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Checking on the Seeder Ship'S and Nodes' colonies
I have developed the Sci Fi stories that I had previously posted on this site into a full novel. I am now trying out the successive stories from the novel to see about their level of acceptance and interest in reading.

I believe that the stories carry enough internal information to cover the absence of the previous stories.

These stories take up where a thousand years in the future from the first sending out of the colony ships, a survey of their conditions was entered upon.


“Hello, Captain Bradley, welcome to THE UNIT. Of course, since you now know where you are, if would be a death offense to reveal that fact or anything else that you hear here to anyone else. Said with an insincere smile. However more seriously, if anyone tries to engage you in conversation about this place, which is still private, but not secret anymore, you should know that if they have any right to know anything about it, they will be telling you, and not asking of you. Do you have that straight, Captain?”

“Yes Sir, Colonel Benson.”

“Okay, now that we have that out of the way, I have a lot to share with you leading up to your purpose being here. I know that you are, for instance named Nkrumah Bradley and that you are the son of a Swahili princess and a travelling official of the Kenyan government, a Benson progeny. But, you were raised as the adopted son of a Swahili chief. Can you explain that to me?”

“Yes, my mother was just a sixteen year old village daughter of a tribal warrior and a washerwoman, until she came to the attention of a certain Owen Bradley. He was a traveling official of the African nation of Kenya and just passing thru in his assignment of observation of tribal affairs. In the past there had been many Caucasian men in responsible positions in the Kenyan government. Then it went thru many years were there were few. By the time of my parents, the wheel had turned again, and the government liked to use Caucasians in certain responsible fields, since they had no connections with the peoples that they observed and thus no tribal prejudices in regard to them. Also, the assumed English type perspective is very handy in some regards.

My mother was very beautiful, to anyone’s eyes, and a pure soul. She was untouched and her parents fought against her having to undergo the ‘female circumcision’ that is supposed to be illegal in Africa now, but is still practiced in some of the backward villages. So, when Mr. Bradley met her, she was unsullied and untouched in a sexual way.

The village chieftain invited Mr. Bradley to spend the night in an abandon-ed, but very clean hut. Since he had traveled long for that day and had another lengthy trip planned for the next day, Owen gratefully accepted the offer. He got to share a meal with them that was tailored to English tastes, though he was actually American, and slept the night in the room with my mother as his night attendant. Somehow his wires must have been crossed, or he was just expressing the Benson genes of outrageous sexual desire and he mistook the young girl’s purpose in being with him overnight. Anyway, these men also have a profound effect on women that come under their influence, and she didn’t want to be inhospitable, so she shared her virgin body with him that night. He showed great respect and affection to her in the morning and then loaded up in his carryall, drove off and she never saw him again.

He did leave a gift for her behind though, me in her belly. And I was born nine months later. This kind of thing is not that unusual in that part of Africa and since she had shown herself to be fecund, the chief took her as a secondary wife. Through her being a totally attractive, industrious and loving wife of good heart, she managed to rise in his attentions and honor and so I, her son, was treated as a prince and son to him and he financed my education all the way thru college. She still lives with their children in the village, he passed on a number of years ago.”

“I knew of some of this, but it is always better to hear it from the source, you know. Thank you for the telling.”

Nkrumah nodded in return.

“Now we have to get to the crux of the matter. You have been selected to mount a very special space mission, to gather information on the civilizations that have grown from the Seeder ships and the Wandering Nodes. We have come into some very helpful information lately that will help us in the endeavor.

As you and most people know, this quadrant of space with the Milky Way Galaxy in the middle of it is the home of numerous living cultures. The chief authority of our little corner of space is the Over Lord, appointed to the position by the Creator of all himself. He had been formerly a lessor Cherubim, a brother to the one who came to be known as The Savior of Mankind, and also the another one who became Lucifer, the enemy of all that is good. With Adonai’s elevation to the right hand of God, a positIon opened up and the one that became the Over Lord was appointed to it.

Now I digress for a bit. Over the past thousand years since the Seeder ships were sent out to spread the human family into space to protect our kind from going into extinction in case of a planetary catastrophe here at home, a hundred exploratory trips of a general nature have been made by a body of the finest and bravest men that have ever lived. They knew that the odds, even with the new Space By-Pass drive, were that only about 50 % of them would ever make it back home. We don’t have any Spice Navigators to ensure their safety, you know.

