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This is actually the second part to Jessica Takes It All
Well, if you have read the first part of this story, you already know that I finally was able to Fuck my wife's friend Jessica. Having sex with her was better than I ever imagined it could be. She is so beautiful and sexy for her age (47) and by far, the best pussy I have ever fucked. We went out on dates fairly often and our relationship was pretty much a no strings attached one. She loved my young hard cock and she definitely knew how to use her body.

Just in case you haven't read part one, let me describe Jessica briefly for you. She's about 5'7" and weighs around 140 lb. She has beautiful black hair and a juicy set of tits which were usually showing off some cleavage through her tight, low cut blouses. Her legs were probably my favorite feature. They were long, tan, and silky smooth to touch. I could spend hours in between them just kissing and caressing them. The best part is Jessica loved having sex and she let me do just about anything to her.

One day I decided to stop by the mall and say hi to Jessica and supprise her with a dirty note. As I was walking into the mall I realized my ex-wife was working the same shift Jessica was. You see, Jessica and I thought it best we keep our relationship somewhat a secret from my ex-wife because they were still friends and she didn't want to cause problems. I walked over to Jessica to say hi and she motioned with her eyes that my ex was making her way to me.

" What are you doing here?" my ex asked me. I told her I was just shopping and looking for some clothes. She just stood there looking a little puzzled so I said that I was looking for something for my mom for her birthday but I didn't know what to get.

" Come here babe, I'll help you out, " Jessica quickly said and started leading me to the service elevator that hardly no one uses. We finally were out of sight from my ex and when the elevator doors opened I gave her ass a firm squeeze as we walked in.

When the doors shut she embraced me with a soft kiss and a quick slip of her tounge into my mouth. I could taste the lip gloss from her plush, soft lips as they parted from each other slowly.

" What are you doing here, you know your ex still works her," she asked as if I were in some sort of trouble.

" I just wanted to supprise you and say hi," I replied. With that said, I pulled her body up against mine and began to feel her up as we began to make out. Just before the elevator got to the second floor she quickly hit the stop button and the elevator jolted.

" What if someone notices? " I asked and she said, " No one is going to notice because they don't monitor this elevator and besides, no one hardly uses it!" I got down on my knees and lifted up her skirt while she propped one of her legs up over my shoulder. Next, I pulled her red cotton panties to the side, and dove my tounge into her pussy. I was attacking her clit with my tounge and sucking on her pink pussy lips for a minute or two, just enough to get her ready for me to penetrate her with my cock.

Jessica turned around and bent over placing her hands against the wall of the elevator as I lifted up her skirt. My hard cock rubbed against her wet pussy and slipped into her tight hole.

" You'll have to make it quick!" she said as I started pounding away at her pussy causing the elevator to shake.

" Fuck me harder, fuck me faster!!" she kept saying as I grabbed her hips tightly and put every ounce of effort in my body into plowing my rock hard dick into her tight,pink pussy. She moaned loudly after every deep, hard thrust to her body. After several fast hard thrust I could'nt hold back any more and released a full load of cum into Jessica's hole. I slid my dick out of her and after gathering our composure we resumed the elevator ride and got off at the second floor.

" Now that was just a teaser, but you can have the full package if you come over my house later," Jessica said to me in a very naughty tone which made me want to take her back into the elevator and fuck her some more. I gave her a kiss and told her to wear something sexy for me. I left the mall and couldn't wait until I went to her house. At home I got cleaned up with a fresh shower and a shave, and put on some cologne just before heading over to Jessica's house. Before I left, I made sure to jack off real good in hopes it would help me last longer with Jessica. I zoomed over to her house around 9:00PM and walked up to her door. I had a single red rose for her in one hand and with the other I knocked on the door. When she opened the door I couldn't believe my eyes.

My mouth immediately dropped as my eyes checked out her body from head to toe. She had her hair fixed and pulled up and her face was beautiful with her makeup and red lipstick. She had a white, cotton, button-up shirt on with the tails of the shirt tied in a knot exposing her belly button, and the shirt also only had about three buttons fastened so her cleavage was showing. My favorite thing about her outfit was her khaki skirt. It was very tight and barely long enough to cover the bottom of her ass. Her long,beautiful, silky legs were bare except for a pair of red heels which matched her lipstick. Her legs are so beautiful that they don't ever need stockings.

I looked back up into her eyes and said, " You look so amazingly hot! " and then I handed her the rose. She winked at me and said thankyou and turned around to go get a vase to put the rose in. All I could do was stare at her ass shake back and forth as she walked into the kitchen. She opened up a lower cabinet and bent over to get a vase. As she bent over her itty-bitty skirt rose up and I could see the hair on her pussy peak through and her moist pussy lips parting open just a little as she bent over farther and farther. As she was bent over she turned her head to see me staring at her body and she smiled.

She stood back up and said, " I like it when you look at my body like you want to attack it." Jessica told me to go sit on the couch as she went to the fridge. She grabbed a bowl of whole strawberrys and a can of whipped cream and walked toward me with a sultry look in her eyes. My cock started to twinge in my pants as my eyes were fixated on her voluptuous body. She set the strawberrys and cream on the coffee table and then slowly un-fastened her shirt. She let it slip off her shoulders to the floor revealing her supple breast which were like looking at two graceful mountain peaks. She sat down next to me as she let one hand slip down on top of the bulge in my pants and began to rub it while her other hand reached for a strawberry. She put the strawberry to her mouth and slowly, yet deliberately, bit the strawberry in half. Her actions were very sensuous. After she took a bite of the strawberry she pressed the open half against her nipple and rubbed it in several gentle circles. She did the same to the other nipple and when she was done, her nipples glistened with the juice from the strawberry. I leaned over and placed one of her nipples completely in my mouth and sucked it sending a coo and a moan out of Jessica's lips. I twirled my tounge around and around licking all of the juice off of her course, erect nipples.

