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Fucking you."
It was summer vacation, so Alex was home from college. He was playing video games in the afternoon when he heard the front door open. No one was supposed to be home, so getting up from the computer he walked into the front hall to find his older sister Liza there. He hadn't seen her for a few months since she had gone back to grad school, and she looked...different. Gone were the sweatpants and baggy tops. She had on tight yoga pants and some sort of scooped top that showed her breasts. She stepped forward and hugged him, her full breasts pushing against his chest.

"Hi my favorite brother. Miss me?" She stepped back outside the door and turned around, her pants clinging tightly to her body as she bent over to pick up her bag.

"Nice ass," Alex thought and stepped back so she could enter. He tried not to look down at her breasts as she moved past him, her long dark hair cascading over her shoulders.

"Mum and dad are not here," he said. "They're at the beach. Back in four days".

"I know," she said, "originally I wasn't going to be here until next week. But....stuff plans got changed so I came home early."

He watched as she walked up the stairs to her room.


He was making himself a sandwich when Liza came into the kitchen a few minutes later. She had changed into a yellow bikini which didn't leave much to the imagination as it was barely large enough to contain her breasts. She walked to the fridge, took out a soda and sat down on a bar stool facing him across the island counter.

He tried to concentrate on his sandwich rather than on the expanse of smooth creamy flesh in front of him.

"So how's college," she asked, taking a sip of the soda. "Grades ok? Lots of nice girls to date?"

"College is good," he replied. "I'm not really dating anyone. Too much work."

She asked again. "You're really not seeing anyone? "

"Well... there is a girl... a friend I've sort of been seeing...Jill. In fact I've a date tomorrow with her. She lives here as well."

Liza stood up, putting the soda can in the recycling.

"I'm going to get some sun," she said. She walked over to the wine rack and took a glass from the cupboard and a bottle of wine from the rack and opened the door to the patio. He watched as she walked away, the contours of her tight body accentuated by the bikini. He hadn't realized how good looking his sister was.


Later that afternoon Alex was in the laundry putting some clothes in the washer when he happened to look out the window. He could see Liza lying on a lounger by the pool, facing him. She was drinking a glass of wine. As he watched, she put her glass down, looked around and seeing no one picked up a towel and put it across her lap.

And then she slipped a hand under the towel, opening her legs wider.

He'd never seen a woman touch herself before.

He watched, riveted, as Liza masturbated for a few minutes until she whimpered and thrust her hips forward a bit, the towel falling to the ground, to reveal her bikini bottom pulled aside and her fingers on her clit. As her orgasm drew near, she inserted two fingers into her pussy, moving them in and out with some speed. When it was over she lay there, her pussy still on view, before she realized where she was and pulled the fabric back to cover her sex.

She checked that no one was watching, and then she slipped her fingers inside her bikini bottom. She was aroused, wet, in need of an orgasm. She hadn't had sex in over a week, since she'd caught her former boyfriend fucking his former girlfriend. And of course she had to leave his parents' condo after the fight...but she was angry at the betrayal, frustrated and only the release of a climax would help. So she pushed the swimsuit aside, closed her eyes, imagining that she was being touched by a man, and the first face that came to mind was Alex. "God , I'm a pervert," she thought as she speeded up the friction of her fingers on her clit. " He's just a boy...and he's my brother." And as she neared climax, she inserted several fingers into her pussy, imagining that it was a cock, a hard cock fucking her ...and then she was over the top, her vaginal muscles tensing on her fingers, again and again.... in the aftermath she realized the towel had fallen to the ground, and her pussy was completely exposed, so she pulled the bikini back into place.

Alex was hugely excited by what he'd witnessed. He took his engorged penis in his right hand and began to stroke it. He was as hard as the first time he'd seen a porn movie. He imagined holding his cock over her breasts and he imagined Liza undoing her bikini top and holding her breasts up. He imagined his cock sliding between her breasts, the purple swollen head emerging with each stroke. He imagined being between her legs, thrusting into her as she writhed beneath him, her legs wrapped tightly around his body. He imagine her on top, her breasts jiggling as he thrust up into her wetness. He imagined exploding in her cunt as they came together, pumping his seed into her warmth.

