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A change is coming
Well, it seems that there is little interest in these stories, so I will quickly post them and then mercifully remove them after a week or so.


Just before the Space Ship: UGANDUZI with Captain Nkrumah Bradley left Earth Port to again ‘side-slip’ through the cosmos to check up on the status of the Seeder Ship’s further colonies that it was assigned to, he got a private message from the quadrant’s Over Lord, to stop by his main hub for an very important briefing for him personally. The message was hand delivered, with no transmission at any point, through any electronic means to ensure its privacy of contents. The purpose for his appearance before the Over Lord was not to be shared even with Captain Bradley’s superiors. And it would be covered over by a personal request for the UGANDUZI to visit main hub, at his own request.

So, in the process of moving to the departure node, the UGANDUZI separated itself from the formation of the other ships also being sent out to monitor the colonies. No one paid attention to this deviation, since the ships were not going to the same places anyway.

A joint effort was going to be endeavored this time, to facilitate getting relatively current data and impressions, so that the planning for future colonization’s could proceed with the information of the results of the first ones to add to the mission dimensions.

It took a lot longer to get to the location indicated by the Over Lord, than it would have been to get to the assigned planetary colony: NEW YORK CITY. When queried on this from Earth Control, The Captain merely referred them to the Over Lord. No one in their right mind would be questioning any of his orders. After all, he had been a warrior angel of the Creator, before his current assignment.

When the UGANDUZI arrived at the designated landing docking collar of the main hub, the Captain was rushed and escorted to the presence of the Over Lord.

“Captain, I apologize for the draconian methods exercised to get you into my presence for this briefing. But, it is of paramount importance to pass on some very important information to you and help advise you of your further duties and options. Things are about to boil over on Earth, because of the transition from one Czar to the next one. The current candidate to be next Czar, was the President in Waiting for the last eight years of his predecessor’s reign. And that made him the natural successor to assume the office and duties that he was being prepared for. But, unfortunately he will not do for the office. Not a bad man, and he can be used elsewhere, but not as the leader of the most powerful nation on Earth, and surreptitiously the guardian of the order of the whole planet.

By the way, nothing of this briefing is ever to be repeated by you. The most that you are permitted to say about it is that I called you to meet me, and that I passed on some personal regards to you. That is all!

Now a little history needs to be addressed for you to understand what your place will be in the future.

In the big picture, you need to know enough to have as awareness on how things are at the highest levels. The Creator has not been all that forthcoming in regard to the many questions about who he really is or where he came from. Not even to his closest associates, perhaps even to his Son. It seems likely to those who know him the best that what we can reason about this is, he came from somewhere, because where we are now had a beginning.

If you take all of the material universe, in all of its dimensions, and cancel out all the positives and negatives, you don’t get zero, you get ONE, the one who made all of this. And all that is in our material universe is one big construct. It has active processes to maintain and expand it.

The intelligentsia of all the cultures still have a very vague perception of all of the forces and processes involved in this. But, we know enough to be humbled and gob-smacked by the wonder of it all. For instance a recent realization that the black holes are not destructive as had been previously thought, but are actually a back door system of conduits to maintain the engines of life and material construction in the universe, the stars. The material that is swallowed up by them, fuels the stars to enable some of them to be stable in their work, while others come and go for whatever purpose that is, perhaps some kind of energy exchange system on a macro level.

Once established, the universe then got life in various modes, ‘spiritual’ and material to serve it and him. For corporeal life, the process seems to be somewhat a fusion of evolutionary and creative forces at work. We will have to produce a lot more specific study on that matter. Or as sometimes happens, there will be outright clues provided by the one who initiated all of this in the first place.

Earth and its inhabitants have been favorites of the Creator, since its establishment. And the other inhabited planets have taken notice of this. Most all have no problem with that and are excited to welcome Earthlings to their presence in expanded space, as soon as they have become mature enough to be responsible about it and not be an added risk to those already in motions through it.

The few recalcitrant opposers have been interdicted from having any effect on the progress of the humans. But, your human progress has been with fits and starts, too. You have such potential to magnify your place in the universe and to add to the efforts of the others who are rising as you are and even others already far ahead of you in development.

This is because humans have this outlandish ability to jump over many steps in the learning curve and come to astoundingly quick advances in knowledge and technology. Too bad, that so many societies among you have used so much of this gained abilities to kill and maim each other. That has been a main focus of concern on the observations of your progress, which especially became important when you learned to ‘split the atom.’ Your situation came under a lot closer scrutiny after that, with many of what you call aliens involved in keeping up with your advancements through observations and sometimes with hidden interactions.

When it became obvious to the monitoring authorities that certain very inferior persons were gaining ascendancy in your human societies, especially the American one, which was the most powerful of all on the planet, something had to be done. With the world wide space race that was known to become expanded to many nations, human presence was coming soon in the expanses of outer space. And in their undisciplined state, they would add a very formidable risk for all that were operative there.

