Yet again, not another 5 paragraph fuck story, if you want that look elsewhere

The Land Rover 110 sped through the dust bowl valley of the Helmand Province of south western afghanistan. It was my 3rd month there with 16 Air Assault and myself and the boys had become accustomed to the searing heat during the summer and the freezing winter, it being the later. The air was bitterly cold and with the open top land rover rushing 30mph icey winds over us we found it impossible to keep the slightest bit warm. The convoy was just 4 vehicles long, myself riding in the third vehicle as the Platoon Lt at the time. Our daily mission was to patrol the valleys between the town of sangin and the small remote villages dotted throughout the mountains.

"Alrite All units hold it there" I shivered over the radio, "Defensive triangle, Bravo 1 take point."

The 3 vehicles manuevered themselves into a triangle, leaving a man on the .50 calibre mounted on the rack over the rear of the vehicle and a man on the GPMG shotgun to the driver's seat.

"Alright sir, whats the plan?" Strutted Sgt Ray, SA-80 in one hand, clenched fist in the other.
I dragged my stiff legs out of the jeep and fumbled with my map case to pull out the shitty map we had been give of the area. Sgt Ray stood infront of the bonnet as i spread it out, soon to be joined by the three corporals.
"It fucking freezing, cant believe this, -4 C in fucking afghanistan, out bloody rageous!" Cpl 'Goose' Withers joked. "Come on sir, cant we just fuck off home" He grinned, knowing my sense of humor.
"Shut up you fucking ponce!" I laughed, "Right lads, this is our last village, a) because its a shit hole visited by the taliban on a regular basis, and b) because if i stay out in this shitty country for another minute i think im going to have to have a wank in front of the Lieutenant Colonel to partly warm up, but mainly to be thrown out fo the army for mental issues"

The group chuckled away and i checked on the rest of the men huddled behind a jeep with their desert smock hoods pulled as far over their faces as possible, a couple of brews on the go.
"Right, tell the men to get a brew down their necks and we'll move off in 15. Its 3 klicks to the west and we'll be in sight of the village. Watch for any Taliban heavies (taliban units posted on the hill with weapons such as mortars or RPGs.), keep an eye out on the village, if you see anything get on the net and radio it in, no point in getting any of you thick cunts killed now, would be a waste of a body bag for your smelly bodies"

We seperated and got a brew down our necks, warming us the only way a good cup of tea does for a soldier. On average we got a contact with the enemy twice a day, so there was good reason to be so weiry of the enemy. Our casualty list was growing by the week and we had already sent home 4 coffins from my battalion already.

The boys got back in the land rovers and gunned the engines, pulling away down the centuries old rocky goat herding trails. The 50 cal heavy machinegun swooped from side to side, trailing along the sides of the valleys hanging over us, peeping over hillsides as we sped over the brow. In no time we were within sight of the village, a small group of shacks and mud brick buildings with a few animal pens which provided this village with its little commerce. Behind me i heard the gunner cock his weapon, sending a spent casing spinning out of the side. I too took hold of the GPMG light machinegun and made it ready. Lifting the cover and placing a round in the chamber, cocking it and flicking the rear sight up. We had been in this situation too many times before, and i had learnt by now that these situations turn bad real quick.

"Bravo 3 this is Bravo 1. Multiple vehicles spotted with men walking around with long arms (Assault rifles) Can you see? Over"
I stooped over the bonnet and squinted my eyes, spotting a number of vehicles with men running around the village, hearding the villagers into seperate areas. One of the huts was a blaze, thick black smoke bellowing from the small flames deep in the hut. This could be the taliban reclaiming the village, wanting them to give them food to keep them going in the hills as it was impossible for them to be self sufficient.

"Roger that Bravo 1. Eyes on threat. All units, All units, this is Bravo 3, make ready! Bravo 4 move into a holding position on the hillside, Set up the GPMG crew and wait for fire orders."
The rear vehicle peeled off to the right, screeching to a halt letting the four paras jump out and set up the GPMG. The .50 cal ready to rain its thundering rounds down onto the enemy,

As we neared the village i knew that it was not the enemy, partly because there was no fire coming from them and partly because the taliban didnt use the type of jeeps i dreaded seeing each time i went on patrol. The soldiers carrying AK-47s all shabily dressed in shitty desert uniforms with massive old style steel helmets on.

