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After three months at Journey's End my penis and balls had grown dramatically.

Constant penile expansion, and ejaculation, along with powerful and exotic supplements, had increased my size and capacity dramatically. I was approaching 10 inches now and my balls were large and always swollen with copious amounts of cum.

I was called in for an interview with the section warden and as I stood there hands secured behind me, I looked at her, my dick hard, as usual. She explained certain things that would change my situation here drastically.

"You have been chosen for important work," she said, seriously, "it is quite an honor for you, and you will further the study of male semen extract tremendously." I had no idea what she was talking about and could feel another orgasm coming on, and knew I would soon need relief.

"You and two others here are producing unusual amounts of an extremely rare element in your semen known to us as E-11. This element is so rare that we have great difficulty isolating and refining it. You and the other two will be placed in our special treatment unit...and you will be expected to produce large amounts of seminal fluid each day."

"Your production now is quite large...but with the help of our special usage facility, you will produce even more, much more." She got up and gently stroked my pecker..."Don't worry," she said as she looked at my dripping pisshole, "I know you need relief...this will take only a short time more."

"We have found that when our SPU's are greatly embarrassed or humilated during semen extraction, minute amounts of E-11 show up in our tests. The embarrassment is the factor causing excretion of E-11. You and the other two SPU's are producing much, much greater amounts of E-11, actually by a factor of 100.

"There is an genuine difference between embarrassment and humiliation, in our research. They each produce similar but slightly different elements in the extracted semen. Embarrassment is the primary key in our search for the elusive E-11. Embarrassment is a sharp, immediate feeling of discomfort and the need to withdraw from the view of others, and it is actually the most painful to our self esteem."

"In our special facility you and the others will be subjected to extreme embarrassment on a daily basis while being milked, and you will all produce much larger amounts of our golden element. You will be transferred after this next milking and you'd better get to Gina now and let her do you or you'll be squirting all over the floor."

I was flabbergasted at this latest development but could do absolutely nothing about it and nodded, leaving quickly to go to the extraction room. Gina was there with her latex gloves on and I bent over the desk as she sat beside me and held the collection cup under my dick.

She expertly jacked me off, stroking my stiff peter and in a short time I moaned loudly, and pumped my hips forward in an exaggerated fashion, as I squirted an enormous discharge into the waiting collector. I pumped and moaned several times as the cum continued to spit out, and finally she milked the last drops from me, shaking my dripping dick.

"Good load!," she said should be ready again in an hour." I left the room and she took the semen and labeled and sealed it, putting it in the refrigeration unit.

Within fifteen minutes two guards arrived to escort me to the special treatment wing, my cock still dripping cum as we walked down the hallway. One of the guards held an absorbing cloth on the tip of my pisshole most of the way there to avoid a mess in the hallway.

The STW was located in the upper level of the building...and was quite pleasant, and my room was very comfortable with TV, easychair, a full size bed, and my own bathroom and shower. The room was filled with spy cameras and I knew that every single thing that I did would be closely watched.

I dare not jackoff...even though I wanted to constantly.

I was locked in the room and fifteen minutes later a meal was brought to me, which I quickly devoured. I had to take the powerful drugs and supplements also, and soon settled down to a good sleep.

I was awakened a few hours later by the entrance of the guards and one of the staff here, a very pretty woman in her thirties with wonderful smile. I sat up and stood, my dick was amost always hard, and it stood out in front of me showing my wet pisshole.

"I daresay you are ready to be jacked off again," she said, in a very friendly manner, "and I can see for myself what your wad looks like." She sat on the bed and held a collection cup beneath my bobbing dick. She massaged my swollen balls and beat my pecker off...obviously enjoying her work.

"That's it," she breathed, "let's see what you've got." "Fucking nice dick!" She jerked me faster now and I groaned and spasmed as I ejaculated a thick streamer of cum into the container. She milked me rapidly forcing out more squirts of dickwad and soon had drained me completely. "Nice fucking cum," she said looking up at me.

She swirled the thick semen around the cup and smelled it briefly...nice texture, nice aroma, you're going to do just fine here hon!"

I could tell she was a consumate expert on cum, and I was glad she had a pleasant disposition. "I jackoff horses and bulls too'" she said, massaging my hanging peter, "We've got a livestock facility here...I've been jacking dicks off all my life...I really get turned on by it...I know everything there is to know about squirting dicks." She smiled again and they left the room...she had placed a sealer cap over the cup for it's storage in a refrigeration unit.

After a shower and another nap the guards came again and took me to a smaller room, more like a cubicle, with wrap around windows for viewing.

There was a special recliner chair in the center of the room equiped with restraint straps, and various trappings and gadgets nearby. Another comfortable easy chair was right in front of the center chair. They sat me in the recliner and strapped my ankles so that I was sitting in a slight recline position legs spread and my dick and balls were over an opening in the front bottom of the chair. Then they strapped my knees on each side so that my legs would be spread wide apart at all times.

