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There's major plot change in this chapter. I hope everyone likes what happens
A few words from MR. Longfello. This fictional story involving crimes of human sex trafficking, rape and sex slavery is not about the criminals who commit these heinous crimes, it's about two young victims who do what it takes to survive. Please heed what I say. Rape is an act of violence, not passion. Respect women, no mater who they are or what their profession might be. If you don't respect theme, they won't respect you. Sex Trafficking is a major problem in our modern day society, if you see something say something.

21st Century Slaves, part three. Journey To Vengeance

Two weeks have passed and as of now Jack has cuffed Vanessa's wrist to chains dangling from a solid wood support beam near the bottom of the stairway in he and Sam's makeshift dungeon basement. Suspected of watching him entering his pin code into a key-pad lock system near the door at the top of the stairs she's about to be punished. Its been an hour since he backhanded her across the face as she struggled begging him for mercy, telling him she hadn't been watching and to please not punish Melissa as Sam had warned he would do if her new roommate ever broke any rules. And in keeping his promise Sam has cuffed her to chains attached to a second beam as well. They're facing each-other waiting for their masters to return, this long wait is almost as agonizing as the punishment they're about to receive. Vanessa peers into Melissa's green eyes pleading, hoping she'll believe her.

“I'm sorry, please believe me! I don't want you punished for what they think I did.”

Melissa doesn't believe her, she's been watching closely since their first introduction. She smiles at the pleading blond haired blue eyed girl before calmly replying.

“Don't worry about me, they've punished me before. I can take it and you as well. Just think of God's love, that's what I've done before when they punish me, both here and at the Ranch.”

She closes her eyes and begins a silent prayer, her calm Amish religious advise angers Vanessa.

“What the hell Missy! Don't tell me about God's love. Why can't you see it girl ! There's no God anywhere to be found. If there is a God, I sure as hell don't see him giving a shit about either of us.”

She suddenly wants to take it back but it seems her words haven't phased the girl one bit.

Melissa opens her eyes whispering. “I know what the code is.”

Her sudden almost silent outburst takes Vanessa by surprise.

“You know the code.....When did you?”

The girl lets out a quick whispered “Shush! Be quiet, they might hear you,” is all she'll say

Meanwhile as they wait, their masters are upstairs enjoying after lunch shots of Bourbon. Jack sits at an oval dining room table sipping his drink reading detailed files, written by Uncle Bob the lead slave trainer of the Ranch in south Texas and some very interesting but chilling notes written by the unnamed man who kidnapped Vanessa for the cartel. At beginning of the file the man describes Vanessa's stats, Jack reads them out-loud as Sam listens in.

Subjects full name, Vanessa Ann Banks, age 18. Blond hair, blue eyes, height 5,3, 115 lbs.

He downs his drink then reads a shocking quote from her kidnappers notes.

“Hey listen to this shit, the guy says Vanessa's stepfather turned her over to the cartel. Apparently he was in dept to someone in their organization so he gave her up as payment. The man says, she's unaware of what step daddy pulled off. Wow! That's pretty damned fucked up if you ask me.”

“Yeah her daddy is a low-life,” Sam replied. “It seems the world is filled with pricks like him ole buddy. Here have another shot,” he said filling Jack's glass for the fourth time. “You seem a bit on edge, this should calm your nerves enough to give your bitch a good punishment session.”

Both men never seeing the fact, they're worse then her stepfather could ever be, although what the man did is indeed sick. Jack reads aloud once more before downing his last shot. Jack reads on.

“Here's what our friend Uncle Bob has to say about my bitch. She's a nice ripe young eighteen year old, my favorite age to train. Well I do agree with him there,” said Jack, his speech slurred from the bourbon. "Now listen to this, ole Bobby boy says she's a stubborn one. Get this, during his first rape session with her she fought so hard he called in two of his men to assist in holding her down. He says she put up a good fight for almost three hours as he and his men took turns breaking her in.”

“Wow!” Sam cuts in. “Too bad we weren't there to join in on that party. But anyway Jack, it's time we go punish the girls then have a nice little sex party of our own after that.”

“Yeah lets get it done,” Jack said as he stands on drunk wobbling legs. It was Sam who suggested downing a few shots before the session, seeing anxiety in his old friends personality.

“Are you up to the task?” Sam asked

“I'm good.” Jack replies. “But lets spare Melissa, leave her chained so she'll have to watch. They've become pretty chummy over time, maybe seeing what happens if her roommate breaks a rule will help her keep my slave inline.”

“Okay,” Sam replies. “Being as you're Vanessa's master I'll let you call the shots.”

Hearing the motorized sliding door opening both girls tremble in terrified surprise, Vanessa watches Jack step slowly down stairs, occasionally teetering on drunken legs. His thick slightly receding brown hair with its touch of gray and dark brown eyes express sinister thoughts. He's almost nude, wearing black thong underwear barley covering his cock. Snug fitting cotton fabric and large testicles give the mans penis a larger than life appearance. Black leather knee length Nazi jack boots show his sadistic nature. In his right hand he carries a four-foot long half-inch thick bamboo cane, tapping it against his left hand sending torturous chills down Vanessa's spine as he steps closer.

Finally arriving at the floor he stands behind her, not saying a word as Sam steps down slapping a black ridding crop against his left hand wearing his usual dungeon master attire, a black leather vest over his bare chest along with snug fitting thong underwear and eye catching Rattlesnake cowboy boots. His thick black hair is slicked back to perfection, stepping to the floor his blue-gray eyes dart between Vanessa and Melissa. When he speaks there's an eerie almost joyful tone in voice as he slowly draws near his girl. “Hello baby, did you miss me?” he asks while running fingertips over her exposed breast.