"Oh shit" Muttered Williams my driver, "Not the fucking Pakis."

Our land rovers pulled into the village shortly followed by the rear vehicle which had packed up their GPMG and rejoined us. The Pakistani soldiers grabbed any male and dragged him into the goat pen, seperating any 'threat' from the rest. A middle aged officer stood ontop of a jeep shouting orders at the men who blindly followed, using over the top forces on the children and the old dragging them out all the while other soldiers trained their weapons over them, wanting for one to make a dash so they could spray a burst into their torso. The Pakistani soldiers were the worst people to be in Afghanistan. Being a neighbour of Afghanistan they had had many wars in the past and since the UN, in all its wisdom suggested they should 'help' the NATO forces out, there had been more than a few unsettling reports of war crimes.

I jumped out of my vehicle and donned my maroon beret of the Parachute regiment, stomping over to the officer, a captain, one rank above me.

"Get down from there!" I shouted, showing my unqualified authority. The captain looked shocked and fell for my bluff, easing himself off the bonnet.
"Who are you?" He said in rather good english.
"Lieutenant Holland 2nd battalion Parachute regiment, British."
"Oh well lieutenant we have this under control, you may leave. " He said, trying to swiftly move us on. My boys had already secured the area and had begun to start calming the villagers down.
"No captain, it is you who will move on. This area is patrolled daily by British forces and we are not going to have our work un done by a bunch of over aggressive Pakistani soldiers. What are you doing here scaring the wits out of these people?"
"It is none of your concern lieutenant. I suggest you move on"
"Captain, this is my show now. You may write a report if you request but quite honestly i dont give a ....."
"Sir!" Shouted Corporal Green, stopping me mid sentence, "I think you better have a look at this."

I ditched the captain and jogged over to the hut where Cpl Green had called from. Inside lay two bodies bleeding from multiple gunshot wounds to the neck and chest. One a 40year old man, the other, an old woman. That was it, the shit had hit the fan. We had lost the hearts and minds of this village thanks to a bunch of Paki 'soldiers' .
"Right, get on the net back to HQ and call in support, I want these pakis out of here now and tell HQ of the situation. I'm not having this shit roll onto my shoulders."

I stomped out of the hut glaring into the captains eyes and moved into the next hut followed by three of my men. The hut was dank and cold, floor filthy with dust, a few boxes and crates on their sides to act as seat with the fire in the centre still going. From behind the thin partition wall came a series of small crys and wimpers followed by deep male gutteral groans. I quickly dashed round the side to find a Pakistani soldier ontop of a woman, hand over her mouth pumping in and out of her. His trousers round his boots, arse out bobbing back and forth between her bare legs, covered in a short black stubble. Her legs were spread around his body, not clenching him but just resting around his thin hips. They seemed weak as if this was not the first man to be raping her. Her head held firmly down by the man still managed to move up enough to look at me standing there, furious, fist clenched with my rifle in my other hand. The soldier must have looked into her face to see her looking at me because he turned his head, freezing his violation of this girl as his eyes locked contact with mine.

"Get on your fucking feet you dirty cunt!" Screamed Cpl Green. "NOW!!"
I stomped over to the lad and picked him up by his shirt and threw him over to my men. His small cock still hard as he stumbled, caught by his trousers down by his ankles. One soldier punched the man, sending him flying to the ground. The Para jumped down and lifted him up by his collar, dragging him along the wall as he further assaulted the paki.
The two other lads stared down at the girl, her gown torn with her small teen breasts exposed in a gash in the material, the bottom hiked up around her waist. She immediately attempted to cover herself with the tatters of material. She wimpered, sobbing away in the local language, Dari.
"Alright lads, out you go, give the girl some privacy."
The lads hadnt seen a girl in 3 months and understandably had the animal instincts crying to come out. They looked down at the cum seeping out of her pussy, the small puddle of juices that had seeped into the dust below her legs. The translucent shiny patches of semen spurted over the tatters of dark robes left on her body.

