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Hello I'm Tara, You can choose to believe it or not but, these are true events that happened back, when I was a young 19 year old naive virgin geek teenager that was attending mortuary science College with my sister
So a little bit about me, Today, I'm a 41 year old mortician / funeral director with children that operates our family's Mortuary and cemetery. I'm 5 foot 7, approximately 114 pounds with long raven black hair and glasses, I'm married in a polygamist marriage ( not Mormon ). I have two sister wives Toni that's a year younger than me and she is also my biological sister. Then there's Kathy that is a good bit younger than us, she's 23 years old and between the three of us girls, we have 7 children to our husbond.

I was nicknamed vampirTara back when I was in high, well at first because of my pale white skin, long raven black hair and naturally long incisors (fangs), I was called "Lily Munster" with an occasional "Morticia" thrown in from someone. And it took off like a runaway freight train, when they discovered I had "Porphyria" nicknamed "The Vampire disease" and could not go out in the sunlight and with the abnormally long incisors (fangs), they had a field day.

Well, most of us have a skeleton or two in our closet, I'm no different. Needless to say, what happened here, my husband does not know about. So, back in January, 1994, I was an 19-year-old skinny little horny virgin geek with glasses, trying to get my childhood sweetheart and best friend into my panties and take my virginity. He was not a virgin that I knew, because he had gotten into the panties of some of my girlfriends, girls talk. But I didn't push it, by coming on too strong and acting slutty, because I wanted him to marry me. I didn't want him to think, I was a slut, like he referred to the other girls. And some will say, well why did not go get another guy to take my virginity, I was in love with him and I did not want anyone else. Me and my sister Toni grew up with him, our mothers were best friends. So, me and my sister was always competing for his attention. Getting into some hair pulling, black eye, bloody nose kind of fights over him, along with chasing away the other girls the best we could. We would fight until we both got tired. So, one day after a bloody fight, we came to a compromise, that we would follow our druid religions ancient practice polygamy. we agreed, I will get him to marry me first and then she would marry him the following year.

February rolled around and we told him what the two of us girls had agreed upon, I don't think he had the courage to tell us no, if he knew what was good for him. He agreed, so I finally got him to marry me, but not into my panties yet. so I hurried and I started making plans for my wedding, before he changed his mind. I was able to get the banquet hall for September and my one Aunt did catering, so that was not a problem. We were not going to take a honeymoon, because we didn't have tons of money at the time. along with, he couldn't get off work at the bus company and I was going to mortuary science College, but I was happy as a songbird.

It was the middle of May, we were having a family picnic at Pymatuning Lake for the weekend with all my uncles, aunts and such. Well, my future husband hadn't picked his best man yet, because frankly, he didn't like to many men. So, me and my sister were sitting at the picnic table talking about the wedding and my sister suggested, that we ask my future husband. If he would make Kenny his best man, because he's always doing things for us and Kenny's 18th birthday fells on the day of my wedding, it would be something nice to do and make his day. So we asked him, well my future husband said, "He liked Kenny, no problem," and we made Kenny's three buddies Usher's. Now, Kenny has Down syndrome and lives in an apartment across the street from all of us, with his three buddies. The two, Sam and Mark are a little bit older than him and David is 18 years old, well they all have Down syndrome and live independently. Along with, they all have jobs, more than I can say for most men, so I give them credit. Well, Kenny works at the local supermarket gathering shopping carts and also, down at the local bar cleaning up. Now, he's always hanging around our apartment, asking if he can do things, like cut the grass or run to the store, stuff like that. Well, it's so obvious to everyone that, he has a crush on me and they make jokes about it, but it doesn't bother me.

Well it was Saturday, September 10th, 1994 and my wedding day had arrived. I was wearing a white spaghetti strap A-line bodice style gown, we did the bloodletting and had our hands tied, the Druid Celtic way. Everything went smoothly as planned during the wedding, an hour and a half later we were all at the banquet hall for the reception. It was about 5:30 p.m. when we had gotten done taking photos and I had about three Sloe Gin Fizzes in me already. I was feeling pretty buzzed from the liquor and was getting very giddy and giggling a lot, like I always do when I drink liquor. Well I decided, I was going outside to have a couple of cigarettes.

