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Vanessa meets Melissa and the plot thickens
A few words from MR. Longfello. This fictional story, involving crimes of human sex trafficking, rape and sex slavery is not about the criminals who commit these heinous crimes, it's about two young victims who do what it takes to survive. Please heed what I say. Rape is an act of violence, not passion. Respect women, no mater who they are or what their profession might be. If you don't respect theme, they won't respect you. Sex Trafficking is a major problem in our modern day society, if you see something say something.

21st Century Sex Slaves, part two. Meeting Sam and Melissa.

Samuel Dillon parked his shiny black Cadillac Escalade out of sight inside Jack's airplane hanger almost an hour ago, where he waits for his friend to arrive along with his newly acquired slave. He brought Melissa along and as of now they're both sitting in the roomy back-seat, there's a broad smile stretched across his lips, his blue gray eyes are closed. His chestnut haired hazel eyed nineteen year old slave has her face in his lap, busy giving him a nice slow blow job.

He moans while holding her head down, entwining his fingers between the locks of her long hair. “Mmm! you're being such a good girl for me today,” he says through clinched teeth. She wants to reply, but she's not allowed to stop what she's doing until done or told to stop. She's leaning over on her side wearing a very short denim skirt and a tight fitting white tank top; of which as it goes for her everyday, Sam has picked out everything she's wearing, right down to the shear red see through crotchles panties underneath her skirt. As of now he has one arm stretched over her hip fingering her almost exposed pussy and asshole through the cracked open crotch of her undies.

Although she is humiliated having to orally service her master as they wait for Jack, she enjoys the way he's fingering her clit with an index finger while shoving his thumb deep inside her anus. She has been her masters sex slave for just a little over a year, before meeting Sam she spent six months of her life being trained at the ranch in Texas before he bought her then took her to his ranch located somewhere outside Barstow.

Before going to the ranch she was kidnapped by a cartel collector near her home in Pennsylvania then taken to his home, where he spent a few days abusing her until delivering her. Although this may seem strange to some, she feels lucky to have survived her ordeal. Oddly enough, she's thankful Sam bought her and not one of the other perverts she met the day he purchased her. In time she has accepted her fate, even though she longs to return home to her Amish family and their farm where she grew up.

Knowing how to please her master she begins bobbing her head faster, jacking him off with her hand and lips while fondling and gently squeezing his testicles and as usual this technique works. Sam begins fucking her mouth and moaning giving warning he's about to cum soon, within less then a second his seed floods her mouth. She swallows every ounce of his warm semen while vigorously sucking and jacking him off draining every last drop of sticky white seed from his shaft. In her early life of slavery she hated the taste of cum, during her time as Sam's girl she has grown fond of his flavor. All of a sudden Sam's cell phone rings, he answers.

“Well hello Jack, where the hell are you?"

“I'm lining up to land as we speak. Are you hooked to the tow bar, I'll be needing you to pull the plane inside its hanger after I taxi in as we planned.”

“I'm hooked and ready so just bring it on in,” said Sam.

Once off the phone he turns to Melissa gently but firmly grabbing a handful of hair at the back of her head; his way of getting her full attention when he wants to make a point.

“Now you're going to be a good girl today, right baby?”

Her voice trembles.“Yes master...I'll be good...I promise.”

He plants a rough kiss on her lips. “Yes I know you will babe because I've trained you well. Now remember what I told you about showing Vanessa how a good slave always obeys her master.”

“Yes I'll do what you told me.” she replies looking into his eyes showing sincerity.

Melissa doesn't say very much when she does speak, due to her strict discipline training at the ranch. Uncle Bob and his ranch hands taught her to speak only when spoken to, and her master Sam has made sure she adheres to her teachings. There's a set of police handcuffs with one cuff clipped to a handle located behind the front passenger seat, Sam lifts her right arm then cuffs her slender wrist. She shows slight disgust with being cuffed as if she's a criminal but neither resist nor complains. He holds her ball-gag up speaking firmly.

“Now promise you'll be nice and quiet, or I'll make you wear this.”

She smiles thankful for the choice. “Yes! I'll be quiet.”

Meanwhile at two hundred feet above the runway and closing Vanessa sits in her passenger seat still gagged, shackled hand and foot and seat belted in. Now completely wide awake she peers out of an oval shaped window looking down at the arid Mojave desert surrounding the small airfield with memories of the way her day began. At just little before eight a.m. back at the ranch, she had been lying sound asleep on a dirty mattress placed on the floor of her five by six holding cell. She was dreaming of her grandfather, one of the only men in her life of whom she truly loves and respects.

Until uncle Bob woke her ending this happy dream by stepping into her cell kicking the edge of her mattress yelling. “Wake up slut, it's auction day!” Hearing his thundering drill sergeant voice she woke up quickly springing her semi nude body onto her knees, kneeling as she had been trained ready to give uncle Bob oral sex, just as she has done for him and all three of his subordinates almost everyday for the past six months of captivity. And as every time before, uncle Bob was standing before her with his half erect cock dangling from the fly of his blue jeans. And as always before knowing she'll be punished if she doesn't service him, she shoved the mans shaft into her mouth without saying a word.

“Ahh, yes,” he exclaimed. “Me and the boys have trained you well. But today, don't make me cum inside your pretty mouth. Once you have me all nice an hard I want you assuming a nice buns up kneeling position on your dirty little mattress so I can take you from behind, just one more time for old time sake before I sell you for a good price to a new master.”

