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Mark falls for a woman with a very, hairy pussy discovering his fetish for hairy women
Normally I hate it when I am volunteered for something, especially when no one bothers to give me the courtesy of at least asking me first. My mom is an expert at doing just that, committing me to something and not asking. When I arrived home from class at the local community college I found out that she had done it to me again. She told me she had promised her friend, Mrs. Conner that I would help her with some work around her house.

I didn't have much to say about it since it was summer, I didn't have a job and really wasn't spending time looking for one. I didn't want to work one of those dead-end jobs, flipping burgers and so on; I'd done that and I hated it. My old man's response was that I must think that I was too good to work and pay them rent. He warned me saying he was going to toss me out on unless I started contributing something.

If working and helping out my mom's friend was a way to appease him then it was better than the alternative. Mrs. Conner was in her mid 40's, widowed and is little different than most people. I think she is just a little eccentric which didn't bother me. She lives about thirty minutes from my house which means I had to get up early. I took her number from my mom gently scolding her for volunteering without asking me. She just smiled and asked,

"Would you rather I tell your father you said no?"

That was motivation enough for me to call Mrs. Conner right away. She was happy to hear from me and told me how she appreciated my calling her. I told her it was not a problem and I would be happy to come help her when she needed me. She suggested that I come over so she could talk to me rather than try and tell me what she wanted over the phone. She did say that it was going to be a lot of work but she would pay me for my efforts.

I told her that was very generous of her. She laughed telling me I'd better wait and see what she had in mind before I said that. That made me stop and wonder what my mom had gotten me into but it was too late now to back out now. I got in my car and drove over to her house. It seemed like it was farther out than I thought, taking me a half hour to get there. It really was on in the sticks.

When I arrived, she came out of the house and smiled at me. I parked the car and got out, looking around at how old and dilapidated the outside of the house looked. The porch she was standing on was in need of repair, not to mention that the entire house looked like it needed a good coat of paint. As I walked up onto the porch Mrs. Conner warned me,

"Watch out, you might fall through the slats. They are in pretty bad shape, that is the first thing we are going to tackle. I've got the replacement wood in the barn. Once we pull all the slats up we'll start replacing them. You know my husband was a carpenter and he taught me all he knew. I've become a pretty damn good carpenter if I do say so myself. You still want to help me with all this?"

"Sure, why not. It will keep my old man off my back and who knows, maybe he'll stop threatening to throw me out for not having a job."

"Well, this is going to be a job for sure. Come inside and we can talk if that's alright with you?"

"Sure, I have nowhere to be."

Once inside I could see that she had done a lot of work fixing the place up inside. It looked really nice, not that I knew how it looked before but it was very well done. We sat and talked and as we did I noticed that Mrs. Conner although having fairly average looks having really pretty shoulder length red hair and a nice body. She had a nice ass and from what I could tell as well as really firm tits. She was wearing overalls but they couldn't hide everything.

Seeing her in her overalls sort of gave her that old hippie look from back in the 60's. I liked her long red hair cascading down over her shoulders and that sort of hippie look about her. I liked it because she gave me the impression she was a free spirit and lived her life like she wanted to and wasn't afraid of what people thought or said.

As we sat there talking, Mrs. Conner put her left arm up on the top of the sofa. My eyes must have gotten big as saucers when I saw the red hair under her arm. It didn't gross me out, rather it turned me on. I've had this thing about hairy women ever since I can remember. Some would call it a fetish I suppose and I guess it is to some extent, but to me when I see a woman with hairy underarms as well as a hairy pussy, it really turns me on.

I found myself sitting there wishing I could see her pussy, just to see how hairy it was. I could only imagine that she was since she had the underarm hair. There were other telltale signs as I looked her over, trying not to look like I was staring at her. I could see the hair on her forearms was a little hairier than normal as well as her having thick eyebrows. She must have sensed something asking me,

"Is everything alright Mark?"

"Oh yes, Mrs. Conner, I'm just listening to what you have to say."

"Please, call me Amy. Do you think you'd be interested in helping me? There's a lot of work to be done here, I wouldn't blame you if you said no."

