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I wrote this a few years back. Let me know your thoughts
Let me start out by saying I make it a rule to avoid coveting another man's wife. But for my brother-in-law's wife, I had to make an exception. I'll be honest, I've lusted after her form the first day I saw her. I always assumed that my desire would be nothing more than fantasy; I mean, really, other than these stories I just didn't think that sort of thing happens.
Well, a little about her...Tracy is a beautiful woman by any standard. She's 5'5" tall and has curves in exactly the right places. Not huge breasted, rather just perfect, big enough to play with but small enough to be perky. Her 1/4 Mexican heritage gives her skin a gorgeous tone. She's got a beautiful head of long, dark, sexy hair. Her dark, full lips can stop a man's heart. She loves to wear unbelievable A line dresses that show off her body.

My wife and her two brothers (only one is married) are both very close to their family. Tracy and I have always had a bit of a special bond, since when we all get together for family events she and I are the outsiders. Well, this spring we all got together to celebrate their Dad's birthday.

The day before the party my father and law and his two boys decided to go golfing. I was invited, but not being a big golfer I decided to let them go and have a little family time. I figured I could kick back, watch a movie and have a relaxing afternoon. As they were leaving, my wife and her mom decided to go shopping. I assumed Tracy was going with them until I heard her saying, "Thanks, but actually I have a bit of a headache. I think I'll stay here and rest."

About that time I had settled in on the couch, my feet up on the ottoman and started flipping though the channels looking for something to watch. Tracy walked in, "mind if I join you?" Of course, one look at her and my groin was tingling, "Of course not, take a seat." To my surprise she lounged on the couch with me, smile at me, "Do you mind?" she asked as she placed her perfectly pedicured feet on my lap. I could help but smile and nod, glancing up, hoping like hell that dress was going to give me a peak inside. Such was not the case. Oh well.

I handed her the remote, "You want to find us something to watch?" She took the remote, eventually finding us an 80s romantic comedy. Not exactly what I had in mind, but oh well, maybe a nap would do me good. I was keenly aware of the soft weight of her feet on my groin, the tingling turning into a bit of an erection. I was hoping she wouldn't be able to tell.

I decided to try something. I gently took one of her feet in my hand and rubbed it gently. I heard her coo a little. Well, that's a good sign. I rubbed a little more, working her arch, wiggling each toe and massaging her heal. Her body language certainly indicated that she was enjoying it. As I moved to the other foot, she shifted her body, rolling onto her back to better present her foot to me. As she did so, her dress shifted, giving me a clear view to her white lace thong panties.

I hoped desperately she wasn't watching me, because I stared for a good 5 seconds. The dichotomy of her dark skin and white translucent lace panties was just too much. I seriously debated getting up and going to the bathroom to jerk off. Boy am I glad I didn't. I turned my attention back to her foot, massaging it just like the other one. I started to run my hand just a little bit up her calf, massaging her ankle a little, then the back of her calf. I was amazing at how soft and smooth her skin was (I later learned that was thanks to laser hair removal. Hair removal which wasn't limited to her legs.)

I tried to stay focused, but as she would move I kept getting a better and better view of her panties. I began to wonder if she was doing it on purpose, but no, that's not possible. I continued to rub her calf, working my way up a little at a time. She kept almost purring as I did, so I figured I was in the clear. I mean, I hadn't touched anything above her knee. Add to that, I swear I could see a bit of a wet spot forming on her thin white panties, and smell the sweet, musky smell of her pussy, but that was probably my imagination. Or the maybe the blood flow to my raging erection was making me unable to think.

Just as I was almost to her knee she slipped her feet off me and stood up. My heart stopped; shit, she figured out I've been staring at her pussy. But she didn't say anything. She got up and headed upstairs. A few minutes later I could hear the toilet flush and sink running. A couple minutes later she sat down on the couch, putting her feet up on me again. She handed me a small bottle of moisturizer, "As long as you are going to rub me, do you suppose you could rub this on?" I was slack jawed; the best I could manage was a nod of agreement.

I squirted a little bit of the lotion in my hand. The faint feminine, flowery smell pf the lotion combined with smell of her skin was going to my head. Sadly panty view had gone away. I began to rub the lotion onto her feet, one a time. Once I was done I reached to hand her the bottle. She looked at me with her big beautiful eyes and said, "Do you think you could do my legs too?" Again I just nodded, my cock straining so hard against my pants I was hoping it wouldn't just burst out.

Another squirt of lotion on my hands, rubbing them together to warm it up, I started rubbing her calf again. She made a small noise, only this time it was almost a moan. She shifted a little and her dress moved, but not quite enough that I could see. I glanced up, at her and thought I might have caught her staring at me. I couldn't believe, or for that matter, figure out, what was happening. Was she coming on to me? Impossible.