There was a special collection receptacle under my dick which rose upward at the end to catch flying semen should it spit out with too much power. There was also an opening in the rear, presumably so that I could be manipulated from behind. There were two side doors into the cubicle and one in the rear.

A hypnosis nurse came from the rear door and sat before me. She stroked my pecker and balls as she talked to me. She swabbed my arm and gave me an injection. "This will make you very sensitive to emotional stimuli", she said gently. "Your remaining time at Journey's End will probably be here in the special usage section, but one never knows."

"I've conditioned you many times to ejaculate for us, and now you will be allowed to masterbate yourself in this room. You will jackoff in front of attractive females who will be, many times, complete strangers to you. You will do this every hour and all day long. You are being given our most sophisticated aphrodisiacs so you will be in a state of sexual arousal all the time. We want you to be embarrassed as much as possible, as you've been told. Our psychology staff will see to that.

"Hundreds of women will see you playing with your dick and giving us your cum. I think you will find it extremely unconfortable over time. They are being paid very very well to cause you embarrassment and will receive a bonus each time if you produce an extra large amount of E-11."

"We will give you breaks from this, however, so that we may come at you from various angles with our other methods, but this will be the center of your world for some time to come."

"You will be awakened and milked during the night at times...wet dream cum is rich in elements. You will also be required to perform aggravated analingus on some of your jackoff women, you'll find out what that means soon, I'm sure, or even suck cock while jerking off, according to their whims. They are given almost complete freedom to do anything not phsically distructive to you, and in fact are encouraged to be creative in their obscene manner.

Of course your output will diminish after each session but that is to be expected isn't it?

"You have been given a highly advanced aphrodisiac that will force you to ejaculate uncontrollably once you start an orgasm, and it can be quite uncomfortable while being watched."

"There will be viewers in the mini theater looking at you for entertainment much of the'll find that this also adds to your...we'll call it 'total embarrassment', for lack of a better term."

"I'm going to put you into a trance now, and when you awaken you will not remember what I told you, but will be obey my words completely, without hesitation or question. I'm going to put some more garbage in your mind, so to speak, and you won't even remember what it is."

She said a few key words and I blanked out totally...and awoke a short time later sitting there alone. When I looked up though, I saw that there were several viewers in the mini theater, and they were talking and grinning at me derisively.

Soon the side door on the right opened and a pretty woman in her late twenties came in and sat in the easy chair across from me.She wore a tight skirt and had a cute ass, and shifted around grinning nervously at me.

My pecker was super hard and stood out, bobbing from the intense erection. Cum oozed from my pisshole and dribbled down the bottom onto my balls. I was very horney and was breathing heavily as I looked at her across from me. MY sense of embarrassment was already in full gear, and I looked at her sheepishly as I sat there waiting.

She grinned slyly..."Are you going to play with your dick for me?" I shifted and looked down and up again. "You like to play with yourself don't you? I looked at her but didn't say anything. "I'll bet you'd like to jackoff all the time wouldn't you?" I remained silent and my peter was beginning to ooze cum more and more.

She looked intently at me..."Ok you're going to give me a good show now and I want you to stroke your pecker for me." I looked up again and started to rub my dick and soon jacked it slowly. "Jack it off for me and give me nice wad of cum...I want to watch you ejaculate."

I stroked a little faster now looking at the women in the mini theater who were watching me intently.

The woman was becoming aroused watching me and shifted around as if her pussy were itching. "Flip your fucking dick around, I want to see it flip back and forth!" My peter was rockhard now and I pulled it and let it go making it flip side to side and up and down. I was losing control and felt an orgasm building.

She was leaning over now with a strange look on her face and she looked intently at my springing dong.

"Now rub the bottom of your peter real fast up and down with your hand and make him spit off that way!" There was no doubt that I was feeling a genuine degradation by now and the viewers were enjoying the show as much as the woman in front of me.

I rapidly stroked my fingers up and down the base and front part of my dick and soon I moaned and pumped my hips upward as my pisshole erupted and propelled a long stream of dickwad under the overhang of the plastic container. I jerked uncontrollably squirting six or seven times as the thick cum splashed against the surface and flowed down into the funneled bottom into the collection vial.

The woman laughed as I continued my humping and soon my load was completed as the cum dribbled from my open pisshole."Well you know what to do with that thing don't you!", she gushed, "you gave us the full show!"

"You really are quite pathetic, jacking off in front of women you don't even know! Your weenee is your favorite friend isn't he?" She laughed again and left, and within a short time a nurse came in the door behind me and removed the collection vial and replaced the plastic receptacle with a new one. She wiped my dick off with a wet cloth and dryed it.

