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We finally get the guys together at the ranch. Jodi has several scenarios in mind. All of us do a great job of helping her live them out. One of our most ambitious weekends of sexual exploitation.
Jodi's Story Part 6

The Farm

It was late August and still nice and warm in Eastern Oregon. It cooled down pretty good at night but got beastly hot

during the day. We drove most of the day and arrived at dinner time. My older sister, her husband and son were glad to see

us. We had a great dinner and chatted about everything. Jodi was having fun and enjoying some wine. We dressed real casual

so she and my sister wore shorts and tank tops. My brother and law and I wore jeans and t shirts and sat around drinking

beers. As the evening progressed they showed us where everything was and what needed to be done. When they showed us the

barn and hay loft Jodi looked over and winked at me. Evidently she definitely approved. They explained the nearest

neighbor was an old family friend that lived 5 miles away. I knew them well and was reminded to go over and say Hi while

we were there. The next morning at Oh my god early sis and family headed for the airport for their long awaited vacation.

They thanked us profusely for watching the place and we just smiled and said "No problem at all". Little did they know

what we had in mind.

We slept in that morning and had sex in bed that morning. I asked if we could begin properly and lose the raincoat and

Jodi told me "No, breeding season will begin when the guys get her. Not before." Sad sigh but I still had fun. That day we

explored the farm more. The small stream running through the place had a little dam that made a nice pond so we sat there

for a while. I asked if she was up for all of this and if she wanted to change anything. She was game for all of it.

We walked back to the house and I got out my boxes of newer video gear. It cost a pretty penny so we were really careful

with it. In my nephews room we set up the computer to manage all the feeds and file set-ups. In each room upstairs we

mounted two cameras with wireless remotes. We had fun focusing and adjusting everything. By evening we were whooped. After

dinner Jodi went to the spare room upstairs and had me test the cameras and computer links. I was in my nephews room

sitting at the computer when I saw her walk into the room naked. She looked around and smiled. I watched like a voyeur as

she got on the bed and started rubbing her tits. In a very short while she had several fingers in her pussy and rubbing

one of her tits. She kept looking at the camera and smiling then licking her lips. She was playing and enjoying every

minute of it. I watched as she got up on her knees and kept on playing with herself. She looked around and then looked at

the camera with a very mischievous look.

She was up to something and I knew it. She got up and moved to the foot of the bed. I finally saw what she was up to and

about came in my pants. She started rubbing her pussy on the bedpost. The top of it looked like a series of round balls

stacked on top of one another. The smallest one on top and getting bigger as it got down to the main post which looked to

be a 4x4 post. Jodi started rubbing the smallest top ball aroound the opening of her pussy. I played with the zoom on the

cameras and tried to pan into exactly what she was doing. Things worked pretty good and I played with the cameras a bit as

I watched the first two balls on the bedpost disappear in her hungry pussy. It was quite a show. She rubbed her clit and

moved up and down on that post for quite a while until she got herself off. What a nice show.

I moved the cameras back to the center of the bed and widened the field of view and headed for the spare room. Needless

to say I fucked Jodi like a man possessed. That was some hot hot sex. Afterward we lay there and talked. I realized that

our camera system was good and the resolution was great but to get the best video someone needed to be at the computer

monitor to aim the cameras and make sure the auto focus was keeping things in frame. I was in a quandry over how to handle

that and still take part in fucking my lovely wife when the time came. To do some of this right we may just have to have

two guys at a time while I filmed. I hadn't planned on this.

The next morning was Friday morning and we got up reasonably early and headed to the barn after breakfast. In one of the

tack rooms I found an electrical outlet and set up our second computer. We rigged up several cameras in the main part of

the barn and a couple in the loft. I wasn't sure which place would be used to I wired both up. It got good and hot that

day and after we had things set up Jodi headed to the hay loft as I sat at the computer. She rummaged through a box of

goodies she'd taken up there. I watched her set up handcuffs and manacles on the posts then rig ropes to the rafters as

she stood in an x position to make sure I saw. She rigged up ropes for her legs as well between the upright posts in the

loft. She went downstairs and did the same thing. I saw her rummage through her box of goodies and rig things up. She even

found an old sawhorse and laid a couple horse blankets over it and add some ropes to the legs. When she was done she

surprised me. She took of her shorts and top and had nothing but her sandles on. She leaned over the padded sawhorse and

said "Honey.... we have a couple hours until the guys get here. I think breeding season is open so you better tie me to

this breeding bench and get started."

I set the cameras on auto and headed for the main part of the barn. She wiggled her ass. I walked up and grabbed her

wrists and tied her over that sawhorse then I tied ankles to it's legs. I took of my clothes and began by spanking her

ass. I asked if she was ready to be a complete whore for a week and she gladly acknowledged. I finger fucked her pussy and

ass for a while. I ended up manhandling her tits as I fucked her from behind. Before I blew my load I asked if she was

ready to spend the week getting knocked up starting now. She screamed out "Yes... Make me a mom". It took me 30 seconds to

blow my load after that. Our wild trip into parenthood had begun.

That evening we were sitting on the porch when a car came up the drive. It was a nice rental and seemed out of place way

out here. When it pulled up we saw Phillip get out. He had a shit eating grin on his face. All he could do was raise his

arms and turn completely around as he said "Wow... what a place way out here. How you two doing?" We laughed and headed

down to meet him. Hugs and handshakes were exchanged and we helped him with his bags into the house. We showed him to his

room and then we headed downstairs. We relaxed on the porch and had beers.

Jodi cuddled up next to Phillip on the swinging bench and I enjoyed a rocking type chair. We chatted for a while as the

sun slowly headed down. Just at sunset an SUV came up the drive. When it pulled to a stop Bob got out. He laughed and said

"If not for GPS I'd have never found this place. Sorry for being so late." We greeted him happily and introductions were

made and I handed him a beer. We finally got his bags into his room and he changed into some shorts and a polo shirt and

came downstairs.

