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Rosaria is a paladin in the land of Pasor. She plans to go and fight an ancient evil and things do not end up like she planned...
The Lich had been a plague upon the provinces of Pasor for generations, none who now lived remembered how it had been born, however myths exist that the Lich had been an archmage of terrifying power, who had extended their life for hundreds of years by moving the essence of their soul from magic grown clone to magic grown clone until it had grown tired of the procedure, setting up a catastrophic civil war that had raged for decades, tearing Pasor apart from the inside, it was only at the end of the war when this creature revealed itself, having absorbed the essence of each creature slain in the war, removing them from the Wheel forever. The creature claimed the name of Lich, used it's horrifying powers to drain the souls from each war council of the separate factions and went into seclusion to continue its studies into magic.

Rosaria knew that they went to fight a terrifying enemy, but none had seen the Lich in decades, people had whispered that it could rival the gods themselves, but she felt the warm light of Adia infusing her always and knew that none could come close to her power or influence over this world. Next to a god and it's divine herald, how could any foul thing like this Lich compare? Rosaria was known throughout Pasor as simply the Paladin, she and her compatriots went from town to town, village to village, on a never ending quest to rid the world of the horrors that lurked beneath the surface. No enemy was too great or too small for them, from drunken village murderers to nobles that attempted to use their powers to rape and abuse, all were judged wanting by Rosaria and run through with her sword, Justice, along with any that attempted to shelter them.

Behind Rosaria strode her fellows, fearsome warriors gathered from all across the lands, they numbered 20 in total, twenty brave souls that had sworn to risk their very essence to remove from the world a blight that had plagued the people of Pasor for far too long. A group of five mages floated along, seemingly carried by small clouds, with tendrils of purple connecting their heads to a shroud that covered the group, supposedly it was to protect them from prying eyes, however Rosaria put little stock in it and kept her eyes constantly moving, searching for the slightest hint that they were about to be attacked. She could not help but keep flicking her eyes back to the spire that sat on the horizon, impossibly tall, the shear black tower rose high into the sky, passing above into the clouds. It was said that even on a clear day the structure went far beyond the reach of any mortal's eyesight, stretching up forever into the clouds. Rosaria chuckled quietly to herself here was proof that the Lich was no god, it desperately tried to ascend, the jealous desire to be godlike clear in the construction of its fortress, no truly divine being would let its desperation show so clearly.

As they journeyed closer, others in the group started following Rosaria's lead, donning their helmets and starting to scan the horizon in case the Lich had creatures protecting its lair. With an ear splitting crack the ground in front of the group split open, their beasts of burden rearing back in fright. As the crack in the ground widened and continued to split, Rosaria's companions backed away, fear shining clearly through the eye-slits in their helmets. Slowly the light in the sky began to dwindle, the sun still shone overhead, but none of it's light or warmth was reaching the group, instead hot red light began to light the ground around the split, the heat like standing in front of roiling magma forcing the companions further back. Rosaria stood her ground, calling on the her connection to Adia to shield her from the heat. As she whispered a litany into the hot air she felt herself cool, the heat fading into the comfortable warmth of her god's embrace.

A giant veined hand extended from the crevasse, bulging as it gripped onto the edge of the ground and dragging its owner up. Slowly a gigantic red skinned creature dragged itself up from the void, skin bulging with muscles, standing a full 4 meters tall at least, the creature held a wickedly sharp battleaxe in one hand and was completely naked, thick cock hanging impressively from its groin. It held it's battleaxe ready to charge at the group, in a thick, guttural voice it spoke

"Leave, now. Unless you wish to die right here and now"

