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Nicola gets her claws into Kyle and a girl hiding in the closet in her bid to rule the school
As I stood and walked away with a huge smile on my face Kyle stood and followed me, I knew he would.
It was still the middle of lunch and the hallways were fairly quiet. I made strong stride to make my ass bounce, I didn’t need to look behind me, I knew where his eyes were.
I made a left into an empty classroom and turned, awaiting his arrival. A quick push up of my tits and I shifted my weight so one side of my hips was higher than the other. Kyle passed through the door a second later. I tilted my head slightly.
“It’s creepy to follow little innocent girls you know”
He snorted.
“Innocent?” he barked. “You just gave a handjob in the middle of the cafeteria; there isn’t an innocent thing about you.”
“Awwwww, someone seems jealous, did the poor little baby want his cock stroked instead”
“Yes,” he blurted.
He was really worked up; I'd met his type a 1000 times before. They’re relaxed and didn’t care about anything attitude was all they had. To lose it so quickly wasn’t in his nature. He was worked up.
“Tough, I’m not some little toy.”
“Listen slut, no one in their right mind would do what you just did. You’re a whore, and I want to be a customer, although I ain’t paying.
His boldness was refreshing, he could have gone down the pleading root or the try and charm me. But I had just shown him who I was. He didn’t try to ignore it just called me what I was and told me what he wanted.
“Maybe I am, but everyone pays, one way or another.”
He looked confused so I helped his mind reach the right conclusion by placing my index and middle finger into a ‘V’ and slid my tongue through it.
He sighed and turned towards the door to leave.
The door slammed shut and he closed the blind over the window. He turned with wildness in his eyes. I stood still, breathing slightly heavily. He was a beautiful specimen, glorious tan, clear soft skin; his eyes were a deep brown to match his hair.
He stepped into me; my nose was half an inch from his hard chest. He didn’t touch or say anything to me, just let me inhale his manly scent.
In a quick movement, his hands made their way to my ass. He grabbed it with force, manhandled and squeezed it.
“Fuck me that’s an ass! It would take me a week to explore it all”
I stayed quiet. And let him have his fill.
He lowered his hold and lifted me up by the lower part of my ass and thighs. I wrapped my legs around him to secure our bodies together. Face to face, I still didn’t say a word.
He leant in but instead of going for my lips, caught my neck. I shuddered as he sucked and tickled me. Fuck he was good. I moved my hands through his hair as my pussy started to tingle.
He laid me down on the teacher's desk but didn’t rescind his body, staring face to face the tension was killing me, I wanted to antagonise him, but I was more curious to see where he’d go from here. Let’s see if he has the balls.
He smoothly and slowly pulled the straps of my top away from my shoulders and shimmied my top down to my waist. I wanted to respond to his touch, tell him how turned on I was. But I couldn’t lose face, couldn’t let him know how much power he had over me at that moment.
He ran his the tips of his fingers across the top of my breasts, just above the line of my bra, I shuddered at his touch. He noticed and smiled. Shit. Keep it together Nic.
He kissed my chest softly and started to slide his finger nails down my outstretched arms. Jesus Christ, get to my tits, I can’t fucking bare it!
He hooked his index fingers onto the top of my bra and pulled it down to my waist finally exposing my tits. He pulled his head back to take in the view, his eyes widened. Something very quickly started poking against my pussy through my jeans, it felt big.
His tongue tickled every inch of my breasts apart from my nipples, they burned for his touch. It took him quite a few minutes to cover every inch of them.
“Ass and tits, baby. The world revolves around ass and tits and you’ve got the best I’ve ever seen.”
He opened his mouth and darted for my nipple but stopped agonisingly close. I wanted to scream. I rubbed my crotch against his giant bulge to try and get some kind of satisfaction. Did he notice my moment of weakness?
“Don’t rush it”
Shit. He noticed.
Finally, he sucked my right nipple into his mouth and I moaned in delight. I couldn’t keep still, I squirmed my pussy all over his caged erection. It felt so naughty and erotic.
He alternated between my nipples for the next few minutes; they grew long on hard as he pulled them between his teeth. I couldn’t bare it any longer, I had to speak.