“Yes Master.....I missed you.” she replies voice trembling as his cold hand strokes over exposed nipples then down her tummy finally stopping at her clean-shaved crotch. She moans softly acting as if she enjoys being fondled, rocking her hips as the older man has his way. Being enslaved for so long she has learned to appease her master, learning over time to give both he and Jack what they want pretending to enjoy what they do, fighting off showing disdain for the men. And now fearing she's about to be punished she lets him do as he wants hoping he'll go easy on her.

“Mmm! Master, that feels so good. But I'd rather have your cock inside me.”

A sudden hard slap across her face stops her act cold.

“Don't play me like that, you whore.” Sam snarls between clinched teeth then wipes a tear from her cheek acting shameful. “Oh I'm so sorry about that Melissa, but you know you deserved it didn't you baby,” he said the last grasping her by the chin peering into her eyes.

“Yes Master....I deserved it,” she lies

He forces a rough kiss, shoving his tongue between her lips before pulling away

“I love you baby. Now tell me, do you feel the same for me?”

“Yes. I love you.” She replies, hoping he'll believe her lie

Jack cuts in exclaiming. “Well that's fantastic and being as you have now officially exclaimed your love for your Master, I think it's only fitting you be spared any punishment for the actions of my bitch. But you will have to watch as I cane her,” he pulls a handful of Vanessa's long blond hair snarling through his teeth. “Now tell me cunt! Will fifty strokes of my cane across your back and tight young ass be enough to keep your rebellious little mind inline, or should you receive more?”

His gruff voice cuts through her mind like a sharp knife. “Yes! Master!” she replies. Tears stream down her soft white cheeks, one showing a bruise from where he backhanded her earlier on before being chained then hoisted to her feet by an attached cable. Jack suddenly forces a deep kiss, she accepts lustfully touching her tongue to his almost gagging tasting Bourbon on his breath. Thought's come to mind of biting his tongue off then spiting it back into his face, but knowing it would most likely lead to her demise wanting to survive she quells the vicious notion.

Jack pulls away, laughs then without warning rears back with his cane bringing it down hard over her back just below the shoulder-blades. She screams feeling searing hot pain rushing over her eighteen year old body. This horrifying punishment seems to last for eternity but in reality no more than twenty-five agonizing minutes in all. Before it's over she stops hearing her own shrill screams, never having the luck of passing out. Every cruel blow of his bamboo cane creates multiple long red welts, starting from her shoulder-blades appearing down her slender back to her ass-cheeks with a few painful swats landing over the upper thighs of her legs as well.

All during this time, Samuel Dillon keeps count. Making sure his partner in crime never delivers more strikes of his cane upon his slave then she had haplessly agreed upon. Just as the fiftieth blow lands over the young slaves back he orders him to stop. Jack lost count and wasn't sure how many blows he had rendered, adding to the mix each punishing blow aroused the man to full erection. Hearing Sam yell stop he steps back letting his eyes take in the sight of his slaves damaged red streaked backside.

Now satisfied he steps before Vanessa, asking. “Have you learned your lesson?”

Totally drained of strength she lifts her head replying. “Yes,” in a soft breathless defeated voice. Jack's face appears distorted through her tear-filled blue eyes. She never sees the man raise his cane, but does feel the pain as it strikes her breast just above each nipple.“Eeeahh!!!” she screams.

Jack leans in close snarling. “You didn't say Yes Master!”

Fighting anger at the mans cruelty she gives in.“Yes Master,” she replies, her voice meek

“Ahh yes,” he chuckles. “That's right! I am your Master bitch.” He fondles each sore breast.

“Please don't Master, that hurts.” she protests trying to twist away

“Well then my little cunt,” he snarls. “From now on when you forget what I am, just remember what it feels like if you ever address me as anything other than Master.”

At one time in his younger life, as an Air-force officer with duty's of a commanding officer on a training base he enjoyed terrifying lower ranking subordinates. And as life went on he found enjoyment browbeating women he has known, including his now ex-wife Lee Ann of whom during their marriage he had gone from occasional so called love-tap slaps to the point of punching the pour women, preferably in places bruises never show unless she happened to be nude. For reasons only she might tell, Lee Ann stayed with him for ten years before running away fearing the worse, finally serving divorce papers without ever seeing the abusive man one last time.

Sam steps to Vanessa releasing each of her wrist from locked cuffs then nods to Jack.

“Lets get this party started ole buddy.” He stops Vanessa from falling then guides her to Jack, telling the man. “She's all yours, do as you please with the girl, you've earned it Master Jack.”

Jack leads her to a makeshift bondage horse, made from an old gymnastics vaulting horse. He and Sam removed the vaulting handles from its back and reupholstered the entire devise using black velvet instead of leather, adding leather cuffs attached to chains on all four legs, one set for wrist the other for ankles. This devise being almost an exact replica of one used at the Ranch in south Texas.

“Climb upon the horse,” he orders. “Lie face down, then once I have you strapped in Master Sam and I will take you for a nice long hard ride.” Too weak for any resistance she lies down over the vault.

Jack glances back to Sam, finding he's unlocking Melissa from her cuffs.

“Bring your lover girl over,” he said before turning back to his task of strapping Vanessa down, making sure each cuff is wrapped tight. Once he's done he stands back admiring his work. “There, now that should keep your rebellious ass from falling off as we ride you,” he smacks her ass, causing a shrill yelp. “Now beg us to fuck you whore. Say it girl, or I'll make sure you wish would've!”

“Please fuck me!” she yells at the top of her lungs, hoping the prick is satisfied

Sam gives Melissa an order. “Kneel to the floor, suck my cock.” Not saying a word she kneels before him, quickly taking his hard cock between her soft warm lips. “Ahh Yes!” he exhales. “Now see here Vanessa, Melissa's a good girl not a rebellious little bitch like you.”

Jack steps before Vanessa's face then rubs the head of his cock against her lips, fearing his wrath she opens her mouth and begins sucking the mans cock without being told, he gloats.