Rosaria looked from left to right, noting the lack of her companions by her side. Either they had run or were waiting for her to make the first move. Regardless her choice would be the same, she brought her tower shield up and began moving towards the beast, gathering speed to strike against it. Letting out a war-cry Rosaria brought Justice around, preparing to slash through the creatures thigh and bring it crashing to the ground. Instead of biting into the meat of the beast and feeling it give beneath Justice Rosaria felt nothing, as her sword sailed cleanly through the thing. Startled, Rosaria glanced up and around her shield, the beast had made no reaction or move, standing still, eyes focused in the distance. An illusion, cleverly crafted, but an illusion nonetheless. Rosaria looked back, her companions were just now forming back up into a battle line after their initial retreat, clearly an effective illusion. She shook her head, without her and her god to guide them, would they ever have got this far? She doubted it, it was up to people like her to lead others and root out the evil of the world, she just hoped that when they came to the Lich they could hold their ground and show a little backbone.

Having passed the illusory gatekeeper, the group strode on. Finding themselves unhampered in their progress up to the foot of the spire. With the sheer wall of black rising above them into the sky the group made their camp, moods somber, with none of the merriment or excitement that had marked the earlier weeks of their journey. Knowing that tomorrow could mark the end for some or all of them, but gods willing, they would find and kill this Lich such that it could no longer do harm in this world.

The group began to rise from their slumber as the sun rose again, those that had taken last watch handing out strips of dried meat to the waking, the wizards walking through the camp using their magic to cast simple cleansing spells, ensuring that the group stayed clean and smelling fresh. They broke their camp and began to circle around the base of the spire, searching for an ingress point. They circled the tower, their eyes scanning all around both for an entrance and in fear of any attack that the Lich may launch against them, without warning part of the wall shifted, startling the group and causing the warriors to clasp the hilts of their swords, the mages letting out small yelps of surprise as flame began to coalesce in their palms, ready to leap out at a thought to scorch whatever threatened them. Silently, from the obsidian wall of the spire a face emerged, eyes igniting with pure arcane energy, stone moving and flowing almost organically. Slowly a creature tore itself from the wall, dark stone flowing to fill the void where it had emerged from. Standing almost 10 meters tall the golem towered over the group, looking down upon them impassively.

The golem opened it's mouth, letting forth a booming proclamation

"State your purpose for visiting my master, or be destroyed!"

As her companions drew themselves up ready to fight Rosaria stood tall, staring at the creature directly in his flaming eyes she proclaimed

"We come to destroy the Lich, stand down construct, or perish beside your bitch master!"

Registering the reply the construct stared down at Rosaria, flames burning brighter in its eyes until Rosaria had to look away, blinking spots out of her vision. The golem drew back its arm, arcane power coalescing into a giant spiked mace held in it's hand. As Rosaria hefted her shield and prepared to charge the golem a voice, unmistakably female, with the accent and mannerisms of royalty cut across the scene

"Halt! Come now Jeeves, if these people have chosen to journey so far to meet me, how could I deny them the opportunity? Please, enter."

At her words the golem ceased movements, walking backwards until it reached the wall and from there was absorbed back in, the glowing eyes staring right at Rosaria until they disappeared into the surface of the wall. Where the golem had been reabsorbed the wall continued to flow, forming into an ebony gate, covered in a beautiful relief depicting Rosaria charging the demon from the day before, party arrayed behind her ready to assist. This was clearly the work of an artisan, its quality could only be matched by one of the primary cathedrals of the gods.

Rosaria touched the gate, exerting the smallest pressure against it. Silently the gate swung open, revealing a dark interior. Silently torches sprung to life down the length of the corridor, illuminating the plain black corridor leading further into the spire. Wordlessly Rosaria and her companions proceeded into the Lich’s fortress. As they walked down the corridor the same regal vice called out to them;

“Welcome! It's been so long since anyone has come to see me. Most get scared off by that little illusion, and I have Jeeves exterminate the boring ones that make it up to my tower. You however, you interest me.”

Rosaria tried to determine where the voice was coming from to no avail. It seemed to change directions constantly. Sometimes whispering into her ears, and then moving back in an instant to address her from a great height and distance. Whispering a prayer under her breath Rosaria held her head high and replied to the voice;

“We do not fear you monster! My companions and I have come to stop you, once and for all! No more will you trouble these lands with your presence!”

