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George and Fred Weasley normally test their inventions on them selves, This time it was unintentional!
Fred and George Weasley were in the room of requirements which had been transformed into a laboratory.
"With this powder, we will be able to make any girl have sex with us." said George.
"Hell, once I'm finished , we will be able to make a ton of money at our new store in Diagon Alley." said Fred.
At that point Fred went to the back room to get the Doxie wings.
Harry Potter walked in and greeted George. "Hi George! So, what did you want to show me?"
"Oh! hi Harry! We have a new invention that I have to show you, we just finished it. It's a Lust powder!"
"Oh no! I don't want anything that will mess with people's emotions!" said Harry.
"See, that's the neat thing about it, it does not affect your emotions at all. It makes women so horny that they won't be able to resist having sex with the first guy they see!"
"Wait a minute!" said Harry, "Are you sure it only affects women?
"Yeah, Thanks to the doxie wings. See!"
At that moment Fred walked in and yelled out "NOOoooo!!!" Harry turned to look at Fred as George tossed a puff of powder on the table and a flash of blue light blinded him and Fred.
Harry slowly started to back up towards the door as the twins rubbed their eyes. Harry tripped on an old chest and fell crashing to the floor.
The twins instinctively looked towards the noise and saw Harry trying to stand up.
They were both overcome with a deep lusting desire for Harry's body that clouded everything else.
George picked up his wand and mindlessly moved towards Harry.
Fred dropped the doxie wings on the table and started rubbing his growing erection thru his pants. Fred also pulled out his magic wand and pointed it at Harry who finally stood up and turned around to see a pair of twins with a lust hungry look on their faces.
"Aw Shit!" Harry turned to run. Fred yelled "Amarro!" and as Harry took one step, vines of Devil Snare shot out from the floor and ceiling, binding Harry by his wrists and ankles
leaving him hanging 3 inches off the ground spreadeagled.
"Guys, you can't do this" said Harry "Please!, Don't!"
Fred and George stared at Harry and couldn't help picturing him naked, his smooth silky skin, glistening in sweat, his few pubic hairs outlining his boyish man meat. With wands at the ready the twins simultaneously said "accio vestimenta" Harry's clothes ripped in two as it flew in two opposite directions. Harry hung there wearing nothing but his glasses. Trickles of sweat ran down his face and down his neck, his pink nipples also moist in a light coating of sweat pointed at the twins. His firm flat stomach showed a light six pack and his belly button marked the beginning of a faint line of hairs that led down to his prized possession. His strong legs demonstrated the workout he got from Quiddich, his testicles hung lower than normal due to the heat and his six inch penis was beinning to show signs of excitement as it slowly rose.
Fred and George walked up to him slowly as if eyeing their prey. Fred carresed Harry's shoulders and ran his fingers down his chest. Lightly touching his pink nipples and making Harry jolt back from the tingling sensation that ran thru him. George stood next to Fred and repeated Fred's moves, getting the same exciting results. Harry pleaded "Guys stop this!" his cock however continued to grow harder, almost reaching full erection. Fred slid his hands down Harry's sides and reached around to come in contact with his beautiful firm round ass, then he squeezed them as he pressed his body to Harry's naked skin and bit his left shoulder. Harry moaned and his cock finished growing to a full erection."Fred, George, don't do this!" pleaded Harry to their unlistening ears. Fred slowly walked around Harry and again pressed his body against Harry's skin, biting down on Harry's right shoulder, "Ooooooohhh".
Harry could feel Fred's hard dick pressing up between his butt cheeks through Fred's trousers.
George got down on his knees and started to lick Harry's balls, "AAaaaahh", Harry threw his head back and moaned in pleasure as he felt those warm lips and the hot tounge against his skin engulfing his balls and licking the base of his aching cock.
Fred slowly moved down Harry's back, kissing him everywhere. Harry's, eyes closed, he kept saying "no" quieter and quieter each time as he was becoming engulfed in the boys ministrations on his now very sensitive skin.
Fred's hot breath reached Harry's lower back, George reached back while savoring the musky scent and the sweat from Harry's balls and using both hands, he spread Harry's firm cheeks open for Fred. Fred brought his hot wet tounge to Harry's rosebud and Harry moaned and struggled with the vines as he felt that hot tounge playing with his tight hole. "OOoohhhh God, Please Fred, please! Don't stop now!" Fred began to tongue fuck Harry's ass.
George brought his lips to Harry's manhood and slowly kissed it and teased Harry who was close to losing his load. George took Harry's cock completely into his mouth, sucking down on the thickly veined member.
Harry was losing his mind with Fred reaming his ass and George sucking down his cock with more pasion than anyone had ever done. Harry began to feel the stiring in his groin as his balls pulled in closer and his dick began to grow wider in George's mouth. George immediately let go of Harry's cock and pushed Fred's face away from Harry's ass.
"NO, NO, Don't stop now!" yelled Harry. "I need to come, Now!" as he wiggled and pulled at his restraints to no avail. The twins stood there and watched as Harry's cock twitched but did not cum. Harry subsided and his dick began to slowly go limp. The boys came back to Harry's outstreched body and immediately undressed. As George's naked buns came into view, Harry looked up and noticed an all too familiar large mirror, in it he saw that the boy undressing before him looked more like Draco. Harry closed his eyes and wished it away. He suddenly felt George's hot lips on his ever so sensitive nipples, he looked down and smiled as George began to suck on one nipple as he pinched the other, jolts of pleasure and pain ran through Harry's chest.
