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This is the second part of my story. “Our First Meeting.” I got on bit of fed back from someone who was blunt and rude, and has not done and stories of there own. So I decided to do it anyway. I hope you like it, any fed back would be great.
Part 2


It had been 2 days from I spoke to Jill. I didn’t want to bombard her as I wasn’t sure if Tom new about me and if he did what he was told. So I thought it best to let her contact me. Then I got a message asking if I wanted to meet up for lunch. I jumped at the chance. She told me where to go and to be there for 1pm. So as it was only 9.30 in the morning I went for a walk to take in some of the places I hadn’t been to. There was some nice places within walking distance. About 12 noon I made my way back to the hotel to get a fresh clothes as it was that warm I was socked in sweet, I am not used to this kind of heat.

I got to the restaurant at 12.50, just as Jill and this other woman was arriving. She was introduced as Amy, turns out Jill has told Amy all about me and even had showed her the pictures I sent. I was a bit shocked as we agreed nobody would know about us and what was going on. They explained they are very close and share all there secrets together. Amy and Jill even had sex a few times. When u heard this my cock started to stand, it didn’t last long as the waiter brought our food over and the subject changed to the food and the weather.

I found out over the course of lunch the the two woman were cousins, dam the though of them having incest sex was mind blowing. Amy stood about 5ft 8 tall was slim in build and blond hair the she keep cut up short, and from what I could see she had great looking tits.I no we were on about having a threesome with her cousin. But I thought that was just chat. After lunch we said we would met up the next night for a drink. That would be the three of us and Tom. I agreed and we parted ways. Turns out she told Tom tat I was a friend she met online. She keep to the truth except the part where we had swapped pictures and what we said we wanted to do to each other. She also never told him we had fucked already.

The next night had arrived and I met Amy in the hotel and we made our way to meet Jill and Tom. Tom was about 6.1in and had a good build with dark brown hair. We did the normal hello’s how are you things. We had a few drinks and the next thing I new it was 1.00 am and time for bed. Over the next couple of days Jill Amy and myself keep in touch. We arranged to go our for a meal and and few drinks. That Friday night we all met in the hotel and went of on our “double date”. Or so Tom called it. The meal was great and the drinks after were event full.

I sat next to Amy as Jill and Tom sat on the other side of the table. With Jill sitting opposite me so it worked out to be boy, girl, boy, girl. I felt Jill’s foot rub against my leg a few times, going higher each time. I thought nothing of it and put it down to her teasing me in front of her boyfriend. The next thing I felt was a hand on my leg that could only be Amy’s. I tried to play to coll and not make it look like anything was happening. Hands and feet were getting higher up my legs. Jill had her shows off and was rubbing my cock with her foot, Amy had her hand moved Jill's foot and started to rubbed my cock instead, it didn’t take long till I was hard and if they keep this up I would cum in my boxers. Something tells me the girls would like that to happen.

I got up and made my way to the bathroom to stop myself from cumming. It didn’t take long for Amy to follow me and she was waiting outside the men’s room for me. I stopped when I saw her to take in the view. She has on a blouse the buttoned up to far enough to hide her tits but enough to tease and a skirt that stopped just above her knees. Dam she was hot. With out saying a word she moved over and kissed me, pushing her tongue inside my mouth and it didn’t take long for her tongue to find mine. Breaking only to get air, we kissed for a few minutes.
“Enjoying your self?” she asked with a cheeky grin
“I think you know the answer to that” I replayed.
Grabbing my dick she pouted and and pulled a sad face.
“I think someone is a bit bored” she said
“I think we can sort that out, can’t we?” I answered.
With that she opened my jeans and put her hand inside, rubbing my cock until I got hard. No one had went into or come out of the toilets the whole time we were standing outside them. She looked at me with and grin, with out saying a word we went in and headed to the first cubicle. Opening my jeans fully now and taking my rock hard cock out she played with me some more, by this time I had her blouse opened and her tits out in full view, her tits were 32c and she had nice nipples. I was about to suck on her tits when someone walked in, they left a few minutes later. Taking this a a cue that we didn’t have much time before someone found us and we would probably get throw out she dropped to her knees and took my still hard cock all the way into her mouth, sucking and playing with my balls at the same time. Being a bit worked up from earlier in the club and getting the hand job before we entered the toilet it didn’t take long till I was getting ready to cum. I let her know this and she just sucked on, soon I filled her mouth with hot sticky goodness, milking me till she was sure I had none left, she stood up showed me her tongue and then swallowed the lot. we got straightened up, I check there was no one in and we left and went back to the table.
“Get lost?” Tom asked jokingly
“It’s a big club” I replied with a smile.
The rest of the night in the club was much the same, Jill rubbing my leg and Amy rubbing my cock from time to time.

