Lorelai catches Dean and Rory.
Jess was having the best dream. He had accidentally forgotten his swimsuit when he went to the local pool for a dip. Luckily he was the only one there and the lifeguard was off duty. Stripping quickly, he jumped into the pool and swam a couple of laps. After a while, he got tired and decided to soak in the hot tub. He jumped out of the pool and turned on the jets. As he eased himself into the tub, he felt a jet of hot water hit his flaccid dick. Instant pleasure traveled over him as his cock grew. The water caressed and indulged his cock.

Slowly, Jess began to wake up, but the sensation around his cock did not subside. While he slowly regained consciousness, he became aware of a head bobbing up and down on his fully erect cock. He glanced around, wondering where he was. Then it all came rushing back to him. The invitation from Rory, the threesome with her and Dean, the absolute pleasure. He then realized that the head bobbing up and down on his dick must be Rory.

Right at that moment, the head stopped moving up and down and looked at him. It was indeed Rory. “Morning sleepy head,” she grinned, and went right back down on his cock. She started sucking in air, creating a vacuum around Jess’ cock. He moaned in pleasure and just laid back his head and let her do her thing. She danced her tongue around his cock as she moved up and down. She took his cock out of her mouth and started to tongue his balls. She would take one in her mouth and swish it around. Then she would do the same to his other ball. Jess soon felt like he was about to cum. He moaned and Rory got the message, she jumped right back on his cock and began to suck with a fervor. Just as he started cumming, Jess slammed his hand behind Rory’s head and held her there so she had to drink all of his fresh cum.

He started pumping into her mouth. Shot after shot of hot white cum flowed into her mouth. Jess arched his back and moaned with the might of a god. Rory just kept on drinking and drinking. When he was done, he just laid back and bathed in his post-orgasmic glow. She popped her head off his dick and wiped her lips off with her finger. “What a breakfast!” Rory said, “might be even better in the morning than coffee, and that’s really saying a lot.” Jess weakly laughed and then took a hard look at Rory.

“I think I like this new you Rory, it is full of possibilities,” he commented.

She was about to respond, when Dean began to stir. Jess realized it probably wasn’t a good idea to be there when Dean woke up, just in case Dean was not as horny as he had been last night, and willing to let things slide. He jumped up, quickly got dressed, hastily said good-bye and thank you to Rory and then ran out the door.

She was a little taken aback, but the rumblings of her stomach soon roused her. She decided to let Dean wake up as she prepared breakfast. She walked into the kitchen and popped a couple Pop-Tarts into the toaster and began to take out toppings.

As Dean was waking up, he was vaguely aware of a door slamming and someone moving into the kitchen. He turned his head, and in his half-awake state he mistook the women standing in the kitchen to be Lorelai.
“Oh, shit,” he thought as he quickly tried to cover his naked body with a nearby blanket. Then she turned her head and he realized that it was actually Rory, and she was still naked. Man she looked hot. His cock grew as he stared at her. She turned her back to get something from the fridge and Dean took this moment to silently get up. He snuck up behind her and whispered into her ear “Good morning my slut.”

She jumped a foot in the air, “Shit you scared me,” she yelled. She spun around to yell at him again, but before she had a chance he stuck his tongue into her mouth and began to kiss her. She tried to resist, but an overwhelming sensuality rushed over her and she just gave in. He was being forceful, shoving his tongue wherever he wanted to, and she loved it. Their kiss was reaching the height of passion, when Rory suddenly heard someone call her name.

“Fuck, it’s Babette,” Rory said as she pulled away.

“Just ignore her,” Dean urged as he moved in to kiss her again.

“No, my mom probably asked her to check up on me. She’ll freak out if I don’t answer,” she replied as she ran into her room and threw on a bathrobe. She ran out onto the porch where she saw Babette standing on her own porch.

“Oh, there you are sugar,” called out Babette in her unmistakable rasp of a voice.

“Yeah, I was just sleeping in,” Rory called back. She could hear some movement in the kitchen. “I wonder what he’s up to,” she thought to herself.

“Okay. Your mom just asked me to check up on you. She says she’s sorry that she couldn’t make it home last night, but she’ll make it up to you somehow,” Babette replied.