I finished one calf and moved on to the second. Again she shifted a little, and I swear she hiked her skirt up just a fraction of an inch. I thought to myself, no, you're just imaging things. Again, the view of her panties was tantalizingly close, but not quite there. I guess she figured that out from last time and was being more careful. I began to rub the lotion into her smooth dark skin. I think it might have felt as good to me as it did to her. As I approached her knee she shifted again.

This time she parted her legs just a bit. Not much, but clearly enough that I was going to get a clear show of her panties again. There was no way she could not know what she had done. Was she testing me? I looked up at her face, trying to see if she was looking at me. She was watching the movie, her eyes about half closed and a very relaxed and content look on her face.

Well, this was it. If she was testing me I guess I'm going to fail. I hadn't done anything up to this point that would really get me in trouble. So I glanced down to see up her dress and get a view of those panties again. Only when I looked I didn't see her panties. What I saw was her smooth pussy lips. I must have stopped rubbing and maybe even gasped. She looked up at me, her eyes very sultry, "Are you okay?" I somehow stammered out an affirmative response.

I didn't know what to do. I guess for a few seconds I just stared. Her pussy was everything I had ever imagined and so, so much more. I could see her outer lips, smooth, bare (I'd like to send a huge thank you letter to whomever invented laser hair removal!), her dark skin glistening just a tiny bit. There was a small patch of dark pubic hair just above her slit. I could see her inner labia just peeking out, pink, damp. Not wanting to get completely caught staring, I squirted a little more lotion into my hands, again warming it up.

It was the moment of truth. I placed my hands on her leg just above her knee, one hand on the outside the other on her inner thigh. I began to rub the lotion into her leg. She cooed again, shifting her body a little and spreading her legs just a little more. I could hear her breathing getting a little faster. I ran my hand up her leg a bit, my fingers now only an inch from that stunning pussy. She spread her legs further apart; there was no mistaking it now, her dress was hiked up quite a bit and her pussy spread wide open to me.

I continued rubbing the lotion on her leg, my fingers just brushing her moist lips. As I did I heard her gasp slightly. I smiled to myself. Holy shit, I'm staring at the pussy I have jacked off to so many times. I squirted a little more lotion into my hands and started on the other leg. I could hear her breathing faster now, the fragrant aroma of her arousal was unmistakable now. As I moved up her thigh and my fingers got closer to her pussy I could feel her hips moving. She would move her hips, trying to get them closer to my fingers.

I lifted her feet off of me and got up from the couch. I saw her look at me, the lust in her eyes apparent at that moment. I knelt down on the couch, placing my head between her sexy thighs and pressed my tongue against her pussy. She moaned out, a long lust moan. I couldn't believe how sweet she tasted. I was like licking the best peach you've ever had in your life. I softly licked the wetness from her smooth, hairless outer lips. I've never felt a pussy so soft and smooth. I ran my tongue over her entire slit, just barely touching it, tickling her engorged pussy as I did.

She moaned, now spreading her legs as far as she could, pull them back almost behind her head. Her entire sex was completely open to me. I could see her pussy lips, the dark skin on the outside contrasting with the damp, engorged pink of the inner. Her reddened, tender clit just barely peeking out. Her sexy butthole winking at me like a tiny starfish, the excitement from her pussy beginning to leak out and drip slightly over it. The tiny indents in her thigh to the sides of her pussy. It was the most beautiful sight a man could imagine.

I'm a bit of an ass man, but it's something I'm not generally allowed to do at home. I thought, I have nothing to loose, I'm gong to try. I bent down, placing my hands on her sexy ass; I gently flicked her asshole with my tongue. I heard her sharp intake of breath; I pressed my tongue against her rosebud, wondering if she would stop me. I could hear her rapid breathing, so I continued, stiffening my tongue and pressing it against her tender hole. I licked it a little more, hearing her moan a bit each time.

Once I had her ass good and wet I moved my tongue away from her asshole. I heard a slight sigh of disappointment, a very good sign. Any disappointment was lost when I sucked her clit into my mouth. She moaned noisily as I flicked her clit with my tongue. At the same time I pressed my finger on her rosebud, rubbing my spit around a little bit, massaging her back door. I felt her pressing her ass against my fingers as I felt her hands on the back of my head, pulling me into her.

I licked her pussy faster, darting my tongue into her sweet hole. I rubbed my finger around her ass, the juice from her cunt dripping over it now. Good and lubed up I pushed a little harder. As I continued sucking her clit I felt her tense up as the finger slipped inside. I didn't move it, 2 knuckles of my finger in her ass, I allowed her to adjust. She began to move her ass, my finger slipping deeper with each movement. She was moaning passionately now.