MY dick was still semi hard and soon worked it's way up to a full erection again. I could feel the cum building in my testes already, they were fantastically active and just as soon as the liquid emptied out, it was replaced very quickly. She gave me a large plastic bottle to drink from while she did her work. It contained super nourishment and other things I could scarcely imagine.

"You take a nap sugar," she said smoothly, "you'll have another visitor in about an hour." She wiped up the floor area under me and left the room as I layed back and tried to relax and maybe doze a little.

The spectators had gone and I fell into a light slumber, probably helped by some kind of relaxers in the drug injection I had been given.

What I wasn't aware of is that the hypnosis nurse had placed post hypnotic suggestions in my mind that would make me see women who were not there, women who I knew or who were familiar to me...and not the paid strangers, in some cases...and I would actually believe that these women were there in front of me.

I awoke when I heard the side door open again...and to my utter horror, I saw a woman who had been a cashier at a supermarket where I'd shopped. We'd had an argument over something or other and I had been very angry with her and had made a quite a scene at the store insulting her with some choice epithets.

I cringed and couldn't look at her, feeling utter shame as she saw me in this strange situation.

"Well look what we've got here," she snickered, "don't you look real sexy sitting there with a hardon!" "So you're jacking off in front of anybody who comes by huh!" "Well come on you sick bastard...let's see you play with your little dick!" "Come on you pathetic fuck make your best friend there shoot it's little wad for me!"

She cupped my chin in her hand and pinched my cheeks..."I said stroke it jackoff your little thing for me!"

I began to jackoff slowly not able to look at her. She became very angry. "Well look me in the eyes you disgusting cocksucker...look at me when you jackoff!"

I cringed and looked at her as I beat my meat...and the cum dripped out as I moved my hand up and down.

I beat off my cock as I gazed at her, unable to comprehend such humiliation. She grinned slyly..."You sure are good at that dickwad...and I heard about something else you're good at too. I heard you suck that true?"

I just looked down at my hand and dick...completely mortified. "I take that for a yes, and in that case..."

"Well we're just going to have some fun aren't we?" She pressed the intercom and spoke loudly...there were three women spectators in the mini theater, and they had big smiles on their faces.

"Send in some dick please," she grunted, as she looked closely into my eyes.

"We're gonna bring in a nasty dick for you to suck...won't that be nice?" She was having her complete revenge and I had to sit there and take it...wishing I had never gone to the store that day.

Soon the other side door opened and a nude male came in wearing a black head cover. He had a huge dick and it was slowly oozing precum. His cock stood out hard as a rock as he stroked it lightly.

He came close and stuck his cockhead next to my face.

"Open your fucking mouth blowboy...I want to watch you suck!" She was beside herself with lust and put her face close to mine. He grabbed my head, pulled it sideways, and shoved his dripping meat against my lips and pushed in. I finally let the obscene member slide into my mouth, and he held my head and began to fuck in and out deeply.

"Turn your fucking head this way so I can see you eat dick," the woman said as she pulled my head toward her. There I was with a large penis jammed in my mouth...and as the stiff weiner did it's work my cheeks bulged out and my eyes glazed over with degradation. Precum dribbled down my chin as the woman looked closely and rubbed the man's pecker, and soon started to jack it off.

"Alright you disgusting bastard, you're going to cum at the same time you get your mouth filled and you're going to beat if off!" I jacked off faster now and felt like the lowest form of life as the huge peter forced my lips open.

He fucked more rapidly now and just as I jerked and shot my wad, his large prong spat in my mouth simultaneously. I humped up and down several times into the container...and swallowed several mouthfuls of salty sperm at the same time.

She was grinning widely and enjoying every minute of the entertainment. Soon his dick hung limp by my chin...and cum ran from my mouth.

She grabbed my head and spoke to me, her face very close.
"How'd you like that you lowlife cocksucker! Did that taste pretty good? You're about an ignorant son-of-a-bitch, you know that?" She pulled down on my chin..."Open wide you toilet mouth cocksucker...I've got something for you!"

I was numb by now and opened my mouth obediently. She spit on my tongue several times as she held my hair. "Now swallow it shit for brains!" I looked at her with teared eyes and gulped down the glob of saliva. "Good job you sewer mouth sack of crap...maybe I'll see you in the store sometime again...I'll be looking for you."

They both left and after the nurse had done her job, and I washed the taste of cum and spit from my mouth, I fell into a profound slumber. Unfortunately I was awakend soon by the sound the door opening again for my next challenge.

At this point I didn't really care, and resigned myself to finish my time here, whatever happened, and to have my freedom again one day.

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2008-10-12 18:20:41
You might check your continuity, he went from 12" in the last episode to 10" here


2007-01-07 08:26:43
I read all your stories and this one was pretty good but could have had some anal action to really make it great.

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