“Eat my pussy”
I tried to make it as commanding as possible but a tinge of wanting came through in my voice.
He flashing his dazzling smile at me and planted kissed on each nipple; slowly he moved his lips down my sternum.
He undid the button on my pants and the zip quickly followed. To slide down my pants I had to help with a little wriggle to get them over my ass cheeks.
“Jesus, I’ve never seen anyone so wet.”
My juices had soaked through my panties, the front was completely dripping. He took his index finger and grazed it from clit to entrance over and over again. I pushed my hips to his touch but he pulled back in accord. He was teasing me to try and break me, I needed to keep in control, don’t give in Nic, don’t give in.
He tugged hard at my panties, and they ripped off.
“You won’t be needing these, will you? People need easy access to this”
I couldn’t help but laugh in my head.
He placed his lips half and inch from my burning pussy and blew gently into my clit. Jesus, it felt incredible. He didn’t lick my cunt. He devoured it.
He engulfed my clit and sucked so hard it hurt. I gasped in surprise and pleasure. His tongue lashed at me. I took one of my breasts and lifted a nipple into my mouth and sucked like a baby taking milk.
Kyle didn’t come up for air; it felt like he’d been down there for hours.
A finger slid into my pussy, it guided without friction as I was soaked. I bucked my hips as my orgasm took hold.
“Oh, fuck I'm cumming!!! Keep going, please don’t stop”
The rush spread from my pussy down to my toes and then up to my stomach and up through to my nipples. My legs clamped around his head.
Jesus, how long could one orgasm last?
I grabbed my breasts and squeezed hard as warmth spread through my body. He was a cocky bastard, but could he eat pussy.
I inhaled sharply and pushed his head away from my dripping cunt. My clit was too sensitive.
“Not bad, I guess”
His eyes shot wide open.
“Fuck you, whore! You came hard”
I fucking loved that he called me that. It wasn’t an insult, it was what I was. There was no bullshit, maybe his cocky façade wasn’t a façade at all. He was cocky because he was good. He’d obviously done that many times before and become skilled. He was a beautiful creature, chiselled, strong, deep brown eyes that I loved. He treated me like all I wanted was a cock and to cum, which was true. I like him. Too bad I only need him for a little while. But maybe once I'd gotten where I belonged in this school he could have the honour of being my usual fuck.
“Well look at the time”
I spun my legs off the desk and began to fix my clothes; I still felt light headed but ignored it.
“Are you fucking kidding me? I paid my way, now it’s my turn”
I turned to see his outrage and then looked back down to continue fixing my clothes.
“You did an okay job sure, but this isn’t where you get reimbursed”
A crunch of footsteps filled the room and he was on me in a flash. His hand cupped my still naked cunt.I didn’t move my hands and tried to limit the amount of surprise on my face, I waited for a second before meeting his beautiful eyes.
“This is mine; I need to be inside it”
I reached out and grabbed his softening cock.
“You want me to take care of this, do you? Make it cum harder than ever? Take it between my tits? Take it in my mouth and pussy?”
I squeezed as it was starting to get hard. He didn’t reply, just a heavy gulp.
“You want to try that in the 6 minutes we have left before people run into this class? Or would you like me to fuck your brains out this weekend?”
His hand slowly pulled back from my hyper-sensitive clit. And I from his thick cock.
“I suggest you invite me to whatever shit generic party you’re going to this weekend where we have more time. Don’t you dare say a word to anyone about this or the deals off! Also, you’d better let handsome know that if one word of what I did gets out we’ve done, your cock will never get closer than a foot to my holes.”
I scribbled my number down on a scrap piece of paper on the desk and he added it to his phone while I pulled my pants up over my bald pussy.
I turned to his beautiful face and grabbed his hand. I placed it on my top, so he could grasp my breast.
“All yours this weekend baby”
He didn’t say a word as I softly squeezed his hand into my tit.
“Feel free to watch my ass as I leave.””
I left him dumb struck in the room, the thoughts whirling through his mind of what might happen this weekend.