His words 'Before we sell you for a good price' should've caused panic, but being trained as they call it or more like brainwashed. Enduring punishments for breaking even the smallest infractions of their rules; which involved being bound gagged whipped and raped almost everyday. By this time nothing seemed to mater anymore, in fact she ignores what he told her. Feeling he's now fully erect with her lips she stops sucking him then without being told turns around, lowers her upper body down with her head lying on the mattress and ass up, showing Bob she's ready for sex. He drops to his knees spits on her anus then shoves in.

She grunts feeling the mans long thick shaft penetrating her sphincter, but never begs him to stop as she used to do during her first rape sessions with the man and his boys. Uncle Bob rams his hard shaft deep inside her rectum snarling. “Tell me what I wanna hear, you sexy little bitch!”

“Fuck me hard!” she screams. “Hurt me...Please hurt me..Make me feel your love!”

Hearing her well rehearsed words he begins fucking her even harder than before.

“Ahh yes that's my girl I'm going to miss hearing you say this!” he grunts shoving all eight inches of his shaft in deep, pulling back then shoving in harder and harder. Her screams of pain and pleasure echo down the hallway of steel bard jail cells filled with innocent young women; some who'll be sold on this same day and some still in training until they're ready to be sold six months from this day.

“Cum inside me Uncle Bob,” she begs.

He smacks her ass with a riding crop, she yelps feeling its sting.

“You keep your mouth shut whore. I'll cum when I'm good and ready!” he snarls

Over six months time she has discovered telling this cruel man to cum will almost always cause him to loose control which will end her abuse and satisfy the abuser, but today it seems he is in control of his body. She begins sweet talking the man.

“Oh uncle Bob! I love the way you fuck my ass...Ahh yes...Hurt me baby I love the way you hurt me. Cum inside me...I love feeling your hot cum inside me!”

She keeps telling him what he wants to hear acting submissive, just the way he wants her. This does the trick, hearing her submissive begging warm tingling pulses of pleasure begin deep within his groin. He shoves in deep grunting and moaning flooding her rectum with warm seed. Weakened by his massive orgasm he falls backwards to the floor, slamming his bald head against the concrete. She fights laughter hearing a loud cracking thud and his moans of pleasure changing to moans of pain.

Now back to present as Jack lands his plane, her daydream thoughts go back to when he bathed her in that ranch shower near the training room, where he and uncle Bob cuffed her down by her wrist and ankles to a bondage horse then used her body to satisfy their sexual needs. Now as she looks out the window watching the plane taxi towards a large gray Quonset hut hanger, Jack's definition of Fate comes to mind. “Fate is the path which God gives each one us to follow” For the past hours during this flight to her new home, his definition of fate has been echoing through her eighteen year old mind.

“Fate my ass,” she thinks to herself. “Me and God have never seen eye to eye on anything, so if he thinks I'm going to spend my life being his slave, he's dead wrong about my so called fate.”

She thinks of something her grandfather told her back when she was a little girl.

“Vanessa darling,” he said. “A pretty girl like you should always have a well thought out plan rolling round in your head, with a good plan you'll get out of a bad situation every time.”

At that time in her youth she thought ole granddads advise was kind of silly. But now as her masters plane rolls to a stop in front of its hanger the old mans advise makes her smile, even though the ball gag stuffed inside her mouth is keeping her from doing so and causing her jaws to ache when she tries.

Back in Sam's Escalade after making sure his girl stays in place, now hidden out of sight behind dark tented windows and a partition placed between the driver and passenger seats. He steps around to the drivers seat then starts the engine before pulling up parking near the hanger entrance. Looking out towards the runway he spots Jack's Cessna taxiing his way, within a few minutes it comes to stop maybe twenty feet away. Once the planes twin engines shut down Sam drives out turns around then backs in close before attaching a tow bar to a hook located above the steering gear tires.

Once the plane is tugged all the way inside its hanger, he closes two large sheet metal doors making sure everything is out of sight concealing their activities from any onlookers. Once this part of his job is done he runs over to wait near the planes main entry door, his middle aged face showing excitement of meeting Vanessa. Jack called him on the phone about an hour ago, telling him his new girls name, and how pretty she is. The way he spoke of her made him seem more like a man finding new love through an online dating service instead of buying her at a slave auction. The planes door opens.

Seeing Jack smiling down at him after opening the door of which also acts as steps, he runs up the narrow ladder then peaks in at Vanessa. As her blue eyes meet his a Cheshire grin appears over the dark haired mans face showing his excitement of finding her sitting in her seat ball gagged and shackled, looking like some sort of bondage gift being delivered right on time for a party. He steps in kneels down then plants a wet kiss on her cheek before exclaiming his approval.

“Well hello girl! Jack told me he bought a pretty one, and by God he is right about that.”

Vanessa fights an urge to struggle and pull away when the man takes his liberties, shoving one hand down the low cut neck of her sundress fondling her breast. Although she doesn't desire his attention, being shackled hand and foot as she is, there isn't much of anything she can do to stop him. A hint of jealousy rages through Jack's mind as he stands nearby watching his old friend molest his slave.

“Hey now Sam!” he says with a slight shout. “I'll let you play with my girl once we're home, but first lets take her out without dropping her. I'll grab her under the arms, you take her by the ankles we'll carry her down the steps then stand her up near your left passenger door.”