He was close so he seized a towel from the laundry hamper and positioned it on a chair in front of his cock. As he stroked himself faster and faster he imagined once again his cock sliding between her breasts and he tried to imagine what it would feel like in that tunnel of warm soft flesh....and with that his buttocks tightened, he ejaculated and the warm, sticky fluid flooded over his hand and into the towel.

Ashamed of his desire, embarrassed at the fantasy of fucking his sister, but now satiated, he wiped his penis clean, washing his hands and putting the towel way down in the laundry basket.


He was in the kitchen making coffee when Liza came in from the pool with the half-empty bottle of wine. "What do you want for dinner?" she said. "Takeaways? Thai? Chinese? Pizza?"

They opted for pizza and Liza went upstairs to change. When she came back down, she had on shorts and the top she'd worn before. He was relieved that she'd changed, hiding the distraction of her body.

When the pizza arrived he paid for it and came back into the kitchen. She poured herself another glass of wine and he found a beer in the fridge. They talked desultorily about nothing in particular, but all the time he found himself staring across the table at her spectacular breasts.

"Hullo? Earth to Planet Alex?" Liza said, noticing where his eyes were aimed, and smiled to herself.

"Sorry...what were you saying?" Alex asked, not wanting Liza to know what he'd been thinking about. "I'm a bit tired...I think I'll go to bed."

Confused by the desire he felt, his cock still aroused, unclear about what to do, he bade Liza good night.

"He's a man now," she thought. "Not the kid I baby sat. I wonder if he and Jill fuck. I probably shouldn't tease him by wearing a bikini."

She liked that thought though, the idea that her brother could be turned on by her body; in the last semester she'd come to appreciate just how easy it was to use her attributes to influence a man.


It was dark when he awoke, his bladder full, needing to use the bathroom. On returning to bed, he lay there in the darkness, half asleep, his hand naturally caressing his cock. He thought about masturbating again, by imagining that one of his favorite porn stars was sucking his cock but all he could think of was Liza, Liza taking his cock in her mouth, Liza on her knees being fucked from behind by him....this is wrong, he thought, it's incest, I can't think about he took his hand away from his erection, turning on his side to sleep.

He couldn't see her face, but her hand slipped up his boxer leg and he felt her fingers between his legs, grasping his taut balls, playing with them. He gasped and felt himself growing in her touch.

Removing her hands she rubbed her hands delicately over the bulging front of his boxers, stroking her fingers along the whole length of his covered but now fully erect cock, then running her fingers up over his stomach and chest.

Pulling his boxers down she wrapped her hand around his hard cock and began to squeeze and relax, squeeze and relax as she stroked his cock up and down. Running her hand over the tip of his penis she rubbed pre-cum down his shaft until it was slippery. She continued to stroke his cock, up and down without stopping, firm and long strokes, faster and faster.

Then she teased the soft underside of the head of his cock with her fingers before taking the shaft back into her hand. With her lips pursed, she dribbled saliva onto his shaft, then leant down to take him in her mouth, the warm wetness driving him insane with pleasure, and as she started moving her mouth up and down all he could do was to make high-pitched, mewing sounds, knowing he was about to come in her mouth.

She was kneeling by his side, and he reached out to caress her breasts, her nipples so hard, as she removed her mouth and rubbed his shaft faster. "Come for me, my love", she said, and in that instant he saw his sister's face as he began to orgasm.

"Oh, God, I'm cumming," he said, thrusting his hips upwards, semen pulsing from his cock all over her hands and his stomach, arcing through the air, jet after jet, as she pumped his cock. When his spurts had ceased, she leant down to suck him clean, the intensity of her mouth causing him to cry out again.

"Oh my God," he said.

"I think we were a little bad," she echoed playfully.

He started awake in the darkness, a strange feeling in his groin. Reaching down he felt a stickiness and a semi-hard cock and realized he'd had a wet dream, a dream where Liza had brought him to orgasm with her mouth and hands.


The following morning he felt strange talking to Liza at breakfast; he kept thinking of his dream. It wasn't helped when after breakfast she announced she was going to sun bathe again. When she came down the stairs the bikini this time was red, a thong type that barely covered her pussy and completely failed to cover her ass or her breasts.