But, these intrepid pilots sent back continuous readings of their travels and these have been assimilated into a data base that with a three dimensional aspect has for a better expression become a map of the ‘safe highways of space.’ The map has been tested out and the safety factor of our produced maps is at least 98 % safe passages. We expect that to rise to near 99.9 % with further refinements of the process and records. By the way, the original pilots returned to the rate of 78 %. A lot better than we had hoped for.

Interestingly, the human family has gained a reputation among the varied entities of our quadrant for making startling scientific discoveries over our history. Where most cultures study things deeply and build their knowledge up brick by learned brick, we have the admired capacity to make dramatic jumps over many of the steps and come to realizations of facts that took the others many hundreds of years to gain. This happened not long ago with the Space By-Pass Drive. And the Safe Highways of Space project.

Anyway, the Over Lord was so impressed by our progress in this area, that he coopted it for himself and his cronies. But, to keep a sense of fairness and to reward us for our gift (unintended) to the galaxies navigators, he sent a representative and gave us an improved model of it, plus the location of every single planetary settlement that has arisen from the Seeder Ships and the Wandering Nodes. And they are all plotted on a version of the Space Highway map that he provided to us.”

“Wow, what a gift!”

“Yes, what a gift indeed. So, we have built a ship for you and selected a picked crew, named the Space Flight: UGUNDUZI, a nod to your Swahili heritage.

“Everyone in your crew will have a generous dose of Benson genetic code, which should make for an interesting trip in itself, but also, we have a particular planet that we would first like to know more about.

One of our earlier pilots, a particularly egotistical one, encountered an unexpected human planetary settlement. It was established by the descendants of General Francine Benson and Captain James Elliot of the main node of the Space Mirror Complex. They were sent on the trailing Seeder ship of the San Francisco duo and evidently managed to make their own way to an uncharted and unplanned upon to be inhabited planet. Evidently only unplanned by us. Because evidently the Over Lord had planned for it to be inhabited by humans all along and had prepared it for that eventuality. He was thrilled when Benson and Elliot and some awakened clones from the San Francisco 2’s stores took up dwelling there, and they have come under his personal patronage and protection ever since.

This was learned to the regret of that captain when he tried to bully his way down to the planet Benson’s surface to enforce Earth’s authority over the settlement on it. He found that the planet had advanced to the state that they could have given him a militarily really bad time of it, one that he and his ship wouldn’t have probably survived. But to forestall such a wasteful exercise the Over Lord sent one of his smallest ships, huge by our standards, to order the officious captain off from the vicinity after allowing him to take whatever readings and observations he wanted from orbit.

The Over Lord has passed on to us now, that if we send a respectful contingent to the Planet Benson, that he will allow us to again take any in-orbit measurements and readings that we want to add to our knowledge of space colonization techniques. Any allowance to land will be left up to the locals. And they are very jealous of their privacy. However, a ship loaded with Benson gene bless-ed derivatives, including a black captain, just might get them curious enough about you to allow landing and also to integrate your DNA gifts to broaden the genetic base for that planetary body of peoples. That should make a bunch of Bensonites very happy, I would guess!”

“Yes, I concur on that, for sure.”

“With no insult, but a lot of mirth, I do too. Wish I was going with you, hehehe!”

The ship’s crew was assembled and boarded to the ship UGUNDUZI and without fanfare took off to carry out their assigned commission, to connect with and report on the various settlements of the passengers of the Seeder Ships and the Traveling Nodes. Special interest was intended first for the Planet Benson, an unplanned settlement (by human authority) of richly Benson DNA endowed pro-geny under the sponsorship of the Over Lord of the quadrant.

There was no hurry in the trip needed, since with Space By-Pass Drive, no traveling was done, the ship would just start at one point and almost instantaneously arrive at another point in space. The only danger was hitting something on the straight line path in between the end points. But, with the new Space ‘Road’ Maps, that was a remote danger now. And with two hundred and fifty year life spans, there was plenty of time to accomplish a number of lifetime goals, like the continual spreading of the Benson genes. Old ‘Jimmy’ would be proud of his progeny in that aspect. And in regard to this, the ship’s sex roster was filled up in very quick order. And every member of the crew was eligible to conceive progeny with every other one of the opposite sex. What a jolly trip this would be. Hoped they had enough room for the produced ones.

We had a six month trip out to the departure node on this end. The trip would be almost instantaneous to the first arrival node and then it depended on the distance to the next node as to the time it takes. Travel between arrival nodes and the next departure ones can only be made at near light speed. So having as few jumps as possible was very advantageous. The new improved Space Road Maps provided by the Over Lord would help in that very much with their additional safe routes and black hole generated nodes.

