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Only a short tale but one I enjoyed being part of!
Here is a story that happene a few years back. It was one of those tales that people read and say "Yeah right like that ever happen!?" Anyway it did and this is it...

After finishing work early one afternoon I drove back to my girlfriends house at the time. She was then living with her parents. When I pulled into the drive way I could see that her mum was in but her car was not there yet. She would probably be back in a few hours time if she finished normal time?

As I walked into the frontroom her mum was sitting on the sofa infront of the tv. "Hi there..." I called as I passed her on my way into the kitchen. Her mum was cool and we got on real well. I will tell you at this point in the story that her mum always used to check me out if ever I was working in the garden, or maybe walking to the bathroom in my boxers in the morning! I say this now because as I poured myself some milk in the kitchen I could see in one of the pans they had hung up that she was looking round the doorway at me slyly?

"how was your day?" She called through.
"Great.." I lied as I walked back through into the front room and took a seat next to her on the sofa. I could tell this made her slightly uncomftable but it was fine.

We sat there for a while in silence watching some sort of crappy chat show on the tv. I dont know why at this point but I started to check her out as she sat there. She was still beautiful for her age and looked hot sat there in her work clothes. She worked in a department store in town and had to wear a suit top and knee lenght skirt. The thing was she was quite a busty lady and with the middle button on her top fastned her boobs looked like they were ready to pop out while she sat there. This is when the dirty thoughts started. I also liked the way she wore quite a lot of makeup. This turns me on in a woman. Mostly the glossy red lipstick. This made her lips look so enviting.

Just then timing was amazing the show on tv started talking about younger men being with older women! Great I though. Her mum looked a little nervous but turned to me a crack a joke! I laughed at the joke and placed a hand on her knee. She jumpped ever so slightly and turned to face the screen again.

I wondered if she wanted me to take the hand off but at the same time my hart was racing with the thoughts of going further! Should I? I though... Well it might be the only chance I got...

So I very slowly moved the hand up her leg to where the hem on her skirt was. She didnt move a muscle. I took this as a good sign! After a few minutes I started to move my hand again.. This time as I moved my hand I moved it in and down so that my hand was now working its way up the inside of her thy as it moved up under her skirt.

This time she did move but only her eyes. They closed and her mouth opened slight and I could hear her breath quickening. This was great! The feeling of having this beautiful women next to me and the dirty frill of having anyone walk in at any point was really turning me on.

My hand then reached the top of the inside of her leg. My finger tips brushed the material that was her panties. As it did she very slowly opened her knees so that I had the space to place the whole of my palm on her now moist crotch. This gasped slightly as my fingers traced her pussy lips through the panties. She was getting wetter by the second.

I could not resist any longer, my cock was aching to get out. I took my hand away and stood infront of her. She slowly opened her eyes to watch as I undid my trousers and dropped them to the floor. I could see the lust in her eyes as my boxer shorts followed. My throbbing cock was now centermeters from her sexy lips. I placed a hand on to her cheek and guided her face towrds me. She closed her eyes once more as my hard cock parted her lips and slid in over her wet tounge. She closed the lips arond the tip of my cock and slowly sucked the pre cum off while tounging all over it. She then bobbed her haed slowly up and down on the lengh of it as I stroked her blonde hair. She was amazing at it!

I reached down and undid the button holding her breast in. They sprung forward under their blouse but I could see the fullness of them as she sucked away at me.

I pulled her haed back for her to stop the oral and she looked up at me so sexy with her smudged lipstick and sticky sex juice covered lips.So I liad her back on the sofa and climbed between her legs. "I want to fuck you so bad..." I moaned as I rubbed my hard cock over her pussy through her panties...
"We cant...." She replied but I cut her short by putting my tounge deap into her mouth and snogged her as I groped her breast through her top.

I lust was getting to much at this point so I reached down between her legs and tore away the white panties. She looked deep into my eyes as she too reached down and took hold of my cock and guided it into her pussy. She almost screammed with pleasure as I started to thrust her hard and fast right there on the sofa!

Fuck I was going to cum right up my girlfriends mums pussy! It was a dream come true... As I came I tore at her blouse and bra ripping them open and freeing her tits ... They looked amazing so I lent forward to suck on the large hard nipples as the cum was still jerking its way out of me...

I rolled off and lay on the sofa over come with pleasure as she ran flustered to the bathroom to clean up... We had sex a few times after this and each time was just as intense. But thats a story for another time!!!

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2013-05-21 03:34:45
Great story but not enough need to keep fucking and sucking; need to continue to eat out her pussy as well we women love to have our pussies eaten and licked, guys soemtime don't seem to get it, I would just as soon my guy eat me out as to have him fuck me,.

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2012-02-12 14:15:42
OWCc23 Last a few years has been to Ibiza, so met a person there whose style of presentation is very similar to yours. But, unfortunately, that person is too far from the Internet!...

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2010-06-26 03:00:03
Pretty good story but too short. In future stories get girlfriend's mom pregnant.


2009-08-01 01:30:10
Good story. Need better spelling.

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2009-07-08 07:33:22
Good story i liked it. Definatley keep the stories cumming. Oh and if you ever get into fantasy,let your girlfriend walk in and catch you thing this site lack is good stories where cheaters get caught.

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