So, that is when at the recommendation of the Creator, I with my council’s advice and agreement sponsored the initiation of the American Czar Rulership. This would be used to first stabilize the government and society of the U.S.A. and then spread that stability without needless infringements on other cultures, to bring about a united sense of calmness and logic to human affairs.

Because of the failure of the resisters of this change, especially at the beginning of its ascension to rulership, it became obvious that many matters of security, including the securing of the Czar’s life were under the control of what were deemed by those extrapolating this operation as the SHADOW FORCES. Czar Heartskill, Harr and the others who followed were protected by this force, even if they didn’t know entirely how it was so powerful and aware. This operated in a similar fashion to how the ‘prophets’ were protected and directed according to your fine document, THE BIBLE. The forces behind the SHADOW FORCES have the same origin as those reported in your ancient history.

But, American democracy survived this (along with other human forms of government that were inherently stable), with the Czar only being a bulwark against extreme actions. And also with the removal of very evil people.

One of the criticisms of this operation were the exorbitant sexual activities of the Czars after Heartskill. And Mason was much more active than was commonly known, but because he was not of Earthly human stock, but of a similar people from across the galaxy, he could play without reaping any added offspring in doing it.

This was different with Czar Harr. He was infused with additional Benson DNA gifts and then motivated to spread these genes as far as he could to get it out into the advanced levels of American Society, that which he would have the most access during his reign. And he and the first two other generations of this effort, were also imbued with a process that spread the DNA out like a virus, that accomplished the same thing, without having to always depend on reproduction.

For his part in the effort, during his reign of over two hundred years, it is estimated that he passed on this DNA to over two hundred thousand by touch alone and to twenty thousand through reproduction. He was very in love with his wife, and she had been advised to his unrequested entry into this effort, so they remained very tightly bound up with each other despite his many diversions. It is said that not one White House intern that was a fecund female left the White House duty without at least having one child by him. I am here to assert that that is an exaggeration. Not a large one, though.

So, I am guessing that you have guessed why you are getting this briefing in front of me, and why you only will receive it, while you are in power.

You have been chosen to be the next American Czar, with all of the duties and responsibilities of that office. We chose you because you are not encumbered in a personal way at the present. We will suggest a proper partner for that important stabilizing mode of life after you have become established in your power.

We also had in mind your military discipline and mental and physical toughness, which should ensure you being willing to act when necessary, but be thoughtful about it beforehand. You have a remaining lifespan of over two hundred more years and so that was a factor also, to promote stability in the affairs of governing over that amount of time.

We are now requesting that you keep all of this under your hat for the present and future. Ones who will need to know some or all of this will get their own briefing. When you return to Earth after monitoring the activities on planet: NEW YORK CITY, you will return as a matter of course and then be forcibly moved into the Czarate. There will be resistance, but it will be handled in very quick order, by the SHADOW FORCES, as usual.

By the way, your rule is a secular one, not associated with the heavenly kingdom with The Anointed as its Head. It will eventually take matters in hand on the Earth, but until it does, there has to be a measure of order on the planet, and for this you are being called to duty. Please accept this Assignment, Captain Bradley! And with that in mind keep track of your immediate associates, they may serve very faithfully to you in your new assignment, since they have done so in your current one. The SHADOW FORCES can help to vet them.

With this very heavy life changing commission and its prodigious accompanying universal encompassing briefing, the Captain returned to his beloved ship to sort through his thoughts and emotions. As soon as he got back on board to the UGANDUZI, the X.O. contacted him and advised him of a priority inquiry from THE UNIT thru UNITED SPACE COMMAND as to the reason for the delay in carrying out its commission and for the diversion to meet with the OVER LORD.

The Captain ordered the X.O to send the following message, “Message from you received. Forward any inquiries of the situation of the UGANDUZI and/or its current status to the office of the Over Lord of the quadrant.” And then to his X.O.: “Then stand down on any repeated efforts to communicate and report them when I am ready to receive them. Please move back from our current docking and take us into orbit around a nearby non-threatening star. You choose which one. Now, please give me seventy two hours to sort through some very important thoughts.

And after six hours, please send Ensign Urigamy to consult with me. I am not interested in any questions from you at this time. Please do as ordered!”

“Yes, sir!"

After the first three hours of his solitary silence and withdrawal to his suite, he got a priority message from the X.O. [With all due respect, Captain, I have to stand down from the assignment as your X.O. since I cannot continue to ignore legal inquiries and orders from our superiors. With your permission, I will convene the Captain’s Committee, to consider who might be able to serve in that capacity and obey your current commands.”

“Permission granted. And sir, it has been a privilege to serve with you. We will find another posting to continue to be served by your prodigious gifts.”

