First of all this story is my first, it needs to be told, and unlike most of the other stories on here, it is not just a 5 paragraph fuck story, if u want tht go sumwhere else. This stroy is long but worth it

"Get the fuck out of your doss bags you horrible set of cunts!" I bellowed as i stomped around the cadets tents. It was 5.45 but i had been up, showered and donned the green baggy skin of my uniform for over an hour. "Come on, get your arses in gear ladies and gentleman, I want you out in Camos by 6.15"
A faint sound of people groaning and sleeping bags being unzipped was cast across the fresh dawn air in the RAF base. The cadet course was made up of CCF (Combined Cadet Force) private school kids here for one week to experience life at an RAF base. However, I was not RAF, I was army, more to the point i was in the 2nd battalion Parachute regiment and i really did not like the way things were done on RAF bases, thus i was going to get these cadets into my routine whenever i had the chance. The course was quite diverse, there were northern kids, southern kids, white kids and i guess some black/asian kids, but more importantly there were 20 boys and 15 girls. Now i used to be an RAF cadet, thus the reason why i was here, giving a little back to my school and helping out by providing my experience from the army and passing it down to these vunerable cadets, however i also knew what a pussy fest camp used to be. Girls, whether they go to uni or go on holiday end up missing home, and when they miss home, they want to be around someone who will comfort them, and before you know it, you've got a pretty 16 year old riding your cock behind the barracks.

Alass these days were gone for me, i was 21 and an Officer, if i was caught with any of these girls id be fucked.

"Sir! what are we going to be doing? Can i have a shower?" One male cadet timedly called out.
"You what! Get your thumb out your bum and fucking move yourself! If you can shit, shower and shave in 10 minutes then do it. Im not here to wipe your arse sunshine!" It sounds alot of bravado, but this is how RSM's act in my regiment, and seeing that it was the first morning in this base, i felt i should make them get their brains in gear before the RAF instructors and officers gave them each a nipple to suck on and stroked their hair, telling them its going to be alrite, the bad man with the maroon beret won't hurt you.

The cadets were typicaly shy, each getting dressed as much as possible to make the short dash from the tents to the shower block. It made me laugh seeing these gangly teenage boys come out with their wash bag and towell, wearing trainers, jumpers and trousers, just to take it all off again to scrub up. The girls were just as bad, but i subliminally eased up on them. We didnt let girls in my regiment simply because they weren't up to scratch when they tried to apply in the past, so i didnt really know how to act around them in a military situation.

"Ummm.....Sorry...." I turned around to see a small girl, little over 5ft3 timidly standing behind me, "Sorry sir, but what are we wearing?" She winced expecting a load of profanities similar to the ones i would have spewed out if it were a lad.
"Uhh, just get in your greens..." She nodded and sharpishly turned away, half marathon walking back to her tent. BUt what a view i got. the girls face was that of a plain jane, nothing terrific, but her body was fabulous. Her ass was perfectly formed and i could see the exact outline of her teen ass as her thin pyjama trousers clinged to her butt due to the slight dawn breeze.

Look at me, ive been in contact with these cadets for over 20minutes and im already eyeing them up. 'Fucking outrageous' i mumbled to myself as i walked over to the parade square.
Suddenly a tent opened and out strutted the leader of the cadets. A male cadet warrant officer. he confidently walked over in nothing but a pair of boxers with a towell slung over his shoulder. I grinned as i remebered myself once as that lad. Not giving a fuck but being the best there was. I decided i already liked this kid.

"Warrant!" I bellowed out.
"Yes sir!" He screamed back,
"Warrant, i want all those cadets ready for PT in their greens by 0615!"
"Very good sir, Anything else?"
"Yeah!" I smirked, "Put your fucking pigeon chest away you ponce!"
"But sir? How else am i supposed to attract you?" He grinned and bolted off to the showers.

Cockey fuck.

The cadets near enough managed to line themselves up by 0615 in one single line, half wearing the DPM jackets half wearing the camo shirts. They looked a rabble. Its all wearing the same or nothing at all, thats how we did it in training, so thats how we're gonna do it now.