"No, I don't mind helping you at all. Like I said, it will keep the old man off my ass. Sorry, I didn't mean to talk like that."

"Don't worry about it Mark, I'll see to it he leaves you alone. I want you to feel at ease working here, I don't want you worrying about anything you say or do. Now, I will see you in the morning, the earlier the better. I don't mind fixing you breakfast if you want to get here around 7 am. That way we can eat and get to work before it gets too damn hot."

"Fine, I'll see you then."

"Good, the door will be open, just come on in and I'll be waiting for you."

The next morning, I pulled in around 6:45 and went inside the house. I could smell the coffee and bacon cooking as I walked into the kitchen and found Amy standing at the stove in her overalls cooking breakfast. She didn't look up as she said,

"Good, you're early, I like that. Sit down, it's just about ready."

She filled a plate with homemade hash browns, scrambled eggs and bacon. Then she poured me a cup of coffee and took a seat herself. As we ate she told me what she was planning for us to do. We were going pull up the old boards from the porch and then as soon as we got that done we were going to cut the new ones to length. She finished eating before I did and raised her arms, pulling her hair back and putting it into a ponytail.

My eyes were bugging out of my head again as I looked at the beautiful red hair under her arms. I wanted to get up and walk over and start caressing it and nuzzling it but I knew that would definitely not be appropriate. I just sat that trying not to get caught looking again. The other thing was trying not to get hard but I lost that battle. She finished and said,

"Come on, let's get to work Mark, it's going to be a hot one today."

I got up trying to hide my hard on, hoping she would see it. As I stood up there was a visible bulge between my legs and even though I thought I had blocked her view, I got a feeling from the grin on her face I hadn't been as successful as I had first thought. Still, she didn't say anything as we walked out and got to work. We spent the morning pulling up boards and tossing them into piles so we could dispose of them later.

By noon it was getting pretty hot but we had gotten a lot done. After lunch, we went out and finished pulling up the rest. By the time we finished it was mid-afternoon and it was too hot to continue. Back inside the house, Amy thanked me for all my hard work. We talked a little bit, mainly about what she had planned for tomorrow. She told me to come back at the same time as today. Then she said,

"You know, you might see if your folks would be alright with you spending the night. You can bring a change of clothes, that way you won't have to drive all the way home, only to drive all the way back again. It's only a suggestion but it only makes sense."

"Yes, I like that idea. Are you sure I won't be putting you out or anything?"

"Not all, I'd love having a handsome you man like you around the house. Besides, it's a lot easier on you as well."

"Good, I'll talk to them tonight when I get home. See you tomorrow morning."

When I got home that evening, my parents saw how tired and how hard I had worked that day. They agreed with the idea of my spending the night until I was finished. That night I packed some clothes, enough for a few days. The next morning when I got to Amy's it was like the day before, breakfast was ready and waiting. She was thrilled when I told her I had no problem getting my folks to let me stay.

Amy had on another pair of overall and a tank top, looking sexy as hell to me. Once again as I was finishing my coffee she raised her arms giving me a view of her hairy underarms. Again, my cock turned to stone as I watched her put her hair into a ponytail. This time when I stood up I made no effort to block her view. I don't know why but somehow, I felt she knew I was aroused seeing her hairy underarms.

We went out to the barn where there was wood ready to be cut to length. Amy had a lot of carpentry tools, including a table saw and just about anything you could want. She told me all the tools were her husbands and when he passed suddenly she kept everything. Little did she know how handy it was going to be to have it around. She started cutting boards to length when she asked me,

"You've seen me do a few, you want to give it a try or not?"

"Sure, I think I can do that."

"Good, maybe I'll make a carpenter out of you yet. Either way, it's good to know how to do things like this. It will save you a lot of money someday when you get your own home. Now, let's see how you do."

With her guidance, I started cutting the boards to length. To my surprise, I was pretty damn good at it even if I do say so myself. It seems as if I have a knack for working with my hands. Once we completed cutting what we needed to start with, we took some over to the porch and began working. We took turns, as one would lay the boards down while the other nailed them down. Fortunately, with the two of us working together we got quite a bit accomplished.