Fred came up behind Harry and pressed his body against him, the feeling of Fred's warm skin spooning him from behind and his rigid cock lining up between his butt cheeks was overwhelming.
Harry turned his head over and Fred's lips met his. Harry could not keep his lips closed when he felt Fred's tongue invading his mouth, their tounges danced together, while George's mouth engulfed his raging cock once more. Harry sucked in his breath as he felt his cock reach and go passed the back of George's hot throat. George's lips came in contact with Harry's light pubes, George's lust for that cock kept him from gagging. Slowly George's hot tounge massaged Harry's veined underside as it moved all the way out until only his lips were touching the head of Harry's cock, then George impaled his mouth all the way down like a pro. "Aawwgghh" moaned Harry over and over as George continued his punishment.
Fred lubricated Harry's ass with a slimy warm cream which slightly numbed his asshole. Fred slowly inserted his magic wand up Harry's ass. Harry moaned as the intruding object penetrated his ass. "Oowww" This combined with George's expert mouth had him close to climax. "Uunnghh"
Suddenly Fred held the wand in place and said "Expandio". The wand began to grow wider, opening Harry's ass to new proportions and then Fred started to fuck his ass with the fat wand..."Uunnghh","Uunnghh","Uunnghh","Uunnghh", moaned Harry as the wand fucked his tight ass. Once again George felt Harry about to explode in his mouth and he gave Fred a sign. They both stopped and withdrew from Harry again. "NO, NO, NOT AGAIN, I NEED TO CUM!"
Fred walked up behind Harry and whispered "Now, Can I fuck your ass for real?"
"YES, YES, Fuck my ass! JUST PLEASE, LET ME CUM!" pleaded Harry.
Once the twins saw that his breathing had subsided, and he was calming down, they moved back in. Fred got behind Harry again and said to his ear "Don't worry babe, you WILL cum this time!"
George applied a liberal amount of cream to his own ass and enjoyed the feeling of it smearing around and inserted a few fingers in his own ass as he licked Harry's balls to keep him from going limp. Harry started breathing heavy and reeling in joy by the twins' actions.
Fred brought his cock up to Harry's rosebud and held it there. He could feel Harry trying to push his body towards it. Harry was so desperate for release he would do anything. The heat from Fred's cock was so inviting, he wanted it badly.
George brought his skinny red ass to Harry's rigid cock and slightly pressed against it. Harry was dying to cum, the heat from Fred's cock on his ass and George's ass against his horny dick made him buck. The twins moved with him to prevent him from going any further than they wanted him to. "Fuck, Fuck, Oh FUCK, Will you PLEASE FUCK ME!" yelled Harry.
Simultaneously George impaled himself on Harry's cock all the way to his pubes, as Fred rammed Harry's ass with his seven inch cock. "AAAAAaaaaaaaaaahhhh" Harry screamed as both twins pushed in to him repeatedly. Fred's big hot cock pushed into Harry's ass mercilessly, Harry could feel every vein pass in and out his sphincter and the fat mushroom head continuosly slam against his prostate,"AAAaaahhh", "AAAaaahhh","AAAaaahhh", "AAAaaahhh". Fred leaned into Harry's ear "Hey buddy, you are hot and tight, but I thought you would be tighter", "Shut up and fuck me!" replied Harry.
George's hot ass kept squeezing Harry's cock, trying to milk it dry. Harry groaned "Uunnghh" "Uunnghh" "Uunnghh",every time that tight ass slammed against his pubes.
After a good 15 minutes of hot passionate, lustfull sex, George felt Harry's cock expanding in his ass, he reached down, picked up his wand and aiming it at the mirror yelled "ORGASMO". The spell hit the mirror and ricochet back at all three of them. The room filled with moans as their orgasms exploded simultaneously, enhanced threefold by the spell. "AAAAAaaaaahhhhh" "OOOoooohhh!" "UUuuunnnghhh!!" "YEEeeaaaahhh!!!".
George's ass filled with Harry's boy juice, Harry tensed up as his cock erupted time and again in George's hot quivering ass, "AAAAAaaaaahhhhh", Harry was loaded with Fred's cum, shot after hot steamy shot creaming inside him "UUuuunnnghhh" and George bent as he was, sprayed his own face with his load over and over."OOOoooohhh".
Moans and groans filled the room as they all came.
When they finally subsided, George and Fred fell to the ground exhausted. Fred barely able to move, reached for his wand and cast a spell to release Harry. Harry collapsed to the ground besides them.
Later on, when all three boys caught their breath and the effects of the Lust Powder wore off, both twins apologized to Harry profusely. "Harry, we are so sorry, we couldn't control ourselves, We'll do anything you want!." They couldn't emphasize enough how sorry they were for what had just happened.
Harry smiled and with a wicked grin said "It's Ok!, just give me a decent batch of that stuff before you add the Doxie wings!"
They all laughed!

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