"What the fuck is this then?" I paced infront of the single line of cadets. Immediately i started to eye up the girls, spotting a few attractive ones with just the first glance. "You all wear the same uniform or nothing at all!"
I pointed at a nerdy blonde kid. "You, whats your name?"
The kid looked startled and spluttered to get out his words, "Umm Toby Patterson sir"
"Fuck that, your names milky bar kid from now on. Milky bar kid, tell me what uniform means"
"Uhhh it means all the same and like....uhh....yeah the same kit"
"Correct milky," Someone sniggered down the line. My head snapped round and glared directly at the offending boy, "Shut your fucking mouth before i come down there and stab my dick in your mouth you sorry excuse. Correct, uniform means all the same. Are all the cadets here dressed the same warrant?"
"No sir!" He shouted in a pissed off tone.
"What are we going to do about it?"
"Ummm get changed?"
"Are we fuck! We're going to sort this out now. Right, everyones wearing boots, good start, Evryones wearing the correct trousers, great. Uh oh, the tops wrong. Right! Everyone take off their jacket or shirt!"
The cadets looked nervously at each other and slowly began to take off their shirts and jackets.
"Sir, I dont have anything under this." Shouted one cadet. Followed by another.
"Cry me a river dick face!" I snapped back. "You should have thought about that."
"Sir, i dont have a t shirt under this shirt" Said a more feminine voice.

Oh fuck, what now? The cadets knew my dilema, i couldnt back down, it would appear weak, yet i could barely tell a girl to run around in a bra or topless. But hey, they want equal opportunities then theyve got it.
"And what? You've got a bra on right?" I replied in a less hostile tone.
"Well yeah....but.."
"Just deal with it darling" I confidently said back, trying to make it appear as if it were no big deal. Surprisingly the girl took it off, standing there in a black lycra sports bra. She was followed suite by a few other girls who stood alone in bras. The difference in tit size and shape at that age was amazing, some had small B cup perky tits, yet some 13-14 year olds already had healthy C cups.

"Right, some of you are wearing T shirts, and some arent.! Get uniform people!"

Reluctantly everyone took off their t-shirts, even the fat kids and girls with body issues purely because i felt that they were shit scared of me.

The PT session was a joke, they were all out of shape apart from a few sporty cadets. One in particular caught my eye. A typical private school girl, quite short yet with an athletic build, a toned flat stomach and definition on her shoulders and arms. She was beating most of the boys in the runs and unless it was my imagination she was looking at me alot. At the end of the session i called her over to me.

"Whats your name?" I asked, in a normal tone for once.
"Charlie Ingram sir" She smiled, flicking a strand of blone hair that had come loose from the bun at the back. She was a pretty girl, and standing infront of me wearing only a bra, panting with a thin film of sweat over her body, i only prayed that i wouldnt get hard standing there.
"Well charlie, i have a problem with you..." I said, causing her to suddnely stop her smile. "...It appears that you're destroying all my view on girls, you're beating most of the lads in the fitness. You're showing me up" I sarcastically said.
"Oh.." Her cute teen smile returned to her face, " Well i wouldnt want to show you up sir," She grinned dropping her eyes, "But you know, ive been working on my stamina for a while now, i guess it just paid off"
Whoa! was this 15 year old girl hitting on me?
"haha, well i think we could use a few girls like you in the Paras" I grinned back, stopping myself before i switched into flirt mode that i used so many times to pick up girls around regimental HQ. "But i think you best get dressed and ready for breakfast. Ok?"
"Ok sir," She smiled and came to attention, sticking her chest out and saluted me. I was so stunned by how much i wanted this girl i must have stayed there looking at her body for about 2 seconds before i finally remembered that i had to return the salute.

The day went ahead and i met all my equivilent RAF officers who like the cadets were apprehensive of having a Captain from the paras around but in my nature i can make anyone crack up laughing within 10 minutes. I only knew the one officer from my old days at school, and he knew my wicked sense of humor and probably didnt care about the topless PT session, but by fuck the others made it clear they didnt approve but i had the one trump card that i was a regular commissioned officer taking time out of his holiday to help this camp out, where as they were reserve RAF officers who were also school teachers.

