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In the last story, Tiel and Jack finally got together after awkward tension built up. They spent the summer getting to know each other in more ways than one. As August came to a close, Jack went back home to get ready for school and they reunited in September. However, the passion that had taken hold of them in the humid summer air evaporated when classes began and they were back in their respective circles with roommates to worry about. They managed to find secluded corners at first, but eventually came to the decision to go their separate ways. Tiel wasn't sad about the decision, Jack was hot. He was fun and had showed him a lot about himself and swinging for the other team, but Tiel wasn't in love, and didn't really feel like trying to make something work out that had already fizzled.

While they had been together Tiel had been forced to come out to his family, if only to avoid the shock of someone walking into his room in the morning to discover him spooning another guy. His dad seemed a little disappointed, but not surprised. His mom, though, had been much more annoying. She wasn't as overjoyed to have a bisexual son as he had expected, but made up for it by being excessively nosy. She began probing him about his relationships with every one of his guy friends as she had with the girls in his life before, and he remembered why he never told her anything. Next came his friends, fortunately, most knew before he told him so they didn't act any differently. The rest just didn't care, which he much preferred the former.

Anyway, the school year started. Tiel knew it was going to be different than his freshman year. He was walking in under an entirely different premise. Facebook had been updated, it was official: both the tacos and sausages were ok by him.

Before Tiel had even met Jack, there had been another guy he had had a crush on, to obviously no avail. That was Adam, oh beautiful Adam. Tiel had met Adam in one of his classes second semester, and decided to be friends with him based solely on the fact that he was damn fine. It worked out, Adam was a really cool guy, and they ended up being lab partners for the rest of the year. In Tiel's eyes, Adam was superior to himself in every way: smarter, better looking, and got a lot more action, but straight of course. Adam was a lot different than Christian Jack. Jewish Adam was even shorter, standing at around 5'8", but with the presence of someone taller due to his ripped body. Not the short and stocky ripped kind of body that seemed improportioned, but with the lean muscles of a swimmer, since Adam played water polo. Tiel had even wondered at first whether it he really had a crush or just that he had wanted to be him. It would be interesting to see how the semester played out. Tiel's cards were on the table, he just needed to see if he could pull Adam over with him. Being in the same major, Tiel was in most of Adam's classes, and they had been friends before, so they were hanging out just as much as before. Tiel couldn't sense any change in how Adam approached him, but he wasn't sure whether than was good or bad.

Weeks passed as classes, weekends and the occasional weeknight played out in beer pong: Tiel and his roommate (Henry) versus Adam and his friend (Tom). The second week of school they were a couple of games in when Tiel's roommate miraculously found some pot in his back pocket. Adam fell over backwards in appreciation and Tom went to get his bong.

After a couple of bowls, the four guys sat around the dorm's kitchen table all staring at the bong giggling and reminiscing.

"I was smoking so much this summer!" admitted Henry.

"From sober to stoner, you started last spring break." Tiel chastised.

"Well, I found something good and stuck with it."

"Fuck! It's 11:00 already, I gotta go meet Heather!" Tom exclaimed looking at his watch.

Adam did a 180º "Heather?"

"Yeah, we're dating now..."

"I thought you were just gonna fuck her and be done."

"Well, I found something good and stuck with it."

"Damn straight, man!" Henry chimed in. "I got back together with my ex for most of the sum-" and then he broke out laughing. Perplexed, Tom excused himself.

"Something happen in the last couple seconds?" Asked Tiel, amused with Henry's fit.

"You fucked a guy!"

There was a short pause. Tiel had known this would come up at some point. "I know your mom's masculine, but don't you think that's taking it a little far." It was a good save, alluding to his bisexual nature, but it was already too late. In his baked/drunk state, Henry had said what both him and Adam were thinking, it was bound to steer the conversation from this point. Maybe it was just the beer and pot talking, but the words were out of his mouth before he could take them back "...You never considered it?"

Henry was about to respond, but his face turned a peculiar shade of green and he ran off to the bathroom.

He probably shouldn't have had those shots of vodka before the game. Tiel thought, but then amended it to: How convenient. Since he was now alone with Adam and they were both under the influence.

Adam winked at Tiel, "And then there were two." He smiled. Tiel couldn't help but remember the way Jack's smile had melted him. He hadn't noticed how strong an affect Adam's had on him until now.

"The question's still on the table. Have you ever considered... doing things with guys?"

"Well, I hooked up with a guy once."

That caught Tiel off guard. He was shocked, Adam was so generically straight. He had assumed that since he couldn't turn Adam, he could at least make him feel uncomfortable. Apparently the little jew was full of surprises. Although, when he thought about it, Tiel wasn't that shocked. Adam was known to be very horny, and Tiel had always assumed that if pointed in the right direction at the right time, he was prone to do anything. "Details. Now."