Phillip and I were sitting in the living room chatting while Jodi was in the kitchen grabbing some beers and refilling

her wine. She looked so cute in her loose fitting red shorts and a white button up loose top. When I watched her as she

walked back I looked closely and saw her bra was gone. Little minx. She handed us each a beer and then sat right between

Phillip and Bob on the couch. She kind of purred out "I've been looking forward to getting us all together in one place

for a while. I'm glad everyone has met now." She rubbed Bobs leg and Phillips at the same time. Bob leaned over and kissed

her shoulder and she ran a hand up the side of his face and kind of coo'ed. Phillip kissed her hand and up her arm a bit.

Jodi giggled and said "Oh such gentlemen.... I hope that changes soon."

I think they took the hint as she began kissing each of them. Before I could blink her top was unbuttoned and each of her

tits was getting attention. Jodi's eyes were closed as she had one man attached to each nipple. I could tell she was in

heaven. She opened her eyes slightly and looked over at me and smiled. She starteed running her hands through their hair

as I saw her rise up off the couch a little bit. I could see the guys working together to pull her shorts down her legs.

She didn't have any panties on either. They wasted no time getting fingers in her pussy once she spread her legs wide.

Things shifted slightly and Bob ended up kissing her and playing with her tits as Phillip slid down between her legs and

started licking her pussy. Jodi was in seventh heaven. She came hard with Phillips talented tongue working on her. Phillip

tapped Bob on the shoulder and motioned for him to fuck Jodi. She laid back on the couch and Bob went to town in her wet

pussy. He just dove right in. Phillip kissed Jodi and played with her tits, squeezing her tender nipples as Bob plowed her

pussy. It didn't take Bob long to cum in her the first time. Phillip bent her over the armrest of the couch and she was

looking right at me as he entered her with his monster. She grit her teeth and groaned while looking me right in the eyes.

What a sight. Bob walked around and put his cock in her mouth while Phillip fucked her very well. I could hear her

groaning as she was filled from both ends. It took much longer for Phillip to cum but he came buckets into her fertile

pussy. Breeding season was definitely open.

On Saturday morning I got up early and made the coffee. I woke Bob up and we had breakfast and talked fishing. In e-mails

up to this point and phone calls back and forth we found that we both loved trouut fishing so the plan was hatched. I had

plenty of gear so we headed for town. Bob got his non-resident fishing liscence and we grabbed a couple Subway sandwiches

and some beer then we headed for a stream I knew well.

I had left a note for Phillip and explained that Bob and I were fishing. He had all day. I also told him what J was

looking forward to. I set the note on his nightside stand with a cup of coffee and tapped his shoulder. He was just

sitting up and having coffee as I left. All I heard was "Thanks Buddy.... coffee. Oh yeah!"

I had kissed Jodi good morning and given her a cup of coffee too. I told her to have fun and told her where Bob and I

would be fishing. I asked if there was any time she wanted us back. She just smiled an evil little grin and said "Oh

somewhere just before dinner." I chuckled and said "Have fun little farmers wife." and headed out after one more

passionate kiss. I heard the shower start as I headed downstairs.

During our trip Bob had alot of questions about Jodi and what she liked and what she didn't like. I filled him in on most

things but respected her privacy as well. He seemed to get fairly excited about her penchant for things being rough. We

talked about what we planned for Sunday and about the escaped prisoner thing. He seemed very excited about this. Phillip

was laid back yet Bob got really excited and animated about things. Definitely different cats....

Jodi's day was fun according to what she said and the video we watched later. I mean I could tell you all about a great

day trout fishing and many of us would enjoy that but lets read Field and Stream for that stuff. Here is how Jodi's day


Phillip had a quick breakfast and more coffee while he heard Jodi shower. He was tempted to go up and join her then and

there since they were nice and alone. He walked out to the barn with a bag of things he had brought along for the weekend.

He changed into the clothes he brought special. Kind of funny but he had a tee shirt and coveralls on. He looked the part

of a farm hand a little.

Jodi showered and then dried off. She went downstairs and had more coffee and some cereal for breakfast. She saw Phillip

walking to the barn with a bag. She kind of smiled to herself and thought "This is gonna be fun". It was after 9 oclock so

she headed upstairs to get ready. She put on panties and a bra but sat back on the bed and thought for a minute. She

reached into her dresser and got out some lube. Off came the panties and she lubed her fingers really well then rubbed

lots of her favorite coconut scented lube into her pussy and ass. She took a little longer than she expected and found

herself so near her first climax of the day. She got control of herself and finally put her panties back on. Jodi put on a

sleeveless knee length denim dress that buttoned up the front and a pair of sandals. Her hair was one long ponytail and

instead of her contacts she wore her wire framed glasses. She looked very much a farm girl.

Jodi walked to the barn and entered slowly. She wasn't sure how Phillip was going to play this. It was supposed to be the

farm hand seducing the farmers wife but she kind of anticipated getting attacked too. She called out Phillips name.

Phillip responded by saying "Up here". He was up in the loft so she took the stairs up to see him. Phillip was lounged

back against some hay bales that had an old blanket over them. He was sitting drinking from a bottle.

Jodi asked "What are you doing up here Phillip?" He looked at her and said "Well your husband has gone to town and says

he won't be back til late. I'm takin it easy today and havin me a nice drink." Jodi said "Shouldn't you be working?"

Phillip smiled and said "No miss Jodi.... no today. I'm drinkin and enjoying my day. Why don't you join me?" She looked

around and said "I don't know. My husband would kill me." Phillip smiled and said "Why don't relax a bit. He ain't here

and you would enjoy relaxin" Jodi looked around as Phillip patted a hay bale and said "Come on over and have a seat". Jodi

sat down and looked around then said "What are you drinking?" Phillip laughed and said "Some of my cousins special white

lightning. Ya wanna try some?" Jodi shook her head so he handed her the bottle.