Chapter 3
The next few days were uneventful but provided a good chance to gather some information. I continued to work out the school dynamics and think I’d isolated the school's popular girls, the ones I’d have to destroy.
Their leader was the truly stunning, Brooke, captain of the cheer squad, she had long beautiful hair that fell all the way down to her back. A sting of jealousy hit me, my dirty blonde hair colour paled in comparison to hers. I would have killed to have the shape hers did, I’d cut mine shoulder length a few months ago and now I really regretted it.
She was a couple of inches taller than me, cute button nose, cute little tits, a B cup I think. She had large blue eyes and a wide smile. She looked sweet and innocent, which I expected helped in here rise to power. I had a science class with her on Tuesday where I’d overheard her gossiping about.
“Some fugly slut who had slept with James’s brother and probably taken it up her ass”
The popular ones are never innocent. You have to be ruthless to be powerful in high school.
She hung around with two other girls. A smoking hot mixed race beauty called Brittany, she had a stunning petite body, similar to my mothers. Her tits weren’t as big, but they suited her athletic frame. Her ass was great, though, it had clear definitions away from the top of her thighs. A cold face that screamed bitch, I imagine she fucked hard.
Finally, the third of the little niche group Jenny, she was a stunning redhead, she had pale skin and faint freckles. Very large breasts, not as big as mine, but easily a D cup. Her ass was a little wanting but she had a beautiful slim body.
These were the three I’d have to break. I thought for a few days at the best way to take them down. I had a few ideas, discredit them, dived and let them destroy each other, However, my tactic decided itself yesterday.
Changing in the locker room after track and field I was a little musty from running. I peeled off my sports bra and turned back to my locker, Jenny was changing next to me. Out of the corner of my eye, I thought I caught her face turned slightly towards me. I decided to make sure, I opened my locker a little so the mirror gave me a little window to look at her. She was indeed glancing at my breasts every few seconds.
I decided to see if an advantage could be found. I turned towards her, no shame in my nakedness.
“Excuse me, can I ask you something, girl to girl?”
Jenny looked shocked and was finding it visibly difficult to keep her concentration away from my breasts.
“Erm, sure I guess”
“Does my left boob look bigger than the right?”
Jenny shuffled her feet a little finding the altercation very uncomfortable. Her attention drew to my breasts and lingered a little long.
“Erm no, they look fine”
“Really? It looks and feels a little bigger to me”
I lifted my breasts into my hands and moved them up and down as if weighing them.
Jenny looked dumbstruck and began looking around the room to see if anyone was looking. Luckily most girls shot off quickly from gym class and went home as it was last period, I hate being sweaty so always wanted to get clean as soon as possible, looks like Jenny shared my feelings.
“what do you think? Have a feel?”
“I’m not into girls,” she said very weakly, I expected she was lying to me and herself.
“Oh I'm sorry, I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable. I wasn’t hitting on you” I lied.
She gave a little laugh.
“Anyway, it's not like we both haven't done a little experimenting now and again is it?”
“I haven't ever done that!”
She had an anger in her voice.
“Oh I’m sorry, I thought everyone by our age and played and lived a little.”
I kept a smile and a girly tone in my voice.
I saw the wheels in her head, now was her chance, she had a naked girl in a secluded room, that had just confessed to having lesbian tendencies. Come on take the bait.
“How does that even happen?
She kept the accusatory tone in her voice.
“It’s just having fun I guess, it doesn’t have to be serious, plus you learn more from girls than you’ll ever get from boys. You’ll find things that you didn’t know exist. I love girls, but only to cum with. You haven't lived until you’ve slept with another girl.”
“Listen, new girl, what you do is your shit. But don’t try and rub that dyke crap over me”
Her words had spite in them, I’d hit a nerve alright.
My brow wrinkled, and I pretended to act hurt.
Jenny instantly regretted what she said. My guess would be she isn’t the bitchy kind like the rest of her group. Probably friends with the others from kindergarten and it’s a bond yet to be broken. Also, her beauty was good to have around. Beauty like misery loved company.
“Look I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to call you that.”
“It’s okay” I shrugged.
