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My Life
Mr. Magnífico {Episode-1} by Mogrim
[[Writer's Words: English language/grammar isn’t my strongest side. The spelling is OK, I guess. This story is very slow, I think. So impatient readers are advised not to read, or start reading backwards;) Look for the *stars*]]

“UHHH…UHH…UH, I’m Cumming, I’m Cumming…”
“I’m Cumming too baby, cum with meee…AAGHHH” and I woke up with yet another creamy boxer. These wet dreams are killing me. This is the third time in a week that I’ve had a wet dream about Tiffany. This is about time that I lose my virginity.

[Chapter 1]
My name is Luis Casanova. Yeah, that’s right, “Casanova”. My grandfather is from Perugia, Italy. My grandmother was from Seville, Spain and my mother is from London, U.K. My parents got married in Glasgow, Scotland and got divorced when I was only two years old. My grandfather named my older brother Roberto and my grandmother named me Luis. Grandmother died the year I was born. After divorce my father, grandfather and both of us brothers moved out to live in Madrid, Spain. We are staying here, in LA, California for last 6 years. My grandfather owns a restaurant and my father has his import business. Roberto helps father in his business. I myself sometimes work as a cook at grandfather’s place. We four males are living together without any womanly touch for a while now. That’s quite a history.

As I was saying, I’m Luis Casanova, but my friends call me Nova (yeah, that’s funny). I’m 19 years old. I am 5’11” and weight about 171 lbs. I have dark hair, almost black and I visit a salon once in every three months, so they are often a little longer. I’m in good shape and tanned due to playing soccer with my buddies. But the only story relating part of my body is my penis and it is 7 inches long and 5 inches in diameter. It has veins showing all over it. I think it looks cool. It’s not huge but I’m proud of it. I proudly can say that I’m a talented soccer player, excellent photographer and a wonderful cook. I’m good with the wheels too.

As I said, I’m still a virgin. I think that has something to do with me not playing in the high school football (U.K. term American football) team, but hell…I’m a soccer guy. I’m famous with the guys, but chicks always chase football players. I hate bisexuals. I don’t like group sex and threesome either. These natures have its disadvantages too. Someone watching me while I’m having sex makes me sick to my stomach. But I never had a problem watching other people having intercourse. I went to the high school prom without even a date; yeah…that makes me a loser. But “better none than ugly chick”, that’s my motto. Tiffany was a girl from my class that I always dreamt of but never had the guts to ask her out.

This is the last year of my teenage life and I’m not willing to leave it without losing my virginity. My big brother, Roberto, bought me a camera on my 13th birthday, I practiced a lot with it and soon I became quite good at photography. Now I own a Nikon digital camera and a Philips camcorder that I bought last year, all from my restaurant money. I also purchased a Hewlett-Packard laptop with a combo drive to help me edit my photos/videos on place. Since then these babies are helping me live a king’s life. Now people (mostly my friends) hire me sometimes to make them a personal DVD or take photograph for them. Of course I don’t take ordinary pictures, I only take the special ones;] if you know what I mean. This is a well paying job, but I have no intension of making it my profession. In fact I have no intension of doing anything at all. Besides money, I only do this because it gives me something to jack off.

[Chapter 2]
I woke up at 10am with another hard-on. Jacking off isn’t fun anymore, I need some of that real action. I went to the bathroom and there stand my hero. My big brother Roberto, brushing his teeth. He is 25 and still unmarried, but he is known as the ladies’ man. He looked at my crotch with a smirk on his face. “Are you going to use you tool anytime soon?” he asked with that smug look still on his face.
“I’m trying my best, man. Nothings working for me”, I replied.
“Any chance with that dream girl of yours?” he asked.
“From what I heard, she’s not the most popular girl around. You know that?” he continues to brush his teeth.
“Yes, because she doesn’t hang around with the jocks”, I said.
“You are a jock too, you know”, Roberto said with a smile.
“What are you talking about? Our high school didn’t even have a soccer team”, I sighed.
“You hang in there buddy. Tell me if you need anything”, he turned to leave, “just keep your eyes and ears open. There’s always an opportunity of getting laid when you are alone with a girl.” He left.

