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Just a short tour of a bar where kink is the way to go
“Hello, I’m glad you excepted my invitation to my club. I am the owner and host and personally welcome you to the Doghouse a Premier Lifestyle Club. Behind the counter as you enter is Kelly, she is my manager here at the club. Now if you will follow me I shall give you the VIP tour.”

“As we enter the main room this is the main congregating area. This building was at one time a warehouse, and I chose it for the club because it was not too large like some of the many empty warehouses in Denver area. The central area will seat about 200 people, and we can hold a max of 500 people total.”

“To the left is our new video and toy store. All our videos are from club members who wanted to sell their videos of their play time. Videos range from $25 to $50 depending on length and content. We do have our videographers here as the charge to have a video or picture shoot is $50 unless you want to sell the video then the video shoot is free. People who choose to sell their video get a percentage of the video sale. If you decide to do a video or have pics taken you can see Kelly here she sets up that as well as run the store. We have six videographers, and five photographers through all the videographers can do photo shoots as well.”

(Stepping out to the main room) “Now over here next to the stage we have our awesome DJ Max, he can play any song you want, and if he doesn’t have it, he will get it. He also controls the sound for the bands that want to do a gig here.” On stage, we have two stripper poles on either side. As we head back to the back of the club here on this stage, you will find my chair as well as the V.I.P. tables.”

“Any questions so far? Yes, Betty.”

“Who are the two girls kneeling next to your chair and why are they wearing masks?”

“Oh yes ma’am the two girls kneeling by my chair are my girls and the masks they wear are similar to a famous rock band, the only difference is the baby doll masks are cut so you can see their mouths. They wear the masks because I want them to. (motions for the girls to come up) On my right here is Debbie she came to me from Arkansas, Neela is on my left; she has been with me for about three years. Yes Donna”

“Where is the girl mentioned in the story of Bounty and Sara?”

“Keela left to go back home; her mom was diagnosed with cancer, so she went back to take care of her.“Yes, David?”

“What through that door over there to the right of your little stage?”

“That door leads to my office and to my living quarters which is up stairs. It's just a studio style apartment, but since is just the girls and me I don’t need much room. Yes Carla”

“I heard you have a kennel here at the club.”

“Yes ma’am you heard correctly we do have that here if you will follow me to the kennel.” (leads everyone through a door next to the V.I.P. seating) “Now here we have the kennel, we currently have 34 large breed dogs and 11 medium breed dogs. All my dogs get the very best treatment and food. During the day they come and go outside as they please, except Friday and Saturday, Friday they are bathed and groomed. I have four caretakers, and at least one is on site at all times.” (young lady walks over) “This here is Mindy she is the club vet and lead caretaker. She studied at CSU and worked at a veterinary clinic in Grand Junction for six years before coming to work for me.

“Now as far as being able to get a dog to play with you, you need to set that up with Roger who we will meet in a few minutes. But for the use of one of our dogs, it is $75, and you can have a dog for an hour or to, availability also depends on how many times they have performed that evening. On average our dogs have mated with males and females an average of two times a night with the max being three. Once a dog has reached three he is put up for the evening and allowed to rest.”

(heading back out the door to the main room) “So anymore question so far. Yes Roger”

“Is the rental for men and women or exclusively for women?”

“Yes, sir as I said male or female could rent one of the dogs. Here at the Doghouse we except all kinks and lifestyles. We do not judge here. Yes Carla”

“If I were to rent one of the dogs is the price of the video and pictures included in the price of the dog?”

“No ma’am the cost of photos or video is not included in the $75, and we do not put those videos out to sale, once that said photo or video shoot is over we make you a DVD and give you the sd card. Before we used to just give the guest the sd card back but many wanted an actual DVD, so we changed that rule.”

“Now behind me Is the bar, we are proud to say we can make any style drink you want. Barbie and David are very accomplished bar tenders. David has 15 years experience, and Barbie has six years experience. Both just recently started here about six weeks ago” (points out one of the guests) Yes Roger.”

"I noticed everyone I have seen besides you and Kelly are wearing masks. Do all the employees here wear masks? And can they get involved in playing with anyone?”

“Ah yes do all my employees wear masks? The answer is with the exception of myself, Kelly and Mindy everyone here does, and since most of my employees are female, it is to protect them. Now they can choose not to wear one, but most do it adds to the flair of the club. And no the employees do not get involved with patrons. They are here to work, but I have no problem with interacting with patrons in conversation.