"Well you remember SexFest?" Of course Tiel remembered SexFest. It was a party that the GLBT community and all of frat row came togther to throw. Dress code was the most creative way of wearing as little as possible. The party was thrown in a huge hall on campus and was dry, but everyone arrived drunk, afterall, being sober at a naked party would be really awkward. Everyone hooked up with at least one person, and it wasn't uncommon that activity went farther than that, bordering on sex in the bathroom or on the side of the dance floor. Tiel had managed to hook up with several women and even secure a blowjob, but the thing that stuck out in his mind was that was also the first time he had hooked up with a guy. He had been dancing and just ended up grabbing some guy out of the crowd and grinding with him and making out. It had been spontaneous and amazing, but Tiel immediately lost track of him. It had been easier to forget the experience back then than using it as a turning point to come out. "Well, I kept getting thrown around the party from girl to girl until some guy caught me on the dance floor." Tiel flushed, the story sounded familiar. "I dunno, I was pretty drunk and didn't really mind the attention until we started kissing. A girl grabbed me back when the song ended. It was weird, but it happened."

"Haven't heard that story before."

"Haven't told that story before."

"Do you remember what he was wearing?"

"I could barely see I was so drunk,"

"What were you wearing?"

"Were you at the party?"

"What were you wearing?"

"Uhh, wow, that was a while ago, umm, boxers with martini glasses and suspenders."

"And a spiked collar?"



"Shit man. Shit. Wow. Talk about awkward."

"What did you think?"


"Well, how was I? How do I measure up as a dancer/kisser."

"I dunno, I was piss drunk man."

Tiel's words just kept coming, "What about now?" All of his senses were blinded by his wanton and he just kept a grin on his face as he pushed at Adam's comfort zone.

Adam smiled, his dimples drawing Tiel in, "What about what now." Tiel could tell how nervous Adam was getting, and relished in it.

Tiel stood up and walked over to Adam and then straddled his lap facing Adam, who gave no resistance, save for a slight nervous trembling and paler skin. Tiel leaned in until his face was was only inches from Adam's and asked, "Would you kiss me right now?"

Adam's breath was hot against Tiel's mouth as his eyes danced back and forth between Tiel's eyes and lips. Tiel could feel a sizeable straining beneath him as Adam hesitantly began closing the gap between their moist lips. Impatient as ever, Tiel met Adam halfway and kissed him forcefully. What began as a tender embrace turned into hot passion as they explored each others mouths and their teeth banged into one another. Wasting no time Tiel reached under Adam's shirt and pulled it up over his head, separating their faces only for a second to get the cloth of Adam and to enjoy his hairless chistled torso. Tiel pushed into Adam for another kiss before gently moving to Adam's neck to lay soft kisses while kneading his back muscles with his fingers. He worked his way up to Adam's ear and nibbled on his ear lobe before whispering, "You have a single, let's go back to your room."

Adam answered by shoving his hand down Tiel's pants and roughly squeezing his rock hard shaft. Adam pumped it twice forcefully though restrained by the tight denim, and pushed Tiel to his feet. Adam stood up and slid his hands under Tiel's shirt and lifted it up in one motion before throwing it across the room and leaning into to bite Tiel's neck with surprising vigor. This is new, but damn it feels good, thought Tield as Adam chewed on his flesh. Adam hooked one arm behind Tiel's head and pulled him into a kiss before finally saying, "Let's go."

Tiel pushed Adam against the wall and into one more kiss before grabbing his wrist and leading him out the door. They fled the building without their t-shirts and ran across the quad to Adam's dorm. Fall had not quite set in and the air was still warm against their exposed skin as they sprinted in the dark. Various students just now going out to the parties saw them running across the green, assuming the two half naked drunk kids were part of some frat rush. Adam got to the dorm's door first and keyed it open and closed it behind him just as Tiel got to the door, laughing as Tiel pulled. Tiel suddenly stopped trying to pull open the locked door and gave Adam a lustful look as he slowly humped the door, gyrating his hips against the glass. Satisfied with the display, Adam opened the door only to be pinned against the wall as Tiel kissed him. Seconds later, Adam slipped down and under Tiel's grip running up the stairs two at a time to his floor and door. Hot on his heels, Tiel was not going to be locked out again. When Adam got to his door, Tiel was already behind him, and as Adam flipped though his key chain, Tiel pressed his chest up against Adam's bare back and began sucking on the back of one of Adam's ears as he reached around and began to undo Adam's pants with his left hand, sliding his right in to service the man.

