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A country lass deciding to try something new
No one really understand where anthropomorphic’s came from, they just sort of came in to existence centuries ago and slowly developed into society. Most of them kept themselves to themselves living off the land, speaking the common tongue of their area, wearing clothes of their respective gender, basically becoming part of regular human life. But true as eggs are eggs, humans are humans. There became a huge presence of the difference in life qualities between the Anthros’ and “normal” humans. Anthros’ rarely became much more than a farm hand, supervisor or low level teacher in rural areas, In cities they were almost none existent, harassed for being different, racism and bigotry grew and grew between humans and Anthros’ but a lot of, so called, “Sympathisers” fought this and for Anthro rights. It must have been part of their animal side which is why they didn’t care much about the politics or rights which were given to them, but they were given them none the less. Soon enough there was more of a wide spread acceptance of Anthros’ and then they really became part of human life, featuring in films, being used in specialist lines of work for their specific animal qualities, even featuring in common day porn. But this only emphasized the difference in opinion of them, people arguing that they were base animals and shouldn’t be allowed to teach human children, should eat like basic animals and that having sex or loving a Anthro was wrong, taboo, effectively bestiality. Though it didn’t stop people.

My name Is Lydia, Ly’ds for short, I am a county lass, 21 years young and living with my farther and younger brother in an old wooden clad farm house on a small holding in a small part of the country-side. We have a local village with a small school, with attached collage, and small shop but for the most part the area consisted of small holdings like ours or larger farms, everyone shared and bought from each other with produce and the small store offered regular trade from the distant towns and cities which allowed us to have rarer commodities.

It was a fair Summer Wednesday, the sun blasting through the bedroom windows and lighting up even the finest dust particles floating through the air, like microscopic gems. It was early but not for some, I could already hear men at work in the fields, we rented out our land to local farmers who needed the land more than us. I pulled the light, white, summer duvet off and urged my tight body to raise and stretch. Dragging my fingers through my shoulder length, knotted, dark brown, bed hair, I got up from sitting on the edge of the bed and walked to my nearest bedroom window, my white night gown floating between my thighs and shoulders, the white cotton almost tickling as it danced across my sun-kissed skin. Resting an elbow on the window-sill and a chin on my hand I looked out at the field, there were two, bare chested, horse Anthro’s working hard, sweat visibly dripping down their varied colored coats of soft fur, the tails swishing through the hole in their jeans. I didn’t find it to strange that they still had the general head of a horse, with a couple of exceptions- the more human like eyes and the crop of hair on their head which extended to their mane. Something about Anthros’ was mysterious and intriguing which is what drew me to them. It could be their illusive history, or that due to the minimal sex education given I had no idea what sort of genitals they had ,or it could be because I’ve only ever seen horse, dog, cat and a bull Anthro and I wondered how many more species there were? I was tempted to stay there all day and watch till one of them needed to piss and then I might get the answer to at least one of my questions but time was going by and I needed to ready myself for schooling.
The lessons were dull, uninteresting, base and hot. The sun was at its peak in the sky before its slow decent while it baked the very ground, inside the classrooms it was stifling as if the very air could be touched and moulded like clay. I just wanted the class to end so I could find a cool, shaded, corner and literally chill with friends till the next class started. The shrill bell may as well of been a full choir singing the descent of a saint. I quickly bustled my things into my bag and made my way to the corridor all too aware that I was covered in sweat and could feel my thong twisted and wedgying me with every step.
“Hey Lyd’s!” a masculine voice called behind me, I didn’t see who it was but stepped to the side to let others passed and then see who this faceless voice was, it wasn’t one I instantly recognised as a regular friend.

I watched as person after person walked past me, some greeting me but not talking more than a few small words, eventually there were only stragglers in the hall from the class and I was about to turn and walk away when I heard the small cough to my left. He was pretty tall, slim and furry. The Irony was that for a dog Anthro he looked pretty sheepish.

“Hey..” I stated cautiously, not sure what to make of the current situation, I’d seen him in class but never learned his name or really spoke to him.