Amy told me to take a break and go back to the barn where it would be cooler. She then went in and made us lunch. She came back out with sandwiches and cold sodas for us to drink. A sandwich never tasted so good before. I sat down and leaned back while Amy sat across from me. I noticed she had changed her overalls to a different pair as well as a different tank top.

As we ate and talked she raised her arms over her head, stretching giving me a view of her hairy underarms one more time. I just sat there and stared at her, making no effort to be somewhat inconspicuous about it. I figured that this little peek had happened too often now for it to just be accidental. I could feel my cock filling my shorts, so much so that I moved my leg to be more comfortable. She looked right at me, both of us staring at one another.

She was focused on my now visible bulge in my shorts and I was focused on her underarm hair. We didn't say anything, it really wasn't necessary. We both knew what we were doing and it didn't seem to matter to either of us. The only thing I wanted was to see her hairy bush. She had to have a hairy pussy, I was sure of it. It was as if she were reading my mind when she said,

"You know I can't help noticing your fascination with my underarms. The first time it happened I thought you would be repulsed by it, then I got to thinking about it. Judging from your reaction to them I wondered if you actually liked seeing them. I decided to do it a second time when we were talking that afternoon. Seeing your reaction again I was sure you liked my hairy underarms. Am I right in my assessment of your reaction?"

"Oh, I think you know the answer to that one Amy. I was sure I had made you mad at me that first time and I was going to apologize but I thought why say anything? Then when you did it again, I thought maybe you enjoyed my seeing your beautiful underarms. To answer your questions, yes, I do love seeing them, not to mention anything else that might be as, shall we say, as beautiful."

A big smile came across her face as she said,

"I knew it, I just knew it when I saw you staring at me. You know my George, my late husband loved my natural look. He and I both were believers in being natural in the way we look. It seemed so silly to the both of us to shave and wax and do all those silly things women spend so much money on. I'm glad to see you take after him."

"I would have liked you husband George, Amy, I think we would have gotten along just fine. I don't know why I'm this way, all I know is I love a naturally hairy woman. It's so damn sexy is all I can say. Now I hope this doesn't offend you because I don't mean it to be but you are one sexy woman as far as I'm concerned."

"Oh, my Mark, no offense taken, believe me. I would think a good looking young man like you would have a lot of girlfriends from the college wanting you."

"Yes, well I'm neither rich nor a jock so that pretty much leaves me out. The few girls that I've been with have waxed and shaved everything part of their body they could possibly wax or shave. Even their forearms some of them, not to mention many have waxed their eyebrows and replaced them with the permanent makeup. It just makes no sense to me at all."

Amy laughed, "I'm with you Mark, it really makes no sense to me. I'm glad we had this conversation, it really means a lot to me, you share your feelings with me and making me feel so much more at ease around you. Now I can feel free to be myself and not worry about hiding things if you know what I mean?"

"Oh, I think I do, and I feel the same way, Amy. Now let's get back to work before it gets too damn hot."

"Yes, I agree. Let's nail the rest of the planks on the porch and then we can call it a day. We can come out later when it's cooler and cut the rest of the wood to length or we can do it in the morning."

"Great idea, let's get started."

We went back onto the porch and began working. As we went along I wiped the sweat from my eyes. In doing so I happened to look over at Amy who was bending over to hammer in a nail. As she was bent over I saw something that brought a smile to my face. As I looked over at her I noticed a gap in her overalls that allowed me to peek inside. What I saw was a thatch of her thick, red, bush before my eyes.

My cock was instantly hard as I looked at her, hamming a nail, oblivious to my seeing her beautiful bush. I wanted to run my fingers through it, nuzzle my face in it and so much more but I knew it was better if I cool my jets for now. It was all too obvious that when she had gone in for lunch and changed, she must have left her panties off so I might catch a glimpse of her bush. Needless to say, I was as hard as stone again.

