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My first story. Total fiction. Hope you like it.
We're heading along the motorway from the northeast of England where we live towards the county of Lincolnshire which is further down the east of the country.

My travelling companion is Gemma. Gemma is the eighteen year old daughter of Laura. Laura and me have an open relationship based on two conditions. The first being that when we shag someone else it’s only to be for sex, the other being we always tell each other. No secrets.

Gemma is entertaining herself alternating between playing with her phone, reading a magazine and rolling and smoking spliffs.

I’ve got the windows open. I like to get stoned myself but not when I’m driving.
Well not since the time I went on autopilot and locked-on to the car in front. Ended up following this guy home, and this guys home was a village in the middle of nowhere. The poor bloke must have been panicking thinking he was being stalked by a zombie!
Took me ages to find and get back on the main road.

The only distraction I have today is a pair of lush teenage legs which stretch from under a black, half buttoned-up denim skirt to a pair of trainers resting on top of the dash.

"Andy, do I have nice legs?" Gemma asks.

"I can’t answer that sort of question, I’m a gentleman I'll have you know".

"Yeah right" she replies.

"And what’s that’s supposed to mean young lady?" I say.

"You've had your eyes on my legs since we set off!".

"Gemma, I can assure you I don’t need to look at your legs while I’m concentrating on driving, -I’ve seen it all before".

"You have not seen it all. You haven't seen my tits or my fanny!...well not properly anyway"

Gemma’s right, the only part of her body I haven’t had the pleasure of setting eyes on directly are her tits and her cunt.
She likes to wander around the house in just her bra and knickers, and the times she does wear clothes it’s usually a flimsy t-shirt and a tight pair of leggings, or a short skirt when she always seems to be looking for something in the drawer on the bottom of the TV unit. Bent over displaying her gorgeous arse. She doesn't wear them boring "big knickers" either, it’s always either a thong or g-string.
My favourite are her white see-thru lacy numbers. Gemma doesn’t shave her minge, but she keeps it nicely trimmed. There’s nothing better than seeing that dark inverted triangle through her practically transparent underwear. Her young firm bra-cradled tits are also a sight to behold, neither ridiculously massive or tiny. Her bra's are also usually see through, barely covering her tan-coloured areolas and nice pert nipples.

I don’t live with Laura and Gemma, I’m probably there once or twice a week when Laura wants a fuck, a suck or my tongue licking her twat. Or if she’s wanting some jobs doing... I work as a gardener/handyman.

"Do you enjoy seeing my daughter wearing next to nothing Andy?" Laura once asked me.

"Of course I fucking do. Which red-blooded hetrosexual male wouldnt?" I replied.

"As long as it keeps this little fella happy" she said as she unzipped me and gets my hard prick out.

Seemed to me Laura also enjoyed her daughter wandering around the house in just her undies!

Like the Saturday morning I woke up alone in Laura’s room. Laura slept in the bedroom at the rear of the house. I opened the curtains to see what the weather was like and was greeted with the sight of two pairs of fantastic teenage peaches. Gemma and her friend were sunbathing in very skimpy bikini's lying facedown on loungers in the backyard. They had also undone the straps of their bikini tops.

I stood there mesmerised by the glorious sight, my dick had taken notice aswell.

"Nice view Andy?" Laura had heard me getting out of bed, came upstairs and was now in the bedroom.

"Certainly is”I said with a grin on my face.

She came up behind me and looked over my shoulder.

“Hmm...I see what you mean, it’s a lovely sight” she said as she moves in front of me and plays with my dick behind her back. “Get your cock inside me Andy, I’m wanting a good fuck as we’re both perving over my daughter and her friend”. She then bends over guiding my dick inside her dripping minge.

So I’m standing ogling two gorgeous teen bums, whilst giving the mother of one of those teens, who’s also enjoying the view, a damned good back- scuttling!

The time I almost got a glimpse of Gemmas fanny was when I was mowing the lawn at Lauras and used the toilet which is upstairs. When I came back out of the bathroom I was greeted with a wonderful sight.
Cupboard space is sparse in Laura’s so someone had fitted a false ceiling on the landing and knocked through the stud walling above the bedroom doors and made the voids into storage space. Storage space only accessible by standing on a step-ladder in the bedroom doorway, facing onto the landing. Which is exactly what Gemma was doing at that very moment.