“Sounds like a good plan old buddy,” said Sam as he lifts her ankles. As he exits the door stepping slowly down the ladder he looks up her skirt. “Well look at you babe, you've gone commando today. You are such a little slut,” he exclaims holding her legs out a little wider enjoying a cheap thrill.

Jack replies. “So you like what you see huh Sam? We'll don't go sticking your tongue between her legs just yet. I fucked her about an hour ago at ten thousand feet.”

As both men step across the hangers cement floor Vanessa's dress hikes up to her waist exposing more of her body, it's humiliating but there's nothing she can do about it. At one time earlier in her captive life she might've broke down crying but now she's too angry to so, she hides this anger knowing she'll need to let it bottle up and at just the right time; whenever that time will be, she'll use it to her advantage. Her grandfathers voice echoes through her mind. 'A pretty girl like you needs a plan rolling round in her head. 'Yes!' she thinks. 'I do need a plan, but what will it be?

Arriving next to the S.U.V Sam sets her bare feet to the floor then opens her door as Jack stands by her side grasping an arm. Vanessa looks him over laughing inside, telling him off in thought.'Hey asshole, there's no way I'll runaway all chained up like I am. So let go of me pervert! He looks into her blue eyes thinking she's smiling at him. And although in reality it's a look of despise, she flashes a quick flirting winks hoping her little flirt might impress the man in the right way. He smiles.

“Why look at you winking at me all sassy like,” he says with a grin. “Now if you promise to be nice an quiet for the ride back to your new home, and if you promise to be a good girl and do everything Master Sam and I ask of you when we get there I'll take that gag out of your mouth. Now do you promise to be good or should I leave it in, just in case you're not one to hold your tongue.”

Happy to hear this but unable to speak she begins vigorously nodding her head yes. She has been biting on the almost tennis ball size gag for over an hour, her jaw hurts and she's humiliated by drool running down her chin and very thirsty as well. Once he finally takes it from her mouth, she licks lips and flexes her jaw. He wipes her chin with the palm of his hand.

“There now!” he says smiling. “That feels better, doesn't it my sweet young slut.”

She shakes her head yes, doing her best to smile but not speak. Leaving her shackled both men help her into her passenger seat, where she's surprised to see Melissa siting across from her being quiet as she was told with one hand cuffed to the backside of the front-seat. Sam looks in giving an introduction.

“Melissa, this is Vanessa. Now slide over and give her nice welcome aboard kiss.”

Kind of excited to meet this new girl and even better yet, have someone to talk to while being locked away down in her masters dungeon room. A wide smile crosses her lips as she slides in close then gently cradles Vanessa's head with one hand while placing her soft lips against her slightly parted mouth. It's been a little past a year since she has kissed another woman, being forced to make out with female trainees along with having sex with them was a common practice during her stay at the ranch.

And for Vanessa it hasn't been long since she kissed a girl, her last time was in a ranch shower room. Jack leans in giving Vanessa a kiss, then leans in farther giving Melissa one as well.

“Now you girls be quiet back here, okay,” said the man

Each girl nods their heads yes before he closes the passenger door, now alone Vanessa opens her mouth to speak but Melissa quickly reaches over covering her mouth with the palm of her hand, shaking her head 'no' mouthing the word without speaking. She heeds the girls warning remembering the ranch's strict teachings of 'Don't speak unless you're told to do so' She smiles at the chestnut haired green eyed girl, looking her over, taking in shoulder length reddish brown hair, a slender nose, high cheek bones and a wide mouth with full lips of which are now smiling back at her.

Melissa does the same, examining the new girls features of long thick blond hair, noticing it to be so long it drapes over one shoulder concealing one small breast. She likes her aqua blue eyes, petite nose and naturally pink lips. But although she likes her smile, she spots a clever nature fearing this personality might get the girl in trouble and maybe herself as well. Having been a slave for almost two years, she has accepted her fate to avoid being punished for breaking any of their strict rules.

Their ride back their masters sprawling desert ranch, located almost twenty miles south of Barstow seemed to last forever. During the ride Vanessa presses her face against her darkened window but it's tented so dark she becomes frustrated, only seeing glimmers of bright sunlight a sudden thought comes to mind easing her frustration 'I'm setting on the left' They're taking us north, because the sun sets in the west' Then Sam takes a hard right turn onto a paved rode, then after a short while this paved road turns to gravel after making another quick right. This new gravel road seems to go on forever telling her, they're being taken someplace pretty much out in the middle of nowhere. Her heartbeat quickens as the S.U.V comes to a stop, she hears both men step out then walk around to opposite sides.

Jack opens her door then looks in. “We're home,” he says with a grin. “Now let me put this mask over your eyes before you get out,” he adds holding a simple black sleeping mask in front of her eyes. “Sam and I feel it's safer for all of us if you girls never see what the outside of our home looks like.” After blinding her eyes with the mask he helps her step from the car. “Now walk right this way my dear,” he says with a hint of enthusiasm grasping her upper arm gently forcing her to walk.

Vanessa stumbles trying to walk with ankles cuffed to a short length of chain and being blindfolded and bare foot as well isn't helping maters either as he guides her up a twenty foot long concrete walkway towards he and Sam's cream colored stuccoed ranch style mansions dark stained oak wood doors. It's hot, the Mojave desert sun has warmed the concrete she's walking on to a searing heat, burning the soles of her feet. Beads of sweat run down her face back and breast. The sweet smell of her perspiration arouses Jack's manhood, as he walks next to his girl he finds himself wanting to throw her to the ground and take her once more right out in the open underneath the hot desert sun.