My 71-year-old grandfather decided, he was going to go also, along with Kenny. Well, it was raining lightly outside and my aunt Catherine, told me her umbrella was in the coat room, out in the hall past the bathrooms. So, we went down the hall past the bathrooms and there was tons of doors, with no names on them. Well the first two were locked, I opened the one door and it was dimly lit by a little window. All I could see was chairs and tables stacked, I figured it was the storage room. I figured oh I'll have a couple of cigarettes in here, so I went over to sit on one of the tables. Well, I roasting in that wedding gown and I noticed a pedestal fan, Kenny kicked that on, as me and my grandfather lit a cigarette. A few minutes later my sister Toni and my husband came in the room.

My sister said, "Found ya, I thought, I seen you at a distance going in here. Sis hold still, you're getting your hair all messed up," as she came over and set her camera down on the table, then started fussing with my long Raven black hair.

Well, we all were smoking and I had a good buzz going from the alcohol. When my sister finished fussing with my hair, she reached down and grabbed her camera off the table. Then she stood in front of me with her hands on her hips.

She said, "Stand up Tara, let's get a couple of sexy photos of you in your wedding dress!"

As I stood up giggling, I replied back, you got to be kidding me, sexy photos!"

Then my sister said, "Pull up the front of your gown up, showing your garter and panties."

Giggling I replied, "Whoa, but Kenny and our grandfather are here."

My husband said, "I don't care, unless it really bothers her?" as me and my sister both looked at him.

Giggling I said, I can't do that, I'm too embarrassed to do this in front of my grandfather, he'll see my panties and then there's Kenny."

"Like our grandfather and even our uncles haven't seen our panties before, with the short mini skirts me and you wear. You know we've both stood there and caught them looking up our skirts. And thought it was disgusting, when we seen them pitching a tent in the front of their pants. Now, Kenny you know he has a crush on you, he would love to see the this, come on make his day and give him a treat!" my sister said.

Giggling from the alcohol, I replied back, "I don't know, but okay, if it doesn't bother my husband," so I raised the front of my wedding gown up, showing my blue and black Star Trek garter and just a hint of my panties showing.

And my sister said, "Come on raise your gown up more, little higher, come on now higher, let's see some more panties, higher, up to your garter belt sis!"

My eyes opened up wide giggling like crazy, I looked and said, "What!

My sister replied back, "Come on let's make these pictures sexy, it's your day, like the old saying goes, a girl's wedding only comes, but once or least it's supposed to."

I looked over at my husband, he didn't care, giggling like crazy I said, "Oh my God, I can't believe I'm doing this!" So, I slowly raised my wedding gown all of the way up, to my garter belt. my grandfather and Kenny's eyes were glued to my skimpy little pair of shiny white satin bikini panties, like kids in a candy shop. Well, I smiled and my sister snapped a couple of pictures, then as I was pulling my gown down, I noticed Kenny had an erection poking up in his pants.

My sister then said, "Okay now, Tara bend over that table!"

I said,, "Huh, oooook!" so I bent over the table, leaning on my elbows, I turned and looked towards the camera and my sister walked over to me.

My sister said, I'm going to take a picture of your cute little round ass with those little pair of sexy panties on, in your wedding gown."

Then my sister picked up the back of my wedding gown all of the way up a bit past my garter belt and fixing it nicely. I giggled and wiggled my little round ass, my sister gave it a little slap, then she stepped back and snapped a couple of pictures.

My sister Toni said to Kenny and my grandfather, "Tara, she has a great ass doesn't she?"

Kenny couldn't take his eyes off my tiny little pear White Satin bikini panties to talk, but managed to with a slight stutter reply, "It's beautiful and she has pretty panties on."

My grandfather said "Oh my lord, in heaven, she's got a great bottom and those panties she is wearing are heavenly, I give anything to be mounted on that!

Giggling and laughing, I blurted out, "GRAAAADFATHER! I can't believe, he said that, OH MY GOD!"

Then my grandfather blurted out, "I'm sorry my granddaughter, but you have a gorgeous bottom, just like your sister Toni there. She has gorgeous titties, that I would like to put my tallywacker between.