Was it chance or design? I suspected the latter.

Gemma was not only standing on the top step, she was also having to stretch that lovely body of hers. She could only be seen from her waist down and was wearing a white t-shirt over a pale pink loosely pleated mini-skirt, complete with white knee-length socks and a pair of trainers. I moved closer for an even better view.
I inched towards the steps and positioned myself so I could see right up her skirt. As if Gemmas silky smooth teen legs weren’t enough, I feasted my eyes on a black lacy thong hugging her nicely trimmed bush. I also couldn’t resist taking out my phone and getting a few delicious upskirt pics.

“Hi Andy, I know you’re there, I heard you coming upstairs but not going back down again”.

“Hi Gemma, no flies on you” I said sheepishly.

“Nope, but seeing as you’re here can you steady these steps? They seem a bit rickety” Gemma replied.

“No probs” I said. They felt solid enough to me.

I was standing pretending to secure a pair of steps with one hand and playing with my cock with the other.

“Are looking up my skirt?”.

“Wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing Gemma. I wouldn’t dream of looking up your skirt and getting a fantastic eyeful of your little black lacy see-through knickers”.

“Thought you might be” said Gemma.

“Of course I'm looking up your skirt, as you well know. I’ve also taken some pictures”.

“You’ve got some photos of my knickers??”

“Yep, upskirt frontals and some of your delightful bum”.

“You’re just a fucking pervert” said Gemma laughing.

“...and it wasn’t for us perverts, you exhibitionists wouldn’t have anyone to flash at”.

“Fair point doubt you’ll be having a good wank over them later”.

“Probably, but first I’ll have to finish the wank I’m already having”.

“You’re standing masturbating? I don’t believe it!
...well I do actually”.

“Are you really playing with yourself” Gemma adds after a long pause.

“Well, there’s only one sure way you're going to find out”.

“Very funny, but I really don’t want to see you wanking -that’s if you are wanking, thank you very much mister”.

“That’s up to you but you’ll be forever wondering whether I was standing here stroking my big throbbing dick, whilst getting off at the beautiful sight of your lush teen legs and skimpy knickers which are barely covering your moist hairy twat
...or whether I was just standing talking a load of crap”.

“Knowing you it could be either...and what makes you think my twat is moist?”

“Your twat is always moist when I’m in the vicinity”.

“Yeah right...if you say so. Anyway whatever it is you’re doing can you hurry-up and go, cause yes I am all moist now you’ve got me all horned-up and I’m wanting to make myself private.

“Well, if you play with your young clitoris through your knickers, I’ll spill my load a lot quicker, probably instantaneously. Then after I’ve came and gone you’ll be able to get your fingers up your cunt and give yourself a right good tossing-off.

“Mmm...not sure...oh, okay” said Gemma, feigning reluctance.

She hitched up her skirt and brought her fingers into play slowly, gently, massaging her fanny through the front of her scant thong. The sight I was taking in was doing its job nicely, my cock getting harder almost coming which I manage to hold back- I wasn’t going to shoot my muck too early!

“This skirts getting in the way” Gemma said as she unbuttoned it and took it off, as she was doing this she turned herself 90 degrees. “Do you want to see some of my bum?”

That was it, Gemma standing wanking herself at eye-level in just her panties and the curvature of her gorgeous teen bum proved too much.

“Quick” Gemma said, “you better use this, don’t want spunk all over the bedroom carpet, those stains take some getting I’ve been told” and she handed me down an old jiffy bag.

“Oh... fucking hell, jeez” is all could say, emptying my balls into the padded envelope.

“Well young Gemma, that’s probably the best wank I’ve ever had” I said as I zip myself up.

“Pleased to be of satisfaction, I nearly came myself. So if you can now kindly fuck-off, I’m going to have myself a proper wank”.

“Have fun” I said walking back down the stairs.

Laura certainly had fun when I told her all about the episode.