I slipped my tongue down, licking it around the outside her anus, around my probing finger. She was gasping for breath, her body bucking. I slid my tongue back up, probing it as deep into her folds as it would go. I twirled my tongue around her clit. Supporting myself on my elbows I slipped 2 fingers into her pussy. I sucked her clit, pushing the finger in her ass and the 2 in her dripping slit as deep as could. I felt her entire body tense, her pussy clamp down on me.

She screamed out, arching her back, rolling her toes. Her pussy squirted into my mouth as I licked her. I lapped up the juices, still thrusting my fingers in her as hard as I could. She was moaning, gasping, panting. Her body was squirming, her hands holding my face into her gushing pussy. After a few seconds she pushed my face back, managed to get a "stop...can't...take it" out between ragged breaths. I slowly pulled my finger from her pussy and ass.

She took the hand that had been in her pussy and pulled it up to her mouth, licking her juices off my fingers. I almost came right then. She sat up, looking at me. "No one has ever touched my ass before. How did you learn that, it was amazing?" I just looked at her and smiled her pussy juice still on my face. She pushed me back on the couch, straddling me.

She leaned in, tentatively kissing me. Her kiss was amazing. Those lips where everything I had hoped them to be. She whispered in my ear "I've wanted you for so long. I dreamt about you. I almost called out your name once. I hope you are up for this, because I want as much of your cum as I can get." My cock was throbbing, begging for release. She was going to get some cum.

She slipped off me, unbuttoning my pants. She slipped them off me, taking my boxers with them. My cock stood at attention, begging her to touch it. She placed one hand on the base of my cock. I moaned out. She leaned down, licked the precum off the tip, kissed the head of my cock and then slid it into her mouth until her lips hit her hand. I moaned out, never having had my cock that deep in a woman's mouth.

I felt her hand release me and much to my surprise she took the rest of my cock in her mouth. Her lips and the base of my cock I could feel her tongue on my shaft. I moaned out. She pulled back, before plunging me again into her sexy mouth. I moaned. Generally I pride myself on being able to hold out, but I wasn't going to last 2 minutes with her mouth on my cock.

I felt her cupping my balls. I moaned, "Yes baby, oh god yes." She continued to fuck my cock with her mouth, gently sucking and twirling her tongue around the head with each thrust. I felt her finger pressing on my ass. I gasped, feeling it very slippery with her pussy juices. I felt her probing harder until her finger slipped in my asshole with a pop. She gently but firmly pushed it up into me.

That was all I could take. I moaned, thrusting my hips up into her face, my cock in her throat as I swelled, my balls tensing. I screamed out as ropes of white hot cum shot into her throat. She pulled back a little, sucking the head of my cock, my cum blasting into her mouth, onto her tongue. She continued to probe my ass as she milked the cum from me. I was panting, my body glistening with sweat. She smiled, looking up at me, her lips wet with my cum.

I pulled her back on top of me, her legs straddling mine. I placed my hand behind her neck, kissing her, tasting myself in her mouth. I felt her pussy on my cock, the heat radiating from her body. I felt her dripping wet pussy lips rubbing on my half hard member as we kissed passionately. I placed my hands on her ass, squeezing her cheeks as we kissed. She was rocking her hips on me, rubbing her clit on my cock head. I could feel my cock returning to life, the passion engorging it again with blood.

She could feel it to, rubbing faster on me. She was kissing me harder now, her breath quick. She had her hands on my face, holding me as we kissed, almost as if she was afraid I would move away. Ha, not likely. I felt her hips pressing harder, her pussy grinding on my now rock solid cock. She moaned out, her moan buried in our kiss. She pulled back, gasping, rocking on me as she came again. She was bucking and moaning and I could feel her juices running over my balls and down my ass crack.

As she calmed down she leaned into me, placing her head on my shoulder, "Please take me upstairs and fuck me, please, I need that cock inside me." I leaned into her, kissing her. I reached down, grabbing her dress and pulling it up over her head. It was just then I realized she was no longer wearing a bra either.

As I leaned down kissing her nipples she threw her head back. I sucked one into my mouth, tenderly but firmly biting the nipple. I massaged one breast as I sucked the other. I could feel her pussy pulsating on me. I reached down, taking my cock in my hand. She raised her hips up, positioning herself on me, slowly lowering herself on my erect pole. I sucked her nipple as my cock slid deep inside her. As our hips came together I have her ass a little spank. With that she screamed "fuck yes, oh god yes, yes, YES!" and I felt her velvety cunt spasm around my cock as she came for the third time.

Still sitting on the couch, her legs around me I kissed her. Our tongue danced together. I slipped my shirt over my head, pulling her close, feeling her smooth naked body against mine. She wrapped her legs and arms tightly around me and I stood. Her small frame pulled tight to me, our bodies still connected as one I headed up the stairs to the guest room. I could feel my cock thrusting into her with each step.