“Thanks, Babette.”

“Bye sugar,” said Babette as she went back into her house waving.

Glad she had avoided any questions or suspicious glances from her neighbor, Rory hurried back into the house. She walked into the kitchen, only to stop in her tracks. Dean was leaning on the table facing Rory. This caused his already complete erect penis to stick out in invitation towards her. Besides that, he had taken some whipped cream from her fridge and put it on himself. He had covered his nipples and his cock in whipped cream. Also, he had an arrow pointing from his chest to his crotch. To top it all off, he had put a cherry on the head of his cock.

“A little early morning treat,” he said with an inviting smile.

“I like,” she said alluringly as she slipped out of her robe. She sauntered over to her boyfriend and planted a burning kiss on his lips. Slowly, she began to move her affections downward. She licked the stubble on his neck and then proceeded to his nipples. She first made little circles with her tongue around the cream. She made smaller and smaller circles, until she was licking the cream. Gently, she teased his nipple with her teeth, producing a groan from his lips. Swiping her finger across his tanned chest, she took some of the whipped cream and put it on her own nipple.

After all the cream was gone from his nipples, Rory moved south again. She planted kisses all along his stomach, paying special attention to his belly button. She sensually licked away the arrow pointing towards his dick. Dean crept his hand down her backside and began to squeeze her ass cheeks.

“Yeah, that’s it slut. Eat that treat!” Dean encouraged.

“And now for the main attraction,” Rory announced as she plucked the cherry from the top of Dean’s dick. “Ha, I took your cherry,” Rory joked as she popped it into her mouth. Rolling it around in her mouth, she made noises that would make a nun become aroused. After she swallowed the fruit, she moved her head towards his cock. He was so tempted to just shove his meat down her throat, but he abstained, knowing that it would pay off in the end. He had never met such a good cocksucker as Rory. In his old town, he had plenty of sluts willing to suck his dick. Hell, he had lost his virginity at age fourteen, but it wasn’t until he moved to Stars Hollow that he learned the true meaning of slut. The instant he had met Rory, he had wanted to get her in bed. So he turned on his charm, and it wasn’t long before they were dating. It wasn’t long after that, that they had their first time, and it was paradise! Ever since then, they had been extremely active in bed, but it wasn’t until last night that Rory revealed her true nature. She was a slut, just like all the rest, and he couldn’t wait to exploit the possibilities.

She had reached his cock and was swirling her luscious tongue around the head of his member. By the time all the whipped cream was gone, his head was purple with lust, standing out against the rest of the white cream. She then moved downward towards his balls. He had been unable to cover these in whipped cream, but they still looked appealing. She instantly popped one into her mouth and began to salivate all over it. Her nose was getting covered in whipped cream, but she didn’t care, she wanted his balls. After she was done with the first one, she jumped right onto the second. This one she lightly kissed first, before immersing it in her mouth.

Before long, Dean was begging Rory to suck his cock proper. “Come on babe, just jump on that stick. Come on you little slut, you know you want it.”

Rory felt she had tortured her boyfriend long enough. Slowly, she began lowering her head onto his cock, tasting both the sweetness of the whipped cream and the musk of his manhood. Dean just tipped back his head and closed his eyes as he felt her angelic mouth around his cock. When Rory reached the base of his cock, she just took a rest for a moment, while he whistled. Slowly she began moving up and down on his rod, whirling her tongue all around it. She knew that she was doing her best as a woman to make herself alluring to men, and that was the ultimate turn-on.

While Rory was sucking Dean’s cock, Lorelai waltzed in the front door. She was still on a high from last night. She had had an incredible fuck session with Christopher, and she wasn’t remorseful at all. Chris had been gone when she woke, and she didn’t mind at all! She was about to call out to Rory, but she figured that Rory would have just been getting up this Thursday morning, and she knew what a bad morning person Rory was.

She crept through the house and into the kitchen. What she saw there let off a flood of emotions in her body. Here was her young, but sexy daughter, kneeling over her boyfriend’s cock. Lorelai knew that Rory had been having sex, but she never knew Rory was this promiscuous. But that boyfriend of hers, with his six pack, dreamy brown eyes, perfectly sculpted face, long blonde hair and, from what she could tell, huge cock, was a fine specimen of a man.

