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"I do. I love you so much."

I was always very close to my Mom. In some ways I felt like my Mom and I were the family, and my father just lived with us. When my friends got to be adolescents, they got distant from their mothers, and even hostile toward them. But I felt as close to her as ever.

I didn't start dating until I was 18, but when I did, my Mom would always want to talk to me afterwards about how it went and give me advice. At those times, she felt more like a close female friend than a Mom. I remember how, after one of my first dates, she asked for details of how the date went and then finally said, "So? Did you kiss her?"

"No," I said, blushing.

"Why not?" she said, giggling. "It sounds like she liked you!"

"I don't know. I wasn't sure if I should."

"Ask her out again, and this time stop at the door when you're walking her in. Don't say anything, but just look at her and smile. If she stares back, then she wants you to lean in and kiss her."

I followed my mother's advice, and got my first kiss. She hugged me happily when I told her about it that night.

I soon had my first girlfriend. After she and I had started necking, my mother asked, "Have you touched her boobs yet?"

"Mom!" I protested.

"Oh come on!" she giggled. "Do you think girls don't like that too?"

Suddenly, I had an image of my Mom when she was my age, getting felt up by a boy. The thought was disturbing, but I couldn't stop thinking about it.

"How do I know if she wants it?" I asked.

My Mom moved closer to me on the couch. "When you're kissing her, put your hand on her arm like this. Then slowly move it up toward her neck." She acted it out as she described it. Suddenly her hand didn't feel like a Mom's hand. It seemed so tiny and soft. "Then caress her neck with your fingertips and move it slowly down toward her chest." I felt my mother's hand slide down. "If she doesn't want it, she'll shift her arm to block it. But if she doesn't block it...." My mother just smiled, her eyes bright.

On my next date, I not only petted for the first time, but my girlfriend even rubbed me through my pants until I came. Of course, my Mom wanted to hear about all of it afterwards, but I was shy and didn't want to tell. She kept insisting and finally started to tickle me until I told her everything. But her face froze when I said that I had orgasmed in my pants.

"Are you mad at me for messing up my pants?" I said anxiously.

She smiled, putting me back at ease. "Oh, no, no, sweetie. It's just're growing up so fast." She studied me for a moment and said, "You'd better change out of those wet shorts, though." I headed to my room to change. I was surprised when I saw Mom had followed me in.

"Mom, I need to change."

"I know. Just take them off and hand them to me."

"Mom! I'm not going to change in front of you!"

She laughed. "Don't be silly I used to bathe you, for goodness sakes!"

"But I'm not a little baby anymore."

She looked a little pouty. It was strange to see that expression on her face. Mothers don't pout. They get angry or disappointed or sad, but they don't pout.

But she said, "Okay, okay. I'll be in the laundry room. Bring it to me there."

I took off my shorts. They really were soaked. I didn't know I had that much cum in my balls I set them aside and put some fresh shorts on. I started to reach for my pants...but then I stopped. Without asking myself why, I picked up the wet shorts and walked down to the laundry room in just my shirt and fresh underwear.

When my Mom saw me come in she giggled but didn't mention the fact that I had no pants on. I was blushing as I handed her the shorts. She inspected them very carefully. "God, they're SO WET!" she laughed. She even sniffed them before putting them in the washer with some other clothes. As the washer ran, my mother climbed up and sat up on the dryer. We talked and laughed, but I have no idea what we talked about. All I could think about was how I was down in our laundry room in my underpants, talking to my Mom, who was wearing a skirt and sitting high up on the drying machine. She giggled and kicked her legs a little as she talked. I kept reminding myself that we weren't doing anything wrong or weird. Were we? We were just talking, after all. And I wasn't wearing any less clothing than I would be at the beach.

We heard the sound of the garage door opening, which meant that my father was home. My mother and I both looked kind of nervous. My mother quickly handed me some pants from the laundry pile. We went upstairs and were innocently watching TV by the time Dad came in.

That night, as I lay in bed, I slowly stroked my cock. My fantasies flipped back and forth from my date to images of my Mom sitting on the dryer. Fortunately, I had a sheet over myself (and over my hand) because my Mom quickly walked into my room without knocking. I moved my hand and tried to look nonchalant, even though I was flushed. My Mom sat down on the edge of the bed. She was wearing a satin chemise. I was very nervous, wondering what she wanted.

"Sweetie, your father and I need some privacy tonight, but I have to leave the bedroom door open because it's kind of hot. So don't go wandering out into the hall, okay?"

I nodded.

"I knew I could trust you," she said. "I'll just tell your Dad you're already asleep." She leaned over to kiss me goodnight. I felt the warmth of her body, and smelled her perfume. She held my gaze for a moment before getting up and heading out of the room.

Part of me wanted to grab my cock again and pound it fast and hard to an orgasm. Instead, I slowly caressed it, waiting for the sounds I knew were coming. Often in the past I had heard the creaking of my parents' bed, followed eventually by my mother's moaning. Like many curious kids, I had sneaked out of my room and listened at their door. On a few occasions, I had even tried to open the door to get a peek, but it was always locked. Consequently, the sounds were always muffled and unclear. But when the sounds started tonight they were louder and more distinct. I could even make out some of the words my mother was saying:

"Yes...fuck's so big and hard in me...suck my nipples....uhhh, yes, bite them...harder, please."