“Hey Look here Sam. My attitude adjustment did the trick, she's a good girl too.”

Tasting the mans salty precum hoping he'll cum prematurely Vanessa begins sucking harder, but her efforts only succeed in arousing him to the point of fucking her mouth. Feeling the head of his cock entering her throat she fights urges to gag, after forced to do this with more than a few cruel men during captivity she developed a life saving gag-control of sorts. He shoves in so deep, his dark pubic hair tickles her nose. She struggles at first unable to breath through but finally gains control as he pulls back just enough to let her breath then shoves in deep once more, she

“Ahh yes! Your throat feels so good!” he moans

As he torments her shoving in deep then pulling back, memories of Melissa saying she knows the code to the electronic lock of their prison keeps her from passing out due to lack of oxygen. When his torment finally stops, she rest her chin on the edge of the bondage horse gasping for breath relieved that it's over as Jack steps around to her upturned wide open pussy and anus.

Seeing Jack move from his slaves mouth towards here rear, although enjoying Melissa's oral attention Sam orders her to stop. He's been giving her a good throat fucking as well, she looks up gasping for breath hearing him ask. “Do you wanna help Vanessa?”

“Yes, Master what can I do for her?” she replies, hoping he'll let her tend her wounds. As he leads her by the hand to where Jack waits, she peers down at the red welts formed on Vanessa's back. She wants to attack both men with every once of strength she has.

“Kneel down, lick her ass and pussy. Get her nice and wet for Jack.” Once she kneels he walks away. “And while you're busy doing this I'll let his slut give me a little lip service.”

Having no choice Melissa begins her task, Jack kneels beside her speaking perversions.

“Lick her, shove your tongue in deep,” he said, placing a hand to the back of her head.

Having done this before she begins reaming her pretty friends sphincter, grateful of Vanessa cleanliness she finds the young women's scent pleasantly arousing. In her life as a virgin Amish girl growing up in Pennsylvania before being enslaved, she would never think of doing such a sinful act as this. But as of now, being a slave going on two years, she finds sex with women, being either the giver or receiver pleasing; and she finds being with Vanessa particularity pleasing.

Jack begins fingering her as she reams Vanessa, small pleasured moans escape her lips as her tongue darts to Vanessa's pussy the eighteen year old's sweet taste and scent bring on even more arousal then before. Missy begins moaning louder rocking her hips as he strokes her just right, she hates the man but as of now loves his touch. All to sudden he pulls his fingers away then licks them.

“Mmm Missy, your little Amish pussy taste so Fucking Good,” he stands then shoves her away. “Suck me whore! Get me nice and hard before I fuck my slave.”

Being so aroused as she is, Missy shoves the mans cock between her warm lips with no complaint while her Master Sam enjoys Vanessa's mouth tongue and throat. Occasionally pulling from her lips having her lick his balls. “Lick'em good,” he moans while shoving his fat musky sack over her lips and tongue. Vanessa suddenly grunts as Jack shoves his hard cock deep inside her wet nicely licked pussy. Sam shoves his cock back inside her mouth as Jack fucks her it works in his favor as her bound body rocks with every thrust of her masters hips, all Sam has to do is stand still letting her mouth and throat fuck and suck his cock.

Seeing Vanessa's turmoil, Missy moves to where her master stands raping her friends mouth then plays with his nuts, wanting to give the girl a much needed break she offers. “Let me suck you too master.”

Vanessa takes a deep gasping breath as the man pulls out then feeds his cock to Melissa, relived to finally breath freely again. Her body trembles from an orgasm brought on by Jack's relentless fucking as oxygenated blood rushes to her brain, unwanted pleasured moans escape her lips.

Seeing Jack enjoying his slaves pussy from behind as he is, Sam tugs Melissa's hair getting attention as she's so busy sliding her soft lips up'n-down his shaft.

“Go lay on the bed with your legs spread wide for me,” he orders.

She stands then walks quickly to the queen-size bed she's been sharing with Vanessa off an on for the past two weeks located ten-feet away to the left of the gray brick walled dungeon area; she being owned by Sam, he on occasion brings her upstairs to his bed having her sleep with him. Arriving at the bed, Missy quickly flops down lengthwise with legs spread wide as ordered.

“Come fuck me Master.” she flirts

Sam watches the once innocent teen fingering her slit, teasingly rocking her hips smiling at the man; all in order of having him leave tormented Vanessa alone. At the bed he lies down gently over her fully nude body, pressing his lips to hers planting a passionate lust filled kiss before shoving his hard cock deep within her sex. She wraps her arms and legs around him, moaning softly as the man begins fucking her. “Pray we make a baby soon.” he whispers sending chills through her body.

Over on the horse, Jack is giving Vanessa a good hard fucking. Sounds of his hips smacking against her ass echo about the room as he hammers into her. Relived to finally breath freely, she feels small orgasms turning more intense rushing up from the inner walls of her sex to her brain. She tries not to show he's actually pleasuring her, but soft moans escape her lips. Jack's cock feels her pussy tighten around his shaft as she cums, in return causing feelings of his own impending orgasm. He holds back wanting to enjoy his young slave a little more. She begins rocking her ass up'n down trying to make him cum, hoping he'll be satisfied and leave her alone once he's done.

She's done this technique before, with him and the men at the Ranch. Hearing the older mans breathing intensify lets her know he'll be cumming soon. The worse thing being, he'll be erupting fresh warm seed deep within her young fertile body. Back at the Ranch, they gave each new arrival injections of a birth control drug. She was told it last up to six months and now it's two weeks past that time, she fears forced impregnation and wants to escape before it happens. Being bound as she is now she can just turn around and take the mans seed in her mouth as she has in the past. And all to sudden, she feels Jack shove in deep grunting like an ape as he cums. His warm sperm triggers one last orgasm.