The hut was silent apart from her sobbing. I stood over her, not knowing how to deal with it.
"Shhh. Its" I said softly, i was sorry. Sorry i hadnt arrived 20 minutes earlier to stop this from happening. I started to blame myself thinking that if we hadnt have stopped for that brew this girl would still be a girl, not a Pakistani fuck toy.
I placed my hand on her sholder trying to comfort her, only for her to let out a shrill cry. "Shhh shhh.,.... Im not going to hurt you."
She was a poor Afghani goat herders daughter, there was no way she understood english, and my Dari was no where near good enough to talk to her.
I took off my jacket and laid it over her body. She sat up and wrapped it around herself looking into my eyes. She was about 19 years old. Younger than me, yet by Afghani custom i know she was a virgin up until this day. I saw the pain in her eyes as she leant forward towards me. I wrapped my arm around her whilst sitting myself down. Her sobbing had slowed to a gentle sniffing. Outside My boys started moving all the villagers out of the blistering cold and back into their huts, all excpet mine which had one of my lads waiting outside keeping people from seeing what had happened.

The girl rested her head on my chest, sniffing her tears away. She stunk of cum, with blobs of thick white cum streaked in her dark brown hair. She was an attractive girl, perhaps that was her downfall. Her tits well built, firmly rounded with perfect nipples sticking out and inch from her olive soft skin. The girl looked back up at my face and stared at me, saying sumthing in Dari.
"I....I dont understand." I pleaded.
She repeated it and motioned down to her breasts, uncovering them and laying back on the pile of rags she had been raped on. She hiked her gown up to her waist and exposed her legs.
My mind raced. I hadn't fucked in 3months too. I had needs and here it was offering itself to me. She lay there looking at me repeating the phrase in Dari. I could pull my ever hardening cock out of my trousers and slip it into the afghani girl and make myself cum within 3minutes, enough time to not act suspicious. Afterall she was offering it to me, it wasnt rape.

My mind raced with dirty thoughts.
"I cant." i shook my head. She looked dejected and hung her head for a second before sitting up, her dark cum stuck hair hanging over her head. She moved infront of me and began to unzip my trousers. She must have thought i didnt want sex, i wanted head.
Her fingers trembled as she reached in and pulled my semi hard cock out of my thermal underwear. Oh shit, i have to stop. She pulled my cock towards her, her face still hidden by her hair. Slowly jerking my foreskin back and forth, her hair dangling down over my shaft, tickling my balls as my cock became pillar of hardness.

"Ughhh......fuck." I groaned, sitting there being jacked off. She lowered her head and stuck the head of my cock in her mouth and began sucking, bobbing her head up and down at a fast pace. I threw my head back and gasped as she quickened her pace, eager to get it over and done with, I placed my hand on the back of her head, pushing my cock into her mouth, feeling her tongue slip under the length of my shaft. My hand rubbed her head but suddenly a clump of hair got tangled in my fingers, making me open my eyes and look down at the knot of hair stuck against my fingers by a thick stringy spurt of cum.
"What am i doing?!" I gasped, pulling my cock out of her mouth looking at the her rapist's sperm clinging to my hand. I stood up and stuffed my hard cock into my trousers, walking into the other half of the room, getting a blanket to replace my jacket. She sat there confused. Sperm covering her thighs, her hair, her tits. Her wet lips glistening in the glow of the gas lamp .

I left her sitting there on that dusty cum soaked floor and stomped out of the hut to find the pakistani officer getting his troops ready to move out.
"Captain!" I shouted, "Dont worry, The United Nations will here of your soldiers murdering two innocent villagers and the raping of that young girl in that hut."
The captain lowered his stare and ordered his patrol to move out, speeding off into the valleys.

The support units eventually came to the village to provide petty ammenities to try and rebuild the faith we once had from the village but it was too little too late.