Then there was the time I decided to have a bit fun with Gemma, sort of turn the tables a bit.
It was a Friday night and unusually, Gemma was having a night in. And luckily for me she was in a bra and pantie mood.
The three of us were having a drink and a smoke, having a laugh and generally chilling out, the telly and it’s inane programmes banging away to itself in the background.
I went upstairs, used the toilet then went into Lauras room, took my clothes off and worked my dick til it was nice and hard. I’ve been told I’m fairly well endowed, a female friend once measured it at nine inches.
I walked back downstairs, bollock naked, sporting an erection and casually walked through the sitting room and waited in the kitchen.
I could hear giggling and other girlie sounds coming from Laura and Gemma. I walked back into the sitting room and stood, hands on my hips in front of the telly.
Laura was trying to hide her smirk behind a glass of wine, whilst Gemma just seemed to be transfixed on my manhood.

“Has anyone seen my stockings and sussies?” I asked trying to keep a straight face.
With that, Laura nearly choked on her wine.

“Can’t find them anywhere, my knickers seem to have gone missing aswell” I continued, “are you wearing them under them jeans by any chance Laura?”

“Don’t think so Andy” said Laura playing along, “but I’ll check” unzipping her jeans and slightly lowering the waist band. “Nope, no signs of any sussies or stockings down here, and I’m pretty sure these are my knickers”.

I then turn my attention to Gemma, who hasn’t said a word, and still can’t take her eyes of my penis, which I now have pointed in her direction.

“Well I can see Gemma isn’t wearing them, but she could have taken them, she’s sitting there quiet, with a somewhat guilty look. Do you know anything about my knickers, suspender belt and stockings young Gemma? Have you hidden them?”

“Er no Andy, I know nothing about them, I haven’t even seen your...whatever it is you’re looking for” Gemma finally said in all seriousness in her stoned state, still wondering if what was happening was actually real.

“Hmm, I’ll have another look upstairs” I said going towards the door, “It’s all very peculiar”.

“There’s only one thing peculiar and it’s not disappearing ladies underwear” Laura shouted laughing as I went back upstairs.

I went to Laura’s knicker drawer and pulled out a suspender belt, some stockings and a pair of panties which I’d bought off the internet. I often wore my stuff when Laura and me were having a session, and sometimes I wore them just because I felt like it.
I put them on and give myself a few pulls to get big again as I went back down, my thong doing its best holding only my balls.

“Found them” I said walking back into the sitting room as if I was on a catwalk.

“What you think Gemma?”

“Fucking hell, I honestly don’t believe what I’m seeing” was all Gemma could say, grinning.

“Gemma says you’ve got the biggest cock she’s ever seen” Laura said continuing with the joke.

“Take no notice Andy, I did not say that, although it is definitely the biggest I’ve seen, in real life anyway. Can I take a photo of it? It’ll look even better with your gear on”.

“Course you can, and if you want to play with it first’ll get even bigger!”

“Thanks for the offer, but I’ll give it a miss”, she said, looking into her phone.

“I’ll do it myself then” I said unable to resist the chance of playing with my dick in front of Gemma.

“Righto, I’ve taken some pics so you can stop wanking now” said Gemma quickly after a short time.

“I was just getting into it. Anyway, I reckon it’s time for a spliff after all that excitement”.

“About time you did something useful” Laura quipped.

“Can I take it neither of you ladies mind me sat here wearing women’s apparel with my dick on display?” I said about half an hour later when there was a lull in the conversation.

“Not me” Laura said, who was sat next to me, “I’ve seen you like that plenty of times anyway, besides I like it when you’re dressed-up, not sure why”.

“I can hardly object” Gemma joined in, looking down at her pink bra and knickers. “I think you look very nice, it’ll be even nicer when King Dong resurfaces” she continued, looking at my resting appendage.

“Don’t say that, there’s far more to Andy than merely being a sex-object ...although I can’t say I’ve ever witnessed it.
-On second thoughts Gemma, you’re right!... let’s see if mister Dong is coming out to play!”.

“Yeah!” cried Gemma, sitting in the chair opposite.