The ship was not robotic, due to a continuing fear of sentience in the computer systems. Isaac Asimov had codified the relationship between thinking machines and humans, but a codification doesn’t result in any guarantee, just a basis to measure events by. Humans truly needed the help of the robots and computers, but were determined to strictly stay in charge of the final decisions. So, the ship still had routines and duties for the boarded crews to keep them active, interested and most of all to keep them in charge.

But, there was still a lot of free time for the crew and the sex roster helped to eat up much of that time. Just to suck and fuck is great. But, it can become stale in a relatively short time, unless it is dressed up in some kind of structured fun, like sex games or sex role plays. A popular game on board for the more studious, was sex chess. When a piece (all of which were naked humans) was displaced, the displaced one was fucked by the displacing one. One of the colors was all female, the other was male. And a bit of costume was worn to identify which piece they were depicting. But, not enough costume to interfere with the sexy stuff.

For those of more average mental capacity or inclination, there was always strip poker, or strip…….some other game.

However, for most the greatest fun is in the role plays that adopt little dramas into the most fun sex imaginable. It was going to be fun for the ladies to find out what the favorites were of Nkrumah. Nkrumah was Captain Nkrumah Bradley in any official capacity on the ship. But, in sex play everyone was equal, so only first names were used at those times.

For the first night on board, Nkrumah elected to act the part of a tribal chieftain being entertained by a bevy of his female native subjects. This would be a lot of fun and also would eat up several weeks of sexual obligations so that he could pursue his nascent writing efforts undisturbed.

So, he dressed up in a costume left over from his tribal days and gathered with the eight selected girls in the computer generated play center. He selected a proper setting for his little foray and the girls came in and assumed their individ-ual identities.

He cued up the music and ordered the slave like ladies to dance sexily for his amusement. And so they assumed a sensual pattern dance that highlighted their sexy bodies and attitudes. A lot of flashing intimate flesh with sexy shimmies and flips and such to highlight their female gifts. He kept a very stoical expression on his face as he studiously observed this. Inside his lust was seething.

After a bit, he called on one of the girls, the tiniest and cutest of the bunch to come up and entertain him personally and designated two others to play intimately with each other right in front of him and with that the other girls would sit and watch the proceedings.

Urigami, the little girl up on his lap moved her costume aside on her body so that all of her interesting parts would be readily available to him. As his eyes followed the two girls in front of him nakedly playing with each other’s pussies and breasts, he began to address those of the little girl on his lap. And she reached down to stimulate his massive organ. He flipped her upside down so she could suck on his member as he licked her pussy and anal entry. She naturally lubed up very quick-ly as so did he. And after a few minutes of that, while the two girls were now tonguing each other’s anal ports, he flipped her over again, so that she lined up with his big dick. She with no hesitation, aligned her pussy opening with it and plunged down to take him all the way into her pussy vault. With this, the remaining girls came up to him as she was thrusting on his cock and alternately kissed him and allowed him to suck on their titties. With all of this stimulation, he soon emptied up into the tiny girl’s lust vault and invited the other girls to ride the cock to their delight, also. They all made an effort to do it and some of them even got another shot from it. But, eventually they all moved to his personal suite and with their gorgeous naked bodies, slept the night away, allowing him additional entries any time that he desired them.

They finally made it to the departure node and with a lot of confidence entered its influence to side-slip almost instantaneously to the first arrival node and then with a relatively short transfer trip, due to the improved Space Map from the Over Lord, they then made the side-slip to nearby the Planet Benson.

During the crew executive’s meeting the purpose of this mission was shared. Benson was an unscheduled and unaligned by Earth’s authority colony. So, it would serve as a basis for analyzing the planned colonies both of the Seeder Ships and the Wandering nodes to estimate their relative progress by. The Ben-son colony seemed to be a rather standard civilization, too. Perhaps like the Scandinavian countries of old Earth. Where some of the other colonies would stretch the limits of being counted as human, from the prospectus prepared on them. They should provide a lot of ‘how to’ to set up successful new colonies for the future.

Also, there is the matter of the needed DNA infusion for the Benson colony. Nothing wrong with their Benson infusion, but the limited range of their genetic base would eventually doom the colony, if there wasn’t a new and broader range of DNA supplied to it occasionally over the next thousand years as progressive generations piled up. The genetic collision was somewhat delayed because of the consistently long life spans of the members of the colony. Thus the frantic desires of the colonists in their sexual lives, didn’t have to result in progeny for longer periods of time in such long life spans. Just a lot of fun ‘planting without a resul-tant crop’ play.

