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Recounting the aftermath of Vickie's sexual awakening.
Richard’s sleep was not restful. He dreamed about his wife being fucked by the old man that they had met last night. The man’s cock was large and uncut. Richard had been completely mesmerized by it. It brought back memories of his first sexual encounter. He remembered it vividly. He had just joined the Scouts and was on his first camping trip. He was eleven years old and excited to go out camping.

They had met that Saturday morning and the scout master had made sure that all the boys were carrying even loads in their packs. Each boy had a blanket, sleeping bag, mess kit, canteen with water, and half a pup tent, and some food stuffs. The younger boys were paired with a more experienced scout. Richard had been paired with John. Richard was happy that it was with him and not Tommy. John was supportive and always demonstrating the right way to do things. Tommy was the biggest kid in the troop and was a bully.

They took a five mile hike in order to mark off some stupid requirement in the Scout book, and camped in a wooded area. John showed him how to properly position the tent in an area that wood stay dry if it rained. The he showed Richard how to erect the tent with the poles, stake the edges, and use ropes that were drawn tight at a 45 degree angle and secured in the ground with a metal stake.

All of the boys joined together for a camp fire dinner and ghost stories before returning to their tents. Afterwards they returned to their tents for the night. It was dark as they entered the tent and they used their flashlights to sort things out and get their sleeping bags ready of the night. Then they turned them off when they were comfortably situated in the bags.

The two of them told stories for a while. The stories as might imagine led to the topic of sex. Richard was completely ignorant of the details of sex. He knew that a man stuck his pecker into a woman. That it must feel great, and that he would shoot off and that’s how babies were made.

“I’ve had sex with two girls so far,” John said. “It was the greatest feeling.”

“Really. Wow that’s amazing,” Richard said feeling his hairless little dick start to get stiff.

“Yeah it was really super. I can’t wait to get another piece of pussy” John said as he turned his flashlight on again. He had his sleeping bag open and his underwear pulled down exposing his erect dick as he rubbed it up and down.

“Have you ever jacked off? It feels almost as good as pussy,” he said as he rubbed his dick slowly. He was uncircumcised and each time he pulled downward the head would appear out of the foreskin.

Richard had never seen such a large dick. Not even his father’s was that big. It was fully erect and was at least eight inches long and appeared even bigger than that attached to such a young boy. Richard had trouble listening to all the instructions that John was explaining to him.

“You just hold it in your fist like this,” as he re-grasped his dick. “Then you just squeeze it gently as you rub it up and down,” as he continued to masturbate. “Be careful if you do this in the shower. It stings like hell if you get soap in the eye of you dick.”

“OK Richard let’s see you pecker,” John suggested.

Richard pulled back the sleeping bag and shyly pulled down his underwear to expose his hairless three-inch dick that was fully erect. Richard was breathless looking at John slowly massage his dick up and down.

“You are still pretty small and you don’t have any hair yet. Don’t worry about it. You will be maturing and your dick will get a lot bigger. My dick and pubs just really developed two years ago,” John said supportively.

John kept jacking off in full view of Richard who was entranced by the entire process. Richard wanted desperately to reach out and touch John’s large dick. He wanted to massage it for him. His breath was ragged as he watched. He was tempted to reach out and grasp it but was afraid of the consequences. “What if he thinks I am queer? What if he tells the other boys?” These thoughts froze Richard in place but he was still leaning closer to the action.

John notice Richard staring at his pecker and that he was breathing irregularly. It reminded him of when Jessica first saw his large dick. She had the same look as Richard. “Would you like to hold it,” John asked, while tilting the big dick toward Richard and rolling slightly on his hip toward Richard.

John’s dick was within Richard’s reach and he hesitantly moved his hand toward John and tentatively grasped the shaft. John placed Richard’s hand in the middle of the shaft and put his own hand over Richard’s to guide him how to properly stroke a big dick.

John eagerly continued the stroking and John’s breathing got deeper and irregular. He was softly encouraging Richard’s motions and his hips were raising up and down as if he was fucking Richard’s hand.

“Hmmm, that feels great. Go higher up the shaft…. Ohhh… That’s it.” John instructed.

Richard sensed the shaft getting as hard as wood. It felt like it had a bone in it. He could see the pre-cum coming out of the opening in the head. It increased each time he pulled the foreskin up over the head and back down.

“Uhhhgg…,” John grunted as he suddenly lurched upward and toward Richard and shot a massive load of cum onto Richard’s sleeping bag.

Richard was shocked when John shot off on his bag. He reached in his back pack and found his towel and energetically cleaned his sleeping bag. He was worried his mother would somehow know that the stain was ejaculate.

Richard still gets a hard on when he remembers that night. He was getting one now thinking about his wife getting well fucked by Robert last night.