“Thank you sir.”

Three hours later, Ensign Urigamy arrived to serve in a capacity recognized by so many of the persons who have faced obligations and decisions like those facing the Captain. She was going to share with him in fucking him into mind bending oblivion, so that he can start over again to progressively recognize and adapt to the changes that were to come about for him.

Before they could start their comforting sensual adventure, another brief priority message was received by the Captain, [The UGANDUZI and its Captain are hereby notified that its assignment to the survey of planet NEW YORK, is rescinded, and the ship and its Captain are hereby ordered to return to Earth for a military assessment as to its fitness to continued duty.]

With this, Captain Bradley sent the message, [acknowledged] and then cut off further communication with the bridge until he was actively ready to assume his duties.

He now turned to address the purpose of the Ensign’s visit. In recognition of it, she had already removed her uniform and was now appearing before him in only her lacy bra and cute panties. All with a megawatt smile for the honor of giving this duty to her Captain (and eligible sperm-donor.)

“I am sorry, ensign, but I am under great stress at this time, so the normal sex play will be suspended to get to the needed emotional and physical releases that I need. By the way, I have noticed you for some time as you have served in the Engineering section and have great plans for you. And thru your DNA record, you are a prime candidate to carry a child from me too. I would be honored if that comes to be.”

She merely smiled and nodded and then approached him to initiate their little sexual session.

She took him gently by the hand and guided him to the bed. As he sat on the side of the bed, she purposely removed his clothing to enable him to sexually interact with her. When he was fully nude, she guided him to a restful repose and then leaned over him to begin the process of readying him for the coming climax and release.

She began with light kissing and probing of his mouth with her tongue. She then progressed down his body and engaged his dick then with her considerable oral talents. With his member more than adequately risen, she nudged him over and laid herself down in the warm spot that he had just abandoned to await his member’s penetration of her to facilitate his excitement due to her and then his relaxation mode.

He took his place between her uprisen handsome legs and the proceeded to rub his member up and down in her pussy slit. When it had gotten lubed enough, he moved the head of it to the entry port of her intimate body. Not delaying at all in this, he then gently, but firmly, pushed to enter her womanly private zone. After becoming fully penetrated into her vagina, he moved on to pump in and out of her and to rather quickly dump his load of semen and tensions.

He then laid over on the bed and was gathered up into her arms to sleep. She nodded off in recognition of her sharing the load with all of the women through the ages who have served their superiors in this mode. Maybe one of the most important of all.

Upon awakening, he found the ensign had left to her other duties and then he received the message from his X.O. that a viable candidate had been found. It was Astinal, a gundle of the Umantisori people and planet. Since he had an exact twin serving his people back home and also a memory and personality stored record there, he had little to fear from serving, even ‘till death did him part’ from this active life. It could be effectively restored and relived in rather short notice, if necessary.

Astinal had been serving in the Stores Management Section as an assistant head, but was qualified in every department as those other members of Command Staff, who have leadership ambitions needed to be. So The captain agreed with this suggestion and decided upon sending the current X.O. back to Engineering , where he had come from, at a one level reduced rank; and field promoted Astinal to Full Commander and instructed the former X.O. to help him in transition. The former X.O. being an excellent officer of good character, accomplished this in his typical good order.

Then Astinal, with the Captain still in studied residence in his suite, notified Space Command of the duty changes, with no comment except that everyone was serving well on the ship. And that there would be no more statements on their previous inquiry, that they needed to address their concerns to the Over Lord’s local office. He added that the ship was ready to assume further missions, but would obey the summons to return if it was repeated to them. Then he signed off.

After the three days of contemplation were over, with several more therapeutic sensual encounters with the ensign and others that she chose for him, along with increasingly impatient outreaches from THE UNIT and SPACE COMMAND, The Captain left his rooms and reappeared on the bridge. He then addressed the crew through the shipboard screens as to the current situation.

He informed them that he had received a message from the Over Lord of life changing dimensions and that he needed the time to assimilate the message and the repercussions. He asserted his high confidence in them as officers, all of them, and their work in behalf of the ship.

He then acknowledged that they were going to immediately return to Earth Space Port to sort matters out. He didn’t expect any adverse repercussions for any of them. So, he ordered the helm to reverse themselves and head back to Earth as quickly as they could, and then he resumed his duties with the continued sexual fluffing for his comfort to face the coming events upon their return to Earth.

When they arrived at Earth, a security team from THE UNIT came immediately on board and arrested Captain Bradley for dereliction of duty and failure to follow lawful orders. He made no resistance to this and it appeared that the rest of the crew would get no repercussions for their duty in the interim, except for the former X.O. was being restored to his rank and put into the proposed new captain’s list for immediate and high ranking consideration.