"What's happened to my sister?" he thought, "I don't remember her being like this before."

"You seem...different," he said. 'Your swimsuits are..."

"Sexy?" she provided. "Microscopic," he answered. "I don't think mum and dad would approve."

"I'm not wearing them for mum and dad," Liza replied.

Looking directly at him, she put her arms on the counter and leant forward. "Do you like them, little brother?"

"What's not to like?" he replied, trying not to stare directly at his sister's breasts which were now very, very visible, almost falling out of her bikini.

"Are you flirting with me?" he continued.

Standing up, she smiled, "You're my brother. How could I be flirting with you?"

Somehow that didn't seem like an answer.

Laughing, as she opened the patio door, she said, "I got tired of those shapeless-everything --covered swimsuits I had before. And I discovered that boys like these bikinis. They particularly like this red one."

She added "Why don't you join me by the pool?"

As he washed the breakfast dishes, he could see Liza on the lounge chair, her body on display. "I'd better wear those tight black trunks," he thought. "That'll keep everything in place.""


He lay there in the sun trying to read, but his attention was on Liza a few feet away. He kept looking across, looking at the swell of her breasts showing above the bikini fabric. As he looked, he could feel his penis responding to the invitation of her flesh, inspite of every attempt he made to think of pink elephants. All he could think about was how he wanted to undo her top, to grasp her breasts, to kiss and lick and suck on her nipples.

Her brother was quite good-looking she noted; average height and weight, but he kept himself in shape and was trim. When he walked back to get another beer she saw his nice tight ass, and on his return, a not insubstantial bulge in front. Either he's got a big cock she thought....or a hard on, she thought, feeling very satisfied at that possibility. Deliberately, as he watched, she reached down and adjusted her bikini bottom, pulling it a little lower.


He lay back in the beach chair, thinking of how tonight's date might go .... imagining Jill sucking his cock, Jill riding him, Jill on her knees as he fucked her hard from behind. None of that had happened on their previous dates, it was true, just a bit of groping, and Jill had put her hand on his cock. But he was ever hopeful. He could feel the tension growing in his balls and he so wanted to touch himself but with his sister a few feet away it didn't seem possible. He looked over at Liza and her eyes appeared shut so he reached down and quickly adjusted his cock inside his trunks, wondering if he should go in and masturbate before the date tonight to take the edge off.

He heard the sound signifying a text message and picked up his phone. There was a message from Jill. He read, it, incredulous. "That bitch...that fucking cow," he exclaimed to himself, before getting up angrily and heading into the kitchen, still holding the phone.

Liza could see her brother was upset when she entered the kitchen a few minutes later. He was sitting at the table, a beer in hand, staring at his phone.

"Problems?" she said.

"That bitch Jill dumped me. By text. Not even in person," he replied.

'Why? I thought you guys were good. Did she give a reason?" Liza asked. "Sort of." he replied. She looked at him, waiting.

"I can't really talk about it."

"Something to do with sex?" she asked. Alex nodded.

"Jill says she won't sleep with me," he replied, still staring at the phone.

"Why?" Liza asked. "Doesn't she like you? You're over 18, good looking, in shape....are you a virgin?"

"Not exactly," he replied. "If you really want to know the reason...." He handed Liza his phone.

The text was short. It said that after the other night...she wasn't prepared to try again. It was off.

"What did you do?" Liza asked. He was staring at the wall. "It's a bit embarrassing," he said, "talking about're my sister."

"We were in her room...fooling was the first time we.....I was behind her....she said it was too big and hurt too much, so I stopped....she said I was selfish, I didn't know how to romance a girl."

"You don't know what to do?" Liza asked, incredulous. "Of course I know what to do," he snapped back. "I was...very excited... she wasn't ready... too tight..." he said looking away.

Liza finally understood. "She said your cock was too big? And you didn't know how to get a girl the mood?" He nodded.

She put down the phone. "This will sound weird ...but...would you like to know about girls? What they would like you to do in bed?"

He nodded. She came close to where he was sitting and reached out with her hand, hovering it in front of his swimsuit. "Let me big you are."

He felt himself excited at the thought of his sister seeing his cock. "I don't know about this, Lizzie," he said. "You're my sister."