With that Laura leant over with her left hand and started slowly moving it up and down my shaft.

“I’ll help you get it big again.” said Gemma as she began playing with herself and like the last time, she kept her panties on as she rubbed her fanny.

“And I’m going to take my jeans and knickers off, I feel overdressed”. Laura said as she lifted her arse and slid her jeans off.

“Now all I have to do is slip my fingers into that wet cunt of yours” I said, lowering my right hand down in between her legs, slowly stroking her thatch on the way. My fingers found their target and entered Lauras moist cave of delights and I felt her inch forward wanting more.
I started moving my fingers in and out, gently rubbing her clit with the inside of my hand.
Not surprisingly, with the sight of Gemma pleasuring herself and Laura doing a fine job with her hands, and playing with her fanny I soon had another boner. A boner Laura couldn’t resist getting her mouth wrapped round.

“Time for somemore pics” said Gemma aiming her phone at her mother performing oral sex.

Laura finally came up for air “Do you want a go Gemma?”.

“No thanks, quite happy taking pics ...and tossing myself. If Andy tells me when he’s going to come, I’ll switch to video”.

“Ive a feeling its going to be quite soon, in fact I’d start about now!” I said just as Laura stops wanking me and positions her mouth about an inch from my dick.

Gemma quickly moved closer to get better shots of the spunk erupting out of my cock and into her mother's open mouth.

“Oh god, fuck, fuck, fuck...I’m going to come myself” she said standing in front of us, legs clenched with her right hand moving up and down, this time inside her panties finishing off the job.

"Jeezus Christ!" cried Laura as she came all over my hand which I duly licked off my fingers.

“Well...that was nice” I said “Now, who’s turn is it to roll a spliff? I knocked the last one up”.

Back in the van, I grab this opportunity to satisfy my curiosity. "True, I haven't seen your tits or your fanny, but I've always wondered what it was all about".

"Whats what all about?" Gemmas sucks on her spliff, playing innocent.

"Don't get me wrong, I love it when you parade your body and I'm not suggesting you stop, but is there any particular reason you do it? It's got me intrigued".

She sits thinking.

"Started as a daft dare sort of thing. I was always able to just come down stairs without thinking about what I happened to be wearing" Gemma starts. "But when you were in the house I had to remind myself to put on a pair of leggings, or whatever. It was something I wasn’t used to, as for a long time there was only me and mam.

Understandable, I thought.

"I was talking to my friend Caitlin, about it on the phone, and she said she was surprised I bothered putting bottoms on just to go downstairs as she had always known me as a bit of an exhibitionist! Which I was, I was always the one who used to hang upsidedown on the climbing frame in the playpark, with my skirt down in front of me, my knickers on show, for all the boys to see. Doing handstands was another one I liked, I also liked the feeling I got between my legs when I knew boys were getting an eyeful.
I remember the time Caitlin dared me to do a handstand wearing no knickers.
I can never resist a dare, even more so if it involves exposing myself. I'll try anything at least long as it isn't going to get me into serious trouble. So I whipped off my panties, did a quick handstand and quickly put them back on.
The feeling was even better with no knickers, the effect of the cool air rushing over my fanny lips was something else".

I'm getting turned-on listening to Gemma describing her exploits.

"Anyway, Caitlin dared me to go downstairs in just my bra and knickers. I liked the idea, I was up for it, but I still wasn't sure. I think mam had popped to the shops so you were just sitting downstairs by yourself. Obviously, I wasn't sure what your reaction would be, one concern was that you would tell mam.
I always tell mam everything, sometimes she's a bit shocked by some of the things I share but she rarely tells me off about anything, just gives me advice. I don't like keeping her in the dark about anything, a fact which she's told me she appreciates. I decided to see what she said when I told her about my plan, then take things from there.
I told Caitlin that I would probably do the dare, perhaps not that night, and I would keep her updated.
Later the same night you had gone home so I told mam about Caitlins dare.

"What was your mams reaction?" I say, thinking about what I already knew about Lauras attitude towards her daughters frolicking.

