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[Opening Theme: "Violet Skies" by In This Moment]

"Quickie on Base!
Uncle Sam Wants Us!"

Matt and Jennifer rode quietly to Artemis Base in the back of one of the Humvees. Jennifer had her helmet off and held it in her lap. The soldiers had brought in a flatbed truck to haul Panther away from the school, it was now following just behind them. When they arrived, a soldier led them into one of the temporary support buildings that made up the camp. He delivered them directly to the office of the man in charge. "General Alvarez, sir, this is Cheer Raider and the pilot of the SABRE Panther."

The general read off from his computer screen, "Holy shit. Jennifer Monroe and Matt Peterson are hashtag Cheer Raider and the hashtag Panther pilot." He looked up at them, and continued, "There are dozens more just like that. You're officially trending on the entire internet. High school students. Of course it had to be high school students. I probably shouldn't be talking to you without your parents present. Do they even know what you've been doing?"

"Uh, mine caught on at some point," Matt admitted. "Jennifer just has her dad, he doesn't know."

"He will now. Call them up, get them here."

Matt nodded and got his phone out. "Dad? Have you heard what happened? Yeah, we're both at the base now. The general wants you, Mom, and Jennifer's dad to come over. Yeah." Jennifer motioned with her hand that she wanted the phone. "Oh, here's Jennifer," Matt said before handing it over.

"Mr. Peterson, hi. Would you mind stopping by my house to pick up my dad? Don't bother trying to explain anything, just grab him and tell him I said he has to go with you. Don't give him a choice and he'll come along without a lot of hassle. If the front door's locked there's a spare key in a fake rock under the bush to the left. Yeah. Thanks so much. Okay. Bye." She ended the call, gave the phone back to Matt, and said, "They're on their way."

"Good," General Alvarez said. "I need to make some calls and placate some higher-ups. Lieutenant Ricketts, please take these two and stow them somewhere they can rest until their parents arrive."

"Sir!" replied Ricketts, who led them out of the General's office and to what seemed to be a supply room. "Sorry about this, but there are no empty bunks in the barracks right now."

"No worries, soldier, this will do fine," Matt said.

"Don't go anywhere, I'll come back for you in a bit," Ricketts said, and left.

Matt sank into a chair, and said, "So much for our nice night together."

Jennifer set her helmet down on a table and nodded. "And the traditional after-dance sex. Unless…" She opened the door a crack and peeked outside. "No guard. We have some time. Say, you haven't done me in my costume since that first night, have you?" Matt's jaw fell open as she reached under her skirt and pulled her bloomers and thong off, not waiting for him to answer. Then she pulled her top and bra up to her collarbone, letting her tits bounce free. She flashed him a sly smile as she picked up her helmet, put it back on, then hopped up on the edge of the table and laid back with her legs spread wide open. "Come on, big shot SABRE pilot, Cheer Raider is waiting for your hard cock."

"Shiiiit," Matt said, unable to deny the bulge in his trousers. He got up, walked to the table, undid his pants, and dropped them to the floor along with his underwear. Not even bothering to step out of them, he pushed his eager cock into Jennifer's waiting pussy, grabbed hold of her, and started fucking as hard as he could.

"Oh God, yes, fill me up with that big hero cock," Jennifer said, squeezing her tits and moaning.

"Yeah? You like that, you magical girl slut?" Matt demanded while pounding into her.

"Fuck yes, this magical girl cheerleader slut needs your mech pilot cum inside her pussy!"

"Oh, Goddamn!" Matt exclaimed, struggling to contain his wad.

"F, U, C, K, M, E, H, A, R, D, fuck me hard, fuck me hard!" Jennifer chanted. "Aaaahhh, yeah baby, gimme that C, U, M, cum!"

"Holy fucking shit, uuuugghhh!" Matt grunting, driving his cock as far as he could into her and firing off his payload of warm jism. Jennifer's body tensed immediately and she moaned long and low through her own orgasm. Matt eased his spent cock out of her, and she sat up and pulled him into a kiss, which lasted a while despite his glasses and her helmet being in the way. When she finally released him, he could only say, "Wow!" Jennifer flashed him a shit-eating grin as she wiped her fingers across her pussy, scooping up the mixture of both of their cum that was oozing out, and popped them in her mouth.

