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Rocky was being blown by Bev as he smoked a joint , it was now 2 weeks since he had married Cindy , she was in the kitchen making dinner as the slut of the day sucked on his weiner. Bev hadnt been able to attend his wedding so today he was going to abuse her . Collared, leashed, & wearing spiked heels , the old married hag had a wet cunt , from just thinking about what her master was going to do to her today.
Bev was bobbing her head at a fast speed she wanted Rocky to cum in her mouth , she was hungry, but Rocky was holding back , he was enjoying himself too much . Bev was kneeling on the living room floor as Rocky was sitting in his favorite armchair, just then the home phone rang. Answer the phone whore, he screamed to his bride, "yes dear " responded Cindy . Who was it ? Rocky asked as he drained his man juice down Bevs throat. It was your mother honey , she is coming over this afternoon...

Chapter 1- Rocky , Cindy & Sheila

Sheila was spreadeagled on the bed wearing only a black collar ( that said Rockys Slut on it ) & leopard skin heels ,she was being eaten out by her daughter-in-law Cindy who was completely nude except for a pair of 5 inch black hooker boots. Cindy licked away at Sheilas clit and stuck a couple of fingers up the 50something wet pussy . Dont stop Cindy Sheila mumbled that feels so good as Cindy added a third & then fourth finger. Then the fun really began as Cindy started fisting Rockys mom. Rocky loved it , he watched intently from his chair as Sheila couldnt take much more and let out a long wailing moan aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah . Rocky stuck his monster prick in his wifes mouth as she continued fisting her mother -in-law When Rocky was hard Cindy was told to take her fist away , and Sheila & Rocky began fucking doggystyle , while Cindy licked her husbands asshole. In the end Rocky creampied Sheila and he had Cindy eat his moms jizz pie .

Chapter 2- Rocky , Sheila, Denise

The next day , Rocky & his sexslave/mom Sheila were in the backseat of Rockys car on the way to Denise's place. Cindy was driving , she was dressed in everyday wear. Sheila on the otherhand was collared, leashed , wearing a halter top that read Rockys Mom/Bitch , a short black leather mini-skirt & 8 inch black thigh-high hooker boots. As they arrived at Dee's home , Rocky dismissed Cindy who he told to visit Juanita , who had been told to strapon fuck & use Cindy for her pleasure until , he came over to pick her up. As Cindy sped off to visit her bff , Rocky rung the doorbell and his oldest serving sex slave Denise answered the door , she was naked except for her yellow heels . He had Sheila kiss her . As they walked in they saw the Denise's husband was in the footstool position, obviously Dee had been using him as a foot rest while she watched some porn. "Get Lost Bill" , Rocky said harshly as Bill left "go to the club or something " Denise said.
Rocky sat on the couch as he had mom/Sheila kiss his feet &suck on his toes as he began sucking on Dee's big tits. Looking over his shoulder Rocky could also see that the porn was still playing, it was a kinky gangbang , a 50something teacher was being fucked in all her holes by some dudes in a frat house. Rocky soon had Sheila bobbing up and down on his prick as he watched the depravity on tv. Denise was now licking his moms ass as Rocky was now as a stiff as board.
He now had both old hags in the doggystyle position as he started by fucking Denise in the pussy & then switched over to mom/Sheila, back and forth he went Rocky was like a jackhammer. He was about to explode so he had both bitches get on their knees as he unlaoded a massive load of cum on their faces. Sheila & Denise shared their masters lovejuice & cleaned their faces. Before they 69d for Rockys enjoyment.

Chapter 3 Sheila & Denise get wet

Denise& Sheila were in the footstool position as Rocky continued watching Dee's porn movie , there was now a 2nd lady she played the Deans wife she was slighly younger , the previous lady had been tied to the staircase, ballgagged & she was covered in cum. As the frat . now began to ravage to Deans wife , Rocky drank a beer & layed his feet on the backs of Sheila & Denise(they made great foot rests he smirked ).
He had to take a piss so he told his whores to follow to to bathroom. Both knew what was next as they got on their knees , as Sheila & Denise drank their masters golden champagne & in addition also received a golden shower.

Chapter 4 Cindy Visits Juanita & Esperanza

Lick my pussy mommy/slut screamed Juanita as the much taller & older Esperanza licked away at her daughters latin clit. She was Juanitas' submissive , master Rocky had made it so through mind control . The 5ft 10 latin mother was now addicted to Juanitas pussy & only Rocky could override any orders from her Mistress Juanita. Just then then doorbell rang , go answer the door slut that must be Cindy said Juanita. Esperanza was completely naked but answered the door that way anyway, she no longer had any inhibitions. Well hello , Esperanza , i guess Juanita just gave you a mouthful Cindy said laughing . Yes her pussy tastes delicious said Juanitas mom .Come on in Miss Cindy, Juanita is waiting for you in the bedroom suite.

Chapter 5 Juanita strapon fucks Cindy & Esperanza

Eat my ass mom while i fuck Cindys asshole Juanita yelled, Juanita had lubed her ass , so Cindy was now getting fucked with a 9 inch purple dildo aaaaah she yelped , it was smaller than Rockys prick though she thought as she acheived orgasm.
In the meanwhile Juanita had changed strapons & was now wearing a 13 inch beige prick , she told Cindy to sit on Esperanzas' face as she lubed her moms ass & shoved the gigantic dong up her moms big ass. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH that hurts but feel sssoo goood , thank you mistress Esperanza exclaimed
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