and carrys me to the bed where he holds me till i fall asleep.
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