My patrol continued along our route, snaking in and out of the hillsides, shadowed by mountains climbing thousands of feet but the one thing on my mind was that young Afghany girl. i could have fucked her brains out. Id done the girls around Colchester before, never calling them, using them for sex only and not feeling bad, what was the difference.

"Sir," Asked my driver, "Was that girl alright?"
"What?.........oh yeah, she was fine." I tried to get out of this conversation.
"Dispicable......Those fucking Pakis just destroy all our good work. Theyre just sick fuc...."
"Contact right!!!" Shouted a soldier in my jeep. The 50 cal on the vehicle in front began thundering its deadly rounds up the hill at a number of muzzle flashes. Rounds spat into the ground all around us. An RPG screamed past the lead vehicle exploding against the rocks, sending a spray of dust into the area around it. I grabbed the GPMG as the jeep screeched to a hault and swung the weapon so it was facing up hill and began blapping bursts of red tracer up the hill. All the jeeps were firing on the enemy which by now were all around us. Paras took cover behind anything they could find. The deep booms of the 50 cals thundered under the high pitch crackles of our lighter assualt rifles. Red tracers flew up hill whilst enemy green and blue tracers snapped past us down in the murder hole that was this valley.
"Fuck!! Medic!! Medic!!" Screamed a voice behind me
"Goose! Take over!!" I screamed as i jumped out of the vehicle. Just at that moment an RPG screamed down the hill, crunching into the vehicle i had just lept from.
A defening explosion hit my ears followed by a crack like a flash of lightning across my vision. My last feeling was as if a truck just slammed into my right side, sending me flying, my body landing like a rag doll on the dust. My vision faded with a high pitch ringing resonating in the darkness.

I drifted back to conscioussness bumping up and down staring at the metal plating on the ceiling of the helicopter, a medic holding the IV bag up whilst the other one pressed down on my wounds on my arm.
"Put the Morphine in." Said a voice to my right and soon i drifted back into unconsciousness.

My eyelids dragged themselves up, only to start squinting again at my bright white surroundings. My pupils adjusted to the brightness and scanned around the room. I lay there, still, silent, wondering what the fuck had happened. There wasnt much in the room. My bed, a chair, a window to my right, a wardrobe and a cabinet next to me with a glass of water. I lifted my arm and let out a stifled yelp before it had even moved 4 inches off the bed. I looked down at my bandaged arm, plasma and a small patch of blood dotted over the surface. I lifted my left arm over my body, wincing in pain at the IV needle inbedded in my forearm. I felt the bandages wrapped tight around my body and knew instantly i had cracked or broken my ribs. I wriggled my feet. Thank fuck my spine wasnt broken. I moved my left leg, then my right with relative ease. I tried to sit up, gasping as the pain sucked out my breath.

I pressed the red button connected to the wire lying on my bed.

"Ahhh Lieutenant Holland, How are we feeling?" In walked a middle aged nurse, quite plump with brown hair but still wearing the white outfit of a military nurse.
"Does shit cover it?" I grimly replied.
"Well you had quite a knock" She said as she sat in the chair. "Do you remember what happened?"
"All i remember is we got ambushed, we returned fire and my Land Rover got hit by an RPG. How are the rest of my men? Is anyone hurt?"
"Lt Holland, calm down." She sat forward, "I cannot answer that, i dont know. Besides, im not your nurse. Your nurse will be coming round soon, shes Nurse Adams. She may know more than me....ok?" She said in a motherly soothing tone.
I sat back against my pillows and fretted over my men.
"OK." I replied.
"Right then, if you are in any pain then ring the bell. The operation was a success, the surgeons got all of the metal and rock out of your arm and leg but you will have to rest up for quite a while, you'll most likely be in here for at least 4 weeks. In the mean time you have magazines and are allowed visitors daily due to your rank. Right, i hope you get better soon." She stood up and walked out of the door closing it behind her,

Fuck! I thought. My right arm is busted and my left arm has this stupid IV in it. How am i going to wank? Its all that gets a soldier through in the stan. We had competitions back at base to see who could jerk off in the weirdest place. We had guys doing it ontop of the hangar, in the jeeps, in the battlefield, in the parachute harness's., everywhere. I ran my left hand down my body carefully, slipping it under the hospital gown they had put on me and began to rub my cock. At least that still worked. My shaft grew in my hand as i tenderly pulled the skin back and forth, closing my eyes and thinking about distant girls i had fucked. The one picture in my mind was that of a girl i knew who had agreed to let me take some photos of her for afghanistan, one in particular of her in a maroon t shirt with the Para badge on it with her legs spread and a finger deep inside herself.

