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Mark continues his passionate love for Amy
It has turned out to be quite an afternoon, filled with hot, intense sex between Amy and I. For a woman in her forties she is one hell of a hot woman not to mention that she has the most beautiful, thick bush I have ever seen. I love her red hair and her passion for sex, none of the college girls I knew were as passionate as this woman. After we showered and Amy went to start dinner I couldn't help thinking about what was to come. We had only scratched the surface of what we could do sexually. We had only enjoyed oral sex and it was more than I could ever have imagined.

Amy was the best I'd ever had as far as getting a blowjob. She loved sucking cock and deep throating me to an explosive orgasm. Not to mention going down on her was incredible. Feeling her soft bush on my face, sucking those enormous pussy lips and having her cum all over my face was just amazing. Then to top it off, sitting next to one another, me exploring her pussy with my fingers and then having her begin stroking my cock ending up with an intense mutual masturbation session where we both came like mad.

Needless to say, I can't wait to see how her pussy feels with my cock deep inside it. Still, we have plenty of time while I'm here helping her replace her porch and anything else we can come up with. What the hell, if we work this out right, I could end up spending most of the summer with her, using the excuse of helping her with various projects around her house so we can enjoy more intense sex. I didn't know at the time that Amy was thinking along those same lines, then again it only made sense. What could be any more perfect than having that as a reason for us to fuck all summer long?

My thoughts were interrupted when Amy called me and told me that dinner was ready. We sat eating and talking about what was on the agenda for tomorrow as far as the work on the porch went. We have made good headway but there was a lot more to go. We decided to get up early to beat the summer heat and humidity. Once dinner was done, Amy and I went in to watch some TV. As we sat there talking and watching TV we were both having trouble keeping our eyes open. It had been a hard day or work on the porch and after that, some really intense sex.

All in all, it had been a great day but it had taken its toll on both of us. In fact, I must have dozed off because when I opened my eyes the TV was still on but it was after 12 midnight. I looked over and Amy was already gone up to bed or so I assumed. I pulled myself off the sofa and headed upstairs. The minute my head hit the pillow I was gone. The next thing I knew it was 6:30, the alarm ringing in my ear. I didn't even remember setting it. I got up and went in and took a shower. Once that was done, I stepped out and could smell the bacon and coffee being brewed. I got dressed and went down stair to find Amy in a sheer negligee standing in front of the stove cooking.

I walked up behind her and slipped my arms around her waist and wedging my now erect cock against her ass. She cooed softly and backed into my, pressing my cock that much harder against her ass. I moved my hands up taking her firm tits in my hands and gently squeezed them as she told me we needed to save that for later. Now we needed to get ready for work. Once we had eaten and were out in the barn gathering up the slats we had cut it was time to get started. We work for a couple of hours before taking a break and something cool to drink. As we sat on the floor in the barn drinking cool water I couldn't help looking at Amy. Even in her overalls, she looked sexy. She looked at me and smiled saying,

"So, what's on your mind Mark, I can see the wheels spinning in your head, not to mention the bulge in your shorts."

"Oh, I was thinking about yesterday and what we did of course. What's kind of stuck with me was your talking about masturbating to satisfy your needs and then the fun we had masturbating one another until we came."

"Yes, that was the most fun I've had in a long time. So, I know there's more to this. You can tell me you know, I won't get mad."

"Alright, I was thinking about what fun it would be to watch you masturbate sometimes. See how you do it and what kind of toys you use if anything. I think it would be so hot to watch you and then jack off while you watch me and finger your pussy."

"Mmmm, that does sound like fun. I wouldn't mind do something like that at all."

"Yeah? Well, we could do it now while we're resting?"

"Yes, we could BUT, we've got more to do and we need to get going before it gets too damn hot to do anything. We can talk more about it when we take our lunch break; what do you think about that?"

"Sounds to me like we better get back to work so we can enjoy our lunch."

Back to work, we went, laying down the planks and nailing them down. We were finished with the front of the porch by the time lunch rolled around. The problem was, there was more to do. This is one of these old houses that has one of those wraps around porches so we still have both sides to do but at least we were making headway. I took the tools back into the barn while Amy went in and made lunch for us. It seemed to be taking a little longer than usual when she finally came into the barn. I was in my usual spot, resting against the post waiting to eat. Amy came in with sandwiches and drinks like always but she had a bag too. I got my sandwich and soda and we sat there talking about what we had left to do. Once we finished eating I said,

"Well, that was a great lunch as always Amy, I guess it's time to get back to work."

