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Mom has choice between pet or son
Dad left my mom when I was 13 and I'am now 17 and horny for woman. My mom is now 47 but still looks good except for a few pounds around her ass and thighs. Now she has not been with a man since dad left, and from what I can tell they did not have sex for at least 6 months before he left. I have seen her naked a couple of times threw the barthroom door and in her bedroom with just a night shirt on with no panties while she was asleep. Well one night I decided it was time to fuck mom, after all I was horny as hell from watching prono in my room and she was bitchy the past year and I was tired of it. And I recall when she was bitch to dad , he would take her to the bedroom and fuck her good, then she was fine. So one night after supper mom took a shower and I fixed my bed with handcuffs and straps, for I knew she would not go for me screwing her. I walked by her room and could see her with her long night shirt on and no panties as she was combing her hair. I went back to my room and ask mom if she would come to my room for a second and she said she would be right there. When she came in I told her to sit on my bed, I was at my computer desk three steps away from the bed. I ask her why she has not found her a boyfriend since dad left, and she said that was really none of my business in a bitchy voice. I said thats what Im talking about your always bitchy and you need something to calm you down, perhaps I said standing up, She look up to me and said and what would that be. Well I said when you were bitchy with dad, he took care of you by fucking you good. And with that I pushed back on the bed turning her were I could put the cuffs on her and tie a strap around her stomach to help hold her down. At this point she was screaming and begging me not to do this, but I raised up her night shirt and could see her bush and pussy lips. As I rubbed her pussy she begged me to quit ,but when she said that I looked at her and grinned and shoved two fingers in her pussy, I fingered her for a few minutes till I could feel her getting wet. She was still begging me to stop, so I pulled my fingers out and my boxer shorts down. Mom stop yelling long enough to see my hard 7 inch dick. As I pulled her legs apart she ask me to Please don't do this. I looked at her and grinned again shoving my dick in her pussy, about half went in so I began to stroke her slowly , she yelled at me to stop, and once again I grinned and pushed my dick all the way up in her, she screamed and I went to fucking her, after about a minute of fucking her pussy I was getting close to coming and she was starting to moan. I starting fuking her fast and deep strokes as she moaned with pleasure . As I was getting ready to blow my load, her eyes flew open and she yelled no! stop I'm not on the pill, stop! stop now she screamed as she looked right at me, I grinned and she begged me not to as I shoved my cock all the way into her pussy as deep as I could get it. Then I unloaded evey drop into her. I got up and took the strap off her belly and unlocked the handcuffs. As she lay there in tears with my cum dripping from her pussy, I got back on top of her and struck my hard dick back in her and began to fuck her again. This time was better for she seem to scream with pleasure as I fucked her long and hard, She grabbed my ass and pulled me deep into her when I unloaded my cum in her pussy. She was fine after that but she avoided me as much as she could. A few days later we fucked again, and then 3 times we fucked before the weekend, once I bent her over the coffee table and fucked her real good, which she seemed to really enjoy. . So one night I decided if mom really like a good fucking We would give her one she would not forget. When I say we I mean me And my dog max. Now I am 7 inches and max is about 10 inches to his knot which was huge. So if my dick pleases mom, max should drive her wild. That night mom was going to take a shower, so I told her to get naked and come to the living and get dirty first, she winked and smiled at me, so I went to the living room and got everything ready. As she entered the room she seen the staps on the coffee table and looked at me and said Well Now you intend on getting after it tonight, don't you. I smiled and said you'll find out. She moved to the table and got down on her knee's and layed down across it, and I took the straps and fixed her were she could not get free.
She said Well young man are you going to give mommy some good sex tonight. You must be because you have me tied very good. I started to lick her pussy and she let out a moan, I starting fingering her and ask her if my 7 inch cock was enough for her. She said it was just fine, I said just fine is it. and got up and went to the back door and let max in. I walked around in front of her and max smelling pussy in the air went straight to her ass, and began to sniff, I looked at her said Well 7 inches is fine then 10 would be great, right mom, she looked puzzled but when max begin to lick her she knew what was about to happen, She screamed and begged me not to let this happen, but I grinned and got max to mount her, His first couple strokes slid down her clit and landed around her belly-button, But the third stroke hit the mark, as he shoved his dick in her she let a scream and max wasted no time, he went right to pounding her pussy. As she cried louder, if fucked her harder till his knot was almost in her. With a hard shove and a loud scream from mom I watched as his huge knot sunk in my mom's pussy, after that he fucked and she screamed, Then she let out the loudest scream ever as he blew his load in her. After his knot came out of her and cum gushed out of her, I undid her but should could'nt hardly stand up, but when she did she slapped my face and said that that was to never happen again. But that is another story.

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2016-01-22 13:55:15
You mislabeled this as a True Story...

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2013-04-07 13:23:35
VERY POORLY WRITTEN. Please do not submit any more attempts at writing until you return to school and complete elementary school at least. You are GROSSLY under-educated.

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2011-12-03 15:03:30
Just because i read this horrible story, i am going to go cut myself in shame. Didnt you learn anything in fourth grade? You write like you're twelve. Suck a dick, and choke 'til you can NEVER see the keyboard again. Thank you.

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2011-04-24 14:35:24
Loved to fuck my wife's face while she was being fucked by a dog.


2010-05-23 15:20:47
That is a very sick thing to do involving an animal let alone a dog. This should not be in the story. You are stupid to do this it is only suppose to be mother and son incest. There was no need for a dog to be in this story at all. You should have just fucked your mom and enjoyed it. At least you probably got her pregnant. Good job on that. I am glad she slapped your face when she got up. Next time fuck her doggystyle and tittyfuck her and cum on her tits, body and in her mouth.

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