Phillip sat next to her and told her to sip not gulp this stuff. After several sips she passed back the bottle. He took

some and passed it back. They had drank a bit when he pulled out a little pill bottle and said "Here try one of these.

You'll love it". She looked at him quizzically and he smiled and said "Just try it". She took a pill and washed it down.

Phillip smiled. He relaxed and chatted her up about how long she was married then asked more questions like was she a good

girl etc. He finally leaned over and in a low voice asked "Were you a virgin when you maried?" Jodi batted her eyes like

she was trying to focus then said "Oh no I wasn't. I was kinda crazy when I was younger." Phillip smiled again then

whispered "Why don't you get crazy and have fun now? Your husband ain't around". Jodi looked around and said "Oh I

couldn't.... I'm married. I mean I shouldn't. It just wouldn't be right.... would it?" Phillip smiled again.

Jodi was turning a bit red and acting like she was real warm. She was kind of fidgetty as well. Phillip handed her more

moonshine which she drank readily by then she was feeling no pain. Phillip leaned over and said "We could have a good bit

of fun while your husband is away". Jodi kind of looked around and said "We shouldn't. It wouldn't be right. What if

someone found out?" Phillip put his hand on her thigh and ran it up and down then said "Just you and me here today. No one

to find out". She kind of whimpered and said "It's not right... but...". At that point Phillip put his hand on her face

and pulled her to him and kissed her. Jodi whimpered "Oh we shouldn't" then returned the kiss passionately. There was no

turning back from there.

Phillip began unbuttoning her denim dress and kissing her neck and shoulders and Jodi responded in a big way. She pulled

the shoulder straps of his overalls off and was rubbing his chest. When her dress was wide open Phillip undid the front

clasp on her bra and began sucking on her beautiful tits. Jodi whimpered and began breathing rapidly. She was so turned

on. She helped Phillip remove his tee-shirt and he dropped his coveralls as her dress hit the floor.

Phillip laid her back on the hay bales right onto the blanket then kissed his way down her belly. He pulled her panties

to the side and began licking her pussy. Jodi groaned and began pushing her pussy into his mouth. He lifted her hips a bit

and pulled her panties off. Once she was naked he continued the onslaught on her pretty little pussy. Jodi was hyper

sensitive. She came so fast and so loud. After she had relaxed a bit Phillip stood and removed his shorts. Jodi came to

and grabbed his huge cock. In no time at all she was sucking him like I had never seen her suck before. It was frenzied.

She nearly had him cumming when he pushed her away. She was ravenous yet she looked up and him and said "What was that

pill? I'm so fucking horney I can't stand it". Phillip laughed and said "Oh just a little X to help you feel like fun"

Jodi laid back and spread her legs wide. She began rubbing her pussy and said "For god's sake fuck me. I'm so fucking

horney. Come on". Phillip smiled and began rubbing his cockhead along her slit. She was going friggin wild.

Phillip finally obliged and slid inside her as she let out a low groan. He was taking his time and she was frantic. It

was amazing how the X tasy was affecting her. She came again after maybe a minute of him being buried deep in her. It

seemed she was super sensitive and wanted more and more. Phillip obliged and began fucking her deep and fast. She came

again before he finally did.

While both of them were recovering from their climaxes they began moving around. She began rubbing her tits and pussy

again. She was on fire. She finally ended up kissing Phillip passionately. He got up and walked her over to a big beam. He

grabbed her wrists and tied them up above her head. She was standing there confused. He grabbed her ankles and tied them

way apart to ropes that extended along the floor to other beams. She was a perfectly fuckable X in the middle of the loft.

Phillip walked around her and pinched her nipples. Jodi let out a groan. He slapped her entire tit and she yelped. He

walked around behind her and swatted her perfect ass. She yelped again. He began running his fingers up and down her ass.

He pulled out a special little bottle from his coveralls on the floor and returned to her ass. He squirted some on his

fingers and said "This will make things even more fun" He rubbed lots of lube into her ass and began finger fucking her

with one, then two, then three fingers. Jodi was going wild. Phillip reached around the front of her and rubbed some lube

all around her pussy then slapped her pussy a few times. She howled and threw her head back looking at the ceiling and

yelled "Oh fuck..... what the hell did you do? My pussy and ass tingle so weird". He slapped her pussy and ass again and

she quivered "Oh fuck...... " The quietly she whimpered "More". Phillip commenced a good spanking of her ass and pussy

then ran three fingers in her ass as he swatted her pussy repeatedly. I could see her legs shaking and knew she was

cumming. She let out a howl as she came then nearly went limp.

Phillip walked around in front of her and looked her up and down. Jodi slowly raised her head and looked at him then

smiled. Philip grabbed each of her nipples and twisted a bit. She bit her lower lip and let out a groan. In a quick motion

he reached up and undid her wrists and pushed on her back. Somehow he ended up bending her over and tying her wrists to

her ankles. Her hair was down around her face and she was bent over. Phillip threw he hair to the side and placed his cock

in her mouth. He worked it into her mouth and all that could be heard was her slurping gurgling sounds. Phillip began

fucking her mouth. Not just gentle strokes but downright fucking her mouth and throat. She groaned and gagged and gasped

for breath but he continued fucking her mouth. In a few minuted he tensed up and pumped a big load down her throat. Jodi

swallowed and gagged and swallowed all while gasping for air.