After being led up a short flight of cobblestone steps, she's relieved feeling a cool air conditioned breeze blowing over her face and body as she enters their home. A cool tiled floor is almost total relief for the scorched soles of her bare feet. Once inside Jack removes her shackles, both wrist and ankles, but leaves her blindfolded. Sam uncuffs Melissa's wrist but removes her blindfold, knowing she has been with them for a while and knows all of their house rules as they call them. Jack takes Vanessa by the hand telling her.

“You're not allowed to see this part your new home at this time, so do not; he stresses, touch or remove your mask until I say so. Now come with me,” he says leading her down the entry hallway.

Sam walks through the house holding Melissa's hand speaking in an excited tone.

“I'm looking forward to watching you and Vanessa getting it on tonight down in your room,” he looks into her eyes. “How about that idea babe, would you like to eat her sweet pussy while we watch?”

Her cheeks blush bright pink hearing his question. “Yes.....I am looking forward to tasting her pussy while you watch.” she lets out a nervous giggle. “But Sam, the last time I licked another girl like that was back at the ranch...I'm not sure if I remember what to do!”

“Oh babe,” he says smiling. “I love your Amish girl innocence, it makes you the best sex slave a man could ever own,” he turns to Jack. “And she is best, isn't she buddy?”

Jack pats his shoulder. “I do agree, she is the best. But my sweet little slut is here to give her a break. Now lets take them down below and have a little welcome to your new home party.”

“Sounds like good,” said Sam as he comes to a stop next to a large bookshelf before pulling a set of books down revealing an electronic digital keypad.

Knowing she's not allowed to watch either master key in their code, Melissa turns away avoiding punishments of which she has received a few to many times in the past. Once a code is entered the entire bookshelf rolls to the left revealing a hidden doorway leading to a basement dungeon.

Although blindfolded Vanessa is now seeing everything in her darkened world by ear, she hears four beeps a familiar sound, one she has heard before back at the ranch her captors used beeping key pads sounding like these to unlock doors throughout the ranch compound. These four beeping tones can only mean one thing, her new master and his friend have installed an electronic lock on whatever it is she hears rolling open with the slight hum of an electric motor.

Sam takes Melissa's hand then guides her through the passage doorway, down the steps to the room below. Jack tugs on Vanessa's hand giving a sign it's time to move, she's so lost in thought it seems she's resisting his silent demand. He slaps her hard on the ass. “Ouch!!” she yelps feeling a warm sting of pain rushing over her bare behind. “Now come with me or you'll get another.” he says sternly.

Stopping before the entry he removes the black sleeping mask from her eyes

“There now you can see where you're going,” he says gently. “Just watch your step as you walk down stairs to your new home away from the ranch.”

Her heartbeat quickens looking down stairs at the floor of her new prison letting her eyes adjust to the brightly lit stairwell, the sudden light burning her eyes is made more intense by clean white painted walls lining each side of the stairwell. Jack slaps her ass speaking stern. “Move it girl!”

Sam and Melissa stand at the bottom of the stairs looking up. Melissa feels sorry for the girl, seeing the same fear she experienced when she first arrived in the new girls blue eyes.

“It's okay Vanessa,” she says trying to hide deceit. “I know you're frightened, it's actually quite nice down here. Please come down so I can show you around our room.”

Looking down listening to her lie, Vanessa glances to her right for a split second spotting the lighted numerical display of an electronic key-pad attached to the inside corner of the door frame, a slight smile crosses her lips as she begins descending the staircase. After walking down a few steps Jack steps in pushing a red button located on the key-pad and the bookshelf door closes behind him, it makes a solid clicking noise once it's in place covering the door frame indicating it's locked in place; a cold chill runs through Vanessa's veins hearing the solid 'click' a few drops of sweat roll down her back.

At the bottom she finds herself standing in a large room, before her eyes and to her right the walls are made of rough gray brick; giving this part the room the appearance of a dark-ages prison dungeon. But to her left there's a small corner of the room fitted with wood grain paneling placed over stone walls, there's an old but comfortable looking four-post canopy bed, a mirrored vanity and a large wood grain dresser sitting beside white louvered folding doors of what appears to be a closet. But the cozy appearance of this area seems out of place compared to the right side. Like any dungeon of old at least the kind she has seen in movies and history books, two sets of chains with locking cuffs hang from the wall she's facing and there're two sets of chains with cuffs dangling from support beams as well.

There's a bondage horse made from an old Vaulting stand set up in the far right corner. Her knees become weak seeing the horse as they called it back at the ranch. It brings on memories of being strapped down wrists and ankles to a similar device, either on her back or face down while uncle Bob and his ranch hands took turns using her for their own pleasure.

Glancing to her far right she finds two x shaped or maybe more like star shaped devices attached to what can only be described as table frames with each frame bolted securely to the floor. Two six-by-two six-foot long planks blend in together forming an x shape, with leather cuff restraints at top and bottom of each plank for wrist and ankles. They resemble stars due to one shorter plank being placed in between the x shaped planks to be used as a head rest. A chill runs down her spine realizing when they strap her to one of these homemade bondage tables, she'll be spread-eagled dangling in an upright position or tilted back lying flat on her back to be used and abused as each master sees fit. Both men have been standing by watching her take in sights of her new home.

