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Please be aware that this is fan fiction and is in no way related to the original Harry Potter trademark.
It was the Christmas day in Harry`s second year in Hogwarts. Hermoine had woken Harry and Ron early in the morning eager to show them the finished polyjuice which she had finished off before waking the boys in their dormitory.
Due to the attacks by the monster Slytherin`s heir had let lose again Hogwarts was basically deserted over the Christmas holidays. Most of the Students had fled home to their parents in fear of new attacks which was why Harry, Ron and Hermoine had the castle almost to themselves. The other Weasley kids had also stayed in Hogwarts which made the Gryffindor Common room the Weasley kid`s Christmas and their friends.
Darco Malfoy and his two bodyguards, Crabbe and Goyle, were also staying over the holidays as were the teachers and a few students from Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. The Great Hall had been accordingly furnished and decorated.
Dumbledore had refused to hold the Christmas feast on the four big house tables with only a handful of students present. And so He had a big Table set up in the middle of the Great Hall where all the Teachers and two dozen students sat together surrounded by twelve huge Christmas trees which filled the empty space in Hall which had been decorated like an icepalast. There were icicles hanging from the walls and the magic ceiling was hung with clouds which led artificial, dry snow fall onto the gathered inhabitants of Hogwarts. Harry was sitting between Ron and Hermoine who was leaning over to the two boys to go through their plan for the evening one final time.
Over weeks the three had been secretly preparing a polyjuice in the bathroom of the Moaning Myrtle which was always deserted because of Myrtle`s ghost recurrently flooding the entire room.
That was why nobody came in there and made it the perfect place to cook a secret potion. The juice was able to turn a wizard into someone else, given that a hair of the one person was added to a glass of the juice one wanted to turn into.
The three suspected Malfoy to be the one behind the attacks on students from muggle families over the beginning of the school year and wanted sneak a confession from him by turning into his Slytherin friends.
“Make sure to bring on hair each to drop into your potion”, Hermoine whispered to the boys, “I prepared these.” She placed two cupcakes next to Harry`s plate. “They look tasty”, said Ron and reached for one of them. “Don`t touch them!”, Hermoine slapped for Ron`s hand. “They are filled with something that will instantly make them go to sleep. Then you will only have to hide their bodies, fetch some hair and come up to Myrtle`s bathroom.” “But what about you?”, Harry asked. “Oh, I have had mine for weeks. I sneaked it from one of the Slytherin girls in the showers after swim practice.” “How do you know that she won`t burst in on us?”, asked Ron. “She has gone home over the holidays so I`ll just have to pretend that I came back after all.” Hermoine grinned at her plan and finished her last fork of Christmas pudding. “I`m gonna run up and see after the potion. Come up as soon as you have the hair!”. She stood up and made her way towards the staircases. The table in the Great Hall began to clear. Dumbledore had just opened the last cracker together with Professor McGonagall and was giggling over a yellow budgie that had come from it and was now hopping onto McGonagall’s head. Harry and Ron waited until they were the last students at the table except for Crabbe and Goyle who were still digging into what seemed to be their fifth filling of desert. Then they also got up and made their way into the portal area of the castle. At the foot of the stairs they placed the two cupcakes Hermoine had given them easily to be spotted by their two victims. Then they hid themselves in a broom chamber with a clear view onto the stairs and waited. Finally Crabbe and Goyle merged from the Great Hall, their arms filled with all sorts of sweets which they had seemingly taken from the dinner table. Crabbe was the first to spot the two cupcakes and grinned when he pointed his finger at them to show them to Goyle. There was a muffled laughter of the two who pushed the cupcakes into their mouths and started to chew. They looked at each other, their bodies obviously started to relax and in the next second dropped to their knees and collapsed onto the floor. “Have you ever seen somebody eat this much?”, Ron asked while both Gryffindor boys hurried over to the Slytherins and started to drag them towards their hideout. “Dudley comes close”, Harry muffled while heaving the much heavier Crabbe towards the broom chamber. They stripped the sleeping Crabbe and Goyle for their clothes and when Harry was about to turn and exit the closet Ron grinned. “Just a second Harry!”. He pulled down Crabbe’s boxers, maneuvered Goyle between his legs, forced open Goyle`s mouth and got him to take Crabbe’s tiny dick into it. “This should make for one awakening when they are found or wake up like that!” Harry laughed and then the two boys made their way up to Myrtle`s bathroom. Their plan worked out although it did not get them any new information on Slytherins heir. But they could rule out Malfoy. Unfortunately Hermoine had picked up a hair from a cat and had to spend the weeks coming in the hospital wing. The polyjuice only worked for transformations from human to human, not to animals. And when Hermoine screamed that in agony and in shock about the hair in her face and the tail which she had grown it hit Harry.