“Hey Lydia, I know we don’t really talk.. I was just wondering what, well maybe if you fancied doing something tonight?” His voice was gruff and considering how big his maw was and that he was basically a dog, he didn’t drool or spit much when he talked and even presented himself better than most human boys in the school/ collage, wearing a clean grey T-shirt and dark blue jeans with the hole in the back for his tail.

“Erm no I’m just doing the usual at home. Why?” His eyes were dark brown like mine and starring straight at me, what I could see of his fur on his head and arms was charcoal grey and a light tan with shades of silver, very pretty I suppose.

“I thought.. I thought it might be nice if you wanted to watch a film with me? Maybe ….if you wanted to?” he didn’t seem sure of himself though I don’t remember seeing him talk to other people or anybody for that matter.

I didn’t know what to say, his eyes were beaming, it’d almost be like kicking a puppy if I said ‘no’. “Yeah ok then-“.

“Great!” his smile showed his teeth resembled more of a regular canines tooth then a humans “I will see you at the gate after school”. And with that he left.
As he walked away, it was kinda cute seeing his tail wag with excitement -or happiness?

I stood away from the school gate at the end of the day, hoping that maybe a lot of the school would leave before they saw us walk away together, I already had questioning looks from my friends when I asked after his name and my brother was very suspicious after I told him to tell dad I wouldn’t be home till later that evening.

Luckily Conner- that was his name- came out half an hour late with his tail hanging low and limp “Sorry I’m late” he mumbled “Mr Johnson kept me back after last class”.

We began walking to the south of the village “Why did he keep you back?” I was genuinely curious about this dog’s day and felt a small twinge of moral obligation in the pit of my stomach to try make him feel better as he was obviously down about this.
“I dunno, he didn’t say why but-“ he stopped talking and looked towards the floor, he inhaled and exhaled “I heard him say under his breath ‘Filthy mutt’ as he let me go”.

I felt a sinking feeling in the very depths of my body, not only because I thought that it was wrong Conner was being discriminated against but because I myself had been consistently comparing him to a dog more than a person. And that even with his last words I was thinking; ‘the fact he had dog ears which is why he heard Johnson’s comment’. I would have to make more of an effort to think of me walking with Conner as if it were a walk with a regular human then as if I was walking our old dog.
“Don’t worry about it, he’s just an old man with stupid ideologies which are out dated and wrong” I said with a smile.

Conner looked at me like sheepishly but his face brightened, I could see his teeth flash as his lips creaked up to smile and his tail began a little flurry of wagging. “Thanks I really needed to hear that”.

We continued a bit of small talk on the way to his place which was quite a bit south of the village but a home not to dissimilar to my own, the only real difference was that Conners was better kept, with a tidier lawn and a fresh lick of preserver and paint on the wood work.

As we stepped into the hallway I noticed how it was quiet “Folks not home?” I wasn’t sure if I wanted them to be there or not, but almost hoped they wouldn’t be.
“Nah they’re out of the county this week so I’ve got the place to myself”.

I wondered why there hadn’t been any parties earlier on in the week but then I considered that it might be because Conner didn’t have many or any friends that I was aware of.

The inside of the house was in just as good condition as the outside with no dust bunnies, creaky floorboards or anything like mine. “wow your house is really nice!” I had genuine surprise in me voice which on second thoughts I hoped wouldn’t come across the wrong way.

“Thanks! I try to keep up with the place as best I can” His face beamed at the apparent compliment.

I watched him as we took off our shoes, his hands and feet resembled that more of a regular humans then that of a dogs, the only exception being that his had fur. We walked bare feet into the living room were yet again the furnishings and room were exceptionally tidy and well kept.
He quickly led me over to a bookshelf with a few shelves dedicated to VHS tapes**

“I will let you pick as you’re the guest, would you like a drink or something to eat? We might still have some popcorn in the house.. if you’d like some?” His chocolaty eyes stared at me in a way which was humble, not cocky or over confident, his attitude could be compared to something like polished steel instead of platinum or gold.

**If you don’t know what “VHS” is then you shouldn’t be reading this or be on this site ;)**

“erm sure” He was pretty cute, I looked at him briefly before he went way and saw his crooked smile and that one ear was slightly more floppy then the other. I went through the titles pretty quickly as most of them were ones I had at home and chose a pretty light hearted action type film.

