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I'm new to this kind of writing. This is my first story. Any kind of feedback would be great. Go easy on me.
I took one last look at myself in the body mirror hanging behind my door and thought, “Damn Seven, if I were a guy I’d fuck me.” I was about 5’7” with light golden red hair that sat at the top of my shoulders, C-cup breasts, a not too big yet perky ass, and lips that’ll put Hoover out of business. I wore a long sleeve black and grey sweatshirt that read Daddy’s Little Girl across my chest and long dark jeggings that did nothing to hide my lower figure. The seam at the back had socketed itself in between my ass, making sure to show each individual cheek of my bubble butt. I had just trimmed the hair above my womanhood, and my clit was pressing against the crotch of my pants, demanding attention from anyone that happened to glimpse in my direction.

I was content with what I had on, and was ready to go. I made my way from my room to the loft just below the staircase. My sister noticed me immediately.

“So we’re just not wearing underwear Seven?” Noelle asked giving my crotch the attention it so begged for. I was about five years older than her, at seventeen.

“I was instructed not to” I replied sliding my hand between my legs, lightly patting my feminine goods as I kicked my leg up and smiled devilishly at her. “And I always do as I’m told.”

I felt myself getting turned on as each step I took forced the crotch of my jeggings into my now moist slit. Why was I dressed this way, and why was I turned on you ask? It was about 10 pm on a Friday and I was to be going out with a very, very good friend of mine. His name was Arnell, and he came home from college for the summer. We met during the school year while he was away through a mutual friend and dated for the latter half of the school year. Unfortunately, due to reasons beyond my control, we broke up before he came home. Needless to say, I was devastated. I loved Arnell with all my heart, and when we split my world fell apart. I tried moving on; even dating someone after we had ended, but it wasn’t the same.

I tried keeping in contact with him, but after he heard I was in another relationship shortly after we ended he needed space I guess. I didn’t know he had come home for the summer until about a week ago; that’s also when I found out he’s leaving in three days.

Arnell had my heart, and he knew it.

“Does Daddy know you’re going out?” Noelle said as I reached the bottom of the staircase.

“Yes, he does. I actually asked this time” I said getting my things together. I was only planning on walking with a wallet purse with my phone and some headphones. I had been on the pill since the beginning of the summer with my previous boyfriend, the one I had after Arnell and I. “I’m gonna fuck him tonight. This might be the only time I get with Arnell. I want to make sure it’s perfect.”

I wasn’t necessarily a delinquent, but my father wasn’t overly fond of the guys I’d try to introduce him to. They usually had bad intentions written all over them. I like guys like that because they weren’t afraid to do what they wanted with me. One major turn on for me is when a guy knows what he wants, and takes it.

Oddly, this wasn’t the case with Arnell. I’d not been in physical contact with him, ever, yet I wanted to give all of me to him. This was my first long distance relationship, and I loved every single second of it. I fell in love with his soul before I could touch him, and that for me was magical. I longed to hear his voice every day when he came home from his classes. I lived for the long nights he’d stay up on the phone with me, rambling on and on about whatever homework he was doing. Even though I didn’t know what he was talking about, just hearing him talk, his melodic voice rocking me to sleep, was enough to make me feel more protected than I had ever felt in my entire life. I was happy. And now he’s here, only minutes away picking me up and taking me to wherever he had planned.

The low hum of a vehicle sounded from outside the gate of my house. In one instant I was filled with excitement and in another anxiety. The love of my life is outside. I felt my clit swell, making it very hard to move without an accident.

“Bye Ellie” I said as I left the house. “Lock the door.” Ellie is what I usually call Noelle, even though she doesn't like it too much.

I closed the door behind me as I walked out and saw him for the first time: A 5’10” stud, not too much muscle, but a very defined body. He had long jet black braids pulled back into a ponytail that looked like he didn’t get all of his hair in with a bit of it parted in the front going down either side of his face. He wore a grey hoodie that read Daddy across the chest--the other half to mine--with black sweatpants and black Crocs.

I stood motionless at the door, peering into his brown eyes covered by his glasses as he examined my body from top to bottom. As I saw his eyes motion toward my lower half my pussy began to burn. The person I had longed for, for about half year was now staring directly at my sex with lust in his eyes. I didn’t think I could get any hotter.

“Seven.” Arnell purred from across the driveway. I melted. He sounded just as he did on the phone when I talked to him in school: A not too deep, yet soothing commanding voice that always found its way to my core.