- - -

When Ricketts came back to get them, they had restored their clothing, and they followed him back to General Alvarez's office. Matt's parents looked slightly concerned, but it was Jennifer's father who spoke first. "Jennifer! Finally! These two said yer in some kinna trouble, but nobody is tellin' me what in da hell da matter is. An' why are ya dressed up like dat superhero girl? I thought you was goin' to a dance."

"I am Cheer Raider, dad. She's always been me. I've been out saving the town from the monsters, with Matt here and the robot he found," Jennifer explained.

Her dad stared at her, then turned towards the general and asked, "Is this some kinna joke?"

Jennifer sighed, and said, "Final score, game over!" The cheer uniform burst into a cloud of golden sparkles that swirled around her and reformed into the charm bracelet as her dress reappeared. Her father's eyes went wide and his jaw dropped.

General Alvarez took that opportunity to jump in. "Now that we have that settled, I'd like to thank the five of you for seeing me," he said. "I was sent here to oversee the protection of this town, and by extension the country, or even the world if necessary. One thing about the United States Military is, we're control freaks. We like to be informed, in the loop, involved, and in charge. Several of my compatriots in my place would confiscate your robot and then tell the both of you to stay the hell out of it from here on. I, on the other hand, think you've been doing an exemplary job here and I want you do continue doing it, under my supervision. I want to give you any assistance and support you need to keep everybody safe, and all I ask is you keep my superiors happy by cooperating with some of the formalities and protocol that the military holds so dear. We would also like to have the Panther stationed here and would appreciate the opportunity to study it as much as possible. So what do you say, how I can help the both of you?"

Silence fell over the room. Jennifer turned to Matt and said, "What do you think?"

Matt glanced back at her, then looked to the general. "Okay. That seems fair," he said. "You should know that Panther will only operate for me, but I can get him to open some access panels for inspection. I'm not sure how much good it will do, I asked him to give me a look at some of the schematics once and most of it seems far beyond our present technological reach. But I support the effort."

He looked back to Jennifer, and continued. "As for us, our adversaries have been stepping up their game, getting harder to deal with. We've both been getting by so far on the brute strength and powers that fell in our laps, but we need proper training in hand-to-hand combat techniques and good battle tactics. I believe that's the sort of thing the military excels at."

"I think I can find somebody to give you a few lessons, yes," said Alvarez.

"Good," Matt said, and faced the general again. "Then the other main thing, with our names out there now, we're about to be deluged with reporters calling and knocking on our doors. You guys also have experience with public relations, so you'll handle that for us. I want it made clear that we are to be left alone. They won't be satisfied with nothing, so we'll grant one exclusive, comprehensive interview, and that will be the only direct press access to us and our families until further notice."

General Alvarez turned to Matt's parents and said, "That's a very smart son you have there. You should be proud."

Matt's dad nodded and said, "We are."

Alvarez looked back to Matt and said, "Any preference on which reporter gets the interview?"

"There's one that's been here from the beginning," Matt said, and turned to Jennifer again. "I think she deserves it most." Jennifer nodded agreement.

"You're referring to Miss Woods. Very well, I'll see to it. It's getting late and I should let you folks get home. Matt, Jennifer, I look forward to working with both of you."

- - -

At Jennifer's house, she helped her father inside, came out for one last quick kiss with Matt, and then went back inside. Matt returned to the car for the rest of the trip home. "She's a very nice girl," his Mom said.

Matt considered that his mom might not approve of Jennifer so much if she knew about all the wild sex she'd been involved in, some of which he'd participated in himself. She need not find out, either. "I'm glad you agree," he said. "Oh, Dad, there is one thing, we're going to need to hire a trademark attorney."

"A trademark attorney? What, are you planning on selling merchandise?" his father asked.

Matt replied, "It's already happening. Internet t-shirt sites have been selling 'Cheer Raider' and 'SABRE Panther' designs for a long time now. I just think we need to put a lock on our names and likenesses before somebody else does, and before somebody uses them in a way we really don't like."

"Sounds expensive though."

"I suspect it will pay for itself," Matt said. "And for college," he added.

"Hmm. I'll look into it," said his father.