The red glow of the setting sun was lighting the room as I sat in the corner of the comfy sofa, popcorn in the middle and a glass of icy soda on the side as Conner re-winded to the start of the film. I caught myself admiring him from behind, his back almost looked as if it had some muscle under his check-flannel shirt, his shoulders had a manly broadness to them and I found it cute the way his short haired tail swished a little from side to side. He obviously liked my company which was nice, especially as he hadn’t already made a move to get in-between my legs.
The movie was playing and Con’ had sat opposite me on the sofa with one arm on the back rest stretched towards me- and the popcorn. With the other on the designated arm rest, he looked immensely comfy in this position. I was watching him more than the film and we were only a quarter hour into it, the deep red light of the sun shadowed the contours of his head beautifully and he managed to eat popcorn with good mannerisms and an air of dignity considering how hard it would be to do with a muzzle. He glanced over at me and caught me looking. I could feel the blood rush to my face.

“Are you ok?” He asked calmly so as to not make it obvious I’d been staring.

I glued my eyes to the movie and cleared my throat “nope just watching the film” I looked back at him to smile before going back to the film.
Jesus Christ! I’d seen hundreds of dog and had a fair few guys, why is the combination throwing me off so much? I took a sip of my soda to cool my head off a little and had some of the last popcorn pieces to try subduing the butterflies in my tummy.

A bit further into the film we had relaxed some more, little conversation had happened between us but the popcorn bowl was on the floor and I had been making a small effort to get a bit closer to him by edging little by little across the sofa pretending I was “just trying to get comfy”. When he got up to use the rest room I made a break for it and got my feet on the sofa so my body would lean towards him- when he came back- and my feet would be where I originally sat. It was as if I was about to go into an exam! My heart was racing a thousand beats per minute and my palms were sweating for fuck sakes! If he had the same smell senses as a dog id be screwed! He would smell the stench of my sweat! What happens if I didn’t clean thoroughly enough this morning and he can smell my groin?! The thought repulsed me but it was too late to move now, I could hear him coming into the room. It was no longer a flurry of butterflies in my stomach but a swarm, my hands almost visibly trembled. I held my breath.
He came in and without hesitating sat down in his original position and put one of the small cushions against his side as if it were invitation for me to rest my head against it?

“You can lay out if you want, I won’t bite. Promise” He had his crooked smile on and his eyes were a warm melted chocolate color which relaxed me to breathe again.

The pillow was soft and warm against my face, I could even feel the soft raise and lower as Con’ breathed, I felt his hand rest on my shoulder and begin stroking lightly. I was in heaven. As I watched the film I thought about his little “bite” joke and laughed internally at the notion of him lightly biting me on my ass, it seemed a lot more cheeky and flirtatious to have him do it then a regular man-boy to do it. I squeezed my thighs together at the thought of his big tongue-
MY train of thought was interrupted as Con’ coughed a little, I quickly glanced up and then back to the screen. It was the start of a sex scene with a bit of nudity though not much, clearly though he wasn’t comfortable watching it around me. He did, however, leave his hand on my shoulder and kept stroking it with his thumb in gentle circles. The pillow my head was resting on moved about as he shuffled his legs to perhaps get more comfortable, I kept looking at the screen pretending not to notice. The main love interest in the film had removed her top and was walking towards the lead man, the camera angle changed so the outer half of a ass cheek was in the side of the camera shot.

I giggled out loud “She’s got a nice bum”. I don’t know why I made the statement out loud but I was curious to see how Con’ handled it.
He coughed a little out of nervousness “Yeah I suppose she does..”

I smirked a bit more as the scene spiced up more as the women got in close to the man to whisper in his ear, the camera angles and scene continued to be very clever by implicating she was giving him a hand job but without showing it directly.
Conner fidgeted some more but this time I was going to get a bit of headway on him, I reached my right hand above my head and rested it on his jean clad thigh. He didn’t seem to mind but stopped fidgeting. I blindly stroked gentle circles on his thigh, the scene progressed more and more with the female character being pinned against the wall. Between the sex scene, Con’ looking pretty damn attractive and me being in the “horny” part of my month I was getting pretty wet.