Phillip withdrew and walked away from her for a couple minutes. It was evident Jodis balance was not good and she almost

fell over standing with her legs tied widespread and her wrists tied to her ankles. Phillip untied her ankles after he

grabbed a bit of moonshine. He gave Jodi a couple sips then picked her up over his shoulder. She groaned since her wrists

were still tied to her ankles. Phillip carried her over and laid her on her back on a blanket covered hay bale. Jodi was

laying on her back and Phillip spread her legs way apart. He ran a rope to a couple beams and hooked them to her ankles as

well. When tightened her legs were way apart and her wrists tied to her ankles.

Phillip pulled over a bucket and sat between her legs. He began slapping her pussy. Jodi howled and bucked at each slap.

Phillip asked "Are you a slut wife?" Jodi shook her head "No". He swatted her again and said "Are you a slut"? She groaned

and said "Yes". Phillip smiled and rubbed her pussy. He stopped and said "How many cocks have fucked this pussy?" Jodi

groaned and said "I don't know". He swatted her pussy and said "How many?" She bucked a bit the groaned "I have no idea.

it has been so so many....I'm such a slut". Phillip put a couple fingers in her pussy and said "For such a slut how come

your pussy is still tight?" She whimpered and said "I'm little, I'm only 5' 2" and my pussy is small too.... I try and do

tightening exercises.... but I love BIG cocks so they loosen me back up." Phillip chuckled and said "Well your about to

get loosened up again slut." She let out a groan as he pushed four fingers into her cunt and worked them around.

Phillip played with Jodi's pussy for quite a while nearly bringing her to climax several times. Each time he would stop.

It was having the affect of frustrating her and driving her wild. He finally leaned in and said "Beg me to fuck your

married pussy." As he stopped playing with her pussy again. She was definitely turned on. She yelled "Fuck me you

bastard". Phillip slapped her pussy and said "No.... I said beg me to fuck your married pussy." He ran a finger up and

down her pussy then lightly touched her clit. He pulled away and she groaned. She finally literally yelled "Oh please fuck

my married pussy. Fuck me like the little whore I am pleaseeeee...."

Phillip got up and placed his cock at her entrance and pushed slightly into her then stopped. Jodi was whimpering and

moving her hips but he would go no further. Jodi seemed very desperate as she hissed through her teeth "Oh please please

just fuck me.... god I'm so damned horney". Phillip laughed and said "If I fuck you I'm gonna do it my way. You sure you

want fucked little whore?" Jodi groaned and said "Oh god yes... Fuck me." Phillip chuckled the looked right into her eyes

then he immediately looked serious. With no more play he slammed into her all the way to the hilt. Jodi let out a blood

curdling scream as he pounded against her cervix. He held still buried in her as she cried out "Oh my god that hurts."

Phillip looked into her eyes and growled "Good heres more slut" as he pused harder. She grunted and strained as he pushed

his pelvis hard against hers for a minute. All of a sudden he pulled out completely and stood there with his cock pointed

right at her pussy. He hissed "So DO you want fucked little slut wife?" Jodi closed her eyes and kind of groaned then

slightly shook her head yes. Phillip hissed "Say it slut... Say it." Jodi kind of whimpered "Yes... fuck me".

Phillip thankfully did not miss as he pushed quickly forward and speared her pussy to the hilt in one fast move. Jodi

groaned in a bit of discomfort but could do nothing but endure an epic fucking. He did not stop his rapid in/out pace for

what seemed like forever. Jodi was panting and her legs , even tied, were shaking continuously. I think she was cumming

almost continuously (if thats possible). Juices were pouring out of her pussy and running down her ass onto the blanket

and she was groaning the whole time. Phillip finally growled and pushed in deep as he came in her pussy. It was a fuck I

had only imagined.

Phillip staggered back and sat for a minute. Once he composed himself he had a swig of moonshine. He must have been

hammered by now. He slowly got up and walked over to Jodi. She was still kind of out of it. He untied her legs and

forcefully rolled her over on the bales. Her ankles and wrist were still bound together. She ended on her knees with her

chest on the blanket and her ass in the air.

Phillip leaned over and gave her a little swig of moonshine as well. Jodi made a face like it burned going down. Phillip

laughed and said "I hope you liked that swig cause you won't like this one." He stuffed his big cock in her mouth and

began fucking her throat quite forcefully. Jodi struggled for air and comfort and only got just a little of each. Phillip

laughed and said "Honey this day just ain't gonna end for you. Viagra and X make a potent combo." Jodi kind of groaned but

Phillip was not going to let up.

After what seemed like the longest throat fuck of her life Phillip pulled out and looked at her. He laughed and said

"Having fun little whore?" Jodi just groaned. Phillip walked around behind her and rubbed his cockhead over her pussy and

then her asshole. SHe began to groan when he pushed his cockhead against her asshole. He kept up a steady pressure and she

began groaning her protest as he popped in. She exhaled a loud "Ugh" as he entered her. Phillip leaned over her and hissed

"Now it's time to fuck this white wifes little ass." Jodi let out a groan just as Phillip began working his way into her

inch by inch. After a few minutes he was buried in her. He leaned over and grunted as he thrust into her a few times "You

like that little slut?" Jodi's eyes were shut and she had a pained expression on her face yet she grunted out "Oh fuck

yessss..." Phillip began a more vigorous pace with long in/out strokes followed by a few deep pushes. It was a unigue long

long thrust thrust thrust pace. Jodi was going wild over it. He seemed to fuck her like this for hours. I was amazed. Jodi

came a couple times and almost collapsed onto the bales but Phillip held her up and kept fucking non-stop. Before long

Jodi was screaming "Oh fuck me you big bastard. Fuck me" It was intense to say the least. Philip finally came deep in her

ass then pulled out slowly.