Anyways, my contact with the cadets was limited to Drill practice and some of the visits they were forced to go on but my sexual paranoia began to grow. Whenever the cadets were allowed to stand around and chat, a group of lads would come and talk to me about my time in the Paras, but being 6ft3 i could see above their heads and could always see a group of girls chatting and constantly looking my way, only looking away when they thought i was looking. Charlie in particular displayed all the signs of a nervos flirty girl, fiddling with her jacket, swaying, smiling over to my direction. i of course ignored it and played into my character of a fast talking, fast swearing, witty nutcase from the Paras, biding my time and working out a way that i could vent my sexual frustration.

The day passed and i was the Duty Officer or DO for the night. Meaning i slept in a tent opposite where the cadets stayed so i could make sure they all got to bed and stayed there. At 23.30 the lights went out and i cut the generators supply to just my tent so i could stay up and watch DVDs on my laptop. I regularly patrolled the tents, tapping on the side telling them to shut up if i heard any talking.

The girls on the other hand were different. I reach one girl only tent and tapped on the side and said in a deep voice, "Right then ladies, cut the chit chat and get your heads down" Only to be greated by a sudden hush and quiet giggling. I had done this before, whenever someone whos patroling says to be quiet, you go quiet for about 1 minute then start up again whispering. So i decided to wait it out and sure enough i heard the first voice say, "Right, Vicky, its your turn."
A soft giggle rose followed by a different girls voice, "Ummm ok. This question is to Sarah. Whats the most disgusting part on a man, and what part turns you on the most?"
"Ummm a hairy back is gross" Said a young voice, "But what i really like is the like triangle of muscle on the stomach that leads down to the guys cock."
Her views were greated by a giggling round of agreeal.
"Ok, i pick Samantha. See how far you can get this maglite down your throat!"
The whole tent errupted into laughter only to be ssshed down by each other.
"Hmmm, i dont know its pretty big..."
I had my ear as close to the tent as possible, in fear that the girls would actually look out the tent and see me. The tent flaps on these old style army canvas tents had toggles to keep the big 4ft wide door attached and thus you could peel the gap between apart and look in, but my fear was the fact that there might be ambient light spilled into the dark tent if i did so. however being a quick thinker, and really wanting to see this girl suck off a maglite, i whipped off my t-shirt and made a cover that would block out any light once i opened the gap. I was just in time.

"Go on Sam! Take it" hissed one girl whilst another shone a light on her face. The small brunette had her lips wrapped around the tube and had about 3 inches in her mouth. Suddenly she gagged a little and withdrew it a couple of cm's but managed to recover it by expanding her throat. I peared closer and could see the thick metal tube expanding her throat passage. Her mouth looked so tempting as she gave pleasure to the inanimate object. her tongue shot out from beneath her lips and slid down the torch, displaying a real skill for cocksucking that i wanted bobbing on my ever hardening cock.