I was on the edge of cumming, but I held back. I wanted so much for this to last. Then I heard some words that really surprised me:

"Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck your little girl."

I felt a strange mix of emotions. It seemed sick that Mom would say that to my father. But it also turned me on. I wanted to hear her say it again. I wanted to see what she was doing while she said it. Without thinking about my promise to her, I got up and, as quietly as I could, walked out into the hallway. Sure enough, the door to my parents' bedroom was open. I came up to it very carefully and looked around the corner. The head of my parents' bed was against the opposite wall. But for some reason tonight they were lying with their heads at the foot of the bed. And my mother was on top of my father. So she could see the doorway, but my father couldn't. (Whose idea had it been to have sex in this position tonight?)

I told myself that my mother couldn't see me in the semi-darkness. But I did notice that she got a knowing smile on her face soon after I took up my position by the door. I'd never seen my mother naked before. Her body was so beautiful. Her breasts swayed as she rode up and down on my father's cock. Her beautiful red hair framed her soft face. I could hear the sounds of my father's cock slipping in and out of her wet pussy, and even smell the sweet musk of sex in the air. My mother said it again:

"Fuck me, Daddy."

I heard my father whisper, "I love your virgin pussy, Princess."

I was watching my Mom and Dad fucking. And they were pretending they were a Dad and his daughter. It was so sick. It was so wrong. But it was so fucking hot. I pulled my pajama bottoms down and started to stroke my cock. I no longer cared whether I was seen.

My mother moaned, "Oh yes! Do it! Do it nice and hard!"

In response, my father grabbed her hips and started to pound her passionately. (But were her words really for him?)

My hips started to buck. I knew I wouldn't last long.

"I want your cum!" my mother groaned. "Give me your hot spunk! I want it all over me, baby!"

A long, sticky stream of cum shot out of my cock. I quickly used my left hand to catch as much of the spunk as I could. My mothers eyes got wide and she let out a load moan as she cried, "I'm cumming! I'm cumming for you, sweetie!

"Do it!" my father groaned back. "Cum all over my hard cock!" He unloaded his cum inside my mother just as my cock squirted that last bits of cum into my hand. I gingerly pulled up my pajama bottoms and padded off to the bathroom to wash my hands.

About a week later, my father had to go away on an overnight business trip. When he reminded me, "You'll be the man of the house while I'm away," I noticed my mother smile. " "

The day he left on his trip, my mother and I hardly talked at all. This was very unusual for us, since we normally talked nonstop. But there was some unspoken tension in the air. It was not an unpleasant tension. It was like people waiting for a big event, who could find nothing to say before the time came. We both went to bed early.

I lay in bed, listening to silence. My door was open, as was the door to her room. I thought I could even hear my mother breathing down the hall. I wanted something to happen, but I was unsure what, and had no idea what to do.

Finally, I heard my mother's soft voice, calling from her room:

"Sweetie, would you come in here for a minute?"

Without a sound I got up and walked into her room. I held my hands in front of my crotch, to cover where my pajamas were tenting.

"Yes, Mom?"

"It's kind of weird not having your Dad home, isn't it?"

Actually, my Dad had always been away on business a lot. It was weirder, in some ways, when he was home. But I didn't say that. Instead, I just agreed.

My mother nodded. "I know you're kind of old for it, but would you like to come sleep in my bed tonight? I mean, it would be nice for me to have some company too."

Without answering, I lifted the covers and slid into the bed, next to my mother. I noticed that she was wearing the same satin chemise she had been wearing last week, and also the same perfume. I was nervous, so I lay in the bed with my back to her. I felt her reach over and start to gently rub my back. Sometimes when we watched TV on the couch, I'd put my head in her lap and she'd rub my back, but this felt very different.

"Have you done anything new with your girlfriend lately?" she asked softly.

"Not really. I tried–" I cut myself off.

"You what, sweetie? It's okay. You can tell me."

"Well, I tried to touch her between her legs, but she brushed my hand away, so I stopped."

I heard the smile in my mother's voice. "I'm proud of you for being a gentleman about it. And don't worry. She's just not ready yet." My mother moved a little closer. I could feel the heat of her body. Her hands were now starting to rub my sides and occasionally venture around to my chest. When she reached around, I could feel her breasts brush against my back. She spoke again, "Sometimes I think it's kind of unfair. I mean, boys are ready to do lots of things sexually right away, but girls take a longer time to be ready. But then when girls grow up and get to be my age, they're as horny as teenage boys. So sometimes teenage boys can't get what they want, and older women can't always get what they want." She paused, letting what she had said sink in. Then she added, "Isn't that unfair?"

My voice was almost hoarse as I said, "Yes."

"It's hot in here. Wouldn't you like to take your pajama top off?"