Neither of them had seen her walk in, Dean had his head tilted back and eyes closed in pleasure and Rory was a little preoccupied. She slowly backed out of the room as she decided what to do. She could just leave the house and come back later, hopefully when Dean was gone. Or she could interrupt them and send Dean off scurrying and Rory ashamed. She knew there was another option, she could join in.

“No,” she thought to herself, “that is not an option. It is my daughter in there.” But even while she was thinking this the sounds of pleasure drifted in from the kitchen.

“Oh, suck that cock, Rory. Stick it down that sweet pipe of yours,” Dean moaned in the other room.

Lorelai was getting wet just listening to it. She didn’t know what to do, she knew it was her daughter, but she was still horny from the night before. Finally she couldn’t take it anymore, she sneaked a look into the kitchen to make sure no one was looking still, and silently slipped out of her clothes.

“I’m gonna give those two teenagers a sexual experience like they’ve never had,” she thought to herself as she stepped into the kitchen. Rory was still standing, as she had just bent over to take Dean’s cock, instead of kneeling. Her legs were sprawled, and Lorelai saw her opening, literally. She knelt behind Rory, and started to lick her pussy.

Rory jumped a foot in the air, causing her to gag on Dean’s cock. This in turn brought Dean out of his pleasure induced stupor. Rory got off Dean’s cock and spun around, only to gasp when she saw her mother lying on the kitchen floor naked. Her first reaction was to cover herself up, but she ended up yelling, “What the hell!”

“I’m here to give you the most gratifying sexual experience of your young live,” responded Lorelai as she rose from the floor. Slowly she moved in towards her daughter and planted her lips on the younger women’s. Rory tried to pull away, but as she felt her mothers tongue enter her own mouth she began to melt. Here was an incredibly sexy woman, offering her body up to them for the sole purpose of sexual pleasure. Who gave a shit that it was her mom? So she shoved her tongue right back and began to passionately kiss the women who gave birth to her.

Dean just stood back and enjoyed the show. Here was his hot girlfriend and her seductive mother kissing. He had never seen anything so arousing. He slowly began to jerk his cock, as the girl’s kiss intensified. Lorelai began pushing Rory back, until Rory was lying on the table, with Lorelai above her. They were writhing around like a couple of snakes. As they were gyrating in their passions, Dean noticed Lorelai’s ass was moving in a rather seductive manner. Up and down, side to side, the teenage couldn’t take his eyes off of it. Finally, he got the courage and moved up to the older woman’s butt. He could smell her pussy, and damn, did it smell good. He tentatively knelt down, underneath Lorelai’s ass and stuck his tongue in her pussy.

She moaned into her daughter’s mouth, which Dean took as a sign that he was doing something right. So, he began to lick the woman’s pussy with a vengeance. He would swirl his tongue on the outside of her lips, and then when she was least expecting it; he would plunge his tongue straight into her snatch. Soon she began gyrating in time to his licking. Rory slipped out from under and went to go join her boyfriend in his feast. She began to lick her mother’s pussy right alongside Dean. Occasionally, the lover’s lips would meet and they would kiss passionately underneath Lorelai’s pussy.

Lorelai was experiencing heaven on earth as the two teenagers rubbed her snatch with their tongues. She could not differentiate between the two. It had all just melded into one extreme passionate machine. The light flutter of their mouths and the moistness of their tongues drove her over the edge. Her orgasm built and then exploded all over the young people’s faces. Her juices ran liberally down their faces. Rory drew forth from her mother and started to lick the face of her boyfriend. She could taste her mother on the teen-sex god that was her lover, could life get any better than this?

As Lorelai lay, recovering from her climax, Dean saw his chance. He stood up, easily picked Lorelai up, sat down on one of the kitchen chairs and promptly placed her onto his achingly hard cock that was pointing like a compass to the sky. As Lorelai settled onto his large manhood, she gasped with the sheer girth of it.

“Oh, fuck Dean! That cock of yours feels so good!” Lorelai practically shouted once his cock was fully in her.