“Like I said, I'm not a lesbian, I just enjoy orgasms and different ways to get them. There's nothing bad or wrong about that in my opinion.”
“Erm no, sure, whatever”
I was losing her, come on Nic, pick it up.
“I’m Nicola, by the way, I move to Springbrook a few days ago. I would shake your hand but seeing as I'm standing here with my tits out, being formal probably isn’t the way to go.”
She laughed and looked back at my tits, she’d be averting her eyes for the last minute or so and it was proving difficult to her.
“I’m Jenny”
“Nice to meet you, Jenny”
She offered nothing to extend the conversation further. Think think think.
I surveyed her body looking for clues, there! Left pinky finger, on the inside, was a ‘;’ tattoo.
“A semicolon represents a sentence the author could have ended but chose not to. The author is you and the semicolon is your life. Our stories aren’t finished.”
Jenny turned midway through my sentence her face like an excited child on Christmas day.
“Exactly,” she said beaming from ear to ear.
I pulled my left breast up to show her the underside, where a tiny infinity symbol sat etched in black ink.
“There's infinite numbers between 1 and 2. Therefore each second we breath lasts for infinity. I want to make sure that my infinity is everything I want it to be. Even if I am only here for numbered days.”
She smiled and pondered its meaning.
“I like that a lot.” she smiled.
“My infinite is going to be filled with any and everything I want it to be, nothing holding me back. My choices, my desires, fuck what anyone else thinks, or wants. It’s my infinite, and I'm going to fill it with as much as I can.”
Her eyes locked with mine and we stared at one another. My naked breasts adding to the sexual tone of the conversation.
She wasn’t going to make the move, so I stepped closer to her, she didn’t step away.
It was my first chance to get a look at her features up close, her freckles spread throughout her high cheekbones, she had beautiful full lips that looked incredibly soft. Blue piercing eyes looked so bright I thought I could see myself in them. She was beautiful.
Jenny was biting her lips nervously. She was still silent, her big blue eyes transfixed on mine. Then without a word, I leant in and kissed her deeply, my hand cupped her face. She wasn’t totally reciprocating, but she wasn’t pulling away either. I grabbed her hands that were limp by her side and softly placed them on my breasts. Again she didn't completely reciprocate my action, but she didn’t take her hands away either.
My tongue poked into her mouth and began massaging hers, she started to slowly move hers too. Finally! Then her hands started to make little movements around my breasts. We stood kissing for a little while, Jenny grew in confidence and soon she was fondling my breasts in earnest.
I pulled back from our passionate embrace and couldn’t help but smirk at Jenny who’s eyes were still closed, she looked like she was dreaming.
“See what I mean?”
“Holy fuck that was intense.”
I giggled, it was sometimes nice to not be my over-confident controlling self. Sometimes being innocent and fun was good too.
“This is crazy. I'm not a lesbian. I need to go”
Shit, this is my chance, I need to her to stay, come on Nic, you’re here to work, not to have fun a giggle around.
Jenny started to grab her things from her locker in a rushed and panicked manner.

I walked behind her body and kissed the side of her neck, she instantly froze. I put both my hands on her hips tenderly. This had to be planned slowly, too much and she’d freak.
“It’s okay” I whispered,
“it’s just fun, no one has to know if you don’t want”
Jenny took my right hand from her hip and moved it to her breast. She still had her sports bra on, but the sentiment was all that I was after. I squeezed and she let out a little shudder. I took my left hand and placed it at the front of her spandex leggings. My fingers slipped between her skin and clothing. I found her pussy which was a little wet from our earlier embrace.
I started to move my fingers over her clit and Jenny gripped the sides of her open locker to keep her steady. She smelt heavenly, even after a long run in gym class, hints of honey and cinnamon.
My mouth was still on her neck and one hand on her breast, the tight sports bra was starting to irritate me.
“Take off your top” I whispered in her ear, I then started to nibble on here ear lob.