“Hi Arnell.” I stuttered as I tried my best to keep myself together.

“Are you putting on a show for our audience?” he asked pushing his glasses up from his nose. I glanced over at the window beside the door to see my sister staring intently at Arnell, then at me, then finally at Arnell again. I slowly shook my head in response. Anything I said at this point would come out as a whimper. “Then come here.”

I began walking toward him and tried my best to maintain my composure. I was ready to fuck him then and there, right in my Dad’s driveway.

The walk to the car felt like forever. With every step I took I felt the crotch of my jeggings tease my now swollen clit, increasing the burning between my legs.

I finally arrived in front of him and was hit by his cologne. It was very strong and very intoxicating. He held my hand, first out the distance of our arms as he took one last look up my body, then he lifted it above my head and twirled me into him like I were a princess. His princess.

“I see you did what I asked,” He said as I finished my turn.

“I always do as I’m told,” I replied.

He brushed his hand over the thin layer covering my bulging clit and I sank. He let out a light giggle followed by a devilish smile. He began slowly moving his hand up toward my stomach. I gasped. Loud enough that I could've sworn my sister heard. As his hand got close to my breasts, my nipples hardened, noticeable even through my sweatshirt. He slowly ran his hand across one, then the other, back and forth in sort of a rhythm. I released my breath and started breathing in quickened gasps.

“M-Me-Mean,” I managed to mutter.

“Fight me,” he whispered in my ear as he took his hand from fondling my body. He guided me over to the passenger side of the car and opened the door for me to get in.

“Gentleman are we?” I said surprisingly.

“I can be at time,’ he replied closing the door and walking over the other side of the car. He swung his right leg in first, then lowered his body to get into the car. “We have one stop to make first.”

“The cheese on dough.” I laughed hysterically.

“Yes, the cheese on dough.” He replied giggling. It was pizza. We’d joke about it before when we were planning tonight. This is the kind of humor that brings the child out in me, the child that longs for all the attention he has.

The ride to the get the pizza felt like it wouldn’t end. We sat in the air condition with his cologne mesmerizing me while making small talk. Every now and again I’d run my hand over my crotch, which sent shivers up my spine. I guess after constantly doing it, I felt like I could cum right there in his car.

We pulled up to the pizza joint and he left the car. I watched as he walked behind the vehicle, opened the door and disappeared into the restaurant. I quickly pulled the waistband of my jeggings and shoved my hand down my pants. I sank in my seat as my fingers started slowly massaging my swollen clit. Arnell’s cologne still lingered in the car and I inhaled deeply, trying to get as much in as I possibly could. I imagined his cock, how big it would be, how thick it would be, and how it would taste. I wanted it. I wanted in my mouth. I wanted all of it in my mouth. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and filled it with four of my fingers. I shoved them deep into my throat, effectively gagging myself. Oh God how I wanted his cock down my throat; chocking me, making me his slut.

I didn’t last long, and quickly felt my orgasm coming over me. I shoved my fingers as far as they could go and felt myself gag. Spit started to foam up at my lips and began sliding down my wrist and my shirt. I used the hand that was already in my pants to stretch the waistband to its furthest point and began rubbing my pussy with my spit covered hand.

“Fffffffuuuuck!!!!!” I screamed as a I felt my body convulse. My back arched forward then quickly backward and I felt wave after wave of pleasure coming over me. I rubbed my pussy furiously, mixing my spit with the sex fluids creating a loud squishing sound. I smiled and exhaled deeply as I came down from my high. I took my drenched hand, covered with my cum and shoved it back into my mouth. I licked my hand clean, or as clean as I could get it. I slid it across my bottom lip clearing the spit that had formed and hovered it over my pussy, letting it drip into my pants. I was ready to go again.

I barley saw Arnell coming out of the restaurant with the pie when I hurried to compose myself. Arnell knew I was a bit of a freak, and I'd had no doubt that he liked my explicit honesty when it came to my sexual desires, however I wanted him to explore me. I wanted him to bring it out.

He placed the pizza on the back seat and got into the car.

"Ready to go to the beach?" he asked as his cologne attacked my senses again.

"Yeah, I am actually," I replied feeling myself getting bothered again. "But I'm more hungry than anything." Don't mind me, I probably eat more than anyone I know personally, but I was still hungry.

"Oh, I'm sorry. If I'd known I would have given it to you" he responded trying to reach the pizza on the backseat.