Jack steps in from behind folding his arms around her body. “Oh my,” he says. “Your trembling,” he kisses her cheek. “Don't be afraid baby, you'll get used to your new home in time.” He reaches down grabbing the hem of her yellow sundress telling her. “I want you naked now lift your arms so I can take this off. I just know Sam and Melissa have been dying to see your nice little body.”

He removes her dress revealing she's completely nude. Sam smiles letting his blue-gray eyes roam over the soft teenage curves of her body. “I like,” he says deviously. He hugs Melissa then plants a deep kiss on her lips. “I want you naked too my sweet, it's time to begin our little welcome aboard party.”

He undresses beside Melissa, quickly slipping out of his work shirt then shoes before hurriedly shoving his light brown khaki pants and underwear down and off in one quick motion. Jack does the same and in no time flat everyone is completely nude. Taking Vanessa's hand he leads her towards one of those star shaped tables she had looked over before. Standing next to the device he tells her.

“Sam designed these crazy looking contraptions and I helped him build them, we had only built one at first but after strapping sweet Melissa down and having so much fun sharing her we built a second table after I decided to buy a slave of my own. Now turn around then lean back against the tabletop, raise your arms up. Don't give me any trouble or I'll punish you before I strap you down.”

She quickly does as told knowing she's trapped with no where to run, and she doesn't want to be punished. She leans against the table submissively raising her arms without speaking, fighting an urge to scream as Jack wraps each of her slender wrist with leather mental institution style cuffs, snugging each one down making sure they won't slip out. From there he kneels down spreading her legs apart strapping each ankle securely in place then stands back smiling, looking her over admiring the way she looks spread-eagled turning her slender eighteen year old body into living letter X.

Sam leads Melissa over holding the submissive girls hand then leaves her standing facing Jack's bound slave, she watches him tilt the x table top back then lean down planting a deep kiss over Vanessa's lips, licking her lips tasting the new girls flavor, comparing the taste and soft texture of her lips to his slaves. Jack steps next to Melissa then lays a hand on her bare shoulder. “Drop to your knees whore, suck my cock.” She kneels down and begins sucking his almost erect cock, taking his shaft between her lips she taste a familiar flavor of another woman's sex. Jack moans enjoying her oral skill.

While she takes care of his friend, Sam enjoys himself teasingly sucking Vanessa's earlobes and kissing her neck. His playful seductive neck and earlobe kisses send warm tingles of pleasure cascading throughout her humiliated body. It tickles she fights laughter but fails letting soft giggles escape.

“Oh does that tickle sweetheart,” he exclaims. “It must be driving you crazy, all bound up as you are not being to stop what I'm doing. Isn't it slut?”

“Yes It is!” she reply's meekly. He kisses his way down her throat, down her chest then begins methodically sucking her erect pink nipples. Tingles of pleasure rush down from her breast to the sensitive folds of her sex, she feels moisture dripping down her slit. Sam runs one hand between the helpless girls wide spread legs. “Oh! Well you little slut,” he hisses. “Your little cunt is sopping wet. You're enjoying this aren't you whore!” When she doesn't answer he pinches both of her nipples hard. She yelps in pain, tugging at her bound wrist and ankles trying her best to get free.

He snarls through clinched teeth. “I asked you a question, now answer me whore.”

“Yes! Master I am enjoying what you're doing to me!” she yelps, fighting the urge to curse him

He licks and kisses his way lower until finally kneeling between her spread legs, finding no pubic hair he slaps her pussy, she yelps. “You've shaved,” he says. “That's very nice of you, Jack and I both love shaved beaver.” He pulls away in haste then looks back at Jack with a sore expression. “You came inside this slut and failed to warn me! Dammit Jack! I was looking forward to giving her a good licking. Come here Melissa,” he says with a smile. “Eat her pussy, clean her real good for me.”

Hearing his request, Melissa stops servicing Jack then crawls on hands knees to where helpless Vanessa waits to feel the pleasure of her lips and tongue. Although it has been a while since she pleasured another woman, the way she was trained to perform the act of cunnilingus is now second nature. She begins tasting the girls sex and even the flavor of master Jack's cum, lapping her tongue up an down the girls wide open slit without complaint of what she has been ordered to do. Trembles of pleasure rush throughout Vanessa's body, feeling the slightly older girls warm breath and the tip of her tongue flicking over her clit then up and down her sensitive labia.

Lying on her back as she is, Vanessa can't see what the pretty brown haired green eyed girl is doing but the simple strange mystery of it all makes the ordeal ever more pleasurable. During her six month ordeal at the ranch she has experienced being both a giver and receiver of female oral sex, and now she finds Melissa's oral skills to be very well done. It feels so good she looses control, rocking her cunt up an down over Melissa's lips and tongue. Small pleasured moans whisper from half closed lips.

Both men stand nearby stroking their cocks watching the live girl on girl show. Growing tired of watching Jack steps around to the head of the table finding Vanessa lying with her eyes closed showing a very content smile across her full pink lips. He rubs the tip of his cock over the bound helpless girls smiling lips. “Hey,” he says half joking. “I need pleasure too, so start sucking girl!” Opening her eyes he turns her head towards his pelvis then forces the head of his cock against her lips, she opens her mouth and begins sucking his cock as ordered, tasting clear precum dripping from its tip. He moans pushing in a little deeper. “ Ahh! Yes suck me baby, you have such a sweet little mouth!”