As she spoke the voice began to giggle slightly, soft laughter echoing through the dark halls, in a seductive, soft tone the voice replied, whispering into Rosaria’s ear;

“We? Those cowards are boring. Not like you. You're the one that really interests me. Let me show you how I deal with boring people.”

Wheeling around in horror, Rosaria could only stare as thick arcane bars appeared in the hall, separating the group from her and sealing their exit behind them. Her companions milled around, confused and obviously scared. One by one the group fell to the ground, tearing their clothes off and falling on one another, the scent of sweat and cum washing over Rosaria as she watched her group desperately, hungrily fucking each other. Wizards buried their faces hungrily into the crotches of warriors, all intelligence gone from their eyes, two of the female archers worshipped the humongous, swollen cock of a barbarian as two male archers buried their cocks into the glistening cunts of the archers.

Moans filled the air as Rosaria gasped at the scene, in spite of herself and the situation she was in she couldn’t help but feel a flush rise to her cheeks and a heat blossom in her loins, unconsciously her hand not holding her shield raised to her chest, her fingers bumping against the cold steel of her breastplate startled her out of her intense staring. Taking a deep breath, which filled Rosaria’s nose with the smell of her companions orgy in front of her, Rosaria wheeled around. Desperately trying to ignore the scenes her mind was conjuring of her joining her group behind her, cunt filled with a hot bulging dick while she buried her face into the pussy of one of the wizards she had been eyeing off their entire journey, she absentmindedly licked her lips as she called out;

“Lich, what have you done to them? Return them to how they were at once!”

The voice in her ear returned as she saw a lithe figure striding towards her from the gloom of the corridor;

“Oh? And you think they’d want to be returned to how they were? Look at you, pretending like you’re not interested in joining them. Why I can practically smell your sex from here, dripping wet at the thought of joining them. Shall I let you in on a little secret little Paladin? I don’t do this just for fun, I stumbled onto a little secret after a few hundred years of being alive. There are two powers in this world greater than the power of raw souls, the first is one that you wield, the second is what you see behind you. With just a small input of magic from me, what you see behind you is self sustaining, the pure lust coming from that group will sustain them in their current health and…. Position for hundreds of years, not only that, but as with the other groups secreted through my home I can siphon energy off the top, further bolstering my powers. Now, in the interests of being sporting, and fighting with honour, I request that you give me a moment.”

As she finished saying this, the Lich herself strode out of the darkness. Flinching at just how fast she had travelled in those last few moments Rosaria drew Justice, holding her sword at the ready. The woman that had appeared was tall, glossy black hair falling in a braid down her back, she stood dressed in simple breeches and a thin white shirt, both of which seemed impossibly tight on her, hugging tightly to each curve and line on her body, the shirt dipping deeply to display her ample cleavage. One hand was held on the side of her tight stomach while the other rolled a ball of fire between its fingers, the fire leaving the woman’s hand unharmed and rolling as if a marble.

Rosaria resisted the urge to charge her and impale her with Justice. Taking another deep breath and banishing the lustful images from her mind, which had suddenly expanded to include the breathtakingly beautiful abomination which stood before her Rosaria whispered a prayer to Aida, beseeching her goddess for assistance in guarding her mind from the foul Lich’s influence. With a gasp Rosaria felt a pair of soft lips touch her forehead through her helmet, warmth flowing into her from where they had touched. She heard a voice so soft and beautiful she had to hold her will to keep from choking up whisper in her ear;

“Destroy this abomination my champion. You have my blessing.”