Jack feels her body tense, hearing breathless pants of pleasure as she cums along with him. He pulls out then steps around to her face. “Clean me,” he orders, rubbing the head of his shrinking cock over her lips. Completely drained of fight she sucks him in licking his and her cum from the mans once rock hard tool. “Ahh, yes! Very good my dear slave,” he exclaims, enjoying one final act of humiliation. Although exhausted from being caned bound and raped, she licks his penis clean using only her mouth lips and tongue.

Pleased with her task, Jack pulls a wooden chair away from its place next the wall then sits down next to where she's resting her chin on the horses black velvet cushion. After giving her deep kiss he turns to watch Sam fuck Melissa on the bed across the room. Vanessa watches as well but she's completely shocked to hear Missy moaning out.

“Yes master, make a baby inside me! cum inside.”

Her begging eggs Sam on, he begins fucking her so hard the bed-frame creaks and cracks sounding as if it might fall apart at any moment. She raises her long slender legs in the air, letting the mans cock shove deeper with every hard thrust he makes. The smell of sex fills the room, Sam's animalistic grunts and Missy's soft pleasured moans echo from the wood paneled walls of the open area bedroom. Melissa has done this with Sam so often, she knows he's about to cum. She begs some more.

“Cum inside me master. Make a baby inside me. I want your baby inside me!”

This does the trick, he shoves in deep spewing hot seed deep within her unprotected body, now completely spent Sam rolls from Missy's pron body onto his back. Both she and Vanessa find themselves hoping their so called masters are done using them. Sam sits up all of a sudden, showing an elated smile before speaking gleeful. “Did ya hear that Jack, she wants to bear my child.” He tugs on Melissa's hand forcing her sit-up then hugs her body to his, giving her an affectionate kiss on the cheek before speaking. “I love you baby. Hey lets not just have one kid, lets have like six or something.”

“Oh...Yes master,” she replies reluctant. “I'd like that.”

Jack looks into Vanessa's blue eyes. “Hey speaking of kids, lets you an I make a few too. I bet that birth-control the ranch gave you should be wearing off by now,” he gives her quick kiss. “You're young pretty and healthy, I just know you'll make me some pretty baby's as well.”

Sam stands then walks towards the stairway. “Come with me Jack, Missy used her last home pregnancy test kit last month. We can hit the pharmacy in town then go buy a groceries after that.”

Jack stands then looks at the long red welts showing on Vanessa's back.

“Sorry about the damage baby. Well don't worry about how it looks, Missy knows how to make this Amish home remedy salve that will make these scars disappear like magic,” he looks at Melissa. “Come upstairs with us, you can stir your remedy up before we leave.”

“Yes master Jack, thank you for letting help her,” said Missy. “I have a jar of salve in the refrigerator upstairs in the kitchen, there should be enough so I won't need to make any.”

They all suddenly disappear upstairs, leaving Vanessa strapped to the bondage horse. After sometime of waiting she fell asleep, she wakes hearing Sam's voice echoing down the stairwell.

“Unstrap her from the horse then apply your ointment. Good bye babe, we'll be back soon.”

She hears Melissa's bare feet stepping down-stairs and sounds of the electric motor closing the bookcase door behind her, letting her know they're both being locked in. Melissa steps to the floor then hurries over to where her ravaged young friend lies strapped face down on a devise she's been strapped to way to many times before then kneels down undoing each mental hospital style cuff from Vanessa's arms and legs. Vanessa looks her over noticing she's wearing one of her homemade dresses, she told her once she was allowed to create a few of these simple but attractive sundresses to wear when Sam allows her to go outside to tend her small vegetable garden located behind a tall privacy fence.

“Oh thank you,” Vanessa exclaims, “I thought they'd leave me here forever.”

“Jack wanted to but I sweet talked him into changing his mind,” said Melissa. “Here let me help you down from this horrible contraption,” she said, taking Vanessa by the arm helping her stand.

“Are they both gone?” Vanessa asks while being led towards their bed

“Yes I heard Jack say something about doing some banking and shopping for tonight's dinner, he wants me to help him cook. And he said something about finding a cover for that keyboard contraption near the door to keep us from messing with it.”

Vanessa cuts in. “Forget about helping that asshole cook, tell me what that unlock code is because we're getting the hell out of here today. Now tell me that code sweetie.” She said the last in a desperate tone standing before Missy, holding her by the shoulders peering into her eyes. “Please Missy, I know you're afraid but we need to get out of here. Now I know two numbers, the ones I saw being punched in two weeks ago. Just tell me what you know and I'll punch them in, okay?”

Finally coming to grips with possibility's of true freedom, Melissa rattles off the numbers she suddenly remembered earlier in the day. Vanessa throws her arms around the older girl, exclaiming.

“That's right, the numbers I know match the ones you know. Lets do this,” she said excited

“But wait,” said Missy. “I should take care of your back first.”

“No, not now,” said Vanessa. “As of now, with thoughts of freedom on my mind I'm feeling no pain. Now just hand me that white terrycloth robe over there.”

Melissa grabs the robe then helps her slip it on. “Are you sure aren't feeling pain,” she asks seeing her wince as the soft cotton fabric touches her skin.

“Oh It only hurts a little.” she replies. “And If I get a chance, Jack's going to be feeling way more pain than I am right now. Now follow me to the door, fill me in on what you know about any weapons we can use once we're in the main rooms above. And one more thing, are there any surveillance cameras or some sort of security systems in the main house. Like something they'll be able to look inside their home using a cell phone. Do they have anything like that?” Melissa thinks for a second.

“No nothing like that. Jack tried talking Sam into installing camera's once but he wouldn't to it, he's afraid the government might hack into the system then eavesdrop on their privacy.”