Sam pulls Melissa's face away from Vanessa's now very wet pussy, then ushers her by the hand towards the second X table. Stepping next to the now upright table platform, Melissa turns around leans against planks submissively raising her arms, letting Sam cuff each wrist down without protest. After spreading her legs and cuffing her ankles he stands and whispers in her ear, she replies. “Come here and fuck me Jack!” as Sam fingers her pussy and kisses her neck. A little popping sound escapes Vanessa's lips when Jack pulls his cock from her mouth then walks away.

Each man high-fiving as they pass to switch partners. “Enjoy her my man,” said Jack.

“Oh yes! I'm sure I will,” Sam reply's stepping around to the head of Vanessa's table. He rubs the thick head of his cock over her lips, helpless to resists Vanessa parts her lips taking the mans shaft in her mouth. He begins gently fucking her mouth, enjoying the feeling of her lips and tongue. To his right at Melissa's table, which is still in its upright position, Jack begins his turn with her passionately kissing the bound spread-eagled girls lips as if he's her lover, while fingering her wide open cunt.

She humps the mans invading fingertips, enjoying this feeling and his warm lips and tongue as it touches hers during this passionate French kiss. No longer caring she was once just a simple Amish girl growing up in a small Pennsylvania farming community, where she was taught sex out of wedlock is a sin, and is not for a woman's pleasure but only done to conceive children. Now after becoming a sex slave, trained to allow men to use her body for sexual pleasure she has let the old ways of her upbringing slip away accepting the ways of the outsiders. She lives in 'The Devils Playground' as the Amish describe our world, letting her body enjoy taboo pleasures of the flesh.

Jack whisper in her ear. “Tell me what I wanna hear,” letting his lips caress her sensitive earlobe.

“Please fuck me Master Jack!” she pants. “Shove your cock inside me, fuck me hard!”

He stops fingering her, placing his fingers to her lips, whispering. “Lick them clean!” Like a hungry dog she licks and sucks his fingers clean. Pleased by her obedience he unlocks her table from the upright position then tilts it down until she's lying flat on her back, ready to be used as he sees fit. Now looking down upon the bound girl with her slender five-six frame stretched into lovely X, he takes a second admiring her appearance. He has always found her attractive, liking the way her chestnut hair seems to shine showing perfect highlights of red and brown. Her green eyes intrigue him. He fondles her firm breast comparing hers to Vanessa's, discovering them to be slightly larger than hers.

Teasing here a little he rubs the tip of his cock against her lips, turning her head to the side she takes him between her lips. “Ahh! Yes I love the way you suck my cock!” He does nothing, letting her do the work, rocking her head back'n forth, sliding her lips over about four inches of his seven inch cock. He pulls from her mouth, walks around the x shaped table top and kneels between her legs giving her exposed pussy a few firm slaps. She lurches and pulls at her restraints.

“Hey slut!” he humiliates. “Do you want me to lick you before I fuck you.”

“Yes !” she begs almost screaming the word.

Over on Vanessa's table, Sam stands between her spread legs then shoves his hard erection in deep, she lurches and tugs at her restraints feeling the head of his thick cock entering her pussy. There's a satisfied smile on Sam's face as he shoves in deep, enjoying the tightness of her teenage cunt grasping his manhood like a soft velvet glove. His hips smack against her thighs as he begins fucking harder.

Unable to escape as the older man has his way, Vanessa feels out of control being bound hand and foot as she is. She fights warm tingling sensations of orgasms building deep within her body. Sam looks into her blue eyes. “Don't fight it baby, let yourself cum,” he says while flicking his thumb over her fully exposed clit and ramming his long thick shaft in harder and harder with every thrust of his hips. He knows she has been resisting and it's only a mater of time before her natural instincts give in and she will cum hard; just as Melissa has done every time they strap her down like this.

Only a few feet behind Sam and Vanessa, Jack has begun fucking Melissa's sopping wet cunt. She's letting her body give in to the warm tingling sensations of an orgasm, screaming out. “Fuck Me! Fuck Me! Oh God, your cock feels so good inside me!” Jack obliges her request ramming inside her tight cunt with a fury of hard thrust. The x table creaks sounding as if it might fall apart, but he and Sam built these odd looking tables to withstand this rough treatment. Sam's table creaks as well as he ravages Vanessa's tight spread-eagled cunt with all of his might.

Being fucked hard like this, Vanessa loses her battle against the orgasm she's been struggling to quell. Loud pleasured moans shout from her lips and she begins thrusting back against Sam's thighs as they ram into hers. Sam had been holding his own impending orgasm back, but he loses control feeling her reaction to her hard cum. He rams inside her with a few good hard thrust then shoves in deep, grunting like an animal as he cums flooding the walls of her cunt with warm fertile sperm.

All during this time, Jack has been fucking Melissa with all his might and his bound slave has been fucking him back. She cums shouting words no Amish women would ever say. “Fuck me harder! Fuck me harder!” Jack's hips slap against hers with animalistic fury, he feels hot sperm rising from deep within his groin. He shoves in deep grunting with sweat rolling down his brow. His knees feel so weak he holds onto Melissa's trembling thighs keeping himself from falling.