Richard heard Vickie start to awaken and was brought back to reality. He rolled over to Vickie who was still sleeping on top of the covers. She had passed out right after they made love last night. He looked at her and could clearly see the streaks of Robert’s cum between her legs. She had a couple hickies on her neck and her milky white skin had several marks where she had been roughly handled.

Richard moved on top of her and kissed her lips. He inserted his tongue and she opened her eyes. She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him to her. Richard moved between her legs. Vickie was visualizing Robert mounting her again. She was immediately lifting her hips in search of Robert’s large cock. Robert he mistook her immediate sexual energy to be directed at him, not Robert.

Vickie was disappointed to find that it was Richard mounting her and pushing his dick into her pussy. She missed the fullness of Robert’s cock plunging into her tight pussy. She longed to feel the long strokes she had experienced just hours earlier.

She started humping back though, wanting Richard to get it over with quickly. She moaned in his ear, kissed his neck, and gyrated her hips, all in hopes of helping him finish quickly. It worked well as he pushed in as far as he could and felt the stream of cum shooting into her. Richard was using images of Robert’s and John’s large cocks to stoke his arousal as he pumped the last of his cum into Vickie’s pussy.

Vickie felt no release at all, but she faked a small orgasm. She got up and went to the bathroom and took a well-deserved bath. While she was bathing Richard ordered coffee and Danish for two. When Vickie came out, Richard went in and quickly showered. They both dressed and sat down to eat breakfast.

Vickie was not hungry but she drank two cups of coffee while she toyed with a roll on her plate.

“Did you get what you wanted last night?” Vickie finally asked as she sat her cup down.

“Vickie; that was the hottest thing I have ever seen.”

“You mean that you think that seeing your wife ravaged by another man … Taken by another man was sexually exciting to you? I feel as if I was forced to do it.”

“No, I told him that he could not force you. If you said to stop or resisted then everything would have stopped,” Richard explained the conditions he had given Robert.

“Honey,” he paused looking at her. “It was seeing you receive so much pleasure from another man that was the turn on. I love you so much.” Richard took a big bite of his Danish and continued. “You looked as if you were really enjoying it. I have never seen you so turned on.”

“It was very different. He has a very large cock.” She surprised herself using that term. “It wasn’t that much better than with you, it was just different,” she lied. “What other conditions did you agree to behind my back?”

“I told him that I had to be present if the two of you were having sex. We can talk about it more tonight. I have several business meetings today. Let’s do a nice dinner and go out dancing together. We can talk about this more later. It’s not as if we ever see him again anyway.”

Vickie bowed her head and decided not to ask any more questions. She was confused and really did not know what the future would bring now that she felt these new urges.

“Ok, I will do some shopping today and meet you back here this evening,” she said, rising to kiss his cheek as he left the hotel room.

Vickie finished dressing and decided to go shopping. She took a taxi to the main shopping area and found herself standing across the street staring at Robert’s shoe store. She stood there for a while trying to convince herself not to cross the street and go into the store. Ultimately her new found desires won and she moved quickly across the street and went into the store.

Ding-a-ling the bell rang as she entered the store. There was another salesman helping a woman at the front of the store and Vickie walked down the aisle to the rear of the store. She did not see Robert at first, so she wandered around the back of the store.

The storeroom door opened and Robert walked out with several boxes of shoes. He stopped abruptly when he saw Vickie. “Well hello Vickie,” Robert smiled as he set the boxes on a bench and walked over to Vickie.

“Can we talk,” Vickie asked as Robert put his arms around her and kissed her on the cheek.

“Of course, we can do anything that you want to do,” Robert replied as he waved his arm toward the storeroom door. He led the way, opened the door and showed her the way to a small office located to the side of the small shoe box cluttered warehouse..

Once they were in the office facing each other Robert faced her and admired her figure. She looked great dress in a mid-length skirt and light weight blouse. Robert noticed that she was much comfortable around him now.

Robert turned and faced her, he reached out and put both hands on her hips and drew her closer to him. Vickie did not resist. “We can talk, but I would much prefer fucking versus talking. We both know why you’re here.”

Vickie did not resist, because she he was right. She wanted to be fucked by him again. She instantly melted into his embrace and put her arms around his neck as she moved closer to him.

Robert kissed her and her lips parted without resistance allowing his tongue easy entry, their tongues entwined together as they energetically engaged in an intimate kiss.
“I shouldn’t be here,” she breathlessly said as they paused. “I am a married woman, but, but, but,” she trailed off at the end.

“But what Vickie? What do you want?” He lowered his lips to her neck and found a warm, soft nook slightly above her shoulder. He kissed her there, and slowly moved his tongue from there to her ear lobes. He could sense her positive reactions when he touched upon her sensitive zones, she tensed with sexual excitement.