But, since the ship would be there and have a complement of crew, each with a rich Benson genetic heritage, the males would be offered to pass their wider genetic base to the colony through impregnation of local females, while local males would be invited to be sexual guests on the ship to entertain the ship’s females. THE UNIT who sent them and Captain Bradley expected this to succeed and to become a regular exercise into the foreseeable future.

Upon arrival in orbit about Benson, the Earth ship, UGUNDUZI, was immediately hailed by someone titled Speaker for the Planet Benson, SPB for short. He inquired of the reason for the visit, since the planet had made it clear that they did not welcome uninvited visitors.

Captain Bradley informed SPB that the reason for the visit had been approved by their patron, the Over Lord. And that he had given the Earth ship limited permission to visit. But, that it would be entirely up to the Benson Planet authorities to decide as to what degree of a visit that they would welcome.

Then the Captain informed SPB of the two main goals of the visit: 1. To learn enough about their rogue colony to become a base line for analyzing the progress of the planned ones. And 2. To offer themselves as well stocked of Benson DNA, to broaden out their genetic diversity. Also, they would just like to visit and compare notes with fellow humans, too.

SPB informed them that he would contact the other authorities on the planet and get back to them. In the meantime the ship had their permission to take any readings and observations that they wanted of the planet and its open activities, while they waited for the decision.

‘Well,’ though Captain Bradley, ‘that went a lot better than last time.’

After four hours, SPB reconnected with the ship and requested that a health wellness team of five be permitted to come up to the ship and determine the status of the crew before allowing them on to the planet. The Captain was informed that they were ready to destroy themselves, if they found any threats within themselves to their planet’s peoples, without endangering the ship and its crew.

Captain gave permission for them to board and assured the SPB that every method possible would be done to insure the health and safety of the health wellness team.

When the team got onboard, they immediately reported to the captain and appeared before him with no apparent health hazard prevention means at all that were noticeable. Then they asked to interact with the crew including sexual con-tact to test out the ship’s crew as to the safety of the planet to interact with them. The team turned out to have six members, three of each sex. And they went right down to the cafeteria to partake of lunch with the crew with the captain’s allowance of their free passage on the ship, as long as they stayed away from security zones that were plainly marked.

After eating, they paired off with receptive crew members who were off duty to return to their quarters to enjoy some sexual fun with them. When the crew members reported back to the captain, it was noted that the planetary representatives were somewhat ignorant of some pleasure modes, but quick learners. And that they were extremely sweet-natured. The captain recorded all of the impressions of the crew members along with the videos that had been recorded of the fun, for future study and comparisons.

The health wellness team then availed themselves of the on board medical center and did a preliminary health scan to determine their current status. It was reported that things were fine so far. Then the members of the visiting team decided to pair up with some of the more adventuresome members of the crew to learn of avenues of sexual expression that they were unfamiliar with.

One of the planetary visitors named Garth, chose a crew member Florie Tanaka to be his partner. She was known as a genuine sexual psycho who was up to anything that could be thought up of except any bodily damage to her or her partner. Her sexual ‘dance card’ was always full. Her partner for this date was a genuine marvel of a young man. Six feet, four inches by Earth measurements, and one hundred and ninety six pounds of muscle and sinew. He would have been a star wide receiver in the old NFL.

Tiny Tanaka took the brute by the hand and guided him to her suite which was one of the bigger ones since she was a senior member of the crew, the Chief Communications Officer Everyone smiled as they passed down the hallways, a big guy being kindly directed by a tiny female. He seemed to be totally immune to any teasing that might be sent his way over it. Self-confident in his masculine awareness evidently.

When they got to her rooms, she guided him right into her bedroom and proceeded to disrobe in front of his mesmerized eyes. When she was completely nude she indicated to him to assume the same condition and he surely but with a definite sense of shyness unclothed himself also. Then with now humble eyes, he moved to take her into his arms and lifted her up to receive enthusiastic kisses.

She initiated the tongue play and with a few clumsy attempts to reciprocate on his part he did get the mode of that play to Florie’s delight and muted sense of humor. Then she recognizing his shyness and ignorance of some things guided him through the prelims and then on to his penetrating and fucking her. In the plowing of her he showed a considerable elevated game, varying the frequency, power and depth of his plunges to drive Florie right up the mountain to her very appreciative climax. With that she bowed to him in recognition of a job well done. He had not climaxed yet and so she decided to introduce him to something else.

