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This is a work of fiction, and all characters in sexual scenes are above the age of 18. Please note that this chapter as well the next, contains stronger non-consensual themes than the introductory chapter. Following this, the theme becomes more moderate as the story unfolds. Thanks for reading!
It was an autumn morning; the russet leaves fell softly outside and the skies were misty. She lay in bed alone, enjoying the silence and her thoughts. Thoughts of yesterday and of that morning. The previous night, she’d given herself to Rafael da Silva. Well, he had taken her…but she’d given first. And this morning, he’d taken again.

Smiling, her brown eyes soft, Quinn Kent rolled over in Rafael’s bed. She was still in his apartment. She turned and pressed her face into his pillow to inhale his lingering scent. She remembered contentedly falling asleep in his arms last night and this morning, had woken to his hands and lips. She was sore from the previous night; he was not a small man and it'd been her first time, but he’d taken it slowly. He’d been kind this morning, too; kissing and nibbling and seducing her until she was wet enough to take him.

He’d left, then; to Seager & Slattern for his shift. He'd then taken a shower, bought her breakfast and left. He’d told her to wait for him here. When he got back in the evening, they’d have dinner together. And they’d doubtless be doing other things too.

Tingling, her body sore and used and still very fresh with the memory of his, Quinn inhaled his scent again and burrowed into the covers. Her lover’s covers. She was in her lover’s bed, with his scent teasing her nostrils, his seed in her body.

She basked in her thoughts a few more moments before slipping out of bed, still naked. She picked up the shirt he’d worn the night before and tossed it over her tousled head. Wearing his shirt was like swimming. He was about twice her size, and the shirt that fit him so snugly and perfectly was an oversized dress on her.

Clothed, she hunted in her bag for her cell phone and plopped into the chair at his desk as she called her closest girlfriend.

Jennifer Jordan answered just in time before it got cut off. “Sorry I nearly missed you.” She yawned. “But it’s Saturday morning...right?”

Quinn rolled her eyes. “Yes. And let me guess—you were partying?”

“Duh.” Jen still sounded sleepy. “It was Friday night. It was fun.”

“I’m sure it was.” Quinn drew her knees up to her chin. “You’re hung over?”

“No. Okay, maybe. I’ll get coffee. So, how was your date with Magnificent Male Specimen?”

Quinn grinned. Ever since her friends had caught sight of Rafael, about a week after Quinn had begun going out with him, they’d dubbed him “Magnificent Male Specimen” and called him that behind his back.

“I…I’m still at his apartment.” Quinn paused, letting it sink in.

There was silence at the other end of the line, and then Jen laughed. “What? Finally?”

“Yes.” Quinn smiled.

“Now I can die happy, knowing you won't end up a nun after all. Caro and I were taking bets.”

“How flattering.” She rolled her eyes. “So who won?”

“I'm out fifty bucks.”

“Well, just tell Caro that since you guys were betting on me, I want my cut of the fifty.”

“Okay, but don't get greedy. So I’m guessing you like this guy—really like him.”

Quinn picked at the hem of his shirt. “I think I love him...I know I love him.”

“Does he know?”

“I don't know. I haven't told him, though.”

“And do you think he feels the same way?”

Quinn's confidence took a hit. “I don’t know. Probably not.” Then she raised her chin. “I matter to him. We’re exclusive now.”

“Well, that’s good. He seems to really like you, so I’m sure he does feel the same way.”

“We’ll see, I guess.”

They did see. A month later, Rafael said the three little words that made everything perfect. For the next five months, everything stayed perfect. They related well, and understood each other on a fundamental level—both serious people with similar tastes.

He was insatiable—and she damn well didn’t mind one bit. He was her teacher, showing her new things with patience. She’d spent every night she could in his bed. Or he in hers. He’d touched every single square millimeter of her body. He’d kissed every square millimeter of her body. He took her in every position and every way. He was always in control and always ended up getting exactly what he wanted, but he was never cruel about it.

As months passed, she learned of him. As she learned more, she loved more. The dangerous edge to him never left and in some ways, she was no surer of him after six months of being his lover than the day she’d first met him. She was certainly more comfortable in some ways; teasing him, being teased by him, laughing with him. She trusted him, and liked him. Their conversations were as easy as breathing. But there was still that edge to him.

It was about six months into their relationship, that Quinn got the first hit of that edge.


“Hey, I’m just going to talk to Jason over there,” Jen said loudly into Quinn’s ear. “I’ll be right back, okay?”

And before Quinn had the chance to respond, her friend had flitted away from her side and was weaving through the throng of people packed inside the room used as a venue for the frat party. The party was in full swing at the moment, with the music loud enough to rip anybody’s eardrums to shreds, the snacks piled high and the liquor flowing like a river. The beer pong was still going strong and there were the prerequisite couples grinding unashamedly on the makeshift dance floor.

Quinn sighed as she watched Jen go. She’d said she would be right back, but knowing the bubbly, gregarious extraverted Jen all too well, the next time Quinn would get to see her was probably when she was passed out drunk or violently emptying the contents of her stomach.