Phillip sat for a while panting. I could tell he was whooped. He finally got up and entirely untied Jodi. They sat

holding each other for a while. Phillip finally looked at Jodi and said "Let's go inside and catch a bath then some

lunch". She had a funny look on her face when she said "That sounds great." They walked out of the barn and into the house


Jodi ran a hot bath and settled in as Phillip walked in with a couple glasses of iced tea. He climbed into the tub with

her. THey finally ended up with him in the back of the big tub and her leaning against his chest with her back. They drank

tea and sat theere for a long time. Phillip finally set his tea down and grabbed a wash cloth and began washing Jodi's

body. When he rubbed her tits she groaned a bit and when he ran down between her legs she kind of purred. Jodi kind of

looked around at him and said "What the hell did you give me? I'm horney as soon as you touch me yet my pussy tingles so

funny." Phillip laughed then looked at her and whispered "My secret potion." They laughed and he said "Naw... I gave you

some X when we were drinking and that kicked your libido into high gear (you were already hormey) and that combined with

the drink well it just set you in overdrive. As for your pussy well... I put some cocaine in the lube I rubbed in your

pussy and ass. It will make it tingle and take away any pain (kind of like lidocaine or something)." Jodi just chuckled

and said "So you had to drug me up to fuck me like that?" Phillip looked alarmed for a second then Jodi smiled and said "I

loved it." Phillip let out a sigh of relief.

As they sat there talking Jodi looked at Phillip and said "There are many times I wished I'd had that combo of drugs....

I've had times I hurt so bad... These would have made it fun and not hurt so bad." Phillip kind of shrugged and said

"Maybe, Maybe not, It all depends on what was done to you. You may have not hurt at the time but been in agony when things

wore off." She kind of sighed and and said "I suppose so.... It would have made it more interesting and exciting though".

Phillip just sighed and said "I suppose so" and left it at that.

After the bath they towelled each other off and Jodi took Phillips hand and lead him to the bedroom. Standing next to the

bed she began stroking his still half hard cock. He tipped his head to the side and Jodi looked at him funny. She said

"I'm still horney and since you seduced the farmers wife you might as well fuck her in her husbands bed real good." They

chuckled as Jodi laid back and spread her legs. The two fo them fucked for a very long time. I could tell Jodi came very

hard Just before Phillip did. They both ended up slipping off to sleep. That is how I found them when we got home.

Snuggled up on the bed. Both seemed kind of groggy and hard to wake up. I guess what goes up must come down.

We had BBQ'd trout for dinner and shared some wine. Bob jabbered about the great fishing. After a little while he asked

how their day was. Jodi and Phillip looked at each other and smiled then said "It was fun, real fun." Later that evening

Phillip mentioned that he had to leave tomorrow evening before dinner to make it back home before midnight. Sad sigh... He

whispered conspiratorially "I have an idea... Kind of a twist on what we had planned though." We were all ears. He brought

up changing things slightly. Since Jodi is so small and can dress the part. Why not have her dress as the farmers daughter

tomorrow? She could come out to the barn and meet the escaped prisoners and Oh my what would happen then. I looked at Jodi

then winked. I had to admit to Phillip and Bob that I was not going to be available tomorrow since my sister had commited

me to a project on the next ranch over (old family friends etc) I apologized profusely but told them the plan would still

work very very well with two escaped prisoners if everyone was game. Phillip and Bob shook their heads yes and we all

looked at Jodi. She looked around and said "I have an outfit in mind and I think it will all work out." "OK"

As we got up to go to bed Jodi walked over and talked to Phillip for a few. He shook his head "yes" and headed off to

bed. While I was in the shower getting ready for bed I heard Jodi leave the bedroom for a couple minutes. When I was

towelling off I heard her return and then put something in her bedside dresser. We had a great evening after she crawled

into bed I worked my way down her front and ate her well fucked pussy. She loved it and came like gang busters. I fucked

her long and slow and relaxed afterwards. Jodi described her day and how Phillip had lasted forever by using Viagra. She

didn't mention X or moonshine.

I got up early in the morning and made coffee and breakfast. After taking everyone their coffee I teased Jodi a bit about

giving coffee to a young farmers daughter. She purred back "Thats not all the farmers daughter gets today." She grinned

and then showed me the outfit she had. I laughed and said "You minx... You actually packed that?" She smiled and said

"Just in case". She produced a plad knee length skirt, a white button up shirt, knee high white socks, white tennis shoes.

She got me to help braid her hair in two braids one on each side of her head then she put on her glasses. Once she was

dressed she looked like a catholic schoolgirl. I guess that was the look she wanted to play with. It was awesome. Boy did

I want to fuck her. I kissed her long and hard then she said "You better get going so you can get the truck parked down by

the pond then get back to the computer room in the tack room in time" We smiled at each other and I kissed her and left.

We had discussed someone being able to run the cameraas from the tach room and be able to zoom in/out and move cameras as

needed. Even though they were hidden well they could still be remotely moved and zoomed. Since this was a special scenario

for Jodi I wanted to get really good video.

I drove down the road a couple miles to the pond and parked the truck then walked back through the lower pasture and

into the barn. I changed out external hard drive so we would have plenty of capacity since I was sure yesterdays fun would

have nearly filled the original hard drive. I sat down and waited for the show. Unfortunately I got bored so I pulled out

my laptop and hooked up yesterdays external hard drive and had to look at yesterdays video feed a little bit. I moved

around a bit. I saw them drink and take a pill. That got my curiousity going (I'd have to ask later). I saw Phillip tie

her up and fuck her really hard. Amazing. I could see she was loving it even though I could see she was getting fucked

really hard. Damned... I just got to where He was ass-fucking her when I heard the guys come into the barn. I put the

laptop away and watched the monitor on the main computer. Things were working fine. The guys put on orange coveralls that

said "Couny Corrections" on the Back and front and nothing else. I ended up putting on the headphones so I could listen.

The mics withthe cameras weren't real good but I could make out what they said If I turned up the volume.

Bob high fived Phillip and said "Farmers daughter.... fucking brilliant. She's such a tight little spinner anyway.