My sister starts laughing, as she walking over to me leaning over the table, with the back of my wedding gown up. She blurts out, "OH MY GOOOOD, that was too much information grandpap. Holy shit! my grandpap wants to titty fuck me and what are you laughing at Tara! He wants to ride your ass, just like all of the men in the family do, me and you heard that up at Pymatuning Lake. When they didn't see us, as we walked up on all of our uncles fishing. Talking about how sweet your little ass was and how they wanted to fuck you, daddy was one of them also! Ok now here's a sexy photo to take."

My sister slid down my panties, exposing my bare ass and smoothly waxed pussy. my husband just stood there watching and smoking a cigarette, he didn't say a word. I started giggling real hard and said, "Oh my  god, Kenny and my grandfather, now know what my ass and pussy look like!" as my sister snapped away taking pictures. Then my sister came over and gave me a kiss, sticking her tongue in my mouth, as I leaned over on the table. Still giggling I said to her, "Are we done Yet."

My sister replied, "Yep Tara," and gave me a little slap on the ass.

So, I leaned back up off of the table and pulled my panties up, then said, "Now can I smoke a cigarette," as my sister Toni was fixing my dress.

Then my sister said, "Some of us better get back out to the reception, we have guests don't forget." 

So, my sister grabbed my husband and Kenny, to go back to the reception with her, as I sat on the table and have a cigarette.

After few minutes, I had finished my second cigarette, when I got up off the table to leave. I knocked my cell phone on a box behind it. So I bent over the table to get my cell phone, when suddenly, I felt the back of my wedding gown being picked up. I looked over my shoulder and giggling from the alcohol, I yelled, "What are you doing grandfather!" as I grabbed my cell phone and tried to get up.

My grandfather replied, "Hold still Tara, I want some of that young sweet pussy of your's!" as he pushed me back down on the table.

Giggling I yelled, "You need to stop grandfather, you dirty old man!"

My grandfather replied, "Just hold still Tara, you're going to give me some pussy!

I yelled back giggling, "No I won't, this is incest, I'm your granddaughter asshole, plus you're 71 years old and I'm 19 years old and you have a bad heart, now quit! Come on now, someones going to walk in and see this!" as I was squirming trying to get up, he managed to get my wedding gown all the way up to my hips. 

My grandfather yelled, "No one's going to catch us sweetie, you're my young hotsy totsy granddaughter. Tara, I don't care even if we did get caught, nailing you is something to brag about, Oh my Lord in heaven, your little round ass looks, so good in those little pair of white satin bikini panties, all of the women I've been with, never looked nowhere near this good. Now hold still Tara and give your grandfather some pussy!" 

I could feel his old wrinkled hands running all over the material of my tiny pair of white satin bikini panties and grabbing my ass cheeks. He was feeling my young little round ass up real good, as he pushed me back down on the table, every time I tried to get up.

 Then I heard my grandfather undoing his pants, I yelled, "Whoa, oh my God, no no grandfather?" 

My grandfather said, "Now hold still Tara, you're gonna give me some pussy! You're gonna make an old man's dream come true, I've always dreamed of fucking you!" as he pushed me back down on the table again.

With his hand on my hip, my grandfather took his right hand and slid my panties down. Then with the side of his foot, he Kicked my feet apart spreading my legs and giving him easy access to my smoothly waxed pussy. My horny little virgin pussy sensed there was a penis on the way, even though I didn't want to do this, my little virgin pussy started twitching like crazy in anticipation, of what was about to happen. 

My grandfather yelled, "Now give me some of this pussy." as he mounted me and put head of his penis between my pussy lips. 

I yelled out loud , "OH MY GOD, GRANDFATHER NO!" I couldn't stop him, as he grabbed my hips and held him tightly. He started to push his old penis in me, the head of my grandfathers penis hit my hymen.

My grandfather blurted out, "Ho Ho Ho Tara, I'm going to be your first!" 

I cried out, "PLEEEASE, NOooo grandfather!" My grandfather gave a thrust, "OOOWWWWWWW!" I cried out as the head of my grandfathers old penis broke through my hymen. 