I was lost.

I was pressing my thighs together- subtly- feeling the lace of my panties string up and floss my pussy lips. Just that little bit of; friction, attention, touch, was setting me off. I could feel a pool of my juices build inside me, a reservoir of musty juices being held back by my thighs pressing my pussy lips together.
That’s when I felt it. My mind snapped straight back to the infamous present, which had just got more interesting than any day dream. My fingers were held fast on Conner’s thigh, his jeans had become very tight in the area I had been stroking. My heart was thumping up and into my throat, I knew that if I just moved my fingers in a slightly wider circle I would find the tell-tale bulge of a hard cock suppressed under trouser. The question of the night was if I was: “Am I ballsy enough to go in there and find out what a dog Anthros dick felt like? Looked like? Felt like inside me… ?” I was getting ahead of myself but I knew I wouldn’t stop if I started.

“You should always try new things” was what people had been telling me my whole life so why not try something really new?

Conner didn’t flinch or make a noise as my fingers slowly moved out in a wider circle. Like a master painter making the first stroke of a brush to begin the work of a master piece, my fingers too had started making a masterpiece of a night. The bulge was big, easily a couple of inches in diameter and maybe seven to eight in length, strange in shape but that was almost expected. I stopped circles and instead went back and forth, slowly making my way up and down his shaft, the jeans had made little friction so it was easy for me to be soft and sensitive with my touch.

Conner let out a sigh as I continued stroking, I felt his cock twitch a bit but not enough to be the tell-tale sign that he had came. I used this opportunity to stop and get up from my position. Having completely lost all interest in the film and now sopping wet I was determined to get this dog’s dick out. I got up and close to Conner who watched me the whole time trying to get as much eye contact as possible. I was knelt on the sofa next to him, we were so close, I could feel the breath exhaled from his black nose go over my face. He could probably hear my heart going a thousand beats a minute. I’d never kissed a dog before, just received enthusiastic licks from them. I leant in that bit close so our noses were touching and closed my eyes in the hope he would show me the way to do this. The fur on his muzzle tickled my lips and then his tongue gently probed my lips so I opened my mouth to receive it. His mouth opened a bit more and I felt his upper and lower muzzle fur press against my face and his tongue delve into my mouth so he was easily able to lick the backs of my upper teeth and roof of my mouth. I wrapped an arm around his broad shoulders to bring him closer while the other hand fumbled with his belt buckle. His Anthropomorphic hand pawed at my breasts, they weren’t massive to begin with just an average 34C, his hand seemed to almost dwarf them. His touch was gentle but firm, just the right amount of pressure for me to feel that a man was touching me and not an over enthusiastic or inexperienced boy. I reached down his unfastened jeans for his cock, pleasantly surprised by his lack of underwear. The penis was strange to the touch, the whole shaft felt more like the tip of a human penis but harder and more rubber like in texture. I didn’t want to cause unpleasant friction and wasn’t currently able to lubricate so I delved a little deeper to his balls. There was a hefty furry ball sack which seemed to perfectly fit in my hand, I began gently squeezing them and playing with them all the ways I knew how.
His tongue felt heavenly in my mouth, its pure size dominated my tongue so I couldn’t put it in his mouth, but the way it moved in mine was like nothing I had had before. My legs quivered when his fingers pinched my nipples through the fabrics of my top and bra, I could feel the make shift dam, which was my pussy lips, give way and let my juices trickle out to be caught by my now string like panty- thong. The strange cock of his ~I hadn’t seen yet twitched against my wrist as I fondled his balls, I didn’t want it to be strange or in the shadows anymore, I wanted in-front of my face were I could see it and lick it. Conner almost whimpered as our faces parted and I shuffled backwards then off the sofa and onto the floor.
This was definitely something new.
His legs were parted in-front of me and his cock was in-front of me standing proud. It was pink… bright pink and covered with purple veins which made it look angry as hell. The shape was even more peculiar; it had a slight bulge at the base above his balls, which then tapered in a bit to then bulge a little more to slowly curve in on both sides to a point at the top. There were no clear defined areas on this particular cock which stood out as a sensitive point. So I went in for the tip..

