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A continuation of the Hanky Panky series. I suggest starting at Hanky Panky 1.
Hanky Panky 3
Getting married really threw a wrench into Dad’s plans, Julie’s plans, and my plans.

My Dad planned for me to run one of his construction crews, but with Julie in my life. I can’t continue working eighteen hour days.

Julie didn’t plan on being pregnant, married, and hoped to learn more about the veterinary practice.

The Vet wants her to continue working for him and his wife’s veterinary clinic, and showed Julie a couple of Distant-Education sites online to help her learn more.

I have a piecework subcontracting business paying much better than hourly wages, and gives me tax advantages (see Hanky Panky 1).

Dad told me he can handle three or four of my contracts while I’m gone for a month.
The house flipping I’m doing is a private investment thing, that isn’t tied to my business.

I’m on my second Flipper, which is sold. Moving into my third Flipper sixty days from now.

Today is Thursday in the first week of school and we already had a run-in with the School-board about married couples in school.

Paul Maitham and Mitzi Garner were married in the middle of July. I, Henry Morgan and Julie Daniels were married at the end of July, and Simon Miller and Janice Maitham were married in the middle of August. All six of us are students in the same school.

All of our parents were at the board meeting Tuesday.
Upon seeing our lawyer: Paul’s Dad. The School-board decided to postpone the discussion for the second Tuesday of the coming month.

Julie and I got back from Gnarly Field, and relaxed on our front porch swing.

“I’m sorry I haven’t been much help planning, preparing, and packing for this trip Julie.”

“Don’t be. You’ve been working eighteen hour days for a month and a half, and six hour days after school this week except today, and Sundays.
"You’ve been working on this Flipper every Sunday afternoon.”

“That reminds me. I bought another Flipper two weeks ago, and sold this one yesterday.
Both of them have sixty day closing dates, so we won’t be homeless.”

“I feel left out of the decision making process.”

“I’m sorry. It won’t happen again. My clients and I have been trying to cram ten weeks of subcontracts into six weeks.

“Dad plans on handling three or four subcontracts, which will probably end up being six contracts.

“I sold the Flipper yesterday, because I was going to be thirty days behind if I didn’t. I’ll be a week behind when we get back here.”

“I see my parents coming here.”

“No Vodka?” Julie’s Dad queried.

“Nope, this is Julie’s five orange and one lemon juice; in a half a pitcher of ice, topped off with water.
“No sugar added, the orange juice is sweet enough to conceal most of the tartness of lemon juice.
“Kind of a sweet-tart beverage. Isn’t that right sweetheart?” Glancing at Julie.


“You two weren’t home last night.” Her Mom stated.

“We stopped to see Paul and Mitzi at the Maitham farm yesterday evening; the girls rode horses while Paul and I installed some new cabinets, and visited. We stayed in the camper rather than drive home.”

“It was a nice visit. I missed riding horses, so it was fun. The camper was hot, but the A/C cooled it down pretty fast. The generator is actually quieter than the air conditioner. The shower was hot with good water pressure.” Julie added.

“Are you packed and ready to go?” Julie’s Mom asked.

“Sure! We dropped off everything we’re taking with us at Gnarly Field an hour and a half ago.

“Bob Maitham has a flight going to Houston, so Julie and I are going along for a ride at four-thirty am. tomorrow.”

“Where is he going to drop you off?” Her Dad asked.

“My Uncle built a landing-strip for medical emergencies at the ranch, the Feds spotted it, came out, offered to lease some space, and revamp the strip to be a bigger and better landing-strip, so they could use it for a refueling depot for short range Federal aircraft.

“Uncle George asked for three times the money, plus freight pickup and drop shipments once a week.

“Mr. Bob will rest, refuel, and leave Julie and me there.”

“Freight pickup and drop shipments? How does that work?”

“The Feds drop off supplies at the airfield, so some of my Uncle’s shipments get a free ride in, or outbound.

“My stepmom set up an Air-Freight and Passenger Brokerage, which helps Mr. Bob’s airfreight business.

“Most of the shipments are relayed through my stepmom at Gnarly Field, but once in a while something will cost less to ship out of another airport.

“Our biggest drop shipments have been building products for the ranch, airfield, line shacks, and underground water tanks.”

“Line shacks?”

“Sometimes you have to stay a week or two on the range; mending fences, tallying cattle, noting range conditions, cleaning springs and tanks, branding mavericks; just pretty much whatever turns up to do, so it’s easier to live in your work area while you’re doing your job.