She was moaning with each step, my cock thrusting deep inside her. As we walked into the bedroom I lowered her gently onto the bed. Laying on the edge of the bed, me still standing on the floor, she again pulled her legs almost behind her head. I held her hips and thrust myself into her, my balls slapping her asshole with each thrust. I see her body on the bed, so fucking sexy.

I pull my cock out of her pussy. I love tasting sex, so I kneel down, licking her pussy, pushing my tongue inside. I twirl it over her clit, and then slip over her slit down to her ass, briefly pushing it inside. I hear her moan, "Please, I need you back inside me. I want your cum in me." Never a man to disappoint, I crawl up on the bed. As I do she's getting on her knees, her sexy ass in the air. I look, the sexy curves of her ass more than any man could possibly resist.

I kneel behind her, guiding my stiff cock to her waiting pussy. I position my cock head at her entrance and then, holding her hips, I thrust it inside with only fast push. She moans encouragement, "Yes, more, faster. Fuck me harder, please. I want your cum in my pussy baby." I feel her reach back, playing with my balls as I fuck her. I press thumb on her ass, her now lubricated hole easily taking it fully inside.

I hear her moaning. I fuck her hard, my cock pounding inside. I can feel the cum building in my balls. My cock straining, eager to erupt inside her. I thrust over and over, amazed at the tightness of her pussy. I pull out, not wanting to cum like this, wanting to be able to kiss her as we cum together. As I pull out I hear her groan, "No, please, cum in me."

I roll only my back pulling her on top of me. I feel her hips rock on me, her pussy practically sucking my cock inside. I moan again, the silken walls of her cunt grasping me, squeezing me, and practically pleading with me to fill them with cum. I pull her to me, our lips meeting. Our tongues begin to dance together, twisting around each other. I feel her tense again, her kiss becoming more passionate as she orgasms.

I feel her pussy grasping at me, milking my cock as she cums. I reach behind her, rubbing my finger on her ass. She moans into our kiss and I can feel her pussy squeeze me even tighter. I feel my cock swell inside her. I thrust my tongue into her mouth, kissing her deeply as I feel my cock explode inside her. I can feel my cum rushing into her, my orgasm seeming to last forever as I keep squirting over and over inside her.

I can feel her pussy still squeezing me. Her body tense as the orgasm continues to rip through her. Our orgasms begin to subside together, our kisses become gentler. I can feel the combination of our juices running over my balls and asshole. I know I must have cum a lot in her. We kiss for several more minutes, letting our bodies relax. She smiles at me, looking into my eyes.

We both look at the clock, realizing it's been over 2 hours. She rests her head on my chest. Smile, she looks at me "I guess we should get cleaned up. Thank god we still have a few more days." She smiles, rolling off me.

I look at her, licking my lips, "Maybe we should clean each other up?"

She looks at me, "You can't be serious, you just filled me with your cum, you can't possibly want to go near that?" With that I pull her as toward my face. Taking the hint she gets in a 69 on top of me. I can tell she's never had a cream pie eaten out of her. I pull her pussy to my face, running my tongue over her cummy slit.

I heard her moan out. I flicked her clit with my tongue and was rewarded with a big glob of my cum dripping from her. I licked her, pushing my tongue in her sensitive pussy. She gasped and I could feel her tongue on my cock, licking me clean like a cat. Despite my previous 2 orgasms I could feel my cock getting hard again. I attacked her cum filled pussy, savoring our mixed flavors. I licked her lips, her clit, thrust my tongue inside.

I felt her cleaning my cock, taking it deep in her throat. I felt her tug on my nuts a little. Unbelievably to me I felt the stirrings of another orgasm. She was taking me deep again, and I couldn't resist her. I kept sliding my tongue into her cunt, making sure to get every last drop of my cum. I flicked her clit and heard her moan out as she came again. As she came drop of our mixed cum squirted into my mouth. I continued to lick her clean.

Her orgasmic moans where more than my cock could handle and I felt my cum begin squirting into her mouth. I felt her clamp her lips on my cock, not letting any of my cum leak out as she slurped it down. As she finished licking me clean she rolled off me.

She looked at me, "we had better take separate showers or we might never get clean." She straddled me, kissing me passionately. I smiled as she got up and headed to the bathroom, her naked ass so damn sexy.

I smiled. This might be the best family weekend I've ever had and this was just the first day.


2017-09-17 12:44:54
That was awesome.
Please write more.
I wrote about the lady on my paper route a long time ago.
It is posted as "Exploring" in the "Boy" section.
If you read it and like it please leave a comment at the end.
Thank you.


2017-09-06 05:38:39
Great Story!
A sequel?

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