"I have seen... cocks...up close and personal you know," she said. Alex instantly had this image of his sister on her back, being fucked, moaning. His cock tensed in response, blood flowing into the soft tissues, swelling, expanding further.

"Let me help you," she offered. She reached behind and unclipped the bikini top. His eyes widened as she let the top slowly slide down her arms, freeing her full breasts, watching him watching her. He couldn't take his eyes from her breasts: the sumptuous creamy flesh, the puckered brown skin of her aureoles, the large erect nipples.

Stepping closer she ran her hands up along his inner thighs, just touching his swimsuit. She began to lightly rub the bulge made by his cock, which tensed and pulsed under her touch.

It felt so good. So amazing. It was what he hoped was going to happen tonight on his date, the date that had been cancelled. He didn't want Liza to stop. Even though she was his sister.

"You like this? You like me doing this?"

"Oh god yes."

Liza reached out and pulled his swimsuit down. His cock sprang free, proud, erect, big. Not porn-star big, but on the large size for most men she though as she wrapped her hand around his cock, delighting in its size and feel. He was uncircumcised, the skin of his foreskin already retracted. Probably bigger than any I've had she thought and she lightly stroked the bulbous head and he gasped and his cock jerked.

"You are quite large," she said. 'You need to be careful...when entering a let her adjust to your size. Particularly...from can get in so deep.

"You it from behind?" he said, questioning, imagining Liza her on her knees, being ploughed by a large cock.

His cock.

"It's my favorite position," she said. "It's's such a turn on for me...for many women... do you like that too?

"I haven't really done that," he said, thinking of the last date with Jill.

"We were in her bedroom...I was behind Jill ...I was just a little way in and she said it hurt so I stopped. I tried again and she tensed and said no but as I withdrew I was so excited......I couldn't hold back.....," he said and in his mind he saw Jill on her knees, angry, as he spurted his load over her pussy and thighs and ass and onto the bedspread. "So then she kicked me out."

Liza tried not to laugh as she imagined her brother's cock erupting, jerking wildly, strings of cum plastering Jill and the bedspread.

"Oh, that's nice," he groaned as she rubbed her finger all around the head of his cock, and played with his balls with her other hand. It felt sensational. His cock jerked almost involuntarily. She then teased the soft underside before taking the whole shaft back in her hand. Leaning forward she licked the head of his penis. He had never felt anything like that before.

Then she knelt down in front of him, her knees on the kitchen floor.

A few more licks followed, then several big kisses to the tip of his cock. She kissed his cock all over, starting at the top, working down to his balls, sucking those one at a time. He looked down at her, marveling her skills. Her hands, mouth, lips, and tongue, all working together.

Running her tongue down the length of his shaft, she asked, "Do you think about this, brother? You think about these lips wrapped around your cock? You dream about coming in my mouth or on my breasts??"

"Yes," he whimpered as she lowered her head and swirled her tongue around the head of his cock.

Lifting her head she said,"I've been thinking of you too baby. I know how you look at me ...for the last two days I've imagined sucking and fucking your hard cock."

" have?" he moaned as she started teasing the tip of her tongue along the sensitive edges of the head of his dick.

Still kneeling in front of him, she pulled his swimsuit all the way off, leaving his erect cock standing proud. She pushed her breasts together.

"You like these? Would you like to fuck my tits with that big cock?"

She reached up to the bottle of suntan lotion on the counter and squirted blobs of lotion over her breasts.

"Rub it in."

He began massaging the oil over her tits and kept applying it until her breasts glistened with lotion, all slippery and wet, hard nipples standing out.

"It turns me on when cum on me, "she said. "I want you to fuck my tits and come on me." She moved closer to him again and began squeezing her breasts around his cock so that it was trapped in her cleavage.

He began moving back and forward, his cock between her breasts. As his cock thrust forward, she licked the head of his cock.
He kept sliding against her skin, long slow thrusts.

"That's so good."

He continued to rub himself against her soft skin as she held her breasts around his cock, gradually thrusting faster and faster as he became more excited. She kept pressing her mouth down over the head of his cock each time it was within reach.

It was just too much. "Liz...I'm going to come."