The smell of sex lingers in the air as Vanessa's first but not last sexual encounter with Samuel Dillon comes to an end. Now satisfied both men tip each table to an upright position then unstrap their exhausted slaves wrists and ankles. Vanessa is so relived it is over, knowing if she were back at the ranch; being released like this would only be the beginning of another forced encounter. Sam kisses her cheek then takes her hand leading her to Jack and Melissa. Jack gives her a hug and a kiss on the lips.

“Looks like my old friend gave you a good workout,” he says with a smile. He wipes beads of sweat from her brow. “You need a shower,” he turns to Melissa. “Take her to the bathroom for a shower.”

Sam gives his girl a kiss. “Get cleaned up then look through your closet to find Vanessa something nice to wear for dinner. We'll let you girls decide what to wear, unless Jack wants to chose what she should wear.”

“Oh I'm sure Missy can pick something nice for her,” Jack reply's already walking up the steps.

Sam follows behind then stands at the top with his back turned to the girls as Jack enters the electronic code unlocking the bookshelf door. Vanessa stands below watching him entering the code; at the young age of eighteen she has perfect 20/20 vision, but can only see two numbers of the four digit code. She stores these numbers deep inside her mind. Melissa takes her by the hand.

“Come with me,” she says. “Our bathroom is back here, just down the hall past the staircase.” Taking her hand almost pulling her off balance rushing her away, once inside the bathroom she scolds a warning. “I saw what you where doing back there Vanessa and I warn, you don't go messing with that confounded contraption up their. If the code is wrong it sets an alarm off. I tried doing it twice, and failed both times. The first time I failed they chained me up and caned me off an on for an entire day. A few months later I tried again, it didn't work. They chained me up and caned me again. After that horrible ordeal I promised them I would never touch that vile electronic thing again.”

Seeing tears flooding down her cheeks, Vanessa folds her arms around the older girl.

“I'm so sorry Melissa,” she replies, caressing her bare back trying to sooth the now sobbing girl. “I know you've been through hell, we both have for that mater. Now come on lets get cleaned up, after what they did to us out there I just know a nice hot shower will make us both feel better.”

After showering Melissa seems overjoyed shuffling through their bedroom closet, looking for a perfect dinner gone for Vanessa to wear.

“I kinda like having all of these English style dresses to choose from,” she speaks cheerful. “Growing up Amish as I have, my mother and father only approved of me wearing traditional long gray homemade dresses, here look at this pretty dress,” she says holding a colorful one piece short red with white lace dress. “I think Jack will like how you look in this one.”

Vanessa ignores the garment, asking puzzled. “Did I hear you say, you're Amish.”

Melissa smiles nodding her head yes. “Before that son of a horse Mr. Goshen took me I grew up in Pickford, little known burg in Pennsylvania. Where are you from?” she asks in response.

“I'm from Dallas, Texas. I was taken from there as well. But you mean to tell me, this Mr. Goshen kidnapped you then took you all the way to the ranch. Is he Amish too?”

Melissa's smile disappears as she looks into her eyes replying.

“No he's not but he's been my father and grandfathers friend for years. He took me one day, not too long after my eighteenth birthday,” she scowls. “I have a sister named Hanna, she turns eighteen in two weeks, if I find out that son-of-a-bitch has taken her I'll kill him.”

Their conversation's cut short, hearing Sam's voice echo from a loudspeaker placed in the ceiling above their heads. “Okay ladies, we hope you're dressed and ready for dinner. We'll be bringing it down in about thirty minutes. I'm guessing you both should be pretty hungry by now.”

They ate well, Sam grilled some tender New York strip steaks along with grilled baked potatoes. Jack prepared the sides, creating a mixed salad complete with tomatoes onions and fresh avocado's. All vegetables came from a garden they've allowed Melissa to tend, located in their back yard, hidden behind a tall privacy fence. Along with her vegetables, Jack sliced a cheesecake for desert, adding strawberry topping made with berries she grew; he bought the cake from a local grocery store.

They served red wine as well. Melissa refused her wine at first but Sam insisted she drink it. By the end of dinner she became a little drunk along with Vanessa ,but for her a few glasses of wine did calm her nerves knowing she'll be locked away in this dungeon room possibly for life. After dinner both men stand from their seats then drop their pants and underwear demanding a favor.

“Being as we served you sluts such a fine dinner,” said Sam. “You should both drop to your knees and reward us with a little oral pleasure.”

Jack winks at Vanessa while stroking his cock. “Slip out of that pretty red dress I allowed you to wear then drop to your knees and suck me off, my sweet whore. Do it now!”

“Yes Melissa,” said Sam. “Take your dress off as well. You look sexy in white lace, but I'd rather you be nude when you do me. Now get out of that dress, right now girl!”

Each girl quickly stand from their seats then hurriedly slip out of their gowns, fearing punishment if they don't move quick enough each girl drops to her knees to do as they're told. Vanessa wraps her lips around Jack's growing shaft, cradles his large testicles with one soft hand while holding his cock in place with the other. She's relieved he doesn't shove his shaft down her throat as he did when he took her for a test ride; as he called it earlier in the day back in Texas. She slides her lips over head of his cock then kisses and licks her way up'n down his shaft. She even sucks and licks his testicles.

She looks up. “Am I pleasing you master?” she asks flashing a smile. Seeing he's smiling with eyes almost closed, she knows the answer.