“You don’t have t-“ Conner began to object but quickly stopped as my tongue flicked over the strange tip of his cock.
It didn’t seem to smell or taste much different from a human cock but the bulges were definitely intriguing but what I really noticed was how different the pre cum was. His cock seemed to just spurt a little bit every time my tongue flicked over his tip or mouth bobbed up and down on the majority of his length. The watery pre cum soon made a mess and I could feel it dripping down my chin, I didn’t mind though- it added extra lubrication to his shaft so my hand could work him as well as my mouth. He moaned as my mouth continued to work him, but I took my hand from his shaft and began unzipping my short shorts then unclipped my bra through my T-shit, I was incredibly horny and didn’t want any of the awkward intervals where he tried removed my clothing.
His hips bucked trying to get more of his cock into my mouth, I seductively looked up at his eyes and dragged my wet tongue from the base of his shaft, over the strange bulges and up to his unique tip were I flicked it-
It must have been too much because before I could blink he had lifted me up and almost thrown me back to the sofa and was stripping my lower half. My mind raced with ideas of what he was going to do next. I just closed my eyes and leant my head back to enjoy what the mystery was. His soft paw-hands began stroking and lightly pinching and teasing my inner thighs, working their way up to the edges of my pussy lips and then back down towards my knee. I felt his tongue lick up and down each pussy lip, I’d never experienced boys take their time like this before. The tongue was strange at first as it didn’t have the ridgity of a humans but it easily made up for that in sheer size, the width stretched from the inner edge of my lip to where it met my thigh. The feeling was intoxicating. Deeply in-hailing his sexual must. I made a small yelp or moan of surprise as his tongue made small contact with my clit. He knew what he had done and where he needed to go. The soft fur of his paw-hands crept back up my thighs to spread my pussy lips wide apart, the juices from my cunt dripping down to my ass, he was watching it- I knew it from the way he had paused. I made sure to put on a little show for the kinky boy and with a smirk on my face I tensed and released my pussy and asshole. I felt more of my juices drip down to my twitching ass.
The warm, wet, tongue began its proper assault upon me then, slowly starting at my ass it dragged its way upwards between my spread lips till it reach my clit where it pressed against it and then began its descent. He did this multiple times, each one he added something different. First it was pressing his expansive tongue into the entrance of my pussy, then flicking my clit, or even pushing the tip of his tongue into my ass- which stupidly made me giggle. I felt his breathe stagger as he laughed and grinned at my giggle. I moaned as he pressed his magical tongue into my pussy, he needed no further hint and slowly pushed every euphoric inch into me. I gasped and reached for his head, rubbing my fingers through his fur I pushed his muzzle closer to my pussy. With my right hand stroking his head towards my pussy, my left stroked and circled my breasts. Tweaking my nipples and pulling them away from my chest, I closed my eyes to arch my back, tilting my head back and hips up to his face. A familiar twitch began in my thigh and I knew I was close, I concentrated on my pussy twitching and dripping onto his magical tongue. The twitch spread down my leg, now completely of a mind of its own.

“yess” I moaned with my voice breaking.

Thighs clamped around Conner’s soft furred head and stomach muscles contracted as I was thrown into one of the biggest orgasms I’d ever had. My pussy was clenching around his tongue as if to stop it leaving me. Poor man almost needed a crow-bar to pry my legs apart for his freedom. My eyes stayed closed as I heard him rustle off the rest of his clothing and then with one paw holding the back of my thigh and the other on the back of the sofa, he slid between my legs. I carried on keeping my eyes closed, I didn’t know what I was doing. He was a 50 50 split of dog and human, would the pill work for his cum? Could I get a disease? What happens if- .