Clutching her red party cup full of beer, Quinn shrunk further into the chair she was sitting in. Why had she let her friends talk her into attending this stupid frat party? She was a cool, level-headed Linguistics major in her sophomore year, not irresponsible like…like…

Sighing again, Quinn finally admitted it to herself…like her friends; her best friends Sylvie, Carolina and Jennifer. She loved them, of course, and she knew that they loved her too. But she couldn’t help wondering and wishing for the day they would begin to take things a little more seriously and stop dragging her into their escapades. Rafael had his reservations about them, purely because of this. Quinn adored them and ignored his disapproval, but at times she had to admit she knew where he was coming from.

At the thought of Rafael, she felt a surge of guilt. She knew that, in his protectiveness, he wouldn’t want her to be here. Sitting alone in the midst of drunk frat boys. Actually, he didn’t know she was here. She hadn’t told him.

Fighting against another surge of guilt, Quinn tried to rationalize her secrecy; she hadn’t planned it for one thing. This party been very spur-of-the-moment. It had been her intention to spend that evening doing laundry, catching up on some reading, taking a long luxurious bath and then having an early night. But her friends, bursting into her dorm on the wings of excitement, had insisted that she get dressed and go with them. It was next to impossible to refuse Syl, Caro and Jen. They damn well never took no for an answer.

When that rationalization didn’t seem sufficient even to Quinn, she added another; Rafael had a big exam coming up. He was a brilliant student in his final year of pre-Law and needed to focus on the exam right now. Calling him just to tell him she would be going to a party would have been bothering him. It would have been needless. Silly. Wrong, even.

She was still not cheered by the excuses, because one thing was certain; she wouldn't want him in the midst of drunk women ready to screw him at the drop of a hat, and without telling her where he'd gone.

She shouldn't have come at all. Making her decision, Quinn took a last big gulp of her beer and stood. She was leaving right now. Besides, Rafael would kill her if he knew, and his anger was not pleasant. She just needed to find one of her friends and tell them she was leaving; politeness had been ingrained in her, and she'd feel rude without at least informing them.

Trying to squeeze through the tightly packed bodies and wincing at the pounding music, Quinn tried to retrace the steps she had seen Jen take. The four of them had arrived at the party at the same time, but Carolina had been the first to leave. She had quickly latched onto some hot but sadly idiotic frat boy and was now with him in one of the rooms upstairs. Sylvie had been the next to leave. A reigning beer pong champion, she never missed the chance to defend her title.

As she wriggled and muscled her way through the revelers, Quinn was unaware that she was being watched by two people. One of them, with two beers, four tequila shots and a Dirty Shirley under his belt, was trying to decide when to make a move on her. The other was standing in a corner of the room, sober.

Quinn caught sight of Jen at last. She was with Jason in what was admittedly a good groping spot, giggling into his ear as he felt up her miniskirt. Quinn rolled her eyes. “Jenny!” she called, yelling over the unrelenting bass. “Jen!” she called again, waving her arms above her head to be seen.

Jen looked up at last. She hooked her arm around Jason’s neck and gave Quinn a sly wink. “Oh damn, I’m so sorry Quinnie-Quinn, I just lost track of time and Jason here was being so charming…” When he walked his fingers up her skirt again, she giggled, gasped, moaned and playfully swatted him.

Jason himself hadn’t looked up. He was still very busy being ‘charming.’ Quinn noticed that Jen’s panties were around her knees and that judging from the motion of Jason’s fingers, he meant business.

“I think I’m gonna take off,” Quinn said, pretending not to have noticed.

“What, so soon?”

“It’s midnight. I’ve been here nearly two hours,” Quinn replied, beginning to get irritated. “I’m going home now. I’ll see you guys later.” She gave Jen a meaningful look.“Be safe, okay?”

With that said, Quinn turned around. She clutched her purse tighter and made a beeline for the nearest exit. The air was unpleasantly heavy, the atmosphere just not her scene. Even with Rafael’s disapproval aside she couldn’t wait to leave.

She was immensely gratified when she finally made it out the door and into the night air. She took in several gulps of the fresh air as she put on her coat and straightened her dress. With wonderful thoughts of books, her warm bed and a nice bath bouncing around in her mind, Quinn began the fifteen minute walk back. She might have preferred a lift back—Sylvie had driven them there—but it wasn’t too long of a walk. She could manage.

She had barely taken three steps when she heard her name. Automatically, she swung back around.

Ty Brady was just hurrying outside. He was in her Language Progression class. “Quinn! Quinn, wait. I want to talk to you!” He called, not exactly steady on his feet. The two beers, four tequila shots and Dirty Shirley had long since been having their effect on him.

Quinn knew him well enough, and disliked him on a good day. He talked a little too loosely, walked with a little too much swagger, and laughed a little too loud. Tonight, and sorely irritated as she was, it was effort to speak to him without snapping. “What do you want, Ty? I want to go home.”

“So soon?” he slurred a little as he caught up to her. “I wanted to talk to you, baby.”

“About what? And my name isn’t Baby; it’s Quinn.”