- - -

"Debbie Woods here, and if you're just tuning in you've been missing out on an amazing interview with the heroes of Bensonville, Cheer Raider and the SABRE pilot themselves, Jennifer Monroe and Matt Peterson! We've already heard about how Jennifer was granted her amazing powers, and how Matt found himself in the cockpit of that gift from the stars and proof of extraterrestrial life, SABRE Panther. We've even taken a close up look at Panther and had a peak inside that very cockpit! Now, Matt, Jennifer, what can you tell us about this threat, these monsters that have been invading your quiet town?"

"Well, Debbie, not all that much, unfortunately," Matt answered. "They're coming to Earth through some sort of dimensional portal from an unknown place. We suspect they don't have full control over the portal, which is why the attacks so far have been fairly sporadic and apparently random. However, they are improving. Several recent monsters came through augmented with mechanical weaponry integrated into their bodies, cyborgs, and just two days ago we had three creatures come through at one time, which is the first time that's happened. The troops here at Artemis were very helpful at helping keep that contained, by the way. Only one of the enemy has ever talked to us, their leader, the Tsarina. She indicated that this is the forefront of a full planetary invasion, though when and why we can only speculate about."

"And the people of the Earth thank you for your efforts in making sure that doesn't happen," Debbie said. "So we all know that when you revealed yourselves publicly it was to save the lives of your fellow students, but tell us, why stay hidden for so long?"

"Well, tradition, right? Almost every superhero, western and Japanese, keeps a secret identity," Matt said.

Jennifer quickly added, "I think was Matt is trying to say, Debbie, is we've never been in this for any sort of glory. Were not looking to be famous or celebrated, we've just been trying to keep the town that we love safe."

"What she just said. That's a much better answer," admitted Matt.

"It was during a school dance when that happened. I understand you were there together. Are you officially a couple?"

Matt and Jennifer both blushed at that. Jennifer said, "I think for right now we need to concentrate on defending the town, but once that's over, we'll see where things go." She reached over and squeezed his hand while he looked surprised and optimistic.

"Let me just say, I think you two are darling together, and who doesn't love romance in a superhero story? So what's next for the two of you, other than continuing to fight the invaders?"

"The principal at our school has graciously allowed us an understanding that we may have to leave at a moment's notice, and occasionally turn in an assignment late. We do ask the other students to try to keep things low-key and treat us like they always have. We know we're celebrities now, but we don't want our presence to disrupt anything during school hours," Jennifer said.

"Very admirable," said Debbie. "In closing, Jennifer, Matt, I just want to say on behalf of a grateful town, thank you for everything, and keep up the good work.

"Thank you, Debbie," both Matt and Jennifer said.

- - -

"Did I tell you? The football team and the cheer squad both came to me to say they'll never tell a living soul about that little party after the game."

"Well that's good," Matt said, as he watched the television crew pack up their equipment.

"I mean I'd already sworn them to secrecy about it anyway, but that was when I was just another girl on the squad with a boyfriend too perverted for his own good," Jennifer said. "Jeff tells me that poor Wade still can't believe I left him for you, even if you do have a giant robot." She smiled and kissed him on the cheek. "Oh, and you know what else? Mr. Lipinski apologized for what he put me though. He said he knows now I didn't deserve what happened. He even offered to delete the photo he took."

"No shit? What did you say?"

"I told him to keep it, and give me a copy too," she said with a naughty grin. "Mitigating circumstances aside, I'm the one that begged him to fuck me for a better grade. He was still a royal asshole, but I made that bed and accepted lying in it."

Sugarshine's voice broke in just then. "Jennifer!"

"Sugarshine. Let me guess, it's go time," she said.

"I got it too," said Matt. "SABRE pilot to Artemis command, we have an incursion alert. Cheer Raider and I will be on the move momentarily." Then he called out, "Debbie, get a camera back up. You wanted to see this, now's your chance."