She moved down to heighten his dicks awareness of her and its desires for further play. Then she moved to her tummy and elevated her hips. He was some-what unsure of what she then wanted, until she motioned for him to take his place behind her and then she guided his muscular missile right up into her rear silo. He then used the same techniques up her ass as he had in her pussy and got similar results for her and dramatic ones for himself. With that accomplished, since she had a number of hours before being on duty, she texted a delay notice for other expectant partners and took a long nap with the gorgeous and kindhearted visitor.

After ten days of the visit, the visitors notified the Ship board authorities that no adverse effects at all had been detected in the visitors. So, the planetary authorities were granting them to come to the surface for a personal survey and an effort to leave behind a new genetic bounty to expand the planetary genetic base. The local Bene Gesserit office would be monitoring that. Deemed by that title in recognition of Frank’s sisterhood’s key interest. His books were still being read.

Only men from the ship visited the surface, because only they could leave behind a genetic gift in the short time that they would be visiting. But, men from the planet were in small groups welcomed to visit the women on ship and enjoy and learn from them to be able to share the gained knowledge among the planetary inhabitants. There was a lot of delight with these arrangements as could be well imagined.

In addition to the natural kindness and gentleness of the planet’s inhabitants, which was expressed only to fellow inhabitants and approved visitors, the Captain also noticed that to interlopers they could as fierce of warriors as was known of.

It was also noticed that the arranged long term pairings of the sexes on the planet which approximated what was known as marriages on the Earth, were open by nature. Anyone could have sex with anyone as a matter of right, only with agreeable partners, though. And though the lower age of freedom was apparent on the planet, by usage, girls or boys pre adolescence were usually left alone to play and learn with each other. There was a noticeable lack of prudishness on the planet.

Evidently the programming among the San Francisco clones was still in substantive operation. And after this time passage, they would likely remain in effect for the foreseeable future.

For the genetic seeding project, only fecund girls of the ages sixteen to twenty-two were selected. Since this project was of supreme importance, no other sexual relations would be allowed on this visit. By that statement, it was left unsaid that other visits of Earth personnel would be accepted if they were also highly endowed with Benson genes and ultra-healthy.

Since A.A. heritage persons were very rare on the planet, Captain Bradley was in high demand. The natural gifts of his heritage would be of immense value on the planet. Also, the smaller Asian guys were desired, for their compactness. In fact the Asian women were encouraged to share some of their eggs to be pre-served and germinated on the planet to keep their gifts available, too.

On the first night of planet fall, Captain Bradley was assigned three girls to try to impregnate. They were all sixteen and in their highest fecund state for the night. When he came into the home of the richest one, he was guided by her father to a large room for the fun and fucking to occur. Captain could detect no adverse attitude on his part at all. After shaking hands with him, Captain entered the room and the door was closed behind him.

The girls were already nude and quickly moved to remove Captain’s cloth-ing to match theirs. They then guided him to the oversized bed in the middle of the room and gathered up together upon it. Evidently they were very knowledgeable of reproduction, but still innocent of the some of the pleasures of sexual expression. He was determined to along with impregnating them that night, to also give them lessons in the fun parts of sex.

So, in that mode he reached out to one of the young girls and pulled her up to his mouth to kiss her. She knew about kissing, but was willing to learn a few new twists, like deep tongue throating, which he demonstrated with her. After the brief trauma of almost choking, she got into it and the other girls took note.

He then moved his mouth and tongue down to her very tiny breasts and coaxed them into being swelled up, along with her nipples. She was very surprised at this reaction on her part, along with the sensations she was feeling in her vagina. And when he moved to suckle on the nipples, her pussy went crazy in reactions, spouting very copious amounts of very viscous liquids.

She thought that she couldn’t stand anymore and it was true until his mouth met her pussy slit, opening and clit. Then she thought that she was going to die of pleasure. But, while she was still high, he moved into her already de-flowered vagina and with his large member penetrated deep within her. Her eyes got very large with this and then as he pumped in her, he let loose of his first load and the girl simply slumped into his arms to allow him to comfort her.

After a few minutes he moved on to the next girl. And in turn had each of them, vaginal only at least twice, before he himself collapsed into a deep and restful sleep for the rest of the night. With the very advanced stage of the planetary medical abilities, they knew the very next morning that all of the girls that he had serviced the night before were now pregnant.

The men of the crew stayed very busy for the next two weeks and then were granted freedom to enjoy the people and places on the planet for the last week. The planetary officials were very gracious in their sendoff and said that they and any other peaceful Earth vessels would always be accepted to visit and replenish their genetic gifts in the future. They only had to pass the same tests as the current crew passed. Sadly, only those crews with a bonus quantity of Benson genes would be welcome or this planet could have been a prime place for ‘shore leave’ for all future crews.
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