"Uh hum!" Coughed a female voice. I let go of my cock and tried to pull my arm out from under the sheets, catching it on the sheets
"Agh fuck!" I yelped. "Oh sorry, im....." I looked up at the nurse. She wasnt like the one before, tall with platinum blonde hair. Her pretty face was not that of a model but of those wet dream girl next door. Her body thin with a tight bust. the sky blue uniform told me instantly she was a civilian volunteer, out here to help spread the strain of the lack of nurses in this war zone.
"Its alrite Lt, Are you alright? it hasnt dislodged has it? " She said in a calm soothing tone. I felt myself get goose bumps from looking at this girl, every muscle in my body telling me to get up and pull her close to me.
"Uhh no, you cant hurt a Para" I grinned.
"Well, it looks like the Taliban had a good go." She grinned sarcastically back.
"Haha. Well......ive had worse." I looked into her eyes and saw her grin, "Do you know anything about my boys?"
"Uhhh yes" She said as she looked at the level on my drip and began to wrap the blood pressure harness around my arm, "Theres two of your men in here, not in this wing obviously, but theyre all doing well."
"No deaths?" I asked as the strap swelled around me arm. I peered down her uniform looking at her rounded C cup tits held in place by a black bra as she fiddled around with a machine.
"Uhhh....." She caught me looking down her top, "No...No deaths" She smiled.

"Well," She ripped off the strap and begand sorting out her stuff. "If you need me, ring, if you want to talk ill be around, and i will be changing your drip every 4 hours, unfortunately that means i will have to wake you in the night."
"Oh thats fine, i cant complain about a good looking woman waking me up in the night several times" I grinned wickedly.
"Oh really. Well most ment only want to be bothered once in the night," She replied with equal wit.
"Am i most men?" I smiled raising an eyebrow.
She laughed and began to exit, "Goodbye Lieutenant Holland"

Hours passed slowly and my boredom set in. More importantly needed to piss. I tried to sit myself up but the strapping was too tight and the pain of tensing my abs was overwhelming. "Fuck!" I gruffled under my breath whilst falling back to my bed.
I reached over and got a wicked idea as i pressed the help buttom, preying it was going to be the hot nurse Ingram who would help me.