Adam found the key but was unable to keep his hand steady as his tried to fit the key into the lock. The more he concentrated, the farther Tiel got until Adam's jeans and boxers were down around his ankles and Tiel nibbled on his ear, dry ground himself into Adam's naked ass, kneaded his balls with his left hand, and pumped Adam's fully exposed massive cock with his right. It was around 7" long but must have been 2.5-3" thick with a slight curve up evident of frequent sex. Adam's knees began to give and he abandoned his attempts to unlock the door and dropped his hands to his sides. Tiel sped up his pace as Adam's eyes rolled back and his balls shrunk. Sensing the imminent climax, Tiel let go of the tool and swung himself around Adam dropping to his knees and engulfed the cock grabbing Adam's ass cheeks for leverage. It was too much for Adam and he exploded in the deep recesses of Tiel's throat.

Only then did it occur to them that they were in the middle of the hall and they panickedly looked back and forth. No one seemed to be enjoying the show, so Adam exploited the pause by unlocking the door with his now steady hand. He shuffled into the room with his pants around his ankles and kicked off his shoes. By the time he he had his pants and socks off to turn around and see Tiel, Tiel had already undone and thrown to the side his clothes and was standing on one leg taking off his last sock, his cock standing to attention. Tiel felt the gaze and looked up to catch Adam's appreciative smile of the 7.5 x 2" torpedo. Tiel caught the contagious smile and got off the sock before Adam grabbed Tiel's shoulders and threw him down onto the double bed that took up 75% of the tiny single save for a desk and nightstand. Adam crawled on top of Tiel and ran his hands through Tiel's short chest hair playing with his nipples. Meeting Tiel's eyes, Adam grinned an evil smile and demanded, "Your dick. My ass. Now."

"What have you got in stock?"

Adam rolled off of him to go to the nightstand and pulled open the first drawer, revealing dozens of condoms and a big bottle of lube. Not surprising considering the width of that fucking cock, Tiel thought to himself with a grin. Adam grabbed a condom and ripped open the case bringing the condom with him back over to Tiel. Tiel reached up to grab it and put it on but Adam swatted his hand away and put the condom in his mouth. Oh no he didn't! Adam reached down and centered Tiel's dick beneath his mouth and began to swallow it whole rolling the condom down with his teeth and tongue. The display turned Tiel's dick from rock hard to diamond as Adam sat up and grinned, "Girl did that to me once, I figured you'd appreciate it too. Turns out I don't have a gag reflex either..."

Tiel couldn't help but laugh at the comment and turned Adam over onto his back grabbing his ankles in either hand and placing them on his shoulders. He reached over for the bottle of lube and poured a generous helping onto the tip of his cock before smearing an equally large quantity onto Adam puckered ass. If he hoped to repeat this amazing night, he was gonna make sure Adam didn't feel any pain at all. He pressed his head onto Adam's ass hole and slowly pushed the rest of his dick in before realizing how easily it had slid in. Tiel sheathed himself balls deep in Adam's ass causing all of his torso muscles to flex in unison. Adam grinned widely showing his dimples as Tiel raised an inquistive eyebrow.

"Guilty. There's a dildo in the second drawer for some of the kinkier girls. 'Figured I should see what all the hype was about." On the last word he clenched his ass muscles onto Tiel's dick. Further invigorated by the apparently kinky, experienced, beautiful, little jew, Tiel pounded into him with new stamina. Each time his dick went in as far as could go he rubbed up against Adam's prostate causing Adam's dick to twitch back to full size and his muscles flex again. Adam closed his eyes and began to masturbate savagely. Within seconds he was spewing another load of hot cum all over his chest as Tiel rocked him and the bed with his prostate pumping. The sight was too much and Tiel exploded in Adam's ass. Adam's own dick was mostly deflated as Tiel pulled out his rapidly shrinking dick. Exhausted, still slightly drunk, and still buzzed from the pot, Tiel whipped off the condom and threw it towards the trash only to miss it by 2 feet. Not caring, Tiel collapsed next to Adam who reached over and pulled him into a spoon as they both dozed off in post coital weariness.

As sleep took them, Tiel was little spoon to Adam whose cum covered belly was smearing jizz all over his back, both of their flaccid cocks were still leaking onto the tossed covers that they had never bothered to pull aside, and there was a smelly cum filled condom on the floor by the trash. Signs of a night spent well.

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I hope you gonna write more. ´Cause this story is fucking hot.


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You should write a three.
It's so amazing,
I'm fifteen and have had little gay experiaces.


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fuck that made me cum so much


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You are a good writer. Keep these hot sexy stories coming so we can keep cumming.


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