“Now if you will follow me we will head upstairs. As we top the stairs, we enter the open room. This room is for visiting, and yes oral sexual play is allowed, so ladies, if you want to suck your man's dick or eat some pussy, have at it same for the guys. We have eight couches to accommodate. Behind this bar here is a small drink bar run by Roger only beer and soft drinks available up here. As well as Roger can handle the orders for a dog or video/picture session as well as he holds the keys to the private rooms.

“Now to my right here as you follow me we have the open play area; there are 30 beds as well and a separate open space beyond that for BDSM play. As we come into this area, the BDSM room has three crosses, one chain web, several suspension hooks, two medical tables. That room in the corner is our male and female urinal; piss play is only allowed in there so no scat play. The corner room to your left is our electrical room it has two crosses in it as well as several outlets. Yes, Betty.”

(turns a little red) “Um I’m a squirter is that going to be a problem?”
“No ma’am we have no problem if you are a squirter all our beds are covered with a thin rubber mat to protect the mattresses and sheets are changed immediately after each use. So squirt all you want.”

“Now let's head to the private room area. We have 35 private rooms if you want a video of any sort made the private rooms are the only area to make said videos. Now by chance, you have a dog with you a care taker must be present while the dog is in the room, this is for your safety as well as the dog's safety and well being.” (opens the door for pr6) “All our private rooms contain a queen bed on a frame as well as a cross for BDSM play two couches and a sofa. Private rooms have a max time use of two hours. So any more questions? Yes Blake”

“If we rent a dog for play, do we get the dog privately without a handler, my wife doesn’t feel comfortable with men being around.”

“No sir there are no exceptions we do not allow the dogs to go into a room with a guest without being accompanied by a handler. Yes Carla”

“What if you have more than four dogs out do you have others to cover those dogs and are the handlers female and male?”

“Yes ma’am other employees are trained to be around the dogs so if we need more than four we have the staff to cover that, and all handlers are female. Yes Blake”

“Are the dogs already trained for sex or do you train them here?”

“When I originally bought the first several dogs I bought them from a lady who taught them, now 3 of my primary handlers and Neela train the dogs for sex. Yes Donna”

“Do you allow the handlers to participate in the sex with dogs?”

“No ma’am none of the handlers get involved unless there is a problem and then only aide and that is all. Yes Blake”

“Are we allowed to have one of your girls come join us so we can watch them play with the dogs?

“No, I don’t loan my girls out to others unless I happen to be playing with another female or females that want to play with one of our dogs and my girls are not given out to male patrons. When it comes to my girls, I don’t share very well. Yes Blake”

“Is there any charge for the use of the private rooms?”

“No sir we do not charge for the utilization of the private rooms, and as of right now I have no plans to do so. Most of our money is made from the sale of drinks, special events, photos, pics the sale of videos and toys, and membership. Yes Donna”

“I've been to other Lifestyle clubs and felt like I was being ignored, do you have that problem here?”

“Excellent question. Here at the Doghouse, we try our best to prevent cliques, over the years cliques can kill a club attendance especially new people. So here we at around 11 o’clock the DJ will shout table change, and everyone goes to sit at a new table with a new group of individuals, if we see someone sitting alone we ask them to sit at a table with people already there. Each table will accommodate six couples. Yes Carla”

“I know of a kink oriented band having problems finding gigs, do you welcome local bands or do you have only a select groups you use?”

“Oh yes very much so, we love hiring kink oriented bands, and if you know of a kink oriented group and they want to do a gig here, we are very open to it. I am however doing my best to get a few big name bands here, but right now we are focusing on local talent.”

“Now if y’all will follow me we will head back downstairs, the first group of guests should be getting in. so yall are welcome to sit at the V.I.P. table as my guests or sit at the various tables and get to know some of our kinky couples.”
This story is probably not my best-written story and found this one difficult to write. But the primary purpose for writing it was when I added it to The kinky Adventures of Bounty and Sara I don’t feel like I gave it enough attention plus I wanted to have it open for use if other authors wanted to use the Doghouse in their story. If you are an author and want to use it, please send me a message and let me know. All I ask Is you use the Club name in the title somehow and that you mention me Mike in the story at least once. Debbie and Neela are off limits as far as any sexual encounter with any of your characters without my personal ok. First. Thank you for reading.
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