[Chapter 3]
There’s a small electronics repairing shop (and spare parts too) in our alley that I always go to, when necessary. I went there to pick up my Kodak that Roberto gave me. It was old and needed to be repaired for some time. I went in, the shop was deserted. In the counter, there stood Tracy, working on something. Her uncle owns the shop and she is the only employee in that small shop. I knew her for a year now and we have become very good friends now. She is 21 years old and a very attractive woman. She is 5’6” tall and has black wavy hair that ran below her shoulders. She has large green eyes and a very beautiful face with slightly high cheekbones. She had her lower lip pierced and wore a little silver stud there. Her tits are a little small, may be a big b-cup, but she has a beautiful round hip. She has a perfectly round, firm and tight butt (that’s my personal favorite part of a woman’s body). I longed for her, but as she is two years older than me, I never made my move.

“Hi Nova, it’s good to see you again.” She was wearing a tight long-sleeved black sweatshirt and tight jeans.
“Good to see you too, Tracy.” My cock started aching again. “Will it click again?” I asked her about my camera.
“Yes…for now…but, you know…it’s very old. Why do you spend your money on it? You’ve got a better one now.” She said, staring up at me.
I looked down; she was working on a VCR. “You know why. It was a gift from my brother.” I replied. I was thinking about what Roberto said this morning, “Keep you eyes and ears open”. I sure am doing that now. “So…how’s business?” I asked. I know it’s not going too well, but asked her anyway.
“It’s ok, I guess.” She said with a shrug. I knew it’s not.
“Where’s your uncle?”
“He’s off sick.” She said.
“Did he pay you this month?” I asked. She shook her head left to right. This is getting somewhere, I thought. “Can I help?” I asked.
She thought for awhile, and then blushed. “My boyfriend’s birthday is in three days and I really want to surprise him.” She continued; “My parents give me enough money for myself, but I’ve spent all my savings on something…” she stopped.
“And now you don’t have enough money to do anything big for him.” I finished for her. She just gave a small nod. “How much do you need?”
“$400.” She replied.
“Whew, that’s a lot of money! What do you want to do for him?” I asked.
“I can’t tell you that.” She said with a start.
“Sorry,” I quickly apologized, “I shouldn’t have asked that.”
“It’s ok.”
“I can help you with the money though.” I said.
“Can you spare $400?” she asked raising her lovely eyebrows.
“Yeah…I work as a cook at my grandfather’s restaurant, plus my brother’s got a heart of gold.” I replied with a smile. “And you know what I use as my ride. Sure I can spare some.” I added.
“You never told me anything about your job.” She said with a funny look. “How’s the money?”
“Well the old man doesn’t pay me much, $15 an hour. I work…maybe 16-17 hour a week. But in the end it’s not a bad job, I show up whenever I want and can’t get fired. It keeps me and my ride moving.” Of course I wouldn’t tell her anything about me, taking private photos of people having intercourse. “So will you take my money?”
“Well…yes…I guess,” Struggling to find words, “but it’s on loan. I’ll return it in a month.” She added quickly.
I removed my boot from right leg. It has a secret compartment on the heel. You can see it if you remove the flap inside. The compartment contains five $100 bills (U.K. term note). It’s sort of a family tradition. All four guys in our family carry emergency money in our boots. We don’t believe much in banks or credit cards.
“Okay, here you go.” I handed over $400. She had a very surprised look on her face. I caught her off-guard, I think.
“It’s a big favor you are doing me. I’ll pay you back in a month.” She said. “Meanwhile can I do anything for you? I’ll be very happy if I can help you with anything.” She added after a little thinking.
My cock started twitching again. This is my time. In all my life I haven’t got a better chance of banging a hot chick alone. But can I do it? Can I ask her such thing? She is my friend! Will it ruin our friendship? But first, do I have the confidence? SHOOT ‘EM, I thought. It’s now or never. I’m making a move anyway.
“Well…I think you can help me with my biggest problem.” I said with a grin.
“What’s that?” She asked, looking relieved. I’m sure she thought I was gonna ask her to repair my TV or something for free.
“Well…you can spend some quality time with me.” I’m feeling very awkward.
“What do you mean?” she asked twitching her eyebrows.
“Well…I’ve never been with a woman before…” I can’t do this, my confidence is draining. I’m feeling empty in my head.
“WHAT!?” She screamed.
I only managed to say, “Nothing” before I ran out of the shop.