"Not so fast Mark. I got to thinking about what you said earlier about masturbation and how you wanted to watch me get myself and then you get yourself off while I watch. Are you still interested or was that just talk?"

"I think you know the answer to that question Amy, I can't wait to see what you have in mind."

She stood up and took off her overalls, her bare breasts coming into view followed by her beautiful bush. She looked at me and smiled saying,

"Your turn Mark, you can watch me, or join me or both, it's up to you."

Then she sat down and spread her legs wide as I looked at her, my cock as hard as stone. She began slowly, caressing her breasts and strumming her nipples with her fingertips. She looked so damn sexy I thought I was going to explode just watching. I knew I didn't dare touch my cock for fear of cumming uncontrollably. As I watched Amy started rolling her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers, her breathing becoming more labored. Her eyes were closed except for the times she would open them long enough to look at me and see what I was doing.

She smiled as she saw I was smiling at her and watching her intently, all while very slowly stroking my cock and rolling my balls in my other hand. She moved her right hand down between her legs, as I watched her fingers disappear into her thick forest of red pussy hair. Damn, I loved her thick bush. She balled her hand into a fist, wadding her hair between her fingers and then tugging at it in a circular motion. I could see her thick pussy lips, moving as they rubbed against themselves, all of which seemed to make her all the more aroused. She did that over and over for a few minutes when she suddenly let go of her hair.

When I saw her fingers appear from that thick forest of hair, sliding down over her pussy lips, where again she started making slow, circular motions, her fingers pressed tightly against her lips. Her mouth opened slightly and the sounds of moaning fill the air. She was truly in a zone by herself now, working herself into a state of intense arousal. Faster and faster she moved her finger in that circular motion, as crackling sounds from her juices filled the air.
Her pussy was so wet, the juices oozing from within that I could hear it as she continued her masturbation.

I moved closer now so I could see, hear and yes even smell her arousal and she was surely going to be cumming soon. Then as suddenly as she started she stopped but only long enough to slide her middle finger into her pussy, quickly followed by another. She opened her eyes and jumped a little, surprised I had moved so close to her I imagined. I didn't want to miss any of the action, the smell of her arousal or the sounds of the same. She smiled and continued on, her fingers becoming a blur as she worked them deep into her pussy, the sounds of her juices splash against her fingers continued.

She leaned back against the wall and began shaking as one orgasm after another consumed her body. When she finally stopped I thought that was it but I couldn't have been more wrong. In a breathy voice, she asked me to hand her the bag she had brought it. I handed it to her and she opened it, pulling out what looked like a real cock. It was long and looked like I said like a real cock only it had a switch on the bottom. She took it in her hand and started moving it up and down her pussy, working it between her lips. She was already turned on so getting herself aroused was easy.

She started out slowly, working it up and down between her lips but she was picking up the pace quickly. Then she hit the switch with her thumb and I heard a low, buzzing sound coming from it. The pitch of the buzz rose and fell as she worked it over her pussy, depending on how hard she pushed it against herself and how fast she did it. With a twist of her thumb and finger, the buzzing increased as she increased the speed of the vibration. She was really getting aroused again, working it furiously up and down her pussy, then moving it from her pussy running it over her hard nipples as she squealed out in passion.

Then she raised it to her lips, taking it in her mouth like she did my cock, sucking it down her throat as if she were giving someone a blowjob. Then she took it from her mouth, pausing long enough to turn something else as the cock began rotating in her hand. Then it was back between her legs as she worked it into her pussy, where she began fucking herself with it. It was all so amazing to me. Here was this woman who less than a week ago only knew of me but had never really met me and now here we are, not only having had oral sex the day before but now I am watching her masturbate herself right before my eyes.

What a beautiful spirit and trusting woman to be able to do such a thing for me. Yet, I get it, because I'm willing to do the same for her. I guess it's just the result of two people who really connected on a sexual, almost spiritual level that we can do this for one another. Whatever it is, I don't want it to ever end. I've never been able to trust someone to the degree that I trust this woman. As I continued watching her, Amy laid down on her back, her legs still spread wide as she fucked herself with this dildo as I watched.

I felt this overwhelming urge to kiss her, suck her nipples, something to show her how much I appreciated what she was will to share with me. It was then that for whatever reason I looked into the bag she had brought out and there was more in it. I pulled out a silver vibrator, one average size and a much smaller one. I looked at her on her back and her sexy ass staring at me. I could see the red hair trailing from her pussy, up between the cheeks of her ass, knowing that not only was her pussy and inner thighs covered with that beautiful red hair, so was her ass. I took the small vibrator and turned it on, and laid on my forearm as I eased it between her ass cheek.