"ughhh ....." The girl wretched and withdrew the torch with a long saliva trail, tonguing the end of the torch like it were a cock with a grin on her face. "There you bunch of pervs. My go."
I took my eye away from the gap and returned to just listenging, keeping an eagle lookout to check no one could see what i was doing. i slid my hands down my now naked abs and slid under the hem of my trousers to fondle my semi erect cock.
"Ok, i pick charlie!" My cock jumped as it was the girl i wanted who was to perform the next dare. I hoped that she had to do another physical dare, but was let down when i heard the girl talk. "Charlie, Who would you rather suck off, Flt Lt Smith or Sqn Leader Harris?"
My heart sank as the image of those two old farts came into my mind, even worse was the image of charlie sucking them both off.
"Ughhhh thats gross! Im not answering that!" She replied. My cock jumped back to life as i groped it. "Neither!"
the whole tent errupted in to a resonating "Oooooh! You know what that means!..........Double dare!" Charlie pleaded against it, but it was mob mentality by now.
"I dare you to run topless to the shower block and back." Hissed one girl. I rubbed my cock in long strokes as i contemplated watching that, and whether or not id catch her.
"Nooo i cant. Captain Holland's on DO tonight! He'll kill me if he catches me!" She replied.
"No he won't. He's a man, just expose your nipples to him, besides i wouldnt mind being naked with him, have you seen how big his arms are?"
I felt like hugh heffner hahah.
"yeah, theyre massive. And his feet....." They all giggled, " Must have big socks right?"
Charlie pleaded again. "Ok ill answer it, id rather suck of Cpt Holland. ok?"
the group booed her out but i just kept rubbing.
"Nooo thats obvious, who wouldnt want that. Cut the shit charile, you're going out topless whether you like it or not."
After a while she resigned to the fact that she was going to do it, and simultaeneously i moved into a better position walking near my tent, and of course i threw my t-shirt back into my tent, walking round in just camo trousers and boots. Suddenly i saw the flap on the girls tent move and out appeared the athletic frame of charlie, scanning around to check the coast was clear. The moonlight bouncing off her tits pressed upwards by her hands. Her blonde hair let down past her shoulders jostled around as she rose to her feet and dashed towards the blocks. I made my mind up i was going to catch her. She reached the block and started to run back in her hotpants alone when she screeched to a hault as she saw my figure emerge from the shadows.
"Oi! Youngn'!! Get over here!" I shouted.
She panicked and looked about for help, then head down walked over to me, covering her tits crossed arm. I was going to be stern but flirty i decided. She stopped infront of me, head down not saying a word.
"Well?" I said
"Im soo sorry. please dont tell my officer, i'll be suspended from school if he finds out. Just.....Please....ill do anything." My mind raced as i thought of blackmailing her into becoming my cumslut for the week. I looked at her firm tits and imagined blowing all of my cum over her face and tits. It would come in time, but not like this.
"Look at me...." She raised her head, imediately dropping her eyes to my abs and then lower to the visible bulge iny trousers. "you dont think i pulled shit like this when i was a cadet? I did a naked run around a field like this 3 times with officers and cadets watching me when i was a bit older than you. All im saying is watch out. Only do it with officers like me, i mean im not fussed seeing a hot naked chick running around but someon like Sqn Leader Harris might be..." She chuckled and then went quiet, remembering what she had said in the tent, contemplating if i had heard.
"Sorry sir." She looked into my eyes. I felt like pulling her close to me and kissing her. "Can i go? Its rather nippy out here."
I raised an eyebrow at her pun and smiled, "As i can see" I winked and walked her back to her tent, poking my head inside and saying, "Right ladies, unless you want a big old Para sleeping in here with you, i suggest you get some sleep because i am definately going to fuck you up in the morning PT session."
"I wouldnt mind you sleeping in here sir" Said one voice as i left the tent and i left them to giggle about what had happened. I returned to my tent and whacked on some porn on my laptop, attempting to beat out a cumload, however none of the porn got me there, it was only until i reached some teen porn with a school girl that i could blur my eyes, imagining it was one of the cadets, sucking my dick, spreading her ass to let me ease in my thick cock and finally blurting a load of cum into her mouth. I finished up cumming all up my chest and fallling asleep with my cock out on my cot.

I repeated the procedure as yesterday with a PT session where i repeatedly got flirty smiles from the girls. I was going to get at least head off one of them by the end, i knew it. It wasnt until surfing later that day when the next event happened.

RAF cadets always do bullshit 'adventure' activities like surfing to build confidence, only problem was that i had forgotten to pack any swimsuit, so when we got there i was going commando. The changing room was split into two by a tarpaulin strung up between the two sides of the room, girls one side and boys the other. However when everyone was being dished out a wetsuit, there was a problem. They couldnt find one for a 6ft3 big guy like me so by the time i got a suit it was too small and i was practically the last in the changing room. I dropped my trousers and took off my shirt, followed by dropping my skiddies and trying to work out how to get this big condom with legs on. I stood around naked for a while and attacked the wetsuit, straining to get my legs in. Suddenly the door swung open and in rushed samantha, the torch girl. She froze infront of me. I had the wetsuit around my ankles and was facing her, cock hanging down and completely naked from that up.