There goes my $400, plus I left my most favorite item there, well…my most favorite except my 2000 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R (that was a combined gift of my grandfather, father and Roberto at my 19th birthday), I thought as I sped to the fields to play soccer with my buddies. It’s red by the way, my car. Well…almost all of his kinds are.

[Chapter 4]
You’d think such a car is a mighty gift for a boy at his 19th birthday. Well…it is, but it didn’t came easy. I had to promise that I wouldn’t sell it, loan it to anyone or race for pink slips. I wouldn’t have done these things anyway. All four of us are same of a kind, so they didn’t forbid me to race in the streets. Roberto said with a wink, “Just don’t get caught by the cops.”
Our family is crazy about cars. Roberto rides a Ford Falcon GT. Before losing their license my grandfather was riding a 1958 Ferrari 250 GT and my father, a 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback!

After two hours of running wildly on the fields, my two best friends Francesco Bianchi, Ralph Navarro and I headed to a pub. Bianchi (we call each other by our last name) hopped into my Mustang, Navarro followed us with his girlfriend in her Honda.

“Wanna make some money?” Bianchi asked me.
“I can always use some.” I replied. “What do you’ve got?” I asked back.
“Chris Anderson wants to shoot a private video. You have to make them a DVD instantly and erase all other clips in front of them.” He said.
“It’s a long work then. At least 4-5 hours, if he can hold. How much will he pay?”
“$500, cash.”
“He can’t afford this much,” I said, surprised, “and from when did he have a girlfriend?”
“He doesn’t.” Bianchi said.
“So, he is banging a prostitute. Such a loser!” I smirked.
“No…you ain’t gonna like this, he is fucking his mother.” He said with a grim look on his face.
“You know I don’t like incesto, man.” I was trying not to get angry.
“I know, but I thought it’s a lot of money. Plus she is HOT!”
“How hot?” I asked.
“Very.” Bianchi replied.
After thinking awhile, I decided, whatever, I am not the one fucking my mother. Why should I care? It’s good money. “Tell him $800, if he agrees, fix the time.” I said. Here…we reached the little pub Magic Dragon, where all of us friends hang around.

[Chapter 5]
I woke up, thanks God, no boner today. It’s Sunday, seven o’clock in the morning. I’ve got to reach Chris’s house before 10:30am, there’s enough time left to get ready with the equipment.

At exactly 10:25, I knocked at Chris’s door. A very attractive mature woman in her late thirties opened the door. She has shoulder length reddish brown hair, beautiful brown eyes. She is maybe 5’8” tall and has smooth sun-bronzed skin. The key part of her hour-glass shaped body got to be her ass. With clothes on, I can’t tell anything more than that, but I’m sure she’s got a pair of big D-Cup tits. By the way, when out of clothes, or in tight ones, I call almost correctly guess the female body measurements. Never tried this talent on the males really.

“Hello…Mrs. Anderson?” I asked, not felling very bad about the incest thing after watching this wonderful woman. She gave a nod. “I’m looking for Chris…he is expecting me.”
“Come on in.” she said with a friendly smile. She has a slight accent, I don’t recognize. I went in. They’ve got a nice house, no wonder they can spare $800 for a souvenir DVD.
“I’m here to shoot the video.” She gave a nod, indicating to continue, “Where do you want to do it?” I asked.
“Upstairs, in my bedroom, follow me.” She led me to her bedroom. “Set up your equipment, I’ll go get Chris.” She left the room. I’m not sure, but I think she looked forced.
I pulled out my camcorder and laptop from my rucksack. Dropped all the curtains on the windows and made sure no lights were coming in. Then lit all the lights of the room and set up the portable photographic lamp on the leg side of the queen sized bed. I have to move around with it to get better and bright video. I’ve got very steady hands, so I wouldn’t need a tripod for the camera.

In came Mrs. Anderson with Chris. I looked at Chris. He is 5’10”, slightly overweight and 18 years old, average looking. He was a year junior than us at high school, now in his last year. He never was a famous boy, but lucky bastard, beat me in fucking a woman. But again, I’d never have fucked my mother, if I were given a chance.

