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I was not exactly a social outcast but Randy was the only one who became my friend. He was a great guy and I was committed to being a good friend to him. But, everything changed the minute I saw Mrs. Shaw.

It is not like she was the most beautiful women I had seen. But, it was that instant, which created a wave of sexual energy in me and a motive that I will fuck this woman.

Mrs. Shaw was not the sort of mom on who people score: she had a wonderful relationship with her husband and her son. But, I could tell the minute we laid eyes on each other that her holes were waiting for my cock.

Mrs. Shaw was an immensely attractive woman. She was about 5'6, had a well-toned body and ample, NOT HUGE breasts. The way her boobs accentuated her
Figure was perhaps, her most striking quality. She had brown eyes, and wavy brown hair, just below her shoulders. The good thing about her was that she was always well-dressed, and it was hard for anyone to glance a peck of any of her privates.

Ever since the first meeting, I had masturbated a lot thinking about Mrs. Shaw, and every masturbation session was followed by a guilt session where I felt I betrayed Randy. But, this guilt was to prove incredibly small in front of my lust.

So one day, when randy told me that he and his dad were going on their annual camping trip, I immediately saw my chance to cum in his mom's pussy, and not in another tissue.

So, when I knew that randy had left town, I went to his house. Mrs. Shaw opened the door. I did not know how to make my first move, but like I said, it felt like it was meant to be: everything worked out itself.

I opened my mouth to say something, but she went first "I know you want to fuck me. I also want to fuck you. But I am committed to my family. I don't want lust to ruin my life"

I replied" We can just fuck each other, to fulfill our desires. And continue to live our lives like we used to."

Her positive reply was mirrored in her actions: she turned around, started taking her clothes off, and went to her bedroom. I followed suit.

Once in her bedroom, she laid down on her bed. I said "I have fucked women before but I am not good at the oral stuff and foreplay. I would like to learn that" She replied" Well just fuck me then." With that she opened her legs in invitation.

I positioned myself between her legs. Having watched millions of porn movies, and also having done it before, I understood how to conduct myself. I slowly pushed myself in her. Pretty soon, I was in balls deep. The same feeling of a pussy wrapping a cock came back to me. But what followed suit was new.

I started stroking her long and hard. During these strokes, I leant forward and started French kissing her. That had always been one of my fantasies. Soon, her moans become louder and evident. I was apparent that she was Cuming. And pretty soon, hot waves of cum went all over her body. She suddenly went limp.

I proceeded forward to fulfilling my next fantasy. I turned her over, asked her on all fours, grabbed a hold of her beautiful breasts, and started pumping her doggy style. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the both of us in a mirror and what I saw was exactly what I had fantasized: I fucking her like a bitch in heat. That pushed me over the edge, and I came in her pussy. Fortunately, she came almost at the same time as me.

I went downstairs, to get a drink, in order to get myself reading, and pretty soon the blood was running in the cock again. I went back upstairs to find her in the bathroom. She said" Now you must fulfill one of my fantasies". I nodded along. As it turned out, she wanted me to pin her against the wall of the bathroom, and with hot water steaming on us, she wanted me to left her up and then fuck her.

I followed her orders to the L and that really pushed her over the edge: she started screaming my name over and over again, and I knew that she was going to explode soon. And just as well, in about 2 minutes, she exploded on my cock, her vaginal juices running down her legs and mine and she was done.

But unfortunately I was not. She saw that and asked me" Do you want me to make you cum". I said no and I would like to fill her hole. She was reluctant as she was satisfied, but went along. I took her back to the bed. I turned her over, and started fingering her anus. The thought of anal penetration re-invigorated her lust, and she was hot as an oven again. I used the wetness from the bathroom to wet her anus and penetrated in. She screamed out in pain, but I asked her to bear it. And soon enough, the pain turned into excruciating pleasure.

I started pounding her ass, but the thought of fucking her in the ass and the tightness of her hole, made me cum in just a few strokes. But when it came, I blasted about 5 or 6 big loads of sperm in her ass; which oozed out slowly once I had retracted my limp cock from her ass. We were finally done.

Unfortunately, our pact did not quite work out as I need her holes and she needed my cock. That weekend, I fucked Mrs. Shaw more than I slept :P

And you can read all about it if you want :D

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2016-08-02 18:25:47
Your story is great

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2009-10-21 05:20:31
You've got the basics of a good story here, but the grammar and spelling need work. It's a simple matter of proofreading, using SpellCheck, and careful rewriting.

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2008-08-10 19:54:26
Did you ever go to school? Because your grammar & spelling suck! A second grader could do better! Plus, the story was plain stupid!


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Fucking stupid. You only wish that happened you sad little bitch.

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