"Oh.!! Oh shit!! Sorry, i didnt see anything!" She covered her eyes. Im confident with my body, i had spent enough time being naked around men in the army to not care about a woman.
"Haha its fine, What did you want?" I stood straight up not attempting to cover my cock.
Samantha took her eyes away and looked me dead in the eyes, flashing down to my cock every now and then. "Ummm.....Oh was... umm, Oh yeah! Flt Lt Owen wants to know if you're ready."
"Tell him to fist himself" I said as i squeezed into the skin tight suit.

I got outside and strutted out in the rediculously small suit causing a round of laughs from all. The girls however were all fixated on my cock which was clearly pressing through my wetsuit. I thought id have a little fun and chatted to the girls and watched how many looked at my cock, Charlie was biting her lip and giggling to her friends but was constantly staring at my cock.

By the time the surfing was finished i had seen the girls bodies well enough to know which one i wanted to fuck. And i got my opportunity by volunteering to be the DO again. As before i got them into their tents, but the girls constantly came over to the deck chair i had outside my tent to ask questions. Was it because i was topless or was it he show i had given earlier? Who knows but i fancied my chances. Again i returned to their tent once they settled down. It was now THEM that were becoming sexualy frustrated, all the talk was about my body and my cock. Whether they spit or swallow, whether theyve tried anal, whether they masturbate with two fingers or rub. i couldnt stand much more and was not brave enough to burst in and suggest a gangbang so returned to my tent, shut the flaps and started up the porn. as last night i tried the blurry technique but was cut short before i could finish myself. A knock came at the tent which had the flap already a jar. Whoever it was had already been watching me wank, i just hoped to god it wasnt a lad.

"Hi sir....i .....ummm" in stepped charlie.
"Oh charlie, umm how can i help you?" I sat up in my chair trying to cover my throbbing cock.
"umm i just need some one to talk to sir" She looked genuinly sad so i ushered her in and sat her down, giving her a mug of coffee from my flask.
I whipped out a hip flask of whisky and dropped a shitload in my coffee.
"Ooh i wouldnt mind a bit of that." She said looking at the hip flask on my lap. I wasnt sure what she was looking at, and i think she knew that.
"Haha, umm yeah, when you're 3 years older then ok."
"Oh sir come on, ive been drunk alot before, im sure you did before you were 18 aswell" She coyley smiled.
"Oh no. I was a good boy" I flirtily smiled back, handing her the hip flask, "But not too much ok, cant have you drunk in here"
"hehe, shame i like bad tough men" She grinned dropping her gaze over my body. I wasnt going to make any moves in this, i was going to wait for her.
"So what did you want to talk about?" I said.
"What? .........Oh yeah. umm im feeling homesick and i just dont' kno, i jst wanted to talk to someone who understands and is mature, you know."
"Haha, make a man feel old why dont you." I teased.
"Wow, if your old, id love for the men i know to have your body, its gorgeous."
I shifted in my seat and spread my legs slightly, letting my cock be exposed down the side of my left leg. She saw that.
"So what were you doing?" She grinned, "When i came in."
"Umm just watching a film." I admitantly became a little embaressed.
"Oooh what film? let me see" She reached over and opened up my laptop and before i could stop her the porn started up. A nice deep anal fucking scene with the girl making all sorts of noises.
"Oh Captain holland. Tut tut. " She grinned wickedly at me. "Ive never tried that"
"Done what?"
" looks like it could hurt. Have you done it?"
"Haha, confident girl arent you. Well i have done anal, but only giving you know. Taking is for the Marines."
"Mmmm looks like shes enjoying it." She shifted on her seat pressing her ass down onto the seat. "Do you reckon you'd hurt me...i mean other girls whilst you did anal?"
i felt stunned but played it cool, " Well its all about the lube and how good the guy is."
"Mmm well are you good?" She traced her hand over her chest and squirmed around on her chair.
"Well i make girls squirt when i fuck them, so im guessing so."
"Fuck, id love to have a guy give me a squirting orgasm. My friend has them all the time and its not fair.....i want one."
"Well maybe i could show you sometime" I grinned with an intense stare on her tits and following her hand down her toned stomach.
"So Captain, Do you have a girl friend or a wife?" She asked inquisitively
"umm no actually. My last one dumped me before i went to Afghanistan for the 2nd time." It was true, i felt no loyalty to women after having that experience.
"Oh what a cow" She smiled, " But i bet you got to meet up with loads of women out there,"
"Did i fuck!" I laughed, "I went 3 months without seeing a woman let alone fucking one." I stopped to check if i went too far.