"At first, she didn't say anything, just sat with a smirk on her face. Then she tells me that it will be hilarious and your face will be a picture".

"Wait til I see your mam!" I say laughing.

Gemma continues her story.
"So the scene was set, as they say. Mam told me when she was expecting to see you next -the following Friday, which was four days time. They were four long days, I was dead excited about my upcoming stunt. Finally Friday night arrived and I phone Caitlin, who'd showed me how to film it on my phone. We also used one of them apps which enabled her to see it as it was happening. Id already asked mam for a large glass of wine to calm my nerves a little. She then went downstairs into the sitting room where you are, and waited for my performance".
I looked at myself in the bedroom mirror, I'd decided to wear smooth black satin panties, there were one or two spiders legs peeping out which I trimmed off. A matching bra and I was ready.
I turned the on the phone and aimed it at the mirror to get a shot of myself then walked downstairs pointing the phone in front of me. I stood at the bottom of the stairs, my heart was pounding and I thought "it's now or never", so I just opened the living room door and waltzed in!
My plan was to walk through the living room and into the kitchen with my phone up in front of me as if I was reading a text, but I could see you through on the screen!"

"And I can remember the very night... not surprisingly". I say.

"You had a casual glance away from the telly, then you looked again, not believing your eyes, which quickly scanned my knickers then up to my bra, then you quickly diverted your eyes back to the telly.
I moved the camera onto mam who was sitting with her hand over her mouth trying not to laugh and give the game away".

"All very amusing I'm sure", I say grinning.

"The feeling was amazing, when I reached the kitchen I texted Caitlin: I did it! Caitlin texted back: I know, I was watching! I sent another: It was fantastic...I feel horned-up, I'll have to get back upstairs to bring myself off, to which Caitlin replied: Go for it gal. I grabbed a clean T-shirt out of the washing basket to make it look as if I really had come downstairs for something, then walked back through as you know. I've never ran upstairs so quickly!"

"I heard you running pretty quick back up the stairs, which only reinforced my suspicions".

"Did you know it was a set-up?" asked Gemma.

"Not immediately, it was the lack of action from your mam which give it away, as if she was just going to sit and watch you walk through the living room when there's a thirty-odd year old bloke sitting there! The mad thing is, I'd had a couple of spliffs, so I was pretty stoned when it was going on. Surreal isn't the word".

Gemma was laughing.

I continued. "I was thinking what my move should be, I could feel your mam watching me, she'd sat in a way that she could see my face, but I couldn't see hers. I finally got up from my chair to go into the kitchen and looked at your mam who was trying desperately to keep a straight face. All I could think of saying was: that poor lass got no clothes to wear?".

Gemma says: “Mam says me walking about with my body on display usually leads to you giving her a good fucking”.

"Is that right?" I say casually.

"Certainly is" she says smirking.

“She asks you to get your kit off whenever she’s after a good shag? Is that what you’re saying?”

"No, she just mentioned it when we were talking about stuff.

Not only was Laura very open and broad minded, but with there being only sixteen years between them, they behaved more like sisters than mother and daughter.

"So what other things bits of stuff did you discuss?" I ask

"Ooh, I was sworn to secrecy" she teases.

I knew she'd be dying to tell me more.

"Come on good telling half a tale".

"We'd had a few drinks, it was just the other night and we started talking about sex. Mam asked me about my boyfriends etc, so I decided to ask her about you".

"Err, what about me exactly?"

After a long pause she came out with: "I asked her what you are like in bed".

I’m getting an erection.

Despite our 20 year age difference Gemma and myself get on like a house on fire.
She acts older than her age, and I act younger than my age, we're into the same sort of music and we have a similar sense of humour. Oh, and like her mam... she's obsessed with sex!

"So" I say, "What did your mam tell you about when you asked her what I was like in bed?"

It's the first time I’ve seen Gemma be hesitant.

"Come on Gemma, spill the beans, I know you're not shy".

She finally starts talking.