"AHHHH TARA, your pussy feel so good and so tighttttt!" my grandfather blurted out. 

his old penis slid inside of my smoothly waxed pussy, It felt so good, I stopped resisting and I yelled, "oooOH MYYY! grandfather, DO IT, TAKE ME!" my grandfather was holding on to my hips tightly, while his old penis was slowly sliding in and out of my young little virgin 18-year-old pussy. My primal instincts and hormones of wanting to get laid, took over. I started slowly moving my little round ass in a slow twerking motion with every stroke of his penis into my pussy. I started to moan, me and my grandfather was fucking in a nice slow rhythm, my grandfather was giving my young little pussy what has been wanting for a long time. The old flesh of his penis was sliding against the soft walls of my young horny pussy, so good, as he was pumping it to me.

I could feel his big fat belly and old gray pubic hair brushing against my young little round ass cheeks. Lord, I was hoping no one walked in and seen me and my own grandfather fucking. A few minutes later, I snapped my head back, as my back arched and digging my nails into the table. Moaning out loudly, as I started to orgasm, "Oh god grandfather," I cried out. My grandfather continued to fuck me, while I laid there bent over the table with my eyes glossed over. My grandfather's old penis got bathed in my young 19-year-old little virgin pussy juices. It was only minutes later,, with a tight grip on my hips, he pulled my ass tightly against him. It quickly dawned on me, OMG! it's that time of the month that I ovulate. Even though I giggling from the alcohol, I was serious, as I cried out, "Grandfather pull out please, don't ejaculate inside me. I don't want to get pregnant, pull it out and ejaculate in my mouth!"

Breathing heavenly, my grandfather grunted out loud, "Oh yes Tara, Tara, Tara, Tara," I tried to pull away, but he had a tight grip on my hips and my young little round ass held firmly against his old body. It was too late, I felt his warm semen oozing out of his old penis into me. So I stopped struggling and let my grandfather finish ejaculating his semen in to me. I hoped he wasn't getting me pregnant, after a minute my grandfather was done and pulled his old penis out of me. Then gave my ass a little slap, I laid there bent over the table for a few minutes feeling guilty for what just happened, as I heard him put his penis back in his pants and zipping them up. I then leaned back up off the table and pulled my panties up, then after fixing my gown, I walked over to him and and with a little giggle said to him, "You dirty Old man, I'm your granddaughter, I'm not going to say anything and you better not either, but you ever do that to me again, without an invitation, I will beat your fucking old ass and then throw you on my embalming table."

Then I walked over and peeked out the door, to see if anyone was around. The hall was empty, so I stepped out and started walking slowly down the hall back to my reception, shaking my young little round ass like a proud little hen, that just got it from the rooster. I was relaxed and feeling good that, I had just lost my virginity, even though, I didn't want it to happen, but it did and it felt so good. So It was a couple of minutes after 6 p.m. when I returned to my reception and everyone was having a great time. We had a buffet dinner, champagne, I mingled with my guests a bit and danced. It was until after midnight, when we got home, well, sir Galahad, my knight in shining armor. The jerk just walked up and went in the apartment, leaving me and my sister carry the stuff in.

I set the stuff down in the kitchen and went over to see my husband passed out on the sofa. Well, my sister walked in carrying the last of the stuff to seen me standing there, with my hands on my hips, just looking down at him. My sister set the stuff on the kitchen table, she came over and slapped him in the head, but he didn't even flinch.

My sister blurts out, "What a fucking asshole, passed out drunk and it's your wedding night!"

I said to my sister, "Let's put the stuff away and go to bed, if that asshole only knew, he just missed out on a threesome. Well, me and you could still have fun sis!"

My sister yelled, " His loss Tara! give me a second, to put all this stupid cake in the fridge. Then, we'll go in the bedroom and I'll help you out of your wedding dress, then we can have some girl fun. Well, I woke up the next morning to my sister slapping me on the ass and sitting on the bed.