"Well i know i wouldnt let a man like you slip through my hands" She smiled, "I dont know whether i should say this but i think you're gorgeous."
I smiled back, "Well you've caught my eye aswell young charlie, if i was 5 years younger id be trying my best to have my way with you." It sounded witty in my head.
"Oh, you mean you're not now?" She cockily said.
I was going to call her bluff, "Now, HA! Trust me darling, if i wanted you, id have your mouth wrapped around my cock by now."
"Well why dont you prove that then?" She bit her lower lip and fidgeted around on the chair, rubbing her pussy against the wooden seat.
"Because if i did anything, let alone if anyone knew i was even talking like this to a cadet id be fucked square in the ass by my Colonel and probably kicked out of the forces."
"No one will find out......Im not going to tell anyone."
"Oh charlie haha" I laughed, "Ive had girls say that many times before, and trust me, girls always tell someone, and that someone tells about 6 people. Its no good."
Charlie looked dejected for a moment, and tried a different approach.

"Ive never really watched porn before, its really quite sexy." She smiled at me whilst looking at a girl on screen getting tit fucked.
"Whoa, you must be the first girl to ever say that." I laughed.
Charlie's hand rolled over her tense abs, circling her belly button, occasionally dropping a finger under the hem of her pyjamas.
"Well this is what Paras survive on out in afghanistan and Iraq."
"I wish i was that girl" She stared at the screen, "Its been a while since ive been fucked like that."
"Hang on, you're 15 right?"
"Yeah" She replied, but quickly came back, "But im 16 in im pretty mature she grinned whilst pushing her tits up and pouting her lips."
"haha, yeah i noticed that. You've got a great body."
" have a great body." Charlie paused for a second, "Sir, do you reckon i could feel your abs? it might sound wrong but they look so well defined."
"Haha, ummm yeah go for it" She stood up and walked over. I could smell her wetness and could see the visible wet patch on the white pyjamas. She came and got on her knees next to me, I had deja vu wth images of girls getting on their knees in the exact same place, unzipping my fly and withdrawing my cock with just their mouth.
Her tiny hands settled on my 8 Pack and she let out a little sigh of delight. she traced the outline of the muscle from the obliques on the right to the oblique on the left. My cock was so stiff in my trousers by now and i didnt care if she could see it. I wanted her badly but fought it due to the shred of decency left in my head.
"Oh my god this is too much," She sighed, "Theyre so hard and toned, I love them" The girlishness of her nature seemed to disappear as she stared into my eyes, hands running over my stomach, every now and then dropping over my trouser hem onto my lap, feeling just the base of my stiff dick but promptly returning to my stomach. I was just about to pull her in for a kiss when she got to her feet with a smile, spun around and sat back down on her seat. Before she sat down i caught a glimpse of a wet patch on the wooden seat. She rested her head on her open palm, one finger pointing to her mouth. Her eyes running all over my body as she let her tongue slip out and tease the end of her finger. Her teen lips glistening with lip gloss parted to let her small tongue dart out and tickle her finger. How i wanted that to be my cock.
She grinned as she saw how horny i was, how horny she had made me. She knew she had me. Charlie looked back at the screen and watched as a girl bobbed her head on a cock, suddenly making a startled face as cum began to gush out the sides of her mouth.
"Wow im too horny..........I love cumshots." She smiled as she slipped her hand down and grabbed her pussy, rolling her head back and forth and focusing on my stiff cock outlined on my trousers. This was it, I wanted her, for once a woman came in front of the regiment.
"looking at something?" I said.
"mmm yeah, something that i want to see but is hidden right now,"
i had had enough, i stood up and dropped my trousers, letting my cock swing free.
"Sit down" She said "I want to see you jerk it. "
Charlie pulled her top over her head, exposing her tits. They were even better than last nite. Perfectly round with erect nipples protuding about half an inch. I could see her hand through her thin pyjama trousers rubbing in big circles over her clit and wet fuck hole, every so often dipping a finger into her self, making her eyes roll back in her head. I rubbed in big long strokes my 7.5 inch cock, spitting on it and giving her a good show. I was desperate to pull those loose cotton trousers down and tongue fuck her like mad but i let her call the shots. Her breathing deepend and a thin film of sweat similar to the one when she does PT began to form over her abs and tits. I stood up and walked over to her, cock in hand and placed it in her small petite hand. i stood there being slowly jerked as she fingered herself. I rolled my head back but before i could drop it i felt a warm rush over my cock head as she wrapped her lips round the tip and looked up at me.