She then took a bite of another strawberry and with this one she rubbed it all over her pussy. I watched as she stuck it in between her pink lips and then she brought it up to her mouth to bite the rest. She sure knew how to work it. I got in between her gorgeous legs and shook the can of whipped cream. I squirted a single row of cream straight down her slit.

" Oh my God, that's cold!" she yelled and gave a little squirm.

" Don't worry, I'm going to warm it up for you, " I replied as I stuck my tounge out and started to lick the cream up from the bottom of her slit to the top. I licked really slow and when I reached her clit, I put it in my mouth and sucked really hard on it.

" OH GOD, that feels so fucking good!" she moaned.

I continued to eat her out, fucking her hole with my tounge and sucking on her pussy lips. I could eat her pussy for hours, it tasted so good. I ate her out for about a half hour as I steadily increased my pace, working her closer and closer to orgasm. Finally, I was flicking my tounge over her clit like a high powered machine while I grabbed a hold of her quivering hips.

" Don't stop! Don't stop! " She kept repeating.

I kept going and before I knew it, I heard her yell out " I'm cumming, I'M CUMMING! " as I felt a stream of her juice soak my tounge. I pulled back only to see another gush of cum come flying out of her pussy. She couldn't do anything but lye there on the couch, her body shaking and her lips moaning a sound of pleasure. I just sat there, in between her legs, and stroaked them softly while she recovered. Her legs were so incredibly soft and silky smooth.

" No one has ever made me cum so much," she said staring at me.

I pulled her skirt off and slipped her feet out of her heels, and then I took all of my clothes off and stood before her. My dick was at full mast as I bit into a strawberry, and then rubbed it all over my dick. Jessica leaned forward and slipped my cock into her mouth. Her tounge was so warm as she swirled it around my dick. Her lips clamped down onto my cock like a vise as she began sucking and stroking me with her hand. Jessica is so good at giving blowjobs, partly because she loves to swallow and she really gets into it. I ran my hand through her hair and pulled it lightly as she sucked harder and harder. My dick was super hard and almost ready to blow. I didn't tell her when I was cumming,but instead it was a supprise. She kept slurping and sucking until I let out a loud sigh. Just then, I filled her mouth up with my warm cum. Jessica moaned with pleasure as she swallowed every drop of my spunk. She even licked the remaining cum off of my dick.

" Damn, that felt good! " I told Jessica as she licked her lips.

" Just wait until you get into my tight pussy," she replied, then she led me into her bedroom and climbed into bed. She got on her hands and knees and said, " Come fuck me like a dirty whore! "

" I love it when you talk dirty," I said as I got into position behind her. I grabbed her ass and planted my cock deep inside her. I love the way it feels entering a pussy from behind. I started pumping my dick in and out of her, slipping past her tight lips and into her pink hole. I raised my hand and let it come smashing down on her ass cheek while the same time I fucked her really hard. " Oooh God! " she yelled out and so I did it again. I fucked her for about ten minutes like this, smacking her ass over and over. She loved every second of it even though there were red hand prints on her ass.

" Let me get on top," she demanded. I pulled out and got on my back as I watched her beautiful body climb on top of me. Her full tits brushed against my face and I reached out and sucked on one of her erect nipples. She liked it when I sucked really hard. She raised up and slid my cock into her sticky cunt and began riding me like she was a cowgirl and I was the horse. Her tits were flopping up and down with her violent thrusts. I squeezed them and twisted her nipples as she was assulting my dick with her pussy. The bed was shaking and rocking and sounded like it was going to fall apart. The feeling of being inside Jessica was starting to overwhelm me and I knew I wouldn't be able to hold off much longer. I didn't care because Jessica was enjoying herself so much, I couldn't make her stop. She was moaning so loud and yelling even louder with her hard thrusts. I could tell she was about to cum.

" Oh Shit!, I'm cumming!!! " she yelled out as she fucked me as hard and deep as possible. I spewed what little amount of spunk I had left in me into her pussy and all of the sudden she stopped with my dick fully inside her and her mouth dropped open as a strained moan came out. I could feel the wall of her vagina contracting and pulsing around my dick as her pussy juice ran out of her down my dick. then she just collapsed on top off me resting her head on my chest. We were both out of breathe as we just lyed there. I caressed her back and kissed her head for a few minutes until my dick shrunk up enough to flop out of her sticky, swollen lips. I pulled a sheet over us and we fell asleep.

The next thing I know, I'm waking up and realizing that I'm late to work. Jessica woke up to my panic and said, " Relax, don't go in today." I paused for a moment trying to decide what to do. Just then she started rubbing my dick and said, " I'll make it worth your while," So I called my supervisor and told him I wasn't coming in to work and Jessica and I spent the whole day together in her house having sex.

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2011-08-06 04:52:47
Awesome Story, you can come to my house any time you wantt I just love the idea of having my pussy eaten out for 30 minutes or more.


2008-05-22 11:17:09
Great story. Keep fucking Jesica and get her pregnant. Might even try to rekinfle a fire in ex-wife and get her into a threesome.


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I love it


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needs anal


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great story.write a part 3 with anal

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