My sister said, "Get up Tara, it's 10 after 11, So I had just gotten up, when your hubby left for work and he looked like he was dragging. So, come on Tara, get up, while you sleeping, I ran down to the supermarket and got a little birthday cake and some ice cream for Kenny. We can go over in a little bit and celebrate his birthday, since we missed it yesterday. I already told them we're coming over, so come on and get up and take a shower.

I yelled " Shit, I forgot to get him a birthday gift!

Laughing my sister replied, "What's the big deal, just give him a blowjob for his birthday. You know, he's had a crush on you for a long time, he'll love it!"

I yelled, "SAY WHAT!"

As she got up off of the bed, my sister replied, "Seriously, take him in his room, strip down to your panties or get naked and suck his dick off. What's the big deal, I sucked David's dick!"

I picked my head up off the pillow and yelled, " DAVID, THAT ASSHOLE, NO YOU DIDN'T!

My sister replied while fixing her hair in dresser mirror, " Yep, when we were up at Pymatuning Lake.

I replied," What made you do that!"

My sister replied back, "Well actually, well you know all of us were drinking all weekend. You remember, when David went down a bit from our uncles to fish and I went down to where he was, just as you were leaving. Well, I sat down next to him and told him, he was wasting his time, because the other guys were not having any luck catching fish. He was so sure, he was going to catch a fish, so being buzzed from liquor. I said to him, that if he caught a fish in next 10 minutes, I would suck his dick. Fuck, if he didn't catch a few minutes later, so I kept my word and took him into the bushes and sucked his dick off. And you remember, the next evening when we were all sitting the campfire and I was horny. But, I was going to go look for Jasper in the dark, then, when I got back, we were going to go in the tent and fool around. Well, when I came back, soaking wet with David and Jasper, you asked me, what took me so long. Then, I told you, I fell in the lake, trying to get the dumb dog, as he decided to take a midnight swim. Well, when I got out of the water soaking wet, as Jasper continued swimming around. I seen David standing there with his dick out taking a pee Well, being drunk and horny, I looked at his dick and David was staring at my soaking wet halter top. That was clinging to me, totally showing off my breasts and nipples, because I wasn't wearing a bra. And from the cold water, my nipples were hard and poking out, my shirt was totally see-through from being wet. There was nothing left to the imagination, he was getting a excellent view of my breasts. I thought about it for a second and I went for it, I took off my White tank top and blue jean shorts, then I slipped off my pink satin bikini panties. And, the next thing you know, I was down on my hands and knees doggy style with David behind me, holding on to my hips and fucking me. Yep, David took my virginity Tara, he popped my cherry and it hurt when he did, but it felt so fucking good afterwards."

And I replied back to my sister Toni, "You mean, when I went down on you in the tent, that wasn't yours! It was David semen that I was licking up and swallowing, what the fuck sis, oh yuck!"

She replied back, "I'm sorry sis, but come on get up now!"

Well, after taking a shower, I slipped on my little pair of shiny satin black bikini panties and matching bra. Then put on a pair of tight dark blue jeans and a long sleeve blue flannel shirt. I fixed my long raven black hair in the mirror, quickly putting it into a ponytail, then slip my tennis shoes on and went downstairs. Me and my sister grabbed the birthday cake and ice cream, then went across the street to Kenny's apartment. Well, as we walked in, Kenny and his buddies, Sam, mark and David, we're sitting there watching a porno movie.

I yelled, "Okay guys turned that off!" well, they ignored my announcement, they kept on watching some girl with long black hair sucking on some guy's penis.

Well, Kenny blurt it out I wish some girl would do that to me!"

Then, it flipped to the same girl was riding a guy and Kenny's buddy David blurted out, " she looks like Tara, I think it's really her!"

I blurted out nice and loud, "I don't think so, NOT!" as my sister Toni went over and shut the VCR off. They all wined when she did that, so we got out the cake and ice cream and sung happy birthday to Kenny. We sat around eating cake and ice cream bullshiting, while playing poker for quarters. as we played poker, I thinking about how much of a crush Kenny's had on me for long time and what I heard him say, when they were watching that porno movie. I thought about what my sister said, well, I was out of quarters anyways, so I decided, "Why not, let's make Kenny's day."