Blinking tears from her eyes Rosaria felt strength her infuse her body. The lustful images being banished from her mind. Straightening her spine and hefting her shield she challenged the beauty standing in front of her;

“A duel. You may choose your weapon, I fight with my shield and Justice. Best make peace with the gods freak, you’re about to be returned to the Wheel, hopefully to be rent to shreds and never return”

The woman smiled softly, settling back into a fighting stance, the ball of flame still held in one hand, casually she replied;

“Oh yes? Well, considering that I just noticed that whore you call a God drop in and gift you some of her power, I’m sure you won’t begrudge me not using mortal steel to be my weapon. However, I will do you the favour of not tearing your soul from your body right now and will accept your duel. I shall cast no spells on you during our duel, nor will I cast spells on myself, or our surroundings. You see, the funny thing about being immortal, is that you have quite a lot of time on your hands to pursue interests, I believe I became a master bladeswoman within the first few lifetimes, far before I earned my name of Lich. However, this simple hall is far from fitting for a grand duel, wouldn’t you agree?”

Without waiting for a reply the Lich clicked her fingers, Rosaria’s vision flashed white for a second, before she was standing on a platform of rippling purple energy, standing high above the clouds, with the sun illuminating both her adversary and their arena. Silently the ball of flame that had traversed her fingers previously coalesced into a longsword, held tightly, but casually in her hand.

Stepping forward Rosaria thrust Justice towards the Lich. The Lich brought her blade up to parry, gods blessed steel striking ethereal fire and being knocked aside. The Lich grinned and started to taunt Rosaria as they duelled;

“I see that you've accepted the blessing of that bitch Aida. Bet you've memorised all of her stories as well. Probably believe that bullshit that they spout, about the gods creating the world.”

Rosaria ignored the creatures taunts, concentrating on the fight. The Lich was certainly a master of the blade, but Rosaria was no novice, and while she was clearly outmatched in the blade, she had a few tricks up her sleeve. She just had to last long enough to get in the right position. The Lich continued to taunt her as she played with her, never overextending, or attacking too forward, just wearing Rosaria down over time;

“You know it’s a lie right? Aida and her fellows no more created the world than I did. She's just bitter that they tried to betray me and I sealed them off like that. Serves them right really, when you’re draining the life from an entire continent, it’s probably not the best time to turn against your leader. Shame I couldn’t rip their immortality, or the power granted to them by the souls away. Double shame that they figured out that convincing you stupid mortals to worship granted them more power. You know that you’re not nearly the first they’ve sent against me? Every few decades or so they grow some balls and send another champion. You are just the latest in a long line of disappoin-”

As the Lich ranted Rosaria stood resolute, blocking and parrying each thrust of her opponents blazing sword. She ignored the lies spewing from the woman, and with every word vowed to make her pay for the blasphemies that she spouted. She sensed her opportunity when the Lich’s foot slipped on the smooth floor, temporarily throwing her off balance. With a mighty roar that cut through the monologuing she brought her shield up to her shoulder and leapt forwards, intending to crush the Lich beneath the weight of the mighty shield and her heavy armour. The Lich giggled loudly as Rosaria charged, dropping the pretense of clumsiness and thrusting her blazing sword straight through the shield and in a line up Rosaria’s arm. Pirouetting backwards, she caught Rosaria’s eyes, grinning and giggling;


Snarling Rosaria tried to raise her arm to no avail, she glanced down to see that the sword had cut right through blessed armour and blood was beginning to seep out. Strange, instead of pain, she felt heat radiating from her arm, and the lust had come back. As she stared at the Lich’s grinning mouth, all she could think of was that mouth locked over her cunt, greedily licking and sucking while staring at her with those bright eyes of hers. The Lich laughed out loud in response to Rosaria’s staring;

“Ah, I think you’ve found that I may have put one or two enchantments on this little blade here. Won’t be long now until you’re mine to have.”