Since his sexual awakening Harry had been wondering how it felt like to be a girl. Especially how it would be like to explore one`s own female body and how it would feel like to touch himself being a girl. And so Harry came up with a plan and was fortunate enough to be able to put it into practice even the same day. Ron and Harry had brought Hermoine to Madame Pomfrey who put Hermoine in a bed and gave her the first ration of antidote the moment she had laid down. Hermoine had been crying the entire way to the hospital wing had and only just begun to calm down. And rational as she was she asked for a couple of things she would need when staying longer. “Can you go and fetch me my pajamas and my brush and also the book on my night shelf, Harry?” “But Hermoine”, answered Harry, ”I`m not allowed into the girls dorms! I can`t go in there.” “Don`t be stupid Harry”, Hermoine lashed out. “There is no one there. Ginny and I are the only Gryffindor girls who stayed.” “Ok, ok, I`ll go”, said Harry who stood up. Ron wanted to stay with Hermoine and so he made is way up to the Gryffindor tower. When he reached the fat lady`s portrait marking the entrance to the common room he saw Ginny just stepping out of it. “Hold it open!”, Harry shouted over. And Ginny blushed as she always did when she saw Harry. “Where are you going?”, he asked her out of sheer interest. “Oh, I`m meeting a friend from Ravenclaw.”, she whispered shyly and with a final glance at Harry she rushed of.
So he climbed through the hole behind the portrait and walked to the stairs leading to the dormitories. He had never been in those for the Gryffindor girls which made him a little excited while he climbed the stairs. When he reached the small corridor at the top of the stairs he wasn`t sure where to turn. There were two doors and he did not know which one was for the second year Gryffindors. He decided to check the door on the right first and entered. The Room had the same layout as the one for the boys had. Five beds were arranged on the outside walls and all were equipped with the same bed curtains the boys had. The Room was empty and Harry had a closer look around to identify Hermione’s bed. At the first bed he spotted a picture frame on the night desk. He picked it up and saw that it held a picture of Alicia Spinnet. A fourth year Gryffindor who just like Harry played in the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Harry had always fancied her because she was very open and a good laugh. They had neighboring places in the locker room and their own little rituals before their matches. She was also very good looking. The same height as Harry with long, straight, black hair which she often tied up into a pony tail. Her bright blue eyes where shining up to Harry from the photograph. As a Quidditch player Alicia had a very attractive slim body as well. Being two years older than Harry she had much larger breasts than Harry`s classmates which she liked to show off in tank tops and when combining that with simple blue jeans she was a very beautiful girl as she also had a great ass, as Harry thought. He looked left to her bed and cushion. There he found what he was looking for. Right there was a long black hair which must be from Alicia. Harry grinned. His plan was falling into place. He picked it up and stored it in his pocket. As he now knew that this was the fourth year`s bedroom he turned and walked over to the next dorm. Hermione’s bed was the second on the left side. He checked her night desk and on it found the book. He opened the first drawer hoping to find her toothbrush and pajamas in it but stumbled over something else. What he held in hands now must be completely unknown to all wizard girls. It was pinkish, long and had a turnable base. As Harry turned that base a little the object started to vibrate with a mild humming sound. Harry grinned. He had seen this before when he had looked through the Dursley`s bedroom one day when they had left him alone with a bunch of chores. Harry had found Hermione’s vibrator. “That little slut”, murmed Harry, “actually smuggles in muggle-sextoys.” He decided to take it too as it might become useful during his plan he was carrying out. He picked up the rest of Hermione’s stuff he had come to collect and made his way back towards the door and through the common room. But halfway through impatience got to him.