Dressing her like a schoolgirl will be a wet dream come true." Phillip laughed and said "Glad you approve. When I fucked

her yesterday all I could visualize was fucking my high school girlfriend. She was such a fucking tease so I fucked her

big time Yesterday. haa haa" Bob shook his head and said "Good one. Maybe tomorrow I can pretend it's my fucking ex-wife."

They both laughed at that since both had ex-wives.

A few minutes later I heard the guys say "Screen door just slammed she's coming this way".

Jodi had finished her preparations and little did I know she had taken one of the bottle of pills Phillip had given her

and a couple snorts of moonshine. Big snorts that brought tears to your eyes. Ya just don't chug that stuff. She knows

that now.... She also used some of the bottle of lube that Phillip had given her too. Her pussy was tingling in no time

and her head was spinning. She grabbed a couple more drinks of her coffe to bury the moonshine taste in her mouth. She

waited a while until everything was kicking in nicely. She was sure the guys had been waiting long enough. When she headed

out the door she was floating on cloud nine. The drink, X, and cocaine laced lube were kicking her ass. She chuckled and

said to herself "Wow this will sure be great when I know things are gonna be a bit weird." She just smiled to herself as

she walked to the barn.

All was ready and the guys hid. Jodi walked in and looked around. She saw nothing then said "Thats strange... I thought I

saw someone go in the barn." She walked over and sat on a hay bale and twittled her long braid in front of her. I expected

the guys to pounce but instead they walked out and looked at her. I could tell the wheels in their heads were turning

seeing the schoolgirl outfit. Jodi stood up and said "Who are you guys? Does my dad know your in our barn?" They looked at

each other and said "I don't think he knows.... Where is he?" Jodi looked around then said "He's gone to the next county

to the auction and won't be home til late. You shouldn't be here without his permission." They chuckled and Bob said

"Theirs alot of things we shouldn't do without permission but since we're on a roll. What the hell." Jodi looked at both

of them and said "Since I'm home alone I think you all should leave". The guys looked at each other and said "We have a

better idea."

The two men lunged at her as she began to run. They caught her easily and pulled her back to a post in the center of the

barn. She was fighting and screaming as they put her back against the post. Phillip grabbed some rope and tied her wrists

behind her and the post. She tried kicking at them so they grabbed a couple pieces of rope and pulled her legs apart a bit

and tied her ankles outward to pieces of equipment a few feet away. They stood back and admired their handiwork. Legs

spread, arms tied behind this little schoolgirls as her tits stuck out front of her. What a dream come true. The only

problem was she's still screaming about her dad and bullshit like that. Bob slapped her face quite hard and yelled "Shut

the fuck up" This brought a tear to Jodi's eyes. I jumped up a bit upset but sat back down knowing this was part of the

game just not what I was expecting I suppose. Bob reached up under her dress and gave a couple big tugs. I could hear her

underwear tear. Bob said "Get me a short piece of rope." Phillip handed him one as Bob stuffed her panties in her mouth

and they secured them there with a short piece of rope. In fact as they finshed tying the gag they forced her head back

and tied it around the post as well securing her head in place against the post. The two would be rapists stepped back and

viewed their handiwork again.

Bob and Phillip shook their heads and did a fist bump then said "Fuckin A.... This is gonna be sweet." They stepped

forward and Phillip grabbed her blouse and tore it open. Jodi yelled into her gag. Bob grabbeed her tits and squeezed them

hard. He lifted up her bra and exposed her nipples and said "Fuckin sweet titties". In no time the bra was popped open and

left hanging with the shirt. The guys looked at each other and said "let's see the rest of it." Bob whipped out a knife

and ran it down the side of her skirt. The knife was very sharp and cut the material easily. Her skirt fell to the floor.

Both men looked at her naked crotch and grinned. Phillip ran his fingers up into Jodi's pussy and she let out a yell into

her gag. He nodded to Bob and said "Little cunt is tight yet wet. Ohhh Boy." Phillip finger fucked her as Bob played with

her tits tugging nipples hard and slapping them a bit. He took a bite on a nipple and Jodi howled. A loud squishing noise

could be heard as Phillip finger fucked her with a few fingers. Jodi put up a mock fight to be sure.

Fianlly the guys stepped back and looked her up and down. Bob fianlly said "I gotta fuck this little cunt." Phillip

chuckled "Go for it.... we been in prison a long time. It's about time we got some pussy." Jodi's eyes went big as they

pulled off their prison overalls and moved toward her. She struggled but her head was tied to the post and her arms tied

behind her to the post. All she could do was make her pussy a moving target. That didn't last long as Bob grabbed her hips

and slammed her against the post. In a couple quick thrust she was howling as he buried his cock in her young pussy. Jodi

fought and screamed but her rape was happening. Phillip walked around behind her and reached around to manhandle her tits

while Bob fucked her.

It didn't take Bob long to cum in her pussy. He pulled his drenched cock out of her pussy and stepped away. He smiled

and said "Fucking phenomenal!". Phillip laughed and said "I have an idea. Bring her over here." They untied her and walked

her over to the sawhorses with the saddle pads laying over them. They forced her to lean over the sawhorse and tied her

wrist to one side and her legs on the other. While Phillip was doing her wrists he yanked her blouse off. Her bra still

hung on her but didn't matter to these guys.

Jodi found herself bent over a padded sawhorse and secured. She made alot of noise and struggled to no avail. Phillip

stepped behind her and said "My turn to fuck this little cunt.... I hope you're ready baby cause I'm wayyyy overdue."