I made no effort to hide my arousal knowing that sooner or later she would see it and maybe know that I had seen her as well. We kept working, laying down planks and nailing them down. It was not so much hard work as it was hot. The humidity was getting higher and I was sweating profusely. Amy paused and went in bringing out another gallon of water for us to drink. Soon it was just too hot so we stopped for the day and went inside. Once inside Amy said,

"If you don't mind, I'm going to go take a shower. There's more soda in the fridge and if you want I have some beer as well."

I thanked her and grabbed a cold beer as I sat at the table and sipped it. It wasn't too long when Amy came down wearing a tank top and some short, shorts that were rather baggy around the legs. She smiled at me and told me it was my turn. I thanked her and went up taking a nice refreshing shower. After I was done I found an old pair of baggy shorts I just happened to have stuffed in with everything else. I slipped those on and went downstairs.

When I got down, Amy was sitting on the sofa, both arms up on the top as she sipped a cold beer. Her legs were spread wide and I could see through the leg opening the wild hairs that were trying to escape. I grabbed another beer and walked over to where she was sitting and stood there for a moment, smiling down at her as she smiled back at me. Then I asked,

"So sexy lady, do you mind if I sit down next to you, or would you prefer that I sit across from you."

"Not to be rude Mark, but would you mind sitting in that oversized chair just across from me, I'm still kind of hot."

"Not at all, it would be kind of hot sitting right on top of one another, at least right now anyway."

She smiled at me and winked as I took a seat directly across from her. I sat there looking at the tufts of red hair under her arms, then moving my eyes down as she spread her legs in such a way to allow me to see up her leg opening. My cock was rock hard and making a tent out of my shorts as we talked about how hard we had work today and how much we had accomplished.

Neither one of us was attempting to hide anything if anything we were trying to find different ways to expose ourselves to one another. I looked down at my cock as it pushed my shorts up when I got an idea. I pushed my cock down so it was now on the side of my legs. The thing is, my shorts were so old and baggy that my cock was sticking out from the leg opening. I figured I'd see just how much I could get away with.

When I looked up I saw a big smile on Amy's face as she looked at my cock protruding from the leg opening in my shorts. She didn't say anything as I sat there, my legs spread as far apart as the chair would allow. As I sat there watching her watch me, I suddenly got the idea that if I was showing her my cock, why not pull the leg opening all the way over and let my balls fall free. I started to move around saying,

"Man, this is getting uncomfortable."

Then I pulled the leg opening to one side allowing my balls to fall free also exposing the rest of my cock for Amy's enjoyment. The smile on her face told me she was definitely enjoying the view. That's when she must have decided it was time to tease me a little. She raised her arm over her hand and started toying with her underarm hair, stroking it and running her fingers through it. She looked at me asking softly,

"Would you like a closer took Mark?"

I got up and stood there looking at her when I decided it was time to go for broke. I hooked my thumbs in my shorts and pulled them down over my hips and stepped out of them. Once I had them off and my cock was fully exposed I walked over to where she was sitting. I moved around behind the sofa and leaned forward as I began running my fingers through her underarm hair. It was so soft to the touch.

While I stroked her underarm hair, my cock was now against her cheek. I was hoping she wasn't going to get upset but I needn't have worried, she reached up and started moving my cock over her cheek. She turned her head on occasion and kiss the head of the shaft as I continued caressing her underarm hair. After a little while longer I walked around and sat down next to her saying,

"You know what would feel nice?"

"No, Mark, tell me what would feel nice."

"I think it would feel nice to run my cock over that hair under your arm. I know it would feel really good if you don't mind that is?"

She smiled as I straddled her, taking my cock in hand and moving the head over her hairy armpit. It felt fucking amazing as I ran my cock along that soft hair, moving the head over it as she gasped and cooed softly. We paused for a moment as Amy took off her tank top exposing her tits to me. They were better than I had imagined as I looked down at them. Her aureoles were large and her nipples were rock hard as well.

Now I had to make a choice, continue rubbing my cock over her underarm hair, or take her tits in my hands and start caressing them and sucking her nipples. It didn't take long for me to make that decision as I sat next to her where I leaned over and began caressing her tits and running my tongue over her aureoles all while teasing her nipples with my tongue. The sounds coming from her were sounds of total arousal.

