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Giving my first blowjob to a stranger
I approached the door and pressed the buzzer for Steve's flat. He answered quickly and buzzed me in, he lived on the second floor and his door was ajar when I got to it. I pushed it open, walked in and closed it behind me. Steve was standing in his lounge doorway and he invited me in. I walked toward him and knelt down and got ready to suck my first cock.

The events leading up to me giving my first blowjob started two days before when I posted a message on Craigslist offering my cock sucking services. In truth I had been leading up to it for a few years but my desire had finally got the better of me and I had decided that now was the right time. As soon as I posted my ad I got hit back with lots of messages, I didn't realise how many guys were looking and how many were happy to let another guy do the job. I checked each message and exchanged mails with a couple of guys before choosing Steve to be my first. I chose him because as well as being friendly and honest in our chats, he also had a huge cock! He was about 30 and looked clean and healthy, but it was his cock that stood out, literally. He sent me a few photos and each one showed a better image than the last. He was at least 8' long and thick, with a huge bulbous head. I had decided long ago that when I sucked my first cock I wanted it to be unforgettable, and Steve, and his monster dick would definitely do that!

We arranged to meet and a time was set, Steve sent me an address, which I knew to be in a fashionable apartment complex. This was a bonus because discretion was a must for me. I had an on/off relationship with my current gf and wanted to keep my secret a secret. On the day of our meet I couldn't concentrate on anything other than what tonight would bring. As the time neared I got a little nervous but also more excited, I showered and masturbated whilst picturing what was to come in my head. I had thought about how it would all happen, what type of blowjob I would give and the ultimate question, would I want to swallow or not? I had envisaged many scenarios but in truth, all of them excited me and all of them got me very hard. I was ready.

I was on my knees and without saying a word I started to undo Steve's jeans, as I pulled them to his ankles I could see the outline of his cock pressing into his underpants. I reached out a hand and stroked it through the fabric, I could feel the warmth he gave off and then I could feel it moving and growing as my stroking got the reaction I hoped for. I reached for his waistband and slowly revealed what I had come for. The photos I received did not do Steve justice, his cock was magnificent. It hung down low, semi hard, stirring into life as I stared at it feeling both jealous and pleased. Jealous that I did not have a cock anywhere near as massive as the beast in front of me. And pleased that I had chosen very, very well.

I took his cock in my hand and moved it down his long shaft. His foreskin pulled back and I moved my head forward, wet my lips and opened my mouth. As I felt the head of his cock touch my lips I opened my mouth further, letting my wet tongue slide down and lubricate him. I lapped at his head with my tongue and let my spit coat my lips as I started to bob my head up and down, I started slowly at first and only took the first part of it but soon my spit had fully coated his shaft and my wet lips slid further and further down until I managed to fit more than half of it in my mouth. I could hear Steve groan and I could feel his cock grow even more, it already felt huge but it had increased massively since I first saw it. I slid my mouth free and had a good look at what I was feasting on. Fully erect it was at least 9 inches, it was as thick as my wrist and belonged more in a porn film than my mouth!

I got back to my job with extra gusto, I took my time and swallowed deep with every forward motion. It was getting easier to take this huge cock as my mouth yielded and widened, I closed my eyes to concentrate on the new sensations I was getting when Steve pushed his cock deep into my throat. I wasn't expecting it and almost choked as my gag reflex kicked in. I pulled my head back but Steve had his hand on the back of it and he pushed forward again. This time I didn't gag and Steve held me there, making tiny movements which tickled and teased my throat. He pulled his cock out almost all the way before forcefully pushing it all the way back into my throat. This time my face was almost touching his stomach. My nose was only an inch away which meant I had more than 7 inches buried in my face. He released me and I pulled away to catch my breath. I looked up, Steve was smiling, he asked me if I enjoyed being throatfucked and I had to admit to him I did. After the initial shock I had kept calm and had let my throat relax enough for me to enjoy the new experience.

Steve turned away from me and sat on the sofa. He opened his legs and beckoned me forward. I felt like a slut as I crawled across his floor like a dog, looking forward to my treat at the end of my short journey. I got between his legs and resumed my duties. We alternated between me moving my head up and down, sucking and slurping to Steve being in control, at which point he fucked my face. He moved to the edge of the sofa and with me on all fours he held my head in his hands as he pounded my mouth with long firm strokes. After a minute or so he would lay back and I could get my breath, getting back to his cock as quick as I could. This routine continued for a while and I knew that Steve must be getting close. I had been delivering an amazing blowjob (I thought anyway) for about 15 minutes and my jaw was starting to ache from my exertions. I needed to make Steve cum soon as his hard cock felt like it could explode at any time.

As Steve lay back I took just his head in my mouth, my tongue swirled eagerly and I took his shaft in my hand and started to wank him with long smooth strokes. I sucked his head with all my might and his groans alerted me to his increasing excitement. Still sucking hard I moved my lips over his shaft replacing my hand. Three long slow movements up and down were all it took. On the fourth bob down his long shaft I heard Steve groan loudly and the first shot of his hot cum hit the back of my throat. I kept my mouth right where it was, I had at least 6 inches in me and with each spurt and jerk of his cock more cum hit my throat making me gulp and swallow, which isn't easy when your mouths already full! I felt 4 spasms of his cock before I choked and pulled my mouth clear. A couple of final spurts hit my lips as I moved back. I looked up and Steve was looking right at me. His face was flushed but he was wearing a big grin. I stuck out my tongue and licked the last of his cum of my lips and swallowed it. I leaned forward and took Steve's cock into my mouth again. It was already shrinking but I could see some final drops of cum and if you're going to swallow all the cum then get every last bit. A final suck and my job was finished.

I stood up and Steve showed me to the door. He told me I was welcome back anytime if I wanted a repeat to which I told him, he could count on it. I left and headed home, back to my gf who was waiting for me. What would she think if she ever found out? This time I knew I was in the clear, Steve was very discreet and I had covered my tracks but one thing was for sure. I had tried it and I had loved it. And it wouldn't be long before I craved another cock. And there are plenty of them out there, just waiting to be sucked.
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