“Aw, don’t be like that.” He put his arm around her waist and drew her slender body into his. “I just wanted us to have some fun. You know we always had this thing, y'know.”

Although it was very dark out and there was no one else about, Quinn didn’t yet see a reason to be alarmed. If she weren't annoyed, she'd actually be amused; Ty might be an idiot but she didn’t think he was truly mean. She told him so as she tried to push him away. “This thing? You’re an idiot.”

“Idiot, you say? I’m hurt.” He dropped his head, kissed and then sucked at her neck. He stank of sweat and sour booze. His hands went down to her ass, squeezing the globes and grinding her into his rising erection. “Feel that, baby? That’s all for you.”

The alarm bells began to go off now. God, what would Rafael say if he knew some guy had groped her and ground against her at a party she had neglected to tell him she would be attending? He'd kill her. And he'd kill Ty to boot.

At this moment, however, she was more concerned for her current safety than anything else. Quinn shoved at Ty. “Get off me, you idiot.”

If Ty heard, he didn’t show it. He continued to kiss at her neck and squeeze her ass. His other hand began to ride up her dress, to push her panties to the side.

She shoved again, and when he didn't budge, shoved harder. Then she began to fight. “Damn it, Ty, stop it. Get away from me!”

“You heard the girl. Get off.”

Quinn was startled by the sound of the third voice. A man was standing just by the door with his hands in his pockets. If she were to go by just the tone of his deep voice and the way he was standing, she would have pegged his mood as relaxed. But the glint in his eyes told her otherwise. Clear gray eyes she knew and loved, a contrast against deep gold skin.


The sight of him on a regular day made Quinn happy, but her feelings were checkered just now. She was both shocked and pleased to see him. Relieved. Afraid. Dismayed. Sorry.

Her eyes were on his face, but he was paying no attention to her at the moment. His eyes were on Ty, who was now still as he stared back.

“Step back now,” Rafael said calmly—too calmly. Quinn felt her heart began to pound. All fear for what Ty had been going to do to her was gone. It was replaced by absolute terror over what Rafael would do to Ty.

Taking stock of his 6'3", 200 pound would-be opponent, Ty clamped his hands to his sides and took a few steps back from Quinn. “Look, I’m s-sorry, I…I didn’t know that…”

Rafael began to advance on Ty, his steps slow and deliberate. Stalking prey. “Didn’t know what? Didn’t know that someone was here to protect her?”

“No, man, nothing h-happened,” Ty babbled, trying to squirm away. “I swear.”

Sim, nothing happened,” Rafael replied with composure. He had backed Ty into a wall and stood towering above him. “Nothing happened because I was here to stop it. Still, you put your hands on her. You touched what belongs to me.”

“Dude, I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” Ty looked as though he were about to soil himself. He braced himself for the blow he knew was coming.

Quinn jerked into motion just as Rafael raised his fist. “Rafe!” She shot to his side and grabbed the arm he had raised. “Rafe, don’t! Let him go.”

She was pulling on his arm, but it didn’t move a centimeter. She had seen him in a fight once before and knew how absurdly strong he was. She knew the damage he was capable of inflicting. One punch from him would be more than enough to shatter the bones in Ty’s face.

For a moment, he turned to face her. His gray eyes burned into her brown ones, mahogany hair waving around his face. “You’ll be wise to stay out of this, Quinn.”

She tried to swallow the lump in her throat. “Rafe, let him go. I know you’re protecting me, but I’m safe. I’m fine. I’m hot harmed. There’s no reason to hit him. You’re mad just now but you could seriously hurt him.”

The small, cruel smile that touched Rafael’s mouth scared her...and oddly aroused her. “Não é óbvio? That’s the idea.”

On impulse, she stepped between the two men, wedging herself against Ty. “If you’re going to hit him,” she said, looking up at Rafael. “You’re going to have to hit me first.” She sounded far more confident than she actually was, and her heart was slamming erratically in her chest. A line of sweat ran down her back.

There was a long moment of silence. Both Quinn and Ty waited with bated breath. Finally Rafael let his hand fall back to his side. He pulled Quinn away from Ty and drew her into his side. Relieved, she curled up against him immediately.

“Run along, and count yourself lucky.” Rafael curled his lip at Ty, obviously aggravated by the fact that he had been forced to cave. “But if I ever catch you within a two-mile radius of her again, nothing will stop me from breaking your neck.”

Still suffering from a bad case of the jitters, Ty nodded and hurried away, running back inside and slamming the door behind him for good measure.

Quinn stayed molded to Rafael’s side. The scent of his skin, like honey, sandalwood, fine cognac and the freshest rain, filled her nostrils pleasantly. The feel of his big body, lean and hard against hers was as welcome now as it always had been. She was grateful for the arm he had wound about her waist. Just being with him, pressed up against him this way, was a buzz. Yes, she'd had had a few mouthfuls of beer, but that wasn't what was going on now. She had a perpetual buzz around him, anyway.

It took her a moment to realize that he hadn’t said a word to her since Ty had made his escape. Her unease slowly returning, she looked up at him. He was looking down at her, eyes unreadable.