“Then there’s line camps, which are usually where there’s good shade, grass, and water for the horses.”


“The Ranch is basically a wilderness too rough for most motor vehicles.

“There’s one road from the Ranch to the county road toward town. There are trails from place to place, but they’re mostly cattle and horse trails.”

“Well Patricia, let’s head for home. I’m sure these two need some sleep for their big day tomorrow.”

All of us said our parting words. Julie hugged her Dad and Mom. I shook hands and gave my mother-in-law a half a hug.

The parents walked home.

I found Julie in the shower and stepped in with her.

“I’m looking for a place to park my hotrod; do you have a parking slot for me?”

“That depends; are you going to rev it up for me?”

“Yes! I was hoping you would ask.”

I scrubbed her shoulders and her backside all the way down including her feet; massaging each foot, even cleaning between the toes.

Julie was crouched clinging to my left arm diagonally down across her breasts while I vigorously scrubbed her twat and crack of her ass with my right hand.

I rinsed her and my hand thoroughly and straightened Julie in my arms kissing her lips, neck, and shoulders.

“Every time you wash me back there; I think you are going to poke me.”

“Do you want me to?”

“If you want to, you can.”

“Do you have a desire for anal sex?”


“Do you want me to kiss your lips?”

“Yes, please.”

I hugged Julie tight and kissed her lips, her forehead, her chin, her cheeks, and her lips again. I licked her ear and ask her, “Do you see the difference in your answers to my questions regarding anal sex, and kissing your lips?”


“It’s a poop-chute, an exhaust pipe.”

“I’ve heard some gals say they felt a loss of respect.”

“You stopped calling me Hank when I said, ‘The more I know you, the more I want to marry you.’”

“That was the icing on top, actually it was when you told me not to consider myself a problem, and you asked me to go with you to get our Marriage License.”

“Would you like sex in bed or the shower?”

“The shower, then I can rinse before going to bed.”

I turned Julie’s back to me and held her tight in my arms while kissing, sucking and biting gently on each side of her neck, and fondling her left breast with my right hand and her right breast with my left hand.
This went on for more than a few minutes, then Julie turned her mouth toward me for a long kiss, and I obliged while reaching down to cup her vulva in my right hand.

We broke our kiss when she leaned forward with legs apart giving me access to her pussy.

I entered while fingering Julie’s clitoris and using my left hand to massage her breasts, and nipples; giving each of them equal time in my hand.

Julie reached down and pulled my right hand up, planted it on her right breast and reached back down to stroke her clit.

“Harder! Get your rocks off!”

I upped my pace as her vagina started spasming and her cunt muscles clenched tight around my cock,
Julie let out a screech I never heard before, so I tried to get her to do it again just before I ejaculated four or five times.
She squeaked a couple times during her last two orgasms.

I got the shower going again without giving us a blast of cold water, started shampooing Julie’s hair.

She leaned into me with her arms around my neck. “This is cuddling.

“I’ve read magazines with articles about women complaining about their man rolling over and falling asleep directly after sex. No cuddling.”

“The scalp massages weren’t my idea. My Dad, Paul, and a few other guys have talked about it improving marriage relationships, and I want to make sure you’re happy with me. Like I said before, ‘Pleasuring you is a pleasure.’”

I continued to massage Julie’s scalp while she kissed and nuzzled the right side of my neck.
Julie’s knees buckled when she dozed off, and her hands caught me around my neck; saving herself from bruises, so we rinsed and toweled off.
I carried her to bed, set her as far from the edge as I could, and crawled in beside her.
Julie pulled me to her lips and we kissed while her hands behind my head kept my mouth on her lips.

I parted my lips, but she was more in an affectionate mood without tongue in play.

Julie pulled me away from her lips, and scooted up a bit, while guiding my mouth to her left nipple.

I slid down a little to be more comfortable suckling on her breast.

Julie draped her right arm over my head, snuggling my face tighter against her breast, and rested her right knee on my hip.
This gave me space to place my left hand gently squeezing her left inner thigh with the back of my thumb rubbing her fuzzy vulva.
Her long contented sigh was the last thing I heard ‘til the clock buzzed at 3:00 am.

Excerpt from Hanky Panky 4

There were a couple of hiccups in our frenzied first thing in the morning routines, but we made it to Gnarly Field by 4:15am. in Julie’s car, grabbed our carry-ons, and got aboard the Boeing 737 Combi one minute late.

Thank you for reading this.
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