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Cindy summons a demon, but doesn't understand what she's in for...
Cindy finished drawing the final line and put the chalk away in her pocket. On the floor beneath her was a pentagram surrounded by concentric circles with Sumerian runes surrounding each circle. She had learned how to make this from a book she'd found right at the back of the college library. Cindy had been hiding back there trying to get her chemistry paper done when she'd become intrigued by the leather bound book with the strange runes on the side. She'd almost screamed when she first opened the book and the unintelligible had reformed before her eyes into perfect English.

Cindy had pored over the book, filling her mind with its arcane knowledge, she had filled notebook after notebook with scrawled drawings of the diagrams from the book, as well as page after page of notes about the various hellish denizens that the book detailed. Weeks of detailed study of the book had led to this moment, she was finally ready to try a summoning. Cindy smiled while looking down at the summoning circle, she'd unleash such disaster, all would bow to her as their queen! First though, just to try it out, she would summon a minor demon, a Succubus known as Lileanth. Cindy had read that Succubi were known to punish promiscuous women, and so she would send Lileanth down to those sorority sluts that live down the hall. She always heard them laughing at her when she walked past them, just because she had a sense of decency! Because she didn't have her tits hanging out of her clothes, or because she didn't wear skirts that could barely classify as a belt.

Cindy carefully straightened her glasses and tied her long hair back in a pony tail as she surveyed the circle, everything was as the book had detailed. Clearing her throat and taking a drink of water Cindy straightened her back and held up the notebook where she had exactly detailed the words to say in her neat and delicate . Pausing for just a moment to steady her nerves Cindy spoke the ancient syllables clearly, being careful to enunciate precisely.

The first sign of Lileanth's arrival was a soft pink hue to the air, followed by a musky smell permeating the air, which set Cindy's heart fluttering, heat gathering in her cheeks and loins. As Cindy blinked away the rosy colouring in the air, she suddenly became aware of the demon. Appearing out of thin air, Lileanth stood at least six feet, with luxurious glossy black hair framing a pair of back-swept horns and a face that could steal the breath from the lungs of the most stoic of people, one's eyes were naturally drawn down to Lileanth's breasts, two perfect mounds that seemed to defy all gravity with soft pink nipples barely hidden by a strap of taut leather, hiding just enough to drive the viewer mad with curiousity and desire. Beneath Lileanth's supple breasts her flat stomach led down to her loins, with hair forming a neat strip leading the eyes straight down to a clearly wet and dripping pussy, with moisture leaking down the insides of her thighs, down to her legs which seemed to be formed into a pair of latex heeled boots.

Cindy dragged her eyes back up the demons face, realising that she had been holding her breath while examining the demon she let it out with a gasp and internally cursed herself, all of her demanour of 30 seconds ago had evaporated within moments of seeing Lileanth! She drew herself up to her full height, desperately trying to ignore the wetness beginning to soak into her panties.

"Demon! I have summoned you to this plane to complete a task for me, do this and I shall grant you this boon of a silver locket."

Lileanth only chuckled in response, a sound that made Cindy's hairs stand on end, and which set her heart thundering in her chest. Slowly tracing her nails around the edge of the pentagram, Lileanth burned a trail into the wooden floor with just the lightest touch of her fingers. She began to softly purr a true response the Cindy,

"This circle is interesting child. It seems to be a beginners circle for summoning the smallest of imps, you really think it could hold something like me? Don't bother answering, I can sense the lust in you already, that is answer enough."

Cindy flinched as the demon suddenly dragged her fingers through the circle, destroying any hope Cindy had of binding it. She stood helpless as the demon strode forwards, her rising panic only matched by her lust for this creature. As she began to gather enough courage to run Lileanth reached out and carved runes into the air, the very atmosphere shining with the passing of her fingers. As Lileanth finished writing her phrase darkness swirled around Cindy's feet, tendrils of it reaching up and wrapping around her jeans, where the tendrils touched, material seemed to melt off, the effect spreading until Cindy's jeans were nothing more than tatters floating to the floor.

"And now you get to learn why you should take the proper precaution with my kind. Don't worry too much, unlike with my kin, I can guarantee you that you will enjoy this."

Lileanth purred into Cindy's ear, her voice causing Cindy's body to twitch in anticipation. Lileanth reached around Cindy, breasts cradling the back of Cindy's head as her hot fingers slipped under Cindy's sweater, as Lileanth carved a rune upon Cindy's side with her nails Cindy felt the control of her body completely slip from her. Now simply a passenger in her body Cindy could only react to Lileanth's touches, as she ripped the sweater from her body, exposing her lacy bra cradling her soft and supple tits. Lileanth reached down and unhooked the bra, before reaching down and cradling Cindy's tits in her hands, beginning to rub her nipples between thumb and forefinger, with each squeeze sending electricity sparking through Cindy's body, dragging her closer and closer to orgasm, whether Cindy desired it or not.

Cindy cried out in her mind, thrashing against the bonds the demon had placed on her, desperately trying to regain control of her body as it twitched and spasmed in pleasure, her senses clouded by the desire to stay with the demon and fuck it until neither of them could move. She begged and pleaded with her body to not follow the demons commands even as it was pushed down by the demon and her vision filled with the demons hot inviting cunt, she fought with her body until her tongue pushed out and first tasted the demon, at which point pleasure erupted throughout her entire core, orgasm rushing through her system at the powerful aphrodisiac the demon seemed to secret from her pussy. Her body and mind once again united in purpose, she lapped at the demon, desperately seeking to pleasure this creature that had brought her such pleasure. Moaning as she felt Lileanth run her hands down Cindy's stomach to her soaked, silken panties. Lilneath clicked her fingers once and suddenly the panties disappeared, leaving Cindy's hot aching cunt open to the ministrations of Lileanth's expertly probing fingers.

Lileanth softly traced her fingers around Cindy's cunt, chuckling softly as the girl bucked her hips in desperation, slowly running her fingers over the Cindy's clit and feeling her moan into Lilneath's pussy as her entire body shuddered, then coating her fingers in Cindy's wetness before slowly easing two fingers inside the girl. Smiling as she felt her new slave begin to cum at this slightest penetration, before bringing her fingers up to her mouth to taste the girl.

"You taste good little slut, I'm looking forward to using you over and over again."

As she leaned forward over the girl again, she let her long prehensile tongue slide out, following the same path her fingers had mere moments before, again tasting the hot musk of her new slave as she slid her tongue into the girls cunt, reaching one hand back to cradle one of Cindy's tits while the girl did the same for her, it seemed her mind sealing spell had worn off, the girl had control of her body back. However now she is a slave to the pleasure Lileanth can give her, always desperate for her next orgasm, which Lileanth is always happy to provide, squeezing her nipple again while running her tongue around her clit. Feeling the girl begin to convulse and cum beneath her as she desperately licks and sucks at Lileanth's cunt, bringing the demon closer and closer to her own orgasm. With an uncharacteristically soft whisper, Lileanth gasps out

"Make me cum little slut."

As she sits up straight and begins grinding her cunt into Cindy's hot and waiting mouth, letting out gasps and whimpers as the naive human girl brings her steadily closer and closer to orgasm, until finally it's too much and Lileanth collapses into the girl, legs clasping together around her side and a moan escaping her throat as Cindy continues lapping at her hot cunt to bring her down from the orgasm.

As Lileanth stands, legs shaking slightly she looks down at her new slut and reaches down a hand.

"Come with me girl, I can promise you an eternity of pleasure just like that, and perhaps one day you will become like me, another Succubus ready to bring pleasure to the hearts of many"
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