Dean couldn’t believe how tight Lorelai was. He had expected her to be loose from all the fucking around she had done in her life, but she was tight as her daughter. “Oh yeah, slut! You love that fucking cock in your tight pussy, don’t you?” he responded. He figured that Lorelai was just like her daughter, a slut waiting to get fucked.

The only sound that passed her lips was a moan of sensuality as she slowly began to bounce up and down on his organ. He snaked his hands around her chest and began playing with her bountiful breasts. He squeezed them for all they were worth, twisting her nipples and mashing her breasts, doing all of it as she continued bouncing up and down on his dick, increasing her tempo regularly.

Rory, getting even hornier from watching her boyfriend fuck her mother, crawled over to Lorelai, and stuck her tongue down her throat. She explored her mother’s mouth to its fullest extent. Lorelai was too preoccupied with the huge cock in her, and the hungry hands on her breast, so she didn’t immediately respond to the tongue in her mouth. Lorelai could feel her orgasm building, then it exploded all over Dean’s cock.

Feeling her pussy clench down on his member, just about drove Dean over the edge. He picked Lorelai up and laid her down on the floor next to Rory. Then he stood above them, with his cock quivering and stroked it hard, until he started to shoot his cum. The girls opened their mouths in anticipation. The first strand of white goo landed on Rory’s forehead. The rest landed all over them, in their open mouths, on their faces, some of the last shots even landed on their curvy breasts.

Rory turned towards her mother, and she had never seen a sexier sight. She had no clothes on and was covered in Dean’s cum. She leaned forward and began sucking her mother’s tit like a baby, until it was cleaned of the sweet tasting cum. She then moved upwards and cleansed her mothers face. After she was done, Lorelai did the same to her, until both women were clean.

Dean had gone soft as this was happening, but Lorelai still had one idea that would give her daughter the ultimate sexual experience. For this she needed Dean to be nice and hard, so she crept forward and took Dean’s soft cock into her mouth. Under her expert attentions, he was soon hard again. “Wow, cocksucking must be genetic, because she is almost as good as her daughter.”

Lorelai took the teen’s cock out of her mouth and turned to Rory, “Here babe, you keep him hard while I go and get something upstairs.” Rory eagerly complied as she started to stroke Dean’s wet cock. She started licking it, and she could taste her mother’s pussy, which only invigorated her actions. She was soon deepthroating it, when she heard her Lorelai come back down the stairs.

Lorelai sauntered into the kitchen, wearing the biggest fucking strap-on Rory or Dean had ever seen. It was bright pink and easily a foot long and two inches around. She struck a pose in true Lorelai fashion and said, “ You ready for the big finale!?” She then laid herself prostrate on the kitchen floor. She then beckoned to Rory to sit on her fat strap-on. All Rory could do was stand there, with her mouth open. The size of the dildo just overwhelmed her; she could not even imagine that pink thing even fitting into her young pussy! Even so, she could feel her pussy get more and more wet by the second. She wanted to try, but she was rooted to the spot.

Dean was anxious to see Rory get on that fake cock. He couldn’t wait to see his girlfriend’s pussy be hammered by that monster. Plus, he could kind of get the idea of where Lorelai wanted to go with this, and he was more than willing to oblige. Tired of waiting for Rory to move, he walked over to her picked her up gently, carried her over to Lorelai. Rory didn’t struggle, she was still processing. Slowly, Dean began to lower her onto the strap-on. “That’s right, onto mommy’s cock,” Lorelai encouraged.

Dean lowered Rory until her pussy was just lightly resting on the dildo. Suddenly, Rory looked at Dean and said, “Drop me on to that cock!” He was only ecstatic to assist, so he promptly let go of her. She fell straight onto the fake appendage. A full six inches of it went right into her and she could barely hold back a scream. It was huge! That was all she could think. It felt bigger than it looked. Slowly, she began to lower herself more onto it. Slowly, it was stretching her pussy to the limit. Slowly, it was giving her pleasure beyond her wildest dreams. After a little while, she was completely engorged by the strap-on. She couldn’t believe how full she felt! Cautiously, she began to move up and down on the monster of a cock.