“Are you ready?” asked Mrs. Anderson.
“Ready when you are ready, Mrs. Anderson.” I replied.
“Call me Lisa.” She said with a shy smile.
“LET’S DO IT.” said Chris, jumping in anticipation.

[Chapter 6]
[I’ll describe this part in third person and won’t mention anything about me moving all around and taping everything. I’ll however mention the tips, which will be given by me.]

Chris and Lisa started kissing passionately. Lisa’s hands started unbuttoning her son’s shirt. Still kissing each other like crazy, they headed for the bed. Lisa pushed Chris on his chest and he landed on the bed on his back. She leaned forward and unzipped Chris’s jeans and pulled his underwear below his balls. Lisa kneeled on the floor and picked up his semi-hard cock. She started to stroke it to its full stiffness. It was 5 inches long and 4 inches in diameter. It’s not big but very hard. She kissed his cock-head a few times. She was holding the shaft in her right hand and meanwhile pinching his balls with the fingernails of her left hand. Then she took his cock in her mouth and slowly started bobbing up & down, coaxing Chris’s stiff dick with her saliva. After a while she increased her speed. With this size of a cock, she possibly couldn’t deep throat. But she had a tremendous facial expression, which is very precious for a video. Lisa removed her mouth from Chris’s cock, dripping with her saliva. She pulled off his jeans and underwear. Then Lisa started stroking his cock again with her right hand.
“Pull your knees as high as you can.” Lisa said to her son. Chris pulled his knees close to his shoulders and held it there with his hands, opening up his asshole.
While stroking Chris’s stiff and wet cock with her right hand, Lisa put the index finger of her left hand in her mouth and soaked it with her saliva. Then she placed it on the pucker of his asshole and slowly started to push it in. There was some resistance at the opening of his anal ring, but slowly her finger was buried to the knuckle. She put Chris’s cock back in her mouth and continued to give him a wonderful blowjob. She pushed her finger in and out of his anus for awhile, and then she pushed another finger in his ass and slowly started to thrust in faster.
This went for 4-5 minutes more. Then Chris’s abdominal muscles twitched and he said, “I’m coming…”
Lisa removed her mouth from his cock and started to stroke it very fast. The thrusting of the index and middle finger of her left hand got faster. After a few seconds, with a groan, he exploded. He shot his sperm high in the air three times. The first shot dropped to his chest, the second one landed on his forehead and third one on his belly. After three massive shots his penis was oozing out the rest of his load on his mother’s hand.
Lisa held her right hand to her mouth and licked it clean. Then she leaned on to Chris and licked his semen from his chest and stomach.
Chris got up from the bed and pulled Lisa to her feet. They kissed passionately for a while, playing with each others tongue. Chris can taste the salty flavor of his cum in his mother’s mouth. This turned him on and his cock started to stir up again. He pulled off from the kiss and started to unbutton Lisa’s blouse. Lisa pushed her thumbs in the waistband of her skirt and pulled them down. She was wearing off-white lacy brassiere and knickers. She unstrapped her brassiere and Chris pulled down her knickers. Lisa stepped out of it.
There stood Lisa Anderson, completely naked. She wasn’t ultra slim, but definitely not chubby or fat. But, her ass and thighs are a little fatter, which made it look delicious (to me, at least). Lisa has got a pair of big and round tits with big brown areola and nipples (I can bet her measurements were 36d-28-38). Lust was melting down from all over her body.
Now Chris wiped the semen on his forehead with his mother’s knickers, pushed her on her back on the bed and kneeled in between her thighs (now, he didn’t knew how to eat pussy. So, I instructed him and then started filming again). He pulled her left thigh upon his shoulder and starts to eat her hairy pussy out. He was licking her up, from her clit and down to her beautiful pinkish brown butt-hole. He opened up her puffy pussy lips with the thumb and forefinger of his right hand and starts to lick at her clitoris like crazy. Pussy juices were dripping from Lisa’s pussy to her asshole. Chris pushes the middle finger of his left hand in her asshole and the forefinger in her vagina. First, he thrusts his fingers in & out gently, but after awhile, he went crazy. He began to thrust furiously. From the expression on Lisa’s face, you can tell she loved it. This went on like 10 minutes, and then he pulls his fingers out of her and shoves them both in her pussy, curls them up and starts rubbing her G-Spot. He was still holding her pussy lips apart with his right hand fingers and liking on her clit. She went crazy; her whole body began to twitch. After only a few minutes her pussy muscles gives a spasm of delight, and she came. Lisa flooded her sons face, her ass and the bedcover.