Jennifer rolled her eyes but still waited until a cameraman gave her a thumbs-up. She called out, "Gimme a V! I! C! T! O! R! Y! What's that spell? Victory!" On the final word she thrust her fist into the air, and the charms flew off her bracelet and circled around her, turning into a swirling cloud of golden sparkles. She levitated off the floor, and all her clothes vanished, leaving her completely naked. The rush of sparkles tickled against her skin, especially her tits and pussy. A sports bra and thong formed around her body. The striped braid appeared, starting from her shoulders and meeting in the middle, then the shell formed moving downward over her breasts, stopping with the lower braid. Bloomers formed over her thong, and the skirt pleats appeared, spinning around her body, drawing closer to her until they attached at her waist. Ankle socks and boots formed around her feet. Her hair blew wildly behind her, then came together and wove itself into a single braid down her back, secured with a red hair tie. A yellow glow appeared over her nose, then split into two that moved up and back, creating the visor. From the top of the visor and around to the back of her head, the helmet formed. A final flurry of sparkles moved over her chest, leaving behind block letters that spelled out "Cheer". Then the sparkles lowered her to the floor and dissipated.

The camera followed her round off back handspring full twist layout up until the point where she vanished. "Now that was worth waiting for, right?" Matt shouted down from Panther's cockpit as it closed. The alien mech walked out of the field hanger, essentially a very large tent employed for housing large vehicles on non-permanent military installations, and took off into the sky on the hoverwing.

"The army will be right behind them. Get in the van, we're following too," Debbie ordered her camera crew.

- - -

"How many this time?" Matt asked.

"Two on the ground, and I think two in the air," Jennifer replied, while using her shield to defend against the flammable goo of a familiar creature.

"Shit, the flying one again? And two this time? Correction. There's three up here. Fuck!" The cockpit shook as the hoverwing took damage from the eyelasers of the winged creatures. "That's what I get for deciding I don't need to use the cloaking device anymore. Goddamn, that one's fast. I think it's a cyborg version, jet-propelled."

"Matt!" Jennifer shouted as she watched a fireball erupt from the hoverwing, followed by it and Panther plummeting out of the sky and demolishing the hardware store they crashed into. Then she was thrown back as another fireball exploded at her feet. She had been too distracted by Panther's plight to notice the creature had given up on its futile direct attack and adjusted its aim downward.

"It's okay. The shop broke my fall," Matt deadpanned. "Please tell me that was empty."

"Ow. Yeah, everybody evacuated. Matt, look out!" The giant, twenty-foot-tall creature arrived at the rubble of the store and began beating its fists against Panther. Then she yelped as she barely dodged a laser barrage from above and another blast of fire. "Shit, even my shield won't be much help if attacks are coming from two directions. Both of these guys were problematic on their own, much less together."

"Hang on, I'm coming," Matt said. Panther hefted the wreck of the hoverwing and clobbered the giant beast with it, pushing it back. He hurried in the direction of Jennifer's fight, but fell flat on his face when the big monster made a diving tackle at him and caught his legs. Laser hits streaked across his back as the half mechanical flyer zoomed past at jet speed. "Son of a bitch!" Matt cursed as he kicked the large creature in the face, attempting to shake it off.

The beating sound of helicopter rotors suddenly arrived, immediately accompanied by machine gun fire and air-to-air missiles firing. The three winged invaders were quickly brought down, their speed and maneuverability no match for the multiple attack vectors. One of the choppers came low and turned sideways, enabling one of the soldiers inside to fire a rocket-propelled grenade into the fire creature, which promptly exploded in a gigantic fireball.

"Never mind the pom-poms, where do I get one of those?" Jennifer asked. The pom-poms appeared in her hands anyway, summoned by their name. "Right, go to war with the weapons you have. Time to be aggressive. B, E, aggressive." She ran to Panther's duel with the large monster and leapt into the fray, shouting "Pom-pom Flaming Punch!" She landed several blows to the creature's already battered head. Panther pushed himself up to his knees and reached back with his plasma claws, slicing into the monster's head further. "I think it's had enough. Megaphone! Roar of the Crowd Scorching Sonic Blast!" Jennifer yelled, her finishing move obliterating the creature.

"Artemis command, the incursion has been repelled. Thanks to you," she reported.

[Ending Theme: "Mechanical Love" by In This Moment]

"Debbie Woods here, reporting live from Bensonville. Holy shit, that interview just made my career! Ahem, and our heroes have valiantly protected the town once again. It only gets worse from here on out. Come back next time, when Matt and Jennifer fight their most desperate battle, in Cheer Raider and SABRE Panther, Episode 11: 'Mecha Meets its Match? Cheer Raider Captured!' Go! Fight! Win!"

- - -

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