Her eyes flew open and for a split second, I thought I had ruined everything on an impulse. Then she smiled at me and I knew right then what she wanted me to do. I began working that vibrator into her ass as she gasped and squealed as she worked toward another orgasm. I inched closer, leaning down and kissing her as she began cumming. Her body shook as the orgasms washed over her as I watched. When she finished she removed the dildo from her pussy and licked her cum from it as she would a man's cock. Then she slid it into her mouth and sucked the rest of her cum from it. We kissed after that, the taste of her cum on her tongue. She looked so damn sexy laying there that I didn't want it to stop. Once she had gathered herself up she sat up asking,

"So, what do you think Mark?"

"I think you are the most amazing woman I have ever met in my life. Now it's my turn to show you what I do when I masturbate although I feel a bit inadequate because I won't be able to touch that as far as erotic goes."

"Don't say that Mark, watching you pleasure yourself is going to be wonderful. Now you start whenever you are ready."

I sat back against the post and took my cock in my hand and started stroking it. I was rock hard and judging from the smile on Amy's face she was enjoying the show. That gave me confidence as I continued jacking off. She was watching me intently, seemingly loving every stroke of my cock. I got an idea as I laid on my back and pulled my legs up toward my chest.

Then as I continued masturbating I moved my hand down over my ass, working my fingers between my ass cheeks. Then with my middle finger, I started teasing my asshole as I do on occasion. I looked at Amy and her smile was even bigger. She was really getting into what I was doing. She started encouraging me to finger my asshole and finger fuck my ass. I worked my finger into my asshole as Amy watched applauding and urging me on. It was really getting me hot hearing her and seeing how she was enjoying it. Then she reached into her bag and pulled out another vibrator, it was in between the larger one and the smaller one.

She then applied some petroleum jelly to the tip. The next thing I knew she was removing my finger from my ass and working the vibrator in its place. The funny thing was, I would never think of doing something like this on my own but having Amy do it to me felt incredible. The vibrator penetrating my ass was erotic enough but to feel it buzzing against my asshole and then feeling it slowly slide into my ass and feeling the buzzing was a totally new experience. The best part was having Amy fuck my asshole with that vibrator as I jacked off.

She worked that thing in and out of my ass until I exploded, sending a huge dollop of cum onto my chest followed by another while the rest oozed down over my fist. When I was done cumming it was my turn to be out of breath. Amy in the meantime licked the cum from my chest and then from my fingers before the two of us shared a cum filled kiss. That was it for work that afternoon, we were to spent from cumming and it was too hot. We spent the rest of the afternoon inside where Amy showed me more of her masturbation toys and talking.

We learned even more about one another if that were possible making us even closer. That night we enjoyed our dinner and then talked some more. She suggested that I should join her in her bed that night. I was cool with that, it's been great so far going along with her, why not join her in bed. We watched a little TV after dinner and then she looked at me suggesting we go up and take a shower together. I smiled, that sounded like a great idea. I followed Amy upstairs and undressed while she got the shower going. I stepped inside finding her smiling and ready for me.

I grabbed the soap and she stood in front of the way, the water cascading down on her. She wet her hair under the water, then asked me if I would like washing her hair for her. Of course, that was a definite yes. I picked up the shampoo pouring a generous amount into my hand. Then I lathered up her hair and began working the suds into her head. She turned the water off as I continued lathering her hair, as she stood there. With my cock as hard as stone, I moved up, working my cock between her cheeks, causing her to back into me.

With my cock now firmly wedged between her cheeks, I ran my soapy hands down her neck, slowly moving down to her tits where I began strumming her nipples. Amy gasped and squeezed her cheeks together, trapping my cock between them. I started slowly moving my cock up and down between her cheeks as she moaned pushed back. I started rolling her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers as she cooed and moaned, pushing her ass hard against my cock as I worked it up and down her ass. I stood there rolling her nipples between my fingers and tugging at them when Amy started cumming. Her body shook and shuddered as her orgasm coursed through her body.