“I can explain,” she began in a rush. “I didn’t actually want to be here. You see, Caro, Syl and Jen—”

“Save it. The point is that you are here, and all without the courtesy of informing me.”

“I…hold on a moment. What are you doing here? How did you know?”

“You’re an intelligent girl Quinn, so don’t be foolish. I’m never too busy to keep an eye on you. Of course I knew you were here.”

Of course he had found out, she thought, biting her lip. Of course. When had she ever been able to hide anything from him? She looked away. “I know what sometimes happens at frat parties. And I’m sorry I worried you.”

He touched her cheek. “Ainda não. You’ll be much, much sorrier when I’m through with you.”

Her head snapped up again. “What does that mean?”

“It means that the fact that you lied to me and came here deserves some punishment.”

Quinn felt a wave of nausea. Before she could inch away from him, his hold on her had tightened. “I didn’t lie.”

“You did by omission,” he replied in a hard voice. “And wasn’t I proved right? Look what nearly happened to you.”

“I’m sorry.”

“You will be soon.” He began to steer her towards the black Mercedes parked a few yards away.

How had she not noticed his car sooner? Quinn began to wriggle in his hold. For all the good it did her, she might as well have saved herself the effort. “Where are we going?” she demanded as he unlocked the door.

“My place.” He shoved her into the passenger’s side and then got in himself.

Just so that her hands would have something to do, Quinn put on her seatbelt. Rafael started the Mercedes and pulled into the road in one smooth movement. They drove in complete silence for a few minutes. Quinn stole a few glances at his profile out of the corner of her eye. He was pissed off. Part of the reason his anger deeply unnerved Quinn was that it never manifested itself as yelling or bursts of emotion or empty threats. No, his anger was of the cold, calculating type. Because of that, she often felt he could do anything.

She shivered and tried to relax. He had never done anything to her before. He had never hurt her. He’d never come even remotely close to striking her, or indeed any other woman before. She had no reason to believe he would do so now.

Her shiver didn’t escape him. He glanced at her. “Are you cold, Quinn?”

Somehow the way his lips formed her name made her feel that she wouldn’t at all like what he’d planned for her at his place. They were approaching a stop light and for a wild moment, she actually contemplated making a break for it.

As if reading her mind, he initiated the master lock. The sound of the click settled like a lead weight in the pit of Quinn’s stomach. “Rafe, I’ve apologized,” she began. “I promise I’ll never put myself in danger like that again. I promise.”

“And an apology automatically means a blank slate? You stopped me from crushing that little twit’s skull but you’re not going to wheedle your way out of your own punishment. I’m afraid I’m just not that merciful.”


“Shut up,” he said deliberately.

Not wanting to push him further, Quinn was silent the rest of the drive. Perhaps if she was went along with things for now, he would cool down and whatever punishment he planned could be averted.

Accordingly, she did not demur as he stopped the car in the driveway of his apartment and came around to help her out. She did not protest when he pulled her body into his as they walked to the door. Although the tension was rising, she was silent as he unlocked the door and they let themselves in. She still said nothing as he led her, with his large hand at the nape of her neck, to his bedroom.

The dam broke however, when he locked the bedroom door behind them and set the key up on a shelf far too high for her 5’4” frame to reach

There was no sign of relenting on his face, nor was there any in the way he slammed her against the wall. When she tried to claw away, he took both her wrists in one of his large hands and pinned them to the wall above her head. How pitifully easy was it for him to do so.

Wild with fear, wriggling futilely against his hold she glared at him and threatened, “I’ll scream. I’ll scream the whole house down.”

“Go ahead,” he challenged with the grin that never failed to make her damp. “There’s nobody but me to hear you, and you know I rather enjoy it when you’re loud.”

Her next protest was cut off when his lips descended onto hers. The kiss was violent, angry and brutal. His lips were bruising hers, forcing them apart. His tongue snaked into her mouth, teasing hers in a dance as old as time. His body was pressing hers into the wall so insistently that she could feel every line of him. His free hand reached up between them, going to up to her soft, firm tits. He palmed one through her dress, and when he felt the nipple harden under his touch he pinched it hard.

Her cry of mingled pain and pleasure was muffled against his lips. Keeping his mouth fused with hers, he ravaged her tits one after the other, alternately rubbing, pulling and pinching at them through her dress. Quinn was all motion against him, writhing, squirming and moaning against him. There seemed to be little point in fighting him. He was about twice her size and infinitely stronger. Still, she'd try; she wouldn't just sit and take it.

When his lips moved down to her neck and bit at her skin, she gasped and cried out, “Not like this! Rafe, you can’t be angry when we do this. You can’t use this as…punishment! Stop! Don’t. I don’t want this. I don’t.”

He didn’t grace her with a reply, and Quinn’s fear intensified when she realized that he had every intention of following through. He wasn’t just trying to frighten her. She’d always suspected that Rafael had a dark side. She’d never tried to kid herself there. But she had just always believed that she herself would never be a target of that darkness. A victim to it.