Rosaria brought Justice up, preparing to defend against the Lich’s cursed sword. She heard a dull thud as her shield fell off of her arm, clattering uselessly to the ground. Rosaria stared as the Lich dropped all pretense of amateurishness, when she moved she seemed to flow across the platform, reaching Rosaria in mere moments as she effortlessly danced across their arena. Instead of aiming for Rosaria’s weak side she moved for her sword, baiting Rosaria into parries that put her more and more off balance, almost casually she impaled Rosaria’s hand with the sword, slicing through armour like a hot knife through butter, forcing Rosaria to drop the sword and take a step back. Rosaria’s arms hung limp at her sides, the sword’s foul magic filling her mind with carnal thoughts and desires, longing both to take her sword back up and destroy the foul scourge in front of her and also to tear the clothes off of the ravishing beauty in front of her and feel her, taste her. As she thought of fucking the woman in front of her she felt herself spiralling into lust, each thought turning her on more, which pushed her to think of more. She moaned, desperate to be touched, to be fucked, her cunt burned with the aching need to be filled. She stared at the Lich in front of her, whose sword had once again turned into that ball of fire and was rolling across the back of her arm, winking the Lich cupped her own breasts, letting out a low moan as her fingers found her nipples and twisted. It was too much for Rosaria, she fell to her knees, gazing up at the staggering beauty in front of her;

“Please, touch me?”

Rosaria begged up at the beauty, who smirked back down at her.

“Not quite yet my dear”

With the Lich’s words the world went dark and Rosaria fell unconscious.

Rosaria woke with a start. She had been tracking down someone? Trying to stop something? Everything was hazy. She couldn’t quite remember anything. Shaking her head she opened her eyes, she was sitting in a room, naked. Thick shining red hair falling to her shoulders, she looked down at her body frowning. Something wasn’t right. Her body had been covered in scars and permanently bruised, now her skin was smooth and blemish free. She still had the body of a warrior though, her legs were corded with muscle and her stomach was flat. She gasped as she noticed the iron bars through her nipples, she definitely hadn’t had those before!

Gingerly Rosaria felt the bars, they had been placed through the flesh, but there was no pain, similarly her nipples seemed to have fully healed. Frowning she gave one an experimental tug, trying to see if she could easily remove it, as she pulled the bar she felt a shiver pass through her body and a moan escape from her lips. Something that simple had no right to feel that good! Nor leave her with such an aching cunt. She lowered one hand to her cunt, while keeping the other locked around her nipple. Slowly she began rubbing at her swollen bud whilst twisting and pinching at her nipple and the metal bar through it, Rosaria let her head flop back against the wall, breath coming out raggedly as she moaned and rubbed herself, pinching hard at her hard nipples. Before long she felt an orgasm building, her thighs twitching as she desperately rubbed at her dripping cunt, before she felt it crash over her, drowning her in pleasure as she came, nipple bar clamped firmly in between her fingers.

From the darkness around her Rosaria heard someone clapping softly, striding out of the shadows came a tall beauty with black hair flowing down her back. She was wearing a single leather band over her nipples, infuriatingly hiding just enough to provoke a desperate need to see it all in Rosaria. Excluding her leather band, she wore nothing. Rosaria’s eyes travelled down, following the thin band of hair that started below her navel and culminated with her cunt, dripping slightly with moisture, clearly from watching Rosaria’s earlier performance. Rosaria could do naught but stare at the tall woman who twigged...something in her memory, although she could not quite place it, niggling doubts were swiftly cast aside as the woman continued to stare at her. Rosaria could feel her cunt heating up as the woman stared, a flush rose to her cheeks as she stared, her mind conjuring forth images of the woman lapping at her cunt, or of standing above Rosaria’s head and demanding to be licked, absentmindedly Rosaria began to rub at herself again. Pleasuring herself to the thought of fucking this mysterious stranger.

The stranger spoke a few words quietly in an arcane language, Rosaria ceased her rubbing to look up at the woman quizzically. The stranger smiled down at her, leaning down such that her mouth was near Rosaria’s ear, her breasts hanging right in front of Rosaria’s face. With a voice that almost sent Rosaria into another shuddering orgasm she whispered;

“You’re still not ready yet.”