She looked up at her brother and he met her eyes.

"Come over me, baby....oh yes, give me that cream."

He exploded over her, coating her breasts, filling her cleavage with his seed.

"Yeah, baby, that's it. Oh, that's so hot....cum on me. Cum on me, make me dirty."

When he was finally spent, slumping back into the chair, his cock softening, he lost all sense of embarrassment or shame. Now that it was over, it felt good and natural to be sharing this intimate part of himself with his sister. She smiled as she examined the mess he had made over her breasts and stomach.

"Wow, you came a lot," she said.

"Sorry...but I was excited."

"That's ok, it was so hot watching you! I like watching a man come. It's so...different than for a girl."

She kissed him and got to her feet. Reaching for a tissue she wiped his cum from her skin. "Come with me," she said taking his hand and leading him upstairs. "It's time you learnt about girls."


Liza sat on the edge of her bed and undid the strings holding her bikini bottom. It fell to the floor and Alex could see her smooth shaved pussy. "Boys like it better shaved," she said, "when they can see what they are fucking. And they are more likely to go down on me."

She opened her legs and Alex felt his cock begin to stir as he stared at her pussy.

"Kneel in front of me," she said.

"This," she said, "Is my cunt". She spread her legs further apart. "These are my labia, inner and outer," she said pointing them out as she pulled them apart and toyed with them at the same time.

"And this is my clit. This is very sensitive. You can touch it directly, but sometimes, it is far too sensitive."

"So....would you like to touch me?" she asked.

"Yes..... yes," Alex stammered in response.

Liza took his hand and placed it on her breast. Carefully Alex stroked her breast. It was so soft and full and jiggled under his touch.

" Don't be shy....caress them. Cup my breasts and squeeze. Let me show you." She took both his hands and placed them over her breasts. "You like my breasts, don't you?" she asked.

He nodded.

"You may kiss them if you want to," she said. Removing his hands, Alex lent forward and hesitantly kissed the upper slope of one breast.

"Let me show you," Liza said. She leaned forward and kissed his breast. Finding the nipple, she circled it with her tongue, squeezed it with her lips, and bit it lightly.

"You think you can do that?"

She lay down on her back on the bed. Getting off the floor Alex climbed onto the bed alongside her and started to lick and suck her left breast and the nipple grew and stiffened. He did the same with the other breast.

Liza arched her back and gasped, "It feels so good when you caress my breasts like that. I just love it," she said.

"Use your tongue.... use your tongue now. I want to be licked. Down there."

Leaning forward he put out his tongue and licked her clit. She shivered and cried out and he did it again and again and again.

"In my pussy. Stick it in my pussy," she gasped and her hand on his head directed him. He put his tongue inside her pussy and swirled it around the wetness and Liza pulled up her knees and spread her thighs even more. She was moaning constantly now. He withdrew his tongue and starting at the top licked her clit down to her pussy, and paused at her anus... on an impulse he probed that with his tongue. She gasped and a spasm went through her body and she cried out, so he plunged his tongue into her ass again and she said, "You bad boy...that's so good...but my clit is lonely. Suck on my clit. Yes, just like that. Lick my clit, lick it, yes, yes."

"Explore me," she said and pulled his hand to her belly. She guided him with her hand over his, rubbing her stomach in circles and then moving his fingers lower, his index finger naturally slipping into her slit and he pushed up inside, his finger now surrounded by her wet soft skin, warm and moist. Liza put her hand over his and pressed more of his fingers deep into her opening, helping him move them in and out.

"Caress me like that. It feels so good...yes, yes, oh yes."

He leant forward and started to lick her clit again, his fingers still moving inside. His sister stiffened, pushing her groin up against his fingers.

"Oh my god. I am coming, yes I am coming. don't stop," she cried out, writhed, moved up and down moaning, while her pussy contracted and released, contracted and released again and again around his fingers.

When it was over, Alex removed his fingers, uncertain of what was next. Liza lay there on the bed, legs open, her pussy red and wet. "Kiss me," she said.

So he did.


In the half-light of dawn Liza opened his door and slipped into his room. Lifting up the sheet she climbed into the bed and cuddled up behind him, spooning. She wrapped her arm around him, her hand falling to his groin. He wasn't wearing any clothes and slowly she began to stroke his cock, which swelled and pulsed in response to her actions.

