this almost a true story
My name is Kyle. I have always been interested in sex. Any sex. You name it, I probably did it by the time I was 16. I have known for quite sometime that I am at least bi-sexual. I used to skip school when I was 13 and wear my mother's panties around the house all day untl someone came home. I have always been fasinated by wearing womens undergarments. As I got a little older, I would get brave and but my own sets of women's underwear at the store. I would put them on whenever I was alone. Then as I became more comfortable I would wear them out of the house to friend's houses and out in public under my jeans. I can't explain the feeling it gave me. I still feel that way when I wear panties.
One day during the summer I turned 18, I was out in the yard raking leaves. By this point I was wearing nothing but women's thongs under my jeans. I just loved showing them off to our new neighbor right next door. I had spoke with him a few times and I could tell that he was gay. Never been married, 35 years old, never spoke of women and he was constantly staring at me. On this particular day, the leaves were falling all over so everyone was raking. When I saw Andy (the gay neighbor) come out into his yard to rake, I decided to show off.
Up to this point I had never even considered any type of sex with a man. But as I was bending over to show Andy my pretty white thong, I figured I wanted something else. He stopped raking and came over to me while I was still bent over.
'Hey' he said. 'I cant stand raking leaves'. I agreed. I had been raking for some time and was almost finished with my yard when he walked over. "i see you've got your yard all done, you're a hell of a leaf raker'. "I know' I replied.
"Since I hate raking leaves, and you're so good at it........why don't we make a deal". "What do you mean I asked?" He said that he would pay me to rake his entire yard. He made sure to mention that he would pay me well several times.
So I spent the next 2 hours or so raking his leaves while he stood by drinking beer and chatting with me. We talked about everything. Eventually he had enough beer to become a little loose. He asked "so what's with the panties"? I blushed, even though I had been putting them in his face for 3 hours. I replied " I realy like the way they feel, I've been wearing them for years". There was a long silence in the conversation. BVut as I finished raking the yard he invited me inside for a drink. I gladly accepted, I did need a drink.
When I walked in the back door of the houseI found myself in his living room. It was nice! A large room with a huge TV, huge couches and a bar! He had already made me a drink, something with rum. After I finished the second drink he came out form behind the bar.
Right in the middle of our conversation he walked up in front of me. I wasn't sure what was going on so I sat back on the couch. After a few seconds he unzipped his pants and pulled out his penis. Without hesitation, I reached up and took it in my mouth. I worked as best I could, but I didn't think I was doing very well. He pulled it from my mouth and began smacking me in the face with it. This made me crazy with lust.
I started to work again, trying harder this time. "Slow down bitch" he said. "I don't want to cum yet......"
I kept going, but slowly. His cock was so drenched from my saliva, it was beginning to drip on the carpet. I was in paradise. I started to go faster and he began to moan. The he slapped me on the side of my head very hard. "I said slow you fucking bitch" he said.
He slapped me so hard that my entire body was thrown down on the couch. I was dizzy and couldn't sit up. He quickly grabbed me and threw me down on the carpet. I felt him spreading my knees apart and I knew what was coming.
"Wait" I said still dizzy. He stopped as I lifted my hips up into a 'fuck me position'. "Well well well, you really are a dirty bitch aren't you?" He slapped my ass cheek very hard.
He said "get on the couch you slut". As I moved to the couch he told me to put my hands behind my back. When I did he put hand cuffs around my wrists so I couldn't move. He pulled my panties off and put them in my mouth and tied them around the back of my head as a gag. Now I was his.
He spread my cheeks and spit a few times on my little asshole. "This is fucking tight!" he said. He turned to get something from the table. I felt a cool lubricant being pumped all over my crack, which he messaged into and around my hole.
He began with 1 finger, fucking me very slowly. When I started to moan in pleasure he went to 2 fingers. Then 3. I could feel my ass stretching around his large fingers, it was fairly painful.
After about 20 minutes of finger fucking me, he stopped. I then felt his cock rubbing up and down my crack. But he was wearing a condom. I spoke for the first time in an hour....."take the condom off" I muffled from my gag made of my own panties.. He said nothing but I heard the condom coming off and felt the bare head on my ass.
He pushed ever so slowly until the head 'popped' in my sphincter. He had a large penis, fat as well as thick. He left it there for a second then he pushed his huge cock deep into my ass. I was positively overcome. I could not speak or move. The he pulled back and started to fuck me. After a few minutes it wasn't so bad, he had applied alot of lube. The I began to feel ecstacy. He was raping me and I was loving it.
He made me stand up and bend over the arm of the couch. Still hancuffed and gagged. He fucked me for another 20 minutes, stopping occasionally to fuck me with all of his fingers and stretching my ass.
"You have a beautiful pussy" he grunted.
The his pace got quicker, ramming my ass with his cock harder and harder. Then he thrust it as far into me as he could and started to cum. I could feel his huge load squirting deep in my ass. It seemed to go on forever.
When he finally pulled out, he left the room. I laid there, bending over the couch for several minutes while his huge load began to run down my legs. When he returned he pulled my panties from my mouth and put them in his pocket. Unlockoed the hand cuffs and said "get out". I found my pants and slid them on, my ass still leaking cum. As i walked out the door he said "come back when you want more", I smile and nodded yes. I still love the feeling of cum running down my thighs.

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2009-07-28 17:12:12
i love wearing sexy ladies pantiesim marrid guy

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2009-02-13 15:18:24
Oh yes!!! Y cant I be you??

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2008-07-17 17:02:59
i wish i could get my ass raped


2007-09-01 10:12:10
I ware womens underware all the time under my man clothes and i know how this guy felt because i let it happen to me many times. I love to be fucked my a dominant man.

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