It was only 12.30am when Jill and Amy returned with another round from the bar. This time Jill sat next to me, about 5 or 10 minutes after the girls got back Tom let out a little gasp, I think that Amy had just gabbed his dick and he wasn’t expecting it. This had to be a set up. Jill had just grabbed mine as well, she had opened my jeans and started playing with my cock getting me all hard gain. By the look on Toms face Amy was doing the same to him. Tom must of cum going by his short quick breathing and given the fact the Amy licked her finger after this. Just then I cum in Jill’s hand and she just reached for her drink like nothing had happened. Tom excused him self to go and use the restroom. More than likely to get cleaned up.
“So I take it u did it then?” Asked Jill
“Dam right I did” Amy said
“Did what?” I asked. Just wanting to be sure.
“She just give Tom a hand-job” Replayed Jill
“You pulled her boyfriend off right in front of her?” I said trying to seam shocked
“Don’t be so shocked. You got the same” Jill said
Just then Tom got back.
“Everything OK dear?” Asked Jill
“Couldn’t be better” he replied.

It was soon closing time so we decided to head home. Jill and Tom went home and I walked Amy back to her place as it was only a 30 minute walk. When we got there she looked at me and kissed me. I let me tongue slid into her mouth finding her tongue waiting. Again I had my hands on her tits.
“Lets go inside, its getting cold” she said
Then turned and opened the door. I couldn’t resit but grab her ass. Dam it felt good. After we got in and the door was closed we starting kissing again. I had her blouse opened again and opened her bra this time. (The time in the club I lifted it of her tits given the time we had) She took both her blouse and bra of in one move, witch was pretty impressive given the blouse opened at the front and the bra open at the back. She took my top of in return for taking hers of. This time I got to suck on them lovely looking nipples. We made our way to the living room where I sat on the sofa and she lifted her skirt up and sat on my knee. Kissing me deeply again as I ran my hands up her back then round to her tits. I took her nipples in my mouth for the first time at last, sucking on them till they got hard. She seemed to be enjoying it as she was grinding her pussy against my hardening cock. I moved between each of her nipples. Enjoying every minute of them. She soon got up of me and moved to her knees again, opening my jeans and freeing my cock she took me in her mouth and sucked the for all she was worth. Given I cum twice already it was going to be a while before I cum again. I sat there and enjoyed the blow-job as she played with my balls at the same time.

I got her to stand up and as I lay down she new what I wanted. She removed her panties and her skirt and sat on my face as she lowered her self down to take my cock back into her mouth. I propped my head up a bit so I could get better accuse to her wet pussy for the first time. As so bobbed her head up and down I took in the great sight of her wet pussy up close and personal. I stuck my tongue out and started to lick her, I opened her pussy lips so I could see her hole. I slide one finger in as I licked her clit. Slowly sliding in a second, as I finger fucked, coating my fingers in her juices. Dam I was in heaven, eating pussy as I got my cock sucked. Soon she sat up and looked round at me.
“I want you inside me” she said.
“I don’t have any condoms” I replayed, only noticing I didn’t have any
“Did I ask you for any?” she said
“No” I said.
“Good” Was her replay as she slide my cock into her dripping wet pussy.
That felt so good, having her slide up and down on me slowly as first, then speeding up. I grabbed her tits and sucked on her nipples. After a few minutes I let go of her tits and matched her movement with my own. Soon we changed round, and she lay on her back and opened her legs as I slide into her and started to pound on her . making her tits bounce. I would take hold of one of them and and squeezed it a bit. Not to hard to hurt, but enough to have it in my hand
“Fuck me doggy” She said after about 5 minutes.
“No problem” I said.
Then she got on to her hands and knees and I slide back into her. Pounding away for all I was worth. We moved around again and she lay on her back on the seat, opening her legs, then opening her wet pussy lips for me to enter into. I enter with out even thinking about it. Soon I was getting ready to cum again. I told her I was getting ready and she wrapped her legs round me and just smiled. Soon I was cumming for the third time. Not much come out thus time, but I still managed to get enough inside her. I kissed her after that and keep on fucking her and it didn’t take long for her to cum. Her pussy clamped round my cock as her eyes rolled in her head. Her legs locked me in place so I couldn’t move. Soon she let me move again and I pulled out of her. Taking hold of my sticky cock she rubbed away at it, them moved down to suck me clean so I in turn licked her clean.

It was after that we lay down beside each other for about 20 minutes just talking. She then told me she had a boyfriend. And she hoped I wouldn’t be mad with her for not saying anything. I really didn’t care, I was getting pussy. I told her I wasn’t mad that she has a boyfriend, but it would have been nice to no first. I kissed he and said
“I think it’s time I left before your boyfriend gets home from work”
“That sound s good” She said.
So with that I got dressed and headed back to my hotel.

Over the next two weeks it was pretty much me fucking the girls when we got the chance. I would meet up manly with Jill and Tom together so I didn’t get much of a chance to fuck both girl together. At least not on this trip.


2017-09-19 15:36:29
I hear you on that. Make sure to proof read, or have someone do it for you. Also, spacing. Stories are easier to read when your paragraph structure is correct. Finally, be careful on your "Know" vs "No", "There" vs "Their" etc. Grammar and sentence structure go along way. Proof reading will help avoid thing like " When u heard this my cock started to stand" Simple typo... "u" instead of the "I" you intended. Good story premise. Don't let the people who have never submitted a story get you down. Keep writing, keep creating. As for blunt/rude comments from people, ignore it. This is the internet and some people can't help themselves. I have not read the third installment yet. Keep it up :)


2017-08-22 10:27:19
It would be nice if people could tell me what they don't like. And not just hit the Negative rating button.

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