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We are a family of four, Dad, Amma, Devi my sister and Dhar myself. We are very conserative telegu family living in Chennai. My mother is avery orthodox lady with old beliefs, it was like sister and brother cant hug, nor mother and son. I was 13 years old then, my sister was 9 and Amma was 38 yrs. I was curious to know why she was not allowing male and female to touch or hug.
I watch a lot of movies and i used to hire tapes from the local library, once one of the tapes i borrowed turned out to be a blue film by chance. That was the first time i saw or heard the word sex, naked women and men fucking them. I was 15 by then. From then on I used to get a hard on when ever i saw Amma or Devi my sister. I used to masturbate in my bedroom putting my Amma Saree and pettycoat, bra and blouse., Amma was 5.3 in height, she had huge boobs, may be 40, jetting out from the side of her saree , she had a nice round body.

I started to feel my sister private parts when she was sleeping. She used to sleep with her school dress most of the time. I used to go sleep next to her , start by giving akiss on her lips, slowly touching her breast, by then my dick used to become very hard, i slowlu used to lift her skirt, move closely to her with my erection touching her vagina area, then i removed my shorts and shirt i used to sleep full nude on my sister and rub my dick on her vagina area with her panties on, and i used to come. This i used to do it very often, without any one knowing, by then i bacame 18, more like a grown up adult. I was 6.2 in height and 90 Kilos in weight and a dick when erected will be 10 inches.But my luck ran out very soon, one day in the afternoon i was kissing my sister in her sleep on her lips and putting my hand under her skirt and feeling her vagina area, my Amma just walked in to the room, and i jumped out of the bed, pulling my shirt down to cover my dick, beacause it was hard.
Amma asked what are you doing in this bedroom, and what are you doing with Devi's
skirt, I said amma her skirt had come up, iwas only trying to put it back properly.. She said okay, but she never trusted me from then on, she would never allow me to come anywhere close to my sister, or even talk to her alone. She was making me very frustrated.
One day it was late in the night, and my dad had gone out, my sister and Amma where sleeping in their bedroom and i was watching a porno film, I wanted to masturbate, i opened Amma's bedroom door to see if they are sleeping, so that i can see them and masturbate. They where sleeping . Amma was sleeping with one leg on the floor and the rest of the body on the bed. It was a low bed. I could see her hairy leg. That turned me on, i wanted to feel her legs, so i went near her legs and sat down on the floor and kissed her legs, asi was getting up i could see her upper thigh from the angle i was lying on the floor, lifted Amma's saree and pettycoat little and isaw heaven inside, full hairy legs and her hairy vagina. I put my head inside and smelled amma 's pussy and could see her vagina fully covered by hair. My dick was so hard i felt like just pushing it into Amma's pussy hole and fucking her, from that moment i decided i have to fuck Amma, Because she is the most sexiest women. Amma turned alittle bit in her sleep,i got scared and ran out of the room. I came back after five minutes, looked at her and masturbated. She seemed to be sleeping and did not know what happenned all this time.

I coud not sleep the whole night, because i was thinking of Ammas Pussy her huge boobes, her legs even at the age of 45. The next day i did not go to college , DEvi and Dad had gone out. Amma was alone in the house with me. It was 10.00 A.M in the morning. Amma was walking around the house cleaning cobwebs
from the ceiling, she was not able to reach certain areas of the house, so she asked me to bring a ladder, so i was holding the ladder and she was cleaning, i was looking at her big ass, her huge bulging tits, i need to move now or never. My dick had become so hard . She finished cleaning and was getting down from the ladder,as she came down she slipped, i caught hold of her, she could feel my erected dick touching her thighs, and immediately i took all the courage and kissed Amma on her lips, and she slaped me and said what a bastard you turned out to be, get out of my house, she started crying and ran into the bedroom and locked herself. But all i could think of is Amma's ass, huge tits, hairy pussy. I Wanted to own every inch of her .I went near the bedroom door, and i could hear the sound of water from the bathroom, so i knew she was having a bath.

Immediately i opened the door with a duplicate key and locked it after stripping my self nude and hid under the bed, Amma was having her bath with the door open, she finished her bath and came into the bedroom . Within a second my dick stood rock solid, already expecting the action it is going to get into. I slowly sneaked out from under the bed and Amma' back was facing
me. I held her left tits from the back, she was shocked to see me, she was yelling leave me you bastard( nanu yathalay lanjakodaka).I pushed my dick on to her ass and started rubbing it, I wanted to put my hand on her pussy, she coverd it with her hands.
I caught both her tits and squeezing them and rubbing my dick on Amma's ass. Please Amma give your self to me , I will be you r sex slave. This is wrong, you have become mad Dhar. I Was Kissing her back; biting her shoulder, she was not giving me her pussy, I with full force pulled her hand from the pussy and pushed her onto the bed, and caught hold of both her legs tightly.I spread her legs and pushed my head inside and started licking her -pussy, she started wiggling trying to close her legs ,but my hold on herlegs was vert tight, kept licking her slit and clit she bacame so wet, I put my tounge deeper into to her fuck hole,she started enjoying it .Bitch (Moonda) you want to get fucked by your baby. I could feel a shudder and she came,she had a strong odur and the very juicy vagina. I ate her until she had three orgasms.
Yes. Amma Was yelling fuck me( Nana Dengu).I wasted no time, I shoved my dick into Ammas fuck hole and she yelled fuckme hard( Nanu getiga Dengu)Your dick is so big fuck me deep inside.( ne sula chala peadtha baga lopliki thosi dengu Koadaka).
Amma I want yu amma. I kept fucking her, with long strokes and as i increased my speed she started shoving her wet pussy up to meet my every downward plunge into her, very soon i was fucking her real hard and fast and she was moaning DDDDDDDengu MMMMMMMMM, OOOOOOHHHHH and she was coming one after the other. The bell rang ,i got up and amma went into the bathroom for a bath again., it was my Dad, I opened the door and he asked me where is amma, I said she just went for a bath, he laughed and said she is not come out for another one hour until she finishes her beauty bath , I thought inside me what beauty bath are you talking about, when Iam giving her the fuck of her life time. Dad said he will be back after sometime, he picked up some papers and left.

I went back into the bedroom, amma was having her bath, I went and stood in front of her fully nude,she asked me why Iam I after her, your baby wants to put his dick into every fucking fuck hole of yours, my dick was standing stright , she was looking at my prick, i walked towards her, she said no don't, I pushed her to the wall and took one of her big tits into my mouth and began to suck on her nipples. She had huge aerolas and her nipples popped about two inches as i sucked and rolled my tounge over her nipple , as i squeezed and pinched the other. Amma started really breathing hard and saying what a fucker you have turned out to be, I have lost control of my self , Amma give me your ass , I carried her and put her on the bed, and asked her to kneel down in dogy style, I put one finger and then two fingers into her ass, her muscle was resisting, but finally gave way for my fingers, I took my dick and inserted into amma's ass, her eyes flew wide as I plunged my cock deep into her anal activity, I asked her has dad ever fucked you like this, she said no, I waited for her ass muscle to relax and then i began to pump my large dick in and out of her fine fucking ass hole, she had three orgasms, yelling what a fucking big dick you have. Please fuck me all the time, I kept fucking and i came after 15 minutes. I slept for some time hugging her .

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