Suddenly a group of warm, writhing tentacles of purple energy burst forth from the wall behind Rosaria, jumping slightly at the surprise she felt the tendrils swarm over her body. She looked up at the beauty in front of her, she was smiling again. So this must all be part of her plan, and maybe if she was good with this she’d get to fuck the woman? She hoped so. She surrendered herself to the tentacles as the surrounded her, drew her up to standing and forced her legs apart, they were rough, using force to drag her around. She couldn’t help but shiver a little as the tentacles pushed her around, something in how rough they were turned her on more and more. She felt a tentacle wrap around her throat and constrict, making it just harder to breathe such that it was noticeable, but not dangerously so. Rosaria whimpered as two tentacles wrapped around her breasts, groping and squeezing roughly as they pushed their tips up to her sensitive nipples and their new bars. Rosaria felt herself dripping as the tentacles continued to manhandle her breasts and wrap their way around and up her legs, drawing ever closer to her desperate cunt. A singular tentacle rose up to her face and she finally had a chance to get a good look at one. It was roughly cylindrical, with pulsing veins on the sides, however the end formed up into the thick head of a penis which slowly pushed it’s way to her mouth. Rosaria eagerly opened her mouth, pushing her head forward with her tongue out to catch the tentacle, it was warm on her tongue and in her mouth, and as she licked and sucked upon it, instead of tasting like nothing as she had expected, she could smell the hot must of a penis.

A tentacle pushed its way up the inside of Rosaria’s thigh, drawing closer to her hot and dripping cunt, covering itself in her juices as it got closer and closer, as the head entered her Rosaria came again, shuddering and falling further onto the tentacle, which thrust its way up into her and began fucking her. As Rosaria rode out her orgasm she felt two more tentacles sliding up her thigh, one latched itself onto her pleasure bud and started pulsing, sending waves of pressure into her bud and so waves of pleasure through her body. The other made its way to Rosaria’s ass, thinning itself to slip inside before beginning to inflate again, slowly rocking back and forward as it did so. Rosaria couldn’t think, it was all she could do to process what she was feeling and keep sucking the tentacle that was in her mouth. She vaguely registered extra tentacles of the purple energy writhing over her and the strange beauty sitting in front of her on some sort of throne that hadn’t been there before, openly rubbing herself as she smirked and stared at Rosaria. Rosaria noticed the tentacle in her mouth writhing and moving more than it had been as she saw a streak of white flowing up through the tentacle and suddenly she registered something hot and salty hitting her tongue and the back of her mouth. Every squirt of the liquid seemed to somehow turn her more and more on and she greedily lapped at the tentacle, slowly the tentacle withdrew and was replaced by another, which Rosaria sucked and licked with renewed fervour, knowing the reward she would get at the end. As she desperately tried to make the tentacle in her mouth bring forth its prize, she felt the tentacles in her ass, cunt and the ones surrounding her begin to writhe as the other had, squirming in anticipation Rosaria felt the tentacles pulse, drawing forth hot loads of cum to pour in and onto her. She moaned her appreciation as the hot liquids pouring into and over her brought her to orgasm again. The tentacles withdrew, leaving her on her knees dripping cum and servicing the final one in her mouth. After a short time devoting her hands and mouth to the final tentacle it erupted into her mouth, shooting forth another load of cum which was greedily devoured. Sitting back down she noticed that the other woman had left, although a significant wet patch was left on the ground where she had been sitting, Rosaria smiled as she felt herself drift back into unconsciousness.