“You want to be my slut, don’t you?” Robert moved his hands along her sides and paused t her breast. Squeezing both of them gently he found her nipples and lightly pinched them. Both nipples became erect immediately and he Vickie’s legs felt weak.

“Yes….,” Vickie murmured hesitantly.

“Yes, what?” Robert tweaked her nipples harder.

“I am your, slut,” Vickie answered in a louder, more certain voice. “I want you to fuck me with that large cock of yours.”

“Get on your knees,” Robert commanded as he gently pushed downward on her shoulders. When she was on the floor he continued to instruct her. “Now undo my belt.”

Vickie immediately obeyed, without being told, she voluntarily undid his pants and pushed them and his boxers below his knees. His cock hung before her and she was still amazed at the length and girth of it. His large cock was not yet erect. It looked like a large banana, she thought, hanging in front of his large ball sack. The head was sheathed in the foreskin, which hid the mushroom head and made it appear pointed at the end. Purple veins were very visable.

Vickie grasped the shaft and lifted it up to her lips. She kissed the end and pulled back on the foreskin exposing the head and brought his serpent back to life. His cock quickly became engorged with more blood. She began stroking it as it came to life, so thick when it was completely hard that she couldn't close her hand around it. Robert sighed as she put the head into her mouth and wetly tongued the massive head.

"Oh fuck yes, baby, your mouth is so good." She started sucking his thick meat now. Her lips smacking and little moans of pleasure from deep in her throat. He started rocking his hip back and forth slowly fucking her face.

“Mmmm hmmm," Vickie hummed as she tried to take more of his shaft. The sounds got louder and louder. She was doing her best to give him the wettest, nastiest blowjob she could.

Robert lifted her chin and straightened her throat in-line with her mouth and tongue. He was able to then pump his cock deeper into her throat.

"Mmmmmph!" she exclaimed. Then she made a noise, a gagging, half coughing, half choking sound mixed in with the sloppy wet sound her mouth made on his cock. This continued for a few minutes until suddenly he heard her inhale sharply, gasping for air. "Wait, Robert, hold on..." she started to complain, then, "No! Mmmph!" as Robert drove his cock back down her throat. He obviously had decided exactly what he want kind of whore she was and was going to choke her on his cock.

He got really intense and grabbed the back of her head and shoved his prick as far into her throat as he could. He was strong, and even though she pushed back against his thighs he persisted, tightening his grip on her hair, slowly inching past her gag reflex, completely controlling her mouth. She felt like she would throw up as she felt the massive head slip into her throat. With a start she felt his pubic hair against her nose, and she realized she was taking his entire massive length.

Robert let her up for air a few times, and each time he withdrew she would noisily draw in a breath before being choked again. Vickie’s cries of protest slowly changed to moans of pleasure as he worked his thick meat in and out of her mouth. "Oh yeah, Vickie, that's good. Take it all," he grunted as he fucked her face. Soon Robert could hear her alternating between moaning and gagging.

Vickie felt her pussy getting unbelievably wet and she reached down to play with her clit while he moved his thick meat in and out of her mouth. She had never felt like such a whore and was turned on by the assault of her mouth and throat.

The other store assistant knew when he saw Vickie come into the store that Robert was probably in the process of training another bitch to become his slut. When he finished with the customer he locked the front door and put the sign up in the door window which read “Back in 60 Minutes”. He went to the back of the store and quietly slipped into storeroom. He heard Vickie gasp for breath as Robert pulled his rock hard cock out of her mouth.

Robert saw him standing and watching. “We’ll complete this in a minute,” Robert said as he helped her to her unsteady feet. “I want you to meet Dan. He’s my friend and I am sure that you will enjoy his participation.”

Vickie was shocked to see the other man standing there and started to object but Robert cut her off. “You’re my slut right. Tell me who owns that delicious pussy of yours,” Robert demanded.

Vickie wanted to resist but knew that she could not. Her lust for Robert had turned her into his little wanton slut. This thought embarrassed her but she knew it to be true.

“Tell Danny boy whose slut you are.”

“I am… I am Robert’s slut. God help me, I am his whore,” she whimpered.

Robert still standing with his pants around his ankles and his cock fully erect, turned Vickie back to face him. “Honey you can stop anytime you want. I would never force a woman to do anything against their will. Danny is going to join us. Is that alright with you?’

Vickie was deeply ashamed of herself. She wanted to run out of the store but she lowered her head sheepishly and nodded yes. Then whispered, “Yes, he can join us,” as she looked back up at Robert, “if you want him to.”