[They took a break to catch up their breath and I grabbed a beer from their refrigerator. After 10 minutes, Lisa played with Chris’s manhood for awhile and it was erect again. We resumed shooting.]

Lisa and Chris climbed on to their bed. Lisa got on her back and Chris placed a pillow under her lower back. Once again he pulled her left thigh upon his shoulder, but this time, instead of his mouth, he places his dick on his mother’s pussy. He rubbed her pussy lips with his cock-head a few times, and then slowly he pushes in. He starts to penetrate her gently.
“Come on baby, faster…” Her eyes were almost close. She is trying to feel every inches of his cock with her sensitive vaginal muscles.
He begins to thrust in faster.
“Harder…faster…harder…harder…Mmmhhh…” she moans in pleasure.
He goes to his maximum speed. He’s fucking her brains out. Her beautiful boobs starts to bounce up & down furiously. Her fat ass and thighs are making loud slapping noises, each time they met Chris’s crotch or thighs. He is fucking her fast like a rabbit. Suddenly he starts groaning, (I knew he is going to cum, so I signaled him to pull out and cum on Lisa’s belly) he pulled his cock out of his mother’s pussy and starts to stroke it very hard. In a few seconds, he shot 2/3 loads of cum on his mother’s belly and collapsed beside her.

[Poor Lisa, her asshole son only fucked her 4/5 minutes and didn’t even make her cum.]

[Chapter 7]
Lisa Anderson went to the bathroom to wash up. A few minutes later I heard the shower turned on. Chris was still down. What an ass, only two ejaculations and he’s still out of order. I plugged the camcorder to my laptop. The clip didn’t need much editing, only three changes of positions and one intermission. I divided the 40 minute clip in 4 chapters (most of it, Chris eating his mother’s pussy) and wrote them into a blank DVD. Now it can be played either on a PC or a DVD player. It didn’t have much fucking, except that, it was quite amazing video. Especially because of it’s stunning babe. Lisa is by far, the most sensual woman that I taped. I called Chris.
“Here you go.” I handed over the DVD. “Look.” I erased all video clips from my hard-disk, then the camcorder right in front of him. “Here, you can search for yourself.” I moved aside and gave him roam to sit in front my laptop. He sat down and started to hit some buttons in random. Stupid kid knows nothing about computers, I thought.
Lisa came out wearing jeans and black tops, her reddish brown hair tied on a ponytail.
I packed up my equipment. She went to the dresser, picked up an envelope and handed over to me. Without counting I transferred it into my pocket and started downstairs, she followed me. I turned abound at the door to say goodbye.
“You can have a shot, if you want.” She said, her face turning crimson.
I know what she means. Poor woman, staring down at the door-handle, deeply ashamed. This is my sure chance of getting laid. But now, I’m not feeling that desperate anymore.
“No…not now. I have to see someone…” I said. I know I’ll get mad at myself later for rejecting her.
“Am I not attractive?” she said.
“You are one of the most beautiful woman that I’ve ever met, but…why your own son? You could’ve had anyone.”
She moved out through the door, passing me on the way. I followed her. She went near my car, jumped up and sat on the hood. “Nice ride you’ve got here.” She said.
I gave a shrug, didn’t said anything.
“My husband, Chris’s father left us two years ago for a younger woman. I was too depressed and lost my interest in men. I never dated anyone in last two years.” I sat next to her. She continued, “Two weeks ago, Chris came home crying. Some girl rejected him. After awhile he began to tell me, how everyone at high school called him a loser and no girl wouldn’t go out with him. I felt sorry for him and hugged him. It wasn’t anything sexual…from my side.” She looked remorseful. “But after awhile he started kissing me. I wanted to, but couldn’t stop him. He didn’t force me or anything…if that’s what you are thinking. Oh God, I feel like shit…” I held her right hand tightly. She talked again, “After sometime I began to enjoy it. I don’t know what got into me…” she began to sob. I hold her shoulder and pulled her close to me.
“Why didn’t you stop after first time?” I asked.
“Having sex again after such long time…I was hungry for more, this hunger couldn’t be subsided. From that time I was always horny.” I know exactly why.
“Why did you want to video tape it?” I asked.
“After doing it four or five times with him, I came to my mind. I told him we can’t do this any more. First he wouldn’t listen anything, then he said this was the happiest time of his life and he want a souvenir. I first agreed, but when he said about making a DVD, I said no. then he threatened me to kill himself. You know…I’m a mother…I panicked and agreed to do it. But this was the last time I slept with him.”
“He can blackmail you now with that DVD, you know that?” I asked her.
“Chris would never do such thing to me.” She said that but didn’t look too sure.
“If he tries anything funny, just give me a call.” I told her my cell phone number. She saved it into hers. “Can I have your number?” I asked.
“You know…I would like to call you sometimes…” I said.
“You know, it’s not likely that we can date! I’ve got a kid of your age.” She said, startled.
“I know, but I’ve began to like you a lot, and thought…we can spend some quality time together…” I can’t believe, ‘spend some quality time together’, I said that twice in less than 24 hours. I got busted first time, and surely that is gonna happen this time too.
I was knocked for six, when she said, “I’d like that” and told me her number. I saved it in my cell phone quickly.
We got off the hood and I prepared to leave. “Can I ask you something personal? It could be embarrassing.” I said.
“Go ahead.”
“Chris…how many times did he make you cum?” I asked.
“Today was the first time. He never went down on me before. I think he did this today only for the video. And he doesn’t last very long…” she replied, a bit embarrassed. “Can I ask you something personal?”
“Why do you do it?” she asked.
“What?” I asked back.
“You know…shoot porno videos.” She said.
“I do it for the money. It’s easy money in almost no labor.” I wouldn’t tell her the other reason.
“It doesn’t look like you need any.” She gave a nod to the car.
“It coasts a fortune a keep this baby shipshape.” I got onto my Mustang.
“And one thing,” I said with a wink before driving out, “don’t sleep with Chris again. He’s an asshole. He peed in his pants in 9th grade, would you believe it? It’s no wonder people call him a loser.”