I reached over and took Kenny's hand, I then stood up and said to him, "Come on let's go in your bedroom Kenny, I have a birthday present for you." As I gave Kenny's hand a little tug, my sister just looked with a smirk on her face. He got up off of the sofa and I lead him over to the bedroom door, only a few feet away. Kenny opened his bedroom door and I followed him in, I closed the door behind me. I turned around and leaned back against the bedroom door and said to Kenny, "Kenny remember, when you was watching that dirty movie with your buddy's a little bit ago and you said, you wished a girl would do that to you!"

Kenny replied, "You mean, when that girl was sucking on that man's dick or when that girl was on top of that guy, going up and down on that guy's dick!"

I replied back, "The first one! well, yesterday was your 18th birthday and with my wedding and everything. I didn't get a chance to give you a birthday gift, Kenny how would you like me to suck on your penis." Kenny had the look on his face, like little Ralphie in " A Christmas Story " when he got his Red Ryder Carbine Action air rifle. 

Kenny replied, "Yes Tara, yes yes please, I've never had a girl suck on my dick before!"

With my arms down in front me and my fingers interlaced, as I strolled over to Kenny I said, " You haven't, well Kenny when you leave this bedroom you will no longer be able to say that, because I'm going to let you stick your penis in my mouth and I'm going to suck on it! I stood in front of him and gave him a soft kiss on the lips. Then, I sat down on the edge of the bed I said, "Take it take out, take out your penis Kenny!" Kenny stood in front of me and was quickly unbuttoning his shorts. He pulled his zipper down and reached in his boxers, as I sat on the edge of the bed in shock of how quickly, he was trying to get his penis out. I think he wanted to get his penis in my mouth, before I change my mind. Well, he pulled his erect penis out, I do have to admit, for being a little chubby, Kenny did have an average length penis, it looked to be about 5 and 1/2 inches, but it was thick and it curved exactly like a banana.

I could see the thick bluish veins pulsating that ran up the shaft of his penis. The head of his penis was a deep reddish purple and it was throbbing, I reached over and wrapped my fingers around the shaft of his penis. Then, I parted my lips and leaned forward, then slid my lips over the head of Kenny's penis. As I started slowly bobbing back and forth on it, I could hear Kenny's Buddy's in the living room asking my sister, "What are they doing in there?" Then my sister with a giggle replying, "I don't know! I took his penis out of my mouth and ran my tongue up the shaft of it.

Kenny blurted out, "Tara that feels so good, please don't stop!"

I slid my lips back over the head of his penis again and I Swirled my tongue around the head of it. Just then, Kenny ejaculated a big thick warm jet of semen on the roof of my mouth, then another big thick warm jet of warm semen ejaculated into the back of my throat. Then there was one final little thick squirt of warm semen onto my tongue. Kenny was done ejaculating, but his penis still kept on spasming between my lips. I kept on sucking on his penis, as I let my Kenny's thick warm semen slide down my throat into my stomach. Then, a minute later, I slid my lips off of Kenny's penis and said, "Boy that was super quick, it only took you a minute or two to ejaculate, wow you squirted a lot in my mouth."

I sat there on the edge of the bed holding Kenny's soft and limp penis in my fingers, I hooked up again and said, "Happy birthday Kenny, let's go out and have some more cake and ice cream.

Then Kenny said, " Tara, can I see your boobies first?"

Giggling, I looked up with a smile and said, "Sure."

I stood up in front of Kenny and slowly unbuttoned my flannel shirt, the look in Kenny's eyes, as I slowly parted my shirt open. His eyes were glued to my black satin bra that was trimmed in lace, I reached behind my back and unhooked my bra. Then, I reached up with both my hands and slid straps of my bra off of my shoulders. I let my bra dropped down to the carpet, then I stood there with my hands on my hips, letting Kenny look at my breasts.

Kenny said, "Can I touch them, Tara?"

I smiled and said, "Sure."

I stood there and let Kenny fondle my breasts, he played with my nipples and squeezed my breasts for a while.

Then Kenny said, " Can I see your butt again Tara, you have a pretty butt?"

I giggled and said, "Kenny would you like to see me naked?"

Kenny said, " Yes please!"