“Ha,”Vanessa chuckles. “If I were them, I'd have cameras everywhere. But ya no what Missy, I'm so glad our so called masters are nothing more than paranoid anarchist millionaires. Now tell me more, do they own any guns we can get at, if not what about something we'll be able to bash their heads in with, like baseball bats, gulf clubs. Or even better, nice sharp knives to cut their balls off with.”

“Whoa! Would you really do that!” Missy gasps before adding. “There's a drawer in the kitchen where they keep knives, but it's made of steel and locked tight. They have guns but they're locked up as well, Jack has guns locked in a big steel cabinet in his room and Sam has a pistol locked in a steel gun-box on a top-shelf of his closet. But speaking of baseball bats, both men have bats in their closets. And, I know Sam has one of those electric chock things, you know, like the ones they used on us girls at the Ranch.”

“You mean a stun-gun, or maybe a cattle-prod?” Vanessa questions

“Yes that's what it is, it's a stun-gun. Oh God I hate that thing. They touched me with it a few times, it made me lose control I fell to the floor and peed myself.”

Hearing her dismay, Vanessa hugs her body to hers.

“It's okay sweetie, I've experienced what being tased feels like too. Now don't you worry, because once I get my hands on theirs I'll be giving them a taste of their own cruelty. Now come on, lets get this door open then go find everything you've just told me about. Once we've found everything, we'll wait until they arrive then pounce with everything bit of strength we have.”

“But...But,” Melissa stammers. “They have a phone, why don't we just call the police?”

“Well Missy I've thought of that, but get this through your head. If we call the cops, they might just make it way out here in time to save our ass's. And if they do, they'll parade us around letting the media show our faces all over every news-paper and television screen. And then, once we think we're safe the Cartel will come after us with everything they have to keep us from talking about their precious little money making human trafficking Ranch. I hate to say this but you'd be easy pickings once you're back home with you're unarmed family in, what's the name of your home town?”

“Pickford,” Melissa reply's. “And what if they don't arrest Mr.Goshen, the man who took me," her voice trembles. “And that bastard promised me he wouldn't mess with Hanna but I know he has a thing for barely legal age girls, he told me its the reason he waited until I turned eighteen. Oh God I'll kill John Goshen, if he ever wrongs Hanna as he's done me.”

Vanessa hugs the trembling girl, trying to calm her.

“Don't worry sweetie. Now think about this, once we're done here I say we find our way back to Pickford then deal with your ole family friend, Mr. Goshen. Now lets do this.”

With that said, Vanessa scurries up the narrow wooden staircase stopping next to a fifty digit numerical keyboard then starts typing in numbers, hoping she'll get it right without setting off any alarms their so called masters have installed. Both she and Melissa gasp in surprise when the doors electric motor suddenly opens the bookshelf door before their eyes. Vanessa steps slowly into the room looking over a good sized living-room.

Two weeks ago she had walked through this room but being blind-folded as she was never seeing the elegant but masculine decorated room, with it's dark leather upholstered furniture dark stained wood paneled walls and an eye catching stone-work fire-place made complete with a colorful western desert sunrise painting hanging on the wall above a shelf adorned with pictures of Sam and Jack's one time military careers. Two pictures on the shelf catch her attention, after both stepping inside the living-room, Melissa reaches up into the bookshelf, removes a fake book hiding a code panel then pushes a button closing the door behind them.

Vanessa walks over taking a closer look at the pictures, one is of a younger Jack wearing an Air force pilot flight suit with his arm around an attractive blond haired blue eyed woman's back as they stand before an F16 fighter jet. The other is of Sam, he's wearing an Air force officers uniform with his arm around a nice looking dark haired brown eyed woman.

“Have they ever told you who these woman are?” she asks. Melissa steps closer.

“Yes that woman standing next to Sam is his ex-wife Sarah and the one standing next to Jack is his ex-wife Lee Ann. They never seem to say anything nice about them.”

“Well they seem like such happy couples in these photos.” Vanessa replies. “But knowing these goons as we do I have a good hunch, those smiles on Lee Ann and Sarah's faces are all for show.”

Melissa reaches up then tugs on the desert-sunrise paintings frame, it swings out revealing a large in-wall combination safe. She explains. “They have large sums of money in here, I saw it the day Jack flew his plan down south to buy you. And they keep each of our files here, the ones uncle Bob kept on us during our time at the ranch,” her mood changes. “Vanessa I heard Jack talking before he left, he said something about your stepfather being the man who gave you to the cartel I guess he owed someone money or something.”

Vanessa stands back from the fire-place trembling. Seeing tears flow, Melissa hugs her.

“I'm sorry...I should've never told you.”

“No, it's okay Missy. But I'm going to make that son of a bitch Steven pay for what he's done.” Vanessa wipes tears away then takes Melissa's hand. "Show me where those bats and that stun-gun are before the men come back.”

Melissa tugs her away. “Follow me,” she says urgent. Stepping into Sam's bedroom, she opens a closet then reaches in pulling one aluminum baseball bat out from behind a row of his clothing, then points to a shelf above saying. “That stun-gun's on the shelf above us, but I'm afraid of it so you can have that vile thing.” She stands back then swings the bat as if warming up for her turn at bat during a live ball game exclaiming. “I like baseball, the Phillies are my favorite team.” she said, showing a playful side, one of which Vanessa has never seen since first meeting her.

“Go find that bat Jack has in his room,” said Vanessa

Now alone Vanessa tries to find the stun-gun on the shelf above Sam's clothing, being too short she cant reach high enough. Fighting anxiety she looks around the room hoping to find something to stand on, seeing a small bedside table she drags it over to the closet. As she drags it one small drawer opens revealing two sets of police issue handcuffs, knowing they'll come in handy she shoves them into one of her terrycloth robe pocket then stands on the small table to begin searching the somewhat cluttered shelf for what she wants the most.