"No no no no, you focus on the road" I hurried. "I can get it." I unbuckled my seat belt and stretched over the shoulder of my seat to get the box. I plopped it on my lap and dove in. "Mmm, peperoni, my favorite."

"You look like a big kid" he laughed. "A big adorable kid." We both laughed and continued talking until we reached the beach. We had no real intention on swimming, but the beach was always a beautiful place, especially at night.

We parked on the far end of the beach, a ways away from the entrance, and enjoyed the rest of the pizza in the car. As we were laughing and talking I started to feel bad because as good as I felt, we weren't together. In that moment, having so much fun laughing, talking and eating with him, I wanted nothing more than to be his girlfriend again.

"So you that guy aren’t together anymore?" he asked.

"No, we broke up a while ago' I responded. "I thought I told you?"

"You probably did' he said with his attention drifting out of the his window. Arnell was never known for his impeccable memory.

"Why'd you ask?"

"I would hate to be on a 'date' with someone's girlfriend."

"Date" I said giggling. He knew I'd never really been on an official 'date' with anyone, which is why he offered to take me out tonight.

"Yes, date" he laughed.

"No, you’re fine Babu" I said in a soft voice. "I'm not with anyone right now." Babu was a joke that became the name I always called Arnell. I tried to text 'baby' to him but fat fingered the 'y' and sent 'Babu' instead. After a while of joking it just stuck, and we both loved it.

"Oh that brings back memories" he said turning his head to me

"What, Babu?" I stupidly asked. I knew what he was talking about, but wanted to play his mind a bit.

"I thought when we broke up that'd be the last time I heard that."

"You'll always be my Babu, Arnell."

"Hey do you wanna walk to beach?" he asked.

"Of course" I replied excitedly.

We took off our shoes, got out of the car and began walking toward the shore of the beach. I was feeling a bit cold, so I wrapped myself around his hand for warmth.

"I hope this is okay" I said hesitantly. "You know, since we're not together and.."

"Stop being silly" he cut me off. He took his arm from me, wrapped it around my shoulder and pulled me to him. I naturally flung my arms around his waist as we continued walking down the beach. I was happy. I was genuinely happy. I actually felt tears starting to build up. The guy that I've loved for the better half of this year, who was away from me during that time, is holding me close to him as we walked down the beach. I was genuinely happy.

We got to where I suspected he wanted to take me. It was a small formation of rocks that formed a bench. Next to it was a tree that, during the day, provided shade to whoever was sitting there. As we walked past the tree, he grabbed my hands and spun me to toward the tree, lightly pushing me against the tree. In the heat of the mood, I'd completely forgotten that I wasn't really wearing anything underneath my clothes. He looked me up and down, just like he'd done when he picked me up. I started to feel myself get hot again.

He looked down into my eyes for what seemed like eternity, licked his lips and slowly came toward me. I closed my eyes anticipating him to kiss me. But it never came..

I opened my eyes to find him directly in front of me, his head slightly slanted with his lip hovering over mine.

"Don’t kiss me" he whispered.

I could barley keep it together: On one hand, I wanted nothing more in that moment than to feel his lips on mine, but I always do as I'm told, especially when it's Arnell telling me what to do.

"Is this what you want" he asked.

"Y-yes" I stuttered.

"Are you sure?" he shot back.

"Yes yes yes, I'm sure" I said as if I was exhaling a held breathe. He moved closer to me, parting my thighs with his, and pushing his knee between me. He started slowly moving his leg back and forth between mine, sending jolts up and down my back. I wasn't sure how long I'd last. I felt his hand rest on my stomach. I jumped a bit before I realized it was his hand. He seemed to back off a bit.

"No no no, it caught me by surprise" I muttered.

His hand slowly rubbed my stomach until it began making its way up. I remembered him doing this when he picked me up, but his hands went past my breast. I felt it creeping up my past my chest until it snuggly hugged my neck. He squeezed a bit; not too much to make me uncomfortable but just enough to let me know he was in control.

"If you want it as bad as you say" he said pausing for a bit. I gulped, waiting for what he'd say next. "Kiss me.."

With that I grabbed his upper lip with lips and exhaled deeply at the feel of his kiss. We kissed slowly, with each motion lingering longer and longer. He released my neck and his hands found mine. He slowly raised them above my head and came in closer, making our kiss deeper.