She obeyed instantly. Her bra was off a second later and dropped by our feet. My fingers continued to work her clit and by now her juices were adding to the stimulation, making the area slippery and smooth. My other hand was on her recently freed breast, I slowly caressed her large mound and rubbed her nipple with my thumb and index finger. She needed a gentler approach that I would normally give. I had been fucking a girlfriend back home a couple days a week, we went at it hard and rough. I couldn’t take my wanted approach in this case, too much and I scare her off and miss my golden ticket.
“Feels good doesn’t it”
“Jesus christ it feels amazing”
Her words were staggered and said through nervous breaths.
I picked up the pace on her clit and she moaned in appreciation, he legs were beginning to shake so I took my hand off her breast and wrapped my arm around her torso and lifted a little to take the pressure of her legs.
“Oh fuck it feels warm”
“Shhhhhh, It’s okay baby just take it, focus on my hand. Where is it?”
“On my pussy” she replied with a guilty giggle.
“oh shit, Nicola I think I'm going to pee”
Pee? What? Now?

Jenny started to moan in a high pitch. As her knees pushed together forcing my hand harder into her pussy.
I kept up the pace on her clit while she came on my hand. I was cautious in case she was actually going to pee on me. Which even for me was a step too far.
Jenny’s body started spasming as her breaths became long and harsh.
“That’s it baby, cum for me”
Jenny’s moan became deeper and deeper as her breathing stopped due to her burning clit in my hand. Her orgasm made her hands tighten on her locker and her ass pushed into my hips. I had to push back to keep her clit and my hand connected.
Jenny turned her beautiful face into my should.
“Fuck me that was amazing, Is it like that every time?”
I helped her over to the bench near us so she could catch her breath and let her legs have a little break.
“You mean with a girl?”
She started at me with hazed vision.
“Well, erm, that was my first erm, time orgasming”
That explains why she thought she was peeing then.
“Oh! You mean you’ve never made yourself? A teenage boy not giving you one I can kinda understand, but never with a vibrator or just masturbating yourself?”
“Erm well I’ve never let a boy near me in that way, down there”
Oh shit, and I just took someone's virginity all so I could become popular. Shit! Wait had I taken her virginity? Did that count? Or was that just counted as second base? What did class as sex between two girls? Either way, I think I just crossed a line. Evil Nic whispered in my ear. Every battle has collateral damage. Now put on you big girl pants and win her.
“So I was your first? I feel so honoured, thank you”
She smiled and planted a sweet kiss on my lips.
“No thank you, that was incredible. What can we do next?”
I giggled to her.
“Be careful with that attitude, or you’ll end up never leaving your room again”
“I’m serious do something to me like that again, or should I do something to you? I don’t know, I'm happy with anything, just more please.”
I giggled and reached for her nipple and slowly played with it. She moaned.
“hmm, how about we do something we both can enjoy”
I stood and went to my still open locker and found an innocent looking felt purse at the bottom of my handbag.
“You’re ass, by the way, is incredible!”
I shot her a smile, so she likes asses, I can play that way.
She was getting more confident and relaxed. Good.
“Place each leg either side of the bench” I instructed, Jenny complied again instantly. “Now close your eyes”. Again she did so without hesitation.
I pulled the tiny purse open, inside where three items, one, a thin bullet shaped metal vibrator, the second a steel butt plug about the size of golf ball, the finally a string of anal beads that grew in size, the first bead the size of a pea, the last about 30% larger than the plug. I popped the plug into my mouth and walked towards Jenny, she had her hands flat on the bench, obviously nervous to what I might be planning next.
“Keep your eyes closed and lie back so your legs are wide and the soles of your feet are facing the ceiling, don’t open your eyes under any circumstances.”
She giggled and did as she was told.
“If you want an even better feeling than that you have to trust me, okay baby.”
“Yes, I trust you, please just more orgasms”
I straddled the bench and took the plug out of my mouth. I kissed her pussy as she let out a soft moan. She had a small wisp of red hair shaped in an upturned ‘V’ above her cunt. I licked her outer lips slowly and rhythmically. She wasn’t going to cum from it but it would get her horny enough. Her little ass started squirming around on the bench. She was ready. I took the metal butt plug, still wet from my mouth and stroked it over her pussy.
“ahh that’s cold” she playfully teased.