I sat up and took it off. I looked down at my mother in the bed beside me. She was looking up at me with longing, vulnerable eyes. How could anyone resist her? I turned toward her and we embraced. She gasped in excitement as we wrapped our bodies around each other. Her hair smelled so sweet, and here face felt so soft next to mine. My cock was rock hard, and pushed desperately against the pajamas and panties that were separating it from her."Oh, sweetie," she moaned. "Your skin is so smooth and soft. It's so sexy."

"It feels so good to touch you, Mom."

"Does it? Would you like me to teach you some things? So that you can show your girlfriend when she's ready?"

"Please, Mom, yes."

In an instant, my mother's soft, expert hand had slipped inside the fly of my pajama bottoms and started to massage my cock. I was groaning and bucking. I could already feel my cock about to spurt. But suddenly my Mom took her hand away.

"Would you like Mommy to take her nightie off, darling?"

In reply I simply took off my own pajama bottoms off. We clutched each other again, but this time all our skin was bare against each other. Is anything as wonderful as feeling your mother's body naked against your own? I started to thrust against her, but she gently guided me onto my back, and kissed her way down to my cock. I twitched with pleasure when her lips kissed the cap. She stroked it with her hand, very gently and very slowly, while she said, "Boys cum really fast the first time they do things like this. All boys do. I'll gradually teach you how to go really slow, so that you can enjoy making it last and please your girlfriend even better. But this first time I want you to just relax and cum whenever you want to. I'm going to put my mouth on your cock and suck it."

I groaned at just the thought, making my mother giggle happily.

She continued, "When a girl loves you, she'll want to swallow all your cum. So you know Mommy will take all yours." I felt her warm mouth engulf my cock. I couldn't believe how wonderful the feeling was: so warm and soft and moist. She sucked and licked it gently and lovingly. I wanted it to last forever, but soon I felt the cum slowly sliding up inside my cock, followed by the spasming as it pumped the cum into my Mommy's mouth. She sucked down every drop, moaning like a hungry puppy as she did.

I was still panting as she climbed back up my body. Smiling, she said, "Kiss me. On the lips." I did, and had my first romantic kiss with my mother. Our lips tentatively touched at first. It was electric, better than any kiss I had had with my girlfriend. Then my mother's expert tongue slipped into my mouth, its tip flicking against my own. When we finally broke the kiss, my mother smiled and said, "There, wasn't that a good kiss?"

"It was great!" I beamed.

"Lots of guys won't kiss a girl after she goes down on them. But that hurts a girl's feelings, so you should always kiss her afterwards to show her that you care about her and appreciate how good she made you feel."

"I'll kiss you anytime, Mom."

My mother smiled and rewarded me with another sweet and sexy kiss.

We cuddled, kissed and caressed for a few moments. It was so romantic. I always loved my mother, but now I felt like I loved her even more than I had before. My mother took my hand and put it between her legs. I noticed that her hair was closely trimmed. She took my fingers and guided them into the folds of her pussy. "Do you feel how wet I am?" she moaned.


"This is how girls get when they're horny. I'm very, very wet, so you can tell I want you really badly. And if you follow the pussy lips up like this, you'll find the clit." She sighed as she guided my fingers in gently rubbing it. "Make sure it's wet from the pussy cream, or lick your fingers before you rub it. Rub it gently at first and see how the girl responds. If she seems to be really liking it, try rubbing it a little harder." My Mom obviously was really enjoying it, because she was moaning and jerking her hips violently in response to my touch.

Reaching between my legs, my mother found me hard again. She smiled and said, "Okay. Get on top of me, in between my legs." She gently guided me into position. Reaching down, she positioned the tip of my cock at the entrance to her pussy. She looked up at me and cupped my face with her hand. "Do you love your Mommy?"

"I do. I love you so much."

She nodded and smiled. "Push into me."

We both practically screamed with pleasure as I sank into her. I felt her arms and legs wrap tight around me. After a few quick pumps I was surprised that my mother's voice had suddenly become more visceral. It was almost a growl as she whispered, "Fuck me. Fuck your Mommy. Mommy likes being fucked."

"Oh yes! I'm fucking my Mommy! Mommy's pussy is so good!"

The sensations were so overwhelming: the feel of our moist, sweaty flesh against each other. The musky scent of perfume and pussy. The taste and feel of my mother's tongue in my mouth. The sounds of our moaning and animalistic exclamations. I felt like I was now fully a man, as I pumped my cock into my mother's wet pussy, making her whimper with every stroke.

Even though I'd already cum once that night, I knew I wasn't going to last much longer: "I'm gonna cum in you, Mommy! I want to give you my cum!"

This seemed to make my mother almost frantic with lust. "Yes! Yes! Cum in me, baby! Shoot your spunk into Mommy's pussy!"

As I groaned and felt my cock pumping cum into her, I heard my mother scream in orgasm.

We held onto each other as we panted, spent from the sex. Finally, I whispered, "Thank you, Mommy. Thank you so much."

She smiled and kissed my moist forehead. "Anything for my boy."
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