He ran up to his own dormitory, dropped the stuff for Hermoine, grabbed his water bottle he always took to practice and hurried back out and down the stairs. He walked through the still deserted commonroom and climbed through the portrait. He hurriedly walked though the castle steering directly to the bathroom where the Moaning Myrtle lived. The corridor before it was dry for a change. Harry checked left and right so that he wasn`t seen entering a girls bathroom and then rushed in. Myrtle was not to be heard and must have been hiding somewhere in the Hogwarts piping system. In the last stall Harry, Ron and Hermoine had hidden the cauldron for the polyjuice and it was still containing what was left after their attempt to spy on Malfoy. Harry looked in and found it sill half full. So he poured two portions of it into his water bottle and closed it tight. He made sure to lock the stall door with a simple spell and turned to make his way out and back to the Gryffindor tower. He could feel excitement and arousal now and had forgotten all about his friends waiting for him in the hospital wing.
Back in the commonroom he raced to the stairs and made his way up into his dormitory. Harry closed the door behind him and sat on his bed. He took out the bottle he had filled with polyjuice and poured some of it into a glass standing on his nightdesk. Then he took Alicia`s hair from his pocket and held it over the glass. He could really feel his arousal now. His pants were tight now with his erect penis pressing against it with full force. He dropped the hair into the potion and watched for a few seconds. The substance began to steam and changed it`s colour into a mild purple. He took the glass and emptied it in one gulp. The effect came immediately. He felt his body beginning to change which was a weird sensation, like turning into bubbles and being set together from the bottom up. But all at once which made it nearly indescribable. He felt his breast growing and felt a tingling sensation in his groin area. Then, as sudden as it had begun, it all stopped. He looked down his body which was actually Alicia`s and grinned. It had worked perfectly. He was looking down at Alicia`s beautiful breasts and could at the same time feel the long black hair falling over his shoulders. Harry got up from his bed and walked over to the mirror next to the dormitory door. He knew what he would see but was astonished just the same. Form the mirror Alicia`s stunning blue eyes shone back at him and he could see Alicia`s hand, which was actually his, starting to wander over the body. In a swift motion he took of the shirt he had been wearing and could now see his naked upper body and could cherish the beautiful breasts which were now his. He laid his hands on his firm round breasts and squeezed them carefully. They were warm and soft and Harry loved holding them in his hands. Then he remembered what he could see next. Hurriedly he opened his jeans and pulled them straight down together with his boxer shorts. He was standing fully naked in front of the mirror now, stunned be the sight he had in front of him. Alicia`s beautiful body completely naked and now all his. He stepped out of the pants and let his left hand glide between his legs. He felt instantly that he was wet already. It was weird, feeling his arousal in this way which increased even further when he looked back up and could now see Alicia standing with heir hand between her legs in the middle of his mirrored dormitory. That was too much for Harry. He could not wait a second longer. He made the few steps to his bed, led himself fall onto it and spread his legs wide. He could smell his own arousal coming from the soft vagina he still had is left hand pressed on. He looked down again and saw that his nipples on his breasts were rock hard and standing up straight. Harry now started to let his index finger circle over the vagina and felt feelings which were incredible to him. He had always wondered how girls felt when they were touching themselves and how it would compare to his feelings when he was touching his dick and wildly stroking it. But this was way more intense. The places his fingers touched between his legs were vividly vibrating and Harry could feel juices running down the soft lips he was caressing now. He now started to stroke what he gave him the greatest sensations. In circling motions he penetrated his clitoris and could not stop a loud moan coming from his mouth. This was unbelievable. His movements became quicker while his other hand was squeezing on his tits and he started to moan loudly now which he heard himself as being Alicia`s voice moaning loudly and in huge pleasure. He let his right hand join the left between his legs and pushed his right middle finger into Alicia`s vagina, which was now his. He felt it tighten around his finger and how his finger moved inside himself. These sensations were too much for him. Under loud moaning he pushed his hips up and felt his first female orgasm which rocked his body.