I Then, reached down and unbutton my jeans, I could see Kenny's eyes was glued to the front of my blue jeans. So, I slid the zipper down on them and then slowly parted them open. Then, I slid my jeans off of my hips and down my thighs, then stepping out of them, as slid down my legs to to my feet. I kicked my blue jeans with my right foot, out of the way, I reached to my hips and hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my shiny satin black bikini panties. Then, I slowly slid my bikini panties down off of my hips to my thighs, I let them fall to the carpet and stepped out of them.

Then Kenny said to me, " Tara you have pretty panties and you have no hair on your pussy."

I replied back to kenny, " Yes, I always, take the hair off my pussy." then I slowly turned around letting Kenny see my naked body. After turning around, I said to him, "You like what you see Kenny?"

Kenny said back to me, "Tara, yes yes yes!"

Then I looked down and seen Kenny had an erection already, I was surprised, it wasn't that long since he ejaculated. It was what only a few minutes ago and I thought it took men a bit to recover. As I looked down at his erect penis, I thought to myself " what the fuck! I didn't plan on going this far, but he's had a crush on me for a long time and would do anything for me. So, let's give him something to remember for a lifetime, I'll take his virginity. " I said to Kenny, " Kenny do you want to have sex with me?"

Kenny started stuttering and but said, "Yes Tara, I've always wanted to have sex with you. I know you're married, but I've always wanted you to be my girlfriend even and get married, then I get you pregnant with with babies."

Giggling, I said to Kenny, " Wow get me pregnant, ok let's have sex Kenny, take off your t-shirt, your shorts and underwear, get naked, like I am. Then lie down on the bed Kenny." He ripped off his clothes and climbed into the bed and laid down, then I climbed delicately on top of Kenny and straddled him. I reached down between us and took a hold of his penis and placed it between the lips of my smoothly waxed pussy. I then slowly lowered myself down on it. The head of my Kenny's penis slowly parted my pussy lips and entered me. The shaft of his penis started slowly disappearing up inside of me.

Kenny said, " Tara, my dick is in your pussy it feels so good."

I said back to Kenny, " Yes I know,"

Kenny then took both of his hands and grabbed my little round ass cheeks, as I gently sat on top of him with his penis entirely up inside of me. I leaned forward placing my hands on the back of the headboard of the bed, then very easily and gently started riding him. My pussy slowly sliding my pussy up and down the shaft of Kenny's penis. He held my little round ass cheeks tightly, the room was filled with a wet sloppy sucking sound of Kenny's penis going in and out of my smoothly waxed pussy.

Kenny said, " Tara, your pussy, it feels so good, please don't stop."

I said back to Kenny, "I'm not going to stop Kenny," as I continued riding him. Breathing heavily, I started picking up the pace, my pussy slid up and down the shaft of his penis quickly. I rode him and rode him for good 15 minutes.

Then Kenny yelled, "Tara!"

Then finally, I felt kenny start to ejaculate his semen up inside of me, I leaned back and play stands on his chest as I sat back on top of him. Then moving my ass and hips forward and backwards, to milk the semen out of the shaft of his penis. He held onto my ass cheeks tightly, as I continued moved my ass back and forth milking the semen out of his penis with my pussy. A minute later I said to Kenny " Are you done emptying your balls inside of me, " Kenny shook his head, "Yes." But, I sat there for a few minutes more to make sure, he was done. Then, as I slowly climbed off of kenny and his penis slowly slid out of me, the look on his face was priceless. He looked like, he was somewhere in orbit, giggling I said to him, "Ground Control calling Major Tom."

I got off of the bed and picked my panties up off of the carpet, then slipped them on. As I was slipping on my bra, Kenny finally came down from orbit, he got off of the bed and put his underwear and shorts back on. Well, I had just slipped on my flannel shirt, but hadn't buttoned it up yet, I pulled up my blue jeans and I walked over to the bedroom door with Kenny. I said wait a minute for me to button up my shirt and pants," just as I had buttoned the first bottom button of my flannel shirt. Kenny opens the bedroom door, wide open and walks out. Well, as the door opens everyone gets a perfect view out of the front of my jeans wide open with my little pair of black satin bikini panties showing and my black satin lace bra, as I'm in the process of buttoning up my flannel shirt.