Danny spread out some cardboard on the floor as Robert embraced Vickie. He kissed her and unbuttoned her blouse. He slowly reached in and lifted her bra and found her soft nubile breast. He pinched her nipple and he felt her inhale and melt in his arms. With-in moments her blouse, bra, and skirt were laying on the floor.

Vickie was standing in front of the admiring eyes of two men. She felt dirty and guilty standing there but her body’s lust was over powering. She placed her thumbs in her panty’s waistband and lowered her panties to the floor without being told to do so. Dan joined them and started licking and sucking her erect nipples. Robert was behind Vickie and his hands found all of her most sensitive spots. He was soon naked himself and still fully erect. Vickie could feel his massive organ touching her everywhere he roamed around her body. She was becoming weak in her legs as both of the men continued licking, sucking, and fingering.
Dan sensed her getting dizzy and helped her to the floor. Robert joined her on the cardboard and continued his probing. Now he reached her breast again and proceeded to suck the nipples and the sides of her tits. Leaving love bites and hickies on her breast. Dan had disrobed as Robert was doing his thing to drive her crazy with lust filled cravings. Dan stood in front of her with his cock fully erect. He was about six inches long but the girth was even bigger than Robert’s. His cock looked like a flesh colored coke can. It was much bigger than her wrist and she wondered how it could possibly fit in her vagina.

Dan pushed her shoulder back and made her lay down on the cardboard. Robert moved between her thighs and start kissing her inner thighs and moved slowly to her pussy lips. Dan joined him and Vickie closed her eyes and allowed the sexual energy to course through her body. Dan finger fucked her with two fingers and after a few minutes he withdrew his fingers and place them on her lips. “Taste your sweet pussy juices, Vickie,” as he pushed them into her mouth.

She sucked on them like they were a dick and enjoyed the flavor of her own pussy. She was wetter than ever and longed for a cock to fill her pussy. Dan was first and he mounted her and rubbed his massive cock head on her pussy lips and clit. She was wet and ready as he pushed into her. It was tight as fuck and he almost came as soon as he entered her. “Uggg, you are so damn tight. You feel so good,” as he pushed deeper.

Vickie felt his massive cock head spread her pussy lips and felt as if her cunt was being ripped apart. She was surprised how fast the pain subsided and her pussy stretched to accept his entire length. She felt him pumping his cock in and she lifted her hips to meet his thrusts. “Hmmmm, ghhh, uhhh,” she moaned out loud as he sped up his thrusts. “Uhhh, don’t stop, gghh, I am coming. Fuck me,” she proclaimed.

Dan put his arms around her and rolled both of them over. He was now on his back and Vickie was on top of him. They never lost contact and Dan did not miss a thrust in the rotation. Robert joined them and kissed her back as they continued to fuck. He kissed her back and moved down to her ass, kissing and licking along the way. When he reached her ass he played with her pussy as Dan pumped slowly. When he had fingers sufficiently wet he started finger her anus. Stretching her sphincter.
“No, don’t do that,” Vickie shrieked as she felt a second finger enter her ass.

“Don’t worry Vickie, you’ll love this,” he said as he spit on his hands and lubricated the head of his cock with his saliva and his own pre-cum. He positioned his cock at the entrance and started pushing into her virgin ass. He felt her asshole spreading to accept him as Vickie was trying to wiggle her ass to avoid his large dick.

“That’s too much, I can’t take it,” Vickie loudly said to both of them. “It hurts too much, I can’t take it.”

Robert stopped pushing and held his depth in her ass to let her grow accustom to the stretching of her anus. “Relax honey. Trust me. It will hurt for a minute but then you will love it.”
Robert continued to hold his depth until Vickie calmed down and relaxed. Then he pushed deeper a little and held his position until she was used to that depth and he would then repeat the process. Robert slowly continued this until he was balls deep in Vickie’s ass. Then he and Dan rhythmically began thrusting into her ass and pussy.

Vickie was pleasantly relieved when the pain subsided. Then surprisingly her body was becoming supercharged with the sexual energy of the double penetration.
“Oh my god. Uhghh, uggg, ogg,” she moaned as she had another orgasm. “Don’t, don’t stop,” Vickie commanded.

Her excited voice put both men over the edge as all three of them were shuddering with a giant sexual release. Vickie felt both of the men cumming in her pussy and ass. The effect almost made her pass-out as she orgasmed again with them.

“That was unbelievable,” Vickie said as they slowly stroked the last few times and their cocks withdrew from her. Their cum dripping from both of her holes.

Vickie had to return to the hotel and the men had to re-open the store so they rushed to get dressed. Robert gave her a big hug. “Who does your pussy belong to?”

“My pussy belongs to you. I am your slut Robert. I love your cock,” she replied as they parted.

To be continued…..
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