To her right Melissa works her lips up an down Sam's long stiff shaft, all the while peering up at her master, looking to see if she's pleasing him. And judging from his very content smile she is.

“Ahh yes! My sweet whore, lick my nuts just like that,” he groans as she licks and sucks his testicles just as she has seen Vanessa doing from the corner of her eye. She kisses and licks her way back up his shaft, coming to the head she licks clear precum dripping from the slit of his pee hole.

“Ahh, yes! Lap it up baby!” he gasps, enjoying the feeling of immense pleasure.

To her left Vanessa begins quickly bobbing her head back'n forth, jacking her man off, using her lips and one hand while fondling his thick nuts with her free hand. She learned this technique during her training at the ranch but it's not exactly what uncle Bob and his men taught her. Being forced to please men with her lips mouth and tongue everyday for six months, she has learned how to speed things up a little by looking up at her man, watching his body language, listening to his breathing and tasting little drops of semen mixed with clear salty precum. Jack's body reacts to what she's doing, he's rocking his hips, she spots a very pleased smile. She kind of likes the brown eyed mans dimpled smile even though she hates him for buying her as if she's some breed of live stock.

Melissa begins doing the same thing to Sam, pleasured moans escape the six foot tall dark haired blue eyed mans lips as she sucks licks and slides her lips up'n down his shaft while jacking him off. Looking up at the mans facial expressions she knows he'll be flooding her mouth with warm salty sperm very soon. He's gently rocking back'n forth, she's swallowing small drops of his seed but he hasn't came as of now. She has sucked enough men off since being taken and enslaved, she has felt their hot sperm being shot from the tips of their cocks like water flowing from a high pressure garden hose maybe a little to often for a once sweet innocent Amish girl.

As Vanessa pleasures Jack, she begins hearing tell tale signs of his impending climax. He's moaning louder, his breathing has sped up; sounding as if he's jogging instead of receiving oral pleasure from a pretty blond haired blue girl kneeling before him with his thick cock between her lips. He cums hard moaning and pumping his hips, shooting warm salty seed down her throat. She swallows every drop, sucking and pumping his shaft trying to drain every last drop from the mans body in hope he'll leave her alone once he's satisfied . Little tingles of pleasure rush over the lips over her exposed cunt as she sucks him dry the harder she works at satisfying her master.

Jack pulls his half erect cock from her mouth. “You've done me well slut! Now clean me.” His demands bring out her submissive ways, she licks his shaft from top to bottom.

As Sam cums hard inside Melissa's mouth, he shoves in deep fucking her mouth. She gags but doesn't struggle away, knowing there's no way she'll move away with the mans long fingers entwined in her thick brown hair. She gasps for air as he pulls free from her lips. “Clean me!” he snarls. She licks him clean, running her tongue over his shaft like a mother cat licking milk from her kittens face. Now pleased by his slave, Sam takes her by the hand to help her stand then kisses her cheek.

“Thank you baby,” he says with a hint of affection. “Now I want you to stay down here with Vanessa tonight. I'm rewarding you with a companion, so hang out with your new friend. And also I want you to fill her in on our rules. I warn you my dear, if she screws up, you just might be punished right along with her. Is that understood ?”

She reply's nodding her head. “Yes master I understand.”

“That's right Melissa,” said Jack. “Consider her a gift from me as well,” he kisses Vanessa. “It's been a long day my sweet young slut,” he lifts her chin looking her in the eye making his point. “Now remember this, when I come down here sometime in the morning be ready to service me with your sweet mouth and that hot little body of yours. Is that understood cunt?”

“Yes Master,” she reply's smiling “I understand.” As both men walk upstairs then stop at the closed door, she tries watching Sam key his code in but this time Jack stands in the way blocking her view. Melissa tugs her arm.

"Come with me, lets go brush our teeth before going to bed.”

A while later as they lie in bed Melissa holds Vanessa close, whispering. “Please don't mess with that lock gadget at the top of the stairs. I like you, it would break my heart to see them punish you. Please just do what they want when they want it, it will be better for both of us if you don't give them any trouble,” her voice trembles. “And you heard Sam say, he'll punish me if you break the rules.”

Vanessa reply's gently holding the older girls face between her hands whispering.

“Hey now, it sounds to me as if your giving up on ever getting out of here. But I've already memorized two numbers of that code, so don't worry about me. If I do get caught trying to get out of here, I'll do my best to make sure they punish only me if it comes to that. Now stop worrying, okay sweetie,” her Texas drawl sounds through saying the last words. Melissa gives her an affectionate kiss.

“You're the answer to my prayers.” Melissa said softly

After a few minutes Melissa falls off to sleep, her nude body feels so warm and comforting to Vanessa as she lies behind her spooning with one arm draped over her midsection. But she cant sleep, Melissa's words 'You're the answer to my prayers' keep running through her mind. She thinks to herself. 'I don't want to let her down, it might kill her if I do. They've broken her spirit and if I don't get us out of here, they'll break mine too' She hears the words of her grandfather.

'A pretty girl like you should always have a plan rolling around in your head' This memory comforts her, she soon falls off to sleep and as she sleeps a clever smile shows over her full pink lips as the numbers 8 and 32 appear inside her mind. These numbers are only two out of four needed to open that door and escape to freedom, but opening that door is only part of the problem. Once it's open, how will she deal with their so called masters.


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Hopfuly part 3 will come soon, it's loaded onto the site but not posted for public viewing.

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