The man she loved more than life itself, the man who she believed loved her the same way, the man who only a few short months ago had taken her virginity with such tenderness, patience and care, had turned into an animal. A merciless beast, who, she knew now, would enjoy taking her by force.

“Rafe, please, please!” She tried to kick, but found her legs pushed apart when his hips slid between hers.

“Please what, sweetness?” he taunted. With his free hand, he pulled at her jacket. One swift yank and the cotton easily ripped all the way apart. “Please fuck you until you bleed?”

He subjected her dress to the same treatment, tearing the soft jersey material from top to bottom, until all that stood between him and her naked body was her matching pair of white lace bra and panties. She could feel his cock straining through his jeans and against her belly, hot and insistent. He was as hard as concrete.

“You need to listen.” She bucked against the wall. “You need to stop now. I don’t want this!”

“Liar,” he said softly, mockingly. His hand skimmed down her body and came to rest at her mound. He jerked her panties down to her knees and without preamble, pushed two fingers into her moist, tight slit. He laughed softly when she let out a strangled cry, when tears began to roll down her cheeks. “My slut,” he whispered against her ear. “You claim you don’t want this yet you’re sopping wet. You’re practically begging for it.”

“I’m not,” she hissed as his fingers began to roughly pump in and out of her hot, damp pussy. Yet a moan found its way out of her parted lips and the cry she emitted when his thumb brushed her clit was one of reluctant pleasure. His fingers were stroking her damp inner walls with expertise, teasing her G-spot with each and every stroke. His thumb was alternately brushing and rubbing her clit. Despite herself, Quinn felt her eyes close, her head loll back and her legs spread wider. She began to feel the flame building within her.

Galinha,” he groaned into her ear. “You’re moaning. You’re humping my fingers. You’re three strokes away from coming on my fingers.”

He released his grip on her wrists to unclasp her bra. Her tits were the perfect size for her frame, he thought. They were soft and firm, tipped with perfect pink nipples that he could suck on for the rest of his life. Unable to resist, Rafael leaned down and flicked his tongue over one nipple. Then he enveloped it in his mouth and took a hard pull.

That was Quinn’s undoing. The pleasure arrowed straight into her loins, and combined with Rafael’s skilled fingers in her pussy and on her clit, the ecstasy built up and crashed over her. She screamed as her orgasm took over. She was writing, bucking against his hand like a wild thing as she came hard on his fingers, coating them with more of her juices.

As she slowly descended from the high, she realized that he was laughing softly. They both knew that he had mastered her. He had pinned her, fingered her and forced her to cum, all in the space of a few minutes. Against her will. Humiliated, tears began to well up in Quinn’s eyes. She began to push against him once more.

He brought his hand up from her pussy, used his wet fingers to wipe away a tear and smeared her cheek with her juices in the process. “Poor baby,” he sighed, making no attempt to hide his amusement.

“I hate you!” she spat viciously.

He laughed again. “If this is the way you hate, then I must admit that I love your hatred. I can’t wait to feel when your lips wrap around my cock in hate.” With that, he pushed her down onto her knees. “Unzip my jeans.”

She hesitated.

His eyes darkened. “If I have to say it again, I promise you’ll regret it.”

Her hands trembling, the tears pouring down her cheeks, Quinn did as he instructed. She unbuttoned and unzipped him, then pulled his jeans down over his hard cock and down to his ankles. She gulped when she saw his huge erection tenting his boxer briefs.

“Remove those too,” he instructed; his voice was a low growl. Quinn looked up at him, the beautiful, cruel angel. There was no mercy in his handsome face. “Take off my briefs.”

She did so, and tried to squelch down the unease that assailed her when his cock sprang free. Long and impossibly thick, it matched the rest of him and then some. It was extremely hard at the moment, pre-cum issuing from the fat mushroom head, veins pulsing just under the skin. Her hand reached up to encircle his cock. It barely could.

At her touch, he let out a long, satisfied groan. Quinn pumped his cock a few times, and then knowing what he wanted, reached out to swirl her tongue around the head.

“Yes,” he hissed, cupping the back of her neck with his large hand. He sank his shaft into her mouth. “Suck me. I know you’re too smart to let me feel any teeth.”

Obeying, letting his hand guide her head, Quinn took the head into her warm mouth. The feel of it, the taste of it in her mouth sparked something inside her. The oddly gentle yet fierce part that wanted to please him. She wanted to please him. She wanted to hear and see him groan aloud in the pleasure she had brought him. She wanted him to forgive her. Trying her hardest, she took a few more inches of his staff into her mouth, sucking, and tonguing. Getting into it, she moved her hand down to the base, squeezing gently, just as he had taught her.

His increasing moans were both rewarding and encouraging. Quinn bobbed her head up and down his cock, coating it in her saliva. She reached around, cupping his huge heavy balls, reaching to softly press behind them.

He groaned deeply, his thick cock seeming to swell even further against her tongue. “Sim, that's it.” He began to pump his hips. Both his hands were on her head, and he sank his cock deeper into her mouth. His thrusts were initially short and shallow, but then he truly started to rock into her face. His balls were slapping against her chin as his cock pushed deeper into her throat.