In she walked. "Yes Lieutenant?"
"Ohh nurse, you're a civilian, you dont have to call me by my rank, just call my Ollie"
"haha, well we're told to because some officers are very anal about that kind of stuff." She smiled. Her hair was tied back in a pony tail with one strand on the side hanging down. She looked cock hardeningly gorgeous. Or maybe after no women apart from a raped goat herders daughter for 3 months anything white with a pussy became a supermodel.
"Well nurse, im only anal if you want me to be" I half winked, flirting my way into her,
"Oh so you won't mind when i do the 4 hourly anal prostate testing." She grinned half sticking her tongue out.
"Im game if you are nurse" I couldnt be out grossed.
"Well Lt.....Ollie. What can i do for you?"
"Well, i need to go to the toilet, and i cant do it by myself, so if you wouldnt mind giving me a hand."
She walked over and before i knew it had pulled my sheets down to my feet, however i had not quite tucked my cock under my gown, leaving my limp cock resting on my thigh on view for all.
"Oh haha," I laughed, "Sorry" I reached down, wincing whilst putting my gown over my member.
The nurse reached behind me and held my shoulders, helping me swing my legs out of bed, placing them on the floor whilst sitting up right. I pushed myself off the bed and tried to find my feet, instantly crumpling back onto the bed letting out a gasp of agony.
"ooooh are you alright?" She asked whilst trying to support my shoulders forward, "Let me help you." She tried to pull all 6ft3 and 15 stone of me up and just about manged with alot of effort on both parts. I stumbled forward, holding my drip stand in my left hand and the nurse holding me over my right shoulder. We inched down the corridor to the toilet where she stopped outside the door.
"Well here we are."
"Well i cant go from here nurse" I said.
"Oh....i thought......Oh......alrite" She supported me forward and shut the door.
I reached down and let out an exaggerated wince of pain as i tried to grab my cock.
"Do you think could......" I motioned down to my cock.
"Oh yes, sorry!" She snapped out of a daze. She tentitively lifted my gown looking forward and grabbed my cock, aiming it at the toilet. As awkward as it was pissing with a girl i needed to go before i got turned on. I let out a stream of piss and watched her face as it came out. She let her mouth hang open whilst straightening up and standing close behind me, her left arm wrapped infront of my body with my pissing cock in her hand. Every now and then her gaze would fall on my thick semi hard cock.
I finished, and before i could say anything she began shaking it, waggling my cock back and forth between her fingers. I was hardening by the second. As it began to grow in length she began to realise what she was doing.
"Oh.....right then.....umm" She let go and covered my stiff cock with the thin gown, creating a tent pitched by my 7.5 inch cock. "Shall we go then ollie?"
"Haha, not like this nurse. Give me a second to regain my composure" I said looking down at my cock.
She too looked down at my cock, running her hand on the back of her neck and wiping her sweaty palms on the front of her uniform. Her tight stomach pressed against the uniform that brought out all the right features in her.

If i had the strength i would have approached her there and then but by now i felt too weak to even jack off. We returned to my bed and with a little difficulty i got back in.

The nurse returned several times to talk about home and what i do in the army. She came from a town about 13 miles from where i lived so we relived memories of the area. Then i began to make my move as the night began to fall.
"So nurse, is there a Mr Nurse Adams back home?" I grinned.
"Uhhh" She flicked her head back grinning at the ceiling, "No there isnt. So is there a Mrs Lt Holland back in england?"
"Hahaha, ummm no as a matter of fact. She dumped me just before i left because she didnt like the pressure of me being over there. weird huh?"
"Oh god, thats awful. She sounds like a bitch if you dont mind me saying"
"Not at all. i regret it now in a way, because when i get back home im not going to have anyone to relieve how horny i am."
"haha, you soldiers are all the same" She grinned casting her eyes over my body which by now was topless as i had changed into just some pyjama trousers. "All wanting sex." She slowly continued.
"Well its very stressfull, and its a quick way to relieve it. Plus we don't know when we're next going to be shot at, you dont want to miss the chance with any girl."
I stopped, staring into her eyes as she sat on the end of my bed looking at me. She bit her lower lip and slowly let it slip from her teeth. Her chest heaved up and down as we both sat there in the dim light staring wantingly into each others eyes, held back by regulations and rules.
"Ummm, i better be going, cant have you hog all of Nursey can i." She half smiled awkwardly as she rose to her feet.
Fuck! I thought, i should have gone for it then. "Nurse, wait!"
"Yes?" She stopped in the doorway.
"What's your first name?"
She paused and smiled softly saying, "Kate........Goodnight Ollie"

She flicked off the light switch and cast the room into shadows. My mind raced as i drifted off to sleep, dreaming of her and the ever haunting terrors of war. I woke up startled at 2am sweating profusely with nurse Adams standing by my bed, stroking my head.
"Shhh, its OK. It was just a dream" She spoke in a soft calming voice.
I panted away, slowing myself down and trying to return to normal.
"Right....." She whispered, "Ive put half the drugs in now, but ill have to wake you again at 4am to give you the next set, ok?" I loved her quiet whisper.
I nodded mouthing 'yes' but not making any noise.
"Ok darling, sweet dreams." She bent down to kiss my cheek, pecking me on it, but before she could pull away i rolled my face towards her and met my lips with hers. She froze for a seconds before opening her mouth letting my tongue slip inside. she darted her tongue into my mouth and i returned the favour, embraced there in the dark of an afghany hospital. Suddenly her beeper went.
"Oh shit!" She hissed, "Im.....ummm" She panicked not knowing what to say. "Ill be back later."
As soon as she left i fell back to sleep, dreaming of wild passionate sex, cum spurting blowjobs and sweaty tight anal sex.