After what seemed like several minutes, he pulled away from me. I pouted and whined. He smiled a bit and moved toward my neck. He released my hands and started slowly kissing my neck. I quickly wrapped my hands around the back of his neck and pulled him toward me. My body was filled with pleasure.

He then slowly started kissing down my body: First to my chest, then past my breast, then my stomach until he was at the waistband of my pants. He bit the top of the band and with his hands, slowly pulled my pants down. I leaned off the tree to allow him to easily get it off then stepped out of it. I was exposed. My womanhood was staring him in the face and he was looking right back. He looked at my pussy, them directly into my eyes. I felt my stomach sank as I slowly shook my head okaying him to go ahead.

I slowly parted my legs allowing him better access. He stuck his tongue out and licked from the base of my slit to the my clit. I gasped and bit my thumb. His tongue felt so good in between my legs. And he seemed to know exactly what he was doing too. He'd suck my clit in and out, then pushed his tongue into it and swirled around then sucked it in again. It felt like he was kissing my lips and I was in heaven.

I eventually started rocking my hips back and forth in rhythm with his licking and felt my orgasm build up. I ran my free in his hair, pushing him into me harder and harder. With that I felt my body convulse and my orgasm started flowing down me. I heard him try to catch as much of it as possible in his mouth, but I was forcing him into me too much for him to possible get it all.

After what seemed like an eternity or pleasure, I came down from my high. He came up to me and kissed me passionately, allowing me to taste myself in his mouth. He pulled away from me, leaving a small spit trail between our lips. Damn I taste good, I thought to myself.

I pushed him off me slightly. “My turn” I said.

I led him to the bench where I pushed him down and got to my knees. He rose and with his help I slid his pants off. His cock shot out. It was already hard and ready to go.

“Time to show you how nasty I can get Daddy” I said seductively. I licked from the base of member up to the head.

“Oh my..” he said flinging his head back.

“Look” I whispered. He opened his eyes and locked it with mine. I coated my throat with as much saliva as I could, and in one motion, took all seven inches of his dick in my mouth. He exhaled heavily and I felt his cock flex in my throat. I held it there for as long as I could then I slowly lifted my head from his cock.

“Oh my god Seven” he grunted.

I let his cock fall across my face as I smiled below him. “You like that?” I asked.

“If?” he replied almost instantly. “My god.”

I giggled. That was all the encouragement I needed. I took his cock in my mouth again, working it in and out of my mouth, pushing it back into my throat every time I went down. I continued for a minute before I started focusing on the head of his dick. Before long, I started feeling his cock tense in my mouth.

“Use my throat” I gagged. When he finally came, I took his member back down my throat. String after string of cum shot into my throat. It felt like it would never end. I pulled my head back to catch more of it in my mouth so I could swallow it all.

When he was finished, I sucked whatever was left from off his cock, took one big gulp, stuck my tongue out and opened my mouth wide to show him that I swallowed it all.

“Holy shit” he said in awe. “Did you swallow it all?”

“Yesh" I said giggling.

He bent down and kissed me full on my lips; his tongue swirling inside my mouth. I slowly rose with him and straddled his lap. We started kissing furiously. He grabbed my hands and forced them behind my back as he began sucking an pulling on my nipples with his mouth.

He began rubbing it on my clit with his dick. It drove me crazy. It felt so good, but at the same time, I just wanted it inside me already.

"F" I tried getting out. "F-fu.." After a while of gasping, I was finally able to get out. "Fuck me already!"

He didn’t hesitate, and in an instant shoved his cock into me. I came almost instantly. I dug my nails into his back and inhaled deeply. He started slowly pumping up and down. With each thrust I dug my nails deeper. He filled me up completely. Feeling his cock growing bigger and bigger inside me gave me another orgasm.

I started rocking back and forth on his cock as he pumped up and down. He grabbed my ass and started driving his dick into me. I threw my head back, riding another wave of orgasm.

After about two more of the those, I felt his cock tense. He grunted and I knew what that meant. He started pumping faster and faster. After long, he was about to cum.

I looked in his eyes.,"It's okay Babu, cum inside me" I said between breathes.

This seemed to encourage him and he started pumping faster and faster. His body finally tensed and I felt a strong string of hot cum shoot into me. I came with him. We rode wave after wave of pleasure. I was in paradise.

When we seemed to calm down, he pulled me close to him.

"Hey Arnell" I whispered.

"Yeah" he said looking up at me.

"Thank you" I continued. "for making me the happiest girl in the world."
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