The more I caressed and squeezed her tits and sucked her nipples, the more Amy moaned and told me how good it felt. I continued sucking her nipples taking her closer and closer to what I was sure was going to be an orgasm. Before long, her body started to shudder and I knew she was cumming. She then took my cock in her hands and told me she wanted to suck my cock.

I straddled her again, placing my cock at her lips as she began running her tongue over the head of my cock and then moving up and down my shaft. She licked my shaft all the way down to my balls, taking them into her mouth, first one and then the other. She continued teasing me, driving me crazy with lust when I felt her raise her hips off the sofa. I was sure she was sliding her shorts off.

The problem was, as much as I wanted to see her pussy, I didn't want to take my cock from her tongue. She made my decision for me, taking the head of my cock in her mouth and swirling her tongue over the head. None of the college coeds ever did this to me and to have Amy doing it was a real treat. After a few minutes of sheer pleasure, she took it a step further taking my cock into her mouth.

Inch by inch she took me down her throat which really surprised me. Again, none of the girls at school had even attempted giving me head, at least not like Amy was doing. Not to mention that I'm hung pretty well, so having her take me down her throat like this was truly amazing. Before long she had almost my entire cock down her throat, deep throating me as I tried not to cum too soon.

She began bobbing her head up and down, taking me down her throat, giving me an incredible blowjob. Having her deepthroat me was something I had never experienced before. The woman was insatiable as she continued deep throating me over and over again. I thought I was doing well at not losing my load, that was of course until she slid her finger between my ass cheeks and worked her finger into my asshole.

This is all it took as she took me down her throat yet one more time while working her finger deep into my ass. I started cumming, my cock throbbing as I sent my load down her throat. A little cum oozed from the sides of her mouth and down her chin but once I was finished cumming I took care of that. I kissed her deeply, tasting my own cum on her tongue as we kissed. When we finally broke out kiss Amy smiled at me asking,

"Well, was that something you were expecting?"

"Are you kidding Amy, that was fucking incredible and no, I definitely wasn't expecting that. Thank you so much!"

"Well good, now I have another surprise that I think you will like."

She spread her legs for me showing me the hairiest and thickest bush that I had ever seen. It was a forest of red pussy hair, just waiting for me to enjoy it. I looked at her and smiled as I reached down and started sliding my fingers into her thick bush. It was so soft, feeling like velvet as I moved my hand around exploring her gorgeous bush. She smiled saying,

"I take it you like what you see?"

"You know I do, I can't wait to stick my face between your legs and take it the aroma and taste of your pussy. With your permission of course."

She looked at me saying,

"You know, I wouldn't do this with just anyone. Frankly, you are the first since my lost my George. The only reason I'm allowing you to do this is I know how much you appreciate it as well as the fact that I need someone to make love to me, if only it's one time."

"I know how much this means to you Amy, and I don't plan on this being a one-time thing, that is for sure. I think you and I can have fun together, sort of like being "fuck buddies" if you know what I mean. It means a lot to me to that you are allowing me to be the one to make love to you. Now, let's stop talking and let me taste your beautiful pussy."

That having been said I moved down between Amy's spread legs and marveled at how truly hairy she really was. Even her inner thighs were coated with beautiful, soft, red hair leading up to her hairy vagina. Her lips although surrounded by hair, were still so thick that they were easily accessible. Her clit was large and throbbing with anticipation of what was to come. Her lips were so thick and juicy I could hardly wait to taste them, still why rush?

I could see the dampness as her juices secreted from her pussy, her lips spreading open from their own weight as I took in the aroma of her arousal. No longer able to resist the temptation to taste her pussy, I lowered my head and ran my tongue along her pussy, tasting her for the first time. Amy gasped and the emitted a low moan as she placed her hands on my head as I continued licking her ever moistening lips.