"Its time for the drug swap over Lt Holland" Whispered the nurse as i grogily sat up extending my arm so the tube could be swapped. The light in the room was enough for me to stare at the Nurse's tight rounded tits as they stuck out through her uniform. Suddenly Nurse Ingram looked down between my legs. What a sight, my cock was stiff with excitement with dark patches on the sheets around the tip of the tent. I had had a wet dream. She returned her gaze to see me transfixed on her chest. I hadnt noticed her looking at my cock.
"Oh Lt Holland.....ummm ill get some new sheets." She whipped the top sheet off and out stuck my cock through the open fly hole on the loose pyjamas, globs of white cum resting on my pyjamas and down my hard cock. I didnt attempt to cover it. Maybe it was the pain killers maybe it was my horniness, i didnt care.

She put the soiled sheet on the floor and got some new ones from the wardrobe placing them on the floor.
"Oh dear.....uhh, we'll have to clean you up." She whispered in a caring voice, not a hint of sexual lust in her voice.
She took hold of my pyjamas on the hem, running her fingers lightly down over my pubic hair and pulled them back, letting my cock spring free once the hem had passed it, placing the pyjama trousers on the floor.
"Ill clean you up and you can getback to sleep."

She took a damp cloth and began to rub it over my lower abs, her eyes glued to my erect cock, the head glistening with cum in the low light. Her strokes rubbed the cum out of my pubes and she began to work up my cock, sliding the thick cum off my cock onto the cloth.
I let out a groan as she pulled my cock upwards, with the cloth wrapped round it. she stopped, holding the cloth at the tip of my engourged dick, watching my face contort as she slowly slid it back down. Again she rubbed the cloth along with my foreskin up, and slowly slid it down, making my body involuntarily spasm. Her other hand slid down my balls, whiping the cum upwards, feeling both testicles between her fingers; rolling them around whilst repeating the up and slow down movement on my cock.
"mmmph, Kate keep going." She didnt reply, her grip tightened on my cock, Up and down. rubbing my balls with her finger tips, running her middle finger lightly down past my balls tickling my asshole. Up and down. I let out a deep breath. I could make out her unbuttoning her uniform, her eyes stuck on my cock.

I felt the wet flannel disappeared, replaced by her soft hands. Her soft palm cushioning the bottom of me shaft, her small fingers lightly wrapped around the top of my shaft. I heard her spit quietly followed by a rush of warmth on the tip of my cock as her saliva dribbled down my dick, over flowing and dripping down her hand. Her movement began to twist around my cock, keeping the same slow deliberate pace.

"I......Would you...." She whispered so quietly all i could hear was the slurping noise of her hand running over the tip of my cock. Her middle finger eased just a cm into my ass, making me groan and push my dick up only to have a sudden rush of warmth as her mouth engulfed the tip. I froze, looking down at a sight i shall never forget. Her eyes met mine with her hand wrapped delicately around my cock, and her mouth sucking tight on the head.

"Make me cum Nurse" I uttered. Her eyes dropped and she went to work. her hand twisted as it lifted to meet her lips then all at the same time she took my cock into her mouth whilst jerking the rest of my cock with her hand. i couldnt take much of this i thought as she bobbed away, making a wet sucking noise each time she reached the tip of my cock. her finger dashed in and out of my asshole, making my hips fuck up and down into her mouth. I wanted to taste her pussy but knew in my state i couldnt stand any weight on my chest so lay back and enjoyed.
Her blonde hair bobbed back and forth on my cock, her tongue every so often darting back and forth under my shaft. Occasionaly taking my cock out and flicking her tongue back and forth on the sweet spot under my bell end.