Alex woke slowly from sleep, his cock already hard and straining as she massaged him under the sheet. He rolled onto his back and looked into the eyes of his sister. "Shhh," she said, "don't say anything." She leant over and put his erect penis in her mouth, expertly teasing his balls with one hand while pumping his cock into her warm mouth. Involuntarily Alex lifted his hips off the bed, trying not to make any sound, as she swirled her tongue around the swollen purple head. He caressed her hair as Liza took him into her throat, and then she moved her lips down the length of his shaft, flicking her tongue along the sensitive underside.

"Oh fuck," Alex cried, his cock pulsing and jerking as he exploded into his sister's mouth. She pumped vigorously with her hand as she sucked and swallowed, but there was too much and some spilled from her mouth, to run down his cock to his groin. "Oh my God, Lizzie," he said as she lifted her head, his jism on her lips.


She was wearing a bra and thong, lacy and blue and flimsy. "Sit up", he said and he knelt on the bed beside her. Reaching behind her back he released the clasp, exposing her gorgeous breasts to his gaze as they fell out of the bra cups. They were a little pear shaped and swollen, the areolas freckled and large, the nipples taut with her arousal. With a mixture of love and lust Alex lightly kissed her right breast, sucking the nipple into his mouth and running his tongue over the tip as she had shown him. Liza moaned her approval as she ran her fingers through his hair and pulled his face tightly against her breast.

Alex switched to her other breast. With one hand massaging each breast, he moved his mouth back and forth between them, sucking and teasing until her moans indicated it was time to move on.

When she finally pushed his face away, she was gasping for breath. Softly he traced his fingers around the curves of her luscious breasts then he palmed her tit, compressing her hard nipple against his hand.

"Can I taste you?" Alex whispered.

"Please," she breathed, lifting her hips off the bed so he could pull her thong off. He could smell the sweet aroma of her arousal as she spread her legs, opening her pussy before him. Her body took his breath away as he kissed her sex, his tongue in all the right places.

"You are so beautiful," he said, "A goddess. You're a goddess."


"I need you in me". There was no debate, no hesitation as he positioned himself between her legs, his hard cock at the entrance to his sister's pussy. "Put it in, " she said, "put that big hard cock in my pussy...slowly. I'm ready for you now."

Alex slowly pushed his cock into his sister. "You're so's so good," he said as he thrust through her tightness.

Her pussy was hot, wet and unlike anything Alex had ever experienced before. Instinctively, he pushed his cock all the way into her pussy, her hot, velvety softness grasping his flesh until he was fully inside, his cock filling her, his balls touching her ass.

Liza whispered in Alex' ear. "You're so hard...I want you to fuck me. I need you. Oh I so need you, oh god," her eyes glazed as Alex thrust in and out of her slit.

"Oh, yes, like that," she said as Alex kept pumping into her. "Oh, so good."

"You feel so good, so tight, so warm, so wet, so....oh my god," he said as she tightened her pussy on his cock.

"Fuck me. Like that, yes, keep fucking me."

"I'm deep inside you."


"Fucking you."

Her arms were around his back, her nails scratching him and Alex was close and he fucked her now with abandon, she was so wet, her legs wide open, his cock so deep into her, she was thrashing and then she was moaning, "Oh my god. I'm cumming."

He felt her pussy tighten on his shaft and with each contraction it was all he could do to keep from coming himself; he wanted the release, the ecstasy of spurting his jism in her, but not just yet....


As she lay there, post-orgasmic, he slowly withdrew from her pussy, his cock still huge and swollen and sticky with her juices.

" I want you to do me from behind... doggy." Liza turned over onto her stomach and got to her knees, facing away from him. "Get behind me".

That way I can't see Alex's face as he fucks me...that way I can just imagine it's an anonymous cock.... we really shouldn't be doing this...but it seems so right.... I'm so turned on.... he's so hard...and he wants it too....I want to come again on my brother's hard cock...