“That’s right, honey, fuck yourself,” motivated Lorelai. While she was doing this, she beckoned to Dean behind Rory’s back. Dean knew what Lorelai meant to do, and he was eager to comply. He walked to the sink, where they kept a bottle of lotion. Squirting some into his hand, he applied it liberally to his straining cock. He walked silently back around so that Rory had her back to him. By this time, Rory was bouncing slowly up and down on the dildo, oblivious to Dean in her pleasure. When Lorelai saw that Dean was ready, she pulled Rory down to her and engulfed her in a passionate kiss. Though a little taken aback at first, Rory soon got into it and was ravaging her mother’s mouth in her teenage passion.

Standing behind the kissing relatives, Dean was mesmerized by Rory’s ass. It seemed like the Holy Grail of his teen sex life. She had kept on putting off letting him do anal on her, but now there was no way he would let her say no now. With his cock like a compass needle, pointing towards the treasure, Dean advanced on Rory’s sweet ass. He bent down and lightly licked Rory’s asshole, tasting her body. She responded by moaning into the extremely passionate kiss that her and Lorelai were still sharing. Feeling that her hole was significantly wet enough to take his cock, he straightened his back, placed his hands on her shoulders and shoved his entire cock into her tight butt in one fell swoop.

Rory almost bit her tongue off from the pain she felt. She felt like she was being split in half by the two huge cocks invading her from each end. Pulling away from her kiss, she cried out like a puppy taking a beating. Her mother tried to comfort her, “Don’t worry babe, it will feel so great soon. Just let him try it.” Lorelai said as she petted her daughter’s cheek.

On the other end of things, Dean had gone into a pleasure-induced stupor from initial thrust. When he returned to full consciousness, he realized what had caused his stupor. Rory’s ass felt incredible! He had never even imagined such a tight feeling around his cock. Cautiously, he began to move in and out of her ass. At first, he would just take an inch or two out then push it back in slowly. As he was doing this, Rory began to feel better. The excruciating pain she had felt at first was driven back by the immense pleasure her boyfriend and mother were offering her. She began to move up and down on Lorelai’s strap-on again, thus allowing two cocks to plow into her simultaneously. Seeing this, Dean began to add more vigor to his thrusts. He increased his tempo and how hard he was thrusting into her. Soon, he was going at something close to mach speed, pulling his entire cock out and in at each thrust.

Rory was practically screaming at the sheer ecstasy of it all. She was bouncing up and down on a gigantic dildo, strapped onto her mother, and her lover’s warm cock was plowing her ass to kingdom cum. “Oh yes, fuck me, both of you, fuck me!” she was screaming. She could sense her orgasm building, it was like a tsunami that was just getting bigger and bigger as it neared shore. Once it hit, she almost blacked out. The room was spinning and all she could hear was Dean’s grunts and her own pleasured screams. Wave after wave hit her; she could hardly breathe.

Dean was still digging into Rory’s ass, but his own climax was imminent. “Oh yeah, take my cum slut, take it,” he yelled as he pushed his cock all the way in and let out a torrent of warm white fluid. Shot after shot went into Rory’s young ass as she was still recovering from her own orgasm. When he was done, Dean pulled out and helped Rory off her mother’s dildo.

Lorelai was just lying there, with a contented smile on her face, knowing that she had given each teen a taste of adult pleasure. Dean, seeing the strap-on glistening with Rory’s juices, couldn’t resist. He got back down on his knees and started to suck it dry. Rory soon followed suit. Dean loved the taste of Rory’s pussy, and he didn’t care where it came from. Rory had never tasted her pussy before, but so far she liked it. It only took them about a minute to clean it up. Lorelai stood up and unstrained it, letting it fall to the floor. As Rory went to pick it up, she glanced at the clock. “Shit I’m late for school,” she said.


2007-08-28 03:23:11
um i liked da story but jus wanna say dean n rory dident have sex until dean married another girl


2007-06-15 20:24:48
do a scene with lorelai and luke.


2007-01-04 01:16:48
i really like the story but the lorelai part was a bit to much


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sexiest damn story here, awesome


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