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My sister's husband called me a queer--i fucked his wife--my sister
Revenge—Part 2.

My sister Julie got married to Russ and both of them made fun of me called me a queer. Russ, like so many of the other men in town , worked in the coal mine.

They took a honeymoon to Myrtle Beach, then came back home. I was seething with anger when Russ told me he had banged my sister with a big hard dick and that I would never know what it was like to fuck a woman. Julie just giggled.

That evening I looked at my journal and saw that two days from now would be a good time to fuck Julie. I debated whether I could fuck my sister, but the anger I felt toward her and Russ overcame any guilt I might have had over incestual feelings.

Two days later I went to the creek again to fish before dawn. I saw Russ leave for work and then I sneaked into his house. I waited an hour or so, hidden in the living room, then saw Julie leave the bedroom, naked, and go into the bathroom. I quietly moved over to the bathroom door, which she had not closed, and saw her brushing her teeth. She then used the toilet before getting into the shower. I removed all of my clothing so that I too was naked. I watched Julie get out of the shower and begin to towel dry. As she wrapped the towel around her head I quickly moved into the bathroom and placed a blindfold on her and placed a knife on her neck. I did not want a repeat of Alisha's rape.

Julie whispered “please do not hurt me“. She could feel my six inch cock pressing against her ass as I guided her back into the bedroom. Again she said “please do not do this, I have just been married a short time”. I forced her on the bed and for emphasis ran the blade of the knife over her chest. Again, she pleaded for me to not hurt her and began to softly sob.

I began to kiss her, but she refused to respond, then I moved to her tits. The excitement had caused the nipples to harden and stick out and I began to suck on one, then the other and I rubbed her mons with my right hand, still keeping the knife in my other hand, making sure she knew it was in my hand.

My cock was rock hard and was now pressed against my sister's thigh. She was holding her legs tightly together to prevent my invasion of her pussy tunnel. I knew just the trick to open that tunnel though. I left her tits and began to drag my tongue over her belly and then down to her belly button. Julie involuntarily moaned softly and I continued to move down her body.

Now my lips were on her pussy lips and I took a hand and pushed her thighs apart. Julie did not resist much, just muttering “no, no, no”. When I began to suck on my sister's clit, she shuddered and began to respond, both verbally and physically. Julie spread her legs wide apart, so I could have full access to her cunt, and now she is verbally moaning and saying “oh Jesus, I'm cuming, I'm cuming” and she had her first orgasm of the morning. I quit teasing her clit with tongue for a minute or two, then I began finger fucking her and rubbing her clit with my finger.

She was getting aroused again, so I got in position to mount her and she began to beg me to not do it. I ignored her by rubbing my cock over her pussy lips. Then she asked me if I would use a condom and my response was to ram my cock deep into my sister's tight and wet pussy. She tried to push me off, but after a few thrusts deep into her body, she began to respond. “Will you not cum in me?” she asked but I did not respond and continued to fuck her.

I shoved my cock in her for about three or four minutes, then I felt my cum building. I turned on my back, pulling Julie with me so that she was on top. Now I could reach her clit and she could fuck me. I rubbed her clit and as I began to shoot my cum into her she also came. The only downer was that she was sobbing so.

I kept her on top of me and in less than 20 minutes I was hard again and once again my hand went to Julie's clit. I began to french kiss her, and this time she responded. I don't know what it was, maybe she knew that the damage had been done by my dumping the cum in her earlier, but this time we had a really good fuck. And I timed myself, it took me nine minutes to cum this time.

We fucked one more time that morning and Julie asked how old I was. Needless to say, I never said a word because she would have recognized my voice if I had spoken. She said you must be a young kid to get hard so quickly so many times. I just hope you do not tell your friends and they blab about this and Russ finds about it.

Eight months after I raped Julie, Russ had to go out of town overnight and Julie did not want to stay alone. Dad was having health issues, so Mom asked me to stay with Julie. I packed a toothbrush and a few items and trotted to Julie's house.

Julie was very big and she told me she was so tired and her back and legs hurt. She thanked me for coming over because she was afraid to spend the night alone because she was concerned that the baby might come early. She took a shower and went to bed.

A couple of hours later I went to bed but then Julie called me to her room and asked if I could rub her back. “it is killing me” she said. I knelt by her bed and she moved the covers from her body, then moved her nightgown up to her chest as she turned on her stomach. I saw she had panties on, but no pajamas. I could feel my cock pressing against my boxers, the only thing I was wearing, as I looked at her firm ass.

I rubbed her back near the shoulder blades and then began to move lower. Julie said that feels good and I moved lower, applying some pressure. I moved my hands under the band of her panties and rubbed her lower back and then sat on the bed and once again rubbed her shoulder blade area. This time though, I kissed her back. “Timmy, that is so sweet, and it feels good”. I rubbed lower and then once again I approach the panties. I lift the band and rub under the panties and kiss, then drop the band and say “i'm going to rub your legs now”. Julie mumble “o.k.”

In what I tried to make appear an accident, I let my mouth rub over Julie's anus. She gasped, but said nothing. “Sorry” I told her that I had slipped off the bed. Now I was half laying on the bed, rubbing Julie”s ankles, then moving up, kissing all the time. “Timmy, that feels so good, but I'm not so sure you should be doing that”. I asked “Why not”? Julie did not answer as I moved up her leg and kissed her outer thigh- then onto her inner thigh.

Then she moved on her back and I could see a wet spot on her panties. She parted her legs slightly as I massaged and kissed her inner thigh. I could smell her hotness now, she was getting horny. “Timmy, I think you should stop kissing my legs. You are so innocent, but you don't know that you are turning me on. I am getting so horny and it is not right to get horny from being touched by your brother.” I stopped and crawled up on the bed as Julie turned on her side. She was sniffling.

“What is wrong Julie” I asked and spooned her, as my boner found its way to her nice firm butt. She pulled away. “See, you are horney and it is so wrong” Julie said. I told her I was sorry, but I could not help myself, but she was so beautiful and it felt so good kissing her legs and that she smelled good.

She asked if she really smelled go down there and I said yes. She said that Russ never smelled her there and told me that if I was not her brother she would let me smell her. I asked why it mattered that I was her brother and she said it was not right. I said but it would not hurt anybody if we both wanted it to happen. After several minutes to debating, she agreed to remove her panties and let me smell her.

I got off the bed and Julie moved so that her legs were hanging off the bed. I began once again to kiss her legs and then to move up to her thighs. I reached her inner thighs and began to sniff. Then I gently moved her pussy lips apart and put my nose on her pussy entrance. Julie moaned ever so softly and bucked up. Then I moved my head so my mouth was now covering her pussy and I could hear Julie saying “no, no, smell, nothing else, just smell ah, ahhhhh” as my tongue found her clit and she began to buck and force her pussy into my face. I rubbed her clit with my tongue for no more than 30 seconds until Julie had a massive orgasm. Then, sobbing, she pulled me to her and began to tell me how sorry she was, what an evil person she was to have done that to her younger brother. I was kissing her face telling her it was o.k., that I enjoyed it, and all the time my cock was nearing the entrance to her cunt.

I grabbed hold of my cock and guided it to her entrance and pushed it in—Julie responded and pushed back, saying “oh God, what a slut I am. I know I will go to hell for fucking my brother and letting him eat my pussy. Damn Russ for not eating pussy, damn Russ for not staying home, fuck me, fuck me Timmy, fuck fuck i'm cuming again oh ohhhhhh.” Once again, Julie was the receptacle for my cum.

This time, though, she knew it was me.

I got my revenge. The child was normal in all respects.
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