When Captain Bradley arrived at THE UNIT, the ranking officers of SPACE COMMAND and several high ranking officials in the current Czarate and the presumed to be coming on one were all present awaiting him and his explanation for such a serious breach of military conduct.

“I have no comment on that,” answered the Captain. And, “For any comments on that address your inquiries to the office of the sector Over Lord.” And then he took a seat to let the hurricane of bureaucratic storms wash over him.

Before matters proceeded too much, in other words Captain Bradley was still alive and still had his command, though both of them were in serious doubt at the moment, an unknown security team of presumed immense power, came directly into the meeting and bowed before the Captain. “Will you, Czar Bradley, now accompany us to your immediate coronation please? The rest of you will remain here under guard until this is accomplished!” Leaving only two guards behind, all that they evidently considered necessary under the conditions, Captain, now Czar, Bradley and the rest of the security contingent marched off to a prearranged ceremony that none of the current authorities knew of, except for the outgoing Czar.

After the coronation, he made arrangements to meet with the outgoing Czar, to get any possible insights that would help him. Many were passed on, but what the outgoing Czar wanted mostly was to just fade into the background in his new assumed identity with physical alterations to hide who he was and get on to his fifty year retirement from the weight of the world and its concerns, and then to move on to having some fun in his last remaining decades. His health and youth would be re-infused and maintained until his very last days of life. This would be one of his hiding factors. He hugged Bradley and then bid him adieu as he moved on to a very well deserved retirement.

He got back word that all of the previous Czar’s leaders would be attending a general meeting at the end of his first three days as the Czar. And that they would continue in their duties to at least then.

The next thing of concern to the Czar was the exit interviews of his former shipmates. He had a Czar’s Personal Action Committee to fill, and he desired to mostly use those that he was familiar with to fill its role. His first meeting was with the former X.O. who based on conscientious concerns stepped down rather than violate the orders he was getting from a higher source than his Captain.

“Good afternoon, Commander. I see that you have been reappointed in your former rank. Well deserved, too. I am sorry that I could not explain what was coming down, I was under strict orders from the Over Lord, who outranks any authorities on Earth, even the Czar.”

“Yes, your lordship. I am glad to know now that my previous estimation of you has been restored by what has become openly evident since. I truly admired you and loved serving under you.”

“You were an excellent officer, sir. And now I have an opening on my Czarate executive staff for a leader who I know and have trust in to lead it. I am offering it to you with a promotion to full general and the freedom to act in accordance with your very dedicated conscience to help me lead this great nation and world.”

“Who will make up this team, Lord?”

“You will recognize most if not all of them.”

“I see, then I would be happy to serve the Czarate in this matter and will be tendering my resignation from active duty with SPACE COMMAND, upon receiving official notice of this appointment.”

“You will get it within the hour, sir. Now if you will excuse me, I have other matters to consider. See you at the general meeting arranged in a couple of days.”

“Wouldn’t want to miss it!”

Czar Bradley smiled and motioned him off for the present.

Then he had Ensign, now Lieutenant Urigami, report in for her personal interview.

“Hello, now Lieutenant Urigami, it is very good to see you. How are things proceeding for you?”

“Very well, your lordship. I am being offered a higher position right back on our ship, for when it returns to active duty.”

“I am glad to hear that. But, I have an alternative posting in mind for you, if you are interested. The Over Lord seems to think that I am firmly in control of things already and he wants to stabilize my personal life, too. So, I am offering you the office of Queen Consort, to be my wife in every sense. You will be giving me children, regular sensual involvement and you will also have the authority of an acting general to promote areas of your interests as long as they don’t interfere with mine. Another duty will be for you to manage my outside sexual interests, because I will be continuing on the Benson mandate to spread the DNA gifts to as many of those females in the halls of power as possible. And since, we can no longer do that with the previous virus agent, it will have to be all done with impregnating as many viable females as possible. Would you like to serve in that capacity?”

She sat back on the rug in front of him on her haunches and put herself under trance to sort this offer out. After about fifteen minutes, when she came back and addressed the Czar, “I am honored to have received this offer. There are a lot of reasons to accept this and only a few to reject it. But, based on our previous interactions of this nature and my impressions of you as a man, I accept. I see a lot of room for me to make a difference in human affairs, which would not be possible in my current and probable future military assignments.”

“Sorry for any presumptuousness,” and with that she approached him on the throne and seated herself on his lap to show her affectionate acceptance and regard for him.”

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Note to pyroclast: It should be noted that I usually use the big picture to set the scene for very intimate stories of the persons involved. This is true in this story arc, also. As this series was completed before the posting of the second story, as is usual in my methodology, I hope you will be patient with my stories as they are uncovered, if they should not meet your grand expectations.


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Yes, I agree; keep the series deveoping, and make this a great story; yuo have laid the foundations for an epic, please continue.

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