I ran my hand through her hair, looking down into her young eyes. "Make me cum Charlie" I said, deliberate in my goal.
She opened her mouth around my cock, tongue still resting under the head and said, "Yes sir."
It almost made me blow my load there and then. She took care with the blowjob, not rushing it, taking small slow sucks bobbing up and down about 2 inches. Her tongue slid out of her mouth down my shaft as she deepend her sucking. I leant down and pulled her hand out from her pussy and slid my hand down to replace it. She was dripping, her pyjamas were soaked through with her juices and her pussy slid easily under my big fingers. Her clit was standing out clearly as i placed a finger either side and moved it gently from side to side. As i did this she groaned down my cock, sending vibrations through her saliva onto my shaft. I pressed firmer on the sides of her clit, keeping it the same tempo, making her buck her hips forward, pressing them harder against my hand. a red flush grew over her and she shut her eyes, speeding the tempo of her bobbin. I was concentrating on not cumming and showing this girl how good i was, running regimental history through my head as i grinded my fingers on her clit, every now and then pushing the whole of my palm flat down on her pussy and making a big circle, feeling her lubrication seep through my fingers.
Her breathing deepened as i felt her breath rushing down my cock over my balls, she held my cock in her mouth, eyes tight shut as she neared her orgasm. I pushed down hard on her clit keeping the same tempo but now started to make small sudden vibration bursts over her pussy. It was too much for her. She panted and groaned down my cock as the orgasm bubbled up from her pussy, spaseming her stomach, making her chest heave. Leaving my thumb on her clit speeding up the vibrations i shoved two fingers into her well lubed pussy, pumping them in and out of her teenage pussy. Waves of ecstasy crashed over her rendering herself useless to sucking my cock. Charlie shot her eyes open and flung back her head has i pistoned my two fingers into her, flooding herself with juices as a 2nd orgasm hit her.

She started making deep animalistic groans,"Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh...hmpf....Uh... fuck" As the orgasm started to fade, leaving her well shook up, one nipple in hand and my cock in the other. "Oh god, Fuck me that was like nothing before... How.."
Suddenly she stopped talking and drove my cock deep in her mouth, amking it hit the back of her throat, causing a wretching noise to escape out of the corner of her mouth. My knees buckled slightly at the sudden impact of pleasure combined with her jaw smacking my balls.
"Hang on," I said but she ignored me, "Wait...." I took hold of her head, and withdrew my cock but she fought it right to the tip, trying to keep me inside her. "U were fucking loud, ill be back in a minute."

I slapped my wet cock back in my trousers and bent down, giving her a deep precum filled kiss. "Keep horny sexy." I winked as i left the tent. The dark air hit my sweat, sending a chill down my body as i hurried around all of the tents, checking no cadet was up watching us or sumthing. Thank god no one had heard. I would be fucked if some one had, but most probably id still go back and fuck the hell out of her.

"I hope your ready for more..." I was stopped by what i saw waiting for me. Charlie sat in the chair completely naked, pushing 3 fingers in and out of herself, squeezing her perfect tit up and down. She opened her eyes and stared at me as i too got naked, rubbing my dick back to full hardness.
"Mmmm come over to me sir."
I let out a groan of delight, "You have no idea how kinky that sounds."
"Mmmm... wel come on, please let me suck your dick sir."
I moved over to her and took charge, grabbing her face and squeezing her cheeks, making her mouth open. "Im going to fuck your face, any problems?"
"No what?!" I commanded.
"Mmm NO SIR!" She grinned and moved forward taking my cock into her mouth.