Taking more lather from her hair, I began lathering her thick bush, washing it like it was her hair. I began squeezing her pussy, working my fingers into her hot pussy as she began humping my fingers. Before long she was cumming again. Then she turned the water on again and rinsed herself off before turning off the shower and stepping out. We didn't even bother to dry off as we headed into her bedroom and onto the bed. With Amy on her back, I moved between her legs, looking at her wet bush, the beads of water glistening in her hair. I began wallowing in her wet bush, rubbing my face in it, kissing her wet pussy lips and licking the beads of water from them.

I could feel Amy's hands on the back of my head, pulling me into her crotch as I continued running my tongue over her wet lips and sucking them into my mouth. I licked the length of her pussy, sucking her lips into my mouth and then working my tongue into her pussy where I began tongue fucking her. She was beside herself with lust as I tongue fucked her, taking her closer and closer to another orgasm. Amy had me roll onto my back after a few minutes and then she maneuvered around so she could suck my cock and I could continue eating her pussy.

She straddled me, her pussy now in my face as she took my cock in her hand and started running her tongue up and down my shaft. I started licking her pussy again when I looked at her beautiful ass. I could see her red hair, trailing from her pussy, making its way between her ass cheeks, working its way up the crack of her ass. I knew I was going to do something I had to this point in my life, only fantasized about. I licked her pussy a couple of more times and then moved my tongue from her pussy, working it between her ass cheek. I paused wondering if she were going to stop me but she didn't say anything. I then took it a step further working my tongue higher and touching her asshole. Not waiting for a response, I began tongue fucking her asshole. Amy raised her head and gasped saying,

"Yes, oh yes Mark, eat my ass Sweetie, eat my fucking asshole. Oh yes, that feels so fucking good, please don't stop!"

That was all I needed to hear, as I really went to town, pushing my tongue hard into her asshole as she pushed her ass hard into my face. Amy moved so she was on her knees, and her ass was in my face. I moved so I could run my tongue the length of her crack which is exactly what I did. She was gasping and cooing as I licked the length of her ass, pausing when I reached her asshole long enough to tease it. After a bit I worked my tongue into her ass, tongue fucking her while I fingered her pussy, working my fingers deep inside her hot pussy.

I tongue fucked her until I thought my tongue was going to fall off. That's when Amy squealed out loud and started cumming. Her body was convulsing she was cumming so hard. Once she had finished cumming she told me to get on my back. As I lay there, she took my cock in her hand, holding it in place as she lowered her pussy down onto my still rigid cock. Her pussy felt like a velvet vice as she started humping me, her tits in my face as she rode my cock. I grabbed her tits and pulled them to me, sucking her nipples as I thrust my hips upward, driving my cock deep into her tight pussy.

I sucked her nipples as I drove my cock deep into her, listening to her gasp and moan. Then after a few minutes, I rolled her over onto her back and once again I thrust my cock as hard as I could into her tight pussy. Her pussy clamped around my cock as I thrust my hips hard into her. She wrapped her legs around my waist, pulling me hard into her. The more we fucked the hotter she got. We fucked in every position we could think of, finally, both of us cumming as my cock began to throb and pulse inside her.

I thought I would never stop cumming but finally, it came to an end. We lay there not saying anything, just savoring the moment after some really intense sex. We fell asleep like that only to wake up the next morning to the smell of coffee and bacon being cooked down in the kitchen. I showered and went down to find Amy at the stove, as usual, making the two of us breakfast. She turned and smiled at me, greeting with a cheerful good morning as she filled my plate.

After eating and our morning coffee it was back to work. Hopefully, today would be the day that we finished the porch. That was a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. If we finished that meant I had no reason to be there and I would have to return home to my folks who would be bitching at me to get a job, especially my old man. I tried not to think about it as we went out and started working. During our first break of the morning, we went into the barn for a break. Amy looked at me asking,

"Is something wrong Mark, you're awful quiet this morning."

"Yes, in a way. We're close to completing this project and that means I have to go back home. That's is not something I'm looking forward to if you know what I mean. I'll have to listen to my old man bitch about me not having a full-time job and threatening to toss me out on my ass."

"I see, where would you go if he were to do something like that?"

"I don't know, I don't have any friends I could stay with. I guess I could couch hop for a while but that isn't a very good option."

"What if I told you I know someone who is looking for a young man like you, with some college to work for him in his business?"

"I'd say tell me who it is so I can go talk to him."

"Well, I don't make any promises but I do know someone. He owns a very profitable business in the tech industry. I know you have a background in computer technology, right?"

"Yes, my major was computer science, mainly repair and I know how to do programming and creating websites and so on."