"I want you. " I groaned. She took the cock out of her mouth still jacking it off whilst tonguing my balls then running her tongue down and tickling my ass. "I want you soo much!!" I groaned in ecstasy.
"This is for you Lt, i want to make you feel better."
She stood up and took off her thong, dropping it to the floor and eased herself onto the bed, straddling my legs whilst lifting her uniform up to her waist, exposing the glistening lips of her sweet scented pussy. Her cunt framed by a thin verticle strip of hair. I reached my arm down and winced as the rubber tubing tugged me back. In frustration i pulled the tube out, sending a gushing spurt of blood out of my arm.
"Shit, you forgot the valve" She hissed as she quickly sorted the problem allowing me to feel her.

I opened my hand and places it between her legs, the heat and wetness seeping through my fingers. Pressing against her i felt her rock back and forth subliminaly as i spread her lips apart with my index finger and 3rd finger whilst dipping my middle finger into her hot snatch. Fucking her with shallow strokes, feeling her grip my finger each time it slid into her wet walls. I withdrew this and pushed my thumb into her wet fuckhole, withdrawing it with a long wet trail of her juices stretching from her pussy to my thumb as i placed it on her clit and began to make circles on her whilst pushing my 2nd and 3rd finger in and out of her. Curling my fingers towards me, feeling her g-spot swell as i finger fucked my nurse. Her breathing became shakey as i timed my push in with my circling of her clit. Pretty soon she was on the verge of orgasm, her body convulsing in pleasure as i wiggled my fingers back and forth inside her wet cunt. Suddenly she went over the edge, her arms reached back behind her grabbing the bed rail as she bucked fiercely on my fingers, her juices seeping down onto my palm as i pressed hard against her button with my thumb.

Wave after wave of ecstasy crashed over the hot blonde as she spasmed through a powerful orgasm. Her breath short and her body glistening with a thin film of sweat visbile on her thighs and on her exposed chest. Her chest heaved as she came down from her orgasm, her bra straining to keep her tits in as she sank back.
"Oh my god, that was like nothing before." She gasped, after trying to hold back any noise whilst cumming so violently.
"Now its your turn." She bit her lip whilst jerking my cock up and down, leaning forward and pointin the tip of my cock into her cunt. Immediately she dropped down all the way down my cock which slid in perfectly into her velvety soft pussy. She began to ride up and down, grunting as she bounced, much to my discomfort on my ribs but i couldnt complain. Her pussy was soaked, really it was flooded so i stopped her.
"What? I dont mind if you cum in me" She said confused as to why i stopped.

I leant over and grabbed the cloth and whiped her pussy juices and dried my cock, sticking it back in her creating much more friction. She began to ride me up until i couldnt take anymore which was only a few minutes.
"I want to cum in your mouth" I gasped as i held her hip with one hand.

Immediately she dropped back, releasing my cock from her pussy and began sucking it, taking it deep in her throat, making a wretching noise as it hit her tonsils making her withdraw, spitting a load of saliva and precum down my cock, jacking it fast with her lips sealed tight around my tip.
"Shit. im Gonna cum" I stroked her hair.
She ignored me and kept jerking me furiously as i began to erupt in her mouth, the first spurt filling her more than she expected, making her not able to swallow enough to except the 2nd thick spurt. I dumped spurt after spurt into her mouth furiously bucking on the bed despite the pain as she kept her mouth sealed around my cock and kept jerking it. Suddenly her eyes bulged and she began to gag as the cum became too much. She opened her mouth spluttering cum all over my cock and stomach as she gasped for air, my cock sending one final spurt onto her face.
She gasped and faught for air as i held my cock up. The spit and cum concution seeping down onto the sheets as it ran off every part of my body.

"Come here," She said as she moved up my body and pressed her lips to mine sharing a deep kiss, "I will try to get on duty tomorow night if thats what you want?"
"What do you think?" I replied with a grin on my face.

She cleaned off the mess on the bed and let me take in the IV drugs i had ripped out. Letting me fall into one of the most peaceful sleeps of my life.

If you want more let me know, I can write about any type of sexual fetish, so just leave a comment on what you want and i will knock one out. Comments Welcome

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