The pointy tip of his cock parted my pussy lips and slid a couple inches into my hot pussy. My mind went blank. His hips pushed more of his cock into me, I could feel the bulge in the middle of his shaft pleasantly stretch me as it entered. The tip was still spurting that thin pre-cum into the back of my pussy when he bottomed out and the large knot at the base of his shaft prevent any more of him getting into me- not that I could take anymore. Whimpering with pleasure as his cock eased out of my pussy, his hand of the sofa gripped my wrist and held it above my head, I was completely submissive to him. I still kept my eyes closed as he thrust in and out of my, my pussy making a loud sloshing sound when his centre bulge spread my lips and forced juices out of me. His tongue lapped at my neck and his muzzle growled just below my ear, I giggled and bit my lip as I realised how wet one growl made me. It’s not often you meet someone with such stamina as to continually fuck pussy like Conner did, maybe it was because of his constant pre-cum but I didn’t want him to get bored and really wanted to feel him cum inside me properly.

“Try this pup” I whispered in his ear.

Taking his hand off me and slipping his cock from the lake of which was my pussy- there was literally a puddle forming under my ass of pre-cum and pussy juice- I was able to pull my knees back to my head slightly and spread my ass cheeks with both hands. I twitched it a little for him and stared into his deep brown eyes.

“Just the tip” I winked and him in more than one way.

Closing my eyes again I felt the pointy tip of his cock spurt and spread my little asshole which was a guilty pleasure of mine. It had taken me ages to get used to having things in there but every now and then it just felt good and right to have something in there properly.
The cheek of it, his thumb began rubbing my clit as his cock slowly eased into my asshole it made my hips buck a little down onto him the more he rubbed it. Not too soon after I felt my ass reach the bulge half way down his shaft and I knew that wouldn’t comfortably go in this hole like it had my pussy. Clenching my stomach muscles I eased off his cock and then back down it, his constant spurting and dripping from my pussy keeping it well lubricated. This carried on for some time and I was getting close to another orgasm while he didn’t feel anywhere near! Opening my eyes I looked at him and completely took back my previous thought, his eyes were closed like he was concentrating and the knot at the base of his shaft was huge! Large and veiny as if it were about to burst. I needed to change tactic.
People think putting something into your ass is uncomfortable and I always found when you take something out and your hole stretches back to be more uncomfortable, but thankfully I hadn’t taken so much it turned me off. His cock tip slipped out nicely and I immediately began getting on all fours before the sex got stale.

“I want you to fuck my pussy as hard and fast as you can pup! I want to feel your cum in me” I tried to say it as seductively as I could but I don’t know how much he heard.

I think he got the jist.

Before I could think twice my face was being pushed into the arm rest and his cock drove into me like a freight train. Each thrust forced my hips closer to my head as he did not relent in the slightest, I could feel him bottoming out with his large knot slamming against my pussy lips. I lost my orgasm but instead got a new sensation of his cock bulging and en-largening inside me as he thrust in and out, maybe this was him cumming?
“That’s it baby! Fuck me harder!” I thought I sounded a bit cliché and sluttish but I didn’t care.
He fucked me like an animal only getting faster. I felt his spurts against my cervix and he made one final deep thrust. Again his knot bottomed out on my pussy lips but the bulge in the centre of his shaft became slightly uncomfortable as did his tip as it pressed against my cervix and unloaded.
I had never felt so much cum before, it was spilling out between my pussy and his cock, the feeling was slightly intoxicating as my pussy canal was filled to the brim. His cum dripping down the backs of my thighs, it wasn’t anti climatic in the slightest as he stayed there instead of pulling out, his cock just continuing to flood me more and more. We stayed in this position for a good few minutes before he finally pulled out and let the cum flow from me with a slosh. He watched it ooze from my pussy so I twitched it and felt the more viscous cum flow from me.

I had a feeling I and Conner would be getting better acquainted in the future.

I don't often write so this is quite a one off and it took me ages to write as I kept coming back and writing a little bit every other month so I doubt I will be going into a second part. If your curious about the furry check out Jay Naylor on g.e-hentai , his older works on red riding hood were brilliant and worth a look at.
Cheers for reading.


2017-08-15 15:57:02
Ta very much Longfello, like I say I did rush a little to get this finished haha! It would be nice if the people who put a negative vote on this actually said why they didn't like it, as I actually think I might carry this one on into another story so it would be good to have constructive input from people who read it and didn't like it.

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2017-08-14 23:07:29
Wow! Great story. While reading this hot little tale or tail, lol, I began thinking of myself as Conner, wishing I could be him experiencing a little Doggie love with Lydia

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