I was soon wallowing in her secretions as they spread over my face and chin as I continued licking her pussy and sucking her thick lips into my mouth. She was gyrating her hips and moaning as I eventually worked my tongue between her lips, working it up and down her creamy slit. She was now gasping and moaning louder as she scooted down into the sofa, thrusting her pussy as hard as she could into my face.

As I savored her pussy, I worked my tongue into her opening and began tongue fucking her. Fortunately for the both of us, I have been blessed with a long tongue, almost like a small cock that I was thrusting deep into her pussy. She held the back of my head as I tongue fucked her with my tongue, making her squeal and moan as I brought her close to orgasm.

My tongue was beginning to ache, feeling like it was going to fall off as I moved up and replaced my tongue with as many fingers as I could stuff into her pussy. Then I took her clit into my mouth where I began alternating between flicking it with my tongue and sucking it making her squeal all the more. Amy was thrusting her hips as hard as she could now into my face as she moved closer and closer to cumming as I concentrated on sucking her clit and fingering her pussy.

With her clit in my mouth, my fingers in her pussy I took it one step further adding my little finger into the mix. I eased my little finger between her ass cheeks, then slowly penetrated her asshole, working it in and out of her ass. Well, that caused her to really start to almost scream out in passion as her body suddenly stiffened and then started shaking. I held on as she started cumming over and over again, with multiple orgasms coursing through her body.

I couldn't believe how long and how hard she came but it was obvious that she was loving every second of it. When she finally finished cumming I watched as her tits heaved up and down as she tried to gather herself back up. After a few minutes, Amy pulled me up to her, kissing me as she kissed her cum from my face and chin. After a bit, she looked at me saying,

"Thank you so much for making love to me like that Mark. It has been so long since I've made love to anyone. I tried once about a year after losing my George but it was so grossed out by my hair that he never really did much. He said it wasn't a problem but I could tell he was rushing just so he could get away. You, I could tell that you really like me as I am, you aren't grossed out from all that hair."

"Are you kidding, I love it. It feels so soft, like velvet that I just can't get enough of it. The only problem you're going to have now is keeping me away from your pussy."

"Oh, that won't be a problem, Mark, you are welcome to my pussy anytime you want. Now let's relax before I start dinner. I want to do more, don't you worry about that, it's just that I don't want to rush and do it all at once if you know what I mean?"

"Sure, why rush when we have all the time in the world. So I do have a question though."

"Sure, what did you do all that time without someone to take care of your needs sexually?"

Of course, I knew the answer already but I wanted to hear it from Amy.

"Well, I didn't have much choice, I took care of myself. I have quite an array of sex toys that I use to masturbate with when I feel the need which unfortunately is quite often. Of course, now that you're here I won't have to worry about that. I know you won't be here forever and I don't expect you and I to be lovers or anything, after all, I'm in my forties and you're a young man. Still, I think we can have some fun while you're working here."

"Don't sell yourself short Amy, you may be in your forties but you are just as sexy as those college coeds and you're not hung up about having no body hair. That's what I love about you as you can tell."

We sat there after Amy thanked and hugged me again, kissing and caressing one another. I couldn't keep my hand off her hairy bush, running my fingers through it and then sliding as many fingers as I could into her pussy while she squeezed her tits and tugged at her nipples. She reached down and grabbed my newly hard cock, pausing long enough to move my fingers out of the way and scooping up her juices in her hand.

Then as I stuffed my fingers back into her pussy, she spread her juices over my cock and started jacking me off. It was quite a sight I'm sure, me with my fingers in Amy's pussy, working them in and out as she gasped and squealed all while she jacked me off, her hand a blur as she stroked my cock. Before long she was cumming yet again, her pussy clamping down on my finger as she came and then me spurting cum as I came.

By the time we were finished cumming my hand was awash in her juices and her fist had cum oozing down over it as she squeezed the last few drop of cum from my cock. She raised her hand to her mouth and licked the cum from her hand and fingers while I stuck my fingers in my mouth, licking off the cum that covered them. After we took a quick shower we dressed while Amy went in and started dinner.

To be continued........


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i too love hairy women. hate shaved pussy


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Super hot story, I hope chapter 2 cums soon so I can again too.

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