“Don’t worry baby it’s going somewhere warm”
I teased her little more before I placed the head of the bug against her little puckered anus.
“Woooo, no wait”
I grabbed on to her legs before it slammed down in panic.
“Trust me, baby, it won't hurt”
“I don’t know about this”
I grabbed the vibrator and clicked it on. The sound echoed throughout the empty room. The top caught her clit and she sucked all the air out of the room.
The final ‘s’ vibrated in her vocal cords along with the vibrator. I left it there a few more seconds before placing the plug back at her asshole. Her leg this time stayed in place.
“Now listen baby, when you cum your ass contracts and pulsates, when something is in your ass your muscles push hard against it and it makes the orgasm go so much deeper. Trust me, and take it.”
I’m not sure she heard me, her face looked like it was solving a difficult maths equation as she tried to comprehend the sensation on her clit.
I pushed a little with the plug and her ass didn’t open, in fairness Jenny didn’t pull away but her virgin ass wouldn’t except the toy. I slipped a finger into her pussy and she let out a satisfying moan. I bent my finger it a little in search of her G-spot, found it.
“Oh, my god!!! Don’t stop!”
She forgot about the intruder and it began to slip into her ass, it got close to the widest part and I gave it a little push, harder than I would normally but she was so close. It got past half way and here ass instantly ate the metal.
“Good girl”
“This feels fucking weird, do we have to do this?”
“Trust me, baby”
I moved around the bench and latched onto her nipple. She had incredible breasts, big but still very perky with tiny little nipples. They were rock hard before they entered my mouth. I began to move the vibrator in sharp motions over her clit to enhance the vibrations.
“Oh shit, oh shit”
I took her other nipple and squeezed hard. She began to shake violently as her second ever orgasm ripped through her body. Her moans blasted through the room as her body convulsed. I could see the end of the plug pulsing in and out as her ass hole attacked the cold metal.
Tears swelled in her eyes and crying sounds emerged. The pleasure was too much for her little body.
I took the vibrator away and climbed on top of her. She faded back to reality and gave me a long smile. I kissed her slowly and passionately, she kissed back.
“So how was orgasm number two?”
“Fucking incredible. You were right about the thing in my ass. I’ve never felt so weak and powerful at the same time. I felt the pleasure all over”
She kissed me hard and sat up straight.
“I’m sorry maybe it should be your turn now. Can I do stuff to you? Is that okay”
I let out a little laugh.
“Take me how you want beautiful”
She carefully took my nipple in her mouth as lightning shot through my breast.
“mmmm you’re good at that”
This spurred her on as she began to suck harder and harder. Her hand started to grope my giant tit with enthusiasm.
“Your breasts are incredible Nicola. I could play with them all day”
“You won't hear any complaints from me”
She reached around by back and squeezed my ass cheeks hard. I pushed my pussy forward to allow her to get her fill. I noticed that Jenny was rocking on the bench, the butt plug was still buried in her ass. I’ll make a slut of you yet.
“And Jesus that ass! Baby, you’re the most sexual thing I’ve ever seen. Every inch of you is made to be played with”
I reached to the floor and found the long string of anal beads that had been knocked off during Jenny’s last orgasm.
“Maybe you can help me with this baby”
I placed the toy in front of her pussy. Her eyes widened as she saw the size. I kissed her and got on all fours along the bench, my ass wiggling in her face.
“How am I going to get that inside you? Will it even fit?”
“Don’t worry baby, it’ll fit. Get it wet in your mouth and then slide it along your pussy to get your juices, I want them inside me”
I heard the beads knocking together for a few seconds as she complied with my request. The first bead touched my asshole but didn’t go any further.
“It's okay baby, you won’t hurt me, I can take it”
A little more force was applied to my ass as the first little bead popped in, the second became stuck again.
“Baby just push until it goes in, I want it!”
She pushed as the next few beads popped into my ass, I gave a long moan each time as the feeling of fullness started making me wet. I moved my hips each time, enjoying the tightness of my sphincter.