It took him a couple of seconds to regain his breath. He was lying flat on his bed in Alicia´s body which felt hot now. There was still a tingling sensation where he had just touched himself. This aroused him again and he felt just how much when he let his hand slip between his pussy lips again. It was all wet and simply screamed for more. Harry remembered the toy he had taken with him from Hermione’s dormitory. He stood up, walked over to the mirror again and knelt down to get the vibrator out of his jeans pocket. Turning it on already he walked back to his bed and positioned himself on his back with his legs spread wide. He took a breath and then let the vibrating muggle toy slide in between his legs. His head almost exploded when the sensations overran him. Harry could feel how the entire area of his body was vibrating. His crotch was pulsing around Hermione’s toy and was sending out waves through the sweet bum he had gasped at in the mirror and up through his stomach. With his right hand he pushed the vibrator in even deeper into himself and felt the juices flow from his glowing pussy. This felt even better now and Harry started to pull the vibrator out of himself just to push it deep back in. He was screaming in pleasure while he did this and turned himself around so that he could bite into his pillow to muffle his screams because he was afraid to be heard by someone. He had Alicia`s but high up in the air with his legs spread wide and lying on his upper body, kneeling on his bed. His hands were stretched back between his legs and leading the muggle toy in and out of his dripping pussy. Harry could not believe how good this felt and was moaning loudly into his pillow. In that very moment the dormitory door flew open.
Ron was baffled at the sight which opened to him when he stepped into his dorm room searching for Harry. Hermoine had send him so look for his best buddy with Harry gone much longer then it usually took the get to the Gryffindor common room and back to the hospital wing. The sight simply shocked Ron. Harry was nowhere to be seen. But on the bed of his best friend was a girl with both her hands on her pussy and masturbating with something in her. Her moans could be clearly heard through the cushion she was pressing her head into. Ron could feel his dick begin to grow instantly. He could clearly see everything of that girl. Everything he had dreamed of so long by now. Her hands where glistering with the moisture coming out of her glowing pussy and streaming down her thighs. Whatever she was holding it was making a humming sound and she kept on pushing it deep into herself and moaning loudly while doing so. Ron could not stop himself from letting his right hand wander to his crotch and below his robe where he found his hard cock aching to get out of his now very tight jeans. He undid his Belt and opened the buttons of his jeans and pulled them down in one stroke together with his shorts and freed his now fully erect penis. With his sight set on the glowing intimates of this girl right in front of him Ron began to stroke his member. He had never seen something this arousing before and he could feel his penis pulse in his hand. The girls movements were turning faster and faster and her moaning was becoming louder by the second. As Ron watched her pulling that thing out of her pussy and quickly pushing it back again he noticed the other entrance the girl was stretching towards him. And without even thinking about it Ron got rid of his robe and moved towards his best friend`s bed.
Harry had lost himself in the sensations he was experiencing. The entire lower body he had borrowed was pulsing and vibrating at the same time. He had the feeling of one orgasm after another rolling through, what was now his body. His hands were sticky from the juices flowing out of his vagina where he was leading the vibrator out of Hermione’s drawer in and out of. This penetration was overwhelming for him and he was only able to control his breath just enough between his loud moans which he pressed into his pillow. Suddenly he felt something hart pressing against his anus. Harry snapped back into reality and out of his state of trance the pleasures had flooded him to. He gasped in shock as that something kept on pressing and began moving into his butt. Harry`s head flew around looking over his shoulder and he saw a read haired boy with closed eyes and his hands on what were Alicia’s hips slowly pressing his pelvis towards the ass which was still sticking up in the air. And Harry realized that it was his best friend who was pushing his hard cock into the ass that was now Harry`s. And in this shocking moment of realization Harry accidently relaxed just enough that Ron`s prick slipped all the way into that tight ass. This send Harry over the edge again despite the shock and the surprise of having his best buddy`s penis in the ass while pleasing his female body with that vibe. With a loud moan full of pleasure his head sank back onto the pillow and Harry came again and dropped the toy.