Rosaria dragged her hands up and down the tentacle, her outstretched tongue just touching the tip. It didn’t take long before the tentacle erupted into her mouth, the familiar taste of the cum bring her to orgasm once again. She had lost track of how many times she’d done this. Sometimes the woman was there when the tentacles came forth to fuck her again, sometimes she wasn’t. The few times she had begged the woman to come and fuck her she had smiled and told Rosaria that she wasn’t ready yet. Rosaria smiled as the tentacles retreated back into the rune in the wall, slipping her hand down to rub at her cum covered cunt and breasts. It had gotten to the point where the tentacles weren’t enough, she’d started rubbing herself after they left, her need to cum again and again not satisfied by the writhing purple masses. As she leant her head back against the wall she heard a familiar voice speak softly to her;

“You’re ready.”

Rosaria awoke to see the beautiful woman in front of her. She was no longer in the darkness with the wall behind her her only landmark, she sat in a beautiful library, lounged in a comfortable armchair in front of a roaring fire, the woman wore the same outfit she had always worn when she saw Rosaria, a simple black band covering her nipples and nothing else. Ignoring her surroundings and remembering what the beautiful woman had said Rosaria stood, running at the lady. When she reached her Rosaria grabbed her face and dragged her into a hot and heavy open mouthed kiss, slipping her tongue into the womans mouth. She felt the woman grab at her nipple, twisting it heavily while another hand dropped to her cunt and began fingering her pleasure bud softly. Rosaria softly dropped one hand, trailing it down the woman’s body, lingering on her breasts to roughly fondle them and then continuing down. Rosaria felt her hand shaking in trepidation as she reached the other woman’s pubic hair, following the neat trail down to her waiting cunt. Rosaria felt the woman moan into her mouth as she began trailing her fingers around her pleasure bud, Rosaria moaned back and bit at the woman’s lower lip, dragging the nails of the hand not busy down the woman's back, this earned her a hiss of mixed pain and pleasure and the woman pushed her back, a couch appearing beneath her as she fell. Slowly the woman walked over her, before kneeling onto the couch and lowering her dripping cunt to Rosaria’s mouth. Rosaria greedily lapped and licked at the cunt above her, the thing she had been waiting for for who knows how long. She brought her hands up, enclosing the breasts of the woman and removing the band. Finding that her nipple’s were pierced in a mirror of Rosaria’s own, she tugged and twisted at the bars expertly, unceasingly licking at the other woman’s cunt. Rosaria felt the other woman begin to twitch and wiggle above her and knew she had found her place, as the other woman shuddered and came from Rosaria’s tongue, Rosaria knew that this is what she wanted to be doing for the rest of her life.

Rosaria stared at the church in front of her, according to her master she had once been important to these people. Rosaria giggled, her master had told her that she had to come here and come she had, she would do anything to make her master happy. She pulled her travelling cloak tighter around her and climbed the stairs. As Rosaria entered the church she noticed that they were in the middle of a sermon, a priest stood at the head of a congregation and lectured them on the evils of sin and the desires of the flesh. Rosaria shook her head, if only he knew what he was talking about, he wouldn’t be so quick to deny those desires. Rosaria made her way around the congregation, coming up such that she was level with the priest. Ignoring the gasps and mutters of outrage about someone disrupting the priest she strode up to the altar, dropping her cloak to the ground as she walked beneath she was naked, body proudly born for all to see, including her cunt that was dripping in anticipation of what was going to happen. She stood at the front of the congregation and announced herself;

“I am the Paladin, Rosaria. The gods are false! Weak whores that scurry in fear of true power. Behold the power of my master, the Lich!”

With her words a mess of tentacles erupted from the walls, drawing all close into them and treating them how Rosaria had once been treated by them. Rosaria saw the light of intelligence leave the eyes of the congregation and priest as lust overtook them. They tore off their clothes and rushed at each other, forming an orgy in the centre of the church. Rosaria smiled as she lounged on the altar, the spell would wear off in a few days, and they could continue to spread the word of her master. She eyed a few members of the orgy, ones she deemed capable would come up to service her, then she would move on, find another church, spread the word again. Soon all of Pasor would be bowing to the Lich.
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