Gagging, gasping for air, Quinn tried to pull back. It was impossible, however. He had forced his length all the way down her throat. Without pausing, he fucked her face with long, slow strokes groaning obscenely as his pleasure mounted. Slightly faster, slightly harder, he fucked her mouth. To keep from toppling back against the wall from the force of his thrusts, Quinn grabbed hold of his hips. What was happening to her? She wondered as she fought for breath. He was brutally using her mouth and throat for his pleasure yet she was growing damper every second. Was she so tethered to him that she would gladly take anything? That she would accept—relish—any kind of treatment as long as Rafael da Silva was the one meting it out?

She felt it when his cock swelled even further in her mouth, and was preparing herself for a load of his cum down her throat when his thrusting slowed.

Slowly, he withdrew from her mouth. A string of saliva and pre-cum followed his dick as it pulled out of her mouth.

Questioningly, she raised her eyes up to his face.

If she had hoped that enthusiastically sucking him off would have helped cool his anger, she found she was mistaken.

“I want you. I want you around me.”

Quinn held her breath as, without effort he lifted her up from her knees and deposited her unceremoniously on the large bed. “You’ll be gentle, right?” She looked at him with wide eyes, her dark hair falling over her body to her waist.

Rafael smiled as he rid himself the last item of clothing—his shirt. “Why would I be gentle with a girl who hates me? No, when a girl hates me I’ll fuck her like a whore.” His weight came down on hers, drilling her into the mattress. “Fuck her so hard until she’s screaming and pleading at the top of her lungs. Fuck her like an animal until she’s begging me to stop, until she comes over and over again. Until she can’t remember her own name. Until she’s sore and torn and bleeding and broken.”

Why did the words arouse her? How could they? She preferred the gentle touch…didn’t she? Was something changing? Was she changing? She made an effort for her voice to sound even. Calm. “You know I didn’t mean it. I love you. You know how much I love you.”

Amusement was plain in his voice as he pinned her hands and spread her legs. “Que ridículo. Nobody goes from hating a man to loving him within half an hour, sweetness.” His mouth met hers in a kiss that broke her heart. His fingers brushed over her sensitive nipples and then his lips moved down to take their place, sucking, rolling, nibbling. His lean hips shifted above hers and she felt his hot, hard cock head at her wet slit.

“Rafe,” she whispered, trying to ignore all the pleasure his touch was bringing her. Her breath hitched as she was forced to admit, “You’re scaring me, you really are. You have to be gentle. Otherwise I won’t let you...”

The minute the words were out, Quinn knew that she had made a mistake. As bad as the situation was, she had made it infinitely worse. He froze for a moment. When he lifted his head to hers she saw with dismay that all traces of humor had left his face. Anger was buried in his eyes, making them glint. “Let me? Since when do you let me do anything, Quinn? Since when can you stop me from doing with you as I damn well please?”

She scrambled to get her foot out of her mouth. ‘Let’ was not a word you used with Rafael. “I didn’t mean it like that.”

The hand pinning hers tightened around her wrists, tightly enough that she would be left with handprints. “How did you mean it, then?”

“I…I…” Her mind zipping, she suddenly recollected that she had not taken her pill that evening. Her friends dragging her to the party had messed up her nightly routine. “Rafe, I haven’t taken the pill tonight.”

A cruel smile touched his mouth. “Is that so? How very interesting.” With slow deliberation, he ground his hips into hers.

She made another strong effort to sound rational and unafraid. “You know you can’t do this. You could get me...”

“So what?” he asked quietly.

He lined his cock along her entrance and drove in to the hilt with one smooth movement. Quinn cried out. She was wet, but the sharpness of the intrusion had not made for a painless introduction. She could feel every line and ridge, every vein of his thick shaft, buried as he was balls-deep inside her. Trying to adjust to his size, to ease some one the pain, she spread legs wider and wrapped them around his waist.

She heard his low moan in her ear as he drew out of her, pulling out almost to the tip before plunging all the way in again. Had he not been holding her down, the force of the movement would have been enough to send Quinn crashing against the bedpost. He began to move, each thrust harder, faster than the last. He was grunting like an animal between each thrust.

Quinn sobbed, gasped, and held on for dear life as he slid into her. Yet, pleasure began to rise in her, mingling with the pain until she could not tell one from the other. He was pounding her, flesh was meeting flesh, his balls slapping against her. The sounds of her wetness as he slammed into her echoed around the room.

“Please,” she hissed as he continued to fuck her, as each painful, rapid thrust stroked the flame within her. He'd practically forced himself on her, yet she was close to a second climax. Why? How? She was doing just what he had said she would—she was screaming, begging, pleading at the top of her voice.

“Please what?” he demanded, pounding into her, her breasts bouncing with every thrust. He pinched one, twisting it between his thumb and forefinger. “Tell me, sweetness.”

Quinn gasped out her pain and pleasure. “Please, Rafe, please.”

He smiled. “Look down, Quinn. Look at us.”