Alex knelt behind Liza. She was lovely from behind...the smooth thighs, the full round curves of her ass, the cleft of her buttocks, her full breasts hanging free. In between her thighs her pussy beckoned, the labia glistening invitingly as she looked back at Alex over one shoulder. "Put it in," she said, "I want you to fuck me good."

Kneeling between her legs, he caressed her smooth skin from the calves up, sliding his hands along the inside of her soft thighs. She shivered when his fingers touched her pussy on their way to caress her ass cheeks. He slid his hands further up over the small of her back, and then down her sides to cup her breasts, squeezing and stroking the nipples. "That's nice," she said. It all seemed so natural as he moved in closer, his body touching hers, his groin naturally fitting against the curve of her buttocks, his hardness in her cleft.

She reached back with one hand, finding his erect cock, taking it in her hand. "Let me help," she said, "you boys can't always find the right hole...yes that's it," she said, positioning the head of his cock at the entrance to her pussy. "Now push. . . push . . . push and . . . oohh," she gasped as he entered her wet folds again, her warm flesh surrounding his cock, her tunnel stretching to accommodate his girth. "You're so hard...Jill was right..."

He paused in mid thrust. "Am I hurting you? Should I stop?"

"Oh no....don't stop. I just have to adjust to your god. It feels so good with your big cock so deep in my pussy."

He started to slide in and out of her and Liza met each thrust by pushing back.

It felt so good, so natural.

He let go of his inhibitions and thrust into his sister as deeply as he could, his tight, swollen balls caressing her ass as he buried his cock fully inside her on each stroke. She tightened her muscles on his cock and he gasped with the pleasure, before withdrawing as far as possible without slipping out. Photos He could see her wetness on his shaft as he withdrew. Holding her hips he pulled her towards him as he thrust inwards again. Over and over he drove into his sister, their excitement growing with each stroke, Liza moaning incoherently and he gasping as his cock fully entered her sex on each stroke.

She was lost in the moment, barely conscious that it was her brother fucking her, just knowing the hard cock that was pounding her pussy so forcefully as she concentrated on the bubble of pleasure that was growing inside with each stroke as his cock opened her wide....

He felt her pussy tighten and release, contracting on his cock as she reached between her legs to rub her clit to heighten her orgasm.

Her remaining arm collapsed and she fell forward with his cock still deep in her. Burying her face in a pillow was the most she could do to silence her moans, "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck."

She moved her feet further apart lowering herself slightly, widening her hips to give him better access, making his thrusts shorter and harder as he began to thrust again.

"Come in me, baby, it's safe...I want to feel you come in me," Liza said, gasping with every thrust he made.

I'm going to come," he said and she replied, "Give it to me, baby...fill me up."

And the moment was there, the moment of orgasm as he let go, his balls raised and tight as he pumped his load deep inside her pussy, pulse after pulse of hot sticky fluid until he had nothing left to give her and he collapsed over her back.

As he finished he held her tight, groin to ass, his shrinking cock still buried deep inside. As his cock relaxed he pulled out and collapsed on the bed, lying on his back, gasping "Oh my god...that was so good, Lizzie".

She felt the urgency and desire in each stroke as his cock spread her wide and she could tell he was close from the frantic thrusting of his cock and his gasping. "I'm coming," he said and she tightened her pussy muscles on his cock to heighten his pleasure and to show the love she felt for him and his cock that had given her so much joy. She felt the warm fluid jetting inside her cunt as he filled her with his load, spurt after spurt, until he slowed and withdrew to lie on the bed beside her, gasping. She felt his seed run out of her pussy and down her thighs onto the felt like he'd emptied himself completely inside her.

Liza lay down beside him, her legs open. He could see his semen oozing out from her pussy as she turned on her side to face him, her hand reaching over to caress his softening, satiated cock. They lay there for five, ten minutes, before Liza turned to him, the unspoken question of how he felt in her eyes.

"I'm alright," he said. "That natural. I want..."

"To do it again?" she said finishing his words, "So do I. But next time....I want you to look at me as I come....and I want to look at you as you come..."

She turned away on her side. "Cuddle me". He spooned behind her, his big cock, sticky with her juices and his come, lying in the cleft of her ass. As they lay there, his arm around her cupping one breast, he wondered what they would do when they went back to college. Or when their parents returned.
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