"Well... you like lots of foreplay, rather than a quick in and out.
You ask her to leave her knickers on while you play with her clit, so they get nice and wet. Then you sometimes keep them to sniff when you're alone playing with yourself. You love her sitting on your face while you mouth and lick her fanny.
She mentioned the size of your cock which I already knew about. You like my mam to tickle your balls with her tongue.
You usually manage to fuck for ages before you cum and your favourite position is doggy style while you play with her tits.
She also says she's never known a man who likes masturbating as much as you do, which you's often do together while watching porn
And last but not least, you like to wear women’s underwear, which I also already knew about".

"...and I’m a better fuck after you’ve done your bit", I pipe in.

"and you’re a better fuck after I’ve done my bit", Gemma finishes.

I sit thinking for a while. My dick was well hard after sitting listening to this sexy young temptress describing her mams and my sex life. "Well Gemma, that was most... interesting".

"I hope what she told me is true!" Gemma finally says.

"Of course its true, your mam doesn't tell lies.".

"Gosh" says Gemma, "It sounds as if you and mam have a great time!".

We do, I think to myself. I also make a mental note of the fact that Gemma had been expressing interest in my bedroom prowess...

We drive in silence apart from the music playing on the CD player.

Gemma’s getting stuck into her spliff.

"This stuff always gets me so horny, esp after what we've been talking about. What would you do if I lifted my skirt, opened my legs, and started playing with my hairy pussy?" teases Gemma.

My dick is at breaking point.

"There wouldn’t be much I could do"

"Would you mind though?".

"I wouldn’t mind but I'd be seriously distracted, which might lead to me wrapping the van around a tree. We'll be reaching a service station shortly so while I go for a piss, you can sit and toss yourself off til your knickers are dripping wet".

"Great ...then you can have them for your collection" she said giggling.

"Although it doesn’t look like I'm the only one who's in need of a good wank" she said looking at the bulge in my pants.

We pull into the service-station.

"Oh my gawd! Will you take a look at that? What a gorgeous fucking pair of arses!" I say, trying to wind Gemma up.
Two young teens were walking over the carpark at a forty-five degree angle towards the double doors of the main building.
Aged about sixteen, they were both wearing similar white tight mid-riff t-shirts, Their ample tits partly visible from our veiwpoint, slim waists, nice shapely hips holding up designer jeans that were hugging the most perfect posteriors.
They could be sisters, maybe even twins.

"If only I was twenty years younger" I say, "I’d have them both in the back of this problem".

"Couple of blonde bimbos, probably as thick as pigs shit...right up Andys street".

Is that a hint of jealousy coming from Gemma? I wonder. I also doubt it very much.

"Less of your lip madam, I'll take you in the back of the van, and give you a right good seeing to!"

"Is that so? I’d have you knackered-out before I was even warmed up, anyway, the only thing that needs seeing your head".

"Right", I say climbing out of the van, “where's them two lovely young girlies got to?".

“You’re living on another fucking planet” Gemma laughs.

I head off in search of the gents.
Gemma was right, I do need to empty my balls, even if it's only to get rid of this uncomfortable
Unusually, there’s a queue for the mens, well there is for the stalls anyway. I wonder how many of these other blokes standing waiting are travelling with a young horny nympho and they're also ready to give themselves a good tug.
Once I’m in it doesn’t take long to shoot my load, all I have to do was think about the conversation we've just had...and them sexy young women. It was turning into a bizarre day, but it couldn’t be any other way with the minx that was Gemma in tow.

When I get back Gemma says "there you go" and pops her thong, her sopping wet white satin thong in my hand.

"You've made yourself come?"


"Sitting here in the van?"

"No, I went behind that Tesco lorry over there... yes here in the van, where do you think??"

"Gemma you could have been arrested, just imagine if a cop car had pulled up".

"Andy, I done it discretely, it wasn’t as if I was sat here, fanny on display, legs wide open with my feet sticking out of the windows!"

"You sat here tossing yourself off...discretely??"

"Err, unlike you men, us women don’t have to sit and give it this" she says as she makes a fist and starts wanking an imaginary cock.

"No need to be uncouth...miss, so how did you do it then?"

"It was easy, I used my vibe".

"Your vibe? You brought a vibrator with you?"