Phillip began fucking her in long hard strokes as Jodi howled into her gag. Bob walked around in front of her and reached

down and grabbed a couple handfuls of titty and squeezed them hard. While he was there he looked down and smiled. He

exclaimed "Perfect height" as he looked at Phillip and then his crotch and her face. They laughed. Bob yanked the gag from

her mouth and she was screaming. He grabbed her ponytails and sunk his cock in her mouth. Bob brutally fucked her mouth

and throat. Jodi was gagging for air from time to time and saliva ran down her chin. Bob fucked her mouth and Phillip

fucked her pussy. Believe me I was busy with the cameras trying to get it all. It was some incredible footage thats for


Jodi seemed to be doing OK and I noticed her legs shaking as she came with these two fucking her. She let out some loud

groans around Bob's cock. After a few minutes the guys switched places. Bob was swatting her ass very hard and Phillip was

fucking her mouth. Phillip wasn't as rough as Bob. It appeared Bob was having alot of fun being really rough. It kind of

concerned me. Jodi came again with Bob fucking her and swatting her ass. So I let things ride.

After a couple minutes Bob started putting fingers in her ass as he fucked her. Jodi was making some funny noises as he

finger fucked her ass and Phillip stuffed her mouth. Phillip was just too big to go down her throat so she could breath

fine through her nose. She still made lots of noise. Bob was up to three fingers in her ass as he fucked her pussy

mercilessly. Bob suddenly stopped and said "Hang on" as he pulled from her pussy and skewered her poor ass. He fucked her

very hard as Phillip held her pigtails and fucked her mouth. It didn't take the guys to cum in each location.

After a few minutes rest the guys untied her from the sawhorse. Bob bound her arms bent at the elbows behind her back.

He forced her to her knees and forced his half limp cock into her mouth. She objected but had no choice. After a few

minutes the guys were hard again. Phillip lead her to a series of hay bales with a couple blankets on them. He sat down

and pulled her to him. She straddled his lap as he pulled her to him. He slid back on the bales and pulled her along.

(Lucky there were blankets there... ouch) She was straddling him as he laid back on the bales. He grabbed her hips and

guided his cock into her pussy. Jodi groaned as he entered her.
With her arms tied behind her she kind of sat straight up as Phillip fucked her from below. Bob walked up behind her and

pushed her down onto Phillips chest. Bob began finger fucking her ass. Jodi cursed and grunted as he slammed his fingers

in and out of her but in the same vein she was starting to breath harder and rock her hips a bit. Bob stopped with the

fingers and crawled up behind her and lined up his cock with her ass. Jodi howled "No... Oh god No... No that" It did her

no good as Bob worked his cock into her little ass. Jodi was truly double stuffed as both guys began working in and out of

her in a nice rhytym. Bob grabbed her pigtails and pulled back arching her back which pressed her tits into Phillips

chest. He released her hips and grabbed both tits in his big hands and began squeezing them and pinching nipples. With

that stimulation poor Jodi had an earth shattering orgasm while getting double fucked. As she came down Bob leaned in and

said "So you liked that little slut? Well lets see how you like this." Phillip held very still buried deep in her pussy

then Bob began fucking her ass mercilously. She grunted and groaned as he fucked her harder. All anyone could hear was her

wailing and them slapping together as Bob brutally fucked her ass. Surprisingly Jodi shook and moaned loudly and had cum

again that quick having her ass brutalized.

It was amazing that she had cum so many times so quick but I could tell she was almost incoherent. She was really out of

it. When the guys were done fucking her they let her be for a few minutes. Jodi laid there on her side with her arms tied

behind her. She was kind of groaning or moaning. Bob paced back and forth obviously still agitated. After a good break he

was still half hard. I wondered what he was on. Probably Viagra. But it seemed like something else. He was really

aggressive and was definitely Not done with her. Phillip was sitting drinking when Bob stepped over and grabbed her

pigtails and placed his cock in her face. Phillip began to object "I think she's had enough." Bob leaned in and growled

"Had enough little slut?" Jodi's eyes fluttered as she looked at his cock and she said to my disbelief "No... I want

more.... fuck me, fuck me". Bob said "Ok" and sunk his cock in her mouth. Jodi sucked his cock as best she could. In a few

minutes he was hard and skull fucking her very rough. Phillip kind of shook his head no. Bob ignored him and rolled her on

her back. With her arms tied behind her I could tell it was painfully uncomfortable. Bob grabbed her legs and spread them

wide resting the back of her knees on the inside of his elbows. He leaned in and snarled "Ya want more little slut?"

Phillip was shaking his head no and began to get up when Jodi croaked out "Fuck yes... Fuck my little whores pussy. Fuck

me like the little whore I am." I knew things were a little sideways but she wanted more. Bob slammed his cock into her

pussy and she let out a cry of pain (or at this point I didn't know if it was pleasure) And they fucked for quite a while

more. Miraculously Jodi had another orgasm during the rough fucking of her pussy just before Bob emptied his balls for the

last time into her.

Phillp told Bob it was time for him to leave. They were done. Bob objected and I almoth thought it would come to blows.

Bob finally grabbed his coveralls and his street clothes and said "Fine... I'm gonna go get a beer" He stormed out of the

barn and to the house. Phillip caringly untied Jodi's arms and she cried out in pain as the circulation was restored.

Laying on them must have hurt a bit. After she had moved around a bit Phillip handed her a bottle of water. She drank it

down then cuddled up to Phillip. He looked concerned and asked "You OK?" She smiled and said "Oh fuck yes.... That was

incrediible but I'm so tired now." Phillip helped her to the house and told her to get a hot bath and a nap til I got

home. She readily agreed.

A little while later I shut everything down and slipped out of the barn and walked all the way to my truck. I was

confused. They were being so rough and even hurting her and she was loving it. I had no idea of where this side of her

could take her. I mean I love her and like to do rough things with her but this was just plain brutal. I was sure she

would be so incredibly sore. I couldn't imagine how she could handle anything more. I figured that tomorrow with Bob would

have to wait for another time. My head was reeling when I got to the truck and headed home.