“Oh there you are,” she exclaims, finding a ten inch long black plastic encased devise next to Sam's key-lock pistol box. She's seen stun-gun's like this before at the ranch, all one has to do is touch the business end of the devise to a persons body then press its trigger delivering knock out volts of electricity. She shoves it into her second robe pocket then grabs the pistol box, hoping to find a key somewhere in the room. Stepping down from the table, she looks through its small drawers but finds no key. Seeing a large dresser she almost jumps across the room to where it sets then begins opening every drawer, searching under stacks of various clothing eventually coming up empty handed.

“The asshole must have the key in his fucking pocket.” she exclaims angry

Melissa steps back inside the room. “You won't find the key here, Sam keeps it on his cars key ring. But here's the baseball bat from Jack's closet,” she said handing the wooden bat over. “Here take it, it's a Louisville slugger. One of the best bats ever made.”

Vanessa takes the slugger then swings it through the air, exclaiming. “I'm going to knock their fucking heads out of the park with this baby. Now show me where the kitchen is. You said there's a locked drawer full of knives, maybe we'll be able to jimmy it open somehow.”

Melissa takes her by the hand. “Follow me, it's back across the living-room.” She guides Vanessa about thirty feet or so then through an open entryway to a midsize kitchen, she points to the drawer in question explaining. “You see its just as I said, made of steel with a heavy duty lock. They made it over a year ago when Sam decided it was time for me to be their servant as well as their sex-slave. He told me it was for the best of mine and their safety to keep anything sharp out of my hands.”

Vanessa looks about the kitchen hoping to find something.“Dammit, I don't see anything here we can use to open it.” She looks through a few cabinets, hoping to find something to pry with or pick the lock then slams the last cabinet door exclaiming worried anger. “These bastards think they've thought of everything, but what they've never thought of is what happens when their slaves get together and commit one of the greatest rebellions since Spartacus took his stand against the Roman army.”

“But!” Melissa cuts in. “The Roman Army crushed his rebellion.”

Her fact sends a chill through both their young minds. Vanessa tries shrugging it off.

“Yeah, but ole Sparty and his men put up a damned good fight before it was over,” she hugs Melissa. “And that's what we're going to do too so be ready, okay sweetie.”

She feels her trembling body and being close as she is, Melissa feels her fear as well.

Missy flashes a smile. “I'm ready as I'll ever be,” she replies. “I just wish I could've fought back sooner, but now thanks to you I'll have my chance,” she kisses Vanessa's cheek. “Thanks for encouraging me to finally do what I should've done before.”

Vanessa's about to speak but stops hearing sounds of tires crunching over gravel. Glancing around the kitchen entry, she looks through the homes front window. Her heart skips a beat, seeing both Sam and Jack stepping from each side of Sam's Escalade then walk back towards the S.U.V's rear-end. Sam lifts the rear hatch door then leans in retrieving a few plastic bags of what appear to be groceries. She takes Melissa's hand, whispering.

“Come with me, we'll hide in Sam's room then attack when they're in the kitchen putting groceries away.” Once inside the bedroom, Vanessa has Melissa lean against the wall beside her near the doorway, leaving the door half closed just as it was when they first entered. Seconds later they hear both men chatting as they enter, listening close they hear they're discussing them. Melissa cringes hearing Sam boast.

“Oh man Jack, Missy finally admits she wants to bear my children. I mean wow, you heard her screaming out what she wants as I fucked her. And did you see the way she wrapped those long legs of here's around me when we fucked. Yeah, she's in love with me I just know it.”

Jack chuckles. “Well yeah, she did exclaim her love for you. But Sam, get it through your thick head, she said that under duress. I say she lied to you, hoping for better treatment.”

His words anger Sam. “Oh Fuck you,” he replies. “You know what Jack, you're just pissed because your slut didn't say the same to you. But anyway, I'm taking this pregnancy test down to Missy even-though I really don't think she needs it. I've noticed she's been gaining weight over the past few weeks and her tits are getting bigger too. Now from what I've heard, that's a good sign a woman's pregnant.”

Back inside the bedroom, knowing he's right Melissa touches her stomach,. They hear Sam's snake skin boots clatter across the living-rooms hardwood flooring as he heads towards the secrete bookshelf doorway. Both Missy and Vanessa's heart-beats quicken hearing beeping sounds of the man typing a code in, hearing the bookshelf slid open then hearing Sam's boot heals stepping downstairs.

Vanessa whispers. “Go stand beside that doorway, he's going to freak when he finds-out we're not down there. Hit him as hard as you can with your bat when he comes running back. But wait a sec,” she says before leaning out checking to see if Jack has followed. “Go!” she whispers.

Without protest, Missy tiptoes out on bare-feet then waits to the left side of the cellar door with her aluminum bat at ready, looking as if she's about to knock a fast pitched ball out of the park. Vanessa quickly tiptoes across the living-room towards the kitchen where Jack must be busy putting groceries away, a pleased smile appears as she closes in hearing him turn an Am,Fm radio on. Country music echoes from its speaker drowning out any noise she might make while sneaking near.

Stopping at the open entrance she leans against wall then peers around finding he's leaning down stacking cans of beer from an open twelve-pack inside his refrigerator, seeing a chance she pulls the stunner from her robe pocket then creeps in slowly. Now close, standing only a few inches behind him she touches the stun-gun to the back of his neck and pushes its trigger. Zap! Jack's body lurches then falls to the floor, convulsing as fifty-thousand volts shut his system down causing his bladder to empty as he lies on the floor staring up at her with a dazed confused look in his dark eyes.

Seeing he's possibly coming around she hits him hard across the left side of his head with her Slugger, his eyes roll back as he either dies or fades into an unconscious state. She leans down, rolls him over then pulls his hands behind his back, quickly cuffing him with almost rodeo style speed. She's about to pull the belt from her robe then use it to tie his feet when she hears Sam yelling out. “Jack ! They're Gone!”