"Well, that's what his company does among other things. I can set up an interview for you so you can talk to him. Like I said, I make no promises but he's looking for young people like you who have a working knowledge and who he can train as they advance. I'll give him a call tonight. Now cheer up will you, I hate working with someone that's not in a good mood."

I got up and hugged and kissed Amy thanking her for all she's done for me. She thanked me for all the help I've been to her. Then we ended our break and got back to work. By the time lunch rolled around we were finished with the porch. Now it was time to paint it so it looked presentable. Later that day I got a call from my father asking me when I would be home. I told him there was more to do and that I wasn't sure how long it was going to be. He grunted and told me to find out, I'd been over there long enough.

That pissed me off and I told him that I was volunteered to come over here and now that I've found out how nice Amy is, I'm going to stay and help her with whatever she needs to be done. He didn't like that response and he told me so. Then he asked me how much money I was bringing home to him. Now that really pissed me off and I told him,

"What do you mean you? I earned this money and I'll pay you rent but I'm not handing over the entire amount whatever it is to you."

His response was what I expected,

"Listen, you have a roof over your head because I let you live here. You will be handing it over to me, all of it, or you don't need to bother coming home!"

"I don't need to bother coming home, is that right? Well, that's fine with me, consider me gone and good riddance you, asshole!"

I then hung up and turned to see Amy smiling at me. She hugged me telling me,

"I'm so proud of you for standing up to that terrible man."

"Yes, well that's all well and good, but now I don't have a place to live!"

"Yes, you do Mark, you can stay here with me until you get that job and afford a place of your own. You go home tomorrow when your father is at work, get all your things and come back here. Then there is nothing he can do about it."

"Thank you, Amy, I love you for all you've doing for me and are going to do for me."

"I love you too Mark, now let me call my friend and see what he says about talking to you."

I went upstairs to shower and forget about my conversation with my old man. When I came back down, Amy was smiling from ear to ear. She told me that not only do I have an interview at the end of the week, he was going to hire me as a result of Amy's recommendation. All I had to do was go in and talk to him so we could get to know one another. I walked over and took Amy in my arms and kissed her. That kiss quickly became passionate and the next thing we knew, we were undressing one another right there in the living room. We made our way to the couch where Amy land down, her left leg resting on the top of the couch.

I could see her beautiful pink pussy, framed by her lush bush. I lowered myself down onto her, kissing her as I made my way down her neck to her tits. Her nipples were rock hard as I began alternating between licking them and sucking them while Amy squeezed them. The more I sucked her nipples the more aroused she became, moaning and squealing as I sucked her nipples. I moved my hand down her stomach until I felt my fingers slide into her bush. I cupped her hairy mound in my hand and began making circular motions as I felt the dampness between her legs increasing.

While I continued sucking her nipples, I eased my fingers into her pussy, working them as deep as I could. Her vagina grasped my probing fingers as I explored her depths. I rubbed her clit with my thumb, taking her over the edge as she started cumming. Not waiting for her to recover, I moved down between her legs taking her thick lips into my mouth where I began sucking them. Her hands were on the back of my head, pulling me into her as she began gyrating her hips, pushing her pussy into my face. I licked up her secretions as I ran my tongue up and down her pussy, eventually tongue fucking her as she lay there.

After taking her to yet another orgasm I moved up sliding my cock into her pussy where I began fucking her, slamming my cock hard into her receptive pussy. I could feel my balls slapping against her inner thighs as we fucked, as Amy begged me to make her cum. Over and over I slammed my cock into her tight pussy until she was cumming again. Afterward, we went upstairs and fucked some more. After that day, I went and talked to the man she had gotten me the interview with. It turned out even better than I could have hoped for.

Not only did he hire me but I was working the following week. Now I not only have a job but a career as well all thanks to Amy. As for my parents, they are happy living in their own little world. I have moved in with Amy and we are very happy. I know I am not going to be there forever and we certainly not going to be a couple in the traditional sense. However, it works for the both of us until I find someone my own age. Right now, I am concentrating on my new career and working my way up the ladder. I couldn't be happier nor could Amy. We both give one another what we need, friendship, a companion and most of all great, intense sex. Right, how that's all either one of us wants or needs. Only time will tell what the future will be but right now it looks bright.


2017-08-30 19:25:11
great story. pity dad was a real jerk


2017-08-11 19:35:53
This tale NEED'S an ending. Maybe they could live together forever as friends/lovers. I hope his father falls down the well and drowns !! Thank you for writing !!!!!!

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