Ron was sinking right into heaven. And he was surprised how easy it was. The first few centimeters had been very tight and he had struggled to press on. But then this girl had relaxed for a second and had let him slide into her. And now it was sensational. His young prick was engulfed by her tight and pressing ass which gave Ron a warm and pressed feeling in his dick. He was enjoying every second of it. This felt completely different from what it felt like when he played with himself. And also much better than that one time when he had fooled around with Sheamus in the Gryffindor Showerroom.
Ron was fully aroused and could feel that his cock was rock hard and aching for relief. The girl in front of him was moaning again and so Ron started to pull back out of her ass and then push back in again. In a slow rhythm he started to fuck her, started to fuck for the first time. His balls were aching as well and the girl moaned out loud and let her head drop onto the pillow again. She pressed her ass towards his cock and then her ass pressed together like it wanted to milk his cock. Ron guessed that that must been an orgasm rocking the girl`s body and he drilled harder and deeper to give her more of his cock and was himself just on the verge of coming when something changed.
Her ass tightened even more. And now also the form of her ass cheeks changed. They became smaller and firmer. Also the back Ron was holding on to while pressing his hard cock into the ass in front of him changed. It got a v-shape and became more muscular. But what shocked Ron most while arousing him tremendously was that the voice from the girl moaning in front of him had become that of his best friend who was now kneeling on his bed, sticking his ass up in the air so that Ron could fuck him better and moaning while the cock moved in and out of the tight ass.
Harry was flabbergasted. The effect of the polyjuice-potion had worn off already. He felt his body change back to his old self, saw how his hands turned back into his and felt the vagina he had just been pleasing move out and form his erect penis again. All that happened while his best friend kept on pushing his cock into Harry`s tight ass and Harry felt a rush of adrenalin go through his young male body. He felt anxious and incredibly aroused at the same time. For a moment he wondered whether Ron would be upset and angry about finding out that it had not been Alica who had been masturbating so invitingly in their dormroom, but his best mate. He prepared himself to be screamed at, both in anger and disgust of what Harry hat led Ron into doing and so Harry was surprised to hear Ron moan Harry’s name and feeling Ron`s strong hands grip Harry`s pelvis to support his thrusting movements. Harry reached for his hard cock and began stroking it vividly and stretching his back a little more so that Ron had an even better angle at which he could thrust his dick into Harry. Harry`s cock bean to pulse and he could feel his orgasm flooding from his balls through his penis and felt the sperm shoot out of himself while he came hard under Ron`s rhythmic thrusts. His entire body stiffened and therefore also his ass which send Ron over the top as well and both friends came heavily in their dorm room. Harry collapsed onto his bed and felt Ron`s cock glide out of his now sperm filled ass. Ron fell right next to his friend, breathing heavily and with sweat glistering on his beautifully formed body. “Now that was a surprise.”, Ron murmed right next to Harry. “A hard one for my part”, said Harry and both of them started to laugh. “Jeeze, Harry, I just fucked you!”, Ron exclamated in a sudden and surprised way. “Yeah, but we both seemed to like it, didn`t we?”. “Hell yeah! But I did not think that you would be, you know, my first.”, Ron replied. “Neither did I, nor that we would do it together but this could make for one very fun year. What were you doing up here anyway?”, Harry asked. “Hermoine send me to check on you because it took you so long to get back. Oh shit she must be waiting for us. Let`s go bring her her stuff, Harry.”And so both got up and started to dress again while looking at each other a little uneasy despite their fondness of of what they had just done. “You`ve got a great body, Harry”, Ron said into that uneasy silence. “Thanks, and you`ve got one incredible hot cock”, Harry replied while laying his hand on Ron`s jeans where he felt something stiffening again. “I can give you more of that later.”, Ron grinned and so they made their way out of the dorm, through the commonroom and to the hospital wing to bring Hermoine her stuff.
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