I pushed my hips forward and fucked her mouth pushing in about 3 inches, loving her velvety soft mouth sucking tightly around my dick. Her eyes looking up at me, fingers dipping in and out of her snatch. My dick slipped out of her mouth long enough for her to splutter out, "I thought you were going to fuck my mouth sir?" Grinning from ear to ear.
"You want it, you got it." I stabbed my cock 3/4s of the way into her mouth making her gag, eyes bulging and tears forming around them. I withdrew my cock to the tip and began pushing as hard in and out of her, hitting the back of her throat, every so often making her gag. It was bliss, a weird squelching noise escaping her mouth as i held her by the hair and fucked her like it was her ass. Every so often it was too deep for her and she spat out my cock, leaving a long trail of precum with saliva dripping from her mouth to my cock.
"Mmmm this is too good...Sir lie down on the bed so i can give you a good time."

I picked her up under her arms and carried her over to my army cot. Lieing down and placing her ontop of me, expecting to fuck her brains out. I pulled my cock up straight and eased her cunt onto it.
"NO! I cant, im not on the pill....."
"Ive got condoms."
"Forget them." She said whilst spitting down onto my cock, jerking it slowly towards her pussy. "Mmm does the Captain want my nice pussy?"
I stared at her pussy, tight and neat with just a V of pubi hair pointing at her clit. It was so tempting, glistening with juices. She jerked my dick faster rubbing the tip on her clit as she spread herself over my cock, stupidly tempting to me. I was feeling the cum start to build in my prostate and looking at her face she was close from the hard rubbing my cock was giving her clit.
"" I gasped, making her drop down, spitting dirtily over my cock , giving it a quick sucession of twisty sucks before jumping back and rubbing it over her clit.
"MMMMM im soo close Sir!" Her body was twisting and throwing her tits up and down as she jerked my cock back and forth over her clit. I too was ready to cum but held back using every trick i knew.

Her pussy was flooding juices down my shaft, dripping onto my balls sending a tingling sensation over my body.
"Umph, cumming!" She groaned.
I let loose, letting my cum blurt out. My cock spasemed shooting a spurt straight onto her clit as she bucked and grinded hard against me. Two further shots covered her wet cunt as she bucked up and down. Fuck it i thought, I grabbed my dick and shoved it inside her pussy loving the warm feeling as my final shots splurted thick cum inside this teen slut. She didnt care, she rode my cock as her orgasm washed around her. The orgasm was lasting for ever as i pistoned in and out of her, making charlie collapse onto my body, still being fucked by me as i raised myself off the cott, fucking her from underneath.

We both began to slow ourselves down, my dick still slipping back and forth inside her, kissing each other as she began to return the favour by easing her pussy up and down.
Finally we lay there, in clear realisation of our actions.

"Oh fuck, you came in me" She said, "What now?"
"I dont know.....Best get it out." I replied, flipping her over, my cock still in her. I was still slightly pumping in and out of her enjoying this young tight pussy but eventually my cock flopped out of her pussy followed by the ton of cum i had dumped in her. The cum and her juices ran all over my cott but i didnt care, i ran my fingers down to her pussy and slid easily 3 fingers inside her sloshy pussy.
Leaning down i smelt the combined smell of cum and cunt juices and started to lap at her fuckhole, wiggling my tongue inside as far as i could go, cleaning her out. Charlie, half in pleasure half in worry ran her fingers through my hair as i finished cleaning her out, pulling me up to share a sloppy kiss.

"You best be going, your friends will wonder where you've been."
Charlie sat up, her tits swaying infron of me, a feint six pack visible on her tight stomach, "Ok, thanks alot sir, I loved tonight, i swear on my life i wont say anything."
"Alright off you go,"

She got up and put on her pyjama trousers and her top and walked off out of my tent. I lay back down naked on my cot thinking of what just happened and began to jerk my cock, thinking about how i will next get into that hot young girl.

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