Stepping to the doorway, she peers around the corner. Just as she looks Missy's bat strikes the man hard over the bridge of his nose, knocked off balance he tumbles backwards head over heels down the long flight of steps. Melissa watches the event, hearing a crisp bone cracking sound occurring just as the back of his head hits the hard cement basement floor. She looks back at Vanessa. “I think I killed him,” she said in-shock of possibly causing someone's death.

Vanessa runs over then peers down-stairs, seeing Sam's head tilted awkwardly to the right and there's a pool of blood forming as well. She steps down-stairs cautious with bat at ready, at the bottom she notes Missy's bat broke the mans nose. Although his eyes are fixed in a dead stare she jabs his chest with her bat, feeling safe she kneels down then runs fingertips over a lump showing through the skin at the back of his neck feeling a dislodged vertebra showing his neck is definitely broken. From here she searches his pants pockets hoping to find car keys, finding them she shoves the set inside her robe pocked then walks upstairs takes Melissa's hand then leads her away towards the kitchen where she left Jack.

“Is he dead.” Melissa asks.

“Yes he's gone.” Vanessa replies. “But I think Jack's alive, even-though I stunned him and struck the asshole upside the head as hard as I could.” she said almost laughing

Just as they approach the kitchen, Melissa cry's an ear-chattering scream as Jack appears in the doorway. There's confusion showing in his eyes, one being swollen shut due to a large bruise showing on the left side of his face and there's blood streaming from his ear. Although surprised, Vanessa stays calm seeing his hands still cuffed behind his back and though he is standing, he's slowly teetering side to side showing he's most likely suffering from a concussion.

“What the hell are you” he mumbles confused.

Vanessa jokes sarcastic, pointing to a large wet spot showing through his blue jeans

“Oh for-God-sake asshole, you've pissed your pants. Oh wow, that is way too funny isn't it Missy?” She humiliates him just as he had done her so many times over the past two week. Rearing back with her Slugger she gives a sarcastic challenge. “Okay shit-head, come get me!”

Melissa does the same. “And you'll be dealing with me too,” she adds

From Jack's view he sees, not just two angry young women ready to swing but four then six then two again. Suddenly growing bold he runs, growling at them, leaning his six-foot tall frame low with shoulders down like a line-backer going after a quarterback. But his charging run becomes a reckless stumble, diving low as he is with hands cuffed quickly sends him off balance. Going out of focus seeing four then six women again sends him into utter confusion. Vanessa kneels low then swings hard shattering his right kneecap. “Eeeeaaaahhh!” he screams falling face down sliding a few feet across the hardwood floor before coming to a stop.

Melissa swings her bat down hard chattering his left elbow, causing more yelps of pain. She's about to swing again but Vanessa yells. “Stop! Don't kill him...At least not yet anyway.”

“Yes please don't kill me!!” Jack whines. “You broke my knee and my fucking arm. Oh'God it hurts so-bad! Please help me! My head hurts too, please call an ambulance.”

After placing the wide end of her bat in-between his legs pressing it hard against his nuts using it for support, Vanessa kneels speaking sarcastic. “Oh, you're such a fucking big baby. Well I guess now you're finally experiencing some of the pain you've inflicted on me and Melissa,” she taps her bat against his nuts, causing grunts of pain.

“Oh did that hurt dickhead, well I'm not one bit sorry.”

“Please,” he whines. “Just leave...I won't come after you.”

“Well asshole, we do plan on leaving. But not until you give us the combination for that safe over on the wall above the fire-place. You see, Melissa told me you and Sam keep a shitload of cash stashed away in there. You owe us for damages done, so give me that combination then we'll be all squared away, how's that sound?” She pats his broken arm, he grunts in pain. “Oops, I'm not sorry,” she said, her voice filled with cruel sarcasm.

She leans in whispering. “Now give me that combo, or I'll hurt you until you do.” She stands up then winks at Melissa. “I'm counting to ten, if you don't say what we wanna hear by the time I get to ten, Melissa will break your other arm and I'll break your good knee. Okay Missy on ten okay. One....two....three.....four......” It doesn't take long, just before five he yells out.

“Okay, okay...Please don't....I'll tell you. Just please don't hit me!”

Vanessa kneels down. “Okay I'm listening, now what is it?”

“Right 10, left 21, right 5, left 30.” He said it all showing disdain staring into Vanessa's eyes

“Okay Missy, go try it,” said Vanessa. “I'll keep an eye on him.”

Jack snarls a warning as Melissa walks away. “You won't get away with this. I'll tell the cops you girls broke in here to rob us. Sam and I are trusted members of the community, they'll believe me,” thinking of Sam, he yells out. “Where the hell are you Sam?”

Vanessa glances back at the open bookcase door. “Well Jack, I'm afraid your ole buddy has fallen down into that dungeon you created and broke his fool neck.”

She reaches down grabs his shirt-collar then drags him across the floor to the once secret opening. Being dragged he yells out in pain until coming to a stop where she leaves his head lying over the threshold. “You see here asshole, he found out we escaped then came running back up here where Missy's bat caught him right smack in the face. Now I'm not sure if being hit in the face killed him, or if falling down these stairs did it...But judging from the way his neck's all twisted, I'd say the fall killed him.”

Jack's face scowls. “You murdered him in cold blood!”

Vanessa swats the back of his head with her fingertips, he yelps in pain. “Now get this through your thick head, have you forgotten how you and that prick down there first bought Melissa at one of those Ranch auctions, then brought her here where you rapped and abused her for almost two years. “And!” slap. “And then you bought me as if I were some breed of live-stock to rape and abuse me as well, and now you accuse us of murder. You are some peace of work, aren't you Asshole.”