"I take my vibe everywhere, no telling when a girl might need it, I’m also wearing my wanking skirt".

"Your wanking skirt? What the fuck's a wanking skirt?"

"It’s a skirt with holes cut in the pockets, I can just sit, or stand as the case may be, put my hands in through my pockets and play with myself, or as I’ve just done, use my vibe".

"Ingenius, I like it”, I say and start the van

“We can’t go just yet”.

"Why not?"

"Because now I need the toilet myself".

I give her a "you having a laugh?" look.

"Sorry, wont be long" she says as she gets out.

I watch her as she walks away from the van and I think about her attractiveness. She has straight brunette hair reaching to halfway down her back, her skirt is hiding her gorgeous bum, which I sometimes have difficulty keeping my hands off.

While she's away I think about our plans for the rest of the day.

The purpose of the trip is for Gemma to sort some paperwork and to bring some antiques from her grandfathers house. Eric retired not so long ago and moved back to the northeast to live in his static caravan on the coast with a view to renting his house.
I wasmasked to drive down in the van, then Gemma was giving the task (or volunteered?) of handing the paperwork into the solicitors and estate agents.

After holding the crotch up to my nose to get the scent of her luscious teen pussy, I neatly fold Gemma’s knickers and put them in my shirt pocket. Even though Ive just cum, I still feel a twinge. If only I had them 5 minutes ago.

As she's walking back she smiles and looks at me with those sexy brown eyes of hers, eyes which she knows exactly how to use to her advantage. A tight t-shirt covers her breasts.
Gemma oozes sex appeal. Something which hasn’t gone unnoticed by some of the other male visitors of the service station. They're looking at Gemma with lust and looking at me with envy.

"Your knickers smell lovely, by the way" I say, as I start the van once again.

"Glad you like them".

We leave the motorway and continue on an A road.

“What are you like in bed then? Seeing as you seem to know all about my sexual exploits” I ask.

“I dare say you’d have to ask one of my fuck buddies”.

“Fuck buddies? How many do you have?”.

“Ooh, let’s think ...about half a dozen, I’m shagging left right and centre these days” replies Gemma.


“Nope, I haven’t had a fuck for about 3 months, since I split up with my ex”.

“Can’t be through lack of offers” I say.

“It isn’t, but I can’t be bothered with lads at the moment, just get grief off them... usually have more fun with my fingers anyway” Gemma replies laughing.

“And how often do your digits of pleasure do their stuff?” We’re on a roll.

"About three or four times a week” Gemma answers as if she's telling me how often she goes jogging.

"Do you always use your vibe or do you also use your fingers?"

"My fingers are better but I do like getting my vibe right up".

"Any other sex toys?"

"A big black dildo".

"A big black dildo? How big?"

"Twelve inches".

"Twelve inches? Do you manage to get whole thing right up?"

"No problem, right up to the hilt". She says trying to keep a straight face. “Only joking, I’ve never used it, won it at Blackpool on a hen party. Best sexy dancer!”

“Best sexy dancer eh?".


"Female masturbation fascinates me, it’s my favourite porn subject" I continue.

"I would never have guessed" says Gemma.

"Especially them selfies".

"What do you mean, selfies?"

"Well, these girls take pics and vids of themselves tossing themselves off then put them on porn sites".

"You're joking" Gemma doesn’t know whether to believe me.



"They're known as mirror girls, as they tend to stand in front of bathroom mirrors and take pics of themselves with their phones. I’m surprised I’ve never seen you on there".

Gemma isn’t biting.
"I might have taken pics of myself but I would never put them on the internet".

"Wise girl" I say. "So you've taken similar pics of yourself?"



"Never done any vids".

"Would you like to?"

"What, do a video of me playing with myself? And put it on the internet?"

"No-one said anything about putting it on the internet" I reply.

Gemma cottons on.
"Am I right in thinking you’re wanting to film me having a wank?"

"Something like that".

After a while she says “Got to admit I'm getting horned-up just thinking about it, but if it happens I'll be wanting something in return”.

"Such as?" I say.

"I'll let you know" she replies with a cheesy grin.

To be continued...
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