With equal curiosity and obedience, she opened her eyes and looked down. The sight of his dick as it sawed in and out of her, coated in his pre-cum and her own juices, was enough to bring her another step closer to orgasm. She moaned, her head lolling back. Without realizing what she was doing, she had begun to move with him, her hips rising up to meet his whenever he pulled back.

“I’m fucking you like the slut you are and you’re enjoying every second of it.” His voice was a low, lustful rasp. “My little whore. My beautiful, beautiful little whore.”

She was so close, and his taunts were fanning the flame rather than dampening them. She was close. So close. She was almost immune to the pain now; the pleasure of his cock stroking her walls, filling her up until she felt she would split in half, was rising and rising till it threatened to overwhelm her. He was so large, and he was fucking her so hard that she knew she would hurt for days. She'd be sore, and she'd hurt. She realized that she didn’t care. “Please.”

“Please what, amada?”

He really was going to make her say it? Shame washed over her as she heard herself whisper, “Please…don’t stop.”

“My slut wants to come?” he rasped harshly, trying his hardest to keep his own orgasm at bay. Her pussy was just too good, gripping him, milking him, urging him to spill all of his hot seed into its depths. “Tell me, Quinn, who do you belong to?”

“I belong to you,” she gasped as she reached the edge of the precipice. “You and nobody else!”

“I was your first,” he growled as he slammed into her. “I’m going to be your last. And I’m going to be your only. Você me ouve? Do you hear me, Quinn?”

“Yes. Yes sir. Loud and clear. Please, please…master. Master!”

Rafael reached between them and found her clit. As soon as his fingers closed over it, Quinn’s body shattered. She screamed and bit into his shoulder as she came all around his throbbing cock, drenching it in fresh juices. She came so hard and for so long that it sent her senses reeling.

He did not stop fucking her through her orgasm, and, faster than she had thought possible, another one washed over her. She screamed out his name as she came for the third time. Through her own pussy’s contractions, she felt his dick swell within her. She felt his thrusts become even more powerful, more erratic. His groans were more guttural. His balls had drawn up to his body.

Panic rose in Quinn. “Rafe please pull out. I didn’t take the pill!”

His response was to grind his cock even deeper into her. He thrust once, twice, thrice, and then she began to forget why she had wanted him to pull out. His cock felt too good. She wanted Rafael to fuck her forever. To be above her and around her. To fuck her as he pleased and then cum in her.

She felt it then. Burying himself deep inside her, he exploded into a powerful orgasm. He was groaning obscenely as his balls erupted, releasing their contents into her womb. Quinn whimpered in orgasm as she felt his twitching cock shoot seemingly endless ropes of hot, sticky seed deep in her belly. He was coming so much, she thought dazedly. He was filling her up with semen, so much so that there was no other place for it to go. She felt it flood her insides and begin to ooze out from around the base of his cock, still lodged within her.

Her bones turned to liquid and she lay motionless beneath him, all the fight knocked out of her. She blinked and opened her eyes. He was still above her, the expression in his eyes still cold. The cock wedged inside her was still as hard as iron.

She couldn’t find the words right now. His anger had still not abated.

Deliberately he withdrew from her pussy. As he did, huge globs of his cum began seeping out of her, pooling on the sheets beneath her ass.

“Get on your knees,” he said.

Quinn could do nothing but silently obey. Her body shaking, she dragged herself onto all-fours, baring her ass to his gaze even as her pussy dripped with his cream.

His large hands cupped the fleshy globes, pulled them apart. “Such a pretty little asshole,” he whispered, his thumb working into the puckered hole. “Too bad I’m going to destroy it.”

Even when she felt his cock, soaked with his cum and her juices, prod at her back hole, Quinn was too worn out to demur. It was no use to beg for gentleness either. She knew it would hurt; ever since he had taken her virginity five months ago, he had only taken her ass a couple of times. Both times he had been careful, pushing in slowly and giving her time to adjust. He had always dominated her, but he had never been cruel. She knew that it would not be the case tonight. Tonight, he would be cruel.

Although she expected pain, she was not prepared for the sheer intensity of it as she felt his cock press in past her sphincter. She screamed out in pure agony, so much so that Rafael, even in his fury, could not completely ignore her. He did not stop pushing in but he slowed the penetration.

“Rafe, Rafe. Master,” she called out in anguish, her whole body quivering. Her ass was on fire. She felt like she was being sliced open.

“Relax,” he growled, his palm landing on her ass cheek with a loud slap. She whimpered. “I’ll go slower, but I’m not going to stop. So fucking relax or it will hurt much more than it should.”

Quinn tried to relax. She took a deep breath and gritted her teeth as he sunk his long, thick meat into her ass ever so slowly. Finally, when he was buried all the way inside, he paused.

“Alright?” he asked.

“Alright,” she whispered, and he began to move. Ignoring her muffled cries, he grabbed her hips, taking her more slowly there than he had in her pussy; taking her with strokes just as firm, but with far more control. The tightness of her ass was exquisite, the pleasure it afforded him just as much as the delights of her sweet pussy. He fucked her hard, slamming his cock into her repeatedly.