Phillip and Bob were waiting on the porch drinking beers when I pulled up. Things looked non-chalant as I walked up. I

went in and grabbed a beer and asked if anyone else wanted one. I brought out 3 and we sat and talked for a few. No one

would know what had just happened in the barn if I hadn't seen it myself. We shot the shit for a few and then I asked whre

J was. Phillip said "Up taking a bath and maybe a nap by now. She was pretty worn out." Both he and Bob chuckled about

that pun. We all kind of laughed and I said "I bet". I excused myself and headed up to check on her.

When I got to the bedroom I could hear music playing. I peeked in and Jodi was standing there folding clothes in a little

pair of blue shorts and a little spaghetti strong top. I couldn't friggin believe my eyes. I smiled and said "So how you

doin?" She laughed and pointed at me sying like DeNiro "No... How you doin?" I smiled and said "I'm doing friggin great

but my balls hurt after what I watched." She grinned a big shit eating grin and said "You like that did you?" I could just

shake my head yes. She grinned and said "Good". She walked over and kissed me. I ran my hands over her body and knew she

had no bra or panties. Just shorts and that flimsy little top. Aargh! After what I had just watched her do I wanted to

fuck her right there. She rubbed my hardening cock and said "A little later big boy." We kissed a bit more then headed

downstairs. We ate a bit then Phillip went upstairs to pack. Shortly after our early dinner we bid our farewells to

Phillip and he headed for home. We sat on the porch for a little while until it began cooling down and Jdi's nipples were

telling me it was cold.

Bob excused himself to go take a shower and we retreated to the couch to watch some TV. While Bob showered we kissed on

the couch. I leaned in and asked how sore Jodi was. She shrugged and said "comfortably numb... surprisingly not as bad as

she expected." She rubbed her crotch and smiled "I think the good lube helped but my nipples are a bit thender.... her

wanna feel?" I smiled and rubbed them a bit as they stood up nicely. We kissed a bit more then watched TV as Bob walked

back in. We asked how he was doing. He was just chipper and back to himself. All smiles and happy.

After a while we said we're gonna go turn in. See you in the morning. Bob said "Sure... We'll see you in the morning. I'm

gonna watch this show then turn in." We headed upstairs. Jodi lost her shorts and top and crawled into bed as I turned out

the lights and crawled in. She snuggled up to me and laid there a long time. I finally said "That was intense today. You

sure your OK?" She sighed and ran her hand up my thigh over my crotch and up my chest. She let out a kind of humm then

said "It was really intense but everything I had fantasized about. I'm Ok just a bit tired but fine that I'm with you." I

sighed and ran my hands up and down her sweet little body. She rolled onto her back and kind of pulled me down. I knew

what she wanted. She groaned as I licked her pussy. It was wet and sloppy. She groaned as I licked her then said "So what

do you think of your poor little slut wifes well used pussy?" I groaned and licked her more. She groaned and started

rocking her hips in time to my tongue. Asfter a few minutes she started tensing and breathing quick and said "Fuck I'm

gonna cum again... don't stop lover" Ikept licking and pushed her over the edge. She sighed afterward and said "I love it

when you eat me after I've been a really bad girl. God I was such a slut today. You OK with it?" I laughed and said "I

just had my tongue buried in your well used pussy. I'm pretty sure I'm OK" We both chuckled. I stopped as we were snuggled

up together and said seriously "I almost stopped it a couple times when I thought Bob was getting carried away. I was

concerned." She purred and said "Awe my knight in shining armor.... I was OK. I wanted it and it was great." I couldn't

believe what I was hearing. I finally looked at her and said "So what about tomorrow. Do you actually want to go through

with it?" She thought for a minute and said "I really do. I've been thinking about it. I do" I looked at her and said "On

a couple conditions. He knows your safe word right off the bat and if you feel the least bit uncomfortable you stop it.

Fuck baby you gotta be sore by now." She just smiled and said "I am a little bit but the good lube I have is making it

better and I have gotten used to Phillips size by now." She laughed and then said "Or... my old slut wife pussy is worn

out." With a big smile. We kind of chuckled.

Jodi stopped and looked at me seriously then said "I want you to promise me something." I knodded and said "OK. What

would you like?" She smiled and looked at me then said "Promise.... I want you to get up tomorrow morning and go fishing

again for the day, just like you did for Phillip. I want a day alone with Bob." I looked at her and opened my mouth. She

put her fingers over my mouth and said "Promise". I began to object by saying "But tomorrows scenario is the rape of a

bride trying on her dress. Are you sure?" She smiled and said "Yes... It's a nasty fantasy of mine. We'll watch the video

one of these days and molest each other I'm sure." She rubbed my cock as she said that. She looked at me and said

"Promise... no hiding in the computer room watching or anything, you go fishing." She stared at me and I said "OK Promise.

But he needs to know your safe word and respect it."

Jodi smiled and kissed me then said "Get some shorts on and go talk to him. Explain that he is to hide in the closet of

the room two doors down from here. When I walk in the room the first words I say will be my safe word so he knows. I will

get dressed in that room and AFTER I have my dress on and doing my make-up he can act." She looked at me long and hard

then said "Is that OK?" I shook my head Yes. She kissed me and said "Go down and tell him then get back up here and fuck

me before we go to sleep." She chuckled and swatted me on the ass.

I went downstairs and talked to Bob for a while. I told him I would be fishing and about the first word she says as she

enters the room will be her safe word etc. He agreed saying it was a good plan. She'd be the new bride getting ready for

her wedding and he'd be the bad ex-boyfriend getting even. We kind of chuckled and said "Fair Deal". I headed back

upstairs to Jodi and her sweet body waiting for me in bed. When I got there she was sound asleep. Aargh! I let her sleep.

Chapter 6 is getting very long and the day Bob and Jodi spend together should be it's own chapter.


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