Jenny moved behind me and sucked the last four or five beads in turn to add some lubrication. She ran her finger down my slit grabbing the liquid from my cunt. It felt divine. She smeared the juices over the balls and pushed two more into my ass. I was getting very full but the feeling was so naughty I craved the final giant balls.
Jenny tried to shove the penultimate ball in and I had to tell her to go a little slower, I already had 6 or 7 filling me up, the last two larger ones always pushed my limits. Gently she moved it into my ass as I started to pant, my pussy juices dripping onto the bench.
“How are you doing this? I can’t believe they’re not coming out of your mouth by now”
I laughed and the vibrations in my stomach reminded me of the fullness. The unusual feeling made me drip and the taboo of anal made it so much hotter. If I had my choice all orgasms would involve my ass, there's nothing like the squeeze you get when you’re coming and your asshole tries to crush the alien inserted.
Jenny placed the giant final ball at my hole and I pushed my ass towards her to help. I thought I was going to snap before it finally filled me up. I slowly stood as the balls shifted and collided in my ass. I almost came right there and then.
I turned looked into deep blue eyes filled with wonder and amazement. I let Jenny soak in my naked body. My tits large and full, my bare, fully shaven cunt on display.
“You like what you see baby”
She smiled.
“I don’t ever want this moment to end.”
I took my place on straddling the bench, our naked stuffed bodies a mirror of one another. Jenny kissed me hard I wrapped my legs around her hips so that our pussies were touching. Then I took the vibrator in my mouth. Jenny was already playing with my heavy breasts. God, she really did love my tits.
I slid my fingers down my slit and gathered a large amount of my juices, I offered them to Jenny and she gladly sucked them clean. The vibrator hummed into life as used the tip to circle Jenny’s nipples. She softly moaned in thanks. I finally dropped the toy in between our cunts as we both cried out to the feeling screaming into our clits.
It felt incredible, the nerve endings in my clit sent signals deep into my body. I started moving my hips letting the big beads move in my ass. Jesus, it was incredible. Jenny was already close to cumming so I offered her my nipple to suck on to distract her from her cunt.
She began sucking hard, my toes curled from her mouth’s touch. I grabbed her thighs and started rowing them back and forth with my own letting our toys embedded in us shift and stretch our hungry asses. Jolts kept shifting up and down my body as my pussy started shaking. I reached for Jenny’s breast and started pinching and pulling her nipples, she dropped my breast and began to moan from pain and pleasure.
I felt my cunt slip past the point of no return, my orgasm was about to take hold and judging by Jenny’s face, hers was too. I mashed our pussies closer harder.
“Fuck you slut. You’re going to make me cum so hard” I spat at Jenny. The whore in me rising to the surface. It was impossible not to be a whore when you had 9 beads buried in your ass.
“I’m coming to baby, Oh god I can’t take it”
Our screams became breathless as our big breasts mashed together. My pussy started to convulse and my ass tried to follow suit but was no match for the beads. I could feel my walls trying to smash together to no avail. The pleasure exploded and the orgasm was deep and hard. Jenny dug her nails into the side but I was coming too hard to care, It was one of the best orgasms I'd ever experienced.
Jenny’s orgasm had finished and she fell back onto the bench, out of breath, her body had no more pleasure to give.
My second orgasm had started racing through my body as the whore again rose to the surface. I pushed my ass hard into the bench making the beads move in my ass. My asshole started to beat harder than it ever had, enjoying its restricted cage. I’d never cum so hard as I did in that moment.
I collapsed on Jenny’s body and we stayed like that for around 5 minutes, regaining our minds, I simply sucked her nipple like a baby would, just for comfort.
We chatted slowly, I explained how difficult it was finding new friends and she instantly invited me to hang with hers. Mission accomplished. She asked as many questions she could about sex, we outlined a long list of things to try going forward but she insisted on keeping what we’d done and what we were going to do a complete secret. She’d get her wish for as long as it suited. But she was a part of the group I needed rid of so it was a promise I might have to break. I tinge of sadness hit me.


2017-11-26 02:53:04
Loved it


2017-08-18 10:17:20
Love it! Looking forward to the next one!

Paragraphs could be shorter or spaced out a little better for easier reading though

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