He was aware when her cries of pain began to turn to whimpers of pleasure. He was aware when she, slowly but surely began to fuck him back. Gradually, they built a rhythm. He reached down and found her clit. When he skimmed his thumb over the sensitive little nub, he had her moaning.

He laughed softly as he spanked her ass again, as he reached up to cover her tits with his hands, feeling the nipples harden under his touch. “Are you going to cum, sweetness? Are you going to cum with my dick up your ass?”

Her answer was a strangled moan.

He pinched her nipples, brushed his thumbs over them. “Cum, Quinn. Cum now, amada.”

With a scream that hurt her throat, Quinn came violently, her ass rippling around his cock. Rafael came with her, growling as he sprayed another huge load of semen into her ass. He pumped her ass full of reams of cum, spurt after spurt until his balls were finally emptied.

With one last moan, he pulled out of her ass. Weary, Quinn collapsed on the bed and curled up into a ball, crying; all her muscles were aching, her throat was sore and his cum was seeping out of both her ravaged holes.

His anger having finally been purged, Rafael reached for her. The sight of her dejected weeping was agonizing to him now. He brushed her long, dark hair back from her slim shoulders.

“Quinn.” He put his hand under her chin and raised her face to his. Gently, he wiped the tears from her cheeks. “Come here, little one,” he said softly, all traces of mockery gone. “Come here.”

Without hesitation, without stopping to think about it, Quinn threw herself into his arms. The tears flowing freely, she clung to him, needing his comfort, needing his love like she needed air. It seemed slightly odd to her to go back into the same arms that had hurt her. But it made sense to her as well; he was the one who’d hurt her, so he was the one who could fix it. She wanted him to fix it.

“There, pequena,” he murmured tenderly, cradling her in strong, capable arms. “Stop crying. It’s alright.” Rafael held her until her tears ceased, until she had stopped sobbing and trembling and lay still in his arms. Finally, he moved back just enough to see her face. He put his hand to her cheek. The last of the tears had dried. “I frightened you,” he said grimly. His eyes were gentle, and full of remorse.

“Yes,” she replied on a sigh.

“How much have I hurt you?”

Quinn smiled tremulously, understanding the question just the way he had meant it. He wasn’t speaking of any wounds on the outside. “Nothing that won’t heal. Inside or out.”

“You’re certain?”


He nodded. There was a moment’s silence. “Quinn, I realize that what happened tonight—the party—might look small in comparison to my reaction. In a strictly rational light, it is.” Their eyes met. He touched her cheek. “But I can’t have you hurt. I can’t lose you because of this kind of carelessness. The only way I would accept the loss of you, was if you chose to leave.”

Quinn was appalled. “You know I wouldn't leave. Not you.” Then something occurred to her, her eyes widening. “Would you?”

“No.” The reply was cool and level.

Ironically, it was the lack of emotion in his response that calmed her. “Good.” She looked at him for a moment, and then looked away as she prepared to make an admission. “Rafe, please don’t talk about leaving or any such thing. Besides, it won’t do for you to feel so bad about tonight. It wouldn’t really be fair to you when the truth is that I…”

“That you what?” He put his hand underneath her chin and jerked up her face. He wouldn’t permit her to hide from him.

“That I liked it,” she finished in an unsteady whisper.

A little frown touched his mouth. Quinn’s heart flipped in her chest. “Sim? You actually enjoyed what I did to you? The cruelty, the insults, the pain?”

“It’s you,” she said softly.

He spread his hands over her ass. “And you’ll take anything from me. Is that it?”

“You already know that.” She paused for a beat. “And I know you might not like to admit it—I know you may want to believe that you were just mad at me—but you actually enjoyed it.” She traced his cheek with her fingers. “There’s a dark side of you that enjoyed it.”

His frown deepened at that, but Quinn noted that he didn’t deny it. “That dark side is a part of you,” she continued, putting her palm to the side of his face. “And I wouldn’t want to cut it out, or change you at all.”

His smile was cold. “You don’t know what you’re saying.”

“I do. I want all of you, just as you are, the whole Rafe, both kind and cruel. I love you so much.”

She still saw disbelief in his eyes, but he chose not to reply. Instead, he kissed her; slow, deep and sweet. “So you’d forgive me if something like this happens again?” he asked, his fingers toying with her nipples. “Because if you ever pull a stunt like that again, I can you guarantee that it will…but then again, even if you’re perfectly behaved I still might not promise you that it won’t.” A mischievous smile touched his mouth. A moment later, it was replaced by a small frown. “In the morning I’ll get you Plan B.”

“Why?” She smiled archly, poking him in the ribs. “I thought your answer to that was, ‘So what?’”

He laughed a little with her, and she lay back against him as they went silent.

“Plan B in the morning,” he repeated.


She wasn’t necessarily afraid of the alternative, however. She wasn’t terrified by the idea of permanence with him. She knew she didn’t fully understand him yet, but she knew that she wanted to see where this ride would take them.

She damn well knew that although there might be twists, it was taking them somewhere. Somewhere she'd never been before, but wanted to see.

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