Melissa breaks their moment, yelling out. “Hey, come over here Vanessa!”

Vanessa sees the safe door hanging wide open exposing tall stacks of cash then grabs Jack's shirt-collar draging him along exclaiming. “Oh my God! I've never seen so much cash before.”

Seeing two vanilla file folders she reaches up to take them, she also finds one 40 caliber Glock pistol hidden underneath. She shoves the pistol inside her robe pockets then takes both files out. “These must be our files,” she said before lying them on the shelf above the fire-place. Curious about the cash, she picks up one stack then flips through its bills counting one-thousand dollars in twenty's.

Melissa scurries away explaining. “There's a backpack in Sam's room we can use it to carry the money I'll go get it.”

Vanessa sums up the entire tall stack in the safe, then looks down at Jack.“There's at least a hundred-grand in here, why the hell do you fools keep so much cash on hand?”

When she turns away Jack sweeps her legs with his one good leg, yelling out. “None of your fucking Business Bitch.” As she falls to the floor her body lands hard knocking the stun-gun and pistol from her pockets, both slide away on the hard floor. The gun slides to a stop only inches from Jack's shoulder, she grabs for it but he rolls over it then flips his upper body over her chest. Now penned underneath she struggles reaching for the gun, barley touching it by her fingertips. Jack having only teeth for defense bites her sinking them into flesh, just above the collar-bone and lower neck. "Eeeahh!" she screams in pain.

She pulls his hair at the back of his head while fumbling for the gun lying out of reach with the other, barley touching it with her fingertips. Feeling her own blood trickling from the wound he's inflicting, unable to grasps the gun she moves that hand to his face then shoves a thumb into his eye socket causing his own howling scream of pain. This clever move dislodges his bite but she's unable to push him away. With his eye now bleeding barley able to see her robe has fallen open exposing her breast he bites again, this time it's the soft flesh of her right breast. “Eeeahh!” she screams high pitched as he bites down hard.

On hearing screams while searching the backpack in Sam's bedroom, Melissa sprints across the living-room floor bat held high then swings down hard striking the mans back just below the shoulder-blades. Suddenly having the breath knocked from his lungs ends his violent attack, he rolls from his victim onto his back gasping for breath. Now free, although bloodied from his attack Vanessa grabs the gun then stands up pointing it at Jack, shouting.

“That Fucking Hurt You Son-of-a-Bitch!”

Her finger twitched at first, she hadn't planned to shoot him but having so much hatred for the man she pulls the trigger over and over. Blood spatter from his wounds splash over both she and Melissa's skin and clothing as they stand over the dying mans chest being riddled with 40 caliber bullets. She stops firing before emptying the entire fifteen round clip.

After taking a calming breath she kneels down next to his body, checks his pulse making sure he's dead then goes through his pants pockets finding a set of keys with one key showing it belongs to a classic Mustang Cobra and one smaller key with a brand name showing it belongs to his gun cabinet. She rolls him over then rummages through back-pockets finding his wallet then shoves everything inside one now bloodied terrycloth robe pocket. She looks up at Melissa who as of now seems confused.

“I'm sorry Missy....I just couldn't stop shooting.”

“It's just I've never seen anyone die like that before,” said Melissa, she eyes her wounds. “Your bleeding, come with me there're bandages in Sam's bathroom I'll patch you up.”

Vanessa checks herself seeing blood trickling from the bite mark on her breast. "Oh shit it looks like I will need some patching, but first help me move his body over to the basement door. We'll throw him down the steps and then, unless you need something from down there I'm going to roll that door shut and seal them both inside their precious little dungeon.”

Melissa smiles. “I've always thought of that ugly hole down there as Hell on Earth so yes it's a perfect place to bury two evil men like Sam and Jack. Okay Vanessa, you take one leg I'll take the other.”

Vanessa speaks chillingly nonchalant as they drag Jack's body towards his tomb.

“And Missy. Being as I consider you one of my best friends, can you please call me Nessa. All my friends call me Nessa. I've always thought Vanessa to be way too informal.”

“Oh yeah, sure. I like your little nickname, it's short and sweet like you are. And hey, being as we're discussing names. I like the name Missy, that's what all my friends call me too.”

At the bookcase doorway, Vanessa calls out. “Okay, lift his legs high then shove him over.”

Both she and Missy force the bloody lifeless body over then watch it tumble down, landing on top of Sam's body at the bottom. Vanessa smiles and waves, Missy does it too.

“Good bye,” said Missy. “Enjoy your eternity in Hell together.”

Vanessa reaches inside bookcase were the fake book conceals a key-pad then pushes a button marked close. Both she and Melissa stand back watching it roll closed, relieved their ordeal is over; at least for now. Vanessa takes Missy's hand. “Thanks for helping me hide the bodies, giggle. Hey it's what best friend do, so now we'll be friends to the end right.”

“I've never thought of it like that," said Melissa. "But yes, we'll be friends to the end. Now come with me I'll see to those nasty bites, then we can clean this blood from our skin with a nice hot shower. I have a couple extra dresses I've made I'll give you one so you won't leave here wearing that ole bathrobe and you can wear my old pair of beach shoes too. And, speaking of clothing. Can you please drive us to a mall or a store, we can use some of that money we found in the safe to buy what we need. Especially underwear, they didn't let us wear any.”

Vanessa jingles Sam's Cadillac Escalade keys. “Why sure thing sweetie and we'll be going there in-style. I bet his fancy rig has a built-in GPS. I'll check for way-points to any malls we'll be passing on our way back to your home town in Pennsylvania, where we'll pay that ole family friend of yours a nice little visit. What was his name again and do you know his address?”

“Oh yes!” Missy replies. “I'll never forget where John Goshen lives. And if he's harmed my sister Hanna. I'm going to make that son-of-a-bitch pay dearly.”

She said the last showing pure hatred for the man.


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