My sisters jaw dropped open for 2 seconds, then she starts giggling with a smirk on her face. Well, I walked out of the bedroom over to my sister sitting on the sofa, while I buttoned up my flannel shirt. Giggling, she put her hand up to high five her, Kenny's three Buddy's all yelled out, "Alright Kenny!" as Kenny went over to start bragging, to them.

And Kenny's one buddy David, the asshole yelled out, "I'm going next in the bedroom to fuck Tara!"

I looked up as I was finishing buttoning the last button on my flannel shirt, I looked over at him and said, "I don't think so, asshole! so, you better sit your ass back down, before I slap you silly!" His buddies all laughed at him, after I said that, as they stared at my panties, while I pulled the zipper up and button to my jeans.

As, I sat down on the sofa beside my sister, she leans over and whispers into my ear, "Way to go sis, that was so nice of you Tara, I thought you were going in his room to just suck him off."

I replied whispered back to her, " Well, I figured why not, what better 18th birthday gift. then to give him a blowjob, but then he asked to see my boobs and stuff afterwards. Well, I was naked letting him look and touch my body when his penis got erect again, so I figured I'd take his virginity and let him do me."

My sister whispered back, "And he also took your virginity!"

I lied to my sister, I didn't want to tell her what our grandfather did to me and I whispered back to my her, "Yes." So, to this day my sister thinks Kenny is the one that took my virginity,

Then, we were interrupted when Kenny's asshole buddy David asked, "Kenny says you sucked his dick off and then you and him fucked."

I replied back to him, "Yes, he's not lying!"

Giggling my sister whispered back to me, "I want details later. by the Kenny's Buddy's want me and you to come over tomorrow evening and play strip poker."

I whispered back to my sister, "Nahhhh."

Well, me and my sister hung around for about another half an hour and then we got up to leave.

And Kenny's asshole buddy David yelled, "Are you Kenny's girlfriend?"

I replied back, as me and my sister were ready to go out the door, "So what if I am, jealous!" I then gave Kenny a little wave and said, "Bye Bye Kenny." Well, me and my sister went across the street to our Apartment, my sister sat down on the porch step.

My sister said, "Come on Tara, give me the details of what went on in the bedroom with you and Kenny!"

So, I sat down on the step beside her and filled her in on all the details, later my husband came home from work. He started being all lovey dovey and apologizing, well, I finally got my husband fuck me that night. My husband never knew what had happened at the reception or the next day afterwards, a skeleton in my closet. Well, the following year, he married my sister Toni that was already pregnant from him along with me also. After that happened, I was totally faithful and so is my sister. The next out of the ordinary, crazy whatever you want to call it incident that happened in my life was years later...... contained in "The vampirtara Chronicles: The day our family's Rottweiler took me"


2018-05-16 05:35:02
@ArchAngelMichael when it comes to Kenny I had a soft spot for him because he had such a crush on me. He would have done anything for me and something in my heart told me to do what I did. Kenny is gone now and I shall never forget him.


2018-04-27 08:36:34
Tara, you are a dark angel! I had a Downes brother, Mark, who died before puberty but I would have tried to arrange love for him like you gave Kenny. I am 72 a year older than your grandfather when this occurred and I don't agree with non-consensual sex period but if I was in your presence I'd be hoping for an invitation.


2017-11-06 00:57:18
Great stuff one of my favorite stories


2017-09-15 10:35:52
Well, Clover Ernest, whatever conspiracy theory you have, that's fine. Continue to believe it, if you like, it's a free country, last I checked. But I don't feed the trolls, no matter how much you beg.

Clover ErnestReport

2017-09-15 05:19:00
So, what's with you going around and downvoting other authors' - more popular authors' works? You just trying to be a bitch and lower everyone elses rating so yours is on top? That shit won't work. ToucanPlay tried and LOST that game, and so will you.

I'm not being a troll, either. Your story was well written, it had it's flaws here and there, as every story does. It was fairly entertaining , too. But watch it, you may find thyself pissing off the wrong fans.

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