[Chapter 8]
I started for the restaurant; I stopped on a red light near a shopping mall, and out came Tiffany. She was with her elder brother. Oh, she is a goddess!
She has below the shoulder length slick & shiny light-brown hair with a golden hue, adorable hazel eyes and a perfect nose.
Her lips, her lips are not too thick, not too thin. They are neither wide nor narrow; it is just the kind we always dream of. They were made to be kissed, but yet, they’d fell great wrapped around my cock. Her set of pearl-white teeth makes her lips look lascivious, when slightly apart.
Her ears were pierced and she wore a pair of golden studs there.
She has slender neck, smooth & flawless skin (I once managed to touch her forearm!). She was lightly tanned, only a bronzed hue. I heard from her friends, that she lies down under the sun once a week.
She is slim, 5’7” tall, has long shapely legs and curvy hips. Her round, but tight & firm butt amazes me every time, when I see her in those tight jeans.
Tiffany’s best friend Tina Montague, who also happens to be Navarro’s girlfriend (lucky me), told me she (Tiffany) wears 34c size bras.
Her voice is sweet & harmonious, she is always nice and kind to people, and she is good at her studies too. She’d probably go to a college or something.
She is unique, a modern Aphrodite! I don’t know which part of her body I like most. I worship her, and we would be together soon, I took an oath.
Why she never dated anyone at high school, I wondered, as she obediently followed her brother to his car.

My trance broke at the sounds of horns behind me.

Few days later, I was in a grocery store buying some things that I ran out off…baby oil, tooth paste, mouthwash…nothing important. Suddenly my cell phones starts vibrating, and guess who called me!
“Hey Nova, can you see me tonight?” It was Tracy, she sounded cold…and miserable.

[[Writer’s Words: I’ve finished episode-2. I’ll wait and observe people’s reactions for a few days. If the ratings are good and comments are inspiring, I’ll post it and start working on episode-3.]]

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